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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2020 7:00pm-7:35pm +03

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several countries step up evacuations from china impose travel bans to contain the coronavirus. below i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from coming up just hours to go until britain officially leaves the e.u. the prime minister calls it a moment of national renewal. celebrations and commiserations begin in london mixed feelings as many worry about their future . turning the tables on the u.s. ukraine's president asks for more help as might compare pays
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a visit to the man at the heart of the impeachment case. the evacuations from the epicenter of the coronavirus are being stepped up more restrictions placed on travel to china the world health organization has declared it a global health emergency 213 people have died and there are nearly 10000 cases a planeload of citizens from the united kingdom and the european union has returned to the u.k. after being evacuated from war in china 2 cases of corona virus have already been confirmed births in malaysia health officials are handing out pamphlets on how to avoid infection. and making public announcements and the u.s.
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has advised americans not to go to china some communities in the epicenter of the virus and taking matters into their own hands. often that from scott in beijing. the lock down of will haunt city origin of the corona virus and the surrounding province is now in its 2nd week so how are the more than 50000000 people there coping we spoke with a few through video chat to get an idea john and his wife live in rwanda their 2 sons postpone their trip from hong kong for the lunar new year because of the virus the dates keep getting pushed back and their biggest concern is the uncertainty the obvious stress of concern about being infected with the current virus but what is it like just the other stress about supplies about your daily life.
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but this is. a. chance. he says he gets his information from friends outside china and contacts at the local hospitals. city is next to will hon like its neighbor it is sealed off and its streets empty this video was shot by one shin he has a supply of mass and food in the fridge his parents are with him but his wife and young daughter are with her parents outside who pay province. i feel more relaxed because who by province is now seriously hit by the epidemic the place where they are at now has far fewer cases so i feel a bit relieved that they're not with me this cypher at the moment at biggest concern is when will we have medication for the virus this is what we care about most all those people who have province are under a forced lockdown there are some communities across china who are self imposing a lockdown like this one on the outskirts of beijing they're not letting anyone into this community from the outside they're worried someone might carry the virus
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inside no matter the type of lockdown government forced or self imposed with the spread of the virus accelerating no one knows how long these communities remain safe it's got harder al-jazeera beijing. sunny guy to go is in oxford share with more on those arrivals in the u.k. from one hong. they've managed to get every one of the british nationals who were on board a flight that landed a little while ago and now they are making that 275 kilometer journey to the northwest of england to a facility in hospital. facilities which they have managed to make out of stocks accommodation. that will be the quarantine location where they will have to spend the next 2 weeks now around this area has been fenced in to allow basically no one who has any will to rise ation to go in nor anyone who goes out so
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they will be monitored. for the next 14 days in the meantime he's. an activation in the floor other health. facilities around the country to which are in london one in liverpool and one in the northeastern city of new casillas as well which is where anyone who comes up with the symptoms of corona virus will be taken to already in the new castle facility people have been taken who were confirmed today to have been tested positive for corona virus they took there with a fellow with the symptoms while they were staying at a hotel. just south of the area itself so that's where they're being that's where they're getting their treatment from hong kong's chief executive says that for now the territory has no plans to close its border crossings with mainland china. we should not contemplate sort of restrictions of international travel or trade and we
