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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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u.n. experts call for an investigation into evidence saudi arabia hacked the phone of washington post jeff bezos. hello i'm sam you say that this is al jazeera live from down also coming out no public travel in or out for 11000000 people the fear of a deadly new virus shuts down the chinese city of. another tragedy in the battle against australia is bushfires tank crashes killing 3 crew members plus he
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personally asked a foreign government to investigate his opponent he's the lead democratic prosecutor makes the case for a moving the president from office it is in each trial. u.n. human rights experts are calling for an investigation into allegations saudi arabia's crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of amazon boss jeff bezos relations between the world's richest man and riyadh salad after the murder of journalist. the saudi journalist was a regular contributor to the washington post that's also owned by bezos because the gauge reports. 15 months after the murder of saudi journalists. in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul the fallout continues jeff bezos the boss of the
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world's largest online shop amazon also owns the washington post the newspaper khashoggi wrote for he's now at the center of a hacking probe un human rights experts including agnes kalmadi who investigated murder say they've looked at forensic analysis that points to dart of being stolen from basal says phone in 20 i 18 that happened after bass also received whatsapp messages from the personal account of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on possibly the experts say to try and influence articles in the washington post the guinea shola expert conduct an. investigation concluded reason medium or high certainty that the show also was a videophile send to me stone. and account or
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by the crown prince on the sidelines of the world economic forum the saudi energy minister responded to the allegation is it. was a democracy people are concerned. i'm stupid you know that but at the same time the wall street journal reported that saudi officials close to the crown prince said they were aware of a plan to hack base also as foreign as part of a broader intimidation campaign against ji but not aware of any attempt to blackmail him well i think is exactly the right way the idea that the conference would have jeff bezos of photos absolutely silly. as baze also supported g.'s fiance following his murder in 2018 relations with been some man soured bays also security team alleged last march that the kingdom gained private information from his phone involving text messages between him and a former t.v.
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news presenter this latest analysis implicates the crown prince for the 1st time i think that it's hard to believe that if they had this successful capability and were brazenly willing to use it against one of the most powerful people in the world that they would stop there the saudis have been accused of other hacking attacks but baze also is by far the most high profile person involved and these latest allegations are expected to only worsen relations between the world's richest men and the kingdom a strategic ally of the us weekly gauge al-jazeera oh you heard there from un special rapporteur us kalamata she spoke to al-jazeera is more from that interview . any shoulder expo to conduct an. investigation concluded reason medium to or high certainty that or so also the hacking was
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a videophile send to me stove top web site. and account by the crown prince we subsequently david kay and i asked independent expert to review the findings of the initial team of experts and they too i've reached a similar level of conclusion as the initial forensic study i wouldn't want to point out i decided that you just saw a d.c. court for a forensic expert wheeze an incredible means and disposal to reach a 100 person and. still teach you a certainty order so also the act that should be awake according to all of us here that 20 are confronting a technology and and an industry that is extremely difficult
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to trace even riza best and highest resources at our disposal those allegations place. the crown prend and the center of a campaign all the hacking surveillance and intimidation that's a fair saying in my view based on mine were created to the killing of gemma castro game those allegations today reinforced the call and i have made for some independent investigation into the mastermind behind the killing of castro gate and particularly an investigation into the nature and extent of their responsibilities at the highest level of the state including by mohammed bin salman . well earlier jeff bezos tweeted a photo of himself with g.'s fiance unveiling
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a pluck last october marking the one year anniversary of his murder that had the hash tag jamal the chinese central city of war high and is in public transportation locked down as the government tries to contain the spread of a deadly virus or public transport in and out of the cities being shut down including planes trains buses and ferries residents have been told not to leave the city and advised against gathering in public 17 people have died since the coronavirus outbreak began last month more than 570 cases have been confirmed let's go live now to adrian brownies in hong kong so adrian how much of a shutdown is really in place because i understand private vehicles can still go in and out right. yeah and actually i'm in hong kong international airport sammi and behind me we have some of the passengers who
