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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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group still called leader who's in the tradition russia sees this muslim minority as a sort of. the w.h.o. warns of more coronavirus infections in china as the death toll crosses $250.00 and countries scramble to repatriate their nationals. but over one come all santa maria here in doha this is the world news from al-jazeera. no witnesses no documents impeachment trial is a perfidy. outrage from the democrats as president trump is set to be acquitted in the impeachment trial the u.s. senate has rejected
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a bid to call new witnesses and. the u.k. finally of the e.u. after 3 years of bitter divisions will be exploring what the future might hold. the u.s. adds 6 more countries to its controversial travel ban list sizing new security risks . so the latest news on the coronavirus 1st of all in australia has joined the u.s. in banning entry to foreign nationals have recently been to china due to the outbreak 259 people have now died from the virus china announced 46 new deaths on saturday earlier the u.s. moved to ban visitors who travel to china in the past 14 days american citizens have been in china in the past 2 weeks will also be screened they will be quarantined for 2 weeks up. the world health organization's representative in china
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has defended the decision to declare the outbreak a public health emergency and he's warning they'll be no respond from the spread of the virus in the near future this increase is knightly to continue because there are almost as many specimens waiting to be studied as. a lead in a board so. the numbers will continue to go on is the team covering this at this hour we've got alexia brian in bangkok thailand with the 2nd highest number of coronavirus cases there will be with you shortly alexi starting with scott hyde in beijing scott travel restrictions tell us about the impact of those on the reaction to them. you know the reaction here come all the central government reaction here in beijing not too favorable quite honestly they said it was a not a gesture of goodwill banning foreign nationals who have traveled to china from entering the united states that they don't have
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a family member who is american not a gesture of good will they say and also they say here the authorities that it goes against what the w.h.o. has recommended that there shouldn't be travel bans obviously there screening in restrictions but there shouldn't be flat out bans and that's why the chinese government is saying no come on it's a very interesting time here for travel within china you know this was that the end supposed to be the traditional end of this lunar new year holiday it's been extended until monday but then even in certain territories and provinces it's been extended another week or sometimes in some cases indefinitely but one indication of that train traffic and other passengers traveling on trains friday and today saturday here in china is down 80 percent now this would normally be a peak travel time for people in china but obviously because of this corona virus because of these restrictions because of the delays in schools and and work starting back up again a lot of people are staying home there must be a concern skulled even for an economy the size of china's which is growing it in
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a 6.2 percent these days that this corona virus could have long reaching wider fix not just obviously on people and their health but on the whole country. that's a little when you look at supply chains kemal you know it is so that china has been very focused recently on trying to spur local consumption internal consumption they want to have an economy here that's built on chinese people buying chinese products and services so that's something they they've been very focused on obviously that's going to be a big hit when you look at some of the you know the announcements coming out about who have province where where the current virus started they are indefinitely going to suspend businesses schools from coming back after this winter holiday here in beijing we know that only essential government workers are coming back on monday non-essential will come back on february 10th but that also goes for private enterprises so when you look at at least you know probably more than 2 weeks of
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work not being done in a country where they're trying to move forward they're trying to grow their economy this is definitely a knock back but also you need to look outside the borders of china you know this is still you know as i mentioned they want to try to. spur chinese people buying chinese products and services but there's still a very major china the supply chain around the world so that's going to have knock on effect regionally but also globally as well thank you for that scott heide live in beijing i'm actually just reading here as well in the last few minutes that apple has announced it will be closing its corporate offices stores and contact centers in mainland china 3 fairbridge 9 so what set another way can. the technology join apple has decided to close all of its operations in china ok let's go to bangkok now he's and brian not often we can go to a reporter with their own video wall ready to go with numbers why don't you take it
