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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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and. china's deadly corona virus is spreading south korea confirms its 1st case. of stan grant this is al jazeera lot from go out also coming up barricades and burning tires renewed protests begin in iraq's capital baghdad. world powers back a cease fire in libya but more shilling and an oil blockade raised doubts it will hold. these double in the gulf of guinea making it the world's most dangerous
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waterway. the spread of a new and potentially deadly virus appears to be accelerating in asia the virus has killed 3 people since 1st being detected in the chinese city of rwanda 130 died new cases were confirmed through the weekend south korea's centers for disease control and prevention have now reported its 1st case a chinese woman who flew into incheon city from will hand on sunday has been quarantined that follows one case being confirmed in japan early in january and 2 in thailand 6 days ago. back to london to confirmed patient was identified in the quarantine phase and there is no community exposure and those who have come in contact apparently being investigated. let's take a closer look now at this virus it's being classified in a family of viruses that cause symptoms ranging from the common cold to sobs the
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severe acute respiratory syndrome that killed near the 800 people worldwide in 2003 chinese authorities suspect the virus originated in a seafood and meat market in the city of its though the virus is spread from species to species there is a 10 day delay between infection and detection and that includes an incubation period at a further delay before hospital admission corzine use in beijing and says the government is assuring people the outbreak is under control. well more people are concerned because we had the cases on the saturday here in china 50 people were confirmed to have this new coronavirus and are about 200 now confirmed japan thailand south korea's but also outside of war hunt itself so in the city of beijing there are some cases and generals have potential cases in juggling so people are really concerned about the spread of this some of the measures that the governments have put in place are wrapping up of screenings at airports and railway
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stations and also things like asking people to perhaps wear masks or their out pay attention to washing their hands and also. trying to sort of prevent public gatherings because we've had more people out in public crisscrossing the country traveling from place to place than we have during any other time that the year for chinese new year we have hundreds of millions of people getting on planes getting on trains to go to different cities and to go to different countries indeed and will hunt itself is not a small city there are about 11000000 people who live there and it is a major transport hub so there are a lot of people not only originating from 100 to go out but also just passing through so those concerns that we might see this number to jump even higher indeed over the next few days the government is at pains to emphasize to the chinese public that this is preventable and control of all they're also the messages that so far the people who have confirmed to have this new form of corona virus have seem to have mild symptoms so they're really trying to prevent any panic from
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spreading. police of gas in baghdad as they tried to break down protesters barricades on the outskirts of the capital the latest round of mass demonstrations broke out there and did a number of cities in the self including not just and syria protesters have cut off the south of the country by blockading major roads the demonstrations began in october but people angry about widespread corruption and a lack of public services imran khan is in baghdad and has been out with protests this is tehran square in the center of baghdad the protesters have been trying to block the roads and now that clashes taking place between the protesters and the police who are trying to reopen this what you can just see the number of people that are hey now let me just show you all over this square you can see that ties have been burnt you can see a lot of people coming and people wearing facials like this. to protect them from
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the effects of events here guess the clashes have been ongoing now for a few hours the protesters keep rushing fullwood to try and beat the police of the police keep firing tear gas back at the. iran has denied claims it's violated the 25th day nuclear deal despite having rolled back its commitments to the pact iran's foreign ministry has also criticized european powers for failing to salvage the agreement to iran has been sky the back its commitments under the deal after the u.s. withdrew from the agreement in 2018 britain france and germany triggered a dispute mechanism this month citing iranian violations. renewed violence has broken out in libya hours after a peace conference wrapped up in berlin military forces aligned with the un recognized government accused those loyal to warlord aletha hafter of shelling residential areas south of the capital that cast doubt over the latest push for
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peace by war leaders who promise to respect the u.n. arms embargo and work towards a permanent ceasefire asvab our reports from the german capital. it was the most important gathering to and libya's conflict in many years but from the start german chancellor angela merkel was struggling to narrow differences between libya's rivals prime minister of the to play based government of national accord phase the sub was with used to sit down with warlords highly for have to leave merkel shuttling back and forth to convince spaceship powers to help secure a permanent cease fire and stop the flow of arms into the water on country. nothing here in berlin there. everyone with an agreement including the regional organizations the arab league to a you and of course the african union that we need
