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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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plus the reshaping of the meat industry as african swine flu decimate china's pork industry and the french tax code escalate to try to counter the pulse on al-jazeera . 0. eleanor and taina this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up new u.s. sanctions against iran senior officials are targeted as well as the country's manufacturing sector. india's top court orders and urgent review of the lockdown in kashmir describing the internet battle in the disputed state as an abuse of power. for testers accuse the australian government of inaction of a climate change as major fires continue to claim vast areas of bush. and generates
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more than $4000000.00 tons of waste every year but mexico city has a plan that will help it kick its plastic habit. and far as small have all the day's sporting including rafa nadal fights back to lead spain to victory over belgium and reach the semifinals of the a.t.p. cup. washington has announced a new wave of economic sanctions on iran in retaliation for its missile attack on bases housing u.s. troops in iraq the sanctions target iran's manufacturing and mining industries as well as 8 senior officials if you were allegedly involved in missile strikes on monday that hit the assad air base in anbar province convey how could reports from the white house were that the americans are under water we're tensions between the
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united states and iran still escalating on friday the u.s. secretary of state and treasury secretary and now just more sections against iran in retaliation for its attack on iraq the military bases used by u.s. troops the president has been very clear we will continue to apply economic. sanctions until iran stops its terrorist activities and commit that it would never have nuclear weapons the sanctions target or on steel iron trade construction mining and textile industries they're also saying sins against 8 senior iranian officials the trumpet ministration says are responsible for spreading violence throughout the broader middle east. but how bring over the trump administration are questions about last week's killing of iranian general concepts ola mami assassination the white house says was necessary to save american lives without offering proof that the threat was imminent this was going to happen. and american
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lives were at risk and we would have been called fully negligent as the chairman the joint chiefs of staff said we would have been culpably negligent and we now recommended the president that he take this action a custom so the money. the sanctions come as the u.s. is at odds with iraq over the future of its soldiers in that country or solo mommy was killed the killing has fueled calls for the americans to leave roughly $5000.00 troops are made as part of the global coalition to defeat eisel on friday the iraqi government said it wants a u.s. delegation to visit iraq to plan for a withdrawal but the u.s. says it's not pulling out as times change and we get to a place where we can deliver upon what i believe the president believes is a right structure with fewer resources dedicated to that mission we will do so. compel says any delegation sent to iraq will be for the purpose of discussing
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strategic partnerships like increasing the role of nato in the region an idea u.s. president donald trump announced this week a nato delegation visited the state department to discuss that prospect of working to develop a plan which will get burden sharing right in the region as well despite once calling nato obsolete president trump says nato now must be expanded to include middle east nations to reduce tensions and to assist in the fight against eisel it's an issue he insists is an international problem can't really help at al-jazeera the white house some enjoy a design for us in baghdad and disagreement there renia over the future of u.s. troops in iraq. but it is quite evident that what iraqis want and what the united states is willing to give are very different things the iraqi prime minister's office said that he in the conversation that he had with the u.s. secretary of state might pompei or he asked for
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a delegation to be sent to iraq so the process of the draw of us and other foreign troops could begin and they could work out what allergies and that is something that was rightly rejected by the u.s. secretary of state as you heard him saying that the united states will be focusing on its fight against isis that will be focusing on its presence and making sure that groups like isis do not reappear that is something that the iraqi government has been saying is mission accomplished they have defeated eisel for over a year the u.s. forces have been here and the role of those forces not just u.s. but foreign forces after journalists in the money's assassination is going to make them while they are able to attack from within and outside iraq and they are hunkering down to protect themselves which begs the question why should iraq keep them here and why should iraqi security forces have the additional responsibility to protect them and that is something that the iraqi prime minister has been telling his cabinet his parliament the u.s. ambassador and the u.s.
