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tv   Mandela and de Klerk  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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good morning group on how to 0. grads in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump has delivered an upbeat headline address at the world economic forum in switzerland that says the final details of his impeachment trial set to be hammered out on the other side of the atlantic trump says he's in davos despite the proceedings in order to encourage your investment in the u.s. he also said america is experiencing an economic boom like never before and he dismissed prophecies of doom as concerns over climate change of the shadow of the gathering of political and business elites this is not a time for pessimism this is a time for optimism fear and doubt is not
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a good thought process because this is a time for tremendous hope and joy and optimism in action but to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow we must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse now as world leaders meet in davos protesters outside have been calling on them to do more to tackle climate change hundreds of activists mosques for 3 days across parts of them to the small town i say those attending the meeting are largely responsible for the climate crisis activists group of whom bird has told a youth panel at davos that despite all the talk about global warming not much is being done to tackle it. the climate and environment is is a hot topic right now and not saying see young people pushing that of course if you see it from another perspective all pretty much nothing has been done since the global emissions of c o 2 has not. reduced and that is of course what we
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are trying to achieve among other things the toll is growing from a new virus causing concern around asia china has updated the death toll to 6 and says nearly 300 people have been infected at officials are worried about so-called super spreaders after transmission between humans was confirmed the world health organization will meet on wednesday to consider declaring it an international public health emergency in beijing to train e.u. says new measures are being put in place to try to contain the outbreak. this afternoon we just received a statement from the government saying there are new measures in place for those in the city tour groups will not be allowed to leave on cars are being randomly checked for poultry and other wild animals it's understood that this may have come from a wild animal from told and all public buses must now be sanitized on a daily basis and people who have any travel tickets out of able to freely exchange
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those tickets or apply for a refund so this is increasingly being taken more and more seriously we also heard from hong kong an expert in hong kong who has experience in dealing with the saws crisis in 2003 and he mentioned that there are estimates that there could be more than 1500 people at 700 people with this virus and that up to 20 cities could be affected of course at the moment we only have confirmed cases in in guangdong in shanghai and beijing and suspected cases in other provinces throughout china rosso hearing that this virus there might be some cases not only in australia but also potentially from this is a major concern for the government and why president xi jinping on monday evening released a statement saying that this is going to be a priority for the government to make sure that the people have a safe and a stable chinese new year we have hundreds of millions of chinese traveling across the country and outside of the country for this major public holiday this is the
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christmas of china and millions of people going in and out and hunted self is a major transport hub a population of 11000000 people security forces are trying to clear protestors in iraq is a new wave of demonstrations spreads across the country. in the southern city of basra police officers attempted to remove barricades while in baghdad protesters for back against security forces with rocks and fire bombs at least 5 protesters were killed in the largest round of violence. after police opened fire in the capital on monday as demonstrations broke out over a frustration with a lack of government reforms. with most all the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera right off to face to face.
