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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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politician goes on a journey to meet leading left wing figures to understand why that politics have lost ground to some dramatically. in latin america a giant in turmoil on al-jazeera. the chinese city of rouhani in lockdown as authorities try to contain a deadly virus but global health experts are divided over the state of the outbreak . hello i'm maryanne demasi in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up day 2 of impeachment arguments from u.s. democrats as they present a case for a busa of power by president donald trump. ring of muslims react after the un's highest court rules in favor of the gambia ordering myanmar to stop its soldiers
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committing acts of genocide. and its sustainability has a catwalk moment is it just a passing craze or will consumer demand be able to drive some real change. hello welcome to the program our top story the chinese city of one han is in lockdown the government is attempting to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus that public transport in the city of 11000000 people is close and outgoing flights suspended so far 17 people have been killed by the virus with hundreds of millions of chinese expected to travel for new year's celebrations at the weekend that alfie is of rapid contagion world health organization meanwhile is split over whether or not they should declare a global health emergency will have more on that in a moment but 1st adrian brown is in hong kong. at 1st china's government
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warned people against traveling to hand the epicenter of the virus now a day later it's gone a step further and banned all travel to and from the city 11000000 people are effectively living in quarantine many people fled to han before the ban took effect unverified pictures posted on social media shows signs of panic among those who stayed behind a hospital in the city where face masks are now reportedly being rationed. now the ban on public transport has been extended to other cities in central china. or miracle that is. arriving in hong kong passengers from one of the last flights out of. silent by choice the incubation period for the virus last up to 10 days doctors say it's therefore possible that some of them could be carrying a silent killer after returning to home if you have
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a fever or other symptoms where a surgical mask as this disease spreads in hong kong's medical authorities are raising awareness with cheery public service announcements. like other parts of china hong kong is becoming a city without a face the official advice is to wear surgical masks in crowded areas including on public transport yet some experts doubt they'll be effective. from manila to tokyo airports across asia are screening all passengers for signs of infection medical experts still don't know if this is a highly or mildly contagious disease there is a lot the experts still don't know about this disease they're still trying to find its source and they're still not sure how easily it can spread from person to person adrian brown al jazeera hong kong meanwhile the world health organization in the last hours been meeting they have held back on declaring an international
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public health emergency saying that it's too early to make that decision but w.h.a. chiefs admit they are divided on the best course of action and he bob has more now on the international response. but few maci know airport had road they're taking no chances for good reason the people being monitored with the scanners have just flown in from who handle the center of the outbreak. they left before the chinese city was put in lockdown but scenes like this have played out around the world but sydney airport serving australia's largest city many of those flying in from hands on thursday will face masks they knew they'd be screened but there were no reports of illness and they weren't overly worried before we got off that plane and it is. a few trillion government people come to the graves to be able to hear and when we get out and. a sun some people a taste of
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a fever and ask some questions about your health in the u.s. one person is known to have contracted the virus health officials in the state of washington where the man lives say he's well and should be. allowed home soon as of now there are at least 16 identified close contacts local health departments started reaching out to them yesterday and continue to do so today the world health organization the united nations party based to geneva says for now it can't classify the outbreak as a global health emergency it has not yet become a global held emergency. its a may yet become one deadly just response system and if that the outbreak is very high risk in china. and high risk regionally and globally but the list of countries with confirmed cases of the virus is getting
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larger most in eastern asia but some further afield like india nurse working in a hospital in saudi arabia the data that we've gathered has suggested you know that this could be a very dangerous virus but potential for global spread in and even i don't think it's being too extreme to say even potential you know for a global epidemic. but i don't think that inevitable at this point in. the next couple of weeks will be really important to making an assessment of what the real risk is still the mere possibility needs checks like this at major airports until medical experts know a lot more there's a whole series of questions we have to ask we don't have all of those answers yet we have some of that we know how to diagnose it we increasingly know how to treat people when they get it what we don't yet know is when somebody is infectious and who they pass it on somebody else the next few weeks could tell us exactly how much of a threat this corona virus poses worldwide the al-jazeera. well