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secretary of state as well but the united states has a very different idea we also heard the u.s. secretary of state speaking to his canadian counterpart and talking about an expanded nato role here in iraq as well something an organization which has president has criticized in the past but now wants to get involved in iraq so it is going to be a very few interesting few hours because the iraqi parliament is supposed to meet on saturday morning it is not expected and it's not on the agenda for it to discuss the u.s. forces withdraw all as was suggested by many others it is going to be discussing domestic politics but the iraqi parliament again if you remember is very divided the vote that was for the u.s. forces to leave was only from the. our lawmakers the sunnis and the kurds were not there and we will be watching what they say about these latest developments where the narratives coming from their prime minister and the u.s. state department is very different and some of the been precious set once more in
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baghdad what more can you tell us about those well thousands of people took to the streets of not just baghdad but other cities as well nasri and other places these are anti government pro-democracy anti corruption protesters who have been camped out in the streets since october today was day $100.00 of their protests they have been coming out and they did come out again today saying that they do not want involvement of any foreign entity be it the united states or iran they were saying that they will continue to come out to tahrir square in places where they have been camping out until they get a government worth remembering that this is an interim government a government which was forced out by months of protests and the interim prime minister has been asking the parliament to come up with the names that they can agree upon so a permanent government could be in place a bit could make the changes that the protesters are demanding and then hold early elections something that many iraqi lawmakers are have asked for before as well but
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so far there seems to be stalemate and they do not they're not anywhere close to forming this government something that protesters say they will continue to put pressure on the iraqi parliamentarians on their politicians and they want their own government to be in charge of their own destiny not iran not the united states or some avenge of it thank you very much indeed. with tensions high in the region e.u. foreign ministers have met in brussels and repeated their continuing support for the 2015 iran nuclear deal and you foreign policy chief joseph borrow says the deal is critical for regional stability he says europe wants to maintain the deal that iran must uphold its obligations. well 2015 iran it could you has survived more than 4 years but only just it was signed under former us president barack obama along with iran and 5 other nations lifting sanctions on tehran in exchange for monitoring its nuclear activities less than
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a year later president donald trump withdrew from the agreement calling it a bad deal for america and we imposed sanctions other nations tried to keep the pact alive but for another wave of tough u.s. sanctions in may last year iran began rolling back its compliance 1st it increased its stockpile of enriched uranium and on sunday after the u.s. killing of its top commander tehran scrapped all limits on its nuclear program but a shuttle has more from brussels and says the e.u. is looking for a role to mediate the crisis. the e.u. foreign policy chief burrell's of really came out and wrapped up that e.u. foreign ministers meeting an emergency meeting that was held to discuss the situation the crisis between u.s. and iran and he touched on a few main points he 1st of all said that whatever happens the message from the e.u. is that we cannot afford another war he said that all sides must deescalate tensions he said that another war would risk on raveling the good work that would be done to
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try and stabilize iraq in the priority really had to be to fight eisel he also said that the priority for e.u. member states was to maintain the j.c. p.o.a.'s you mentioned the j c p o a randell it was signed in 2050 e.u. leaders have been battling to try and save it since 2018 when donald trump pulled the united states out of that deal saying it was a very bad deal but the e.u. has kept the line they've always maintained so far and that is that this deal is absolutely necessary for the stability the region in fact burrell said that without this deal it's quite likely that iran would have a nuclear weapon right now and he also said that iran must now try and fully comply with the deal and that comes after the fact that tehran this week said that it was withdrawing from many of the key commitments that it's made to that deal which would really see that deal on the brink of collapse so the message there the e.u. member states really want to save the j. c.p.o.
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way and i think we also saw you foreign ministers perhaps trying to maneuver the e.u. into a position where they could try and mediate in this crisis a brawl saying that we must move away from weapons we must move away from conflict and really we must try and find some form of political solution joining us now via skype. from university strategy and security institute thanks very much for being with us just on that message that's coming from the e.u. that they want to stick with the iran nuclear deal but they want iran to comply with it again and how likely is that to be well received in tehran. i'm not sure if you can hear me at all it's lauren taylor in the studio i can hear you know our great nation i just want to ask you about the iran nuclear deal have heard from the e.u. that they want to stick by it but they're asking around to. go back to its commitments under the deal how likely is it that iran will do that i think the
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current state of affairs and the way the tensions are born into over right now i think is highly unlikely the united states on the trumpet ministration has made a very clear that they're not coming back to the negotiating table and they are you could say the senior partner in the original deal so tara is going to be very concerned if the united states doesn't want to come back on board and therefore doesn't really see any incentive for it to come back and here to the terms of the g c p a way. and to adhere to those terms just on the basis of dealing with powers and that's why also the e.u. leaders are trying to get the united states back in there. and so we had today from the u.s. at another round of sanctions announce how does that play into the tensions between iran and the u.s. now you see there the long term fallout relief from this as a nation of so to money. i mean i think the analysis of the past week since you know assassination of them by some sort of a money has been characterized by