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a political solution it's become evident in the last few weeks that there is no chance for a military solution which could only increase the suffering of the libyan people the u.n. chief said the new diplomatic gains made so far boost the chances for a new political process and led by the libyans weirds already in part is to engage in a levy a known dialogue under the auspices of the united nations paving the way for a political solution to the crisis despite the consensus among the participants of the conference there remains huge disagreements for us president manuel mccrone called for an immediate and to foreign intervention paris has recently expressed concerns over turkey's grow. influence but for president of us of. turkey's role is crucial to and violence and to prevent her from capturing tripoli. we have been trying on a number of occasions to have
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a cease fire agreement signed the government of national accord signed a cease fire agreement yet it wasn't signed by the other party led by huff todd if we fail to heavy a cease fire in place and if we fail to have an agreement signed we will never see have tassel still if he's coming to an end russia is also expanding its influence in libya but appears to be willing to team up with turkey to ensure the cease fire holds even though both countries support opposite sides of the conflict. because. we think both the parties were coming to moscow as they both had heeded our calls and they had both responded to our demands of a ceasefire now we are in berlin we hope for more success in this particular crisis . the us well has significantly diminished in the oil rich country the e.u. is divided the french support have while the italians backstop. there were
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hopes the billing conference will bring all the parties that can and the conflict button is 0 was shunned for the peace talks after receiving an invitation last minute morocco which hosted the 2015 peace talks and a key supporter of the d.n.a. will also exclude that the bullying conference was essentially about political dialogue libyan rival groups will meet in geneva in the coming weeks to see if they can form a new government or risk turning their country into a permanent playground for foreign intervention. well oil prices have risen above the $65.00 a barrel mark on supply concerns in both libya and iraq germany's foreign minister says the rajan have to both agreed in berlin to solve an oil blockade which is threatening to charge the country's production but without giving a time front in recent days forces loyal to warlord after have forced the closure
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of an oil pipeline and 2 of libya's largest oil fields they've also blocked several eastern oil ports oil is the country's largest export and the financial lifeline for the un recognized government in tripoli the study oil firm has warned the blockade will slash slash output by more than 90 percent from 1200000 barrels of oil per day down to just $72000.00 mark would otherwise head is in the libyan capital tripoli there's so much going on here but where does this so much to go see a shift in people trying to claim different ground but if there is a commitment to a political rather than a military solution what are the prospects of that. well it's turn here in the west of the country the areas cities under the control of the government people have been divided into 2 if i may say categories.
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of the action of the response to the berlin conference conclusions the 1st category they do not believe in. or of the bill in conference is bringing about and they say that they cannot make peace with that have to until he is 1st of all being get tried for what they call the world crimes his forces have been committing over the past few years also the 2nd category of the people here they are so frustrated and disappointed they say that the berlin conference it has not brought about a breakthrough and the conference is just an application of the agreement that's the un the brokered agreement that was sealed in 2015 and
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by virtue of that agreement the 3 main bodies in libya were created the parliament the house of representatives the high state council and the government of national court but meanwhile the situation here the main not different than before the conference until this about the situation on the ground too because this is critical if there is this ceasefire in place if there is hopes of a more permanent lasting cease fire while we see fighting taking place on the ground there give us your rundown of what's actually happening at a ground level. well just because neither one of the evil leaders has that can rein in the armored groups on the ground we have been getting reports from the front lines saying that there are several groups are determined to annihilate the other they want to the are determined to move on until
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the annihilate their enemies the for example there are many military commanders on the ground there they say that the are not accepting any brokered solution or a peaceful solution to this conflict and they are determined to continue fighting until the late the other and meanwhile. there are several local allies with both the leaders that cannot be or cannot be controlled by either. or have to the government here says that it has documented several violations to the ceasefire by have to force the question now remains whether or not turkey and russia will reign and their allies in libya and put pressure on them to deescalate but no thank you but not otherwise joining us live from tripoli still ahead on al-jazeera claims africa's richest woman ripped off her country to enrich
