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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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across the world. that could escalate. the turkish leaders. to this month in an effort to bring peace to libya. this is. also coming up. this is a very. we are in the philippines with. a volcanic eruption.
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the leaders of libya's warring sides are in russia's capital for talks after a cease fire time into force it raised hopes the warlord and the prime minister of the un recognized government. will begin to find a path towards ending years of civil conflict international diplomatic efforts to win the fighting have stepped up in recent weeks a truce brokered by turkey and russia came into force on sunday morning and in just the last few minutes we've heard from both turkey's president and italy's prime minister announcing that they will attend a libya peace conference in berlin later this month russia's vladimir putin also expected to be there. we support plans for the berlin conference and myself the russian president vladimir putin and the italian prime minister decepticon to be in attendance mr putin and i agreed to reach
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a cease fire in libya the cease fire which began on sunday and our delegations are now in moscow to discuss this and i hope it will be permanent well libya has been torn apart by conflict since long time ruler moammar gadhafi was overthrown in 2011 it's divided between warring militia groups which mostly back to rival governments the un recognized administration led by prime minister. is based in tripoli it's supported by turkey and most western nations including italy which is worried the fighting need tripoli will force more people to cross the mediterranean in the ace there is the to book based government the center of power for warlord holy for hafta he's backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military support to these forces and we have 3 correspondents covering this story mahmud up to wahid interest least of us and in moscow 1st i will go to jamal in the turkish capital ankara jamal just pick up where we left off with that news conference between the italian prime minister and
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the turkish president speaking with one voice about their hopes and speaking very positively one day about the potential outcome of this moscow conference and the chances of a more lasting peace in the via. well the fact that between the turks and the russians were the support that's come from other countries they've been able to bring the true sides together will be they say see as something positive to essentially build upon in terms of a longer process that might bring an end to this essentially civil war in libya as far as turkey is concerned there is a lot of course for optimism that is the promise he is working because not only has he been able to secure that cease fire with russian agreement but also have been able to bring in on board another european country another nato ally to actually stand by its publicly in the form of italy italy being significant not least because of the cultural and historical role it's played as
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a previous colonizer of libya and obviously all that that entails so turkey will be looking to build upon this the fact that they're looking at berlin and have confirmed that it will take place is significant it gives a specific date a 2nd step to look forward to because previously when other agreements have happened stand be them the ones that have took place in morocco or other conferences that or meetings that took place in european countries there haven't really been a follow up to them to continue that momentum so the fact that the sunday ceasefire was followed by a monday meeting in moscow to be followed by another summit in berlin on the 1900 that's all given to a road map for want of a better word that will give some sort of momentum to this process and the key word was momentum was and that's we heard from president earlier ones about thank you so much for that when to go to moscow now step vasant joins us live from there step would just listening to what president earlier one had to say and he was doubting very positive about what's happening in moscow saying he has information that there
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will be a positive outcome to this meeting what's on the table here in these discussions. well all eyes are here on moscow now where the meeting has been going on for more than 5 hours now and we're actually waiting for a statement from both the minister of foreign affairs of russia and turkey who have been initiated in this meetings together with the ministers of defense and the both libyan warring parties are here as well in the ministry of foreign affairs building well we hope to hear in this statement of course what the outcome of the agreement is exactly the context of this agreement in this very fragile situation in libya but also we want to hear how the format of this negotiations have taken part have both parties actually met face to face the both warring parties in libya or have they been meeting separately with both ministers said that legations could take
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a while before we hear anything about it as earlier and also already mentioned he was actually talking about in the evening we will hear some positive news but the fact that he is hearing that it's a positive development and the meeting is going well of course is a very positive sign because he will be very much across of it's happening here in moscow i'm sure you're in days to thank you sebastian in moscow buckled up there one who's standing by in tripoli to bring us up to date from there what's really critical you about mood is what happens on the ground the cease fire is holding what are the prospects now of more lasting peace in libya. will stern many people here are worried that the cease fire might be violated at any moment as you know the. civil factions on the ground and neither one of the warring the leaders have to answer have the full rein on their factions a little while ago we just. got reports from the city of the horn
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a major supporter of have to his forces and it actually has the main stronghold for half of the forces. a statement issued by the elderly. and so into the hall now. just saying that did not consult them when he decided to. impose or to put this fee ceasefire in place so it seems that this ceasefire or any for any peaceful settlement to this conflict needs a lot of time and effort but meanwhile. there have been there have been the actions to this call by russia in tripoli here especially the institutions there also the political parties in the west of the country that all demanding the government of national cord to adhere to pulling out of have those forces from tripoli as a prerequisite for any peaceful settlement to this conflict here in tripoli also in