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a lot of alarmism so you know we've had all these warnings of a 3rd world war and there are a lot of exaggerated kind of threat perceptions. in that's the case always seeing right now is iran wanting to go back to its original playbook and that means that it's going to continue with low intensity warfare operations against the united states against. you know. organizations it tends to be jihadists such as isis in syria and and even the syrian rebels so it's going to. place more of a focus and more of a premium on pushing with what is already been doing for the past 20 years or so and in terms of the united states it's also going to be going back to sanctions because that's the trumpet ministrations go to talk pressure it's not that they want to escalate a war no one wants one the region i don't think are trying to generation wants war i think that earring and certainly don't want war where looking at rational actors
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here and what i hear sergeant are the what about the fallout there for iraq i mean had this sort of standoff if you like with the iraqi prime minister saying he wants a delegation to come to iraq to discuss troop withdrawal a state department refusing to discuss that issue how do you say that particular one playing out. well it goes back to how the the iraqi administration came to power in the 1st place in the 2003 led invasion by the united states they invaded iraq toppled a government and installed frankly the current system these current guys they installed them in it's place so they shouldn't really be surprised when the united states tells them that you know they're not interested and they're not going to leave and they'll take their own counsel on this iraq and fortune has become a battleground between the iranians and also the americans and both sides keep pulling at different leavers if we look at the iraqi parliament a lot of the parliamentarians and lawmakers have been compromised by the iranians they were incubated in iran during their exile from the saddam hussein regime and
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when they took the reins of power they started to enact iran's designs similarly the united states also wanted to have people in its pocket that it could use to forward its designs so unfortunately the people who will suffer the most from this are the iraqi people themselves who have no sovereignty and who have no government that represents them and where we're seeing all these protests in tahrir square and elsewhere in iraq and briefly on that you mentioned protest as but some of them actually are now saying they want the iranians and they don't want the u.s. so where does their course lie there now given the situation that's around them. i don't blame them for not wanting either to be honest because both parties have played a malignant role in iraq. however i think that if united states were to withdraw and obvious he's made it clear it is not but hypothetically speaking if it did then and that would just leave the the arena completely open to the iranians to swallow what's left of iraq's sovereignty which is frankly very little so i think the
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protesters are understandably expressing their frustration with the status quo and the status quo is largely a construct of both the united states' efforts and the uranian both of them contributed to the current system both of them contributed to the confessional bassist and that we're seeing today that has made a succession of weak iraqi governments and frankly compromised prime ministers. thank you very much indeed for your analysis thank you thank you still to come on the news hour a ceasefire and they lost a rebel held region of syria but will it end the mass displacement of civilians. and face as president finally gets his seat at the top table of world sport details later on in a program. and it's 15 people have been killed in an explosion at a mosque in pakistan's southwestern province of banish the star more than 20 others
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were injured in the blast in the region's capital quite a it's been reported that a senior police officer who was killed was the target the injured are being treated in hospital kamal hyder has more from islamabad. 1st of all this particular block took place and they marched. down in a densely populated area of. the president. and. he was indeed the dog even end up. government of victor patton military and military forces have been targeted and baluchistan province particularly and quite a number of groups have been active in the. progress on. shore i had to be operating from across the border and i've won this on and also by luke might have been secretly advising that security forces but this particular attack
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comes at the time when they. are relative calm because. i have to read that this is the beginning of another wave of attacks and. india's supreme court has ordered the government to review an internet shut down inside indian administered kashmir it says the indefinite suspension is a violation of the country's telecom rules the territory has not had internet now from 150 days and reports from new delhi. the lockdown in indian administered kashmir amounts to an abuse of power. that's the ruling from india supreme court 5 months since the government removed the territories autonomy restricted people's movements and blocked the internet. those who challenge the shutdown say it's a significant were ticked. by the state was that these are national security issues please leave it to the state the court has struck that down and said no this will
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be subject to judicial review. the indian government argued it needed to block the internet to stop what it called separatists and terror groups. each other. but the court found the government had breached telecom rules and gave authorities in the territory a week to review the restrictions. and enjoy. a student in srinagar the capital of indian administered kashmir has welcomed the court's judgment. if the new government is trying to order the are not going to work against. the others . and that's why the operating on the internet. for over 5 months the journalists in the valley have been given access to just a few computers enabled with the internet it's always difficult for journalists but when you. depriving him of. riches in delayed.
