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tv   Malcolm X and Martin Luther King  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2020 4:00am-5:01am +03

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did as he tried to defuse it always aware of the danger friends wounded while working on mines i wasn't scared to lose an arm or a leg is to sacrifice we have to like just this country. oman sultan qaboos spin cycle side has died at the age of 79 without publicly naming a successor. you're watching live from doha also coming up the u.s. hits iran with more sanctions one of the commanders tosses his brush them off as symbolic. canada meanwhile is pushing for more access to the investigation into what brought down a passenger aircraft in iraq. also ahead the plastic band that mexico hopes will
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put a dent in this massive waste problem. we begin this half hour with breaking news out of state media they're announcing the death of sorts on couples spend side all sides he ruled since 1970 but he had suffered serious illness over the past 4 years there's been intense speculation for a long time now about who will replace him because he never publicly named a successor rob matheson starts our coverage looking back at his life. it was an only son born in 1942 a life of royal privilege and to a father he would overthrow 30 years later what he did basically is modernizing the country opening the country to outsiders and thirdly looking at the domestic politics and tried to move on to state formation where building is institutions and
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related elements sort unco bourse was educated in oman and then at a private school in the u.k. before graduating from sandhurst military academy and serving in the british army for several months on his return to a man in 1966 his determination to modernize his country is said to have been ignored by his father. 4 years later backed by the british sort of seize the throne he was immediately plunged into his 1st crisis an uprising by communists in though far in the south of a man who wanted independence it took a further 6 years before the fighting ended with the man being supported by forces from britain jordan and iran. a man's links with iran as well as its foreign policy of maintaining good relations with other neighboring countries have made it one of the main negotiators in the gulf a man basically rely on it is on understanding of geopolitics. being
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realistic and also maintaining his own legacy of being you know the oldest state experience in the gulf as a whole that flexible foreign policy has been controversial in october 2800 sort on caboose met israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the omani capital muscat the meeting dismayed critics who said arab states should not be hosting israeli leaders until peace was established between israel and the palestinians a man's. modern minister said his country was simply facilitating efforts towards negotiations. so i had rarely been seen in public since he went through lengthy medical treatment in germany in 2015 he was unmarried and had neither children nor siblings and he did not publicly name a successor the foreign policy already was i would say dynamic brad matic
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and also open to. the idea of engaging with the international community and that that to dimension make make me believe that we should not expect a major change now the world waits to see who will replace a man who modernized his small gulf nation and maintained a delicate balance of loyalties in an often unstable region. live diplomatic it is or james bays who's at the u.n. headquarters building in new york james how's he being remembered there. well certainly i think this is devastating news for the people of amman but it will be felt i think right across the region this is the longest serving ruler in the middle east in power for 50 years and beyond the people of amman a country where it's still not clear who is confirmed successor will be i think
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there's going to be a great deal of reaction and a great deal of worry about the situation because 1st amman played an outsized role in the region particularly in the gulf but also in the wider middle east you have a gulf cooperation council deeply divided in recent years with the spat with in the gulf that's been going on and amman very much has been a mediator and a peace keeper there but it's also been a mediator and peace keeper on much bigger issues for example the u.s. and iran oman is the known back channel amman is the destination where people go to meet away from prying eyes to try and do deals and it was in amman that the key early meetings that led to the iran nuclear deal took place so i think people be
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worried a particularly at this time of turbulence at a time when relations between the u.s. and iran are so bad when in recent days the 2 countries have seemed to come so close to war so i think this doesn't help an already difficult situation in the middle east there's one small opportunity of course here and that is the fact that there will be a funeral and almost certainly there's going to have to be high level delegations going there i think it's quite likely you'll see the president of iran there will you see the president of the united states as well you'll certainly see high level representation so you will see high level. gets from iran and the u.s. in the coming days i suspect in oman but a worrying time a further blow i think to the region and potentially to not the stability of the region but removing one of the the backstops that they had to deal with problems in
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the middle east and in the gulf there really were in the gulf to neutral players and they were oman and kuwait it's worth reminding you that the america emir of kuwait is 91 years old and so clearly there are some worries about what happens next in that country the other aspect of this peter is the fact that there isn't a named successor so i think there are 2 things going forward there will be people in the country and in the region trying to influence who is the next successor and then they'll be people in the region trying to influence the new sultan should he continue to take this very independent foreign policy or should he be persuaded persuaded to be swayed to one side or the other under his rule james are people not familiar with the menu shii or the the intricate sometimes switching and changing relationships around the middle east was he kind of taking his country in