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should not adopt a discriminatory approach in dealing with people flowing between different countries and places in trying to contain the spread of that he says there are other measures which will help us to achieve that in fact. our people in the united kingdom are hours away from seizing to be citizens of the european union countries 47 year membership of the bloc officially ends friday nights at $2300.00 g.m.t. the u.k. will then enter a so-called transition period until the end of the year will give it time to reach a deal on its future relationship with the e.u. there are scenes of celebration in london but also displays of anger both pro and anti brags that marches are being held in the city remain protesters also plan to
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hold a candlelight vigil later on friday when thousands of bragg's its supporters are expected outside westminster later on friday to celebrate the occasion opposition leader jeremy corbyn said the day is one of reflection it's a very important day for everybody with a bow to leave or remain because it is deciding the future direction of our country and we need to ensure that we do maintain good trade relationships with europe we don't tear up all the conditions of agreements we've received and we don't fall into the arms of free trade deals with the united states which even sic him derek today has said we'll increase meds and prices in britain so but i think it's a day of. reflection for people on all sides but at a moment we'll be speaking to poor brother news in ireland 1st let's go to nadine barber who's in london where rival protests are taking place still
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a divisive issue up until the last hour then. it is so i mean it was always going to be partly because nobody right now for sure knows what kind of a relationship britain will have with the european union what does it breaks it mean we know that poor is johnson has been saying recently that he will not be aligning the british economy with european union rules talking about divergence in the last few hours his spokesperson has said you can only have fully for action illustrate if you accept all their rules we have been clear that we will not be doing so well in some people's minds here that means that there will be a lot more administration and red type tape and a certain amount of uncertainty in terms of businesses operating in europe in terms of people being able to go and work and study in the european union it will for
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people who support rex it here as you are saying there on the streets near parliament behind me in westminster so are people who are sad today to see what they see as a loss of rights that britons have held for decades those protesters small and peaceful that will be larger numbers later towards 11 pm local time when britain formally leaves the european union but of course there's this transition period to the end of the year the negotiations with the european union will start next month but at the same time boris johnson and his government a promising a good trade deal with the united states will the u.s. secretary of state might come pay as being in a london this week insisting that american. agriculture industry sector will actually have to be given greater access and that britain's for example will have to accept the idea of chlorine wash chicken which some people is say is
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a sign of the deregulation that around the corner lots of unknown. right now some people here are celebrating many people here worried some people just go out that it's over but in fact the trade negotiations are far from over they are all to be fought over over at least the next 10 months or so. all right let's thank nadine for that update there let's go to paul brown he's in a show in ireland island of course was one of the major concerns about brags it has it all been sorted out there people feel we're relatively comfortable our health things are going to go for them now. well 5 i mean where i the reason why i'm here is that initial uncooperative limited. village is just across the border from northern ireland and the ports that this distribution
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sensei uses to bring in raw materials for the farmers that operates and have the small holdings around here essentially have to cross the border many times a day raw materials has come here they're mixed the sense homewards livestock all the rest of it and the idea that more paperwork will be added to the process and that the frictionless trade that they've been enjoying so far ends is a real headache now joining me is one of those farmers who's also a small hole he has 2 trucks of his own that operates through this yard george mills george when it happens tomorrow we're told that there will be nothing visible that will be different but you have grave concerns don't you about how this is all going to operates in the months and years to come well right the horse trading will have to take place now in a transition period where they'll be given take on both sides but that's want to be completely different from what we've been used to for the last 25 years i'm sure.