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it's a deliberate attempt to make his world more difficult. several restrictions including on phone connections have already been lifted now many people are waiting for the internet to be restored legal experts say the top court's word it will also affect other areas where the internet has been shut down and freedom of assembly limited off to idea that mistake to smear the indian government deployed the same measures in assam and an authorization during protests against the controversial citizenship amendment act out a war on al jazeera new delhi thousands of people across australia have been protesting over the government's handling of the ongoing bushfire crisis they're demanding action on climate change or scientists say is linked to the severity of this year's fires well this is more than a quarter of a 1000000 people have been urged to leave their homes in australia as bushfires continue to advance as jessica washington reports from penrose residents in areas
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already affected by fire a fearful of what could still come. in australia's south east weary firefighters work swiftly to protect communities this push by season has already decimated more than 10000000 hectares of land in the south west of new south wales this couple fee is their house could be next judith and klaus have lived here for 20 years they faced bushfires before but say this season is different scared of what's to come they've put food a generator and their treasured possessions in a bunker where they plan to stay if fire reaches the property really saying that they spat so i think it's not usually like face a strike. in a lovely place authorities are assessing conditions constantly warning that fire could return to some already affected areas or start in new spots this bushfire season has already destroyed thousands of houses it's already
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a strangely as long as bushfire emergency ever and it's creating anxiety among the general public but still a dry atmosphere we're not getting any money for wind coming through with this challenge so the winds are still going to be breezy and they're going to be drawn. in australia's major cities the political debate is heating up these protesters are angry at how the government has handled the crisis and say the prime minister is reluctant to connect the disaster with climate change i'm here because i know we need to make really big changes if we're going to prevent these types of fires from becoming regular everything the government's doing is negative try to downplay the the coordination and the race and the challenge prime minister scott morrison says the government will consider an inquiry into the cause of the fires including the role of climate change once the crisis is over jessica washington al-jazeera penrose australia. the u.n. security council will shortly be voting on whether to extend cross border
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humanitarian aid to syria it follows russia announcing a cease fire and province the country's last rebel held stronghold will have 1300 civilians have been killed this since the government launched its offensive to retake the area in 2018 the violence have been escalating in recent months only 300000 people have been displaced by russian backed government as strikes since december children and women of the most affected at least 175000 children have been forced to flee thousands of families urgently need humanitarian assistance aid agencies are provided food and money to more than 180000 people to try out is in ankara he says there's been no.
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collision but the russian ship continued to move closer before eventually changing course after another warning of the north arabian sea is close to the entrance to the gulf. still to come on the program and outbreak of measles in the democratic republic of congo kills 6000 people by fishel is warned it could get much worse. in sport to form a major league player finding and tries to use his bat carol had no idea.
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hello there is a fairly quiet picture across central areas of europe we've got 10 you can see as we will see one or 2 showers but there's a big system waiting in the wings out in the northwest but this ahead of it is looking very nice this is a kill can call up in scotland but be prepared for the scenery to change somewhat as we go through saturday the next big system is really pushing in we have got warnings of very heavy amounts of rain across scotland northern england pos of and some pretty strong gale force winds as well and those winds really whipping across towards norway some snow and some rain in the mix there else was a says a fairly quiet picture one as you shall just a drifting about in the western med and temperatures are not too bad as well now by sunday the system has actually worked its way across the u.k. it leave in its wake wanted to showers and also more rain pushing through northern sections of mainland europe and still want to shop for the east pushing towards the black sea so still want to showers across those northern areas of africa really
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coming from the system just sitting in the western med so throughout syria on into tunisia temperatures are a little bit lower that's the south today and then my sunday not a great deal of change we've got 13 celsius in algeria's and as i said that does come with a chance of showers as indeed it will across into 2. all dizzy right explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how why bill rees influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights the amount of nonviolent resistance it was over the variable who oppressed people have a look at me and continue to give the negroes to be defense that what you mean by thought about malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face on 00. when the news breaks in the moment today the current government has lost trust the people by god to anything
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because the projects are against it when people to be heard by so i work you represent the law of shoals for opponents of rex's troy the conservatives al-jazeera has teams on the ground it now hopes the meeting in paris will push politicians to create a competent and credible government to bring new moon documentaries and light moves on air and online. amount of the top stories here now jazeera washington has announced new economic sanctions on iran in response to terror on this missile attack on bases house a u.s. troops in iraq. the u.s.