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have just arrived on one of the last flights to leave who hand that flight left at about 11 am local time and arrived just a short time ago and of course many of the passengers on that flight were pretty desperate to get out most were reluctant to talk a few we did talk to though seemed almost you know calm about the situation they had left behind that of course the city they left behind is now one that is in effective quarantine now this is no ordinary city it's a city of 11000000 people it's a key transport hub in china but now it's a city that is effectively cut off from the rest of china the government shutdown all public transport there are supposedly no buses running no trains running to the rest of china and as i say the last of those flights to arrive in hong kong has just landed so the people who have left behind according to you know what i've seen in social media are very worried about food they're very worried about the shortage
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of disinfectant and also face masks if there is apparently been a soaring trade in face masks and that's also actually the case here that hong kong airport they've completely run out of face miles now of course the world health organization is watching all of this very closely as they move into the 2nd day of that meeting to decide whether or not to declare this far as a global health emergency and the world health organization representative to china has been talking about you know the challenges china's government faces by quarantining the city of who hand this is what they had to say. trying to contain a city of 11000000 people is new to science it has not been tried before as a public health measure so we cannot at this stage say it would order to will not work. well the world health organization now
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believes that person to person transmission has been taking place they believe that the source of this forest was an animal the animal infected the person now it's become person to person contact and of course that makes it much harder to contain we know there are now more than $570.00 cases of infection in china there have been 17 deaths and another case here in hong kong as well as another case in macau and of course taiwan has it as well which means all of greater china is now affected but china is using one unexpected tactic it's something new for china's government and that is honesty president xi jinping has decided that transparency is the best way of trying to deal with this and of course that is all in marked contrast to what happened with the sars epidemic 17 years ago when the government was found to have simply covered up the scale of that virus or edward brown bear thanks for that
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. a plane being used toward a bomb bushfires in australia has crashed killing 3 crew members traffic controllers lost contact with a large air tanker while it was passing through a remote region in the eastern state of new south wales their craft had been contracted from an american company let's cross over live now to andrew thomas live in sydney any word on why this plane crash dandruff. well this plane it was chartered by the australian rural fire service have been flying in the recent weeks projectile killed these unprecedented fires in just over 4 hours ago now a row of fire service lost contact with it now took off from sydney it was heading south of the capital camber into a forest there and that in hot so windy a weather on 1st day fires had rigged night it once again and they lost contact with it and a couple of hours ago now helicopters searching for what they imagined by then was
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a crashed plane found the wreckage and it was a big fireball apparently where this big plane came down now it's a c $130.00 hercules by it's the biggest plane the rural fire service here uses to tackle these fires this plane is normally used by military to transport troops but they've been converted into a plane that can carry out a 15000 liters of water or far retard and it was on route to dump some of that when it crashed as you mentioned the plane was contracted from a company in the united states and the 3 crew members on board were 'd american residents the new south wales premier gave an update just over an hour ago. today is a reminder. of how every single person who is defending life and property is at risk because of the dangerous circumstances in the firefighting community around new south wales a stronger in the world is very tight needed and i many people have been impacted by the tragic news this afternoon and we our thoughts are not just for the families and friends and laugh lines but also if anybody who feels impacted by what's
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unfolding this afternoon and we can't thank enough people who continue not withstanding these conditions to put their own safety b. sc to protect the loss and property of others. well the weather had got a little better in recent days the been quite a lot of rain in new south wales and across victoria but on thursday the very hot weather and the winds return has been more than 40 degrees celsius here in sydney hotter still south the camera where that plane was heading when it crashed now this plane we filmed ourselves a couple of weeks ago fighting the fire it's been on active service throughout a big tragedy here no one killed directly as a result of the fires but 3 crew members killed fighting those fires just a sign of how desperate the situation here still is and how easily the fires reignite and how quickly tragedy can strike. all right andrew thomas there from sydney. still ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you why i'm in miles government has been taken to the international court of justice us. i want to go occur in the far
