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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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it hasn't taken much time to pull the boat about 200 people have been rescued and more want to get on but this simply no space. to the. committed to a lasting cease fire in libya world leaders at a un backed summit agree that a political solution not a military one is what's needed to end the conflict. barbara sorry you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up beirut protesters target the country's parliament in a force night of violent demonstrations. the bodies of 11 ukrainian citizens who died when a passenger plane was accidentally shot down by iran's i've returned to kenya and i
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knew sure climate conditions triggered the largest local swarm in east africa in 1005 years and it's putting food security at risk. libya's warring sides and world leaders have agreed on a final communique the un backed peace conference in berlin they agreed to extend a temporary truce in the hope that it will develop into a full ceasefire the chancellor angela merkel emphasized the need for a political and not a military solution to end years of conflict despite this there have been reports of renewed fighting south of tripoli as more now from the german capital. it was the most important gathering to libya's conflict in many years but from the start german chancellor angela merkel was struggling to narrow differences between
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libya's rivals the prime minister of the tripoli based government of national accord phases with fused to sit down with after living merkel shuttling back and forth to convince spaceship powers to help. cure a permanent cease fire and stop the flow of arms into the war torn country. here 1000000 there. everyone with an agreement including the regional organizations the arab league a un of course the african union that we need a political solution it's become evident in the last few weeks that there is no chance for a military solution which could only increase the suffering of the libyan people the un chief said the new diplomatic gains made so far boost the chances for a new political process and led by the libyans we urge all of you in part is to engage in a leave you no longer dialogue under the auspices of the united nations paving the
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way for a political solution to the crisis despite the consensus among the participants of the conference there remains huge disagreements for us president manuel micron's called for an immediate and to foreign intervention powers has recently expressed concerns over turkey is growing influence but for president of us of. turkey's role is crucial to and violence and prevent her from capturing tripoli. we have been trying on a number of occasions to have a cease fire agreement signed the national government of accord signed a cease fire agreement yes it wasn't signed by the other party lead by hofstadter if we fail to have a cease fire in place and if we fail to have an agreement signed we will never see how fatah's hostilities coming to an end russia is also expanding its influence in
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libya but appears to be willing to t. about with turkey to ensure the cease fire holds even though both countries support opposite sides of the conflict. to go with what we think both the parties were coming to moscow as they both had heeded our calls and they had both responded to our demands of us. speier now we are in berlin we hope for more success in this particular crisis. the us world has significantly diminished in the oil rich country the e.u. is divided the french support half the while the italians. there were hopes the beleaguered conference will bring all the parties that can and the conflict but it is 0 was shunned from the peace talks after receiving an invitation last minute morocco which hosted the 2015 peace talks and a key supporter of the d.n.a. were also excluded the bullying conference was essentially about relaunching
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political dialogue libyan rival groups will meet in geneva in the coming weeks to see if they can form a new government or risk turning their country into a permanent playground for foreign intervention. where he does in the libyan capital he says the security situation remains fragile and there is some skepticism that a lasting can be reached. it's a still so for a jailed or re in this cease fire but it seems that what's going on in believe in is in another i mean it's going going on the another past because there are so many hard line i was here on both sides whole do not want to stop the fighting and fact if the people here many people here believe that the believe in talks are meant to have bridge the gap between the countries involved that in libya are not between the libyan arrival arrivals and now here for example that the west of the camp led
