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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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of millions but not everyone is reaping the rewards to some of paying the ultimate prize when i went east investigates why people like dying for gold on al-jazeera. be a. evacuees make it out of china are wild travel bans to the nation remain in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus. i'm sam is a dan this is out to syria live from also coming up mixed feelings in london with many worried about the future just hours to go to break. ukraine's president asks for more help from the u.s. mike on pays a visit to the man our trumpet picture in case. could this be the final
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day of the u.s. president's impeachment trial we live in the u.s. capital. now evacuations from the epicenter of that corona virus outbreak of being stepped up more restrictions being placed on travel to china the world health organization is now officially declared it a global health emergency the death toll stands at 213 with nearly 10000 confirmed cases a planeload of citizens from the united kingdom and the european union has now returned to the u.k. after being evacuated from war high and in china 2 cases of corona virus have already been confirmed in britain taxi drivers also become the 1st person in thailand to catch the virus through human to human transmission health authorities
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are worried the driver may have come into contact with chinese tourists and a 3rd plane load of japanese nationals arrived back in tokyo early friday evacuated from war 3 people flown out on earlier flights have been confirmed with the virus a turkish plane has also left one and the u.s. is up to its travel alert to the highest level the same as war zones vising americans not to go to china some communities in war home where the fire has emerged taking matters into their own hands though. this from scott hide in beijing the lockdown of will haunt city origin of the corona virus and the surrounding province is now in its 2nd week so how are the more than 50000000 people there coping we spoke with a few through video chat to get an idea john and his wife live in rwanda their 2 sons postpone their trip from hong kong for the lunar new year because of the virus
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the dates keep getting pushed back and their biggest concern is the uncertainty the obvious stress of concern about being infected with the current virus but what is it like just the other stress about supplies about your daily life i think. pretty. well this is going. to become the greatest chance. he says he gets his information from friends outside china and contacts at the local hospitals. jinman city is next to will hon like its neighbor it is sealed off and its streets empty this video was shot by one shin he has a supply of mass and food in the fridge his parents are with him but his wife and young daughter are with her parents outside who pay province. i feel more relaxed because who by province is now seriously hit by the epidemic the place where they are at now has far fewer cases so i feel
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a bit relieved that they're not with me this cypher at the moment at biggest concern is when will we have medication for the virus this is what we care about most all those people who have province are under a forced lockdown there are some communities across china who are self imposing a lockdown like this one on the outskirts of beijing they're not letting anyone into this community from the outside they're worried someone might carry the virus inside no matter the type of lockdown government forced or self imposed with the spread of the virus accelerating no one knows how long these communities remain safe it's got harder al-jazeera beijing. the sun the guy goes in oxford show with more on those arrivals in the u.k. from mohan. they've managed to get every one of the british nationals who were onboard flight that landed a little while ago and now they are making that 275 kilometer journey to the northwest of england to a facility in
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a hospital. facility which they have managed to make out of a former stops accommodation. that will be the quarantine location where they will have to spend the next 2 weeks now around this area has been fenced in to allow basically no one who has any will to rise ation to go in will anyone who goes out so they will be monitored the full the next 14 days in the meantime you know at an activation in the floor other health. facilities around the country to which are in london one in liverpool and one in the northeastern city of new casillas as well which is where anyone who comes up with the symptoms of corona virus will be taken to already in the new causal facility people have been taken who were confirmed today to have been tested positive for corona virus they took
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they were they fell ill with the symptoms while they were staying at a hotel. in just south of the area itself so that's where they're being that's where they're getting their treatment from. now thousands of people are returning to hong kong from mainland china after the lunar new year when haye has more on how the government there is handling the crisis. there is big demand for protective facemasks in hong kong as concern grows that we could be about to see a significant increase in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases here because so many people are returning from mainland china following the end of the lunar new year holiday there is a shortage of protective facemasks here now some shops do have them but the price is high in some cases $3.00 times higher than what it normally would be criticism of the government has been growing too there are many people in hong kong who feel they haven't been doing enough to protect this city from the more confirmed cases