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at my heart for parents of the nowhere journey back on their. forehead or voted off but their status often know about this right when. i would also like to take this opportunity. the regulate my comp or a 3rd or lot of. paper than ever cover of the book here had the car to. go at mc. or that terrible wrong at the current to our country and. through the imposition of the system of about. december 1993 the packed house and on to city home owners nelson mandela the hero of the anti-apartheid struggle and frederick the clown the last white president of south africa i've years ago. people would have seriously question the sanity of anyone who would have predicted
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that mr madela would be joining the disappearance of the $99.00 bill. yet both of us. are before you today behind the coty askew chooses the 2 leaders are at olds and the tension in the country is at its highest in the us. will more than a little potence. we disagree strongly all key issues and we will soon fight the strenuous election that plane against one of them and in my own country notwithstanding the comment the spro quest which will make. all the 3000 people have died in political violence. since the beginning of this year mandela and dick clarke partners as much as really able to carry to his representing a cruising campus engaged in unwilling to move to solutions
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a political and personal june that was poised to put an end to one of the most racist wheezy in the planet's. 'd 7 kilometers west of cape town nelson mandela was a prisoner for 18 years raised in a village in eastern south africa he founded the 1st black law firm in the country appalled by the treatment of blacks and people of color he created the armed wing of the african national congress to fight against the apartheid regime that i many people feel that it is useless and for
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a future for us to continue talking peace and nonviolence against the government was a block is only a savage attacks. under defenseless people. in 1962 mandela was arrested 2 years later he and his fellow accused were sentenced to life imprisonment for sabotage and conspiracy he was 46 years old. during his incarceration and social unrest spread and intensified among the black people who represented almost 3 quarters of the population of the state responded with increasingly savage repression. in the 1980 s. the country was subjected to the iron fist leadership of peter both or head of the national party regarded as a hard liner he was nonetheless aware that profound change was inevitable among his
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most influential ministers was frederick vellum declare an ambitious afrikaner who entered politics in 1971 f. w. as everyone called him came from an influential conservative family. one must remember that his father had been a very senior national party politician it being president of the senate his uncle have been prime minister so he was deeply. involved in the whole growth and development of the national party mr de klerk was perceived to be on the conservative side that he was predicting what group rights as it was call but i think to his credit don was always that he was never in favor of a security solution for the country never in 71 i
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still embraced the concept of separateness which i believed idealistic could bring justice in the early eighty's. i came to the conclusion and not only me many of my colleagues around me that the concept of separateness is just institutionalizing in justice that it was our own and that we had to abandon the concept of a part they separate us. in the early eighty's nelson mandela returned to the mainland after 2 decades of brutal detention he was transferred to poles more prison then in 1988 to more comfortable housing within the victor 1st the prison about 100 kilometers from cape town. for mandela was no ordinary prisoner convinced that negotiation could bring an end to apartheid he had begun secret meetings with government representatives notably we could see how the
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justice minister and neal barnard the head of the secret services. and so p.w. identified a team of which i was the head at the time to start in total secrecy negotiations with one law which in fact started in my $988.00 until usually they met some got 50 times or $48.00 times every week for hours on end and nobody not is almost the archetype of an afrikaner nationalist mandela use that to get to know the minds of the africans the minds of the national party and by the time he came out he knew more or less what they were what they were thinking what was possible what wasn't possible he knew more or less how to treat them. both at home and abroad calls for mandela's release
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grew louder and gained more support for his party the a.n.c. represented him as the symbol of the anti-apartheid struggle. and early 1989 bhutto was weakened by a stroke shortly after a secret meeting with mandela he was forced to resign as party leader and later as president. i relented in august his former minister frederick de clercq age 53 took over as president of the country his priority to end the deadlock crippling south africa. on december 13th 1989 mandela left the victor vast the prison for a few hours he was secretly taken to the center of cape town to detain heis the president's office for the 1st time the black leader and white president found themselves face to face.
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i did not have high expectations of a 1st meeting with mr mandela and when i did have my 1st meeting i did not try to achieve much for both the him and me that 1st meeting was to get an understanding of each other to get a feel for the person sitting across the table. to start with mandela was much taller than he expected and he was also very impressed by president of this to mandela's aristocratic bearing because we must remember that that mandela was actually raised to be the prime minister of the paramount chief of the 10 booze so he had natural and natural sense of authority very dignified a very charming after that 1st meeting there was the feeling that yes