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a direction still i mean we're looking at pictures of him meeting her majesty queen elizabeth meeting jeremy hunt meeting secretary of state mike pompei a as well we're just just within the past 9 or 12 months or so it was almost like you know one of the scandinavian countries in the middle east it was a backstop it was a go to destination for the great and the good from outside the middle east and the calling card seemed to be will be friendly with everyone will be an enemy to no one and i mean trick that you mentioned there the emir of kuwait because he's elderly as well and those 2 in mali and influences from the north of the gulf to the south of the gulf the gulf the middle east the region it really needs those influences now. yes and i think he will be a very big loss for that region reason of throughout his 50 years in power he almost met with everyone and in the end you almost did meet with everyone because the one that he didn't meet for quite
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a long period of his rule with the israelis but of course he met prime minister better than your netanyahu as well towards the end so a very very important figure in the arab world an outsize figure given it's a relatively small country of 4 half 1000000 people he played an outsized role diplomatically giving carving out an outsized role for his country now is that down to the man himself and his personality or does that become the personality of the country i think that's one of the big questions that we're going to be our skiing in the coming months as we look towards succession taking place in amman james many thanks the man will observe 3 days of mourning with the flags flown at half mast for a period of 40 days and a man's world family will have 72 hours to decide who will replace sultan qaboos spin side our side now under money law if they fail to agree the position goes to a person whose name was written in 2 sealed letters by the late sultan but
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individual will be revealed by muskets royal court before taking the throne this process is in place because couples as we mentioned have no children and never publicly named a successor joining us on the phone now is much of the director of the gulf studies center cats are university much of how will you remember him. accomplished was. obvious the longest ruler. in the gulf however he is the. basic shapes. contemporary history and basically putting together the idea of the state. of politics in a very complicated your politics he's the person he basically developed his country put it under. him of.
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taking care of and also. belly. country. it's one of the sources who was in his early form and c.v. is when he came back to the region from a successful military career in europe what was it that he'd experienced that made him. change direction will want to change his direction as the heir apparent and also change the direction of the country because he had that big conversation with his father that didn't go any place and then there was what some people already calling all remembering as being a bloodless coup when he ended up running the country. i think 2 things being you know. part of owning family is important whether you know being abroad studying to graduate from stand. which is one of the
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prestigious. military academy college over the globe so basically he was in great britain or. he was the you know that life i'm sure has shaped his ideas about politics about states about you know how to change. you know the nominate within his country and mission for that i think you know at the end of the day he also belong to. you know to. 5 which also was on the map for years so i think those together contributed to his ideas and his leadership style and also for him taking over. and leading the country for 50 years and that's a. significant 111 of. this. thing this the fact that you know a man has known history of state a man has
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a legacy for needin any more than one century even before the idea of a statehood the idea of ruling the idea of opening to the world all of those actually where to locate it in our minds. that that happened because of the politics online is to seize and to see many many many civilizations and cultures for 4 years and that itself is a crucial as well would it be safe to say that in the early days of. being the ruler of the country he didn't get to the stage where he was exerting or using power for its own sake he wasn't trying to position on to be better or to be top dog compared to neighboring arab countries he was doing it to use soft power to bring people together. yes and i think no doubt you know
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96 seventy's and eighty's were very tough time when it comes to the middle east as a whole and to the gulf as well and you know managing managing the country at that period and being able to take it out of all of those you know dangerous trades and . alliances and interventions that itself is a great achievement and you know taking care of the country building the infrastructure rebuilding the country in terror internally and moving on to gradually to the glue that itself seemed to be a very wise move because basically he was able to i would say strength in his internal front and then moving gradually i think that was in 19 seventies and eighties that was. taking into consideration you know i was already a conflict you know the cold you know the post cold called the cold war as we know
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between the united states and soviet union and the the nature of the dynamic of regional politics in addition to the standards of illusion 179 and its limits occasion on that in the region so all of those major events you know take into consideration also the 8 years war between iraq and iran and oh man position itself very smart in it when it comes to this war in my mind kept its ties with iran it was the only embassy open in tehran in 19 between 118 and 19 i mean from the arab countries and that was. 2 significant at that time much obscenity thanks so much we'll talk later i suspect in the meantime thank you let's talk now to joe maccarone a political analyst at the arab center in washington joe welcome back to al-jazeera . we're getting an idea how he will be remembered in the arab world around the gulf
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region how will he be remembered in the broader diplomatic world. supporter for. the peace initiative and in the. overtime to church he came to power. all with koren so i'm. not going to do a bridge in the aggression with iran relation with israel he wants to be the key player who was able to have legal problems. were able to engage everyone through how he. managed to be a minority when the. support of. every side in that sense even though who do want. to be clear or in. the back channel because obama administration. work to.