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of the virus they have reduced significantly the number of transport options between here and the mainland but many people want the border crossings to be closed completely something hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb says they won't do we should not contemplate sort of restrictions of international travel or trade and we should not adopt a discriminatory approach in dealing with people flowing between different countries and places in trying to contain the spread of the d.c.'s there are other measures which will help us to achieve that in fact kerry also said that they will ask all civil servants to continue working from home next week and all schools in most universities will remain closed until march the 2nd. now the u.k. is just hours away from finally leaving the european union brags its supporters are
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celebrating the decision to end the 47 year membership of the block there's been anger from remains supporters the u.k. will enter a transitional period at $2300.00 g.m.t. until the end of the year talks for a long term deal are expected to begin in march. joins us live from the british capital the dame are they finally ready for break that there . well if you listen to the government of boris johnson certainly they are holding a dinner at 10 downing street tonight. and although celebrations officially quite low key there will be special lights shown on to 10 downing street in westminster near parliament behind me there will be we expect a large crowd of supporters through the evening up to the count down in the moment
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when officially britain leads the e.u. there's been a demonstration a rally of e.u. supporters as well who've walked through westminster showing their sadness the occasion boris johnson held a cabinet meeting in the northern city of sunderland on friday that was a city where the majority voted to leave in 2016 and there was actually some heckling saying you're not welcome here so that's a sign that although he has made a lot of talk in the recent in recent weeks about bringing the country together there are still divisions beyond the issue of grex it this is a symbolic day but. it's for some people it's a time to to celebrate for others it's a time of uncertainty if not for downright worry sammy nadeem from travel to business how is life going to change from 2300 g.m.t. for brits. the brief on society is it's not
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a tall and in fact life goes on as it has done until the end of this year that's because of this transition period so britain. enjoys exactly the same trade relationship as before with the you in the single market in the customs union people can travel can go and work very remains the freedom of movement in the e.u. right now but the government themselves are admitting that there will be friction post the end of this year a government spokesperson on friday saying you can't have frictionless trade unless you agree to all of the use rules and that's something boris johnson won't countenance so small businesses around the country are still asking themselves what those rules will be we know he wants divergence will that will make it harder for him to strike a quick deal with the e.u. which covers all sectors so many people are talking about
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a bare bones or trade agreement by the end of this year some people even say there's a possibility of a no deal breaks it come next january boris johnson is insisting that it will be a deal which takes a everyone's interests into account but given all of those are knowns i think there are going to be lots and lots of questions asked in the months to come lots of questions asked that's been the hallmark of this whole process as nick and dean barber their thanks for that from london let's continue this with paul brennan he's in in a shower on where he's getting reaction from ireland isn't a case to far one dame was saying the status quo continues in this case over the irish border which has been one of the dynamite issues in all of this. yeah i think. it's been a fascinating day frankly we traveled from derry down to strive ban we're now on the irish side of the border between island and northern island in
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a place called condo on a distribution yacht the in a show uncooperative it's a place where farmers come to get that materials and chemicals and fertilisers that they need now a lot of these good goods are brought in to ports deep water ports because of the bulk nature of these kind of business in on the northern irish side of the border on the u.k. side of the border and has to be brought back across in on the reduced at that the resulting produce is then shipped back into the u.k. vinal of an island or around into dublin and out instead why that european union and the big concern of the businesses that we've been speaking to is we've made this journey along the border area and it's the idea that the extra paperwork and bureaucracy that will be necessary what we don't know is exactly what that paperwork and bureaucracy will entail the concern is that it will entail a cost that however brief all cursory of the paperwork is any addition in costs in
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what a very often low profit margin business is already will create a problem for you know the farmers one business who went to a nails of exports where manufacture they believe that because only 10 percent of the business goes to the u.k. it's northern ireland they're actually not that bothered by it and as long as there is a hard border on the manufacturing process that they have sending their garments backwards and forwards to dublin and back for the various processes in the manufacturing shouldn't really be affected but as i say up here we are aside the farmers are really very worried about it or i program in their thanks for that. still ahead of al jazeera palestinians rise up on the 1st friday since the u.s. president announced his middle east plan. and it boldly. says goodbye to one of its most iconic telescopes.
