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this is a v a not a moment of the democratic process this company they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. head of iran's civil aviation authority says the ukrainian airliner that crashed in tehran on wednesday was not shot. the video released by the new york times appears to show the moment the plane was hit by a missile. for them to be with donald this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in this top court orders an urgent review of the logs and kashmir and says the internet ban in the disputed state is a use of power. after months of fighting in syria is last rebel held its live province russia and them says the seeds far.
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now iran is the starting point for us this half hour aviation officials and so on have rejected accusations and iranian missile mistaking shot down a ukrainian airliner killing all $176.00 people on board the head of iran's civil aviation organization says that the plane caught far and was having technical difficulties with the flight had taken off from tehran on wednesday on its way to kiev it was the same night that iran had launched air strikes into iraq in retaliation for the u.s. killing of its top commander rob matheson has the very latest. this video posted by the new york times newspaper appears to show an explosion as ukraine airlines flight 75 to is struck the plane flies on for several minutes before turning back towards to han airport where security cameras capture the moment it hits the ground
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among the dead was $63.00 canadians we have intelligence from multiple sources including our allies and our own intelligence. the evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by in your opinion a surface to air missile at the time of the crash in iran. had fired missiles at bases in iraq hosting u.s. troops iran's military was prepared for a u.s. response but iran says the plane was not hit by a missile had to go near. any statement made before extracting the information contained in the black box is groundless however i'd like to assure you that the aircraft was not hit by a missile the aircraft was on fire for one and a half minutes after taking off so the pilot decided to return to the airport but he had many technical issues at hand. iran initially refused to hand over to the u.s. the so-called black boxes used to record cockpit voices and flight data but iran
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has now invited the aircraft manufacturer boeing to be part of the investigation france made the aircraft's engines and says it's too wants to be involved and the u.s. national transportation safety board says it's assigned a representative to the investigation there are reports the debris has been bulldozed into a pile but one expert says the dead may provide answers there could be evidence with literally within the bodies of the victims there could point to whether or not for example an explosion took place inside or outside of the air ukraine's president has laid flowers at a makeshift memorial at the airport where the plane was expected to land at least one vigil is being held in toronto in canada many of those who died had dual nationalities he was coming back home from a trip you want to see his mother on holidays and an old past where he will turn britain by. some
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a furious that iran may have been involved in the crash others are waiting to find out when the bodies of their loved ones might return home rob matheson al-jazeera. well dosage of our joins us now live from tehran hi there door so so iran was adamant as it said in the press conference it wasn't a missile but it was plenty else in the press conference what was said. oh yes this was a press conference that was given by the head over on civil aviation authorities and the man in charge of that said that it was actually impossible for this plane to have been struck by any kind of missile or a projectile device because the plane was on fire for over a minute and 30 seconds in the air before it crashed and that means according to the iranian calculations that it wasn't struck by anything that there was actually they believe there was a technical malfunction of this plane it took off. 6 minutes after it took off it
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crashed so the iranians are now looking into this entire incident the iranian president has. expressed his condolences to the families victims we're also hearing that. are. people coming from the united states france and canada to help with the nation authorities in iran are along with their investigation we also know that ukrainian officials are already on the ground in the capital here on friday helping with this investigation according to the head of the civil aviation authority 2 black boxes have been retrieved but they are very badly damaged so it's not clear what they will be able to find from those devices at this point but for now the iranians are saying it's very important that the community doesn't make accusations or come to conclusions and he see man or the investigation is still just starting there's been a special committee that's been formed. by the government and the president himself
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has called for an investigation so this committee will need at least 6 months to one year to try and determine what actually happened to this flight so a sense of our joining us there from tehran with the very latest. well after the killing of iran's top commander custom salon the last friday the u.s. house of representatives has boasted to limit president donald trump's ability to engage in further military action against iran al jazeera is highly jocasta reports now from washington. house democrats say president trump's order to kill iranian general customs with a mani was a reckless move done without the consultation of congress it is unprecedented the level at which this administration is seeking to obscure the facts from the congress of the american people thursday's vote on the house floor is meant to deliver a rebuke to the president that the democratic led chamber has little confidence in trump's military decision making toward iran despite his justifications we caught
