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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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oh oh. oh. major clashes in the lebanese capital security forces fired tear gas to find protesters who say they're tired of waiting for change. but i want you all to 0 it means a whole raman live from doha coming up in the next 30 minutes the prime minister of libya's u.n. backed government prepares for peace talks in berlin along with his rival for power the warlord khalifa haftar also. was. still falls on the border between guatemala and mexico hundreds of migrants are trying to head to the u.s. . and we report from a poor rural community in afghanistan but finding it harder and harder to cope with
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winter. welcome to the program how we begin in lebanon where months long protests have turned violent security forces fired water cannon and tear gas on demonstrators in a faceoff that lasted several hours more than $200.00 people were injured demonstrators say they're tired of waiting for the government to fix the only going economic crisis then to hold a reporter from beirut. rage in the streets of the capital in what might be a new phase in an uprising against lebanon's leadership that is now in its worst months fears confrontations between anti-riot police and anti-establishment protesters turned downtown beirut into a war zone this is the epicenter of a protest movement that until
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a few days ago was relatively peaceful running battles began when demonstrators who want the political class they blame for mismanagement and corruption to leave power try to storm parliament building secure. forces responded with tear gas i feel like the message is square protesters to back off and that they can't win and i think that the message of everybody staying here is that the more violence they face the more. return lebanon's economy has been in turmoil for months a proposal to tax what's up calls which should be a free service triggered the protests in mid october unemployment was rising and the lebanese local currency was losing value we are in an economy to crisis everybody's going to get hungry everybody is going to need to do this sooner i don't have to convince anybody about what's happening today it's clear what's happening who can get hold of their money in the banks we lost everything jobs finally everything this is
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a country with 5000 years of history it is an amazing country they took everything we have nothing left this is our only option is to go down on the streets and violence we have to use violence you know if i think a 40 year corrupted government. there is anger at banks which imposed caps on withdrawals there is a shortage of dollars anti-riot police have been using excessive amounts of tear gas to disperse the crowd but anti-establishment protesters are defiant the wounded were in the dozens both protesters and security forces were taken to hospitals there is a political vacuum many lebanese are growing impatient with politicians who are there fusing to form an independent government free of the influence of political parties instead they are bickering among themselves for ministerial posts in the next cabinet this you know government alleging technocrats it was really
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just a smokescreen for the old ruling oligarchic elite so the protesters were really upset this is the 3rd night of violence since choose. when activists said they plan to advise the momentum of the protest movement after a brief lull they announced what they called a week of rage they seem to be living up to that promise the united nations has already described events in lebanon as dangerous chaos it is what comes next that many fear senator the al jazeera. about hobbits try to over such of the arab century washington d.c. he says the ruling elite just isn't doing enough to the people's demands the problem is that the ruling class is not responding well to people on the street. just postponing at barcelona and performing the formation of a new government even though the protesters have given the new. prime minister designate. a whole month so far to form the so-called
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government but apparently he's not being allowed even by the people who leave and they think him to do that job is not being allowed for that government so they county is really very very and in very bad shape unemployment. change rate of the local currency everything has collapsed and i think it's going well the i mean what's happening or since tuesday has been expected i mean that people cannot take it anymore this is we've just entered the 4th month and i think it's going to go on like this at all. preparations are underway for a highly anticipated peace conference on libya which is backed by the united nations the talks in berlin aimed at finding a resolution to the months long conflict all the have to launch an offensive to take the capital tripoli from the internationally recognized government in april
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recent attempts to find a ceasefire have fallen apart. from the german capital. this was the moment livia's archrivals was supposed to agree to a cease fire prime minister face the stars and warlord in moscow for a meeting brokered by vladimir putin and the. but have to walked out of the last minute the collapse of those talks has been a setback for international efforts to end the conflict many are now waiting to see whether leaders from 12 countries can achieve in berlin what eluded put in and done in moscow and persuade rival factions to reach a truce while the billionaire conference is try to do is get agreement between the states meddling in libya to stop their support to the warring parties problem is that western states on operated put pressure on half that front office in particular the u.a.e. so the promise is that performance will make unwilling it in ring hollow german
