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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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story. of douglas cultures. and conflict in politics. one in one east on al-jazeera. the arab. foreign policies in libya's conflict agree on a draft deal for an unconditional cease fire. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up france agrees to send more troops to fight on groups threatening the sile region after a summit with west african leaders. this is a very difficult journey for those who are trying to flee. will be in the philippines where tens of thousands of people are on the run from a volcanic eruption. and
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a look at the increasingly hostile conditions refugees and asylum seekers are facing in their desperate journey from greece into central europe. clo our top story this hour talks on a prominent ceasefire in libya and on monday without any breakthrough but russia's foreign minister says good progress is being made the warlord 25 to has asked now until she's day morning to consider signing a formal till he's in moscow for those talks along with the head of libya's un recognized government following a fragile truce brokered by russia and turkey over the weekend that was in reports from moscow. the aim of monday's meeting in moscow was to formalized a cease fire that started in libya on sunday 24 hours earlier russia and turkey invited fired outside ratch prime minister of the un backed government and warlord
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tali for hafta to sign a more permanent truth that's aimed at paving the way towards formal negotiations to end the vs 9 year long civil war but after 7 hours of talks one signature remains missing to an emotion that was reached today we can report that a certain progress has been achieved and the chairman of the government or national archives of libya mr starch and the chairman of have consul of state mr mehta has just signed it marshall shaft part of the commander of libyan national army and the president of libya and house of representatives and tobruk mr again see this document positively and have asked for some extra time till tomorrow morning to decide on where they were to sign it i hope their decision will be positive. the ceasefire was brokered by the presidents of turkey and russia in islam all last week following a meeting with italy's prime minister peace epicanthic red chip tayyip erdogan announced he will be in berlin on january did 19th for an international conference
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aimed at ending the libyan conflict. your political even if you do only in one day i believe a strong result from these dogs dogs which take place in moscow today to lay the foundation for the berlin process turkish troops were recently sent to libya to help slow half last 9 months advance on the capital tripoli in the complicated proxy war russian mercenaries together with the united arab emirates and egypt are aiding have to both russia and turkey say they are hopeful that half the will signed a truth agreement on tuesday morning long and complicated negotiations here in moscow show how complicated the conflict in libya is with the international conference due in berlin it's crucial that the both agreement will be signed and sealed here in moscow 1st step fasten al-jazeera moscow. what the balance summit on the crisis in libya is it's expected to be led by the united nations our
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diplomatic editor james phase has more on that now from u.n. headquarters in new york. diplomats have remarked to me what this shows about power and influence among external actors in the middle east and they say that there are parallels with the situation in syria clearly they are different conflicts but in syria you had a un led process and yet most of the developments of come as a result of the russians and the turks along with the iranians the so-called a starner process in syria now what one diplomat described as the astonished the cation of libya again you have russia and turkey which are on different sides of the argument which support different groups coming together to try and come up with an outcome that suits their interests and pushing out of the way the united nations the e.u. and the united states i got this comment on this from the u.n. secretary general spokesman the u.n.
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cannot operate in a vacuum right what is always important whether it's in syria or libya and those are different cases right i mean that whether it's in syria or libya. a political process cannot move forward without the will of the people. being represented but also we need to be realistic without involvement of not only of the parties who are fighting on the ground but of the parties outside of the country who have an influence what is important is that what is happening in moscow feeds into berlin and if general have to signs the cease fire agreement that remains a big if that is the next stage a summit in berlin at leader level but that summit now will effectively be a rubber stamp of the diplomacy crafted by russia and turkey. all the top story this hour france sending an extra 220 soldiers to west africa in
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response to an increase in attacks by armed groups in the sahil region french president has hosted the lead as a 5 west african allies in the french city of po where they've agreed on a new joint command structure the new deployment in addition to the 4 and a half hours in french troops already active in the region all the sawhill lies south of the sahara desert stretching from coast to coast across africa it's difficult to police and several on groups are active there including some affiliated to al qaida soldiers from bikini chad mali mauritania and jemma make up the sawhill chief 5 joint force helped by those friendships so it's actually been following events at the summit in poland explains why the 5 leaders won the french troops to stay. well at the end of this summit in poland southwest and france the g 5. leaders and the french president agreed to cooperate more closely militarily and politically to fight what they called
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a growing terrorism in the region the president of bikini said the 29000 had been a very difficult year with an increasing number of fatal attacks against the military and against civilians he talks about being a humanitarian crisis that was unprecedented in the region now what the leaders said they needed to do was basically bolster the region the border region between bikini faso nisha and mali a particularly volatile region where many of these attacks have taken place france also sending $220.00 extra troops and they also called on the international community to do more to support this region to support the g 5 force in terms of logistics and money because they said what happens in that region of course affects the world because many of the armed groups that are working in that region that are operating that region i should say have links to al qaida i saw boko haram.