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state department says it will not discuss troop withdrawal with the iraqi government or as a request by iraq's prime minister for the u.s. to send a delegation to discuss the issue. and e.u. foreign policy chief joseph borro says the 2015 iran nuclear deal is critical for regional stability and speaking after an emergency meeting in brussels said europe wants to maintain the deal with iran must uphold its obligations. aviation officials in tehran have rejected accusations that in a rainy and missile mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airliner killing all 176 people on board iran says it will reveal the cause of the crash on saturday or the investigation into the tragedy has only just begun the pressure is on iran to allow a transparent investigation into what brought down flight $75.00 to france's air accident agency has confirmed it would be involved in the inquiry the u.s. has offered assistance to ukraine in its inquiries and one ukraine says iran is
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cooperating there's still no agreement on where the flight recorders are recovered from the crash may be analyzed germany's foreign minister says that if a full investigation was not carried out it would create more mistrust with iran major airlines have either cancelled or suspended flights to and from iran and the european aviation safety organization has advised against flights below 25000 feet . when iran has maintained it should carry out an investigation into a crash the head of iran simulation authority has spoken about where the inquiry has got to. it's very obvious when the plane took off from the airport after 23 minutes of course fire the reason it's not clear now the pilot tried to return to the airport and change the route towards the airport and he shows that he was aware that an accident that happened it crashed on its way back if a missile that hit it it would have crashed in the original direction he says the plane did not explode till it hit the ground. well more on this we can speak to
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a patient safety expert david levy thanks very much for coming to talk to us so what are the key elements in an investigation like this one the 1st thing is going to be looking at the data recorders we've seen pictures of them just just now and reading out the data if there's not the if they suddenly stop in midair showing no mechanical problem no confusion between the crew or anything like that possibly a little pulse of sound right at the end of the recording that that would be indicative of a bomb or an explosion and looking the other way around the wreckage would be looking for holes in the wreckage that may be caused by something exploding outside or something exploding inside so we've heard from the iranian civil aviation organization today we prefer to download the black boxes in iran but if we see that we can't do that because of boxes of damage then we will seek help how not only is it the flight recorders will be damaged and if it was a missile strike for example if it was a normal accident they should be absolutely fine if it's a missile strike the back of the airplane that could have damaged them but again
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we've seen pictures where they looked to be in reasonable condition it's a question of whether the connection has broken between the main memory chips and the airplane if that's broken there may be difficulties so it seems as though they run ins are going to allow in other investigations how important is it it's very important for transparency to see what's going on for everybody they can report back to their own nationals that have been killed in this tragic accident and these are so it gives transparency hopefully closure hopefully to learn some lessons this and want to make it in the in the messages from their brain has been quite different at different stages since the crash happened and they now saying that they're going to announce the cause tomorrow is that surprising it's quite surprising if they haven't actually downloaded anything from the boxes that might mean that they may be a sort of doing political things behind the scenes to say ok if we say it was unfortunate accident what are the repercussions going to be because by now they should be looking at the major pieces of wreckage they may well have x. rayed the bodies to see if there's a bomb on board the airplanes that may have some idea already. and what about that
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the the triggering of an ad offense how does that happen is it does it kind of create the software or is it likely to be huge human it can be software in modern warfare they have very very little time to react so the computer identifies it as a problem and says ok fire you have mis programming of computers missile systems where instead of truck this airplane it's actually said fire the airplane before now as well as just a ruse in the chain of command and understanding between civilian air traffic control in the military and what about the measures that have been put in place now to keep an eye on a safe and is that. is that i mean after thinking that region well most of the european and american airlines are just going to avoid overflying the area let's see what happens all the airplanes coming out of the gulf states that normally routes up the left hand side of iran and then turn left in turkey to service europe and things like that i don't think is going to be repeated but it's a reactionary measure to give some level of reassurance to the passengers i think
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at this stage david thank you very much indeed for your expertise thank you. world health organization is warning that an outbreak of measles in the democratic republic of congo is the world's largest and most fast moving epidemic well then 6000 people have been killed by the virus around 310000 suspected cases have been reported since the start of 2019 w.h.o. says more than $18000000.00 children under 5 were vaccinated last year but poor infrastructure attacks on health centers and a lack of access to health care have prevented efforts to stop the does the spread of the disease we're joined now from is dr vincent juneau the world health organization's incident manager for measles in the d.r. c. thank you very much for being with us or can you give us a scale of the the efforts to try and contain the outbreak. many thanks for your question their current outbreak is affecting our very 20 c. program seeds of c.r.c.