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make a bitch the 1st step of the bill because producer to the truth. is you're talking to we're looking at pictures of the people that went to see him 201-728-2019 it's is a roll call of globally influential politicians and monarchs he clearly inculcated an atmosphere internationally and around the region and around the arab world of respect aimed at him i'm interested to know what was it he did when he started ruling the country in 1970 that was so successful and generated that kind of respect very quickly. i think he was able to do it too to have a favorable. political system. and heavy from the
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dependence on that from. other regional actors especially in the gulf. to where he was. staying in the sense that he was able to garner this role and i think he was one of the few who began this. playing this role bigger than the country and. i think the political system the geography. is interested in playing a role in the. whole i think has been that he's the oldest ruling. arab leaders still he has. went through all the ups and downs of the. political problems that he never took sides very far he obviously was. because of. many issues. but he kept mostly not being
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involved in many. of the. up and downs of we. see for decades and i think what gain him venture that he was able. to have connections and contacts. with everyone while maintaining. some. minimal distance from the main conflict around he must've been diplomatically incredibly dextrous in that regard will he represent you know it's a very big pair of shoes to fill so whoever his name successor is. yes definitely i mean the. kids. that he left the letters field left are going to be open at some point but it's all the asli. prime minister and his cousin. say that saddam. has been brewing room for
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a while been attending some of. that would have been that we need to get him back home. from belgium too when he knew that was close to yes going to be tough for. any person after him not going to be in the same. must have the same connection but. i'm sure that the oman will move forward during the within is legacy than in. the general patton eaters he put. them together to they don't destroy us. ok from 2 going to be make sure 'd. but we 3 are going to be entered the coalition will be. ok joe maccarone there at the arab center in washington thank you very much if you just joining us here on al-jazeera just to sum up for you what we know now we are
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interrupting our normal shuttle programming to bring you the latest and the reactions around the world not just in the arab world not just in the gulf region but indeed as i say around the world on the news that the sultan of oman has passed away at the age of 79 he had been seriously ill with colon cancer he returned in the middle of last month from treatment in belgium. he has not named any successor that we know of so far he died childless that is something of an issue at this time the basic law so-called his name the basic law number 6 means that the ruling family have 3 days to name a successor operating in parallel to that there will be 40 days of flags flying at half mast in the country al-jazeera snoozer to look at really who
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is in muscat oman the capital he joins us on the line lucas very early morning there people just be waking up to this news. that's right peter it's going to be a very sad and somber morning here in muscat oman is awake to this news although not entirely unexpected as you were previously saying the return from treatment a little over a week ago and since that time many omanis have been this has been forefront in their minds in terms of the future of the country and the health of the sultan i think it's very difficult for many people to imagine modern oman without the soul tom as it's his trigger had he seen largely as a kind of father of the modern nation here can you just walk us through because what we think happens next over the coming days and weeks. state media here is reporting that we've got we have 3 days of national mourning
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have been announced so we will see sort of the start of the political process as the royal court looks to name a successor. you know many many omanis will be somewhat somewhat concerned about how that process plays out in 5 in the days that i've been here many have expressed some concern and sort of regret that a. successor was not publicly stated and they feel some concern about how this process will go forward but again i think it cannot be understated how how difficult it is for many people to see where this nation goes and what this nation looks like without something that the head of state ok lucas thank you very much well earlier i spoke to john how sunyata in london he's a professor of international relations on security issues. the sultan couples
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university i asked him more about how the late sultan will be remembered. it's a shocking news although. we did expect it to come because this sutton was. recently he went to belgium or treatment and betty changed back. just a few days after he left that was a sign that the treatment was not to be sexist with all the. toys in the news after his return that he was ok but at this point i believe we see a crave nuance for the omanis i have sympathy. how do you think he'll be remembered he remembered as a great. people at that door he was somebody who to chair or martin from.
