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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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took the microphone and we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. the a. tear gas and violence in hong kong as thousands defy a police ban on a protest. hello there i'm just on the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the prime minister of libya's u.n. backed government prepares for peace talks in berlin along with his rival for power the world relief. and protests also turned violent an 11 on anger there is rising as the economic and
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fiscal crisis deep. in the form rule communities in afghanistan finding it harder to survive the basically cold winter. now violence has once again broken out in hong kong after pro-democracy demonstrators attempted to march through the city in defiance of a police ban riot police of fide tear gas of protesters and arrested to several people thousands had gathered in the center of the city for the latest anti-government demonstration now authorities had approved that rally as long as participants stayed in one location but police did warn that they would stop anyone attempting to march but our correspondent sara clark is joining me now live from hong kong sero been seeing these pictures of what looks like quite a bloody crackdown on today's rally what's been happening there. well
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it started as a peaceful gathering thousands were assembled in a central part of central china to god and now the openness of this particular march had requested to march to actually leave that particular location and go towards causeway by but the police denied that request and as a result they've gone ahead with of the rally i should say that they started to march in this is where the place that they will move in and try to disperse the crowds if they start to block roads and that's exactly what happened parts of central very busy thoroughfare is a 2 or 3 line started to be blocked see behind me that now the people have got about 500 meters down the road and to be met with the police line we've got hundreds of riot police being deployed today to try to disperse these crowds to stop this much going ahead we're going to have behind me we've got some radical chanting and yelling at the place at the moment but we've had a few rounds of tear gas fired in central china goggles out some sponge going to it's been now 5 as well and as you mentioned been a number of arrests for the place have stayed awake that if this march does go ahead they will move in and i have sara we're seeing this increasing crackdown and
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it's now been nearly 8 months of unrest there seems to be no end to this impasse so where to from here. well certainly we're seeing a big crackdown by the place on these rallies on these gatherings in the protests a number of have been denied in recent months and we've also got the very busy chinese new year festival which begins this week this is a an annual festival to big celebration in hong kong we've got traditional fairs and events of about 2 weeks but a number of those fears have been banned it's just a curator at those physical locations that are going to head up the place as i mentioned they're starting to crack down on these protests and we've seen increasing amounts of violence recently clashes between some of the hardcore protesters and the place over recent months we had a big rally on news diet here in hong kong. sunday is the 1st time we've seen tear gas fired since that news directly but certainly we're seeing increasing clampdown on the police on the go ahead of these protests and also the number of arrests.
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that live for us in hong kong thank you very much there is do stay safe. now libya's warring sides are expected to attend a peace conference in germany on sunday the gathering in berlin is backed by the united nations world cliff i have to launched an offensive in april to take tripoli from the internationally recognized government early attempts to negotiate a cease fire broke down at a summit in moscow last week and ahead of these talks the turkish president has called the berlin conference an important step in reaching a solution to the center of the libyan conflict. didn't. the international community has not shown the necessary reaction to have to take until now the actions of have to support his violation of the u.n. security council's reason lucian's. correspondent mark without the wahid is standing by for us in the libyan capital tripoli but 1st let's go to a bar who's in berlin for us has some a highly anticipated meeting talk us through what's expected to happen today.