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may to get airport the only operational airport in the city has resumed of the asian just taken opportunity of the deescalation atmosphere that has been prevailing over the past 24 hours but again. all eyes today in libya are on moscow everybody's anticipated to see what conclusions of these negotiations will result in stand indeed mahmoud thank you and your wired in tripoli well are so good marty is the founder and director of the southern institute that's a think tank specializing in the buna fears he says hafter is in the position of power and what it's generally agreed to the government's demands. the demands are quite clear from the genocide the international economic government of tripoli which is the half the onus to move back his forces to pre-approve 4th positions those are the positions that means that he almost has to lose everything that he
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has gained in a coma since he moved on tripoli 9 months ago and that's going to be very important for her because he wants to freeze the conflict and use his current positions as leverage and the threat of resuming the conflict at any given moment and that's the 2nd part of this dilemma in this problem which is that over the last 9 months there have been no condemnations that have come from the international community from the u.n. or from the e.u. and have there is moving with an almost palpable sense of immunity from sanction from condemnation from resuming the conflict so what do we do if this truce breaks and we've already heard that late last night there were certain moments where it was a fragile truce and it could have been broken into tripoli and the 3rd element of all of this is what have their uses this is a moment to kind of take a fresh look at the conflict replenish the supply lines that is militarism loads on the ground and then use it to resume the conflict now with fresh troops with a strategy that accommodates what has come from talk of support over the last month that's going to be very very it's all of these issues that are going to be up for
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grabs and it really means that the crew of this deal about how they move their forces back is going to rest on whether or not it's going to be a successful one or a failure will it be more protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airliner last week killing 176 people demonstrate is a big defining heavy police presence in the capital tehran officers have been using tear gas but the chief of police is urging them to use restraint they have also been rallies against the u.k. by those who say its government is trying to stir up chaos us about use in tehran he says the iranian government understands why protesters are angry. they have been protests over the last 2 days there has been angry chants some anti government some anti revolutionary guard but he said he said that people have a right to protest we understand that they are angry and that they are mourning he said that we have told police and security services to show restraint but he said
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that some people like deliberately trying to escalate the matter and trying to. force a confrontation with the police now iran is also upset at the british ambassador he was briefly detained at one of the vigils or protests the other day from the iranian perspective this was an unknown foreigner that had attended a vigil not a vigil organized by the government or diplomats invited to this is organized over social media now he said but the british ambassador's actions were unprofessional and diplomatic and he actually warned the british to stay away from the internal affairs of iran he said that britain has a long history of into furring in iran and that's why we see this outpouring of anger outside the british embassy against the british and he said that the britain should just because of that reason should to frane from commenting on getting involved in the internal affairs of iran the u.s. led coalition to go so has opened up its iraqi. military to reach
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a national media revealing the damage sustained during an iranian missile attack last week tehran launched attacks on the base on wednesday in retaliation for the assassination of military commander customs all the money iranian revolutionary guard. strikes were designed to damage the american military machine. a high court in pakistan has overturned the treason conviction of former president . it ruled that the formation of the special tribunal that was unconstitutional he was sentenced to death in december after being found guilty on charges related to his declaration of a state of emergency in 2007 in islamabad and he describes why the ruling is found to be unconstitutional. august on. military day. but this war dig was unprecedented because god sent 10. 1000000. dead region all the former military ruler free play dates with the high
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court challenging the religion of the court challenging the come on rich they called ward institute. major discrepancies as far as the procedure they were concerned and accord then ruling that this would unconstitutional because. the approval of the cabinet dad would have been absolutely necessary and ward initiated by a convicted prime minister who was dying prime minister out by the former 'd military ruler 'd portrayed marks out of. the t.v. justice of the supreme court 'd but would also sacked by the court seem to be politically motivated did the. dead. unconstitutional a volcanic eruption in the philippines forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. about 70 kilometers south of the capital manila started spewing
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ash and lava on sunday 8000 people have already been evacuated from the island on which the volcano sits thousands more will leave in coastal towns. and has more now from tell the site. we are in but this province about 16 kilometers from kaino the roads are slippery this is a very difficult journey for those who are trying to flee evacuation that started as early as sunday afternoon and thousands have already fled the priority according to the government is to secure those within the 14 kilometer range. all that will cain no sound for you guys. police a problem for me there for your own funny little boy and all of the behavior you know of on my list. ok so this this try sicko.