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and is a laboratory confirming that. 250 have. reassuring the baton assassin pointing to government to implemented when people asked what i was going to do start break despite that this if out. we are still facing a huge number of cases and if who. we clearly partake in in their country. so what would you say the main factors that are making it worse. first factor is that they have system is weak india's jacey's a very big and big country and we have a mini lucious you call issues to assess some area to be able to implement proper i believe you have me just your country is also affected by the protracted you know matter but. i didn't create this as well as insecurity that can be great
12:39 am
assets to some area so implementing public at meijer is if you've got that to a viewer population children are not properly investigated and i'm not protected against me this so you don't have a problem there with resist people resisting the idea of vaccinations people if they have access to them they are prepared to have the vaccinations i. the main issue we have this year have been here is do a file of do it a bass initial. tear of incheon as it is now we have some hard to reach area and it is difficult to implement activities we had not seen it and organized resistance against sebastian as shown in the country some time we have some parent who refused to present it as she didn't but we don't have any organized anti vaccination movement the world health organization is calling for more emergency funding for the music immunization plan how likely is it to get that money yes
12:40 am
doubly true is calling for more funding to to do could end up broke because the government has got a big that to do is go a new strategy response plan for vision as a signal of this plan is. plan a sort of innovation to be implemented to put an end to to the outbreak so the measure is calling us to help with their country to mobilize the $40000000.00 needed to properly implemented this plan. dr vincent thank you very much indeed for taking time to join us on out is there a thank you. the united nations says that killings rapes and other violence committed by an armed group in northeastern democratic republic of congo may amount to crimes against humanity and even genocide the attacks in. the
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targeted him or heard as they don't be in conflict with lendu farmers over grazing rights and political representation at least 700 people have been killed in the into ethnic violence in recent is according to the un human rights office n n do armed groups have carried out attacks against the him and other ethnic groups at an increased frequency since late 2018. officials from sudan's government event in the rebel held area for the 1st time in nearly a decade the visit came on the 15th anniversary of a peace agreement between the government and rebel group but the war has left hundreds of thousands displaced and cut off from humanitarian aid out to syria's paper morgan reports rebel held cowed in the nuba mountains. it's the 1st visit of its kind in more than 30 years in sudan's conflict ridden history after fighting the sudanese government for more than 8 years leader of the rebel movement so dense people liberation movements north of that as he said hello welcome the country's
12:42 am
prime minister abdullah him due to a territory he seized in the war this is in the nuba mountains in south kordofan state. we welcome the prime minister and his delegation here to count as a sign of peace the december 20000 revolution that overthrew the previous government a broad based government is not yet over i mean to live in space the revolution continues. the war in south kordofan started in june 20 leavened after the s.p.l. and north accused the dance government of marginalization and impeding democracy according to a deal time between the government and then southern sudan in 2005 known as the comprehensive peace agreement nuba mountains was supposed to have the chance to decide whether it wanted to be part of sudan or join south sudan 15 years since the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement south kordofan is still at a political impasse parts of the state is controlled by the sudanese government and parts by the s.p.l. and north and. while the 2 sides are not their differences to end 9 years of war
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here in rebel held the years of fighting has displaced hundreds of thousands and created a humanitarian crisis more than a dozen rounds of peace talks failed to end the conflict in the past but since sudan's transitional government was sworn in in august after months of protests that eventually led to the overthrow of longtime president already bashir in april it has been pushing for a new comprehensive peace we will be able to keep this going to do that well why did that we create a system that will allow just a request to sudan if you know that with over or diversity or whatever the you know the respect for each other and build on citizenship these are not i think we are confident that over 70000 people have been displaced to camps in south sudan as those who remained inside face the horrors of the war. i do these 3. yet now we face daily bombardment we lost our night and we lost our children and many
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relatives in the war and we've suffered a lot. and see the visit of the prime minister while it can be described as historic needs to be followed up with more actions to ease the impact of the war i mean it's not just the there you start just a few doubts all across to day we will make sure we have the access the support we need from all the different parties and thanks that so far we've been good for everybody that is really quite remarkable many hears the never thought a day would come when a rebel held territory would open its doors to a government official now they're waiting to see how committed is the months or government in ending the war for them so that the lives destroyed by it can be rebuilt people morgan alter their own south kordofan 3 years of political limbo in northern ireland appear to be at an end after the nationalist partition fane agreed with an earlier decision from the unionist d u p to restore a power sharing agreement when asked what means northern ireland will once again have a devolved government from the rest of the u.k.
