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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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system is my invasive species. to say the decline. even starts in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with. the iranian president hassan rouhani says foreign troops must leave the middle east and says the e.u. troops could be at risk in the region. down in jordan this is al jazeera live there coming up the tal volcano shuts down large areas around manila experts warn of an imminent eruption and we'll have an update from ground 0. a desperate search for survivors as almost 100 people die in avalanches across pakistan.
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and after an intense gun battle sudan's military puts down a revolt and members of a despondent spicer. iran's president says u.s. troops in the middle east are not secure and should leave the region along with other foreign forces a son rouhani once again called on the u.s. to return to the 2050 nuclear deal washington's departure from the deal in 2018 heightened tensions between the u.s. and iran a setback joins us live now from the reagan capital so i said the president rouhani has been speaking in tehran about the future of foreign troops in the region what was even saying. well it was a very wide ranging speech or statement this morning and he spoke about the insecurity in the region he blamed the united states for that insecurity he said
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why are you putting the iranian people under so much pressure and in the face of that pressure what iran needs to do is have maximum unity but he said that because of the insecurity in the region and speaking specifically about the sustentation of general cause and for the money that this insecurity has led to the insecurity of united states troops in the region and it could lead to insecurity for european troops also so it's he's it was a wide ranging speech he spoke about unity and very much this is trying to address the concerns inside of iran they have been protest over the last few days because of the downing of the ukrainian aircraft but also there's been some political differences inside iran with some people he believes to be trying to undermine the military and he said that regardless of what comes out of the ukrainian airline investigation and the results of that people should not undermine the armed forces that the country requires the armed forces now and in the future he's also been
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talking about the iran nuclear deal as well what's he been saying. well he said that the maximum pressure campaign isn't working and the europeans have raised this issue have taken this issue to the united nations this snapback mechanism and he says all these steps to iran has taken our reversible that iran this was a good deal for iran and spoke about the economy after the j.c. but he said that the europeans are not living up to their commitments and if they want iran to return and to reverse those step back stay one has taken in terms of their commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal with the europeans need to stick to their commitments and stop giving in to the united states but he speech addressing the also was to the critics inside the country because he spoke about the state of
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the economy after the deal he spoke about the contracts that were signed he spoke about the oil export exports and the power of the currency because even within iran there are critics amongst the political factions to the nuclear deal people believe that should not have been signed people believe that a poor iran in a weak position and he's addressing those people he also dressed the upcoming elections in february he urged diversity in candidates and those people that select the candidates not to just dismiss them he said that we cannot have candidates in this standing election just from one faction we should follow the steps of general cos and for the mani who was nonpartizan he listened to everybody and he wants diversity but the main takeaway from this speech is unity because if you think back back just back to november we had widespread anti government protests because of that fuel price hike now we have protests again because of the downing of the airliner and he's urging people to have unity in the face of united states
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aggression and he was adamant that there was no cover up oh no attempt to conceal the findings of the downing of the ukrainian airlines are so as you say he spoke about the downing of that ukrainian passenger jet this still a lot of anger on the streets. absolutely because it took days for iran to come out and admit that they had downed the airplane now he was adamant that there was no there's no cover up no one's trying to conceal anything but he told the armed forces that they must relate to the people why took so long for them to announce that they had downed the airplane he said that this was unimaginable that this could have happened it was tragic it was tragic but it's unforgivable also he said that the judiciary should again investigate this and people should be held to account but the main thing that he's talking about when he says he's addressing the downing of the ukrainian airline is