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well today the key players are expected to come to go set aside their differences and talk about a political way out of the crisis in libya to do that they have to overcome their own differences because we're talking about countries mostly involved militarily. backing parties are opposing the conflict and we are likely to see heated exchanges between key players turkey for example which is adamant that it will continue backing the government of prime minister. and to test control of the whole country other countries like france russia the united arab emirates and egypt so they are determined to continue a backing war more highly for the consider to be a legitimate defacto route out of libya because who controls more than 2 thirds of the country the americans after taking
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a backstage position for many years will attend with secretary of state arriving here and it remains to be seen whether the americans will finally step in and this is why the entire international community is willing to see them take an aggressive stance when it comes to libya finally. the europeans saw the russians and the turks deeply involved recently and they are saying that should come to an end this is why they are hoping to achieve 2 main goals here in berlin a permanent cease fire and implementing the arms embargo. amid all of this renewed interest seeming here in resolving this there's also been some controversy here head of today i mean some countries not invited or not attending morocco cats and even libya's neighbor tunisia might all undermine any kind of a chance of a breakthrough. it is likely to create more problems in the near future of the
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overwhelming sentiment in the pass is that to solve the crisis in libya you have to have all the parties converged you go shared a settlement how can you invite the city is but don't invite of their car toddies for example why would you invite zillions but your don't invite of the tin his ears both countries a neighbor libya and those countries fear excluded by the international community oh this explains the an orthodox where statement by the moroccan governments yesterday criticizing the international community quit is sizing the burling confidence than seeing that that more rocco wers instrument a toasting of the learned walk to $1015.00 say about agreement which is the only a platform that's pave the way for the government of settlers to tick over with she's the government took you know is by the international committee there's a feeling by the good rock and government that the billing conference is going to just grab the scare outs agreement and pave the way to another political architecture and i think vis divide those concerns voiced by many countries are
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likely to further undermine the chances in the near future to have a permanent solution to the crisis in libya hush and i'll borrow or they're keeping an eye on those talks for us in ballin thank you hashan well meanwhile 5 ports an eastern libya have been closed off an attack by forces loyal to have to or it's expected to lead to the loss of around 800000 barrels of oil per day well let's speak now to math went out to why had he joins us from libya's capital tripoli mom would how is this blockage of these oil points impacting the economy that it's definitely impacting the country's economy as you know because oil revenues are the bag borne of libya's national income and here in tripoli their national oil corporation has declared what it calls for measured that's a kind of administrative procedures to protect itself against any illegal
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sanctions or obligations because as you know. all the oil industry in the east of the contrary are run by the libya's national oil corporation in partnership with foreign companies so in this case the n.r.c. says that when the oil exporting is blocked for any reason then there has to declare that so that it can protect itself against any legal obligations but meanwhile it remains very cute in the east of the country and the protesters. along with groups affiliated with have to say that they are protesting the are blocking the oil terminals in protest against the. military existence in libya but the government of national accord here in tripoli says that the reason why it has brought to advance its weapons and troops the
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country because it has the right to defend itself and defend the capital tripoli against what it calls have to this force that aggression also the government of national accord is calling on the international community the united nations to put pressure on have to end this blockage and to guarantee a full return of the oil exporting in the oil terminals as you know the stars here that these 5 oil terminals are the have the measure on oil industry nations in the country and if that continues to see here that it will be losing about $55000000.00 a day there is some sort of frustration here in the west of libya specially. in the bag the prime minister said that the fact that have that has given green light to his forces to block the oil terminal means that he is not ready for peace and this
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is by the way is not a good sign for the 1000000000 ongoing talks now. indeed would have a head there from libya's capital tripoli thank you. well moving on now and more than 60 government soldiers have been killed in yemen in a missile strike on the province of marriage dozens more wounded in the attack on a military training camp yemen's government is accusing the rebels of being behind the violence well our correspondent mohammed atta is in yemen's capital sana'a and he says the death toll is expected to rise further. there turkey was involved according to sources 333 missiles one targeting a gathering of the government forces and another one targeted with unary where we're house. the nobody has so far cleaned responsibility over the. it has targeted this military camp which is. south of the problems of rope.
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a little bit far away from the whole fees but. their missiles could reach such distances even though they have reached over 1000 kilometer will be targeted. targets inside the saudi territories but so far. we are still waiting for with the whole confirm or deny their responsibility over the attack and chinese health officials say 17 more people have been infected by a deadly new virus believed to have originated from an animal market 62 cases have now been confirmed and 2 people have died in the central city of british scientists think there could be more than 1701 confirmed cases some u.s. airports are now screening passengers from china the virus is linked to severe
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acute respiratory syndrome or sars that killed nearly 800 people in 20022003. the weather is next but still ahead we join the philippines trying to clear people from around. the. mexico as. trying to make it. but. we've got the usual russia shallots across southeast asia not looking too bad into the philippines money financial base and places of fair weather cloud just slipping from malaysia on the other hand seeing some very heavy showers thundering down poles course the heat of the day showers coming up across the region as we go
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on through monday and a similar picture there for red shoes day the showers will tend to sink a little further south which as we go on through chews day and you see how they stand across a good part of indonesia and also into pop you need getting all the possible straight also seeing some live downpours as we go on through the next couple of days that we had some lively downpours recently of course across the eastern side of australia the best rains here for a good 2 days to some parts of queensland and also into new south wales looks like is going to stay just into the southeast as we go on through the next couple of days but up around the gulf coast bracing look about for rainfall total $255.00 millimeters of rain coming down in just 24 hours so just as we go on through the next hour where pressure down towards the southeast a fair bit of cloud just gathering into victoria and southern parts of new south wales the tennis stars of course on monday not too much tennis weather a cool 21 in melbourne.