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we can do business with each other so i did expect that he would be positive about the concept of negotiation but we both of voided talking about the real challenges and the real issues at that time it was a sizing up process and so that was the beginning of of a long and sometimes very very rocky relationship. on february the 2nd 1990 the eyes of $37000000.00 south africans were turned towards cape town for the opening of parliament didn't declare was about to pronounce his 1st general policy speech many were hoping he would commit the country to a new direction. it is time for us to break out of
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the cycle of violence and to break through to peace and reconciliation the steps that have been decided on the following the prohibition of the african national congress the pan african as congress the south african communist party in a number of subsidiary organizations is being nice and. people serving prison sentences merely because they were members of one of these organizations will be identified and released i think the clark when he took over as president in 1009 was faced with a choice he knew that the country's economy was in really deep trouble he knew we were almost facing a civil war inside the country and here suddenly the thing landed on his lap was he going to do more about it more oppression more police more military and destroy the economy get into a civil war or was he going to be the sturrock
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a figure that ended the war and i think the berlin wall helped him a lot because it was a strong argument to use to say we had to fight against the a.n.c. because they were communists but no communism is dead sanaa we can talk to them which made their message easier to accept by the white people however what is very crucial to make the point that this change. the clear speech was not simply the result of a free condom nationalism of his party and of the clerk suddenly becoming good guys and through the good heart the siding there must be a change it was the pressure from the struggle i wish to put it plainly that the government has taken a firm decision to release mr mandela unconditionally i'm serious
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i'm serious about being this matter to finality without dealing the speech i made on the 2nd of february 9090 contained a package of measures. of which the release not only of nelson mandela but also of all political prisoners was just a part i listed the state of emergency i tried in that speech to address each and every excuse in the sea could offer not to come to the negotiation table and during that period we were the only communicators and town and they had all of the t.v. cameras they needed to use. how and when to release the iconic mandela this was the subject of the 2nd confrontation between the 2 men one week
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later at the president's office. i announced to him that he would be released on the 11th of february. and the 1st reaction was it's too soon and i said why is it too soon he said we need more time to prepare insisted that this process cannot work without me i am the key to this thing so when you want to release me you release me at a time that suits me and my family because i have to manage the a.n.c. and it was one of the things of me will you are my prisoner you will do as i say and i said to him mr mandela you and i will negotiate about many things but you been in jail long enough you will be released on the 11th of february let us discuss what time of the day and from where you will be in east.
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on february 11th 1990 at 5 o'clock in the oftener there was great excitement at the victor fest a prison everyone had been waiting for several hours to see nelson mandela released arm in arm with his wife when. after 27 years in jail a free 71 year old man returned to his home in so wet oh determined to win freedom for his people. after 4 decades of conflict the adversaries met over 3 days and put ischia an official building in cape town in may 990 the jailer and his former prisoner walked side by side presenting a core deal in which they are bound to be difficulties. but there is cautious
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optimism as well as faith and all the cure the problems will be solved by negotiation. and i trust that these discussions will be another milestone on the road to a new and you just saw that i think it was. overwhelmingly for him. it was like people who came together for the 1st time we didn't know each other but who wanted to meet each other. that was a that was a wonderful experience and was about the fact that. we suddenly realized the above signs that we had to work jointly and collectively. a way forward and that the 2 responsibility rests on us nobody else could take that response and you can imagine. with the background of the participants 2 sides of the
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being fighting each other. and were. suddenly being. of course there's a measure of mistrust. we do know al could be just 3 of us. we didn't know. but the point is we had to agree there's only one way to discover that is to me. is striking feature. of the discussions. which we have heard. it during the last 3 days. has been the act cordiality. we have had. discussions on substantive not. in a spirit of conciliation and understanding. despite the signature
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of a peace agreement 4 months later the relationship between de klerk and mandela was tainted by violence around the often lethal conflict had broken out in various regions of south africa particularly in causing confrontations erupted to between a.n.c. supporters from the hoser ethnic group and supporters of the i f p the in qatar freedom party made up of zulus and led by monks who to buthelezi. is not an insidious that is the voices there are people who threaten the leaders the people those who can only true the beginning of a real wall is going. oh. more people got killed in south africa between 18091904 done were killed by a potted forces in the entire history of a part that there was a natural competition between the i have p n a n c u d f but it was aided and abetted by the former military and police