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that he should be transparency and people should accept responsibility for what happened and he said that a member of time throughout the speech was transparency and responsibility because he thinks that what's required to quell the anger here in iran or as a big in terror and i said thank you now more than 40000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the philippines as an erupting volcano spews ash and lava into the air several new cracks of opened in the ground nearby and scientists say a bigger eruption could be on the way where the tunnel volcano is 60 kilometers from the capital manila more than 350 earthquakes have been recorded since sunday alone indicating that magma is rising or scientists are calling for the area to be vacuum ated and say up to a 1000000 people should leave government buildings and schools have been closed in several towns and cities including the capital because of falling out hundreds of flights have also been cancelled or delayed where robert bribe is monitoring
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developments from baton guess. there are very anxious times here around this volcano especially given the violence of the eruptions on sunday we are seeing now nothing like the same kind of columns of steam and ash and dust coming from this volcano we've been monitoring go over the past few hours it's been very sporadic but certainly people are concerned tens of thousands of people from around here have sought refuge in evacuation centers but the government here is set a dangerous zone potential danger zone a 14 kilometer radius from here which incorporates a very large area as you mentioned hundreds of thousands of people potentially have been told that they really should think about leaving but as we know many of them are staying put but seeing what happens next at the moment of this volcano remains at a category 4 that's on a scale of one to 5 with the possibility of an imminent eruption that the scientists say could come in days could come in hours or we could remain at this
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level for several weeks and then the thing becomes quiet but what concerns people is that all the time we are continuing to have these small eruptions small earthquakes sometimes up to 3 or 4 on the richter scale which you can certainly feel it is causing damage to some roads and also to some buildings which does raise continuing concerns to pakistan now where winter storms have killed at least 93 people rescue workers are battling harsh conditions to reach those stranded pakistan administered kashmir is one of the worst hit areas heavy snowfall and avalanches there have led to the deaths of 62 people 39 have also died over the border in afghanistan is an islamic bad he says poorly built homes that contributed to the high death toll. most of the. play. administered kashmir near the line of control where most of the board. live on the
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slopes and the fact that so much snow came ashore duration actually caused the real problem although people to tell you that it did not unusual to see this kind of nobody would normally come in and take about $4.00 to $5.00 days to accumulate that. kind of you know ever within that period before. the snow came down quite heavy and that. notwithstanding the fact that there are very poor infrastructure. poor populations most of the how you made out of and were knocked down to john heavy rain or heavy snow the government needs to concentrate on how to mitigate the a fake thread by reinforcing and rebuilding some of those home great draw down and do it all cope and to libya now where the brook banks government along
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with a half tosses a cease fire with tripoli based government according to the u.n. recognized government of national a coup would fighting has broken out south of the capital tripoli has responded to a tux with artillery fire on monday the g.n.a.s. began talks in moscow to end the conflict but hostile left without a deal being agreed russia's defense ministry said huffed on the time to discuss agreement with his allies mahmud of the one who joins us live now from tripoli it's a confirmation there's been moved fighting in the south what more can you tell us. well the spokesman of the operation that's the counter to military offensive launched by the government forces to the attack by half of its forces on the capital tripoli has stated that they have documented violations by have to us forces for the 3rd day since that cease fire started meanwhile east of virtually namely a good
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a bully area about 25 kilometers to the east from the capital tripoli military sources say that after the fighters. just fired at the government. patrol there and they have. captured a military vehicle but they just moved back in near the city of horn of the minister on hold for have to force at the same time the government military sources say that. they have been sporadic fighting between government forces and have to force in several axes but no casualties have been reporting meanwhile the speaker of the. parliament this is the pool have to the parliament in the eastern city of tobruk seated said that they they went to moscow only. to respond to the russian invitation but he also stated that this ceasefire has
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collapsed and the fighting will continue until they take control of the capital tripoli meanwhile. you. prime minister arrived last night was his. delegation in tripoli here and also the head of the high state council. there was a big reception for them here means that many institutions here are gathering in. sort of. behind. me here after the sign this cease fire in moscow thank you. time for a short break here not just about when we come back. i mean some of it jobs let us not make them think. that. it came down. and the democrats release more evidence against president from bad of his impeachment trial in the senate more on that stay with us.