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yourself by siphoning billions of state dollars into offshore accounts. and we join a caravan of central american asylum seekers trying to reach the u.s. . hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast where here across southeastern asia we're going to be watching the rain across parts of borneo over here toward smarter as well now some of these showers could be quite lively would be seen. localized flooding in the forecast over the next few days but it's up to be a very extensive area also down here towards the south across to cardo over towards bali expect to see the afternoon showers as well as we go towards wednesday and for jakarta we do expect to see attempt a few of about $29.00 degrees up towards the philippines though it's going to be showers through the central part of the philippines but up towards luzon most
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likely a few and manila we do expect to see 30 degrees as your forecast of high where across the southeastern part of australia we are watching a lot of thunderstorms at the moment pushing through victoria as well as new south wales where you see this white along the coast that is where those thunderstorms are right now producing a lot of winds as well as hail in some of those storms as we go into the overnight hours and into tomorrow we're going to be seeing those thoughts a storm starting to die down a little bit but still some active weather down here across parts of new south wales up towards brits been expect to see some showers as well we do expect to see here on tuesday 35 degrees as your forecast side dropping to about 34 but for melbourne of course the tennis it's all about the weather we're going to be seeing some showers here on tuesday winds on wednesday and more rain on thursday. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of how the lives. of the stonies. providing the clips into someone else is what. they.
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do. for. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmaking this. witness on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera his reminder of our top stories this hour south korea has become the 3rd asian country to confirm its new case the 1st new types of a coronavirus that originated from china question numbers of tripled in 3 people have died since it was 1st detected in the chinese city of aurora. police have
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fired tear gas in baghdad as they tried to break down protesters barricades on the outskirts of the capital the latest round of demonstrations broke out there added a number of cities to the south. fighting is brokered out south of the libyan capital tripoli hours after a conference on stopping the violence in didn't believe in world leaders agreed to respect to you an arms embargo and pushed warring sides toward a permanent 65. the number of ships being hijacked in the gulf of guinea as doubled in the past year the international maritime bureau warns the region has become the tories for piracy with 90 percent of attacks taking place there. from west african countries of meeting in senegal to try to find a solution as nicholas hawke reports from dhaka. it's a calling she often finds hard to explain it comes from a deep desire to defend her country in its waters after visiting senegal's naval headquarters on a school field trip 6 has made up her mind she'll be joining the navy. it's
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a noble cause protecting the ocean from polluting vessels and saving people's lives at sea even if it's dangerous i want to be part of that mission the navy is on a drive to recruit more soldiers at sea while piracy globally has dropped the number of boats attacked in the gulf of guinea has doubled in the last year this has become the world's most dangerous waters not only is it a major transit route for cargo ships the shores of senegal are also rich and marine life attracting illegal deep sea fishing vessels that are polluting the sea floor is the show's coming through probably. 90 percent of the world's trade happens on water we need to protect the oceans to protect our economies and the trade most attacks are taking place off the coast of nigeria in angola to oil exporting countries the attackers are gangs often made up of poor fishermen frustrated in seeing this wealth they have no access to taking away from their shores senegal discovered 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and
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a 1000000000 barrels of oil it has just allocated exportation rights to multinationals. the drilling has started but there's this expectation that this newfound wealth will be equally redistributed among all senegalese especially among the fisherman communities who have suffered from illegal fishing on these waters they say the ocean is a precious resource that needs to be protected. while the trumpet ministrations says it's pulling back u.s. troops in africa in march the u.s. navy organized its largest naval games in africa and the gulf of guinea with $3000.00 troops $33.00 countries including senegal. there are no physical boundaries on our territorial waters and so to protect it we need men power and soldiers willing to take action and neutralize the enemy we needed and so this will require a new strategy for senegal and the region with fresh recruits willing to take risks needed to protect the ocean and its untapped well. nicholas hawk al-jazeera car.