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it's the 2nd day of arguments by u.s. house democrats in the senate impeachment trial of president donald trump is accused of withholding military in exchange for an investigation into his political rival biting democratic prosecutors started by outlining the 2 articles of impeachment a beast of power and obstruction of congress this presidential stonewalling of congress is unprecedented in the 238 year history of our constitutional republic it puts even president nixon to shame taken together the articles in the evidence conclusively establish the president trump is places own personal political interests 1st he has placed them above our national security above our free and fair elections and above our system of checks and balances this kind that is not
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america 1st it is donald trump 1st. joe castro is live for us now from capitol hill so as you're hearing in the clip there the aim is to explain why the president should be removed from office tell us more about what the democrats are trying to accomplish by the end of today. sure they're really taking it in baby steps merriam to day the house managers have said they want to establish the connections between the president's actions what they say the evidence shows and the abuse of power article of impeachment that's the 1st charge that he faces we're hearing from now learn who is a constitutional scholar he is trying to frame this in the context of history that the founders of the united states said abuse of power is indeed the very purpose. it's the very purpose of
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why these articles rather why the impeachment rules was included in the constitution but you also have the other challenge here the democrats are facing the house managers is to really keep the senators engaged this is obviously a very drawn out process we've seen hours of these arguments and we've seen republicans speaking to reporters today saying that they're tired of the repetition and we saw you know that these house managers are cognizant of that adam schiff who is the lead house manager in this case opening up today's remarks by asking his colleagues to be patient saying that they will see repetition but in different contexts but that in fact yes this this is going to be long this is going to be very specific in asking for the senators to stay open minded as they hear these arguments being made. all right thank you very much heidi
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jocasta of all the latest from capitol hill thank you heidi. now myanmar has been ordered to by the international court of justice to prevent genocidal violence against its wrangham muslim minority the un's highest court also demanded that the country preserve any evidence of past crimes head of a complicated genocide trial members of the muslim minority have praised the landmark ruling eve barker ports now from the hague. stands accused of one of the world's worst crimes the genocide of its own people the cases brought by the gambia on behalf of dozens of muslim countries they're going. cremation at serious risk of genocide on thursday the un's highest court agreed to deal with the case it also unanimously agreed to impose emergency in order to prevent more violence the ruling compose mammals forces to end all acts of genocide all violence including murder
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rape the burning of villages the prevention of access to medicine must also preserve all evidence ahead of a very complicated genocide trial. the judgments binding and cattle be appealed mommas prove it's following the order reporting back to the courts in 4 months time and every 6 months after the court has ordered these periodic reports and that is definitely a way for to continue to get information on what's happening on the ground on another order that they that we shoot was to the preservation of evidence so that in the future if they were say individual prosecutions that could still happen but indeed they want to see every 6 months what is happening how are you compliance with this order so that they don't lose track of what's going on the decision comes despite a personal intervention from myanmar civilian leader aung san suu kyi the nobel peace prize laureate appeared at the court in person last month where she asked for the case to be dropped my requests
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a call to remove the case from it's the case she also denied genocide has been committed and accuse refugees of exaggerating abuses its says the raids on range of ellipses in iraq and state in 2017 were legitimate counterterrorism operations around 3 quarters of a 1000000 of the most a minority fled to neighboring bangladesh joining the military offensive against them 3 years ago the gambia i believe was and is trying to wipe out an entire ethnic group. all 17 from different parts of new all who are present in different cultures and values have all agreed. that the genocide. cannot be tolerated by anyone in the wall. or hinder him in a myriad put the question our top priority is just today that justice is partially solved this is a great day for us we will celebrate it took the i.c.j.