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people called it the 3rd force. the 2 big black groupings fighting and a 3rd force egging them on and fomenting more violence leading police teats and intelligence chiefs including military intelligence we're working with elements of the put to lazy party and the soft course was how mundane the came to use that label and to. and to accuse the clerk of the star section. 100 thank you and. the national party has got that dab agenda for the negotiations process on the one hand. a talk about
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reform and change. that they still want to hold on to economic and political power he said you see you don't care about the life lives of blacks that's why you are you have allowed that situation to develop and this is why these things have happened even after we had given you our commitment even when we have been doing that had to discipline our people and you behaved in this way because you don't care about black life i think the accusation that i didn't do enough was unfair and that it was not based in fact from the moment that i started to have a suspicion and also in conjunction with all the allegations they were making i appointed judith to judicial commissions of inquiry the one commission of inquiry came up and opened up
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a can of worms to show that yes they were elements in the security forces against my orders against the policy i've laid down who continued with politically this had talked of underground activities that resulted in the dismissal or early retirement of a big number of very senior officers the credit cards the difficulty he had to walk a tightrope he couldn't just walk into the military camp and say. give up your arms and see is taking over he had to take he had to move very carefully with the police and with the military. and he did it slowly and and nelson mandela has indicated that he understood that so there was a game that mandela would put pressure on him. to disband and to end this that for violence and that that would defend. as the 2
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leaders exchanged accusations about the causes of the violence talks continues and a conference was soon organized could desa the convention for a democratic south africa to discuss the country's future institutions 300 delegates took part the a.n.c. and their allies demanded a majority electoral system where blacks would be dominant in the government declared can his party wanted various measures to protect the white minority but on the very 1st day december 20th 1991 the talks almost collapsed when dick clark took the floor. the only one that he should resume with the. schedule. and with. all the other. do not have a jeweler's. because one cannot be
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a little. bit to be sure solution if your leaders peters closes early in the leadership. role certainly. with the schedule made and the force not to go to you and yes to the concept of not action. i spoke last and i made a strong attack on the a.n.c. what windowing i sent a warning to president mandela that i would be making those statements the mission which i believe did not get doing so nelson mandela set there and watched. the truck attack in this way and i've never before or since seen london was so angry at the result was then that. the stuff that you're going
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for so i'm going back to the microphone and started to my going to duck was that. i heard that concert. well behaved. often used to decay here has been less but. given to her at. all and illegitimate. discredited. my marriage to you as he. has certain moral standards. very few. would like to hear with sadness. we know what's happening in our region we know how to get to places that others and
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the fires are still ongoing i believe if you kill the school is what can make a difference al-jazeera words tells the story of thousands of algae forced by colombia france to adopt obscene family names. words that are so offensive that some can't bear to see the meet. the burden of ridicule that has been passed down through generations. the shame of my name. on al-jazeera. the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america. but since this halted in 2008 has been a political shift to the right on a continent where socialism once thrived. at chile and politician goes on a journey to mean leading leftwing ficus to understand why that politics have lost
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ground so dramatic. in latin america a giant in time oil on al-jazeera 'd . of said gratton dog the top stories on the al-jazeera the us president donald trump has delivered an upbeat headline address at the world economic forum in switzerland that says the final details of his impeachment trial is set to be hammered out on the other side of the atlantic trump says he's in davos despite the proceedings in order to encourage new investment in the u.s. he also said america is experiencing an economic boom like never before and he just missed prophecies of doom as concerns of climate change overshadow the gathering of political and business elite this is not a time for pessimism this is a time for optimism fear and doubt is not
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a good thought process because this is a time for tremendous hope and joy and optimism in action. but to embrace the possibilities of tomorrow we must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse now as world leaders meet in davos protesters outside have been calling on them to do more to tackle climate change hundreds of activists march for 3 days across with them and to the small town of those attending the meeting a largely responsible for the climate crisis the toll is growing from a new virus causing concern around asia china has updated the death toll to 6 and says nearly 300 people have been infected and officials are worried about so-called super spreaders after transmission between humans was confirmed the world health organization will meet on wednesday to consider declaring it an international public health emergency. to try to clear protesters in iraq as