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away for us and. well i'm here one of the operations centers at the ministry of public health and they've just held a press conference in the past few hours and they have confirmed that the number of confirmed cases remains unchanged at 19 but the number of suspected cases here in thailand has jumped to 344 from 200 on friday they're not saying that's because the virus is spreading much faster here it's actually because they've widened the net they're now looking at people who have arrived from cities outside of the center of that but also thais who may have come into contact with chinese tourists for example because china is the biggest source of foreign tourists for thailand they have been about 2000000 people come through just in december and january since the outbreak began so if you have a look at the map behind me that has been a mess made up to show the outbreak as it stands at the moment that big red circle is will happen and china's hu by province the as i said the same tour of that outbreak and down
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a little bit here you can see the red flashing dots that is bangkok and that's because the thailand has the 2nd number highest of cases 19 outside of china and also with already say thailand remains the most at risk country outside of china because of the number of people traveling back and forth but that number 19 is dwarfed by the number if you move with me here of 11011300 that's the number of global cases most of them though in china can you tell us about some of those other areas on the map. the regional parts of asia. yeah absolutely it's scientists say that it's actually really difficult to know the full picture of this outbreak and in fact some research is in a whole called on friday they cautioned that they could be using their modeling about 75000 people who could be infected and will hand because it's really
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difficult to get a picture at the moment of how many suspected and confirmed cases there are and different countries in this region on the net that you see here behind me are reacting in different ways. south korea has just gone and picked up a bunch of its citizens a plane has landed with 368 people 18 of those have been taken to hospital because they were showing symptoms and in asia another plane leaving for there they have gone to han the city that's been in effective lockdown since the 23rd of january all public transport in and out has been blocked and in asia is gone and to pick up its people a plane with 250 people has come back they are going to be taken to be quarantined for 14 days there has been is some frustration some anger from the area where those people are being quarantined on an island because they don't want the coronavirus near them it doesn't matter that the government has said don't worry this place is safe this place is secure they don't want the potential for the virus to spread to their homes in india as well has gone to pick up its citizens
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a plane with about 400 people has returned to new delhi people there will be taken to a place just outside of delhi to be quarantined also for that 14 days which is what scientists think that if you're going to get any symptoms that's how long it will take anywhere between sort of $2.14 days and as it happens and he actually confirmed it's 1st case of the corona virus this week in kerala and that was on thursday ok brime there in thailand that number 100 the import of what 11374 infections worldwide. yes the impeachment trial of president trump likely be over on wednesday that is after the senate voted to block any witnesses from testifying so don't trump is all but certain to be acquitted as well as republicans have the majority in the senate the upper house of the u.s. congress he is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress for 13 to
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withhold military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival joe biden not long after the vote. there was a bit of a twitter action from donald trump and this is what he said no matter what you give to the democrats in the end they will never be satisfied in the house they gave us nothing. concert office in washington d.c. . democrats say the impeachment trial of president donald trump is the 1st trial in u.s. history without witnesses is this a fair trial without the ability to call witnesses and produce documents the answer is clearly and unequivocally no but despite hours of arguments trying to convince republican senators to allow new witnesses in the trial the yeas are $49.00 the nays are $51.00 the democrats last all but 2 republican senators voted no it's a grand tragedy america will remember this day unfortunately where the senate did
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not live up to its responsibilities where the senate turned away from truth and went along with a sham trial democrats had hoped to get the support of moderate republican lisa murkowski but in the end she rejected the idea saying in a statement i have come to the conclusion that there will be no fair trial in the senate i don't believe the continuation of this process will change anything it is sad for me to admit that as an institution the congress has failed this means the senate jury has essentially sealed its ears to john bolton chum's former national security adviser in his soon to be released book bolton reportedly says trump asked him to help pressure ukraine for dirt on political opponents and it tied u.s. security aid to the request trump has denied the reports his attorneys argue even if true trump should still not be impeached so this idea that they haven't had
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witnesses. is that's the smokescreen you've heard from a lot of witnesses the problem with the case. the problem with their position is even with all of those witnesses it doesn't prove up an impeachable offense the articles failed the impeachment trial now nears its end with trump's acquittal all but certain given that republicans hold the majority trumps political fate more likely lies in the hands of american voters who will decide in november whether to give him a 2nd term. castro al-jazeera washington. joseph you're joined us in studio last hour he's an associate professor of political science at texas a and m. university in qatar they explain how trump's likely acquittal will affect november's presidential election. donald trump proved in the last election where he's sort of serially defeated or worse the various republican challengers he had