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is an entire family from police. they have been trying to evacuating since sunday afternoon we're seeing cars full of family members those who have tried their very best to bring whatever they can of their belongings. still ahead on al-jazeera we're going to take a look at what's at stake just freds prepares to host african leaders grappling with a dramatic surge in violence in the seo region plus we take a closer look at the toll the australian fires ahead on the country's most vulnerable inhabitants. howler air quality in beijing is good middle of winter and is good across his it's
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not true everywhere in northeastern china where there's big quiete but there's a bit of movement as you can see and some like clouds developing to bring rain eventually i think to shanghai but mostly it's a cloudy picture than back to where lyn and unanimous were the rains developing in the same sort of system is also growing some rain snow at height over honshu and maybe parts of north korea otherwise it's fairly belying weather for the next couple of days the coastal side of honshu developing a winter storm which is rolling up and you'll get the edge affects of rain in tokyo south and this rain is spreading out towards shanghai on wednesday was snow on the snow as nature in for example will hang hong kong stays dry the heaviest rain further south apart from a few showers in the philippines is a born year but in the forecast they'll be repeated i think we'll see if it's risk not only in sumatra but also back in java remember the flooding in jakarta where the heavy showers are reappearing in southern georgia smarter or western java that
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includes jakarta and that will be of the next couple of days the same is true further east so you've got borneo sort of way sea and almost all of the rest of indonesia. talked to al jazeera we were told that between all the pressure has this been addressed by turkey we listen what is the proposal of spain for. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter how does it run. its context this is the 3rd story telling around the biggest issues. aired today you should do it again.
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this is out there these are the top stories we're watching right now turkey's president says discussions in moscow between libya's warring sides are going positively typer the one says he and russian president vladimir putin will both attend a peace conference in berlin later this month. a bit more protests in iran after the government of madrid its military mistakenly shot down and ukrainian airliner last week killing 176 people demonstrators have been defying a heavy police presence in the capital tehran. a volcanic eruption in the philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes 8000 people have already been evacuated from the island of tel the same where the volcano sits with thousands more leaving coastal towns. 3 teachers have been killed in kenya in a suspected attack by. a primary school was attacked and
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a nearby police station set on fire in greece a county near the somali border al-shabaab which is linked to al qaeda has killed hundreds of people in both somalia and kenya in years of attacks and imposing his version of islamic law from the jail is clear 3 days of mourning over the deaths of 89 soldiers in an attack on their base it happened on thursday near the border with mali it's the latest incident in africa is a region which is becoming increasingly violent so hill leaders will meet france's president president emmanuel mccrone in power in the southwest of france later on monday to decide on the future of the french military presence there that has moved . in december the bodies of 71 soldiers from the lay it's a military base in the capital a grim reflection of growing violence in a silo they were killed in an attack claimed by i saw in the west of the country
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this is i decided to come myself to give my nation's gratitude inconsolable but not all defeated to these men plucked from the affection of the loved ones in the prime of life for what they are to us our heroes our martyrs the french president emanuel macro visited me shared to pay his respects just $3.00 weeks earlier in paris microland led a memorial for 13 french soldiers killed in a helicopter crash in mali more than $4000.00 french troops are fighting armed groups in the sile alongside forces from the share bikini faso chad mauritania and mali the g. 5 countries but is the casualties mount so his hostility against former colonial power france on the should not be possibility i notice and too many countries an anti french sentiment is no prospering without any clear political condemnation i cannot accept sending our soldiers into the field in countries where our presence is not clearly requested. the french president has invited g 5 leaders to