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chancellor angela merkel is pushing for a permanent ceasefire in libya and implementing an arms embargo but that may not be an easy task libya has been marred by an armed conflict for years. is leading an offensive to capture tripoli backed by the u.a.e. it eurabia friends and russia the general has brushed aside reconciliation efforts . he's intent on defeating his opponent as prime minister of the international recognized government based in tripoli. they were asking us if any talks taking place when tripoli is under a question is an absolute disrespect for the. those who are killed for the sake of democracy it is a disrespect for those forced out of their villages and cities hotter has a list of demands he wants armed factions in the west to disband and his libyan national army to take over he's also made it clear that the military and maritime
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deal said was just government signed with turkey should be scrapped for the leaders attending the berlin peace talks the libyan conflict has reached a tipping point violence is on the rise and an arche has paved the way for a wave of mass in areas to join the conflict raising fears it could be a prolonged and spillover threatening you of security that's why the international committee is determined to end war in libya or al-jazeera berlin meanwhile in libya forces to have to forces to have to have attacked 5 eastern oil ports the state oil firm has closed down the sites and that's expected to result in the loss of at least 800000 barrels a day of output of the white head is in tripoli and says the oil blockade is already having an impact on global markets. in less than 24 hours their libyan air dinar has lost about. 10 percent of
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its value compared to hard currency is b. because of the blockade of the terminals and oil exporting ports in the east of the country the united nations' support the mission in libya has except pursed concerns over of the blue kade of the in his 2 lesions and it's sad that the. must not be part of the conflict and their n.o.c. that's the state oil for the national oil corporation must stay neutral away from the current of the conflict that's going on the oil revenues are of the bag borne of libya's national income which is estimated at about $55000000.00 at a loss because of the bookie. if you have been 30 government soldiers have died in a missile strike in the northern region of it had a military training camp dozens of people were also injured but sources say the
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rebels are behind the attackers but over the top explosions according to the hole these spokes man he says that on friday they have already fault and advancing at by the saudi and government backed forces. in the region. this latest fatalities that the we have. her than received about. there are different stories one says. this news belonged belongs to an independent newspaper which has just published its front page and will be distributed in the morning that the healthiest have already captured the 29th mechanic a military. brigade for the 29th military military and also belongs to the 7th military region backed by the saudi arabia and also the
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the government. this is one of the explanations of the high mortalities that they have already captured this military can brigades and also they have can be skated it's. but another source that i have to contract to the he mentioned that the the how these have used ballastic messiah law on a military canned eastern or the province of marib it's a training camp such as resulted in the high mortality among those who were inside the camp the sause told me that the this it was a preemptive strike on this military camp as it is was going to support and reinforce those who have been defeated and in the in the
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eastern of. at least 4 people have been killed in a car bombing attack that apparently targeted turkish contractors in somalia it happened in the town of their northwest of the capital mogadishu 15 others were wounded there the turkish engineers were having lunch with somali police at the time has claimed responsibility to her answers it will hand over the flight data recorder of a downed passenger jet to ukraine 176 people were killed when iran's military mistakenly shot down the ukrainian international airlines flight shortly after it took off from tehran canadian and ukrainian investigators are already in the country examining the wreckage. well still ahead here tens of thousands of women across the u.s. take against president trump. first fire then floods our strain it's a coping with apocalyptic weather conditions. head
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of the day for the big snowstorm across northern sections of the united states snow ice blizzard conditions and a cool some rain further to the south but it has been meeting fairly swiftly this storm system look at this this is in utah salt lake city 13 centimeters of snow has been recorded and then is to say the storm is moving moving its way eastward so this is a morning across in iowa again a case of digging out of all that snow but just look at this because by sunday it really is pretty clear out across much of the west the central regions and even by then across much of the northeast still some snow flurries really lake effect snow coming off of the great lakes and then by monday it's a very sena picture it really is fairly quiet it has become colder those temperatures of that new york hovering around freezing one celsius in washington