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a new wave of demonstrations spread across the country in the southern city of basra police officers attempted to remove barricades while in baghdad protesters for back against security forces with rocks and fire bombs at least 5 protesters were killed in the latest round of violence thailand's constitutional court has acquitted leaders of an opposition party of attempting to overthrow the monarchy relief supporters of the future forward party cheered as the verdict was delivered in bangkok the party faced dissolution if convicted and could still be banned in several other cases it faces party leaders say the charges are politically motivated. or those are the headlines the news continues here on out 0 after face to face. it's december 1991 talks to end decades of apartheid in south africa are faltering
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president f.w. de klerk has just blames nelson mandela's a.n.c. for a surge in political violence mandela responds i. am concerned . about the behavior. of mr decay here have been less friendly. everybody has. illegitimate. discredited. my team as he. has said and it's. very few. what i have to hear with certainly. when you responded to the clock was the closest we came to not having
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a negotiated solution i also think what he said is what mandela really thought about the clock he never said it publicly because he knew the kind of many years he knew he had to say i accept he's bona fide he's he's a man of integrity otherwise his followers wouldn't do it but he was and he was provoked and he was angry because he didn't he wasn't warned and and that was a scary moment and i think that. told me everything i wanted to know about the relationship between the truck and and mandela it was a terrible one it was not only assure that he was fighting for the right for his people and what he believed in and what should. expect more from any man he could have been very rude and very brutal if need be and all of this left a mark it left a scar. across it on their personal injury but also on the process and
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a need to cause some damage unavoidably so. the negotiations would last for months under the pressure of white extremists declared called a referendum in march 1902 asking almost $3000000.00 white voters if they approved of the path he was taking more than 2 thirds of them voted yes. on june 17th 1992 zulus from the in cutter freedom party left their hostel accommodation and headed for the boy petang timeship near johannesburg where they attacked a.n.c. supporters 45 people were brutally killed in the massacre the repercussions were dramatic exasperated mandela was very ill and in his response. at that point in time the administration of hitler was the only body that had the
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capacity and the power and the command was there was there to do those people and therefore to prevent that from happening even when that was was going to be intelligence with everybody that there are there is. a pileup of stocks of arms there and then there were people that were they members who went to that i can no longer at a. point in your. but look at what government where it's him. which is no doubt in go up if. we are not. to waggle we are provoked we can fight back he alleged at that stage and behove the again see that this was an example of government forces that were utilized and that point has
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never been proved but even through the consideration commission it was that that so mandela break off the negotiation it became frozen. we launched in that period almost immediately a call for roading mass action to revive and get to very high level the activity of the the masses in marches demonstrations protest. in early august 1992 a campaign of strikes and demonstrations was launched the power struggle culminated on august the 5th with the march on pretoria the country's political capital. in front of tens of thousands of supporters mandela came to openly defied declare
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beneath the windows of the union building was the official seat of government and in our final. day in big there is the nation of i didn't have and i have. had their freedom and fame lashes have i don't think you understand though. they say to the mat. on stage you go after tomorrow's all you have started out with the government. then i less than that. satisfactory by the government. negara says the asians can not and the way they are not a 0. fish and. the a.n.c.
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maintained the pressure he and dick clark were no longer speaking but in secret their lieutenants continued the discussions on the future of south africa. another massacre oblige the 2 men to officially renew the negotiations on september the 7th 1992 and a small town in the homeland of cisco 970000 e.n.c. supporters demonstrated against a local military leader supported by the government security forces opened fire killing 29 people and wounding hundreds of others. out of the big issue issue came a meeting between our officials and the clerics and the decision to carry on and resume with the negotiations desperately seeking an agreement to clerk capitulated and ceded to mandela's demands in september $992.00 the
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principles behind the future constitution were determined it would be a majority system the white minority would have no veto or particular protection the date for the 1st multi-racial and democratic elections was set april 27th 1994. it was therefore 2 electoral rivals who went to also in december $993.00 to receive the nobel peace prize in. norway the 2 men attempted to put on a good show but dick clark could barely conceal his frustration. i think the decision of the nobel peace laureate committee was a very courageous decision the award to more must among dello was
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a popular one the award to me was a controversial award because people said but i have practiced up partake in the past i had no problem with their system on download receiving it at times it appeared as if he and the a.n.c. did not like very much the fact that it was also wanted to me i know that there were people that felt. nelson should not have shared with him i think that would have been a terrible mistake their contribution through the nobel peace prize was their contribution to say we congratulate you the people of south africa you fought amongst each other but in the course of that fight you learned to appreciate each other as human e.-t. .