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the government in the philippines is on full alert as a volcano near the capital gushed out red hot lava and a sudden eruption of ash and steam tar volcano is about 70 kilometers south of manila that's forced the evacuation of 16000 people living in the crater scientists say it could erupt at any time potentially triggering a tsunami from a tangas province jamelle alan duggan reports. there is fear and anxiety here thousands of people are fleeing their homes and looking for a safe place to go everything happened in an instant albo kaino in the northern philippines spewed ashes steam and lava on sunday a violent activity not seen for decades and raising the threat not just to those living in the provinces of but the congress and of the day but even in the capital
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manila where many people also woke up to a city covered in ash driving to but than gus was a difficult journey we came across people desperate to flee gathering their families together and not bringing anything else except the clothes on their backs the only real being asked to leave and we had nowhere to go. or place and there are still people we left behind it isn't easy the roads are bad and we are constantly reminded that we are in a danger zone while speaking to some of the residents we felt another earthquake ok we're feeling. there is an earthquake mild we were told this is because of the volcanoes constant activity basically which is trying to say is that they are trying to make their way out of here so they can go to the next possible town hoping to be able to commute and get to the nearest relative in the next
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province. the philippine government says it is doing the best it can but admits resources are already stretched thousands of people have already been moved to different evacuation sites unsure when they will be able to return home. you know the situation here is difficult there's no electricity and water the roads are muddy making it difficult people here even our trucks are struggling palace one of the world's smallest active volcanoes it sits in the middle of a lake just a few hours from manila a popular tourist destination known for its unique landscape for people who have lived around the lake all the lives the owl was a volcano they were raised to love not one they thought they would be here one day jim duggan al jazeera but then guess northern philippines the trunk administration
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has announced that 21 saudi students taking part in military training in the u.s. will be expelled as follows an investigation by the u.s. attorney general and the f.b.i. into december's deadly shooting by a saudi officer at a naval base in pensacola florida while there is no evidence of assistance or pre knowledge of the attack by other members of the saudi military or any other foreign nationals who were training in the united states we did learn of derogatory material possessed by 21 members of the saudi military who were training in the united states 17 had social media containing some jihadi or in t. american content 15 individuals including some of the 17 i just mentioned so there is overlap had some kind of contact with child pornography.
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and joins us live now from washington d.c. and so it's been described as an act of terrorism what more do we know about the expulsion of these 21 saudis allen well i think the attorney general. as exactly the american case the spoke to around 500 people involved when they carried out the inquiry the social media accounts that phone records of the phoned in the 21 so it is that there was a concern because as he said he phoned a derogatory items ranging from child pornography all the way to what was described as terrorist related material he said that the united states didn't have groans to charge any of the 21 on anything that they phoned but they obviously informed the saudis the saudis said that that behavior or was not compatible with the officers of the royal air force or the royal sodhi navy and therefore they were being the
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unrolled from the programs they were here in the united states and that of course means that they've go back to saudi arabia know the americans have reached an agreement with the saudis they say that this is still an ongoing investigation if they want to speak to anyone they have been promised that they will get access and if at some point in the future they decide to bring charges against any of the $21.00 then they'll be allowed to bring them back to the united states without any problems from the saudis and have them face justice in a u.s. court before the moment the 21 will be leaving for staying on tuesday morning all right thanks very much allan. in with al jazeera life from london most ahead after 3 am pass northern ireland his family gets back to work while schools why on urgent funding. and the 2 popes how the question of a some grease being allowed to marry coming between the churches reformists and the traditionalists.
