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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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on al-jazeera when you see big groups of people walking through your they're all individuals with children the low lifes you have to deal with and to treat the listen to it in respect. to. al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes we will cut off billions of dollars of support to the iranian regime and we will continue our enforcement of other entities the u.s. announces new tougher sanctions against iran with the goal of further damaging iran's economy. i mean our entire nandan with the top stories from europe including determined to save the nuclear deal european foreign ministers meet to
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try to find a way to bring iran and the u.s. towards agreement and away from confrontation. the u.s. says no to iraq's request to step up talks on plans to withdraw american troops from the country. how to tie up to stand ready to move in support a medically australia's prime minister sounds more troops to areas facing devastation from rapidly spreading wildfires. and i'm far as smile have all the day's sports news including rafa nadal fights back to lead spain to victory over belgian reached the semifinals at the 8. polo we begin with the latest fallout from the u.s. airstrike that killed a top iranian general washington has an l. the new wave of sanctions on iran that
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target the country's steel and iron industries the sanctions also go after 8 senior officials and the new measures are in response to iran's missile strikes earlier this week on an iraqi military base that houses u.s. soldiers today sanctions are part of our commitment to stop the iranian regime's terrorist activities the president has been very clear we will continue to apply economic sanctions until iran stops its terrorist activities and commit that it will never have nuclear weapons we have several correspondents monitoring these latest developments asama been davida is in baghdad's sadr bari isn't ran for reaction to those new sanctions will be speaking to them shortly but 1st we'll cross over to our white house correspondent kelly how kit will tell us more about what was said on these u.s. sanctions by the officials. iranian sanctions i beg your pardon will do these
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sanctions are being put in yes we know that these sanctions against iran are being put in place by the u.s. president through executive order and they were announced as you heard there by the treasury secretary steve minucci in targeting a number of different sectors of the iranian economy trade construction minerals textiles and as specifically also steel and iron very important aspects of the iranian a come economy as well we know that those sanctions are also targeting a senior officials 8 as you mentioned in these officials the united states alleges were involved with those missiles strikes on bases inside iraq recently that housed you u.s. military soldiers so the united states has been very clear this is the latest round of sanctions that have been put in place and the british series of sanctions starting back in may of 2018 when the u.s. pulled out of the j c p u a that agreement to limit iran's nuclear program and they say that they will
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continue the so-called maximum pressure campaign until iran ceases what it calls its there what the united states calls iran's destabilizing behavior and at the same time during our press conference the secretary of state can release the iranian general costs of sunday money and was planning a broad large scale attack against american facilities but he was pressed on what evidence he hasn't she wasn't really clear on any evidence. yes this is exactly the issue that has been plaguing this administration since that attack there has been no proof of the so-called imminent threat that the united states said was facing u.s. interests in the broader middle east but specifically even the embassy the u.s. embassy in baghdad there have been briefings on capitol hill but lawmakers say that there was nothing concrete offered in terms not only of the imminence of the threat but this sort of specificity this is what the administration official the u.s.
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secretary of state might pompei o had to say in regards to that. this was going to happen and american lives are at risk and we would have been caught fiddling negligee as the chairman the joint chiefs of staff said we would have been culpably negligent and we not recommended the president that he take this action because i'm so the money he made the right call in america safer as a result of that. now incredibly in the midst of all of this in the midst of the round of new sanctions and all the tensions that have been heightening this week the u.s. maintains that is still willing to negotiate with iran the window is still open for diplomacy the united states maintaining they don't want war but at the same time taking these very aggressive measures can with a house have thank you let's bring in dorset jabari she's joining us from the iranian capital what impact are we hearing of these new sanctions will have on iran's or so. well the 8
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individuals that have been sanctions are not likely to be affected by them we've been hearing from one of those people who have been sanctioned most and reza a who is part of the expediency council of iran he's a former head of iran's revolutionary guards he's just commented about being under u.s. sanctions he said that it's not going to this is more of a symbolic gesture and it's actually a point of pride for him to be sanctioned by the u.s. government and that's really how many see these sanctions on these individuals here it's really not something that affects them one of their reality of their lives they don't have any property or funds in the united states they don't travel to the united states so the sanctions don't really have practical ramifications for them there seem more of a symbolic gesture he is one of the 8 individuals who has been sanctioned another important figure to point out is of the sham when he was a secretary of the supreme national security council that is an organization that