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a searching in. yes to geisha and to gun culture in the philippines. and the new is that were put in place to control it in this country it is not right so if you listed the rights of latest got orders you're not solving the problem of criminality of the philippines because these are not the people who are committing the crime. who are your customers a lot of people but has the violence actually got worse rewind stray bullets on al-jazeera. order or.
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hello again i missed us here today and i ha a reminder of our top stories this hour violence has once again broken out in hong kong after pro-democracy demonstrators tried to march through the city in defiance of a ban riot police and fire tear gas the protesters and several people have been arrested . libya's warring sides are said to me as a highly anticipated peace conference and balance the talks on the latest attempt and months by saying the world can leave for have to launch an offensive to take the capital tripoli back in april. and more than 60 government soldiers have been killed in yemen in a missile strike on the province of mar and dozens more were wounded in that attack which targeted a military training camp. now protesters in lebanon are preparing for another day of rallies often months of peaceful demonstrations turned violent on saturday night nearly $400.00 people were injured after security forces fired tear gas and water cannon at crowds in the capital and
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a standoff that lasted several hours demonstrators say they're tired of waiting for the government to fix the economic crisis then a halt to reports from beirut. rage in the streets of the capital in what might be a new phase in an uprising against slipping on his leadership that is now in its worst months fears confrontations between anti-riot police and establishment protesters turned downtown beirut into a war zone this is the epicenter of a protest movement that until a few days ago was relatively peaceful running battles began with demonstrators who want the political class they blame for mismanagement and corruption to leave power try to storm parliament building security forces responded with tear gas i feel like the message is for protesters to back off and that they can't win and i think that the message of everybody staying here is the. the more violence they face the more. lebanon's economy has been in turmoil for months
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a proposal to tax what's up calls which should be a free service triggered the protests in mid october unemployment was rising and the lebanese local currency was losing value we are in an economy crisis everybody's going to get hungry everybody's going to need to do this sooner i don't have to convince anybody about what's happening today it's clear what's happening who can get a hold of their money in the banks we've lost a job finally everything this is going. to be it is an amazing country they took everything we have nothing left this is our only option is to go down on the streets and violence we have to use violence we are fighting a 40 year corrupted government. there is anger at banks which imposed caps on withdrawals there is a shortage of dollars anti-riot police have been using excessive amounts of tear
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gas to disperse the crowd but anti-establishment protesters 2 are defiant the wounded were in the dozens of protesters and security forces were taken to hospitals there is a political vacuum many lebanese are growing impatient with politicians who are refusing to form an independent government free of the influence of political parties instead they are bickering among themselves for ministerial posts in the next cabinet this new government. technocrats it was really just a smokescreen for the old ruling oligarchies elite so the protesters were really upset this is the 3rd night of violence since tuesday when activists said they plan to revive the momentum of the protest movement after a brief they announced what they called a week of rage they seem to be living up to that promise the united nations has already described events in lebanon as dangerous chaos it is what comes next that
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many fear. beirut an eruption warning is still in place for the tal canner in the philippines but some fishermen and villages living in the area have ignored it and gone home or back to walk pride has no. the philippines coast guard is making this early morning patrol every day at the moment there's still a restriction in force on anyone going to the island it's simply too dangerous to go there and this is part of that. just as we were approaching the island we saw boats also coming to the island and also we see people on the shoreline here that people still have fish farms here so they come out very early morning to tend to their fish farms despite warnings that they should be staying away. so they've been telling the fishing boats they can't stay here they have to leave and some of them have left but we still have these guys on the shoreline here who are
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determined to stay and there's not much the coast guard it seems can do about that and. we're urging them to leave the island and those we see trying to come across we stop that because it's still a level 4 and we've got to think about safety and as we've been driving around here we see just over the hillside huge billowing clouds of steam and dust coming from the volcano having said that it does seem as though the emissions have dropped in the past few days or so it seems a lot more peaceful so it's hard trying to tell people that they can come out here people say look we have livelihoods we're going to make a living we have to come out and tend to our fish farms or come out and fish what else are we going to do there are villages dotted all around the coastline of this volcanic island as we've been going along we've been seeing boats at all of them and people happily at work as though life is getting back to normal and seemingly impervious to the warnings and from the coast guard. it seems risky enough just visiting here seems inconceivable that anyone would want to spend any time here