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at the moment we as paul said we are depending on the nearest deepwater port which is dairy for all the inputs here the largest volume of goods that come in here is animal feed 1st laser and coal and they all come in through carrier belfast port so we're not sure how that's going to be managed in the future of us those ships will be coming in turn on the you country and we will be taking the product i turn to an e.u. country so that's going to change drastically as the as the truxtun forklift lorries go past behind us not the other thing is the geographical position of where we are we're essentially on the northernmost tip of the island of ireland we're on the irish side of the border and for you to get to dublin or even to belfast ports you would have to. ross well let's say dublin the most direct route is across northern island so cross one border and then out the other side essentially a round trip would involve for border crossings and that would be a major headache boy that's absolutely true that we did that in the past up until
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the customs union came in 1903 but there's no young people or could know even hired to do that transaction anymore they'll have to learn that skill all over again we are just 12 miles from milan had as you say which is the most northerly point in ireland and that's our unique situation we have to call across an on the e.u. country to get to our own capital city and i don't believe there's another country in europe that will have to do that to another you country that will cross anon the u. country and we're into all kinds of animal welfare situations delivering our sights to wexford and health issues with potatoes and animal feed it could be different regulations g.m. crops reduced we just don't know but to do that through customs just to get to dublin will be a complete headache we need to get some kind of exemption for the transit route anyway through northern ireland york sankyo you can hear from george that the amount of uncertainty is not being set as well the transition period will involve
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multiple negotiations and what the farmers sunday holy is on the businesses around here wants to know is some degree of certainty and they haven't caught that yet all right thanks so much for brian and. still ahead on al-jazeera president trump's historic impeachment trial could be nearing its end plus one concern that the icing does not have really what i thought. the raging bush fires in australia are not the only thing that has homeowners why red. hell or air quality in both shanghai and beijing is on surprisingly not particularly good at least probably into the afternoon you just better curiously in
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the morning however there's not much cloud which suggest not much movement there's a little bit coming out from the interior of china usually when you get some cloud and some rain the wind do tend to stir things but most active weather has been around japan recently given the lack of snow this was a welcome addition on the north western slopes of hampshire and particularly in her current attempt is about where they should be there's a bit on the high side in beijing shanghai is about it 12 and here's a creeping rain in the chinese interior back towards the high ground in the west in the borderlands but the summer's right here just a little nuts reason enough the significant rain of course in the rainy season is in indonesia more or less exactly where it should be born here sort of west java and sumatra the main focus there are a few showers to the north so that it is prevailing breeze into the southern islands of the philippines but the concentration is further south in india that's a sign of developing showers in tisha and possibly towards west bengal for she
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everywhere else with the exception of a few snow showers nepal it's dry. trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks without money talk to us without really personal protection not what happens to trust in a world driven by algorithms as more want to see chanson made for us by these complex piece of code the question that comes up is inevitable can we trust algorithms in the 1st of a 5 part series ali rate questions the neutrality of digital deductions trust me i'm an algorithm on a just 0. oh .
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you're watching on the syria time to recap our headlines now the 1st plane carrying british citizens from the epicenter of the china coronaviruses landed in the u.k. several countries are stepping up evacuations from. people in the united kingdom only hours away from seizing to be citizens of the european union the country's 47 year membership of the bloc officially ends friday night at $2300.00 g.m.t. . the raf celebrations in london and displays of anger as great sydney is both pro and anti briggs's march is being held in the city so home remained protesters plan to hold a candlelight vigil later on friday. ukraine's president is calling for the u.s. to be more active in settling its conflict with russia back separatists volodymyr
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their own skis be meeting president trump's top diplomat in kiev mike from payors visit coincides with the impeachment trial against trump back in washington he's accused of threatening to withhold military aid to ukraine in order to pressure kiev into investigating his political rival joe biden pompei or has denied that any future visit by the landscape of the white house depends on an investigation into the biden's. surprised by your question i suspect you will not be surprised by my answer. no there's there's no condition of the nature described for presidents who come to washington and have that visit it's just simply not the case will find the right time or find the appropriate opportunity scott lucas is professor of political science and international studies at the university of birmingham he says he trains relationship with the white house is being damaged because of the impeachment scandal presidents lenski has to by this