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is headed by the president that is just in charge of dealing with their own foreign policy as well as making decisions about the country's nuclear program under the supervision of the supreme leader so these figures are the next the latest batch of sanctions they don't really see it of having any real tangible effects but the one thing to point out is these sanctions are seen as as a further acts hostile acts by the u.s. government against the iranian officials coming at the heel of these fascination of major general hossam silly money which is seen as an act of war here as the iranians will see this as a response to fire the united states government. after their missile attacks on the u.s. personnel in iraq so they're saying that the united states really is not likely to do anything more than just sanctions in their femurs a symbolic gestures and political ones rather than real have a real effect on these people and these companies also want to mention that the nuclear agreement that they mentioned the iranians need to get out of the. mean to
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come back and really negotiate this is something the iranians have said will never happen until the united states change their policy and after friday's announcement by secretary it's not likely that that will ever happen all right so there are signs of our thank you well the u.s. state department says it will not discuss troop withdrawal with the iraqi government's this after iraq's prime minister ahd lobbed in maadi asked the u.s. secretary of state to send a delegation to baghdad to discuss the issue and iraqis request follows the assassination of iraqi politician in 100 s. and the iranian commander of possum so my money last week on sunday iraq's parliament voted to expel all american troops from the country we are happy to continue the conversation with the iraqis about what the right structure is our mission set there is very clear we've been there to perform a training mission to help the iraqi security forces be successful and to continue the campaign against isis can it can be the counter dash campaign we're going to
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continue that mission but as that as times change and we get to a place where we can deliver upon what i believe the president believes is our right structure with fewer resources dedicated to that mission we will do so we also have today nato team that's here at the state department working to develop a plan which will get burden sharing right in the region as well so that's what the secretary of state had to say a little earlier let's bring in a some a binge of aid is joining us from baghdad any more clarity on what the iraqi parliament does that. well dreamed we'd of wait to see what the iraqi parliament has to say as it is going to meet in a few hours on saturday morning but it is a very interesting point that the u.s. secretary of state made that they will continue their presence and fight against isis which is a big question mark because since in the money's assassination the coalition's efforts against the nato mission against i think of all of it remains suspended
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there are no military campaigns by the coalition that are being run right now against isis and the iraqi prime minister made that clear and the last time he spoke about limitations on sunday saying that if the u.s. coalition came in 2014 when they were off asked for help against isis and now the threat has diminished now the nature of the threat has changed and since the events of friday after their money and where the 100 assassinated these forces are having to protect themselves and iraqi forces will have an additional responsibility to protect them as well and something which they cannot take on and according to the iraqi prime minister only way forward is for foreign troops to leave this is something that he made clear not just to his parliament but also to the u.s. ambassador and according to the handout we were given by the prime minister's office to the secretary of state as well where he us that united states should send a delegation so that the mechanism of the draw can be worked out and according to the secular state that is not something that we will be discussing so it goes to
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show that an important ally who has been to in the case of iraq has been. defeated an invasion from the united states essentially voted for the united states to leave in 2011 is asking the united states to leave again but the u.s. is adamant that it is not going to do so it is interesting that he mentioned in my pump a 0 that he is going to be talking about how to expand and further involve other parties to discomfit in iraq and to further the fight against isis and he has spoken to his canadian counterpart as well. where the united states president has been criticizing need to on one hand is also hinted at why did you need to rule as if there is a possibility of reducing u.s. troops in iraq again we'll wait and see until saturday morning when iraq's parliament reconvenes whether it's going to discuss that or not ok asama thank you for that update from baghdad well here's how the numbers break down there are
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nearly 6000 u.s. troops operating between western iraq and northern syria at the time of the u.s. invasion in 2003 there were a least one 170000 american troops deployed in iraq by 2007 they began withdrawing us president george w. bush faced criticism at home on coals to bring the troops home in december 20th levon the last u.s. troops left under an agreement with the iraqi government but just 5 years later and 2016 at least 5000 troops are once again deployed to fight against i so it seems a key is an attorney in the former chief of communications for the mission of iraq to the united nations she says there's a lot of posturing from both sides but it's unlikely that american troops will leave iraq. there is the united states claiming victory there is iran claiming victory and then there's iraq which is trying to maintain its sovereignty but also some face in front of the in front of the iraqi people i believe that the u.s.