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west reaches of alaska where the once in a decade u.s. census begins we'll tell you why it's important why it starting here and why it's a potential lifeline for the native people of this state. hello there still some pretty good conditions across all central areas of europe to the north and got the clavicle some snow and some pretty strong winds out across the west this of course is all tied to that storm of glory and it is producing all sorts of weather not least this have a look at this is in catalonia region not far from this a and this is the sea foam that is just literally just surged into the streets of this town it's not dangerous but just very unpleasant and it has of course cause some flooding meanwhile head inland not that particular high elevation at 100
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meters here and this is what has been coming down about 2 centimeters of snow probably won't stick on the ground because it's actually fairly moderate the next few days temperatures at about 9 degrees celsius say this is what we're watching it is not done yet this whole storm system continuing to work its way through catalonia pushing on into the southern areas of france and very heavy amounts of rain and then look at this as another system just sitting out there in the atlantic that will bring some rain showers into portugal and spain as ago thursday and friday and by friday with that rain on its way as you can see through on to montpellier and further eastward into ma say elsewhere in europe this is still we're watching pretty good across much of the u.k. quite a low cloud some fog lightly not cold with a high of 6 in london and a sin the 6 in zurich. from fossil fuels to modern day renewable as societies develop the energy demands
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increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power developing to the investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these demands we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generation the brash pioneering future energy. route. to. welcome back you're watching out 0 time to recap our headlines now u.n. human rights experts are calling for an investigation into allegations the saudi crown prince was involved in tracking the phone of washington post own and jeff
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bezos they say it was carried out to influence over going to saudi arabia. for public transport and then out of the chinese city of who handles been suspended the government is trying to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus people have been told not to leave the city of 11000000 and advised against gathering of. the plane being used towards a bomb bushfires in the strait he has crashed killing 3 crew contact was lost while it was flying in a remote part of new south wales. house democrats have begun trying to convince the senate sort of move president from office they open their argument in this impeachment trial on wednesday with 2 warnings saying that the opposition because we're public and majority history is watching and so are the american people heidi jocasta reports from washington d.c.
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please be seated this was the 1st of 3 days the impeachment managers have to present their case that president trump tried to pressure ukraine to get dirt on joe biden and withheld u.s. security aid as leverage nevertheless the documents and testimony that we were able to collect paints an overwhelming and damning picture of the president's efforts to use the powers of his office to corruptly solicit foreign help in his reelection campaign if this conduct is not impeachable. then nothingness i would rather go the long way from switzerland president trump again called his impeachment a partisan witch hunt he said he could live with having new witnesses testify in the trial it's not up to the president whether the he said it and it's troll wants to listen to a particular witness we have that constitutional responsibility of the courts have yielded to us in order to carry out their responsibilities republican senators has stuck by trump they include some of his fiercest offenders there on
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a crusade to destroy this man and they don't care what they destroy in the process of trying to this story donald trump i do care so to my democratic colleagues you can say what you want about me but i am covering up nothing makes photos. your hatred of this president to the point that you would destroy the institution it would take 20 republican senators to cross the aisle to vote to convict and remove president trump from office the possibility is remote the much likelier scenario is an acquittal when the american voter serving us trumps final jurors in november at the polls castro al-jazeera washington the international court of justice is set to rule on a request for emergency measures aimed at preventing further acts of violence
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against rohingya muslims the gambia filed a lawsuit in november on behalf of several muslim nations accusing me and 3 of a crackdown on the minority 3 years ago or 700000 people fled to neighboring bangladesh is in the hague it is the world's highest court formed in the aftermath of the 2nd world war to end state abuses of power myanmar stands accused of perhaps the greatest abuse the genocide of its own people last month its civilian leader one time suchi once a human rights icon arrived at the international court of justice to contest the claims in the case against her government was brought by the gambia on behalf of dozens of muslim countries in action means that more people have been killed more woman i've been an r.v. and my children have been burnt alive the court heard allegations of atrocity after atrocity. military is accused of mass murder rape and the destruction of rahane