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stone age you can say to a very very modern society has 50 s. still you know there was only one or 2 schools. really just schools and now there are so many universities in terms of people prosperity to same team during the 2nd world war for example you could find very very poor people you know more about now in terms of. revenue per capita has a good place among the nations and also maybe more importantly. somebody who brought some peace and security to amman east but also you see that or protection. in amongst foreign policy and this is why oman was almost on the chase the entire mideast where bill each events could go negotiate talk to each other and try to resolve the problems you could you didn't have such
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an example in the entire region. but even just in the past year or so he was still doing that thing that he's known to have been very good at that kind of a molly into effect and one remembers in 2018 a man was playing a quiet but pivotal role in the u.n. driven desire to get peace in yemen when the un special envoy to yemen was shuttlecock in around the region oman was was folding itself into that hopeful equation trying to achieve peace in yemen. indeed. most can't be happy to out of our money to place. who he's used to go to say would be sent on it's used to those going to go shake their dishes while if you look at it almost foreign policy that typically result on months for quality on non
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interference in other countries their fate and on so do not expecting others to interfere in your. return on a face. transfer out of that point is he was no throwback to the. positive or. neutrality meaning that although a month had this policy of not interference but it was. a place to go in order to find or to negotiate for peace and security you mentioned those things not that may be one of the most discussed things now conies. and the 5 plus one we create power negotiations for nokia i came into everything you started you know months long before it became
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public and then had a result was. so that this is basically the policy that certain club loose used to. have during his time as he is now in power and the consequence of the people as though the country is very small the 10s of economy the population maybe 3 capability and all of those issues that nevertheless on how to taste among the nations that we see a unique case among the nation precisely because of the. majesty's policies. and if you're just joining us here on al-jazeera we're remembering the sultan of oman who's died after a long illness at the age of 79 he was the longest ruling arab monarch in the region he had been seriously ill for several years now it's believed he had been
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suffering from colon cancer he was 79 he had ruled a man since overthrowing his father and what most people agree was a bloodless coup that's what they're calling it back in 197050 years ago he did transform the country from being something of a backwater with with no or little infrastructure into a modern state that you would see today were you in that country however his continuing absence for treatment in belgium and in germany all that did raise questions over the succession the royal succession in october 20th 11 who had no children or brothers amended the process of choosing his successor his closest family successor his closest relatives living relatives are cousins the sultan appointed 5 top officials to a council that would be involved in confirming the new sultan in case of any royal family dispute he was cognizant of the fact that there might be
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a little bit of friction over who should succeed him as the sultan of oman james bays a diplomatic editor you can see there might pump a 0 on a meeting with the sultan in 2019 but james bays out of new york a little earlier making the point that. when the funeral and the remembrance service is stopped happening presumably after 3 days of national mourning will there be representation from iran yes from iraq yes from saudi arabia yes from europe yes from the united states yes from yemen yes because the man you are now. looking at wars in the best possible diplomatic way hard wired into all those currently as of right now very very tough difficult relationships that pepper and color the war the wider
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relationships with in the gulf region and within the arab world so you will see cheek by jowl somebody from the state department or perhaps a representation a representative of donald trump's white house cheek by jowl with somebody from the iranian government because there was there was a dynamic to that relationship as well when every other country heard in effect pulled their diplomatic representation out of the iranian capital amman was if not the only certainly one of the few countries to maintain some sort of diplomatic presence there. and amazingly well connected man who wanted to be friendly with everyone and an enemy to nobody and was very good at tempering his relationships with the different countries around the region we will of course continue to mark his passing in the coming hours and days here on al-jazeera.