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by the you and they recognized a prime minister phase sort of raj they say that they come art trust have to it and the cannot make peace with have to the scamp unless he is tried for a what the call the war crimes that i've been committed by his forces since april the force since they launch at the military campaign to seize tripoli the there are there have been sold many question marks they are been addressing these the the military kept their military camp on the ground wint because many military leaders on the ground with day say that they come art hand over their weapons and they cannot stop fighting until a have to the sources pushed out of southern the tripoli meanwhile on did and the east of the contrie military a brigade support think get the war lord cliff for have to edit and they have taken control of the oil terminal as they say that they cannot accept any a foreign intervention in libya day mean the turkish military says sense to their
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government of national called a least 30 people have been injured in a 2nd straight night of violence in the route or security forces fired tear gas and water can and at protesters who were throwing rocks at the lebanese parliament demonstrators they're angry at the war sitting financial crisis and the impasse over the formation of a new government on saturday nearly 400 people were injured in similar protests that the sended into writing saida hoarder has more now on how those clashes on fall dead outside the parliament building in beirut yes another night of violence the forst night of violence since tuesday we are outside parliament square but the security forces the anti-riot police have managed to push the anti-establishment protesters away from parliament building this was the security cordon that was protecting parliament building it was really the frontline behind the steel
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barricades the riot police they were using water cannons they were using tear gas they were using rubber bullets the lebanese red cross issuing a statement saying that they have taken at least 30 people to hospital people who suffered injuries as a result of the confrontation hundreds of people were converged outside the. parliament building hoping to try to storm the building it's really a show of protest against the ruling elite they believe legislature is illegitimate they need to resign people want the early elections they want the ruling elites has been governing this country for 30 years to leave office and to make way for a new government a government of independent experts who will be able to deal with the dire economic situation in the country so another night of violence in the streets of the lebanese capital you can see behind us here at this field barricades are the riot
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police who were really engaged in clashes with protesters who were throwing stones sticks water bottles and firecrackers anything really that they could find. to try to breach the security barrier. anger among iraqi youths that the lack of reform by their government has erupted into mass protests in the capital baghdad and the southern city of black smoke billowed into the sky tires were satellite protesters also placed roadblocks in the street at least one protester was killed 25 others injured when security forces used tear gas to break up a crowd on. fighting demonstrators have been demanding an overhaul of a political system that they believe has kept them in poverty more than 490 iraqis have been killed and 17000 injured since protests began on october 1st 11 strangers are threatening to escalate their anti government action and possibly
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even cut off large areas of iraq south imran khan reports now from babylon. oh preparations begin for what protesters say will cripple iraq's roads they may be small in number at the moment but these protesters say they will cut off the south of iraq from the rest of the country by blocking all the main roads the reason is simple they say their demands for a new prime minister a new elections have been met and if they're not met by sunday night they will make good on that threat all across the south and the shot or so out of ostend we block the roads and are demanding our rights the rights of young people to get jobs we want rapid elections an independent candidate who doesn't belong to the old parties are going to demand the central government go to early elections and nominate a new pm independent and accepted by protesters if not we will escalate and block the highway and all the entrances of the city and kick out the corrupt officials so far iraq's security forces are letting the protesters make their stand now you know
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. and that's you know babylon we allow the demonstrators to express their constitutional rights but not affect or harm other residents when demonstrators block the roads the security forces negotiate with the protesters to find solutions and we become mediators between babylon's local governments and the demonstrators. throughout the south of iraq protesters gather every day in large number but they concern that they're not being listened to prime minister i'd love to muddy has said he will step down and he's currently in a caretaker role but so far none of the alternative names put forward for the top job are acceptable to the parliament all the protest movement and that's frustrating the protesters the protest movement faces a decisive moment in the coming days they need to put a no pressure on the government so it meets their demands by threatening to cut off the south or off from the rest of the country is a bold move whether it works remains to be say in iraq on al-jazeera.
