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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2020 1:00am-1:34am +03

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the. inspiring documentary impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. more than 200 people injured during a night of defiance protests in lebanon's capital. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program libya's conflict threatens its oil infrastructure can the warring sides reach a compromise when they meet in berlin on sunday. dozens of confirmed cases of a mystery illness in china but 1500 more people could have contracted the virus.
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and desperate people in a desperate system europe's refugee crisis leaves cyprus breaking. welcome to the program police have been firing water cannon and tear gas against protesters in beirut demanding a resolution to lebanon's economic crisis more than 200 people have been injured protests of increased over the past week because of delays in forming a new cabinet say the heart of reports now from beirut. rage in the streets of the capital in what might be a new phase in an uprising against lebanon's leadership that is now in its worst months fierce confrontations between anti-riot police and anti-establishment protesters turned downtown beirut into a war zone this is the epicenter of my protest movement that until
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a few days ago was relatively peaceful running battles began when demonstrators who want the political class they blame for mismanagement and corruption to leave power try to storm parliament building security forces responded with tear gas and i feel like the message is where protesters to back off and that they can't win and i think that the message of everybody here is that. the. return to lebanon's economy has been in turmoil for months a proposal to tax what's up close which should be a free service triggered the protests in mid october unemployment was rising and the lebanese local currency the lira was losing value in an economy to grow says everybody's going to get hungry everybody is going to need to do this so. i don't have to convince anybody about what's happening today it's clear what's happening who can get a hold of their money in the banks. there is anger at banks which imposed caps on withdrawals there is
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a shortage of dollars it's been almost 2 hours since the violence began anti-riot police have been using excessive amounts of tear gas to disperse the crowd but anti-establishment protesters are defiant the wounded were in the dozens both protesters and security forces were taken to hospitals there is a political vacuum many lebanese are growing impatient the politicians who are refusing to form an independent government free of the influence of political parties instead they're bickering among themselves for ministerial posts in the next cabinet you know government alone. technocrats it was really just a smokescreen for the old ruling oligarchies elite so the protestors. this is the 3rd night of violence since tuesday when activists said they planned to revive the momentum of the protest movement after a brief they announced what they called
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a week of rage they seem to be living up to that promise. the united nations has already described events in lebanon as dangerous chaos it is what comes next that many fears. bail out. let's go to libya now where the state oil firm says it's been forced to halt the operations at 5 major oil ports in the east of the country the facilities have been under attack by forces loyal to the warlord highly for have tab who say the ports revenues are being used by the rival tripoli based government to pay turkish fighters as many as $800000.00 barrels per day of output could be lost operations at the ports were stopped less than 24 hours before talks in the german capital both have to add the leader of the un recognized government that's 5 . have arrived in berlin the turkish president of type bed behind the has warned that if the libyan capital of tripoli were to fall for half that it would become a fertile ground for other rebel groups turkey backs the government and has
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recently deployed troops to help against have terrorist forces or the bit where he has been following developments from tripoli he says the oil blockade has already had substantial effects on global markets. in less than 24 hours their libyan dinar has lost about. 10 percent of its value compared to hard currency is b. because of the blockade of the terminals and oil exporting ports in the east of the country the united nations' support the mission in libya has except 1st concert of the of the installations and it's sad that the. must not be part of the conflict there and no see that's the state oil for the national oil corporation must stay neutral away from the current. conflict
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that's going on the oil revenues of the bag borne of libya's national income which is estimated at about $55000000.00 a day loss because of the. war leader is arriving in the german capital within libya peace conference as we mentioned will take place national harbor has more now from berlin. this was the moment libya's archrivals was supposed to agree to a cease fire prime minister phases. in moscow for a meeting brokered by vladimir putin and. but have walked out of the last minute the collapse of those talks has been a setback for international 1st and the conflict many are now waiting to see whether leaders from 12 countries can achieve what eluded put in and do it in moscow and persuade rival factions to reach a truce while the militant conferences try to do is get agreement between the