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the un has warned that a missile attack on a government military in yemen could do. the country's 5 year long conflict at least $111.00 people were killed and $62.00 wounded in the attack on sunday yemen's government is blamed to 3 rebels and is about to retaliate the foreign ministry says a mosque inside the camp was his while soldiers were praying. leaked documents suggest africa's wealthiest woman siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars of angolan government money to offshore accounts a journalist organization says the fight is implicate the former president's daughter isabel dos santos brian explains. this is the woman at the center of an investigation dubbed the wanda lakes is about to santosh the daughter of angola's former president a billionaire and africa's richest woman success she argues is self-made but
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a group of journalists say documents prove she ripped off a country to enrich himself our investigation which took 8 months and more than 100 journalists to complete found that santos aided by her sort of qadri of western advisors funneled hundreds of millions of dollars and offshore shell companies and from there into all kinds of assets including luxury homes and big business and. the father of. the country for almost 40 years until 27 tane the group says he gave her big chunks of some of angola's most valuable resources and she built a business empire that stretched from telecommunications to banking and construction she used to head angola's national oil company sun angle before being forced out by her father's successor and so his government has suspended some of her projects and seized in a stimulated 1000000000 dollars worth of assets and
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a corruption drive earlier this month she told al-jazeera it was a political vendetta definitely this is a politically motivated attack there's no doubt about that my father was on the former ruler of anger like he was president for a very long time and he chose not to stand for this elections he chose not to stand in 2017 believing that it was important to have a transition it was important for someone new to come and unfortunately the nuclear who came on board have now trying to. is politically motivated attacks on his family and specially on his children last month isabel's half brother joseph philomena to santosh went on trial for corruption he's pleaded not guilty. angola is rich in oil and diamonds but it remains one of the world's poorest countries with a staggering wealth gap j.-a queues angolan government officials as well as waste and financial firms lawyers and accountants of helping isabel to stash away public
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funds the portuguese authorities are possibly investigating other governments around the. take a closer look at some of the money for their financial systems despite a legal troubles is about to santos remains defiant she's even considering running for president and in goal is next election and 2022. that as well as opposition leader has defied a travel ban and flying to colombia ahead of his meeting with u.s. secretary of state mark on monday it's the latest show of support from washington which says quieter is the rightful leader of venezuela he's been barred from leaving venezuela since proclaiming himself president a year ago trying to oust president nicolas maduro remains in power despite a major economic crisis more than 70 inmates including members of brazil's
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most powerful gang have escaped from prison and power wise who are total the government says prison officials must have been aware of the operation as hundreds of bags of earth were uncovered in some cells the prisons director was fied along with 6 other prison officials parrot wise interior minister says the tunnel may just be a ruse to make sure no officials involved held accountable as many of the in by its walked out through the main gate. thousands of people from one jurists have lift their homes in the last few days hoping to reach the united states some of reach the guatemala border the town of trying to cross over into mexico but many of them don't know that as they're leaving amala the u.s. is sending planes filled with their countrymen back john home has more from taken a. some fool 1000 home durance are just beginning a long journey north passing through what tamal are sleeping rough and enjoying
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blistering heat for them the angolans worth of asylum in the u.s. but there's something many don't know and it's this even if they do reach the u.s. border it's likely they'll be flown back to guatemala to seek refuge here instead it's part of a u.s. plan that's been operating since november but in 4 days spent with the caravan hardly anyone we asked was aware of it. you know i didn't know that until now sending us to a country that we don't know where there's not much but why don't they just send us home. those in the queue waiting to get into a shelter russo unaware and taken about once they found out someone get them when we don't feel safe here it's a violent country like undoing us that's not what we made the sacrifice to help our families fall in guatemala city we talked to one of the hundreds who were even some facts although he was too scared to go on camera in the form of the problems with the gangs and hundreds if i go back there they could kill me he's now requesting
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asylum in guatemala but he says he was sent here under false pretenses and again you don't show up in my life they told me to go to guatemala and white and then come back for my u.s. court date they never told me i was being deported here for good migrant defenders told us the other one durance had similar stories meanwhile they countryman continue north you might think that people would turn back once they found out that their chances of asylum in the u.s. were incredibly slim and that actually they'd likely be sent back here to guatemala but that wasn't the case for the people that we talked to once they understood the situation well said they carry on and that's it if they never lose hope i'm still optimistic we can cross with god's help i was at a level which we're going to try to anyway because we want to be a better future for our children. blind faith perhaps but born out of desperation for those who see few of the ways out of poverty or danger john home and how does