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time hope that there might be a change of administrations next january and that there's a sensible foreign policy it's as blunt as that even in washington defenders of donald trump are no longer saying that donald trump did not freeze military aid in an attempt to get the investigations for his personal gain to get ukraine to investigate the presidential candidate joe biden presidential attorney alan dershowitz said during the trial well you know if trump had personal motives if he thought there was a political interest that it's ok lamar alexander the decisive vote on whether or not we get witnesses and documents to make this real trial said yesterday well he will not vote for witnesses he said well donald trump did this but you know it's not impeachable so my pump aoe is basically covering for someone who has already been found to have committed those acts that threaten ukraine national security but
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of course a lot of resilience he cannot say that because to say that would be really anger trumped war and threaten even more of punishment or at least distance by washington as ukraine continues to face russian pressure. the u.s. senate is set to vote in a few hours on whether to call witnesses in president donald trump's impeachment trial us republican senate democrats hoped would support that move says well now vote against it democratic senators want to hear from trump's former national security advisor john bolton and others but they need the support of for republicans to do so daniel freeman is a former counsel and parliamentarian for the house judiciary committee he's currently a fellow at the center for congressional and presidential studies that the american university the freeman joins us live from washington d.c. so does it look like the push to get bolton another success if it is failed
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or i don't guess on what any united states senator is going to do but the latest with lamar alexander's discussion that he's not going to go through witnesses would seem to doom that effort if that is the case where does it leave bolton's testimony might he still give it anyway whether it's in the house of representatives in a t.v. interview or perhaps even if the book does make it out well there's nothing to preclude him from speaking and i assume there are many. television stations and reporters who would like to talk to him about that but it would not be under a formal circumstance an in house or senate committee hearing he decides he wants to do that and then there will be course the subsequent battle about whether or not the president wants to invoke executive privilege against his testimony so given what you said is this impeachment issue really likely to end in the
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process my and within a few hours if the problems get their way but will the issue go away. well the impeachment is you certainly will go away the house has impeach this president and under the constitution that's the responsibility of the house and the sole power of impeachment so donald trump has been impeached and i have gotten questions from many people about why is he still the president if he has been impeached well the founding fathers set it up that the house of representatives would have the lower burden of proof a majority vote only to make a charge which is what the pietschmann actually is then the united states senate has to determine whether or not by a 2 thirds vote that they want to concur in the actions of the house and remove the official from office that. is
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removed from the actual people because at the time the constitution was written the senators were elected by state legislatures but still this is the. ground rules in the constitution require a 2 thirds vote if the process goes forward today whether calling witnesses or not the process continues and they finally get to a vote. if the president is acquitted then that's the end of this particular impeachment there is no requirement that anything else happen the house could always choose to impeach again. or amend the current articles of impeachment for with additional charges but as far as the this particular impeachment with the 2 articles that are currently pending before the senate if they vote to either
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dismissed the charges or go to a final vote on quitting the president then that's over. all right thank you very much daniel freeman let's take you now to the u.s. military senate minority leader chuck schumer speaking the things and then most gratified about his we knew this was an uphill fight we know you need 2 thirds to convict we know that the president is a vindictive nasty president who goes after anyone who opposes him and we know that republicans even those who might know better want to go in line with him the fact that 4 weeks ago after mitch mcconnell said on sean i didn't panicky he's doing just what the president wants and we have no chance for any kind of negotiation i wrote a letter to all my colleagues but sent to mitch saying we want these 4 witnesses and these 4 documents and because of the amazing strength and unity of these people in my caucus that is that is ringing let fairness ring from one
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coast to the other all across america americans know that democrats are for a fair trial and witnesses and documents are needed and they know that republicans are opposing even that so we're very gratified about how this has moved forward it's you know we're not in the majority we have a president to be who strikes fear in the hearts of republicans and yet here we are and we feel that we have done a very good job very good job yes yes in the corner there. ok i am not going to get i'm going to talk with my caucus i do believe this i believe that the american people should hear what every senator thinks and why they're voting the way they're voting and we will do what we can to make sure that happens but i'm not going to get into any details i have to discuss it with my
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caucus yes yes. well i'm not going to get into that i just say this. when if it's a tie it'll be up to the chief justice the chief justice knows that every trial has witnesses and documents yes in the back there nope nope you'll go next well i again i'm not going to get into the details we're going to decide that in the caucus we always have an inclination to do open but sometimes open is hard to open up the caucus takes it to well if you go into closed session if you do it takes 2 thirds to open it up in every suggestion i have a chance to speak and that's.