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more than a decade to reach a verdict of genocide following the balkan wars in the 1990 s. it's expected to be many years before myanmar faces a similar judgment the barca al-jazeera the hague. well as you hearing there it's been a very important day for the rank of muslims can there chadri is in cox's bizarre way he's been meeting with refugees after they heard the international court of justice is decision. the ruling by the international court of justice is very much welcome by the rowing directly to come in it is here now we've been discussing with many of the people after the ruling sitting out in the stalls they've been waiting here for hours wanting to know what will be the outcome that's been listening to a transistor radio listening to various news and they're discussing among themselves i would talk to them see what their reaction is that said it is very welcoming they're very happy and anxious listen to some of their reactions and it
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simply should include thanks to our love for this verdict and gambia free negotiating the legal process also thanks to bangladesh for giving a shelter finally the verdict recognised our suffering in all the atrocities we went through the feel of peace in our heart abbey said i we've been suffering for the last 70 years and we're sticking with justice now we truly believe that the world has recognised the suffering now most of these people don't know that in cheek a complex detail of legal matters what they know that the ruling was in favor of the rohingya refugees and they're running a community in life now they know this is symbolic that may not something happen very quickly we don't know yet whether the me and my will accept this verdict whether other countries will not put sanction and pressure on myanmar what they're doing as you know that they have been recognised that crime has been committed they've been telling the whole was the last several years that atrocities been committed against us now that's been recognised it's a very symbolic it's a moral and a psychological victory for them as to what they told me. still ahead for you on
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the program the u.n. secretary general speaks to us about his hopes of peace in libya and u.s. fire fighters die in a plane crash the latest victims of australia's deadly. hello there still some pretty calm conditions across central areas of europe quite a bit of cloud around but nothing really in the way of rain or snow plenty of strong winds and some rain and some snow across into the north but of course still we are talking about western areas of europe the southwest in particular now this is the southeast of france pay pinioned look at this river it is literally about to burst its banks just a raging torrent of water that has been so much rain of course has been sitting in the region for several days and then down into eastern spain and this is the
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picture in one of the towns and again we are looking at several centimeters of snow it is going to be a while before that all clear is that the storm itself it is clearing through friday working its way into more southern areas of france but there's another system just sitting here off the coast of portugal and southern spain so that will bring some more rain showers in but as we go on into saturday that system which walls gloria that will produce one or 2 showers into central northern areas of italy and then we'll see more rain just spreading in from the south into much of spain at times that could also be fairly heavy but nothing like we have seen with that recent storm meanwhile the rain staying to the north of the u.k. pushing rain and snow across into northern areas of scandinavia and as a say it's a fairly cloudy picture not cold in london at the same impious than unfortunate on both days not much sunshine. al jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how rivalries
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influence the course of history steve jobs a much better marketing than bill gates was apple is going to reinvent the phone bill made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. combine a look at the headlines now world health organization said it's still too early to declare the coronavirus a global health emergency more than 600 people in china have been diagnosed with the virus as the government bans all travel to and from the central city of will on
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. 2nd day of arguments being heard in the impeachment trial of u.s. president donald trump impeachment manages a concentrating on allegations of abuse of power trump is also accused of obstruction of congress. and myanmar's government has been ordered by the international court of justice to take emergency measures to prevent soldiers committing acts of genocide against wrangham muslims still living there. now foreign ministers from nations bordering libya beating in algeria to discuss ways of stopping the fighting there egypt sudan chad area and tunisia as well as mali have all suffered fallout from the conflict in libya and algeria is former foreign minister says the meeting is about coordinating their efforts tripoli's airport was briefly closed on wednesday after a rocket attack of forces of all old police have to have been attempting to take
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the capital from the un recognized government since april well earlier our diplomatic editor james bass boat to i'm tony harris is actually general of the united nations he said the conflict in libya is endangering the entire region particularly the silo. what has happened in libya is that libya became a playground of neighbors and the actors and the libyan people deserve speace so it's very important and one of the things that was achieved in berlin was a commitment by all those states not to interfere anymore in the internal affairs of libya and not to interfere in the conflict we know that there is a long way to go to make sure that it fully happens but i think there is an element of all the elements of the good comes from i would say all serious the situation. because it's no longer a question in which you have fighting among libyans with some international support that it's your support again such as i mention that there is no risk of