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with people left they left behind livestock also left behind domestic animals we just noticed there was a dog on the shoreline the coast guard here just made an attempt to rescue it put it in the boat but it doesn't seem to want to leave. the coast guard will be out again tomorrow morning to do the same warning people to stay away and that this is still a very dangerous volcano but what also annoys them they tell us is that while other people are putting their lives at risk by coming out here so with the coast guard by coming out and trying to tell them to stay away. mexico has dispatched its national guard to the border with cost model as thousands of migrants attempt to move north and there was scuffles as some people tried to push their way past security forces to cross a closed bridge mexico has allowed to some migrants to get home but it's coming under increasing pressure from washington to stop people from traveling into the u.s.
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our correspondent on holman is in tech and that's on the guatemala mexico border with thousands trying to cross it was a scuffle it was a few young men who were trying to push their way across and they got repulsed by the mexican border guards and then after that the gates of that border bridge closed from then on in the midst of 30 started letting people through 20 a time the question was where they were taking them after that they would take them in buses to migrant stations state run migrant stations n.g.o.s later told us that the migrant would be able to get out of the question to many there was sort of looking on and not going through that port it was wherever they were being processed that these is for work or for asylum or they were being deported back to honduras and that's why a lot of people held back they didn't go through those gates into mexico and they sort of in a standby mode waiting for more people in this caravan to write this about poor
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found some people that's what tamal in the story to say that we go through this country trying to get to mexico and we know that some have gone to another part of the border some of arrived here and a lot of them are still on their way. members of venezuela's opposition party say they have transcripts of government officials offering them bribes they say order recordings reveal $700000.00 was offered to each of them to turn on leader one white or last in america as you see in human reports from caracas. a new twist in the hostile takeover of the new israel as opposition controlled parliament. nearly 2 weeks ago soldiers prevented opposition. from entering the legislature. while a small group of dissident deputies installed their own man as speaker of the house with the government's full support. now the majority opposition leadership is showing would it says is proof of how the government tried to buy off deputies to
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oust why the law including. the things we agreed on $700.00 initially there was another proposition of $1000000.00 i suggested $1.00 but they came back with $500.00 and said no that's unacceptable so we arrived a bill ground of 700000 which is still money you know. kenya says he met and taped . a deputy who had been expelled from his opposition party offering him the bribe just ahead of the january 5th vote for control of parliament he says only 16 out of more than 100 deputies took the bait and that he and others who refused are now in danger. today i am being seriously threatened in my physical integrity and that of my family al jazeera tried without success to speak to who nevertheless responded to the accusations on twitter calling the recording
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a hoax and threatening to take his accusers to court for slander he added if deputy mayor had this audio why didn't he make it public 2 weeks ago after the election as the director of the national assembly he didn't because he didn't have what is a vulgar montage we asked mccain not the very same question and he responded that it was because of fears for his and other deputies safety now that they've gone public he says that if anything happens to them they will hold president nicolas maduro personally responsible. the white house has accused than israel in government of using bribery tactics to oust with regards as the legitimate opposition leadership and slap sanctions on deputy norie that according to the voice transcript the so-called turncoat deputies met with president mahmoud of personally the night before the bribe offer was made to calculate how many votes were needed. none of this is admissible in a court of law but then it's the court of public opinion that the opposition is
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trying to win over. to see in human al-jazeera. now having snowfall in parts of afghanistan has killed thousands of people in recent weeks. went to herald province in the west where people are facing harsh conditions are appealing for help. in villages all over the country afghans live in much the same way they have for centuries there are no gas or electricity lines people still collect the wood they burn to stay warm in winter. that's how 18 year old mother died his father said he walked to a nearby forest to gather brush for a fire to keep the family warm through the night but he never came up out of the lot of those. we thought that he went to his sister's house on the other side of the woods to not work at night so we went there the next day we found his body in