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it to cool man. after every best choosing in the u.s. over the past 2 decades a retired cop has traveled to the scene and built a memorial for each victim now he's done the same for other victims of gun crime but it's taken a toll and now greg zinah says he's ending his voluntary project john hendren has the story from aurora in the state of illinois. gregg's in his traveled one step behind tragedy a harbinger of hope bringing crosses and comfort to america's afflicted. the retired carpenter built his 1st cross after the 1906 murder of his father in law i found him in a pool of blood shot in the head. as a wide make up for anyone anywhere any time and deliberate free and that's how it is. you know all bunch got out then came columbine in a long list of names now synonymous with tragedy the boston marathon virginia tech
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newtown parklane el paso orlando i went to orlando and everybody was upset why you got to go to the gay nightclub and the churches you mean to say for 50 years i've been going to church and this is where the hate comes from for the suburban chicago cross maker now it all blurs into one and ending wave of rising violence at dayton he collapsed i barely hit midnight you know in there and i'm hearing about. there's another shooting in. ohio his nonprofit was called crosses for losses but he also crafted memorials for muslims jews hindus and others he got volunteers and the occasional donation would be but several $1000.00 in debt. because how can i not be there for you he made more than 27021000 of the murder victims
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lost in shootings across the u.s. and in the daily human toll of the streets of chicago here in englewood one of chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods greg santas has built a memorial with a cross for each victim of murder in the current year there are hundreds of them and every weekend he brings more for survivors like pam bhansali whose son. was gunned down outside a chicago church in 2006 janice brought a modicum of comfort and made grief that lasts a lifetime for sale and throughout life was taken. to take my life twice because the pain is horrible and has happened so often that. it's become a common and i think that a lot of people in the community in the back of brockman became this is attached to it because i think this is the way we suppose in there but it's not not normal perhaps but more frequent. it's getting more our nation care seems
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like it's an adoption in contests you know let's see who can do the most or who we're going to brag are going to do the most and i don't have any answers in the days before he prepared to lay down his hammer for good america's cross makers said responding in violence is wake it never been busier john hendren al jazeera aurora illinois. this is al jazeera these are the top stories south korea has become the 3rd encounters confirm its 1st taste of a new coronavirus that is a region ited in china i said numbers have tripled and 3 people have died since it was 1st detected in the chinese city of will hug the train to us as more from budgets. one is not a small city about 1111000000 people living there it's a quite a major transport hub and during this time for chinese new year we have hundreds of
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millions of people going home or crisscrossing the country taking public transport now the bain main concern is that authorities have not ruled out human to human transition transmission of this virus although we know that it has originated in the seafood market in ruhani which is now being closed and all the people who are connected directly to that market have been quarantined and those who have been given the all clear have been let go. police of gas in baghdad as they tried to break down protesters barricades on the outskirts of the iraqi capital the latest round of demonstrations broke out there did a number of cities in the south iran has denied claims it's violated the 2015 u.k. d.-o. despite having rolled back its commitments to the pact iran's foreign ministry has also criticized european powers for failing to salvage the agreement britain france and germany triggered the dispute mechanism this month citing iranian violations fighting has broken out south of the libyan capital tripoli for
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a conference on stopping the violence ended in berlin world leaders agreed to respect a u.n. arms embargo and push warring sides toward a permanent ceasefire the u.n. has war that a missile attack on the government military camp in yemen coup de rial efforts to deescalate the country's 5 year long conflict at least 111 people were killed and 62 wounded in the attack on sunday yemen's government is blamed hutu rebels that has vowed to retaliate leaked documents suggest africa's richest woman siphoned hundreds of billions of dollars of angolan government body to offshore accounts the international consortium of investigative journalists obtained papers which it says implicates the former president's daughter isabella dos santos those are the headlines the news continues here on how to 0 right afterward this. talked to al jazeera we were told to get to the ministry of russia has this been
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addressed by choking we listen what these the proposal. for a couple on yes we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the ground to 0. point 000. 000-000-0000 extension 00. 0. 00 you know for i think if they are so low but. why don't we normally. when a year or so usually lower one yet. but
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i mean. with us it is.


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