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a regional conflict and in my humble opinion it is there to risk that to a certain extent make believe possible and for all those that are involved to understand that you know it's becoming a dangerous game it's better to stop it to the benefit of the libyan people but also to benefit of peace in the region libya has been a center. of arms export and also fighters export let's remember arms that went to syria from the beginning and the the most worrying impact is of course with the sale and with the lake charles because more and more these 2 seams audience are linked and what we are having in the sale of the lake chad is a war with terrorist organizations that we are not meaning just a quick bit of news from mali at least 6 soldiers have been killed several more injured in a raid in the center of the country and launch the attack which lasted for several hours on trip station in mopti in the border with kenya fassel mali and the widest hell region is facing unprecedented increase in violence with more than $4000.00
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deaths occurring last year. or now to developments in russia the parliament has unanimously backed amendments to the constitution proposed by president vladimir putin which could potentially allowed to stay in power after his term ends in 2024 fusions reforms marked the 1st change in russia's constitution in almost 30 years and could be voted on as early as april he says the amendments will strengthen democracy in the country his critics are not so sure step us explains now from the russian capital moscow in a country known for its sluggish bureaucracy the process to amend the constitution seems to be breaking all the records only a week after put in surprise announcement that he wants to change the distribution of power lawmakers have forded unanimously to adopt a hastily written draft while lawmakers will get some more powers like approving ministers the presidency will be strengthened to by given the head of state more
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control over the judiciary must be. presidential republican there is no reason to move to a parliamentary republic russia is not only the biggest country in the world and the great state but it is also a country that unites many nations and religions. analysts believe that president putin is changing the constitution to create a way to stay in power after 2024 but nobody yet understands how there's a term for people who try to explain the policies and plans of russia's head of state kremlin knowledge ists but put into most recent moves have left all of them guessing but many believe after us annual speech that he will step down if don't finish if 4 years from now a week later song i'm not so sure on the day put in move to change the constitution his ally prime minister met fate of replaced by the largely unknown had of the tax office. in a few days later he appointed a new cabinet even many russians puzzled by to speak in which these changes are
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taking place in pretty woman what we see is the strengthening of presidential power but we don't see anything to conduct balance it therefore it seems to me that out of all possible scenarios the one where put in somehow just days in power in cubes of this looks more likely now was a week ago. whatever game of chess putin is playing the head of the constitutional commission has denied that he can run for president again the 2nd parliamentary hearing to adopt the amendments will be held on february 11th once parliament approved them the people of russia will get a chance to vote as well although it's not sure how and if that outcome will have any impact step fasten al-jazeera. a banker implicated in the corruption case against africa's richest woman has been found dead in his home in lisbon nuno to barrow. who managed the bank account of angola state all found sol and gul is
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believed to have committed suicide company was previously chaired by isabelle to santos the daughter of angola's former president prosecutors a formally named her as a suspect in the mismanagement embezzlement of funds chairing a 10 year. now to australia an investigation is underway after a firefight crashed killing all 3 people on board the water bowl the plane was battling bushfires south of the capital canberra all 3 crew members were from the united states under thomas has mall. filmed by al jazeera 2 weeks ago this is believed to be the plane that's crushed the c 130 hercules is the biggest fire fighting plane used by australia's rural fire service is capable of dumping 15000 liters of water all retardant each flight 3 i'm eric and crew members were onboard contractors from a u.s. aerial firefighting company all believed to have died it's impacted heavily with
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the ground and initial reports are that there was a large fall ball associated with the impact of the plan as it hit the ground we've got a number of forefathers and a number of crew that are in the area and working to contain and work around the far it is still an active far ground. and and it did take some time with the use of ground crews and a number of aerial surveillance platforms to try and locate the wreckage of the flying today is a reminder of how every single person who is defending life and property is that rhys because of the dangers 2nd stances in the firefighting community around new south wales a star in the world is very tight needed i many people have been impacted rain across southeastern australia had recently dampened the country's unprecedented bushfires but on thursday a very hot very windy conditions returned and dozens of new fires flared up
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bushfires near the capital cambra forced the complete closure of its airport people living nearby were told to evacuate until the fires got so bad the flames became more dangerous than staying put after a terrible month it had seemed australia's fires were easing those days heat and wind across new south wales shows how quickly they can return the loss of a plane and 3 lives how quickly tragedy can strike under thomas al-jazeera. and all the stories and we can appeal of course approved government has for more oil exploration in the arctic dismissing a greenpeace lawsuit the verdict was unanimously rejected claims that licenses awarded in a weekend while company ecuador and others had breached the constitution greenpeace argued the plan would violate people's right to a healthy environment. komei kazuki in fact chrysler been found in violation of e.u. emissions rules regulators says the jeep grand cherokee and the tar diesel models use prohibited strategies that allow them to emit high levels of harmful nitrogen