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let's wrap up some of the top stories for you so thought today the u.s. has imposed additional sanctions on iran in retaliation for the iranian missile attack on u.s. forces in iraq they target iran's manufacturing and mining industries as well as 8 senior officials white house correspondent's committee health explains already americans are under attack whether we're tensions between the united states and iran still escalating on friday the u.s. secretary of state and treasury secretary and oust more say against iran in retaliation for its attack on iraq the military bases used by u.s. troops the president has been very clear we will continue to apply economic sanctions until iran stops its terrorist activities and commit that it would never have nuclear weapons the sanctions target or raw and steel iron trade construction
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mining and textile industries they're also saying sins against 8 senior iranian officials the tropic ministration says are responsible for spreading violence throughout the broader middle east. but how worrying over the trump administration are questions about last week's killing of iranian general custom solo mommy assassination the white house says was necessary to save american lives without offering proof that the threat was imminent this was going to happen. and american lives are at risk and we would have been called fully negligent as the chairman of joint chiefs of staff said we would have been culpably negligent and we not recommended the president that he take this action a custom so the money. the sanctions come as the u.s. is odds with iraq over the future of its soldiers in that country or solo mommy was killed the killing has fueled calls for the americans to leave roughly $5000.00
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troops are made as part of the global coalition to defeat eisel on friday the iraqi government said it wants a u.s. delegation to visit iraq to plan for a withdrawal but the u.s. says it's not pulling out as times change and we get to a place where we can deliver upon what i believe the president believes is a right structure with fewer resources dedicated to that mission we will do so. pumpin says any delegation sent to iraq will be for the purpose of discussing strategic partnerships like increasing the role of nato in the region an idea u.s. president donald trump announced this week a nato delegation visited the state department to discuss that prospect of working to develop a plan which will get burden sharing right in the region as well despite once calling nato obsolete president trump says nato now must be expanded to include middle east nations to reduce tensions and to assist in the fight against eisel
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it's an issue he insists is an international problem can't really help at al-jazeera the white house. correspondent in tehran she says a commander who's named on the sanctions list isn't too worried. we've been hearing from one of those people who have been sanctioned most and reza who is part of the expediency council of iran he's a former head of iran's revolutionary guards just commented about being under u.s. sanctions he said that it's not going to. this is more of a symbolic gesture and it's actually a point of pride for him to be sentient by the u.s. government and that's really how many see of these sanctions on these individuals here it's really not something that affects them want to i don't with their reality of their lives they don't have any a property or funds in the united states they don't travel to the united states so the sanctions don't really have practical ramifications for them there are seen more of a symbolic gesture he is one of the 8 individuals who is been sanctioned the another
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important figure to point out is alley hardly who's the secretary of the supreme national security council that is it organization that is headed by the president that is gin charge of dealing with iran's foreign policy as well as making decisions about their country's nuclear program under the supervision of a supreme leader so these figures are or the next at the latest batch of sanctions there you don't really see it as the having any real tangible a facts but the one thing to point out is these sanctions are seen as as a further acts hostile acts by the u.s. government against the iranian officials coming at the heel of the assassination of measures general possum soley money which is seen as an act of war here canadian government officials are poised to travel to iran to deal with the off to mom so the ukrainian and crunch the killed $57.00 of its people they say there's effort and suggesting the aircraft was brought by an iranian missile a claim to iran denies the canadian foreign minister says this still waiting for their crash investigation team to be granted visas we repeat our call for
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a full and general and vista geisha we have a team of officials from global affairs canada and the transportation safety board in place in ankara in turkey to date the iranians have issued 2 visas and we expect the other visas will be granted soon so we can begin providing consular services help with the advent of vacation of the victims and obviously participate in the investigation meanwhile iran has given ukraine access to the black box flight recorders from that crash 176 people in total lost their lives several governments are now sharing information with each other about what may have caused the crash kathy lopez had a gun as more and vesa gators are hoping these black boxes will provide answers on
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what caused a ukrainian plane to crash into iran shortly after takeoff killing all 176 passengers on board the u.s. has shared its until with ukraine and the country's foreign minister says iran is cooperating scientists are committed to the team has gained access to the black boxes 1st we plan to begin reconstruction of the conversations before the crash we also have access to the records of dispatches of the flight control center at tehran airport and our pilots. the u.s. canada and other western governments say the plane was brought down by an iranian misfile probably by mistake iran has denied responsibility but international pressure is mounting and now nato is looking into the investigation the plane may have been downed by iranian air defenses systems that's exactly why we need a photo we noticed a geisha and that's exactly why we need to establish all the facts. iran has said
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the plane had mechanical problems it has invited international experts from france ukraine canada and the u.s. to examine the wreckage and what it could reveal about the crash possibly a little pulse of sailed right at the end of the recording that that would be indicative of a ball morning explosion and looking the other way around the wreckage would be looking for holes in the wreckage that may be caused by something exploding outside or something exploding inside. shortly before the plane crash iran launched missiles targeting the u.s. military in iraq western leaders believe iran air defense forces likely on high alert made a mistake and mistook the ukrainian commercial plane for a possible counterattack but some ukrainian and russian lawmakers have said that's just one theory of years or so little the people he said would know there are all sorts of a teams to quickly blame this accident to iran i believe it's unacceptable to speak out on the so quickly. a plane crash that's turned into an international
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investigation that could complicate the regional tensions even further katia llopis with a yawn al-jazeera. the u.n. security council has voted to renew an operation to deliver aid to syria but the number of border crossings involved and the length of the operation have been of to avoid a russian veto for his u.n. ambassador says it will mean deliveries will be in adequate. bombs killed at least 15 people in a mosque during friday prayers and. stone another $22.00 people injured after the explosion in question which has claimed responsibility is believed to be tossing a senior police officer who was among the victims is in islamabad he says security forces regularly singled us in question and the surrounding region. this particular block. in a densely populated.