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states meddling in libya to stop their support to the warring parties problem is that western states on moderated put pressure on huff gas front office in particular. so the promises. back before medicine and medical billing rick hollow german chancellor angela merkel is pushing for a permanent ceasefire in libya and implementing an arms embargo but that may not be an easy task libya has been marred by an armed conflict for years. is leading an offensive to capture tripoli backed by the u.a.e. arabia france and russia the general has brushed aside reconciliation efforts. he's intent on defeating his opponent as prime minister of the international recognized government based in tripoli. any talks taking place when tripoli is on or a question is an absolute disrespect for those who are killed for the sake of democracy
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it is a disrespect for those forced out of their villages and cities after has a list of demands he wants armed factions in the west to disband and his libyan national army to take over has also made it clear that the military maritime deal said was just government signed with turkey should be scrapped for the leaders attending the berlin peace talks the libyan conflict has reached a tipping point violence is on the wires and an arche has paved the way for a wave of mass in areas to join the conflict raising fears it could be a prolonged and spillover threatening your security that's why the international committee is determined to end war in libya. several people have been killed in airstrikes in that rebel held syrian province of idlib it's the latest in a series of breaches of
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a russian and turkish brokered ceasefire for the region that was reached last weekend russia has denied breaking the peace the other. reports. of a desperate run. to save lives to get this shelter for displaced people was one of several sites hit by recent airstrikes in syria syria. inside is a family including several young children who have been arjan see crews take the injured to hospital come across some of the missiles hit several towns in the northern province of aleppo. but for others it's too late then you get some of the airstrikes hit this house which was for displaced people they came here looking for shelter trying to escape the bombing when we arrived we found 4 bodies on the ground. turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan says syria's government violated the cease fire brokered by turkey and russia. the target it
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live province is the last territory controlled by rebel groups in syria's northwest region. thousands of civilians are caught in the violence the u.n. says more than 300000 syrians have been forced from their homes over the last 10 weeks women men and children simply carrying out everyday activities at the workplace in markets and at schools being killed and maimed in senseless violence was these protesters say they've had enough they are tired of short lives cease fire agreements that go ignored. for those of us living in syria we know the talks of cease fire turned out to be lies there is no ceasefire a few days ago there was a massacre here that killed civilians many many families are now packing their belongings in leaving so many don't yet know where they can go and be safe. see
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a little bit so they yawn al-jazeera. who are the sources in yemen say that at least 30 government soldiers have been killed in an attack in the central region of lidy and dozens of others were injured. military training camp the sources say the missile attack was a preemptive strike. u.s. authorities have announced that they will start screening passengers flying in from the central chinese city where it's believed a mystery illness originated chinese authorities believe the virus originated from animal products in a seafood market back in december but researchers are worried about the likelihood of human to human transmission so far 2 people have died china has confirmed that 45 people have contracted the virus with 2 cases reported in thailand and one in japan scientists say the bat number is likely higher around 1700 officials have concluded the infection is a coronavirus cases common cold but it can also be as serious as sars that's the
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severe acute respiratory syndrome that killed nearly 800 people worldwide in 2003 katrina you is in beijing she explains the government's response to the outbreak. the chinese government they're very much trying to keep a lid on any sort of widespread panic they're trying to say that everyone who is associated with this particular seafood wholesale market which seems to be connecting all the people who have been affected so far have been been closely watched or have been tested and that everything is is under control and that they've said that everyone who's affected is from is from rouhani and so far it hasn't broken out into other areas now of course the government is trying to do this because we're entering the chinese new year period is not a small city 11000000 people live there and during this period there are about 2000000000 trips made across china if there's any panic sparked around this corona
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virus that it could lead to all sorts of cale's so the government is very much interested in trying to spread the message that it is all ok if you have any symptoms get tested because we're not ruling out human to human transmission but at the same time don't panic and just go about a business that's that's their message so far. several people have been killed by a car bomb that exploded in an apparent attack on turkish contractors in somalia it happened in the town of gori you which is northwest of the capital mogadishu the turkish engineers were having lunch with somali police at the time of the attack al shabaab has claimed responsibility for the bot. more news to come still on al-jazeera including tension at the border between mexico and guatemala and thousands of like ones pursue their dream of a new life in the u.s. returning to college filipinos evacuated from the base of the volcano are allowed back to their homes but only for a few hours. hello