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there we have had some better weather conditions across much of southern australia time which is all on the rise again but there is plenty of rain in the 4 cause you can see that bundle of cloud just off the coast of brisbane and this is what's going on we still have the fires over the city but what we're now able to do all the firefighters are able to do is some of these controlled burn so this is what they doing with the cooler temperatures and also the moisture that is in the air as we go through the next couple of days we could be picking up another 50 to 70 millimeters of rain along these coastal areas in new south wales and also across into queensland it's a warm day in adelaide on tuesday $34.00 celsius meanwhile in perth also very woman $36.00 what we have got out in western australia is the rain coming off this this is cycling claudia's so it's producing some pretty good amounts of rain but not coming onshore and causing hopefully any flooding rains meanwhile those showers
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continuing through victoria and at the eastern portion of the country as we head through wednesday 28 is the high in city it's a fairly quiet picture generally throughout much of asia got a few more showers just working the westerly through a sudden portions of the korean peninsula pushing across the whole issue over the next couple of days wednesday some heavy amounts of rain but it's still feeling good in tokyo 10 degrees celsius shows through central china 9 in shanghai. join africa's largest trade and investment in the wanda gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and bias and more than 5000 conference delegates from more than 55 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 u.s. dollars as business and government come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibit which will include a creative africa exchange by the african export import bank and the premium
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fatness we have 2020 transforming africa. the ear to ear. a look at the headlines now talks on a permanent ceasefire in libya and did on monday without a breakthrough wolf leave after is ours to have until tuesday morning to consider to consider whether he would agree to a deal a fragile truce brokered by russia and turkey has come into force on sunday france is sending an extra $220.00 soldiers to west africa in response to an increase in attacks by armed groups in the silent region french president and the leaders of 5 west african allies have been meeting in the french city of. under
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a volcanic eruption in the philippines is forcing the emergency evacuation of tens of thousands of people the tala volcano in tagaytay about 70 kilometers south of the capital manila started spewing ash and lava on sunday. so the news just in the u.s. treasury says that china should no longer be designated a current sea manipulator this label was dropped just 2 days before negotiators signed the 1st phase of the trade deal between china and the united states in august 2019 treasury label china a currency manipulator but in a report released on monday the treasury said the current sea franks's of 10 countries needed close attention but no major u.s. trade partner met the criteria of manipulation. refugees and migrants trying to make their way into europe are facing increasingly hostile conditions forcing them to take huge risks to their safety close borders police brutality and a suspicious public a combining to make already desperate journeys often impossible in the 1st of
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a series of reports on the main overland route from greece to croatia algiers areas lawrence leaf found refugees becoming increasingly reliant on organized people smuggling. midwinter in the furthest reaches of northeastern greece gale force winds and bitter cold in this vast barely inhabited wilderness there are plenty of places to hide but break cover and you risk everything. or the hospital mortuary is evidence of the risk sisters from somalia who froze to death in each other's arms 2 among dozens who recently perished many more though have been killed in car accidents as the police have tried to chase down the smugglers. and. bring the people in while guarded. guard who then they are more graham and then
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who will how do they hide its 17 people in the car i don't know the more hostile europe becomes the better business gets for the smugglers on the of ross river the border between turkey and greece they're using the same big rubber boats that take people over the sea on land fleets of vehicles seized by the police tell a story of the increasing industrialization of illegal migration into the european union they have on our part. of the training migrants to be guides they leave cars on the hills for them and tell one of the migrants to be the driver some of them are children and don't even know how to drive properly. refugees are guided to deserted buildings sleeping in the red droppings with the windows open to escape if the army arrives local still them as they pass in small groups but barely
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a word is spoken. europe has become a hostile environments for asylum seekers and these are the consequences if they made it this far there's a lot if it means their boards the greek police the military and follow the smugglers instructions stayed off the roads stayed on the trucks but it's the least another 100 kilometers from here to any form of civilization several 100 more until they get to the border with north macedonia nazia who come all the way from afghanistan made it through the wilderness did anybody help you know nobody can help us when we're fall down when we have injuries and our body not and nobody can help us we just help ourselves that's it thousands are still coming across the success of the smugglers and difficulty for the police in covering vast areas means far more people get through than die there out there somewhere lawrence leigh