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even end up. military and military force have been targeted. and quite a number of groups have been active in. cross the border. security forces but this particular. time. the beginning of another wave of. india's supreme court has ordered a review of the internet shut down inside indian administered kashmir now the ruling says the end from a suspension is
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a violation of the country's telecom rules the territory has not had internet for more than a 150 days until botha has the story. the lockdown in indian administered kashmir amounts to an abuse of power. that's the ruling from india supreme court 5 months since the government removed the territories autonomy restricted people's movements and blocked the internet. those who challenge the shutdown say it's a significant were ticked. by the state was that these are national security issues please leave it to the state the court has struck that down and said no this will be subject to judicial review. the indian government argued it needed to block the internet to stop what it called separatists and terror groups from communicating with each other but the court found the government had breached telecom rules and gave authorities in the territory a week to review the restrictions. and enjoy reading
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a student history another the capital of indian administered kashmir has welcomed the court's judgment. if the new government is trying to suppress us or they are not going to work against. the others. and that's why the operating on the internet other things. for over 5 months the journalists in the valley have been given access to just a few computers enabled with the internet it's always difficult for journalists but when you. depriving him of. the basic tune which is the internet then you are then it's a deliberate attempt to make his work more difficult. several restrictions including on phone connections have already been lifted now many people are waiting for the internet to be restored legal experts say the top courts word it will also affect other areas where the internet has been shut down and freedom of assembly limited after that mr to smear the indian government deployed the same measures in
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assam and an authorization during protests against the controversial citizenship amendment act out a war on al jazeera. thousands of protesters have marched in the southern indian city of hyderabad against the new citizenship law that allows minorities from 3 neighboring countries to get indian citizen citizenship but it does exclude muslims and stray sions like those have been going on since late last year organized by those who say the legislation is racist. there under modi is expected to travel to the eastern city of kolkata on saturday where marches have already begun so hill raman is there with the protesters. presence of thousands of people have gathered here very close to the mouth like gandhi monument in calcutta in the west bengal to show their discontent with the citizenship amendment act i don't think i've ever seen crowds like this other than the general election campaign besides it was society in
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a across community representation regarding the berries religions where you have a civil society leaders and religious leaders who are making their speeches to the assembled crowd they want the government to understand that the citizenship amendment act is illegal and unconstitutional and doesn't fit in with the secular nature of it and that's the message they want to get across to the right drug over here arrives here on saturday and they want to make sure that their voice. their very intent is heard not just in new delhi but across the country they are joining hundreds of thousands of other people across the view that are continuing their demonstrations against him using their protests and they had the renderer modi will get to see and understand exactly just like the feeling here certainly in west bengal a state that he has no control over but that the incumbent government hopes that he will of course understand that he's not welcome. the united nations says violence and sexual abuse committed by armed groups in eastern d.-r. c could amount to crimes against humanity and even genocide the attacks by lendu
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farmers in eternity province of mostly targeted. they've long been in conflict over grazing rights and political representation and 700 people have been killed since december 27th. government officials in sudan have entered a rebel held area for the 1st time in nearly 10 years the visit came on the shifting sand of a story of a peace agreement between the government and one rebel group but the war has left hundreds of thousands displaced and cut off from humanitarian aid al-jazeera to morgan reports from in south kordofan. if the 1st visit of its kind in more than 30 years in sudan's conflict. written history after fighting that sydney's government for more than 8 years leader of the rebel movement so dance people liberation movement north and hello welcome to country's prime minister to a territory he seized in the war this is in the nuba mountains in south kordofan.