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meanwhile iraq's hezbollah brigades have told. that all major shia armed groups in the region have met in iran in an exclusive interview a spokesman said that they chalked out their future action against quote u.s. aggression with some a binge of itas in baghdad and as more of that exclusive interview. this is the 1st time that his with hezbollah brigades group has spoken out after a series of events when the united states accused them of targeting one of their contractors and could go and targeted their fighters on the iraq syria border the spokesman has been saying that it is going to abide by the iraqi government's decision to for push out american and foreign troops out of iraq and will not be carrying out any further attacks but he did say that their patience is going to run out if the government does not deliver on its promises did tell us that has been which is banned by the united states is carrying out attacks inside and in iraq and
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in syria against what he called a united threat which is faced by all groups which are on the right side of history according to him which is isis. has been credited for many of these attacks by the united states after it was designated as a terrorist group but according to the group they are not in hiding he met us in plain sight he says there they are going to continue their activities political social and others he did mention that they are going to wait and see what the u.s. does in this region but the he said their writing is on the wall in the u.s. forces and coalition troops should be thinking about the leaving iraq he did mention about this this specific meeting which happened in the city of qom in iran which he said was a crucial meeting and many important decisions came out of. that meeting was
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very important to coordinate our actions activities and the resistance and the next steps maybe the americans will stay in iraq and challenge us it was the 1st step in a new era of coordination among shia and resistance forces we answered the call from the solder to meet in calm and one of the results was the protest which will happen in 4 or 5 days in iraq. and as i mentioned about his will have been banned by the united states it is a group which is be seen as a threat to not just the u.s. and coalition troops but according to the united states on iraqis as well up to something that the spokesman rubbished and he said that they are the sons of the soil and they'll continue their struggle against what he called the u.s. aggression and illegal presence in iraq the bodies of the 11 ukrainians who died when a passenger jet that iran says it has accidentally shot down the slum arrived in kiev on sunday all 176 people on board the ukrainian airlines flight were killed
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catherine stansell reports. the solemn occasion at airport 11 coffins arrived with the bodies of the ukrainians who died when their flight was shot down by iran's military shortly after takeoff the coffins were carried by a time to 18 curses ukraine's president saddam used olinsky and other government officials were in attendance relatives of those who died as well as airport staff also paid their respects above the middle of one of the program of the new book abouta loser the captain was a very kind and simple man and he was so easy to be around the flight attendants were very kind and they had a great sense of humor there was nothing bad to say about anyone who donned only good thing once. on january 8th 2 missiles hit the plane moments after it left terence international airport the strike came just hours after iran carried out a missile attack on iraqi base housing u.s.
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troops in retaliation for the americans assassinating iran's top military commander custom salaam. after 3 days of denials and mounting intelligence chatter and finally admitted it had unintentionally shot down the aircraft mistaking it for a hostile plane iran is refusing to send the plane's black boxes to kiev denying reports that they had previously agreed to send them to ukraine for analysis the decision has outraged some world leaders who say iran doesn't have the necessary technology to conduct its own proper analysis of the recorders this disaster and the delay in admitting responsibility has led to protests in iran and added to international pressure on the country to take part in an independent transparent investigation catherine stansell al-jazeera still to come on al-jazeera a peaceful rally trends violently in hong kong several hours from the customs arrest. ignition. and the deliberate
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made their mistake that is one giant leap for spring 6. i know that plenty of rain still into the southeast of australia of course it had flooding across as the new south wales and also queensland we have had this sort of bank of cloud just sitting off east coast that now is on its way further to the south but not before some huge amounts of rain this is actually in the southeast of queensland just look at these people cool does not used to this rain and in fact it really hasn't been torrential but look at this is koala actually lapping up one if you would drop this there so as for what is going to happen next it will be a dry couple of days that into queensland new south wales but look at this monday begins to really push through into victoria southern portions of new south wales
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and it could be fairly heavy at times we could see about 150 millimeters accumulating into some eastern areas over toria summit. not too bad 21 celsius in melbourne and then as you can see out towards the southwest a little bit cooler in perth the front swinging through bringing in some cool abacus monday it is day one of this trade in open that is the day we could have. maybe just lingering on in to choose day and then by wednesday again the chance for a few showers but a warm day and really it's a fairly mixed week ahead but at least by friday it should be mostly dry day because the showers a fairly well scattered so it may not impact play too much. but . capturing a moment in time. snapshots of how the lives. of the stories. provide an eclipse into someone else's what. they.