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good muslim communities the nobel peace prize laureate watched on a woman detained for years by myanmar's military now defending them she doesn't have control over the army but see cheese personally accused of failing to hold it to account she calls for the case to be dropped. requests. to remove the case from its list. says the raids are bringing the villages in iraq and state in 2017 were legitimate counter-terrorism operations a response to attacks. on government security posts 3 years on or more than 700000 refugees languishing camps across the border in bangladesh the gambia believes me on mars trying to wipe out an entire family group the court could take many years to reach a final ruling on genocide the type of evidence that is needed to prove genocide is
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quite. like the gambia but it's also because. that's needed by the applicants it is also quite high. that there was specific intent to commit genocide on thursday the i.c.j. will say whether or not it is granted an emergency ruling known as provisional measures to prevent further acts of serious violence including murder rape the burning down of villages the prevention of access to medicine one thing the court cannot do though is enforce its rulings in the past some countries have simply ignored them this is not a criminal case charges won't be brought against individuals that may come later at a different court nevertheless she finds herself together with me our minds military the focus of serious allegations accused of complicity with some of the world's worst crimes barker al-jazeera the hague. child rejoins us
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live from cox's bazaar in bangladesh home to hundreds of thousands of refugees so any indication of where the court is heading at this point. well there is a lot of agan s. and anxious to know what the outcome will be surprisingly most of the rowing as adults at least they know that there is something going on they don't know the intricate details and the legal process of the international criminal court of justice but they know that something symbolic is going to happen today hopefully the bardic will be positive that's what they wish is that been waiting for some sort of justice whether it's symbolic already if it's enforceable or not they don't know that even the outcome is not enforceable they still are happy to know that some positive result might come out there's been special prayer in the mosque people have been listening to radio this where people sit down not everyone has a radio so that community leaders explain them those who do have they listen to
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a bundle of archon of. of america and b.b.c. also the burmese version so they're quite well versed on situation going on plus there's been visit by international criminal court fact finding mission there's been a young lady has been here last few days also she's been talking with the into locators she's going to have a press conference even they're going as no that has been a report came out by the independent commission me on my demo that day part was not very justifiable to said it's all fabricated whatever it is still not made public we also know that $45.00 rights human rights body has came out with a report of saying that there has been report recently about me on madhu started rolling guys who are dead they have been forced to take on this national body which is nothing but a residence that's a. bengali muslims that doesn't say anything about them being residents of myanmar so that sort of thing they know is not conducive for them to returning because they
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want security assurances they want some sort of recognition and this ruling probably would be something they welcome it's symbolic but they want justice that's been more. thing for justice beside other conditions that they want to be fulfilled by me on my before they want to return. to the thanks so much time the child. africa's richest woman is a suspect in a major fraud case in angola is about dos santos is being investigated for mismanagement and allegedly siphoning off funds while chair of the state oil company the daughter of angola's former president denies transferring millions of dollars of government money into her offshore accounts. venezuela's opposition leader is calling on the european union to broaden sanctions against the government of president nicolas maduro one why though is on a tour of europe in defiance of a travel ban you countries have recognized him as interim president and impose
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sanctions on some venezuelans in the duros inner circle they've also been pushing for mediation which credo says has failed you know that you are going to get in your debt on time a lot you know it's not a problem of the right to the left in venezuela it is a problem of having a dictatorship and having citizens fighting for the democracy for dignity so the important thing in this case is not to see this as an eye logical bias but what we have is a very clear demand free elections. for our priorities not only to seek support but to make quick races visible and seek support for the region as well as to increase pressure on the dictatorship seeking the mobilization part of our unity within venice we were which is crucial for us in. the us has launched its once a decade head count of the entire population starting in the far reaches of alaska while most people are expected to answer the 2020 census online or by post in