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mandela was irritated by this man from the apartheid regime the people who put him in jail the people who oppressed these own people for so long trying to say i ended up after it praise me the credit felt that he did not get enough credit for ending up after it and he wanted to be on the international stage he wanted to be. the big the big historical figure but he was mandela he was the biggest icon in the world so. the 2 perspectives and the 2 egos really clashed and it was also difficult because there was a very strong and he apartheid lobby in norway didn't want him to get the you the prize atoll and at one stage mandela went out on to a balcony or. of the group the hotel and the main road of learned
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the norwegians who were supposed to be having a torchlight parade boo de klerk and they shared mandela so it was a bit humiliating for ford to put. back in south africa the presidential election campaign proved to be extremely tense. encounters who lose threatens not to take part in the vote and violent confrontations were frequent even in the center of johannesburg. as the world focused on saw a few days before the vote the 2 candidates faced off in
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a historic televised debate. where have what that plan appeared at that time life or south africa and that better lives means housing. starts. free according to education hospital services we believe that there is out here neither the audience sees policy. is riddled with that which has failed it is riddled still with clinging to nationalize ation you want good investments as long as that is the case they says that applause often men or is not used to address the as signees of the charter to the population or as government is committed to it for a small minority. he is not alarmed at that or have for devote so much of his last
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. or is called sounds like. they just in general how do you write him off if you talk about. that. far. and nation duty how i am proud to hold your. thought as to profile. on election day no one doubted that mandela's a.n.c. would imagine is the fix to the question was whether the party would gain 2 thirds of the vote. the final score was indisputable 62 percent for the a.n.c. i'm just 20 percent for the national party. i hold out my hand to mr
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mandela in friendship and incorporation as far as my own post position is concerned i should like to make it clear. that i believe that my political task is just beginning everything that we have done so far the 4 years of difficult and often frustrating negotiations the problem and the crises. abin simply a blip in nation for the work that lies in texas. on may 10th 1994 after 4 years of negotiations and several 1000 people killed in political violence nelson mandela became president of south africa he was 75 years
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old. i think well for the future i think it's a good idea for self africa finally there that meets we have set out to achieve as be just. the direct thought it was a glorious moment. because it was peaceful it was accepted by the world the leaders of the world with their defeat on that day he saw it as the conclusion of these project that started in 1809. according to the terms of an agreement signed in 1903 monday led a government of national unity assisted by 2 vice presidents tabu and becky one of his right hand men and frederick declared. joy of my need to be good enough to hold fathers and i love. i. notice and.
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i'm not. going out by sight. of the very for better public office. saw felt that. i knew was an awesome day apartheid was overcome the last white president attending the swearing in of south africa's 1st black president. my overwhelming sense. was a feeling of accomplishment. yes i had questions and i still have it in my mind. whether we will be able to stay on the right path there are threats and there are always dangers that even if you reach a good agreement that in the implementation of the agreement things can go wrong
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but my general sense was one of this is a good day for south. over parties with more than 20 deputies were represented in the government of national unity intended to last 5 years a coalition unique in the world took office a cabinet when a former president officiated under the orders of his successor both at the head of opposing parties. facing the monday i'll never chaired the coming. becky the other deputy president and i chaired the cabinet on meditational basis it was a good experience i realized and serialize that they needed to gain experience
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in governance they've been a liberation movement they've been agitating as they've been fighting they've been fighters in the field they didn't know how to deal with the civil service he possibly thought that his presence in the government of national unity. will give him the authority to teach then you'll come ice. how to do things. whereas he ought to have one vest thought that he was also a new comer. into a situation that was no twitter to put in there were moments when the. i could see mr mandela getting frustrated it. all took ations between mandela and dick clarke hit the headlines. in january $995.00 i heated disputes during
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a cabinet meeting which forced declare and mandela to stage a public reconciliation for the media. the main focus of our discussion was our past on working relationship. our discussion was frank and to a character in some detail with all of the issues which caused the recent confrontation between us. we did not ask for an apology we are asked for the recognition of al good faith. honesty and i would integrity. in the process of the confrontation also my confidence in the president was shaken. and our talk this morning achieved also the race to relation of that confidence. i'm shaking you know you want movement