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obviously it's very hard to know what's going to happen right now because things are moving very quickly but the of us government is likely to stay in iraq when they pulled out in 2011 it only took a few years for isis to take over the 2nd largest city in iraq and that was a disaster not just for the iraqis but also for the u.s. and iran so we do need u.s. presence as americans in iraq and so did the iraqi people so what we're probably going to see now is a little bit more posturing from the people of iraq a little bit more. rhetoric to appease the iranian government which is so so heavily overseeing the iraqi government but overall ultimately the u.s. government cannot afford to pull out of iraq and it cannot afford to hand over to iran. all right well let's take a closer look at the new sanctions against iran we were telling you about a moment ago so president donald trump is set to sign an executive order
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authorizing sanctions against individuals who do business with or help specific industries like construction manufacturing textile and mining the sanctions also target 17 metal and mining companies an industry the u.s. says generates billions of dollars a year for the country and 8 senior iranian officials are also on the list washington accuses them of being involved in tuesday's strikes on 2 military bases in iraq among them are the national security council head as well as the best seeds in resistance forces richard nephew is a senior research scholar at the center on global energy policy at columbia university he was the lead sanctions expert for the u.s. team negotiating with iran he's joining us via skype from new york thanks for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour what's your reaction to these latest sanctions announced by u.s. officials on iran well i think the sanctions that were announced today are predictable the kinds of sectors that the united states previously subject to
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sanctions you maybe textiles particular. mostly they're not going to add a whole lot to the pressure that space you know united states is worried sanctions action against iran's biggest emitters history specially move beals so forth as those designated dozens of iranian companies bagels and so particular solutions are going to have some impact but it's going to be pretty mild compared to the measures that are already in place and when you say they're going to have some impacts what impact do you think they'll actually have. well i think that if there were any companies that were still doing business with iran for instance where you know joint venture consumer goods manufactured or doing. projects with iran i'm textiles for instance or or so early the construction services industry those kinds of contracts and business contacts are going to and. so that will have an
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effect on their ability to do business they secretary of the treasury as well the secretary of state during that press conference they gave a short while ago were quite adamant about sanctions on iran have been effective i mean do you think that sanctions have so far been effective on iran or what does the u.s. is also my goal with these new sanctions as well as the previous ones that they've announced i think if we measure effectiveness i do they do damage to the iranian economy the answer ask to be unequivocal yes you know sanctions of those against iran because the iranian economy but that's not actually the real measure of effectiveness of sanctions through measure is that they actually made us closer to realize your objective which this administration has said is negotiating a new nuclear as well as regional a group there with iran and there are we could be further away your rights and they clearly have no intention to go shooting the pressure that they're under and that
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in fact things are getting worse in the nuclear in the regional side so i would say there are a factor this in terms of damage as be considerable their effectiveness in terms of actually achieving the goals set out by the trumpet ministration has been a bit great so a lot of people kind of scratching their head and laundry well if sanctions as you're saying haven't made the iranian government waiver in any way so then why is it that the u.s. continues to think that more sanctions were well worth. well i think part of it comes from an inertia the fact that this is the tool that we've been using so you continue to use you've got part of it comes from the fact that sanctions do take a long time to work and so there may be an expectation that while they may not have achieved their mission to date if we wait another couple of weeks and months and the pressure builds then that will change raju government got to us but part of my also frankly come from the lack of other options and i think we're going to ministration that's determent will warrant
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a direct war with the early ministration though that is still trying to achieve maximum diplomatic progress on issues like france nuclear program or regional activities they really are other options other than trying to get sanctions to work properly so i think more than anything it's an act of not desperation i think it's an act of will be that over time the cumulative impact of sanctions will do the trick we'll just have to see whether or not and time the iranians have more result . persisted with the sanctions from the right for her nephew we thank you very much for speaking to us from new york and if the european union foreign ministers are holding emergency talks in brussels to discuss the crisis between iran and the u.s. more on that let's cross over to lauren taylor and are here appear new sensor hi lauren thanks to rein in the discussions essential ways to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal brokered in part by the e.u. which the u.s.
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pulled out of in 2018 and which iran says cannot work under since last week's astra meeting comes out to u.s. president donald trump called on e.u. states to abandon the deal and he had this week from all sides to be willing to negotiate with a warning that iran could develop a nuclear weapon within 2 years a deal lifted sanctions in return for iran agreeing to curb its ability to make a nuclear bomb. that they have announced a reversal that's very important and very few cases of that i know of going on so we are not happy with the set 50 that was announced but does not the end of the game and we hold the help iran to return to the. butler is live for us in brussels and then natasha talks ongoing has anything come out of the meeting. we want to have fun natasha mitchell if you can hear me we're just wondering if
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anything emerged from that meeting where we understand we've been watching for a news conference for a while i know it seems that we haven't got our connection with natasha sorry about that and we'll meet our 10 back to daryn in doha more from london if later all right laura will see a little later on thank you very much will move on to other news and tell you about save lost in pakistan at least 15 people have died and over 20 injured that happened in the southwestern province of baluchistan the explosion took place at a mosque in the capital a senior police officer killed in the blast was reportedly the targets rescue teams are taking victims to the hospital and police are investigating the nature of the blasts come all hyder has more from islamabad. 1st of all we had that this particular block took place and they marched. down in a densely populated area of. the police officer present day