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remote alaskan villages residents are being counted by officials and the gallacher reports on how it can be a lifeline for many native alaskans. clinging to the edge of the bering sea and surrounded by an arctic tundra took isolated even by alaska's hardy standards it's not the kind of community many alaskans of even heard of until senses officials picked it to start the 2020 count. 90 year old you pick elder. is officially the 1st person to be interviewed oh yeah they are. i appreciate that i'll be the 1st person counted i'm happy i live this long to see it the village is so remote it's only accessible by plane dog sled or snowmobile when the snows melt it's population scatters specific to this location is that they're actually in the village and it's frozen environment and while they're gathered it
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makes counting a lot easier if we wait until the snow starts melting when they're out fishing and hunting and doing other things it will take officials weeks to reach similar communities there are close to 200 villages with no access by road and many native alaskans remain suspicious of the u.s. government the logistics of starting the u.s. census in a place this remote is simply mind boggling but there is another issue here another is one of trust between the native alaskan people and the u.s. government has a long history here of broken treaties mistreatment and misunderstanding that many say continues to this day and ultimately that could lead to an inaccurate count the sovereignty of alaska's native communities was only recognized by the state in 2017 tribal advocate denise kenny jackett says when locally just travel in the u.s. they realize many other states away ahead of alaska their states did hear them and had a healthier communication and partnership i think they came back in question why why
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are we still behind participating in the census is historic and as alaskan native people we are counting the census is a lifeline for this remote part of alaska and relations between the u.s. government and tribes are improving on the back says the allocation of federal funds is vital helping maintain the runways in a lot of our remote villages to our entire tribal health care system very key federal funds that help essentially provide a form of economy where out here in southwestern alaska the future of took so in every other. immunity in the u.s. will be shaped by the census it's used to redraw legislative districts allocated retro college funds that affects the distribution of over a trillion dollars in public funding these alaskans won't see government officials for another decade but the results of the census will have a lasting impact and a gallacher al-jazeera bethel alaska monty python star terry jones has died at the
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age of 77 the comedian's family says you passed away at his home in london after a long battle with a rare form of dementia terry jones began writing and performing in the 1960 s. before finding success with the comedy troupe monty python's flying circus he also directed and starred in several films including the life of brian. take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now the un human rights experts are calling for an investigation into allegations the saudi crown prince was involved in hacking the phone of washington post owner jeff bezos they say it was carried out to influence reporting on saudi arabia riyadh denies the allegations or public transport in and out of the chinese city of war has been suspended the government is trying to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus
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people have been told not to leave the city of 11000000 and advised against gathering in public the world health organization says it's not clear whether the lockdown will work trying to contain a city of 11000000 people is new to science it has not been tried before as a public health measure so we cannot at this stage say it will or it will not work. a plane being used towards a bomb bushfires in australia has crashed killing 3 crew contact was lost while it was flying in a remote part of new south wales the aircraft had been contracted from an american company in question all democrats in the us of call the republican senators to join them in voting to remove don trump from office they've begun opening arguments
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in the impeachment trial of the u.s. president who is accused of abuse of power and obstructing justice africa's richest woman is a suspect in a major fraud case in angola isabel dos santos is being investigated for mismanagement and allegedly siphoning off funds while chair of the state old company the daughter of angola's former president denies transferring millions of dollars of government money into offshore accounts venezuela's opposition leader is calling on the european union to broaden sanctions against the government of president nicolas maduro. though is on a tour of europe in defiance of a travel ban you countries of recognized him as an interim president and impose sanctions on some venezuelans imagine in a circle those i headlines the news continues after inside story. trade tensions could cut global economic growth by north point 8 percent we bring you the stories and developments
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the rapidly changing the world we live in one example china be a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost on al-jazeera. in the senate will convene as a court of impeachment. donald trump becomes only the fired u.s. president to face trial in the senate ballots with a republican controlled upper house he's most likely to get off the charges of abuse of power and obstructing congress so what's really the point of this impeachment trial this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on martine dennis and the historic trauma of the u.s. president has got under way in the senate donald trump is accused of abusing power
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by pressuring ukraine to investigate his political rival and then trying to block the inquiry into the matter.


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