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how the snow that still for nice and turkey's got another half day to go through i think and the tail end shows to reach through syria and into parts of iraq in the course will be the iranian mountains where it develops further usually you can further try through and this is no exception into society so light showers possible during such a day running down through bahrain qatar east and saudi more significant to lanterns in the western side of saudi arabia and then following all the light showers i think of the coast of lebanon by being in the israel as well the whole lot moves eastward string sunday but if picks up hasn't not tempt you back in doha that still stays up to quite reasonable 23 which is rather bethink you wait and rather better back down bugs in the teens strike north africa now apart from occasional showers which really almost near the equator you talking about quiet
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weather just with the breeze which tends to push the high temperatures further west in both the gambia and senegal have been hot recently and i think was stay that way as for rain it still has fallen north as ethiopia it tends to construct more in tanzania and very obvious line here through southern towns near out into the ocean that's where the heaviest rain is the seasonal rain this time of year including over malawi. frank assessments the one good thing about these bush bars is that really what the . climate change informed opinion economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on the streets don't even know what the law is all about this argument is astonishingly patronize an in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the new iraq of the new conscious and aware youth of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian kotor inside story on
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al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now the 1st plane carrying british and e.u. citizens from the epicenter of the china coronaviruses landed in the u.k. several countries and stepping up evacuations from. the u.k. will officially leave the e.u. at $2300.00 g.m.t. on friday transition period will come into effect until the end of the year talks for a long term deal are expected to begin in march. the u.s. senate is set to vote in a few hours on whether to call witnesses in the impeachment trial of president
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donald trump a u.s. republican senator who democrats hoped would support that move says he'll now vote against it democratic senators want to hear from trump's former national security advisor john bolton and others but they need the support of 4 republicans to do so in the past hour the democrats held a press conference again mentioning the seriousness of not hearing from many witnesses if my republican colleagues refused to even consider witnesses in documents in this trial this country is headed towards the greatest coverup since watergate scandal live now to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett and kimberly doesn't look like the like there is going to be more witness testimony in the congress right. yeah that's how it's looking right now we're watching very
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carefully but with the news of senator lamar alexander saying he would not support witnesses that really dashed hopes for democrats because it was necessary to have him on board in order to call those witnesses so we're going into the vote after 4 hours of debate that will begin at about 18 g.m.t. knowing essentially how that vote is likely to shake down the democrats are not going to get their witnesses and just what into historical perspective is as far as i can tell look you know looking at presidential history this is unprecedented we've never had an impeachment trial here in the united states where witnesses haven't been called so you heard there senator chuck schumer the head of the democrats in that upper chamber and lamenting this fact saying that he's very concerned we're going to hear similar arguments as this debate gets under way but the other big curveball that we've been hearing about in just the last hour or so sammy is the fact that we may not have the acquittal vote the we're expecting for
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the president to come friday or even into saturday in fact we're now hearing that could potentially be delayed until after the state of the union address by the president to congress on tuesday meaning it could be as late as wednesday now none of this is confirmed it's all very fluid but it does make sense given the fact that there are a number of democratic senators in that chamber that need to get to the state of iowa for the nominating contest to become the democratic presidential nominee in the 2020 november election so there are a lot of things going on a lot of things at play it's going to be really important to watch the senate chamber as it opens up to see really what happens next time want to we will find so much committed how could that. ukraine's president is calling for the u.s. to be more active in settling its conflict with russian backed separatists slaughter me of zelinsky has been meeting president trump's top diplomat in kiev might compares visit coincides with the impeachment trial against trump back in
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washington he's accused of threatening to withhold military aid to ukraine in order to pressure kiev into investigating its political rival joe biden. has denied any future visit by the white house depends on an investigation into the bidens matter i'm unsurprised by your question i suspect you will not be unsurprised by my answer. no there is there is no condition of the nature described for presidents to come to washington and have that this is just simply not the case will find the right time or find the appropriate opportunity whether when scuffles near the compound where palestinians were holding a protest against u.s. president donald trump's middle east peace plan palestinians gathered in the early hours after morning prayers israeli police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the howrah forces in the old city in occupied east jerusalem he says