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there yet more rain in the forecast across all southern regions of australia all of that is good news comes with a bit of a cause that we have already had some flooding you can see this bonded out here and this is bringing the rain and it's not how she moving very quickly but look at this it's had flooding in new south wales also into queensland and this is camera is a massive hailstorm plenty of rain coming down with it as well as a say. it's here in the man's hand but we have got more of that in the 4 calls on sunday what we'll see then is if you will scottish the southeast of queensland more showers down into new south wales and then sunday into monday a bit of a change it dries off into queensland but look at this some very heavy amounts of rain pushing into victoria and that will also then push up into more southern areas of new south wales so as i say we could have some more flooding and also bear in
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mind monday is day one of this trading open so after the heat the pollution of last week it could be a case on monday sunny of showers and thunderstorms it could even of course delay play then up to asia we have got one or 2 braincells working their way across the korean peninsula some snow into the higher elevations what about they generally sunday across into much of japan a few more appearing on monday want to show and southern china befallen and draw in hong kong at $22.00. a searching investigation into gun culture in the philippines. and the news that were put in place to control it in this country it is not a right of god so if you restrict the rights of licensed got orders you're not solving the problem of criminality of the kind of peace because these are not the people who are committing the crime. who are your customers a lot of people but has the violence actually got worse rewind stray bullets on
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al-jazeera. or. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera more than 200 people have been injured in protests in the lebanese capital beirut demonstrators are demanding an urgent end to the country's economic and political crisis libya's state oil firm says it's been forced to halt the operations at 5 major oil ports in the east of the country the facilities have been under attack by forces loyal to the warlords and the 4 have tied both have talent and leader of the un recognized governments.
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have arrived in berlin for sunday school. and u.s. authorities have announced that they will start screening passengers flying in from the central chinese city of where a mystery illness is believed to have a region 82 people have died there so far. now mexico's government is promising jobs so nearly 3000 migrants hoping to get into the u.s. thousands of made it to the guatemalan mexico border where they try to push their way past security forces to cross a closed bridge and turn mexican territory central american countries have come under increasing pressure from washington to stop migrants from crossing into the u.s. well john holeman is now in take coumadin of what a mile and city on the mexican border so john know what's going on there at the moment. now barbara you've just talked about what happened earlier in the day brief scuffle not with really with many people being
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involved members of this caravan this is being called the come from honduras after that the border got closed off for a bit it's a border bridge that goes between thick and choppers on the other side the mets can stay and then they start letting people in in groups of 20 there is about 4000 people actually on durance the guatemalan the authorities say moving through this country and slowly getting through the border they have been all right together they seem to be coming little by little along the last 3 days so after that 20 or so people are being allowed through time onto the mexican side of the border but there's a lot of suspicion here after a while the people that wanted to go through started to tail off because migrants began to say between themselves the hondurans well they're just doing this so that they can deport us back to honduras and we try to ask the mexican migration officials who are carrying this out where are you taking them what's going on now
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and they wouldn't give us any information they haven't given any information to the migration n.g.o.s either but as you said the mexican president under his mind will preserve the daughter says that he will give work to those who want to work visas to those who want to in the south of the country or asylum but he just won't let them try and get to the united states so we sort of in a period of pools at the moment where the hondurans are wondering what will happen to them if they do cross over to the mexican side and the mexican authorities are quite strictly regulating how many people can cross at a point but they are letting them go because as you mentioned there's still a lot of doubt of what exactly this promise of jobs entails for the mexican government but if it was to be legitimate have right now we don't know that it's not how much of an appeal what that have to a lot of migrants one assuming though i had you know started their their journey hoping to end up in the united states. yes that's completely