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hello again or welcome back to national weather forecast for this hour want to take you up here towards northwestern europe specifically up here toward scotland where we have seen some very gusty winds over the last couple of days we're still dealing with them and this is the video we are getting out of western scotland the waves are course crashing across the roads we've been having a lot of problems with ferry service as well as on the air and also on the rails we expect to see some more winds today here across parts of scotland it will ease but unfortunately we see another storm system coming in off of the atlantic now this one is going to bring in more widespread winds more widespread rain across not only parts of ireland northern ireland scotland but also down here across a bit of peninsula as well heavy rain for northwestern parts of spain as well as into portugal we're expecting to see some flooding across much of that area as we
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go not only to thursday but probably into friday as well we're here for the northeastern part of africa we're going to be seeing some winds as well as rains over the next few days a storm system continues to linger across much of this area the clouds are continue across this region as well so coastal areas for benghazi over here towards cairo expect to see windy conditions as we go for wednesday as well as into thursday and potentially some localized flooding along the coastal areas as well. when was the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every luggage board layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your incarceration this is a dialogue everyone has a voice over there are studies that support rush coverage will be varying accounts
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but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on how does iraq. welcome back i'm out of our top stories here on the al jazeera iran's president says u.s. forces are in securing the region school for them to leave the middle east along with other foreign troops us on rouhani also once again calling the u.s. to return the 2050 nuclear to. 40000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the philippines as the tal volcano spews into the air but scientists say a larger eruption could be imminent and one of the area completely evacuated. and winter storms have killed at least 93 people in pakistan and rescue workers are
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battling harsh conditions to reach those who are stranded. have killed 60 people in pakistan administered kashmir. now saddam's government says it's put down an armed revolt by members of a disbanded intelligence units who are angry at the terms they've been offered for their dismissal 2 soldiers were killed and 4 injured as a 1st major challenge from within the security runs for the transitional government which took power in august even more going to ports in the capital khartoum. tuesday in how it's all started like this. members of the operation of sudan's general intelligence services opening fire in the capital there rejecting a severance package offered to them after the unit was dissolved months ago and they opted to retire rather than join the military tensions were high as people came out to feel what. was a member some clothes are firing their weapons what are we waiting for where are
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the security forces to stop this. sudan's government only months old deployed soldiers to try and contain the situation tanks patrolled the streets while military choppers flew overhead of tom skies as the main airport was shut down. the operations unit in the intelligence services was dissolved as part of reforms by the then military council which ousted the country's president obama will be in april following months of protests protesters had demanded the intelligence services be restructured accusing them of corruption and committing crimes against civilians the government described today's event as a meeting and called on the members of the unit to lay down their guns it's accused their former leader who resigned days after bashir was ousted of being behind the shootings minus group. we will no longer remain silent what happened today. is behind it this force operates under his command his older in this force
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and his commanders plotting against the country in secret they are trying to incite internal strife there are protests planned in the coming days they want to start problems in the country. the gun battles played out in residential neighborhoods with people reporting stray bullets landing in their homes and to billions injured people are on high alert and not only because of the event but because of what they may signify their worries that this would send their revolution back and that the military will try to tighten its grip on power to restore security in the capital and elsewhere. some analysts are blaming the government for the outbreak of violence. and if they couldn't know. there was a mistake in how issues were run after the ousting of bashir and especially in dealing with a peer ations unit in the intelligence services and how they were integrated we're no took in a bad at least 3000 people who are well armed well trained indeed intelligence
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forces and they weren't properly released and didn't hand their weapons. tuesday in how to end it the way it started with the sound of gunshots filling the air the latest bout of violence is a reminder to sudanese that they transitional government remains fragile and there are still many security issues to be resolved people morgan i'll just there are 2. rockets have been fired at an airbase in iraq that houses u.s. troops at least 2 katyusha rockets were fired a base that's just north of the capital baghdad have been no reports of casualties and a group has yet claimed responsibility. well those attacks come just days after 2 other iraqi bases housing u.s. troops were hit by ballistic missiles fired from iran that was in response to the assassination of iranian general hossam son of money and a u.s. drone attack one of the bases was the al assad air base al-jazeera zambian just a has been given rare access to the strategically important facility. it's