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oxide on the road than on the testing conditions of companies have been ordered to fix the issue or face a ban on sales across europe. it's been hard to cheer week in paris with the world's top designers showcasing cutting edge fashions french legend jump or go t. have presented his last show off to 50 years in the business with sustainability is the theme but one dodge designers have been promoting responsible fashion for years so reports. the dazzling display of opulence and fantasy at dutch designer ronald founda camps paris could to show models was sculptural gowns for an elegant take on eighty's glamour but found a campus fashion it isn't only a lesson in creativity but also in sustainability all these clothes are made from recycled vintage all republicans fabrics for is one of the worst things for the environment so for me to answer to free because this is made with all leftovers
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from all the collections. the code was made by an organization helping women in morocco part of fun to camps conviction that fashion must be responsible he launched his sustainable couture label 5 years ago were leading the way to make sustainability sexy sustainable the new normal because that's what it needs to be i think the bigger bros should. you know reduce their with their productions and make less clothes and concentrate on making beautiful clothes rather than all these clothes that nobody needs. the fashion industry is one of the world's biggest polluters and labels influence mass market brands and consumers many concede it's time for change after 50 years in the business french designers retired with a show with an anti waste message don't brands of clothes on.
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some of the world's most prestigious fashion houses are placed in paris and most say that they're trying to become more environmentally friendly but campaigners say this is a stain abilities increasingly used as an on trend marketing tool rather than a real plan of action. is an expert in sustainable luxury she says customers are helping to accelerate change because. consumers are increasingly aware and want to be more responsible so. actually and environmentally so in the last few years they brutalize that one way to act is to buy differently. this former fire station in the city will soon become europe's biggest sustainable fashion hope called black has their own bringing together designers and experts helping them to create responsibly they don't have a choice because now we know the nature is suffering we cannot do exactly what we've done before we need to change something changing
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a multi-billion dollar industry is a challenge but in an environment driven by trends where we responsibly make clothes maybe companies ultimately auction state the trash butler i'll just 0 hours . as more and everything right here including of course all the latest on the corona virus outbreak in china and beyond al-jazeera dot com. all in the pan a panel of experts from the world health organization is meeting about the coronavirus they say it's still too early to declare it a global health emergency or than 600 people in china have been diagnosed with the virus while people across asia and the united states of also tested positive inside china at least 18 people have died from the illness. is not the time let it be too early to consider that these event is a public health emergency of international concern as i told you yesterday the
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emergency committee members which i think for their work where very divided almost $5050.00 and they continue today to be in the same division with regard to the the advise concerning the declare ration of are fake. the 2nd day of arguments has resumed in the impeachment trial of u.s. president donald trump the house managers are so far concentrating on the alleged abuse of power trump is also accused of an obsessive obstruction of congress the 2 key allegations the democrats have said that it's not necessary for a crime to be committed to impeach a president myanmar's government has been ordered by the international court of justice to take emergency measures to prevent soldiers committing acts of genocide against for him good muslims to living there the decision was celebrated by rainbow refugees living in bangladesh foreign ministers from countries neighboring libya
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have met to look at ways of stopping the fighting there egypt sudan chad nish algeria and tunisia as well as mali able suffer the fallout from the conflict in libya forces loyal to have to have been attempting to take the capital tripoli from the un recognized government since last april and at least 6 soldiers have been killed and several more injured in a raid in central mali an armed group launched the attack which lasted for several hours on troops stationed in mock t. in the border with. mali in the wide asylum region is facing an unprecedented rise in violence with more than $4000.00 deaths last year the stream is coming up next on al-jazeera so i'll be back with more news after that in about 25 minutes by for now.
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the impeachment trial of u.s. president donald trump is underway what will it mean for the administration and the upcoming election i am femi ok and you're in the stream there is so much to talk about today and we want to hear from you you can share your thoughts with us in a live chat and open your comments into the shot now donald trump faces 2 charges a piece of power for his role in withholding military aid to ukraine in order to pressure kiev into investigating his political rival joe biden democrats are laying out their case on that charge on thursday and the 2nd challenge obstruction.


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