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israel stepped up security had a friday prayers. just after dawn prayers this morning there were those confrontations between israeli security forces and palestinian worshippers dozens of them in or around the l.x. a mosque compound and we had already heard from israeli security forces that they were beefing up their presence in the old city because of the current political tensions are to the release of the trump peace plan and just before those present under way we did hear that in the immediate area around the l.x. a mosque compound and as the temple mount to jews that in that area the security presence was a good deal more visible and had been increased the real question is how things turn out a few minutes from now once the pres breakout breakup rather and people come out into the streets of the old city around the mosque. to the to the general security
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presence or say here has been increased as it has in the occupied west bank as well all of this coming after tuesday's release of the trump plan and the apparent green light that it gave to israel to start enacting annexation in israeli settlements and indeed the jordan valley the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had indicated he wanted to move almost immediately this sunday to vote in cabinet to start that process but the brakes have been put on by the americans it seems in the last couple of days so we'll wait to see whether that reality the fact that there isn't going to be an immediate change whether that has any influence on how things pan out today in terms of protests stephanie deca has more now from gaza she says there's been widespread condemnation of trump's proposed deal lach. a few 1000 people came out after friday prayers here to devalue the northern parts of the gaza strip to protest the war by the last about an hour or so people now starting to
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leave the service at the mosques across gaza focusing on injecting the teaching of the century specifically talking about it's a. good law and that they totally rejected and that was against what the maid said false but certainly if you have these numbers a few 1000. of the population there was 2000000 people and that's because people would say they didn't expect anything to. participate today to express a rejection of this shameful deal the trumpet netanyahu made along with the traitor arab leaders we're here to say palestine is from the river to the sea and no one has the right to sell or give away any part of it. these public activities will be followed by a fight his and his public movements are preparation for all the forces we have been gaza and with spanking resistance will undermine completely the deal of the century one other thing the sermons of the last little as $201.00 the complete absence of that nation of the arab world to the leaders is something that
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a lot of people might like to do or they would also do that they want greater what they focus on the americans are trying to ease the blockade lift the blockade and give her the opportunities and everyone else how did not meet a long term political solution what this plan is done people didn't expect anything different what was done in the dog was only highlighted how far away from the political solution we are. in turkey there's been widespread condemnation of the u.s. plan sin and cos all know is that the protests in the stumble. a group of people gathered an islamist party most today after the friday were afraid they were a mistake also the garrity and reaction against the u.s. president on a lot from a proposed peace 'd plan which actually these people call as the president of the center they say jersey is not on claim for despite palestine belongs to the palestinians generous alarm belongs to all muslims that is why we all have to be
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united against us this shouldn't decision and those people say only are today present out on this also spoken and he said a trick and he doesn't recognize and totally reject this proposed peace plan and he called on most of the countries to also gives a sound in his stand up against this decision. president trump speaks only to himself we do not accept any of his words that's why as muslims we need to unite but a spit on a day when i see this peace plan is treason and a blow to the muslims jerusalem will be swallowed up by the american plans other muslim countries who don't stand up for jerusalem are also treasonous these people reject the proposed peace plan saying that this is basically an annex a share of the ok right now is the lands and israeli government and they say that jerusalem is the bride for there was the world and that's why they have to stand in solidarity to the spiegel and through to the tunnels
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a lot of problems for over already problematic region. police in northern india have rescued 23 children who were reportedly being held hostage inside a house officials in the state of the pradesh say the children have been invited to a birthday party police say a man and a woman suspected of keeping the children captive were killed during the rescue operation verities claimed the man had been a suspect for the murder case and was out on bail. a state of emergency has been declared in australia's capital as bushfires threatened kamber and the surrounding region many fear hot weather and strong winds this weekend will spread the blaze south of the city and out of control is the worst fire threat camber has seen in 2 decades the combination of extreme heat weaned and a dry landscape will play suburbs in cambridge say off at risk in the coming dice.