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do. for. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. and witness on al-jazeera. the. reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera a world leaders meeting in berlin have agreed there can be no military solution to the libyan conflict insisting it must be a political solution libya's warring sides and the leaders of 12 nations agreed on the final communique produced by the un backed peace conference it was also agreed to extend the temporary truce in the hope it will develop into
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a full ceasefire. these 30 people have been injured in another night of violence in beirut where security forces fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters who are throwing rocks at the lebanese parliament that was traitors are angry at the worsening financial crisis. and the bodies of 11 ukrainians who died when a passenger jet was accidentally shot down by iran have returned to kiev iran says it still hasn't made a decision on whether the plane's black box will be sent to crate for analysis. the u.n. says a missile attack on a government military camp in yemen that killed at least $111.00 people could derail the fragile deescalation process there the government is blaming who the rebels for the attack but so far no one has claimed responsibility nicolay gauge has more and the warning some viewers may find the images in this report the story . after nearly 5 years of violence the war in yemen is showing no signs of
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ending this hospital is filled with government soldiers and civilians injured in saturday's attack on a military camp in the region of memory of more than 100 who killed. who it was around sunset prayers were praise and then we said down in the missile hit it was around 630 in for 10 minutes or so i couldn't feel anything around me so many of my friends were killed this is all that's left of the mosque that was targeted blown apart by a ballistic missile how yemen's government backed by a saudi u.a.e. led military coalition has blamed the iranian backed rebels and his that to retaliate. we would like to offer our condolences to our nation our armed forces and the families of the fallen those who were killed in a heinous attack by the iranian backed hooty militias the fallen were true heroes
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soldiers in our armed forces among the dead are also civilians. the war has created what the un has labeled the world's worst humanitarian crisis. since the start of the conflict it's estimated more than 91000 yemenis have been killed and another 3000000 displaced by the fighting weekly gauge al jazeera the 1st migrants from a caravan moving north through guatemala have been allowed to start crossing into mexico but under pressure from the white house the government there says it will try to stop them carrying on to the u.s. john holdren is at the southern border of mexico where he sent this report. what you're seeing here is one of the overflow areas that shelters here in coombe and have set up to try and cope with the amount of people that are arriving from honduras hoping to pass into mexico many of them eventually into the united states you can see that here people have been sleeping out in the open is about 2000
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people arrived here on the border between guatemala and mexico and more than 4000 people in total that have set out from honduras now trying to get the north but there is a problem and mexico has said that it's not going to allow them to transit is not going to allow them to get to the united states where the mexican government has said is it will allow them to work in the south of the country given these is in certain cases it will give them asylum but what's been happening is that mexican authorities have only been letting people in in groups of 20 smaller groups and that's given rise to suspicions from these people that they're actually just being deported straight back to do this it hasn't helped the mexican migration authorities haven't told them and haven't told us exactly what's happening to those people so there's a state of uncertainty here there's going to be moved people arriving from this caravan probably in the next day or so so on monday they're saying that they're
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going to take to the border bridge 3 you know it's got to mexico and they're going to turn out all mass and demand to be let through so it remains to be seen how the mexican authorities are going to respond to that. riot police in hong kong have arrested several people taking part in a pro-democracy protest police fired tear gas at the demonstrators who had gathered in their thousands authorities had approved the rally as long as participants stayed in one location the protesters that fired the ruling and tried to march through the streets sarah clarke was at that rally in hong kong. it began as a peaceful rally with thousands gathered in china garden in central hong kong on the island and at all because of this particular rally they wanted to march but the police denied that approval but the point is where to hit any why now they lift and i march along some the busy thoroughfare the big highways behind us on a why to cause why by but the protesters were stopped and we got
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a police line behind me where hundreds of right place blocked that access and they pushed them back there also caught a number of rounds tear gas and stun grenades on those protesters trying to disperse the crowd at the place always said that they would move in if that particular group would demonstrate just started to move and they did now we've had a number of arrests also in central and it's all part of a police crackdown as we enter the chinese new year festival the police and the government have banned a number of events of the coming weeks and a number of fish have also of ramped up the security around hong kong as part of a police crackdown on the anti-government demonstrations which are now in. china says it will step up efforts to contain the outbreak of a deadly new virus after new cases were confirmed the virus is believed to have originated from an animal market in the central city of $62.00 cases of now been confirmed and 2 people have died in the outbreak chinese authorities are on high alert as hundreds of millions of people are prepared to travel to the lunar new