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a summit to clarify whether they want french troops to remain in their countries the deployment isn't only being questioned in the region though but also here in france where the mission is poorly understood by the public and there's growing pressure on michael to justify france's involvement so this is often the path for 6 years with opera about cannes france has been in the saddle and it seems were to tipping point there are no real results people in sile are positive about the situation the threat hasn't been eradicated so the g 5 saw how countries are asking themselves if france is really the only country that has solutions maybe other countries can help. people wonder if it's time to stop increasing a french military presence it is costly to africans and france cross says if french troops are to continue fighting in sile he wants a greater commitment from g 5 leaders he's expected to achieve that from now but
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what's less clear is for how long it's. paris. let's take a closer look at the region we're talking about now the whole refers to the vast area covering west and central africa the militaries of 5 countries in that region mauritania. chad make up the g 5 joint force it is to maintain regional control against the fighters now the violence in the region has only been getting worse the number of people killed in attacks in bikini bali and musea jumped from 770 in 2016 to more than 4000 last year it's largely because of a combination of attacks by armed groups and into communal violence remote areas where the state's presence is weak are especially vulnerable humanitarian cost is also growing the u.n. estimates half a 1000000 people have been displaced a 10 fold increase in 3 years and one of the 4 suspects in the murder trial of a slovakian investigative journalist has admitted to the killing in court. and his
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fiance was shot and killed at their home near the capital bratislava in 28 same prosecutors accused prominent businessman marion cotton of ordering the murder or worse the subject of young reporting into fraud and political corruption. is where the trial is taking place he says the murder has mobilized political activists. slovak media calls this trial the trial of the century really it's changed a lot after the murder of yonkers lock a journalist investigative journalist. after his murder and his fiance in 2000 thinkin a lot of change socially a lot of change in the civil society there was a lot of mobilisation on the on one hand but not so much in the political sense of the of the world saw. was killed because of his writing because
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he drew some lines between contro show controversial businessman called. he had good ties to police politicians and also italian mafia so just to give you know illustration koch no it was good to be there one of the main prosecutors and they agreed that there would be a video camera in his office so caution to really know what's going on in in his office after the after the murder there was a big mobilization of public a prime minister robert fits all had to resign but on the other hand he stayed as a president of his party smeared a populist social democratic party and he is confident was installed as prime minister saw in that sense nothing really happened politically on the other hand there is a sin there was a symbolic wein for the public and for this mobilized civil society. the head of
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human rights watch has been denied entry to hong kong where he was due to launch report critical of china by jing is threaten to sanction groups it said performed badly in relation to anti-government protests in hong kong human rights watch is accusing the chinese government of an intensifying assault on human rights. i'm standing here in hong kong international airport. with the hope of holding a press conference on wednesday. and the focus of the report this year was going to be how the chinese government is. deliberately undermined. not simply suppress the rights of people at home but also 100. standards sadly as they arrived here the chinese government decided it didn't want to even though i've been able to enter. before this time for the 1st time they blocked me.