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rare to be targeted by a ballistic missile and lived to tell the tale this is one of the 7 damaged locations inside the base currently home to around 2000 u.s. danish norwegian polish and french troops u.s. soldiers see a combination of luck and preparedness helped to avoid casualties when iran's i.r.g.c. launched a missile. one left a nearly 6 meter wide creator and a shockwave knocked over blast walls each of these requires heavy equipment for installation maybe i mean we've got one of our bunkers they were used during the time attack and we had one individual that was inside their journey attack. while he says his bible was the most precious thing he lost in the ensuing fire which destroyed his living quarters when it hit and you just feel the shock of everything that. just flew. i was with the person with me here basically hugging each other holding the ground. and about 10 seconds after we got out of the bunker to go
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check on the person down here all the time was glass jaw was guarding one tower on the outer wall and saw the missiles coming in oh stephanie we scared and i was worried for the other people on base of course i was i was so scared because you know this sprawling 6 mile perimeter is one of the major training recognizance and air logistics bases for us that troops inside iraq and neighboring countries are thinking we would get rocketed and that rocket attack would be followed by a base incursions i would wager that if. you know there was a high value target oh i'm on base to hit 8 would definitely be our air assets see on thought get to a thought because it believes the base was used to launched the drone which killed salie money and for drone pilot such as causton keeping those air assets off the ground was a priority as soon as they heard about the attack a few hours before a top and we carry hellfire missiles we do i
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a sark which is intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance we we watched as me aircraft as we could as we're capable of to to cover as many basis is possible try to keep people safe are you least gave early warning to all of or other people around iraq this is what remains of the sleeping quarters of $39.00 soldiers who were a station at this unit they say that their hair to do a job and for them a does not matter what the politician see regarding their presence in the country the iraqi government says off to distill a money assassination coalition troops are more focused on keeping themselves safe and iraqi security forces should not have to be a the additional responsibility of protecting them in on nick malicious such as a nudge a bun can 5 has bill law of warned that their attacks we continue on to foreign troops leave their off the coalition recognize this is that iraq is a dangerous place there are continue threats from isis is
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a well as other groups we're ready for those threats we've taken defensive action to prepare for those threats we've paused training operations to ensure we can focus on anything that we are required to do to protect our troops in protect our recchi partners from the threats of rogue militias another terrorist gangs n.t.i. sit ups are suspended rightists it's not happening. so what are you guys doing up here. sir that's something that you have actually talked probably aren't sure about because one p.j. a. senior military leaders including the secretary of defense has ruled out u.s. and coalition troops pulling out for now soldiers here remain braced for the heightened level of threat some of enjoyment out of their a base iraq. meanwhile in syria the government's accusing israel of carrying out
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for strikes on a major military airbase in homs syrian state t.v. says most of the missiles and drones have been downed by the army reported missile attacks schools limited damage to the air base which is been attacked at least 4 times in recent years. now a prominent opposition politicians on trial for treason and sako was arrested 2 years ago is accused of collaborating with the us to i was with the government a long time to the unsent. he was bound the head of the 21000 election as it began to win more support if found guilty he could face up to 30 years in prison is in the couple. that have been concerns about this case from the very outset that u.s. the e.u. members of parliament and some saudis asian countries have the cambodian government to drop charges against cancer and now there are concerns about whether or not this hearing is going to be transparent the court did not issue a process to media or civil rights groups instead it issued passes to embassies and
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their representatives some of whom then gave these processes to a couple of reports and now there's no life into the proceedings so members of the public cons of the trial and one cambodian opposition supporter what i angry about that he told al-jazeera that it says a lot about this government that it gets to decide who is able to trial and who is a known amnesty international has accused the cambodian government of weapon i think it's criminal justice system as a way to eliminate its main political and human rights watch said will be the victim of a sham trial on bogus charges of treason remember i can focus is being tried in 2024 remarked that he made in 20137 years ago now he is recorded thing at a public meeting that he can't buy from us experts on how to win an election that is the basis of treason charges against him and civil rights activists are both appointed to how he's been treated the trial there was no presumption of innocence
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they say. it's taken more than 2 years for the government to bring camps over to trial he has been more than a year in prison and then he spent more than a get under house arrest and even when he was released that was condition. one of which was that he's not allowed to participate in politics others have everything and that many to say that not only the charges against him have been trumped up but that it's going to be a struggle for him to get back here in. china is carrying out the most intense attack ever on the global system for enforcing human rights according to human rights watch in an annual review the u.s. based organization accuses president xi jinping of overseeing the most brutal and pervasive oppression in decades on building a nightmare a surveillance system in june junge province and it was the chinese government will continue to weaken the international human rights system if it's not a challenge to the cuban government is warning its citizens to prepare for shortages of cooking gas because of u.s.