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year holiday. well me the symptoms of the patients are generally mild among the 763 we are observing 681 have been released with the prevention and control measures we are implementing the epidemic situation can be prevented and controlled. us aerospace find a fracture a space x. says simulated then an emergency landing to test an abort system on an unmanned astronaut capsule the capsule successfully ejected itself from a rocket that cut off its engines 19 kilometers above the ocean mimicking a launch failure it splashed into the sea about 30 kilometers off the coast of florida the test was the company's final milestone before flying nasa astronauts from u.s. soil well space x. founder elon musk said it was a picture perfect mission. there anyone who has an adventurous spirit of the body is going to be very excited about this and they will help really a great interest in space
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a plague of locusts has been devastating crops and pastures in the horn of africa swarms that have been growing in europe in somalia for 3 months and now cross the kenya al-jazeera is malcolm web reports from somebody county. seconal and then these attempts to scare off this woman's locusts room is completely futile he's the chief of a community of herders here in eastern kenya. throbbed until it is finished you know i mean i want it because once the flaw more shrubs. i know most going the kind of country the swarms crossed from neighboring somalia and ethiopia in recent weeks it's the worst plague of locusts to feck the region in 70 years one locust by itself looks harmless but it can eat its body mass in plant matter every day so a swarm of tens or even hundreds of millions can eat tons of food each day
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and that's devastating for the farmers and herders who live here. dry for most of the year people depend on their animals to survive you know the most depend on the plant and the plant being devoured the government started spraying insecticides which it says are harmless to people and livestock. it's released $2000000.00 to fund the fight against the locusts un's also contributed. to many farms in the neighboring province there the locusts could devastate food supplies and the economy the response is meant to stop that but it hasn't been working well we found this warm the day after it had been sprayed this village administrator told us the actions taken so far haven't been effective and more must be done we see in the debate going to get very low numbers so i don't think that it will
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disease and that is what doesn't go on and so the locusts keep eating and their population keeps growing but the agriculture minister told us the insecticide is now working and the swarms will soon be stopped the. wrong i think is the mixing intensity of their ingredients that killed them. was a problem that has been corrected the government is taking. charge of the situation . scientists say it was on seasonal rains across the region last month that caused the locust population to. water the plants they eat and they'll soon start to threaten people's food security if their feasting isn't stopped malcolm web al-jazeera county kenya thousands of people in the canadian province of new
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found land are without power after a massive blizzard hit the region the storm dumped more than 76 centimeters of snow on the provincial capital st john burying cars and trapping people in their homes local authorities have declared a state of emergency. and the reminder of our top stories on al-jazeera a world leaders meeting in berlin have agreed that there can be no military solution to the libyan conflict insisting it must be a political solution libya's warring sides and the leaders of 12 nations agreed on the final communique produced by the un backed peace conference it was also agreed to extend the temporary truce in the hope that it will develop into a full ceasefire rival parties accepted that an arms embargo must be respected and
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strengthened to reach that lasting cease fire. we all believe that a political solution will be necessary i think it has become very obvious over the past few weeks and months that it cannot possibly be a military solution to this conflict this will only increase the suffering of the libyan people at least 30 people have been injured in a 2nd night of violence in beirut where security forces fired the tear gas and water cannons at protesters who were throwing rocks at the lebanese parliament them strangers are angry at the worsening financial crisis and the impasse over the formation of a new government on saturday nearly 400 people were injured in similar protests as the send it into rioting the bodies of the 11 ukrainians who died when a passenger jet was accidentally shot down by iran have returned to kiev iran says it still hasn't made a decision on whether the plane's black box will be sent to ukraine for analysis 176 people were killed when the plane was brought down. by police in hong kong have
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arrested several people taking part in a pro-democracy protest police fired tear gas at the demonstrators who were gathered in their thousands authorities had approved the rally as long as participants stayed in one location protesters though defied the ruling and tried to march through the streets. china says it will. step up efforts to contain the outbreak of a deadly new virus it's believed to have originated from an animal market in the central city of 162 cases have now been confirmed and 2 people have died in the outbreak authorities are on high alert with hundreds of millions of people preparing to travel for them to learn you will hear holiday is at the top stories witnesses next for them that the so-called racing and cocaine valley that's what. the climate crisis and the environment take center stage at this year's world economic forum in davos business people experts and leaders from around the world can expect an icy reception from some as they discuss how to save the planet from
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the threats of rising temperatures get the latest updates on al-jazeera. why don't. you know for us the debate. so low but are you. why don't you know me. so you.


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