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and then you got one of she will stay afloat is likely into the mountains across into seattle and then down into the caribbean no snow here but there are plenty of rain showers will see a few shots working their way through most central southern areas over florida and then also where the bulk of the rains out towards mexico some showers around into the yucatan peninsula but mostly dry and to cancun and then we've got some fairly heavy rain working its way into southern mexico on sunday monday s in the story and cooler in mexico city as 60. 1 counting the cost from pounces monster trade deal is china capitulates and beijing delivered. of billions in extra trade russia seeks to isolate ukraine with a pipeline via turkey plus south korea's duds been struggling to climb the social escalator counting the cost of now just the other. award winning
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documentaries from around the world. announces 0. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with me so rob a reminder of our top stories lebanese police have fired water cannon and tear gas against protesters demanding a resolution to the economic crisis more than 200 people were injured in the capital beirut. also warlord khalifa haftar the leader of libya's un recognized government arrived in berlin ahead of a highly anticipated peace conference is aimed at finding a resolution to the months long conflict. and in yemen 30 government soldiers have
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been killed in an attack in the northern region of dozens of people also injured sources say who the rebels were behind the attack. the 1st migrants from the caravans moving through quite a have been allowed to start crossing into mexico but under pressure from the white house the government there says it will try to stop them carry on to the u.s. mexico says it has a plan but as job holding found out of the border but everyone is convinced. on saturday morning the 1st members of a mass migration of 4000 hondurans arrived at mit's cruz southern border. many been traveling days to get this far but now they found their way ahead blocks . after a brief scuffle involving a few young men the gates and the border bridge were closed. and those like casted a single mom with 4 children settled down to wait for the rest of the caravan to
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arrive but again. i want a better future for my children because in honduras you can't get work even the young. many here are fleeing poverty in some countries murderous gangs in the city and after a pause the mexican authorities began letting them through 20 at a time we caught up with eric as he queued meaning out that. my daughter doesn't have shoes because i can't get work it's the need that we all have in the country many like johnnie go back thinking this easy entrance might be a trip there but they have worried that they'll deport aspect of our country after all that it's cost us to get this far it didn't help that migration authorities refused to say where they were taking the hondurans in buses what's going on i mean but this is. what mexico's president said give people visas to work in the south of the country or asylum if they qualify for it but what he won't do is let them pass
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through and get to the u.s. . that was the aim of most people here to start with and some say they would definitely settle for staying in mexico if they were allowed to join homan al-jazeera on the mexico guatemala border in the u.s. impeachment managers with the house of representatives have filed a brief laying out their arguments for the charges against president donald trump now the senate trial has formally begun with opening statements expected on tuesday in the briefing document the democrats say trump abandoned his oath and must be removed from office to safeguard the integrity of the 2020 election. well the white house released a statement from trump in response saying that the articles of impeachment submitted by house democrats are a dangerous attack on the right of the american people to freely choose their president this is a brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the results of the 2060 election and
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interfere with a 2020 alexion now just months away how is a former u.s. attorney and host of talking feds pod cast he says trance response to the summons was unsurprising that it'll be at least 2 weeks until there's a vote on whether witnesses are called. there's really not much in the answer to the summons that we haven't heard before including its plug nations tone he they really strike out at the house managers for daring to have initiated this process which they try to portray as something of a constitutional hijacking so it's a very aggressive tone but no more or less than we've heard from them in recent months so it will be after these opening statements which are that that makes them seem maybe shorter than they are that only 2 weeks proceedings at that point by far the majority of the republican controlled senate would would love to if they could
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just shut it down and say we've heard enough but there are 3 or 4 or 5 republicans who may feel otherwise and it is after all a pretty compelling position if there's important testimony out there why not hear it so the majority leader mitch mcconnell may not be able to prevent a motion to hear some testimony and if you were gauging the kind of behind the scenes movement over the last week you would say that it seems to be moving in the direction of at least having some witnesses there are a few so-called moderate republicans who seem in favor of it and they themselves are buffeted by political winds from districts where it's not so monolithically for trump and they need to portray themselves as being not in lock step with a very unpopular president other than within the republican party. making the road