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the bottom line is very simple as we've said because of the great unity and strength of our caucus from one end to the other any acquittal of the president has no value ok last question. any. and so. i think their house managers have done a very very good job thank you everybody. we have been doing a very good job the words there of chuck schumer the senate minority leader outlining how he feels about democrats' efforts so far in the impeachment trial of the president of course this is a crucial moment a crucial day where the battle is raging on the point of whether to bring in more witnesses into the impeachment process addressing that chuck schumer said if it's a tie it'll be up to the chief justice the chief justice knows every trial has
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witnesses now despite that of course it is looking quite hard for the democrats to bring in more witnesses given how the votes are lining up but we'll keep you posted on this as soon as we get a little bit further in the process. switch gears a little bit thousands of palestinians in gaza held demonstrations against donald trump's proposed deal between palestinians and israelis protesters say it will maintain geysers isolation on the blockade against it and keep the status quo in the occupied west bank. stephanie decker has more from gaza she says there's been widespread condemnation of trump's proposed deal. few 1000 people came out after friday prayers here to the northern part of the gaza strip to protest or by having. lost about an hour or so people now starting to leave some of the mosques across gaza focusing on injecting the teaching of the century specifically
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talking about it's a. good law and that they totally rejected and that was against the commands that falls but certainly if you look at these numbers a few 1000 take it to the population nearly 2000000 people and that's because people will tell you they didn't expect anything to. participate today to express a rejection of this shameful deal the trumpet netanyahu made along with the traitor arab leaders who are here to say palestine from the river to the sea and no one has the right to sell or give away any part of it. these public activities will be followed by a fight his and his public movements are preparation for all the forces we have in cars and that with spanking resistance will undermine completely the deal of the century one other thing the sermons of the last little was the only one of the complete absence of condemnation of the arab world to the leaders something that a lot of people might like to do they would also tell you that all they want really
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what they focus on that is try and ease the blockade lift the blockade and give them the opportunities that everyone else how did not meet a long term political solution what this plan is don people didn't expect anything different what was martin's dog was really highlighted how far away from a political solution we are. and let's take you through some of the top stories now the 1st plane carrying british citizens from the. the center of the china corona virus has landed in the u.k. several countries are stepping up evacuations from one hand the world health organization has declared the virus a global health emergency the death toll of 213 and nearly $10000.00 confirmed cases people in the united kingdom are only hours away from seizing to be citizens of the european union the country's 47 year membership of the bloc officially ends
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friday night and 2300 g.m.t. the u.k. will then enter a so-called transition period until the end of the year there are both celebrations in london and displays of anger as briggs it nears both pro and anti brags that marches are being held in the city so cold remain protesters plan to hold a candlelight vigil later on friday and thousands are expected at a pro breaks it gathering at westminster 2300 g.m.t. . ukraine's president is calling for the u.s. to be more active in settling its conflict with russian backed separatists the model army of zelinsky has been meeting president trump's top diplomat in kiev my palm payors visit coincides with the impeachment trial proceedings against trump back in washington. the us senate is set to vote in just a few hours on whether to call witnesses in the impeachment trial a u.s. republican senator who democrats hoped would support that move says he'll now vote
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against that they need for republicans to vote with. the senate minority leader democrat chuck schumer is calling on republicans to vote their conscious if my republican colleagues refuse to consider witnesses and documents in this trial the president's acquittal will be meaningless because it will be the result of a sham trial if there are no witnesses no documents in this trial there will be a permanent asterisk next to the acquittal of president trump written in permanent ink. well there is a headline says it's 0 hell the. trust
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is fundamental to all our relationships not just with our family and friends we trust banks with money we trust doctors without really personal information but what happens to trust in a world driven by algorithms as more and more decisions are made for us by these complex pieces of code the question that comes up is inevitable can we trust algorithms. from google searches to g.p.s. navigation algorithms are everywhere we don't really think too much about them but increasingly governments corporations and various institutions are using them to make decisions about us who gets.


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