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sanctions many homes in cuba depend on bottled gas and people are being told to save as much as they can sanctions have forced the state energy company to cancel purchases of liquid petroleum gas washington's been tightening sanctions on cuba to pressure it into cutting ties with the government of venezuela's nicolas maduro the u.s. house of representatives will vote on wednesday to hand over impeachment charges to the senate where president trump's trial will take place ahead of that democrats have released a new evidence adding context of the charges the trump pressured ukraine to investigate democrats while withholding military aid mike hanna has more now from washington d.c. . the house speaker nancy pelosi has guided the impeachment process to this point but after the house vote it will move to the senate where majority leader mitch mcconnell will effectively take control he's adamant the democratic majority in the house has failed to prove a case and argues it's not up to the senate to do so the constitution gives the
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sole power of impeachment to the uk if i ask majority wants to impeach a president the ball is and their court but they have to do the work to prove their case. nothing nothing in our history or our cost of tuition says a house majority can pass what i'm asked to our. censure resolution and then and search for the senate bill on the block but senate rules mean mcconnell might not actually have the final say the procedure of the trial is decided by a simple majority and republican senators under increasing pressure to break ranks and join democratic party members in seeking a full trial with witnesses all it needs is for republicans to do so to decide whether the president merits acquittal or removal from office the senate must conduct a fair trial a fair trial has witnesses a fair trial has relevant documents as a part of the record
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a fair trial seeks the truth no more no less. and new evidence has been provided by this man live upon us he being indicted on a number of campaign finance charges and is now complied with a subpoena to hand over information connected to the ukraine investigation he was a close associate of president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani and has provided documents that allegedly detailed giuliani's attempts to elicit information from ukraine to use against former vice president joe biden this is a matter that lies at the heart of the move to impeach the president the new untested evidence will be turned over to the senate along with the articles of impeachment republican senators every being under pressure to hear evidence from former national security adviser john bolton who announced earlier he would comply
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with the senate subpoena to appear. the question is whether a minimum of all republicans will join democratic party members in defying the senate leader and the white house in demanding this new evidence be heard mike hanna washington. a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera iran's president says u.s. forces are not safe in the region and us called for them to leave the middle east along with other foreign troops hasan rouhani also once again called on the u.s. to return to the 2015 nuclear deal. forced to leave their homes in the philippines as the tile volcano spews ash and lava into the air but scientists say a larger eruption could now be imminent and want the area completely evacuated. winter storms have killed at least 93 people in pakistan rescue workers are
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battling harsh conditions to reach those who are stranded avalanches have killed 16 people in pakistan administered kashmir in libya the to book based government aligned with the warlord heavy for half tosses a ceasefire with the internationally recognized government in the capital tripoli is over the fighting has broken out south of the capital on monday the tripoli brest government and have to began talks in moscow to end the conflict but after are left without a deal being greek rockets have been fired at an air base in iraq that houses u.s. troops at least 2 katyusha rockets were fired at the base that's just north of baghdad there's been no reports of casualties and no group has yet claimed responsibility in neighboring syria the government's accusing israel of carrying out for air strikes on a major military airbase in homs syrian state t.v. says most of the missiles and drones have been downed by the army the bases and
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attacked at least 4 times in recent days. on a prominent cambodian opposition politician is on trial for treason himself was arrested 2 years ago and is accused of collaborating with the u.s. to overthrow the government of longtime rule the hun sen's sucker's party was banned ahead of the 2018 election as it began to win more support if he's found guilty he could face up to 30 years in prison and china's coming out the most intense attack at on the global system for enforcing human rights that's according to human rights watch in an unusual view the u.s. based organization accuses president xi jinping of overseeing the most brutal and pervasive oppression in decades and building a nightmare a surveillance system engine jet province well those are the headlines continues on al-jazeera after the street station watching. we were told that ration has this been addressed by turkey listen what is the proposal.
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for. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter. ok and your in the stream today a strain has bushfires and that this information campaigns that are surrounding them as always we want you to join the discussion if you have questions for i guess don't be shy you can also we'll twitter or on you cheap. as a strategy as wide as continue to spread. information there has been fake news conspiracy theories on social media and even claims that the fires with the work of 200 awesome ists while trolls have been behind much of this mainstream media outlet.


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