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we welcome the prime minister and his delegation here to count as a sign of peace the december 20th revolution that overthrew the previous government brought this government is not yet over i mean to live in space the revolution continues. the war in south kordofan thought it in june 20 levon after the s.p.l. and north accused sudan's government of marginalization and impeding democracy according to a deal time between the government and then southern sudan in 2005 known as the comprehensive peace agreement nuba mountains was supposed to have the chance to decide whether it wanted to be part of sudan or join south sudan 15 years since the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement south kordofan is still at a political impasse parts of the state is controlled by the sudanese government and parts by the s.p.l. and north and these ahead 2 while the 2 sides iron out the differences to end 9 years of war here in rebel held cotta the years of fighting has displaced hundreds of thousands and created a humanitarian crisis more than
4:48 am
a dozen rounds of peace talks failed to end the conflict in the past but since sudan's transitional government was sworn in in august after months of protests that eventually led to the overthrow of longtime president obama will be here in april it has been pushing for a new comprehensive peace deal we will be able to keep this going to do that why did that we create a system that will allow you to just request to sudan is that we uphold or diversity we want to. respect for each other and build on citizenship and i think we are confident we will reach that over 70000 people have been displaced to camps in south sudan as those who remained inside face the horrors of the war. i view the. we face daily bombardment we lost our. children and many relatives in the war and we've suffered a lot. and they the visit of the prime minister while it can be described as
4:49 am
historic needs to be followed up with more actions to ease the impact of the war i mean it's not just the nuba mountains there is not just a blue douse all across sudan we want to make sure we have the access the support we need from all the different parties and thanks that so far we've been getting it from everyone in that is really quite remarkable many here say they never thought a day would come when a rebel held territory would open its doors to a government official now they're waiting to see how committed is the month or government in ending the war for good so that the lives destroyed by it can be rebuilt people morgan alter their own south kordofan the bushfire crisis they're demanding action on climate change which scientists say is linked to the severity of the fires this year this is more than a quarter of a 1000000 people have been urged to leave their homes as the fires continue to spread as jessica washington reports now from penrose residents in areas already affected by fire
4:50 am
a worried about what's yet to come. in australia's southeast weary firefighters work swiftly to protect communities this push by season has already decimated more than 10000000 hectares of land in the southwest of new south wales this couple fia's their house could be next judith and klaus have lived here for 20 years they faced bushfires before but say this season is different scared of what's to come they've put food a generator and their treasured possessions in a bunker where they plan to stay if fire reaches the property really saying that they spat so i think it's not usually life. in a lovely place authorities are assessing conditions constantly warning that fire could return to some already affected areas or start in new spots this push 1st season has already destroyed thousands of houses it's already a strongly as long as bushfire emergency ever and it's creating anxiety among the
4:51 am
general public but still a dry atmosphere we're not getting any money for wind coming through with this challenge so the winds are still going to be breezy and they're going to be drawn. in australia's major cities the political debate is heating up these protesters are angry at how the government has handled the crisis and say the prime minister is reluctant to connect the disaster with climate change i'm here because i know we need to make really big changes if we're going to prevent these types of fires from becoming regular everything the government's doing is negative trying to downplay the the causes and and the race and the challenge prime minister scott morrison says the government will consider an inquiry into the cause of the fires including the role of climate change once the crisis is over jessica washington al-jazeera penrose australia. top story in europe northern ireland's main political parties have agreed to a power sharing deal after 3 years of deadlock the announcement means northern
4:52 am
ireland will once again have a government devolved from the rest of the u.k. the last deviation frayne coalition government collapsed in a disagreement about a green energy scheme that led to widen the over the long standing differences paul brown has more on what this means for the province. it's been a long and difficult 3 a is in northern ireland with the 2 main parties the unionist d u p party and shin fein who are on the republican side of the political divide essentially not agreeing on anything and the assembly itself the northern ireland parliament building as a result being unable to sit and make any political decisions the impact on the people of northern ireland has been profound public services essentially have been limping along with civil servants enabling budgets to be paid out but big political decisions have not been able to be made reports for example as a result of children having to take toilet paper into schools because the school's budgets were in chaos a massive hospital waiting lists the health care system in crisis and big
4:53 am