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a total monster and we took them out and that should have happened a long time ago. we did it because they were looking to blow up our embassy we also did it for other reasons that were very obvious somebody died one of our military people died people were badly wounded just a week before and we did it and we had a shot at him and i took it and that shot was pinpoint accurate and that was the end of a monster the war powers resolution passed in the house on thursday directs the president to terminate the use of u.s. forces in iran without congressional approval but how much power this measure carries is unclear it is a non-binding resolution which under normal circumstances means it does not carry the force of law but house speaker nancy pelosi says the war powers act is a special circumstance that gives the resolution legality that it does not have to be signed by the president of the united states the congress of the united states
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and this full power of full voice can speak a new 9 that way about what the war powers act should look like and that should count for something house republicans called a vote a partisan distraction this resolution has as much force of law as a new year's resolution this resolution is not safeguarding our constitution but attacking our constitution by attempting to. best a duly elected president of his commander in chief powers a similar resolution is pending in the u.s. senate where at least 2 republicans have said they will support the measure to curb iran war powers but whether the resolutions will have that effect or will simply be ignored by the president is a question that may be decided in the courts. castro al-jazeera washington yes president calling on european nations to completely abandon the nuclear deal
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with iran foreign ministers are gathering to hold an emergency meeting in brussels france is calling on all sides to come back to the table its warning they're on is now on course to develop a nuclear weapon within the next 2 years so he'll size of policy fellow of the european leadership network where his focus is on the iran nuclear agreement and he explains why e.u. leaders seem to have high hopes for saving the deal as opposed to the u.s. . i think the europeans are wedded to it because it proved to work unfortunately the united states thought differently about whether or not this was an agreement that they could stand by under the trumpet administration but for europeans it represents not only a regional security agreement that will absolutely help bring stability to the region and hide because at that point in time after the deal was reached we saw far less provocative iran than we are right now but moreover this is the core to european security let's not forget that the middle east is on europe's door stuff
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and thus preserving the agreement and the entire verification regime which took over a decade to negotiate is something that europe is unwilling to let go of my thinking you know obviously there was a you know around the time that trump left to do you'll shut off diplomacy by europeans to see if we could get a more 'd for more agreement where we were able to include say missiles or other poor for all issues but their reality is at the end of the day the most imminent issue at the time that this agreement was reached was the nuclear question and the idea was over time iran would socialize itself to the international system as a member of in good standing in the international community and thus build the competence with historic. adversaries like the united states to be able to speak in good faith on topics like missiles which they refused to include in the original agreement. in
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disappearing court has ordered an urgent review of the lockdown in indian administered kashmir the rulings in response to a series of petitions challenging the legality of the government shutdown and that includes a ban on the internet you delhi revoked the region's autonomy in august and imposed extra security and restrictions well earlier we spoke to her in the group or one of the lawyers representing the petitioners she says restrictions in indian administered kashmir are violating fundamental freedoms. i think it's a very significant judgment i was representing. a newspaper and out of contention was that bad on internet freedom is an assault on freedom of speech and expression freedom of the press and the district movement all. have implications for freedom of the court have understand. that these are issues of national security particularly given that is a border that is cross border that it is them and therefore considering security
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concerns there should be no judicial review the court has said that you know these are matters of fundamental freedom and liberty and the court will subject every executive action in order to a judicial review they have said that the internet is protected under the constitution as the freedom of speech and expression and therefore any restriction of prohibition on internet will have to meet the test of constitution to make sure that it is the executive action proportional to the problem that it poses right now what the way the state had conducted itself is that those orders were not published those orders were not even placed before the court. they have immediately published all orders but deigning to internet restriction as well as movement restriction those orders must. why is the state taking this measure and is this is this required is this excessive in fact the court has gone so far as to say that