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al-jazeera northeastern greece the u.k. prime minister has been urged to deliver on a multi-billion dollar funding when fall to help prop up the government in northern ireland main unionist and republican parties were persuaded to come together and get the devolved government running again after a 3 year and passed as paul brennan reports years of political paralysis has created a funding crisis across the public sector. restoring the northern ireland assembly has been a political imperative for prime minister boris johnson not least because his brics it plans need a functioning government here at stormont so the pm came to belfast keen to talk up the opportunities presented by the new power sharing deal we. in the u.k. government work with. this week by government. to ensure that we deliver on that potential. but away from stormont to 3 years of political paralysis have left northern ireland's public sector in crisis there is
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considerable public cynicism about political promises we have holes in the race. we have lakes everywhere the floors are splitting apart malone integrated college is a remarkable school a beacon of integration between catholic and protestant communities but its buildings are falling to pieces and the symptoms of underfunding are all around it will take more than just political will to reverse the years of neglect here everything is just falling apart falling apart. this time and it's very very dangerous for these kids and it's just it mick doohan and we have. to meet demand over the last number of years but nobody should have to work. like this it's not fair on these kids i deserve that in july of last year a parliamentary committee back in london conceded that northern ireland education system was facing manageable pressures that stagnant funding was having a devastating impact and that the problems had mounted to the point where they had
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become a crisis that is the situation now demanding urgent resolution from storm. in december northern ireland's nurses began strike action in protest of the health system a breaking point nurses here are paid $800.00 less than their counterparts in the u.k. mainland nearly $3000.00 vacancies remain unfilled hospital and. council treatment waiting lists are the worst in the u.k. the power sharing deal office renewed hope but mostly unions want to see the color of the money out of nurses do not have a formal commitment made to them by the health minister this week it needs to be done this week we will be back out on the picket lines again on monday wednesday and thursday of next week because nurses offended many many promises those promises not to take the converted into action it's estimated that northern ireland needs 2600000000 dollars to address the various crises and there is serious concern that the governments won't say whether they'll fund that's a moment this power sharing deal in itself may not mean
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a quick end to the public sector storm paul brennan al-jazeera belfast catatonia car has pushed him on has arrived for his 1st session as a member of the european parliament despite facing an arrest warrant in spain but the month's parliamentary position gives him immunity from prosecution he used his 1st appearance to demand the release of former catalan vice president oriel honker s. it was also elected to the european parliament is being held in madrid spain supreme court has sentenced various other catalan leaders to jail terms for their role in the illegal 2017 bid for secession. banks in lebanon are being increasingly targeted by demonstrators demanding access to their money the governor of the central bank says foreign financial support is desperately needed to ease the economic crisis but as any other reports from beirut that's unlikely to happen if politicians don't agree on the sectarian makeup of the
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new government. demonstrators have been venting their anger inside banks across lebannon they want access to their money banking restrictions were imposed when anti-government protests began in mid october banks are limiting access to good drolls of dollars and imposed caps on the lebanese pound to. the informal controls on capital are affecting many some customers have resorted to violence i was obliged to use the cost to the minimum i moved my my office working from from home because i cannot pay any more expenses extended the length of the project so now. let's say i'm having 5 millions each week i have to divide that to see project. including my personal my personal expenses but bankers say they had little choice
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to manage the lack of cash between september and november during those 3 bombs. deposits in the banking sectors be climbed by $10000000000.00. which is about 50 percent to 55 percent of the old was. by citizens and companies. but many lebanese are accusing banks of robbing them from their savings because they are now forced to deal with lebanese pounds the flow of money out of lebanon and the lack of foreign currency deposits created a shortage of dollars that's affected the lebanese town which lost that these 50 percent of its value on the black market over the past 3 months and the crisis of confidence in the banking sector is not the only problem lebanon has been without a government since prime minister sato how he resigned in october during widespread protests against the political elite over corruption and the cost of living out of a clear demand by the banking sector form