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bread and suspicion that he was indeed the dog even end up senior political pressures government a very fierce battle military and military forces have been targeted and baluchistan province particularly old and quite a number of groups have been active in the pause like the day you get the other bond progress on. shore i had to be operating from across the border and i've won this on and also by luke might have been secretly advising that security forces but this particular. time we're in the country and experiencing a relative calm so they would of course because i have to read that this is the beginning of another wave of attacks and they're. more ahead on the odds as they were news hour including iran says it has evidence it hopes will prove the ukrainian airliner that crashed into iran on wednesday was not shot down. into its
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top court orders an urgent review of the lockdown in kashmir calling an internet ban and use of power. and in sports the philadelphia $76.00 thirsty real boston's playoff charge and stake their own claims in the n.b.a. speedster incompetence. so iran civil aviation head has rejected claims that the airline was hit by a missile already has or calling on the u.s. canada on ukraine to share any information they have on the crash. on its burial b.s. when the plane took off from the airport of to 23 minutes of course the reason it's not clear the pilot tried to return to the airport and change the route towards the airport and he shows that he was aware that an accident that happened he crashed on
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its way back if a missile that hit it it would have crashed in the regional direction he says the plane did not explode to hit the ground. so the ukraine international airline crossed just hours after taking off from the airport in iran all a $176.00 people on board were killed the new york times has released video that appears to show the moments and missile at the fein let's bring in carla bailey his an aviation analyst and a former f.a.a. safety representative he's joining us via skype from new york thanks very much for speaking to us on the news hour or so for investigators what are the key things to be looking out for now. you know from the investigative standpoint it's very clear that they need to examine the records to see if there's any kind of trace of explosive residue on the actual of the debris that is in the field and also examine those black boxes it's imperative that iran turn those black boxes over
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to the investigators so so it's quite important then that whoever leads this as an investigation actually have access to all of the information the wreckage itself the flight data the radar data how likely is that it's you know it's key that they get the black boxes the boy the voice recorder and also the flight data recorder that that pretty much will ping a picture almost like a flight simulator were when they plug that m and then on the ground the residue also on the wreckage that will be you know its own picture so everything combined will give an total picture of almost probably 100 percent confidence and whether or whether or not a missile bought the aircraft down can evidence actually show if a missile hit the plane oh yes it can and that evidence would be explosive
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residue from the missile or fragments of the missile and also in in that debris field they are there will also be. i mean if in fact a missile did bring down the airplane the there will be parts of that missile i would assume in the debris field as long as that area wasn't hampered with by the iranians so in other words the investigative authorities knew full access to the site and hopefully that the site has not been commented by. moving our parts out or or or you know we're trying to hide something from best leaders and in the context of the political tensions between iran and the united states does this make the investigation more challenging. you know i don't think it makes them were challenging but you know 'd they're probably going to be i would think a little bit reluctant to have the u.s. involved even though they say that you know they possibly will allow the u.s.
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to come investigate but it will be interesting to see if the u.s. and boeing have complete authority. to see everything. you know that that's not tamper with so in other words just like it just like a crime scene you know if the police were doing an investigation you don't want the crime scene interfered with at all if they're in there going through wreckage and stuff hour or i mean things you know certainly we don't want that to happen. cabell he was saying cue for us to get to us from new york. thank you very much. still ahead on the al-jazeera news our political analysts say the u.s. presidential election could be one of the events that could lead to geo political global tipping points we'll tell you why. coming up in sport the former major league player finding and an authorized use for his pants fowle have more on that story a little later. and
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some very heavy amounts of rain have been working their way southward really across northern areas of the middle east a mass of activity across southern areas of iran and again some very heavy rain continuing to work its way south through through the gulf but look at this the $72.00 millimeters came down in 24 hours this is in southern areas of iran and it has more in the forecast this is a fairly slow moving system and these yellow colors end some very heavy amounts of rain we could pick up about 180 millimeters of rain into southern iran over the next couple of days so that saturday by sunday it really. quite well as the picture but some pretty strong stiff winds cool winds to coming through the gulf and will keep these temperatures low just 17 celsius in doha on sunday and just 14 celsius across into riyadh we have got
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a few washouts into northern areas of africa particularly as we just really interfering with these coastal areas where they found geria on into tunisia and tending to sink into the for the south as well as you go on through sunday meanwhile watch that will further to the south and go to run across a tools and also madagascar we've had some heavy amounts of rain here this is the capital you can see here this is the result after several days of rain that has more in the 4 calls as well as we head on into sunday. richard problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to monitor refugees don't have the right to freely on the other hand goods can move freely as far in this much as they want it's a national colonialism this is not and over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera.
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counting the cost while the u.s. spends billions on boards a man telling women $3.00 bases across the world plus the reshaping of the meat industry has offered them swine flu decimate china's pork industry and the french digital tax that could escalate a trade counting the cost on al-jazeera. context these are the 3 in-depth storytelling around the biggest issues we've done but had to do usually do it again .