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repeated use of section $144.00 which we have now seen across the country when that up protest on the other reasons is an abuse of power any arbitrary shutdown of the net can only happen after you publish the order alongside and it will be open to judicial review. still ahead on this julian bush fire crisis sparks calls for urgent action on climate change and the crackdown in hong kong is feeling the incumbent president's election campaign in taiwan. had a this time pretty cold and fair across much of northern asia and no activity as he had farther to the south one or 2 sheilds working away certainly across into areas of honshu and across into her head through saturday but really the bulk of the rate
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this is further to the south stream will central areas of china it will continue to sink south was as we go through saturday all on into sunday just about staying to the north of hong kong so 20 celsius the on sunday on a some pretty good clear conditions some fairly brisk winds around 9 cells in shanghai so not too bad at all but a mixed picture across central honshu but again not a cold day so in austin to tokyo with a high of 9 degrees celsius in a fairly quiet picture into india and it will remain that way for the next couple of days we could just see want to very lightly scott to the really across the south maybe developing as we go later into sunday across into tom allied are still pretty cool in new delhi 17 celsius on saturday 19 on sunday but really the bulk of the weather that is out across the west that is working as well as you can see across into pakistan heavy amounts the raid in the south and of course turning to snow in that cold air to the north and eventually those shadows they will push across into the south so across the showers on sunday with a high of 22 but as i say staying cold in new delhi with
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a high of 90. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how why will raise influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights the method of nonviolent resistance it was over the available to the oppressed people of revenue. and continue to keep the negroes to be defense that what they mean by that about malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face on 00.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera our mind over our top stories the head of iran's civil aviation body says he starts in a ukrainian airliner which crashed outside serang was not hit by a missile and said there was a fire on board new york times for days video that appears to show the moment a missile hit the plane. yes house of representatives is billed as the president on the terms ability to be gauged in military action against iran comes we counting your digital on strike the kill zone they remain commands our custom so no money. in these supreme court has ordered a review of the lockdown in indian administered kashmir the local government must submit a report within a week to delhi with all the region's autonomy in august. and to government protesters in iraq once again gathering in baghdad stuffier square demonstrators have been demanding the overhaul of the political system since school where they say it's corrupt that most iraqis are being kept in poverty according to the iraq
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human rights commission at least 485 people have been killed since the protests began 3 months ago play mcconnell joins us live from tahrir square the hub of the anti-government protests in baghdad hi there if so there was fear that the protest movement may have been subdued by recent events but could it in fact have invigorated the movement. without certainly what it looks like to believe it's going to get out the way 'd all the camera and just show you talk with square which is just. throughout friday people have been streaming into the square not just from neighborhoods in baghdad but probably around 2 the country as well and there really seems to be a movement to get one message out today in particular which is no foreign interference in iraq in recent days or so the killing of the juicy kamandi of the iranian people and of course i'm still the lawyer would also say in that same attack the leader of the hospital shall be the public mobilization forces. i had just killed as well and then there was
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a retaliatory strike iran against american targets within iraq itself again a. concern many people here in iraq is that they feel that iraq is going to become ground 0 so everybody who speaks what is to everybody who i have to say message and the badness that held the challenge is coming up and it's all very clear that there is no foreign interference within the country and this is been reflected also not just by the charm taking and the bad as i say but also by various different political groups who have said that iraq really needs to show that it's a sovereign country and him on politically speaking one of the latest developments . all this but 3 key developments over the last 24 hours the 1st what took place off to friday you could just be able to get it that is. took place after friday fed a high share religious cleric in the country grand ayatollah ali sistani spoke i
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gave a statement through his represent said that was a very key statement it said iraq should be used as a battleground between different countries that it was a sovereign nation then we had the farm hole on thursday night between u.s. secretary of state mike and the caretaker probably of the body you said that actually iraq was being used as a brown and that there were problems with drone strikes being used by the u.s. against iranian taught in school so that there was a question mark over whether the u.s. troops should stay in the country that or not that was actually put to the fight and paula just a few days ago the prime minister hasn't signed it yet he still needs to negotiate with various different government partners but he has said he will sign it finally there was supposed to be a debate in politics on saturday talking about the u.s. troop withdrawal potential u.s. troop withdrawal that's actually that be canceled. it's to show you that there is