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britain's prime minister is in northern ireland for talks with the region's newly appointed leaders forest johnson's describe the reforming of its power sharing government for the 1st time in 3 years as historic the democratic unionist parties ali and foster has returned as 1st minister while michaud a neil leader of the obvious nationalist party is deputy 1st minister for hours sharing is a key part of northern ireland's 1998 peace settlement. it's a good time and i'm very very pleased to see the progress that has been made a great move and you never bite the hand of history on my shoulder i see the hand the one hand that history if i see the hand of the future i see the hand of the future of. food with good will and full from and hard work a little sites it will be a very bright future. 2 days of heavy snow and rain is being blamed for the deaths
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of at least 25 people in pakistan emergency services in baluchistan of punjab provinces several people were killed after a roof collapsed slow for the city has broken a 20 year record stands governor has declared a state of emergency in several districts and called in the military to help with rescue and relief efforts german company simmons says it will on or a deal to provide infrastructure for a coal mine in australia that's despite growing pressure from environmental groups which linked in emissions to the bushfires devastating large parts of the country there have been protests in australia and other countries since the firm signed video in december. with australia's government has pledged at least $34000000.00 to help native plants and animals recover from the country's devastating to spazz some ecologists $1000000000.00 animals have died and much of the damage caused by the fires by be irreparable jessica washington reports in new south wales one of the
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worst hit areas. fleeing from the flames this paulson is just one of many animals around australia seeing its habitat go up in smoke. a surely as native fauna and flora are accustomed to bush fires but this season has been unprecedented landscapes usually left on scathed have been decimated. on the new south wales south coast this native bird has been brought in for treatment at the local wildlife park it's called a car and its wings are singed and broken people persian birds are going to be ok because they just sort of floor off but like we said where would they fly to and what is going to be area just about everything that sort of is a ground well or some description would really struggle because it you don't have a look around there is no wonder story to the to the bush in the surrounding area so i don't think there was a space is there was exempt field teams are going into the bush looking for injured
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animals and assessing the areas affected by the fire is a certainly is famed plants and animals are strong part of the country's identity many of its species of found nowhere else in the world and the extent of the damage isn't clear yet this bushfires season has been through millions of hecht as of land destroying the habitats of many native animals some of these forests will take decades to regenerate and others may never recover. some plants like eucalyptus trees have adapted to survive but the combination of drought and extreme temperatures raises concerns about even those species before they saw as we were already in severe drought so populations of of many different species would have been in decline and already it has a lot of levels prior to the fawaz these baby kangaroos joeys orphans then now in canada but for many animals who do make it out of the fire is they soon face other
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problems but they also usually. right side and the home should have some glass in order to eat and. then they're vulnerable to cats and dogs and and the car crash for those who do survive it's a long and painful road to recovery jessica washington al-jazeera mogo astray. this is al jazeera here our top stories turkey's president says discussions in moscow between libya's warring sides going positively which of typo to one says he and russian president vladimir putin will both attend a peace conference in berlin later this month we support plans for the berlin conference and myself the russian president vladimir putin and the italian prime minister to separate content will all be in attendance mr putin and i agreed to
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reach a cease fire in libya the cease fire which began on sunday and our delegations are now in moscow to discuss this and i hope it will be permanent. there's been more protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistake of the shot down the ukrainian a lot of last week killing 176 people demonstrators of being defying a heavy police presence in the capital tehran. the u.s. led coalition against. iraqi military advice to international media revealing the damage sustained during the iranian missile attack last week tehran launched the attacks on the base on wednesday in retaliation for the assassination of military command customs of the money the iranian revolutionary guard command. says these strikes were designed to damage the american military machine a high court in pakistan has overturned the treason conviction of former president . it ruled that the formation of the special tribunal the. constitutional he was sentenced to death in december after being found guilty on charges related to his
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declaration of the state of emergency in 2000 it's a volcanic eruption in the philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes 1000 people have already been evacuated from. where the volcano sits thousands more are leaving coastal towns 3 teachers have been killed in kenya in a suspected attack by. school was attacked at a nearby police station set on fire in derisive county near the somali border u j s president has replaced the country's top chief after thursday's attack on a military base where 89 soldiers were killed it happened near the border with mali several leaders will meet france's president. in the southwest later on monday those are the headlines and use continues here on out. almost counting the cost while the u.s. spends billions on boards a maintaining military bases across the world plus the reshaping of the meat
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industry as africans wine from decimates rhinos pork industry and the phones didn't tax but could escalate a trade counting the pulse on al-jazeera all. circles in. the middle east peace process is a term spin used by world leaders time and time again it refers to efforts made by the international community to end the israeli palestinian conflict. one of the most significant events of the past 50 years is the oslo accords a set of agreements that were 1st signed in 1993 by the governments of israel and the palestine liberation organization to put in place a series of procedures based on un resolutions for the eventual goal of an independent palestinian state and to oversee this agreement the un established the office of the special coordinator for the middle east peace process. the
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coordinators mandate is to lead the u.n. system in all political.


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