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour washington has announced a new wave of sanctions on iran and the latest escalation following a u.s. airstrike that killed a top iranian general they will target the steel and iron industries costing to broad billions of $1.08 senior officials are also in sanctions. european foreign ministers are holding an emergency meeting in brussels to discuss the crisis between the u.s. and iran they're trying to salvage state 2015 minutes there it's real. and we can take you live to belgium that's where e.u. foreign ministers have been holding that meeting on iraq let's listen and so what they have to say to leave mr sun on me and made to separate to do general. has just told them work. only via. recent developments shows great shoes may spiral out of control. and today we wanted to send
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a strong signal of unity any gauge meant. we are you know we didn't need to engage more strongly before becoming too late. misters and i may have worn ours again from the heat in the past consuls. but. insisted on the fact that in libya there are several risks. is wrists are increasing 1st of the terrorist brisk more more is being detected the presence of fighters coming from syria and also from sudan. the 2nd to make ration risk almost 700000 according with his figures 700000 people coming from sub-saharan africa and promote other countries all of them are
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working in libya not all of their want to go to iraq but depending on the situation in libya they paid individually where they will but we're going to go because they may last and they're made to lose their jobs depending of the if situation. 3rd to greece has the risk of this is that it is a should the whole region from levy levy have widespread him to say i will under for the near would your political scheme new actors. the printing libya russia and turkey and the whole central mediterranean geopolitical. game be change show we have put a strong set of reasons to move from restarting to action. and
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they have the mandate. to work. in order to make i would be provided i would reach to bring to a political solution on their framework of the burley in process but hoping but depart disc and reach a cease fire hoping that the parties can be just ceasefire and we will contribute to it and hoping that the berlin process can reach a political agreement we have to focus on monitoring the cease fire on controlling the arms embargo and other security measures based on the experience over predations for fia. on diddy's a strong agreement among ministers to ask me to present proportional on these 3 points for the next council all after these are women on the
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ceasefire can be rich we are not going to do just and it would have been for ceasefire even captains and it would be reason that women of the framework ability process rain ceased we would have to take measures in order to contribute money to the ceasefire and control of our embark. on iraq. the region cannot afford another war. it really cannot afford another war and we call what our knowledge and this coalition and maqsood restraint to every part of the crisis is. and reece jeopardizing the ears of effort to stop the lies he duck especially given its implication for the sizes work of their global coalition against dies. we condemn every at that cone quality show for
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service and we clearly state that continue fighting dies it remains our priority. we are also committed to preserving the giant comprehensive plan of action without the g c p o a today iran would be a nuclear power. thanks to these dalal it and it's not a nuclear power. and we strongly believe that d.t.c. nala interest. preserve the jenkem perhaps his plan of action as far as we can. we have been saying in the past that we continue saying that we regret the u.s. decision to withdraw from to be able. and we continue believing that this deal is a key element of the global nuclear nonproliferation architecture. and critical for
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the original cost of beauty. so you call it on to go back to full compliance with the you should be away without delay and we relay under internation and there is atomic agency to continue to monitor and very fine you dance activities. raise strongly belief under capacity that international and object i make to be able to monita all activities deployed on under nuclear feel but the current situation it has a korea regional they mentioned i did 3 quiescent regional political solution. and they mean is this has given me as gave me a strong mandate to carry out diplomatic efforts with all parties including iran to contribute to this guy this is skull ation in duration to
9:37 pm
support political dialogue i'm promote a political provisional solution. on beast framework we will continue helping iraq from any point of view from the military training from a konami except for security reasons we have to avoid that despite all of by humans can create the situation in iraq that can be very dangerous for all of us and destroy i e s of work and efforts on the rebuilding of these country. that's what we have been agreeing today i need to open the door to more work especially on the bottom and they should know these mandate of a strong dialogue with all parties including it and you know that to look for that 40 kiko original source. thank you very much
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space for a few of your questions please introduce yourself. and go ahead with your question . i think you wrote it for which is hi rip did you discuss today the dispute resolution mechanism. within the g c p a do you believe that it should be triggered now and if so when i think you live pictures right now from brussels where there he is that man is joseph turow he is the european union minister for foreign affairs and he was giving an update after the european foreign ministers have held an emergency meeting in brussels and they had been discussing amongst other things the crisis between the u.s. and iran and they're trying to salvage the 2050 nuclear deal that say that because of the nuclear deal iran is not a nuclear power and he said that the europeans do or gretz the u.s.