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significant disagreement between all of the political factions only us for a while among com they're joining us live from baghdad in months fine q. . russia has announced a cease fire in its live province the last rebel held stronghold in syria more than 1300 civilians have been killed there since the government launched its offensive to retake the area back in 2018 but the violence had been escalating in recent months nearly 300000 people have been displaced by russian backed government airstrikes since december children and women of the most affected at least 175000 children have been forced to flee so i was ins of families urgently need humanitarian assistance aid agencies have provided food and money to more than 188 i'm send people which is where he says those but no comment on the ceasefire yet from turkey. so far it's only been russia that has announced this decision or of hostilities or proposed a solution of hostilities because we're getting reports that still on friday
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morning although no airstrikes have taken place there has been some shelling. carried out by the regime of bashar al assad on the areas of moderate non-man and the outskirts of this in spite of the announcement on thursday it's roughly about 18 hours ago now why are we still waiting to figure out how significant this is because obviously it's not just russia who is the main player when it comes to the situation in syria there are 2 other extremely important regional players namely turkey and iran iran may be so long as russia has announced something will probably fall in line with that it is the turks that we're waiting to see what they are coming to what their position is on this. latest announcement it's important to know that this isn't the 1st time that a deescalation or a cease fire has been announced previously there's been several other ones in fact
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it was always meant to be a safe zone ever since this standard process began between those 3 countries a couple of years ago is where all the armed rebel groups as well as the refugees that or the displaced rather internally who weren't refugees headed through and congregated in and that's what made it such a high lead dense population center in that area. russia and turkey have also called for a ceasefire in libya by sunday and that's been rejected by warlords to have to his forces have been trying to seize the capital to flee for the u.n. backed government and fighting has escalated in recent months castiel was reports. libyan warlord khalifa hop star says the fighting will continue. a cease fire called by russia and turkey has been rejected and have tars vowed to take control of the capital tripoli has been renewed but yeah the libyan arab forces will continue to target the enemy by ear and land moving forward and spread
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its control on your forces in all areas from the capital from the east of sirte to the outskirts of us rotter. international concern is now growing across the region haft are met with italy's prime minister to separate continental roma hoping to stir support from the european union. then there is russia and turkey which support rivals on the ground on current has begun to point troops in support of the un recognized government and by turning down the cease fire half dark could be pushing away russia one of his main allies. fighting has escalated between half there's a libyan national army and the internationally recognized government in tripoli. attempts to take control of the capital have fallen short but half the arse forces have gained ground especially in the coastal city of sirte. libya is strategically
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important it has the largest oil reserves in africa the country's location along the mediterranean coast has become a gateway for african migrants playing to europe. tunisia's president had met with france's foreign minister to warn about the potential consequences of the conflict i think they call it. together with my european image upson colleagues we are highlighting the risks of an escalation in libya that it would threaten to destabilize the entire region in the market to the. leaders from the european union are banding together warning that libya could become a 2nd syria if the cease fire isn't reach soon. al-jazeera thousands of people have been protesting across a strictly as a high like climate change the slamming the government's handling of the ongoing bushfire crisis i missed a scott morrison refuses to link the fires with climate change he says he will jeopardize jobs by cutting carbon emissions. and hundreds of fish fries are burning
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in 5 out of 6 states in a strictly a temperature is a bit more than 40 degrees celsius and wind speeds are rising more troops have been deployed to help recovery efforts at least 27 people have been killed more than 2000 homes have been destroyed since september correspondent jessica washington has been the fire services in new south wales where conditions are worsening it is a day of strong heated strong winds authorities have warned that today is going to be a difficult day ahead with erratic conditions now we do know that those warnings are in place across new south wales victoria and south australia kurds are expected to have a long night ahead at the moment these crews behind me are on standby preparing to be called out they are expected that they are expecting that the situation will worsen as winds pick up later in the evening now this crisis has been going for months now we've heard recently from the prime minister of australia scott morrison
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that once this crisis is all over he is open to the possibility of some sort of investigation into why this push by season was so much worse than previous years. malaysia's anticorruption commission has released audio recordings it says are of former prime minister najib razak asking abu dhabi's crime friends to help cover up corruption the part of an investigation into the so-called one m.t.v. financial scandal one conversation edge of the crime prince to help clear his hollywood produces some money laundering accusations. the goal of the muse is this mall is. big sandy area and any agreement with. which you know the sort of tools. the women strains. that are very reasonable and rational that is an. elm where you got parents investigations not many. who are very