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the rural fire has now grown to itin a half 1000 hectors that's 195 square kilometers or nearly eidos into of the total land mass of the australian capital territory. nasa has decommissioned that spitzer space telescope after 16 years of service it's one of the 4 observatories that orbit the earth sending back images and information about our galaxy and beyond the spirit so it was launched in 2003 with enough liquid helium to keep it going for 6 years but scientists managed to keep the mission going for an extra decade like hammer reports. this is the last image the spitz transmitted back to earth the tarantula nebula named after the filaments of gas that resembles spiders legs stretched out across the cosmos. it was one of the telescopes 1st observation targets when it was launched 16 years ago spencer allowed us to again look at
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things lift the cosmic veil and see the super massive black holes that we couldn't see previously since then it has revealed twice as many galaxies as any other observatory and most importantly perhaps advanced human knowledge of black holes and the birth and death of stars spitzer's operational life was expected to be 5 years at the most but even after its helium fuel ran out the telescope continue to send vital data about the universe back to earth its relatively small size lead scientist to label spitzer the little telescope that could so this is a image of the telescope and i also have a little long love it right here in front of me now so this is 130 seconds of the size of spitzer so if you if you multiply this little lot of by certain times you'll come up with a spacecraft that is about 13 feet in height. it weighed
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930 kilograms approximately at launch and it was the small telescope that identified another solar system similar in many ways to ours the trappist one system a dwarf star 39 like years from earth surrounded by 7 exoplanets some of which show traces of water and which scientists agree may contain life forms the mark of the later of the traps one system discovery got that science on to like mainstream media at a level that had really very seldom seen oh that's now a command has been. into the spacecraft switching it to what is called safe mode and in about 53 years it will come back past the earth and then head away in another direction into space even though spicher is and what you would think of as a nation old folks not likely to say hardly make believe me it was really hard to
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come up with a term that everyone agreed on based on the final state right there would be 0 but that legacy of scripture will love one because that is there for people to go back and mine the legacy of spitzer is 16 years of data archived at a us university data that may still produce new discoveries about how souls and our universe mike hanna al-jazeera washington. than let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now the 1st plane carrying british and the e.u. citizens from the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak has landed in the u.k. several countries are stepping up evacuations from china where more than 200 people have been killed and nearly 10000 have been infected the u.k. will officially leave the e.u. 2300 g.m.t. on friday
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a transition period will come into effect until the end of the year talks for a long term deal are expected to begin in march. the u.s. senate is set to vote in the coming hours on whether to call witnesses in the impeachment trial the u.s. republican senator who democrats hoped would support that move says he'll vote against it democrats want to hear from trump's former national security advisor john bolton and others. if my republican colleagues refuse to consider witnesses and documents in this trial the president's acquittal will be meaningless because it will be the result of a sham trial if there are no witnesses no documents in this trial there will be a permanent asterisk next to the acquittal of president trump written in permanent ink ukraine's president is calling for the u.s. to be more active in settling its conflict with russian backed separatists
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volodymyr zelinsky has been meeting secretary of state mike pompei o in kiev his visit coincides with the impeachment trial against trump back in washington thousands of palestinians in gaza held demonstrations against donald trump's proposed deal between palestinians and israelis protesters say they'll maintain garza's isolation and the blockade against it similar demonstrations being held in jordan turkey and lebanon state of emergency has been declared in australia's capital as bushfires threatened kamber and the surrounding region record temperatures and strong winds are fanning the flames is the worst fire threat cambra has seen in 2 decades well those are your headlines the news continues here in our desire after inside story.
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brights it is finally happening britain and the european union to more than 3 years of political calles but what does it stand to gain or lose for the quotes in the blog and does it signal the beginning of the breakup of the u.k. itself this is inside still. welcome to the program i'm nick clegg also more than 3 years of political wrangling 2 general elections and angry protests across the united kingdom brics it is finally here $2300.00 g.m.t. on friday the time that goes down in.


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