9:39 pm
is decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal but calls on iran and all parties iran to go to comply to go back on compliance as well as all parties to return to the deal let's bring in the talks about the who's in brussels where you foreign ministers are meeting to talk about iran so what do you think the takeaway message was from a press conference that's awesome. well that press conference by the. president burrell brings to the end this emergency e.u. foreign ministers meeting they have been talking for several hours now and really the big take out is the fact that the e.u. line remains very much what it has been over the past few days they are calling for a deescalation of tensions on all sides condemning any for anything which would lead to war conflict being in nobody's interest we cannot afford another war said. that of course everything should be done to avoid that he also said that the
9:40 pm
priority really has to be to try and stabilize iraq that is the work that has been done over the past years in any conflicts of course would threaten that he also said that for you foreign ministers the j. c.p.o. a remains a priority again something the e.u. ministers have said all along he said that if it wasn't for that 2015 iran deal iran would probably have a nuclear weapon by now so the e.u. leaders would do everything they could to try and maintain that deal montagne it's survival of course they've been battling to save that deal since 2018 when donald trump pulled the united states out of it saying it was a very bad deal indeed he also called on iran to fully comply with that deal because it was of course this week that tehran said that they were going to withdraw from some of their key commitments to that deal mainly to do with the limits they had on enriching uranium and finally said that what is really needed here is a political solution and i think perhaps he is suggesting that the e.u.
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can in some way play some form of mediating role in this crisis yeah and that's the question. i'll leave it there thank you very much for that update from brussels. now 3 or. 3 years of political limbo in northern ireland appears to be at an end with more on that let's cross back to lauren taylor and our european recenter. thanks to the irish nationalists partition fein says it will enter a coalition with its british unionist opponent democratic unionist party must be the 1st time northern and on a functioning devolved government and not be run from london since 201718 switch on mt is there a correspondent paul brennan who's been following this story closely so what were the sticking points that took so long to his old welly know that on a power sharing arrangement fell apart after 27 seen with the botched green energy scheme which the sorry which the republicans in faint members blame the day before
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and demanded the head of all in foster said she had to go but she hung on and the resignation of mark must mcguinness meant that it essentially collapsed the government the assembly and in those 3 years they've the 2 sides who are political polar opposites frankly have just simply grown further and further apart and sticking points to get back to the table where things like can feign demanding that the irish language be given alleges it's of protection as in a separate legislative act. then what happened was that the irish and british governments try to bang heads together came out on thursday night with a $62.00 page draft agreement and said look here it is the deadline of monday was fast approaching in which case they would have to call a whole new set of elections if you don't agree this were going for elections and that seems to have been enough leverage to get the 2 sides together this compromise on all sides nobody's getting everything that they want but it seems that all sides
9:43 pm
are now prepared to sign up to this new deal and go back into a power sharing arrangement and what's the reaction been to that man and a mixture of contempt in social media from some quarters who say wives it's taken 3 years to actually get to this stage meanwhile the assembly members have been drawing their salaries all on a reduced level julian smith the northern secretary said after 3 years it's time to get back to work some ink over the irish fun. or melissa said history is being made today boris johnson's just retire on social media saying it was a great step forwards arms through leaders and business leaders are also mighty relieved but the the machinery of government will actually starts its on again thanks very much indeed thank you. to malta where promise to joseph is due to deliver his final speech to his party before stepping down from the row with scott to announce he would be leaving the post in december calls for his resignation had been growing over his response to the 27000 car bombing that
9:44 pm
killed investigative journalist deafening occur on a gets it ahead in protests over his perceived efforts to protect political allies and friends from the investigation into the mad at members of his labor party will vote on saturday to choose his replacement as party data and prime minister. and areas environment minister has been charged over water restrictions for a city which led to the opposition to seek a no confidence vote in the government. could face 18 years in jail for allowing industrial uses to drain a dam that is the only source of drinking water in the city of panic and 100000 people have been left with restrictions on drinking water which could last for another 5 months prosecutors say dymov had been repeatedly warned that the water levels had seriously decreased he resigned from his position earlier on friday. trade unions in france are warning of new nationwide protests even as talks to end
9:45 pm
the current pension strikes resumed it were filipe said there had been progress in negotiations on friday but the knowledge that there was so work ahead to reach agreement on a says government the puzzle still has people working an additional 2 years to the age of 64 before they get their pension that something unions are still unhappy about there warning of further travel destruction and large rallies planned for saturday and tuesday. duchess of sussex has returned to canada and prince harry announced plans to distance themselves from the u.k. will family comes as the queen and other senior royals ordered their teams to find a workable solution to the couple's plans to step down a senior members and a statement on wednesday they said they intended to divide the time between the u.k. and north america it's understood racism and they felt from the british tabloid media influence the decision. well founded in the next burton now go back to doing it oh