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correct a lot of the people because obviously we were speaking to them as they move through what the modern is they got to the cap to guatemala city and they had one name in mind to get to the u.s. but i suppose people are pragmatists and after walking a long time some of them catching right some of them taking buses but they've all had difficult routes the ones that i was talking through the gates to get into mexico was saying well we're in a pretty desperate situation back home a lot of them that we talked to anyway that was for economic reasons rather than strictly violence they were talking about basically not receiving enough in salaries a day to be able to feed and clothe their children that's we've heard that from lots of different people so far that we've talked to as a going through to say well if there's work in mexico and i can't get in the 3rd obviously i would take that option as well but it has come as a bit of a surprise to people to be met with opposition they thought i think that they would be able to get into mexico that that wouldn't be such a problem so to have this sort of regulation system has taken them aback
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a little bit and in the night there's meant to be quite a lot more people coming in remember 4000 people we haven't seen through many yet here not more than a 1000 certainly so there's a lot more to come and it remains to be seen what sort of pressure they'll bring to bear on the border whether they'll try and go under that border bridge and try and cross through the river that's been the power for other caravans john home and in the. city on the mexican border john for the moment thank you. and migration also an issue of course in europe the cypriot government has now called on the e.u. to help a deal with increasingly large numbers of migrants and refugees arriving on the island most of them travel from turkey then to the south to clear republic of northern sinai cyprus and then on to cyprus but once they get there those migrants and refugees say that they don't feel welcome as rory chalons reports from the mediterranean island. oma has experienced much misery she's not giving her real
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name to protect family back in syria bashar assad's massacres forced her to leave via lebanon to cyprus but life here is not happy so do you think the government do you think cyprus as a country once here. know it's a racist country the day after their ship arrived 4 months ago omar's husband was arrested he's not being prosecuted but police won't say why they're not releasing him only that they think he's a security threat and. we came from an unjust country we came from oppression from bashar al assad syria and we came to this country thinking there's justice democracy and human rights things are is much better for many other asylum seekers people queue for menial jobs and me go welfare coupons through the night to be one of the lucky few seen by a handful of staff during office hours asylum applications can take many years to
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complete it's an overwhelmed and confusing system as more arduous routes into europe are restricted the relatively simple journey from turkey to the self declared republic of northern cyprus then into the south becomes more travelled. 15000 now have refugee status here upwards of 15000 more applications are pending now these aren't huge numbers on the global scheme of things certainly compared to the millions of refugees in turkey but cyprus is a tiny country and it now has the highest number of asylum seekers per capita of anywhere in the european union cyprus is interior minister says they need european help because the system is at breaking point if turkey is continuously. pushing people to across the green line to cyprus they are entering the european territory it's not a cyprus problem anymore in my creation it's a european problem but some on the ground see things differently doris polycarp who
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runs kisa refugee focused and geo he's critical of europe's in action but he says cyprus has created a hostile environment to make itself a less attractive destination if you don't do you are job and you are in fear that this will say they will blame you for this situation is very easy to say you are obviously responsible for the not showing so that even you still are saying that we need. and we didn't do what we should do as with all refugee stories whether governments are on able or unwilling to cope it's real people who suffer rory chalons al-jazeera cyprus people in hong kong are preparing to celebrate chinese new year fearing continued anti-government unrest authorities have canceled some of the main events they've also banned the sale of items with any political reference but a sec luck now reports that's not enough to stop some activists. the streets
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a decorated in traditional chinese new year stock markets a big tour park essential to the busy and colorful festival plants and flowers signifying hope and promise for a new year. but the government is bad the sile of water known as drug goods any items with a political reference that hasn't stopped pro-democracy groups holding their own independent markets because of the protests and also we think that people this attack more control on their own freedom and in the moment so we planned to set up this market. hopefully hong kong people can have their freedom on how to use their money basically this is one of a number of crowd funded markets being held across the city called burn for you on sila handicrafts and products highlighting the anti-government message would still hold those cain to reaffirm their political stance in the past hong kong is that is
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that raising some problems with bodies. we want. to have here trying to scale again and to let them feel happy and the progress can show the homecoming there are around 15 independent organized markets being held at the chinese new year holiday break the location of some of them is not being shared publicly you have to register 1st to get those details in the current climate organizers fear any politicize a bent will be targeted by police security checks are in place across the mind festival locations but the government isn't taking any chances the annual fireworks display has been cancelled so too has the traditional chinese new year from right what was once considered the most significant festival of the year in hong kong is rather low key 2020 antigovernment protests is a planning another rally on sunday which might further dampen the celebrations. al-jazeera hong kong. people from villages and towns near the philippine