12:45 am
after 1st time since january 27th the terms of the peace process so the largest unionist and nationalist parties have to share power in a mandatory coalition last deviation fane coalition government collapsed in a disagreement about a green energy scheme but later widened over the long standing differences. well run and has more on what this means for northern ireland. it's been a long and difficult 3 areas in northern ireland with the 2 main parties the unionist d u p party and shin fein who are on the republican side of the political divide essentially not agreeing on anything and the assembly itself the northern ireland parliament building as a result being unable to sit and make any political decisions the impact on the people of northern ireland has been profound public services essentially have been limping along with civil servants enabling budgets to be paid out but big political decisions have not been able to be made reports for example as
12:46 am
a result of children having to take toilet paper into schools because the school's budgets were in chaos a massive hospital waiting lists the health care system in crisis and big infrastructure projects stalled as well because nobody was able to sign off on some of those big projects that need doing and as a result jobs have been lost the resumption of assembly business could start as early as saturday after the 2 main parties the d.-u. and shin fein agreed to go back in but there are many hard miles ahead nevertheless for the time being the 1st reactions have been positive boris johnson on social media saying it was a great step forwards the secular state for northern ireland julian smith who was so intimately involved in the negotiations to get this back up and running saying after 3 years it's time to get back to work and the irish foreign affairs minister simon kokanee who with julian smith essentially brokered the deal said history has been made today as i say many hard miles still to be done but a glimmer of hope
12:47 am
a glimmer of light that the machinery of government in northern line and will now start turning again. ugh area's environment minister has been charged over water restrictions for a city which led the opposition to seek a no confidence vote in the government nadeem of could face 8 years in jail for allowing industrial users to drain a dam that's the only drinking so a source of drinking water for the city of panic need $100000.00 people have been left with restrictions on drinking water which could last for another 5 months prosecutors say deem off had been repeatedly warned that the water levels at seriously decreased he resigned from his position earlier on friday to malta now where prime minister joseph muscat has delivered the final speech to his party before stepping down from the role mascot announced he would be leaving the post in december calls for his resignation had been growing over his response to the 2017 car bombing that killed investigative journalist definite care on
12:48 am
a complete see it had been protests over his perceived efforts to protect political allies and friends from the investigation into the matter members of his labor party will vote on saturday to choose his replacement as party leader and prime minister mexico city is estimated to produce more than $4000000.00 tons of waste every year now in a bid to cut down its banned the use of plastic bags for a trend to eliminate single use plastics but as money or upper reports it's not been universally popular. residents of mexico city are looking toward a plastic free future. the city has announced a ban on single use plastic bags the new law is largely seen as an important step to curb back pollution businesses that don't comply with the mandate could face fines or other penalties. leaders within the plastic industry however say the new measure is too extreme and could result in tens of thousands of jobs lost. but. the
12:49 am
fine is absurd there are serious crimes that one could commit that carry a lesser penalty than having a plastic bag because that back cost you more than $8800.00 also the city doesn't even have the infrastructure to enforce this. plastic manufactures are the only voice criticism against the new law. environmental scientists like the sea authorities rushed the initiative without properly consulting experts as well as important. this is a political decision and dare i say the wrong decision because it is not founded in science or technical ability what i would suggest is that this be studied instead of simply following trends taking place in the rest of it the 12000000 residents of the mexican capital produce some 13000 metric tons of waste every day. and much of that waste comes in the form of single use plastics which often end up in rivers lakes and the ocean mexico city officials say the ban on plastic bags is only
12:50 am
a 1st step there are plans to prohibit the sale and distribution of a wide range of a single use plastics by january of 2021. critics of the legislation say the government lacks the necessary enforcement mechanisms to make the initiatives successful city officials however say this is a necessary measures one that requires everyone's commitment is the but i'm not. that mask is that. instead of inspecting stores and police and we're putting our trust in kids. we believe the primary watchdog for this regulation should be can shame as it can shame issued under no circumstances allow plastics to continue to be distributed. there are exceptions to the rule although the law remains vague on exactly what banks are or are not allowed. the challenge now is the city seeks a future with 0 plastic waste will be developing an innovative and sustainable alternative when measured up with. mexico city. still to come.