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a government that will bring back trust and to the country into the political class and can actually implement some of the reforms need to do all walk funny and bring in fresh u.s. dollars into the country in recent weeks protests against lebanon's leaders have become smaller in size when compared to the early days of the uprising but demonstrators are promising to return as warnings of a financial collapse grow louder said. beirut. a disagreement in the roman catholic church of a wet appreciate be allowed to marry has led to a surprise intervention from the former pope for hundreds of years priests have had to remain celibate pope francis is considering easing some of those restrictions to help with a shortage of priests but the previous pope benedict has now entered the debate between the church's reformers and the traditionalist if bach reports on this now from london. that is
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a central question in the roman catholic church should priests maintain the centuries old stance on celibacy. now 2 popes past and present could find themselves on different sides of the debate. pope benedict the 16th who pledged to remain hidden from the world when he retired in 2013 has broken his silence to passionately defend celibacy in a new book benedict who became the 1st pope in more than 600 years to resign because of ill health so the traditional hours priests to focus on. the comments come at a time when pope francis is considering easing a ban on married men serving as priests south american bishops of call for a change to help end a shortage of priests particularly in indigenous communities in the amazon. pope francis the 1st latin american pope is said to have an instinctive understanding of the region's challenges. it is pope francis' who will make any final decision but
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the surprise intervention from pope benedict under schools fundamental divisions of the 1300000000 member church many catholics who ever deny francis and benedict have different views on married priests what benny think believes about priestly celibacy is exactly the same as what pope francis believes the senate on the amazon asked him look at there are communities who don't get a priest even once a year could we consider ordaining some deacons who are there who are married with families and this is something the pope is considering and as an exception and i'm sure that if he says yes benedict would be happy with it and he says you know the same some married anglican priests who converted to catholicism are allowed to carry on in their ministries but some traditionalists within the roman catholic church fear that pope francis is leading them in a direction they don't want to. follow. the clues is becoming pope francis has
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a birthday is a reformer tackling sexual abuse and corruption within the church he also seems willing to consider loosening a grip on conservative values so important to his predecessors the falcao to syria . as more in everything we're covering right here all the latest on the recent unrest that's been unfolding in iran don't forget you can watch us on life streaming there as well al jazeera dot com. an update now on our breaking news story this hour the u.s. treasury says that china should no longer be designated as a currency manipulator the label was dropped in a long delayed semi annual currency report reversing an august finding that had troubled the financial markets a high level chinese delegation has arrived in washington ahead of wednesday signing of a parliamentary trade agreement after some 18 months of tariffs between the 2
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countries and our other headlines talks on a permanent cease fire in libya ended on monday without any break through the wall of police officers asked to have until choose day morning now to consider whether he'll sign on he's in moscow for the negotiations along with the head of libya's un recognized government prime minister pfizer seraj though the 2 did not meet directly a fragile truce did come into force on sunday. szell. mr have to has played a role in these talks in the speaker of the parliament has also seen the document and they have asked to add some item so it can be signed and for it to be a positive decision that has been approved also with the attendance of the turkish and russian sides in order to complete such a document and agreement. west african leaders have expressed that desire that france continues its military presence in the sawhill region part french president emanuel is hosting the leaders of those sile nations and in a joint statement they outside agreed to place their forces now into one umbrella 4
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and a half 1000 french troops are deployed in the sile but anti french sentiment is on the rise because of a worsening security situation says he'll send an additional $220.00 troops to the region of course or other story we've been following this evening a volcanic eruption in the philippines is forcing the emergency evacuation of tens of thousands of people the taal volcano in tonga today lies about 70 kilometers south of the capital manila and it started spewing ash and lava on sunday $8000.00 people have already been evacuated but they're off fears for the safety and wellbeing of those that remain in the area close to that volcano. that's it for myself from the team here in london there will be more news coming up from doha at the top the next hour. counting the cost while the u.s. spends. military bases across the world plus the reshaping of the reach of this
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free zone for them swine flu decimates as pork industry on the for instance a tax code escalates. the pulse on al-jazeera. or over the. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regard hungry and hungry as in the stream example of the predicament the whole world is going through . the italian think a judge or a government and said that a fuss is never really went away.


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