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to bones full transfer beautiful from powell where thousands of protesters of washington across the u.s. on saturday night they held rallies marking the fed out of us 3 of the women small but to millions of protesters to the streets the day after trump's inauguration 2017 as well as the main event in washington rallies were held in chicago new york and los angeles protests to say trump must go in order to protect diversity equality and human rights. at the rally in washington d.c. . despite the cold temperatures in nearly freezing rain it hasn't stopped thousands of people from coming out on the streets here in washington d.c. for the 4th annual women's march the 1st one happened in january 2017 and it was in response to president donald trump's inauguration in that march he was almost like a protest there were more than a 1000000 people throughout the united states and took part in that 2017 this one is much different there's only a few 1000 people here nevertheless everyone here says that while the numbers are
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much much smaller that it's important that they're here for us and so much bigger than that for us it's about the impact that people are able to have let me go back and say that community is for us it's about people coming here getting inspired getting motivated and to get out and actually back into the communities to focus on the public and i see i think the marginalized populations african-americans l.g.b. team here and hispanics which i am part of that culture if we don't all get together and stand nothing's going to change and all of us collectively can make that change happen most people here tell us that it doesn't matter of trump is reelected or not they're going to carry on this movement for years to come there's already talk about maybe another's women's march later this year closer to the election. after a season of devastating bushfires severe flooding is now sweeping through parts of australia heavy rain has soaked coastal areas of queensland and new south wales for
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the last few days shola ballasts. koalas risky from fire now carry from floods last week bushfires came within 10 kilometers of the straining reptile park never going to know what's coming in the park a war. since thursday heavy rain has left parts of australia is east coast for queensland and new south wales plagued by record breaking busch buys this was welcome relief i might. just drinking. in new south wales a wounded quality licks water off the road rule fire service here sued rain fell across most of its fires although doesn't still it's just beautiful listening to what they are seeing to it on the roof it's a long time since we've had it here so we're enjoying it up to $300.00 millimeters of rain fell in southern queensland forcing commuters to get creative 70 percent of
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queensland is affected by drought. this was the 1st time 14 month old lacey soon had ever seen right here much of australia's been in drought for a good 23 percent across the area where the fossils been at their worst if you're looking at really heavy rainfall coming in on the tops ground the trees obviously been damaged if not destroyed so then i got to soak up the water the ground struck hard they will tend to just wash off so that's why you do essentially get the the flooding. for many astray flooding is a small price to pay price chapman's farmers in the grips of drought he's been hand feeding cash to keep them in line. i love and i don't care how weird. i can ride all the way because far as i'm concerned we've never had so much rain in. the
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rain is expected to move south over the next few days and bring relief to the state of victoria where firefighters continue to be dogged by flames and they could use more help from above charlotte dallas al-jazeera. only 6 people are being killed by flooding and landslides in southeastern brazil firefighters arrived by helicopter on saturday to rescue people trapped in the holes is buried in the barred officials hole of rain in just 24 hours turning streets into rivers destroying buildings and sweeping cars away heavy snowfall in parts of gaza start as cold dozens of people in recent weeks went to the herat province of the western part of the country where residents are appealing for help as the dire conditions continue. in villages all over the country afghans living much the same way they have for
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centuries there are no gas or electricity lines people still collect the wood they for them to stay warm in the winter. that's how 18 year old mother died. his father said he walked to a nearby forest to gather brush for a fire to keep the family lore through the night but he never came about the out of the lot of them were all of them junk out that's what we thought that he went to his sister's house on the other side of the woods finding oaks to not work at not so we went there the next day we found his body in the snow our next year's father said his son probably became tired walking in the heavy snow and with no one to help him fell asleep and froze to death conditions are miserable for people in other risk on district one man in this village said here in the forgotten corners of afghanistan people are living waiting to die. snowfall was so heavy this year the roof of my johns mud house collapsed in the middle of the night her