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on the fever. often about 18 months the a.n.c. started to feel they've had enough of a learning experience. and then they started to try and silence me because i was not only an executive deputy president i was also the political leader of the main political opposition part and they were trying to say i cannot in public criticize the citizens with which i disagreed in the cabinet. because i'm an executive deputy president that was part of the problem which 6 months later after doing brought me to the decision with my party who was there all from the government of national unity i think that the cleric and his group where feeling that they were losing too
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much support from the white constituency and that if they remained in government with the a.n.c. they would continue to lose all that support again i think the clerics ego came in the way that and he's personal circumstances and we sometimes talk about politicians and forget that the ordinary human beings the clerk at the fall in love married a new young woman a beautiful woman that he was very much in love with he lost his appetite for dirty politics for hard politics and instead of leaving his party inside and going to die with lovely aelita he took them all out declared can this party left the government in june 1906 shortly after the adoption of the country's new
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constitution mandela himself left politics in 1999 handing over to topple him back. in just 6 years of a hard for to deal the 2 men had to learn to clean change the course of their country's history and forever bound their own destinies they continued to see each other far from the political turmoil like in 2006 at a hotel in cape town that flooded to clerics 70th birthday. i mean. once they had retired. they knew that they the 2 of them played a special role. in history and they never became friends but on the one or 2 occasions public occasions they said nice things about each other we didn't threaten. at cardiff i visited in mobile thought all the lives.
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are lost by a time out purpose a 00. 00000 m. did most of us weigh the well. i had a policeman in the us i will say that our country does not suffer some kind of normal. occurrence although. out ever got rewarded or. made to give us away with our. president mandela made. a wonderful speech at a function for all friends and family. i was deeply touched. by the nickel he surely gave to my contribution to. help to bring peace to south africa i was deeply touched by the personal warmth which he extended to me.
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i even cried a little but if i can remember well. al jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs so much better marketeers land bill gates which after all is going to grant bad stuff on though made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera.
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surprisingly probably there have been reports of flooding in brazil because the sun storms in some place have been pretty big as they are in those national interests see dosing when middle summary heat of the day and lots of moshe coming in from the south atlantic so again we've got big thunderstorms in northern argentina and this is on tuesday good master brazil concentrating maybe in the southeast rather few seem likely that are still there in bolivia and peru for example the same story is repeated with the drift of the heavy showers up into paragraphs quite possibly jury wednesday and again the likelihood of flash flooding from decent summer thunderstorms almost throughout brazil that knows the continent it's standard
3:58 pm
northeast the breeze you'd think there is clearly evidence of a frontal system another one coming across the bahamas in the forecast that will give you probably increase the number of shaz through these islands and on the north coast of cuba the line followers for your eyes down towards honduras concentration here of heavy rain quite likely to be thunderstorms with no i'm sure breaching tuesday almost as they are lighter but look what's happening in haiti a mess of this deep blue stuff that's showers again triggering triggering off in haiti and east in cuba. but. mobile technology. leading the way in the digital revolution. making good friends in the on line b.s. to places. this week tackling sexual health in south africa and engineering social change in london inspiring young people to come talk to soldiers and they sold it
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using my fault technology the final episode of life sucks while daffs on al-jazeera. from the family home of the students navigating dangerous rapids from the time we departed through the time we finish are scared to the fisherman and dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid i'm drawing very poor don't go i come from my family to meet the men who go to the extreme just to make a living god you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise and certainly risking your old vietnam on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks this bushfires season is far from over but it's coast so much devastation across a stray. with detail coverage campaigners say that a 100 so unseen ages of sleeping on the streets of taras and feel as journalism
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senators are preparing for a briefing on the u.s. military strike and whatever response it may bring. al-jazeera. this is the news. in the next 60 minutes this is not a time for pessimism this is a time for. optimism. that . the u.s. president is in the senate prepares to finalize his impeachment trial back in washington he calls that a disgraceful hoax. fear of. human to human transmission
4:01 pm
of a new virus and the toll climbs again.


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