9:46 pm
. lord thank you all turkey says a ceasefire northwestern syria will begin on sunday syria's air force struck multiple targets in southern italy of an area within the deescalation zone the bombardments on friday came hours after russia announced that the cease fire had come into effect in the provinces the country's last remaining rebel strongholds firefighters in australia are facing strong winds and temperatures above 40 degrees celsius as they work to save lives and houses on friday more than a quarter of a 1000000 people were urged to leave their homes across the victoria new south wales states was just a washington reports from penrose residents in areas already affected by fire are fearful of what could still come off this season. in australia south east weary firefighters work swiftly to protect communities this push by season has already decimated more than 10000000 hectares of land in the southwest of new south wales
9:47 pm
this couple fia's their house could be next judith and klaus have lived here for 20 years they faced bushfires before but say this season is different scared of what's to come they've put food a generator and their treasured possessions in a bunker where they plan to stay if fire reaches the property really saying that this batch i think it's not usually life is so strong in a lovely place authorities are assessing conditions constantly warning that fire could return to some already affected areas or start in new spots this push 1st season has already destroyed thousands of houses it's already a strangely as longest bushfire emergency ever and it's creating anxiety among the general public but still a dry atmosphere we're not getting any money for wind coming through with this challenge so the winds are still going to be breezy and they're going to be drawn. in australia's major cities the political debate is heating up these protesters are
9:48 pm
angry at how the government has handled the crisis and say the prime minister is reluctant to connect the disaster with climate change i'm here because i know we need to make really big changes if we're going to prevent these types of fires from becoming regular everything the government's doing is negative trying to downplay the the coordination and the race and the climate challenge prime minister scott morrison says the government will consider an inquiry into the cause of the fires including the role of climate change once the crisis is over jessica washington al-jazeera penrose australia. india's supreme court has ordered a review of the internet shut down inside indian administered kashmir the ruling says the indefinite suspension is a violation of the country's telecom rules the territory has not had internet now for more than 150 days and trial for her reports. the lockdown in indian administered kashmir amounts to an abuse of power. that's the ruling from india
9:49 pm
supreme court 5 months since the government removed the territories autonomy restricted people's movements and blocked the internet. those who challenge the shutdown say it's a significant were ticked. by the state was that these are national security issues please leave it to the state the court has struck that down and said no this will be subject to judicial review. the indian government argued it needed to block the internet to stop what it called separatists and terror groups from communicating with each other. but the court found the government had breached telecom rules and gave authorities in the territory a week to review the restrictions. and enjoy. a student in srinagar the capital of india night mr kashmir has welcomed the court's judgment if the new government is trying to or the are not going to work against. the others.
9:50 pm
and that's why the operating on the internet others. for over 5 months the journalists in the valley have been given access to just a few computer has enabled with the internet it's always difficult for journalists but when you. depriving him of. the basics which is the internet. it's a deliberate attempt to make his world more difficult. several restrictions including on phone connections have already been lifted now many people are waiting for the internet to be restored legal experts say the top courts word it will also affect other areas where the internet has been shut down and freedom of assembly limited off to idea that mr bush made the indian government deploy the same measures in assam and a notification during protests against the controversial citizenship amendment act of war on al jazeera. thousands of protesters have marched in the southern indian
9:51 pm
city of hyderabad against the new citizenship law it allows minorities from 3 neighboring countries to get indian citizenship but it excludes muslims this rally was organized by politicians who are opposed to prime minister narendra modi's policies. call cut on saturday were marches have already begun so how raman is there with the protesters. tens of thousands of people have gathered here very close to the mat like gandhi monument in calcutta in west bengal to show their discontent with the citizenship demand that act i don't think i've ever seen crowds like this other than at a general election campaign of the sites of a society in a across community representation regarding the rebel areas religions where you have a civil society leaders and religious leaders who are making their speeches to the
9:52 pm
assembled crowd they want the government to understand that the citizenship amendment act is illegal and unconstitutional because one doesn't want to meet with the secular nature of india and that's the message they want to get across to rent a movie here arrives here on saturday and they want to make sure that their voice. than very intent is heard not just in new delhi but across the country they are joining hundreds of thousands of other people across libya that are continuing their demonstrations are continuing their protests and they have the renter modi will get to see and understand exactly the strength of the feeling here certainly in west bengal a state that he has no control over the man that the incumbent government hopes that he will of course understand that he's not welcome. time for the sports news here is for darien thank you so much rafa nadal had to dig deep to help spain secure their spot in the last 4 of the a.t.p. cup and adel suffered a shock to beat in a singles match during the tie against belgium the world number one was handed his