infrastructure projects stalled as well because nobody was able to sign off on some of those big projects that need doing and as a result jobs have been lost the resumption of assembly business could start as early as saturday after the 2 main parties that the u.p.a. and shin fein agreed to go back in but there are many hard miles ahead nevertheless for the time being the 1st reactions have been positive boris johnson on social media saying it was a great step forwards the secular state for northern ireland julian smith who was so intimately involved in the negotiations to get this back up and running saying after 3 years it's time to get back to work and the irish foreign affairs minister simon kofi who with julian smith essentially brokered the deal said history has been made today as i say many hard miles still to be done but a glimmer of hope a glimmer of light that the machinery of government in northern line and will now start turning again. well gary is an environment minister has been charged with
4:54 am
deliberate mismanagement over the draining of a reservoir which led to severe water rationing and no dymov could face 8 years in jail for allowing industrial users to drain the dam which is the only source of drinking water in the city of panic prosecutors say dymov ignored repeated warnings that the dam was depleted mexico's capital city has banned the use of single use plastic bags following in the footsteps of cities elsewhere around the world mexico city produces about an estimated $4700000.00 metric tons of waste every year less than 4 percent of that is recycled is manuel. residents of mexico city are looking toward a plastic free future. the city has announced a ban on single use plastic bags the new law is largely seen as an important step to curb back pollution businesses that don't comply with the mandate could face fines or other penalties and the. leaders within the plastic industry however say
4:55 am
the new measure is too extreme and could result in tens of thousands of jobs lost. but. the fine is absurd there are serious crimes that one could commit that carry a lesser penalty than having a plastic bag because that back cost you more than $8800.00 also the city doesn't even have the infrastructure to enforce this. plastic manufacturers are the only voice criticism against the new law. environmental scientists like to say authorities rushed the initiative without properly consulting experts as well as important. this is a political decision and dare i say the wrong decision because it is not founded in science or technical ability what i would suggest is that this be studied instead of simply following trends taking place in the rest of the world the 12000000 residents of the mexican capital produce some 13000 metric tons of waste every day . and much of that waste comes in the form of single use plastics which often end
4:56 am
up in rivers lakes and the ocean mexico city officials say the ban on plastic bags is only a 1st step there are plans to prohibit the sale and distribution of a wide range of a single use plastics by january of 2021. critics of the legislation say the government lacks the necessary enforcement mechanisms to make the initiative successful city officials however say this is a necessary measures one that requires everyone's commitment the but i must then they must pass that. instead of inspecting stores and placing we're putting our trust in consumers. we believe the primary watchdog for this regulation should be can shame is. under no circumstances allow plastics to continue to be distributed. there are exceptions to the rule although the law remains vague on exactly what bags are or are not allowed. the challenge now is the city seeks a future with 0 plastic waste will be developing an innovative and sustainable
4:57 am
alternative when measured up a little mexico city. quick reminder of the story that we're following for you here on al-jazeera the news has come to us in the past 90 minutes or so the death of the sultan of oman who died at the age of 79 following a long illness he took over in a bloodless coup 50 years ago with the backing of britain he moved his father off to one side and then took the country from having few roads no formal schools to being a middle income country we'll examine his legacy when we come back on the other side of the break with news program the process to do that is already underway with a man's powerful defense counsel convening council members will be called on if the sultan's family members concert on a successor within 3 days all that and more in the news when we come back in about
4:58 am
2 minutes else either. hello there are all eyes on southern states across the united states because we have got this big storm system building some very very warm air ahead of this massive cloud that you can see here and this is a lot of this is saturday and we could well have some tornadoes developing within these severe thunderstorms but look at these temperatures 22 in atlanta 20 celsius in washington these temperatures are about 12 to 14 degrees above the average
4:59 am
meanwhile we've got this precept turning over to snow for kansas city minus 3 the temperature and widespread flurries really out across much of the west so very much in the picture on sunday some strong winds particularly pushing into the pacific northwest but really by sunday most this weather should have pushed well off the eastern seaboard but it is still pretty warm even into washington but for new york by monday time which has come back down so 9 celsius and it should be dry in fact feeling pretty good really cold and chris with a high temperature closer to the norm of 9 degrees celsius and then into the caribbean we have got some pretty strong winds here as well and we've got one or 2 showers this a band of tides that system in the southern united states bring the showers across the towards the yucatan peninsula but said nothing particularly heavy and a very nice warm day in cancun on sunday with a high of 28 degrees. and
5:00 am
uninterrupted discussion. from our london broadcast center. this is al jazeera. welcoming peter w. watching the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes oh my. on sultan qaboos spin side all side has died at the age of 79. a man's defense council is meeting right now to discuss who will be his successor he had no children. in other news the u.s. hits iran with more sanctions one of the commanders target says his brush them off as symbolic.


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