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the snow our next years father said his son probably became tired walking in the heavy snow and with no one to help him fell asleep and froze to death. conditions are miserable for people in other a scone district one man in this village said here in the forgotten corners of afghanistan people are a living waiting to die. snowfall was so heavy this year the roof of my johns mud house collapsed in the middle of the night her family was sleeping when it happened. i ran out of the room and my husband was screaming for help it was only able to pull my children out of doing things my husband was trapped and tied on to develop all when the neighbors came they removed his body. even before the storm she did not have much now a widow sitting outside her broken home she seems completely lost though tragic local officials say the overall death toll in this area has been low but village
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elder say they are in serious need of help weather related illnesses and injuries have affected nearly every one of the 700 homes in this community people we met said the winters in this part of the country have been getting increasingly more and more extreme but the cold is more severe than they have ever experienced in the past and we are expecting 2 more months of snow fall and they are already worried about the next disaster when the snowy roads rule melts and floods their homes even if people wanted to leave their ancestral lands they say they have nowhere else to go if they don't get help soon elders here worry out of work young men could join armed groups like the taliban more as a matter of survival than ideology. i've got these people who are jobless and they do not have anything to eat if these men commit rogueries or join insurgents it is the right. the biggest complaint we heard was that people here need a medical clinic the nearest one is in district headquarters on the other side of
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snow covered hills one woman said people have no choice but to walk while they still can before the next storm. it seems desperate but they may be the lucky ones deeper in the mountains where the roads are still covered in snow district officials say many villages remain accessible and the true scale of human suffering still out of sight seeing basra the other risk going district herat province of cornerstone. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines violence has once again broken out in hong kong off the anti-government demonstrations attempted to march through the city in defiance of a riot police of 5 tear gas of protesters and arrested several people or 30 is that approved the rally but only if participants stayed in one location and police had warned they would stop anyone attempting to march sarah clarke has more from that
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rally. people have got about 500 meters down the road and to be met with the police line we've got hundreds of riot police being deployed today to try to disperse these crowds to stop this march going ahead we're going to have behind me we've got some rowdy kind of chanting and yelling at the place at the moment but we've had a few rounds of tear gas fired in central china god knows that some spawns going to be now 5 as well and as you mentioned been a number of arrests but the place have stayed awake that if this march does go ahead they will move in and they have. libya's warring sides are expected to attend a peace conference in germany later on sunday the gathering in berlin is backed by the united nations and it's the latest attempt to end months of fighting off towards the half to launched an offensive to take tripoli back in april more than 60 government soldiers have been killed in yemen in a missile strike in the province of marad dozens more were wounded in the attack on a military training camp yemen's government is accusing truthy rebels of being
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behind the violence. chinese health officials say 17 more people have been infected by a deadly new virus believed to have originated from an animal market 62 cases have now been confirmed and 2 people have died in the central city of will happen which are scientists think they could be more than $1701.00 confirmed cases and the body is of those killed on board a passenger plane shot down an area by iran have now arrived in ukraine you're watching live pictures of an airfield just outside kiev where they've been received by military guard of honor and attended by president romney is a lengthy iran is under pressure to provide more answers and to compensate the families of the $176.00 victims. while those other headlines the news continues here off to rewind stray bullets counting the calls from the trade deal is china capitulate and beijing delivered tens of billions in extra trade russia seeks to isolate ukraine with
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a pipeline via. south korea's goods. to climb the social scale i can't even call on now just. a low and welcome to rewind. today we're rewinding back to 2014 in the philippines the country was experiencing a spike in violence a time in the government's response was to introduce new restrictions on purchases possession of firearms the benefits backlash from the gun community which was insisting on the right of self-defense again.


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