9:53 pm
1st loss of the tournament by david cross and often beating a doll for just the 2nd time in his career to set up a deciding doubles match the return to the court in sydney alongside problem of their no stuff the pair of benchley won the match in a tie break with the dow spending close to 4 and a half hours on board in total being a player who saw certainly on friday. novak djokovic serbia booked their place in the semifinals he lost the father said this was my chance 10 of those demonstrate djokovic to recover to win the next 2 sets and help his country to its 3 no women this tie serbia will take on russia for a place to find. naomi osaka looks to be heading form ahead of the 1st grand slam of the season cycle will start the defense of her australian open title later this month and is through to the last 4 of the brisbane international a woman worth repeating seeking burtons to move into the semifinals following 2 title wins the end of last year this was the softest 14th street victory. for
9:54 pm
marathon world record holder wilson kipsang has been provisionally suspended for doping violations the 37 year old kenyan has been charged with breaking into anti doping rules tampering with samples and failing to tell us the worries of his whereabouts it sank cannot compete in any event until he is cleared get some broke the marathon world record in berlin in 2013 and a year earlier won bronze at the london olympics. johnny infantile has been elected to the international olympic committee ending safe as a 5 year absence and frontier took over as the for president almost 4 years ago the admission of the head of world football is usually automatic but the corruption investigations of all thing thief is former president sepp blatter prompted the i.o.c. to delay inventing a was it mission and really good leaders liverpool face taught them on saturday ahead of the clash reds manager you're going club pedal fun at the expense of his
9:55 pm
counterpart shows a marine you op was asked who he thought was the better footballer and of the to course played in germany 2nd division while marino was just a semi pro bible but i don't know if he did talk to played his go people he was a goalkeeper does anybody know what was the more you know what he did you play come on the i want to know it all come all we need google it now we have time now no time i have time. and the. story has it. i had coach of the united states men's soccer team says it was the right decision to postpone a training camp the cats are the team are instead training in florida the squad cancelled the catarrh trip due to the quote developing situation in the region on thursday usa international's regina dest was allowed to leave i-x. training camp and cats are saying he did not feel comfortable but it was just
9:56 pm
a precaution and when you look back at it you know it was it was warranted now but i think when making the decision it was you know what's in the best interests of the players and you know we felt that. to change plans quickly made a lot of sense and then we did so and now we're here we're thankful for being. the boston celtics were having their 3rd straight loss in the n.b.a. with their early season promise beginning to look a bit shaky this one dished out by the philadelphia 76 years who have star player joe and be sidelined indefinitely with injury josh richards than filling in for the sixers with 29 points set up here by al gore for the boston just last summer he rubbed salt in the wounds of his own team with a jump shot late on the sixers beat the celtics 199. the minnesota timberwolves have their defense to thank for stopping one of last season's playoff teams portland trailblazers. to deny a friendly simmons' their friends wasn't too bad either however weighing in here as
9:57 pm
part of 816101 victory. 13 time dakar rally champion stefan petter hensel has won stage 6 of this year's race in saudi arabia result puts the frenchman 3rd in the standings behind defending champion nasser a list of caps are and race leader carlos sands of spain at our hands for one minute 35 seconds ahead of saints on friday is now a rest day before the 7500 kilometer race resumes on sunday former major league baseball player alex or marrow has been finding new uses for his bat an already ill temper game in venezuela escalated to told new level down there was hit by a pitch he struck out at the nearest target and the benches cleared to join in the fight or marrow was one of 9 players generated from the game. and that is all your support for now daryn back to you all right thank you we'll see you later thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we have you over to lawrence taylor
9:58 pm
still have more news coming up in just a moment thanks for watching but by. the congolese the journey to work all aboard seems unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because they knew i got the captain to chance in a life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle have gone on to the rails and nearly died. of children go to school and live because of the training risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera. this is a domicile
9:59 pm
a man's 4th trip to boozy in 2 days using his boat to risk you as many people as he can was stranded in the flood hit area of the cycle or die struck mozambique 1st so women with babies on their backs crying for help saying they were dying i knew i had to do something hours later and from the dark a faint was still in the distance alerts us to people calling for help women children and the elderly are brought on board 1st hungry and thirsty it hasn't taken much time to pull the boat about 200 people have been rescued and more want to get on but this simply no space. before the burning spied utopian dreams of peace and democracy but how many came to pass they transformed from communism but it was a fake democracy people in power travels through the former eastern bloc to wasp-y. post cold war optimism has succumbed to
10:00 pm
a darker more authoritarian reality the police called a cop or a bomb march and they were ready to detonate beyond the war 10. new u.s. sanctions against iran senior officials are targeted as well as the country's manufacturing sector. a military this is al jazeera live from london also coming up at emergency meeting in brussels european leaders commit to the preservation of the iran nuclear deal calling on terror on to meet its commitments. india's top court orders an urgent review of the lockdown in kashmir describing the internet battle in the disputed state as an abuse of power and protests.


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