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volcano are briefly being allowed back into their homes they can only stay for a few hours a day to collect their belongings and start cleaning up the volcano began erupting last weekend shrouding thousands of homes and heavy volcanic ash bride reports now from the town of talley side which is in the danger zone. the to holler option has turned this part of tel aside into a ghost town population normally in the thousands it's now deserted its residents are only allowed to come back a few hours each morning to collect belongings and start the daunting task of trying to fix up their homes. their real a tangle elix shows us the thickness of the layer of debris left behind by the eruption. with these children the 1st priority is making their home livable again before even thinking of restarting the family business. or my long it's depressing
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i want to cry it'll take such a long time for us to recover it makes you lose hope one of. the town is just 5 kilometers from the volcano and boats from here used to take tourists on day trips to the island but this is as close as it is allowed to get he has a herd of cattle on the island but can't retrieve them. like this is our source of livelihood and what will happen after this tragedy if we can get our cattle we can start a new life when the volcano erupted the prevailing winds pushed the plume of ash and dust in this direction completely covering towns like this one forcing its residents to flee to safety well over 50000 people lost still sheltering in evacuation centers around this province. many towns like this one are allowing
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residents back for short periods but by 10 am it's time for people to leave again and the police roadblocks are back in place. those displaced are being supported by relief supplies but what they really want is to know when they can return to their homes permanently. the turns will it firmly finish their clean up for another day but we'll be back tomorrow returning to live in their houses one thing getting their lives back together that's far more of a challenge to robert pride al-jazeera batangas province northern philippines buckingham palace has announced an agreement for the future role of the do you conduct yourself sussex prince harry and megan will keep their royal highness titles but no longer use them in a statement from the palace queen elizabeth also said the couple will repay public money used to renovate their u.k. home last week harry and megan announce that they intend that the step back
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a senior members of the royal family and the 1st woman to be appointed to a management position in the vatican says she's looking forward to advancing a feminine point of view in her role pope francis named francesca the giovanni as the vatican's undersecretary for multilateral affairs should be responsible for coordinating relations with groups such as the un. and now the top stories on al-jazeera police are fired water cannon and tear gas at protesters in the lebanese capital beirut at least $220.00 people have been injured widespread demonstrations against lebanon's political elite and government corruption have been ongoing since october. we are in an economy to grow says everybody's going to get hungry everybody's going to need to do this. i don't have to convince anybody about what's happening today it's clear what's happening who
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can get a hold of their money in the banks who clearly are not as water how can you resist breathing now hope. on the eve of much anticipated peace talks in berlin libya's state oil firm says it's been forced to stop operations at 5 major oil ports in the east of the country the facilities at their attack by forces loyal to warlord holly for have tied as many as $800000.00 barrels per day of output could be lost u.s. authorities have announced that they will start screening passengers flying in from the central chinese city of where a mystery illness is believed to have a originated from so far 2 people have died there chinese authorities 1st noticed the virus in animal products at a seafood market. well the u.s. space centers for disease control says it hasn't seen this kind of virus before chinese officials have identified this outbreak as being caused by
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a novel coronavirus. a corona virus is a class of viruses that can cause the common cold but it actually can also cause more serious diseases like mers and sars iran says it will send the black boxes of a downed ukrainian airliner to kiev for examination once they are it says experts from france canada and the u.s. will try to read their flight recorder data 176 people were killed when the boeing jet was accidentally shot down by the ukrainian military earlier this month canada ukraine sweden afghanistan and the united kingdom have all been pushing for fall and unhindered access during the investigation into the crash those are the top stories coming out rewind stray bullets is next looking at the philippines government hard line on crime i'll see you tomorrow. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be very
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challenging given to particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. the people believe that tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to journalism people. across the globe. hello and welcome to rewind. today we're rewinding back to 2014 in the philippines the country was experiencing a spike in gun violence at the time and the government's response was to introduce new.


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