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well guarded but only we can result. in doing i will 'd force. the world to think you are a very good writer who are very bad very very dear secretly doing something very very ready. un force here and catastrophic. for meaningful i'll go in there and also for your for you and your say. so or let it. rest there we'd still be so close we need to resolve. in taiwan opinion polls suggest incumbent president sighing way ahead of her challenger in subsidies elections the taiwanese have been closely watching the crackdown on a given testis in nearby kong high debt has more now from taipei. early last year taiwan's president saw in whens political future was on shaky ground her popularity had slumped after a party performed poorly in regional elections she resigned as party chair with
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some advising her not to seek reelection but then came a lifeline from an unexpected source china giving her and her democratic progressive party a new hope. to crackdown on the pro-democracy protesters at hong kong shifted the political rhetoric in taiwan many grew concerned about china's growing influence he says beijing ramped up pressure on the island and president sadat. the younger generation born into an autonomy and democratic taiwan see this election as about something much more than selecting leaders education a stand against china's one country 2 systems policy. this time this election is no action to choose which president or legislators but those so it's a election is an election to choose whether to and that's going to be a part of china or be independent country some see the election reaching through
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generations and the island at an existential crossroads it was about taiwan's policy toward china it is about our own body. the 1st political party of modern taiwan woman tang or candy is led by hans will you he said the path to glory for taiwan is not just on cd the d.p.p. but warmer ties with china. the opposition came to says their approach to china has been about engagement and that's because the economy here is so we're live on business intrigue with the mailing came to candidates who say they offer a more realistic. straight relationship less confrontational than the ruling the b.b.b. i think what's at stake today as we speak is more than just the sole coal and china or safeguarding democracy and sovereignty this is also a larger picture of what would taiwan be positioned economically in the
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years to come. so as the 19000000 eligible voters head to the polls are voting with the economy in mind or the future of the democracy here the result will carve the political path for the next 4 years but also taiwan's position in the region for years to come scotland al-jazeera type. this is not 0 and these are current top stories the head of iran's civil aviation body says he's certain a ukrainian airliner which crashed outside to iran was not hit by a missile he says there was a fire on board new york times has released a video that piers to show the moment a missile hit the plane and iran says it will allow boeing access of the crash site to black box flight recorders have been recovered but are damaged investigators are arguing the international community to consider the evidence before jumping to conclusions really going to total that on the americans claim they're in
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position of serious and documents that prove that the craft was downed by iranian the cells by the stake these statements were made by american officials if they truly in position all of those documents proving these claims they are required to steep forward and to present these documents to the whole world these are totally political issues and these a political statement. the u.s. has of representatives has voted to limit president donald trump's ability to engage in military action against iran it comes a week after he ordered a drone strike that killed top iranian commands a cost of civil me russia's alliance a cease fire in the province of idlib the last rebel held area in syria hundreds of people have been killed there in the past year at least 1300 people have been killed in fighting in it that since september 28th seems libyan warlord honey for have ties rejected calls by russia in turkey for a ceasefire to be implemented there by sunday the 2 countries support opposing
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sides in the conflict while schoolbags huffs on his forces have been trying to seize tripoli since april india's supreme court has ordered a review of the lockdown in indian administered kashmir the local government must submit a report within a week you delhi revoked the region's autonomy back in august thousands of people have been testing across a straight to highlight climate change they're slamming the government's handling of the ongoing bushfire crisis prime minister scott morrison refuses to link the fire with climate change he says he won't jeopardize jobs by cutting carbon emissions well then of course of a 1000000 people were urged to leave their homes across victoria and new south wales where the fires are expected to be worsened by strong winds firming up today inside story or our views rather continues after inside story see a bit later by. he's
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a strong critic of nato yet don't trump said he'll be asking the airlines to be more involved in the middle east but in the ongoing tension between tehran and washington once nato able to offer this is inside story. hello there very warm welcome to the program i'm julie wentzell president donald trump says the u.s. doesn't need middle east oil so what's his country's wool in the region well the president is calling on nato allies to step up their involvement there.


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