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family was sleeping when it happened. i ran out of the room and my husband was screaming for help it was only able to pull my children out of doing things my husband was trapped and died on the developer when the neighbors came they removed his body. even before the storm she did not have much now a widow sitting outside her broken home she seems completely lost though tragic local officials say the overall death toll in this area has been low but village elders say they are in serious need of help weather related illnesses and injuries have affected nearly every one of the 700 homes in this community people we met said that the winters in this part of the country have been getting increasingly more and more extreme but the cold is more severe and they have ever experienced in the past and we are expecting 2 more months of snow fall and they are already worried about the next disaster when the snowy branch rule melts and floods their homes even if people wanted to leave their ancestral lands they say they have
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nowhere else to go. if they don't get help soon elders here worry out of work young men could join armed groups like the taliban more as a matter of survival than ideology. these people are jobless and they do not have anything to do that if these men commit robberies or join insurgents it is the right the biggest complaint we heard was that people here need a medical clinic the nearest one is in district headquarters on the other side of snow covered hills one woman said people have no choice but to walk while they still can before the next storm it seems desperate but they may be the lucky ones deeper in the mountains where the roads are still covered in snow district officials say many villages remain inaccessible and the true scale of human suffering still out of sight unseen basra via the risk on district herat province
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afghanistan. had traffic an hour away in east africa saying the most serious escalation of the number of locusts in 25 years is that interferes over food security in a region that's still reeling from floods and drought kenya is one of the worst affected countries authorities there say there's been an extremely dangerous rise in swarm activity the insects fly together by the millions of destroyed hundreds of thousands hectares of crops this yeah we haven't lost a lot of we have lost our foreheads we thought that we sell these still over the next coming 4 years now that this time they're not we've you can see this that this city is going to clean all this once i cleaned the grass isn't it so i said i didn't know i didn't also been destroyed. and back again palaces to the greenwood for the future role of the duke and duchess of sussex prince harry and maggie won't use their royal highness titles any wall but tar being allowed to keep them in a statement from the palace queen elizabeth the seconds that the couple will pay
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public money used to renovate their u.k. home last week carrying a bag of the doubts they intended to step back and see the members of the royal family. there with the cell rubble a reminder of our top stories lebanon's month long protests have turned violent security forces fired water cannon and tear gas on demonstrators in a face off that lasted several hours more than 200 people were injured demonstrators say they're tired of waiting for the government to fix the ongoing economic crisis all of the half turn of the leader of libya's u.n. recognized government of arrived in berlin ahead of a highly anticipated peace conference is aimed at finding a resolution to the months long complex recent attempts to find a ceasefire her fall apart if you have a 30 government soldiers have died in
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a missile strike in the northern region of aviv it hit a military training camp dozens of people were also injured sources say who the rebels were behind the attack in the u.s. house of peace but managers have filed a brief laying out their arguments for the charges being brought against president donald trump saying he must be removed the senate trial formally opened odd thursday with opening statements expected of tuesday the president's defense team says it will argue he's on solid legal and constitutional grounds gabriel elizondo has more from washington d.c. . they are going to argue they say the fundamentals of the 2 articles of impeachment against the president the abuse of power and obstruction of congress they're going to say from a constitutional and legal standpoint that nothing the president is being accused of is necessarily a crime and they will say it does not rise to the levels high crimes and misdemeanors something that a president shouldn't be impeached for the 1st migrants from
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a caravan moving north through guatemala have been allowed into mexico there were scuffles at the crossing earlier central american countries are under pressure from the u.s. to stop the breaching us border most of the violence worthing poverty and violence in honduras east africa is seeing a rise in locust swarms it's adding to fears over food security in the region still reeling from floods and drought kenya is one of the worst affected countries the insects have destroyed hundreds of thousands of hectares of crops in some of the world's most vulnerable areas those are the headlines of back with more news in the half an hour the next on our jazeera it's counting the cost to stay with us. the burning spine to peace dreams of peace and democracy but how many came to pass they transformed from the social democrats but it was a fake democracy people in power travels through the former eastern bloc why post cold war optimism to succumb to darker more authoritarian realities the police
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called. to the march and. beyond the war part 2 on al jazeera. is a than this is counting the cost of al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week we're signing. beautiful monster $40.00 to $50.00 to our farm that's our farm we thank you i keep saying don't buy our track. trade deal as china capitulates and beijing deliver tens of billions in extra trade.


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