12:51 am
does anybody know the position of opposing alternate i think it was ok but cop has some following that the expense of a rival manager or details in sport. top
12:52 am
of the sport now has foreign. born thank you so much rafa nadal had to dig deep to help spain secure their spot in the last 4 of the a.t.p. cup nidal suffered a shock defeat in his singles match during the tie against belgium world number one
12:53 am
was handed his 1st loss of the term the by david gough and often beating the dow for just the 2nd dime in his career to set up a deciding doubles match there's our return to the court in sydney alongside the pablo khurrana stuff era benchley won the match in a tie break with the dallas spending close to 4 and a half hours on court in total spain will play host australia on friday. naomi osaka looks to be hitting form ahead of the 1st grand slam of the season osaka will start the defense of her australian open title later this month and is through to the last 4 at the brisbane international world number 3 beating he burton's to move into the semifinals to title wins at the end of the last year this was a soft is 14th street the. former marathon world record holder wilson kipsang is been provisionally suspended for doping violations the 37 year old kenyan has been charged with breaking into anti-doping rules tampering with samples and failing to
12:54 am
tell authorities of his whereabouts kipsang cannot compete in any event until he is cleared kipsang broke the marathon world record in berlin in 2013 and a year earlier won bronze at the london olympics. the head of the international olympic committee thomas boxes a decision from the court of arbitration for sport regarding russia's participation at the tokyo olympics must be made as soon and as clear as possible the world anti-doping agency headed russia for year ban from international sporting events as punishment for manipulating laboratory data in a doping scandal back in 2015 the ban also bars russia from competing in this year's summer olympics and the 22002 winter games in beijing but unlike rio in 2016 athletes who can prove they are clean will be able to compete as national competitors but what is important. for the are you see also for the international federation sees. we get
12:55 am
a decision which does not leave room to any kind of interpretation. of these must be avoid to prove a decision where everybody concerned knows when reading the decision what to do and what not to do and what the decision means and what he does not. jenny in france you know has been elected to the i.o.c. ending thief as 5 year absence from the committee and took over as chief of president almost 4 years ago the admission of the head of world football is usually almost automatic other corruption investigations involving fees that favor as a former president sepp blatter prompted the olympic governing body to delay infant tino's admission english premier league leaders liverpool face taught them on saturday out of the clash reds manager your gun club had a little fun at the expense of his counterpart josie marino was asked who he
12:56 am
thought was the better footballer and of the 2 top of course played in germany 2nd division while marie neo was just a semi pro by about i don't know if he did talk to play there was a goal people. well there was a goalkeeper does anybody know what was the more you know what it is you play. no i want to know it out of all we do know we have time. i have to. find the. story was it. a lobster probably won't distract mario too much the spurs boss has a major problem to deal with his star striker harry kane needs hamstring surgery and has rolled out and till at least april and although its hot him are currently 6 points off the top 4 marino says he won't be rushed into making panic buys if we don't find the right solution the right opportunity.
12:57 am
we're going to wait for. for the next summer. to try to. make the right decisions for. the evolution of the. of the team. former major league baseball player alex romero has been finding new uses for his bats and artie ill temper game in venezuela escalated to a whole new level when romero was hit by a pitch he struck out at the nearest target but just cleared to join in the fight romero was one of the players objected from the game. ok i'm out as all your support for now it's now back to lauren in london thank you very much a quick reminder you can catch up any time with our website address that is al-jazeera dot com and that's it for me our intel if the news out of here in a minute with an awful run up thanks for watching.
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frank assessments the one good thing about these bush bars usage really going out to all of the climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on those 2 school board lawyers on the vote assad government is astonishingly patronize it in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of the new conscious and aware youth about stood up against an ethnic sectarian kota inside story on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's
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headlines you use the mission information i've used the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique elopement is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a nail fascist moment international filmmakers and world class journalists bringing programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera. 3 years after cholera was discovered in haiti this is just one example of how the death toll from this epidemic could be much higher than anyone knowns and al jazeera investigation into who should be held responsible travel to the united nations headquarters in new york. we spotted the secretary general in this room we're going to try to touch with him but has justice now been served for the victims rewind haiti in a time of cholera on al-jazeera. holding the
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powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the world on al-jazeera. the. new u.s. sanctions against iran senior officials are targeted as well as the country's manufacturing sector. and our intake of this is our jazeera live from london or so coming up india's top court orders an urgent review of the lockdown in kashmir describing the internet ban in the disputed state as an abuse of power. just as accuse the australian government of inaction over climate change as major fires continue to claim vast areas of bush. generates more than $4000000.00 tons of waste every year but mexico
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city has a plan that will help it kick its plastic habit.


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