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and then. won the surprise victory in the general election that he has a sort of formidable political presence and the democrats very much you have beating him on their mind i think. the thing that sort of really important to focus on is where all of the allegations about ukraine and about russian about foreign interference about the president trying to corrupt the electoral process and whoever the democratic nominee is and however the democratic party rallies around that nominee i think they're going to spend a lot of time this report seeing the election to make sure that it is free and fair and you without corrupt influences whether that's within the united states or from overseas there was the investigation into his campaign's involvement with with russia and it did end of that the mole the report and that seemed to energize his. efforts and ukraine and now he's been impeached and will be won't be removed by the
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senate you know the pattern of behavior in his administration is that he pushes the boundaries faces no real consequence and pushes even further the next year are a very well certainly very contentious period in american politics perhaps of a very dangerous period with the president running for reelection and you now feeling free to use his office in the ways that he's been accused of doing so so far the arab league is meeting in cairo to discuss donald trump's plan for the middle east that was unveiled last week palestinian president mahmoud abbas is asking arab nations to take a clear stance against the so-called deal of the century transplant announced on tuesday runs counter to international law and tension has been high in the palestinian territories ever since trump made the announcement alongside israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in washington. in the news ahead to the sheer destruction of a town in syria after the bombardment by government and russian forces which went
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on for days the body of a mexican environmental activist is found near the forest he protected but it's left everybody with more questions and all sorts. of. we've got plenty of mild continue to pile it's way into your per my denmark has had its modest january on record no snow at all and barely a frost inside the mall the same as we go on through the next couple of days that west the wind continuing to bring the model but cloudy skies in across that western side of europe and grassy pushing for the race was just well so even in moscow is still hovering around freezing here 74 scandinavia is low install comment 7 or 8 and we getting well up into double figures across those western powers as you go through the next couple of days down to the southwest we could even get into the
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low to mid twenty's over the next day or 2 there is some rain around as i say there's a fair bit of cloud that wetter weather into those essential parts poland down into that eastern side of germany pushing down towards the alps little bit of snow over the high ground west of weather will tumble in as we go on through sunday but at the temperatures we're still getting up to 1314 maybe even a 15 in paris should be about 7 or 8 at this time of the year that rain will push into central parts for moscow 2 degrees celsius still very mild here as well much of the trend is not doing too badly also dry weather lots of sunshine in that sunshine in place across northern parts of africa triply with a high of 21. the . big story is generally sounds like maybe angles in this story are too numerous for comfort with different angles from different perspectives things never really be believed. to be rewarded with even
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separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the judge this shows a clear intent. here. with the listening on al jazeera. and with al jazeera and these are the top stories this hour australia has joined the united states in banning the entry of foreign nationals have recently been to china due to the corona virus outbreak 259 people have now died from the virus saturday china and outs for 6 months. the impeachment trial of u.s.
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president donald trump will likely end on wednesday after the senate voted to block any witnesses from testifying donald trump is all but certain to be equated to being accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress and the arab league is meeting in cairo to discuss donald trump's plan for the middle east palestinian president mahmoud abbas is asking arab nations to take a stand against the proposal his plan announced on tuesday runs counter to international. after 3 and a half years of drawn up debate delay and division the u.k. has finally left the european union historic moment ending 47 years of membership was marked by both celebration and protest a minister as johnson are promising to bring the country together that will be an uphill struggle duck for a challenge reports from london. for those who see this is national liberation for those who see the e.u. is suffering t.
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sapping monster this is their moment 11 pm g.m.t. on january 31st 2020 britain is no longer a part of the european union and the foundation this country is built on. its. i mean yesterday threw it off here and a lot of children moaning about it to think that the european union had a lot of faults and had there been a bit more come a day to david cameron this would have boris johnson he staked his political career on bracks it and won the prime ministership has marked it with an address to the nation when you look at the potential of this country waiting to be unleashed. that we can turn this opportunity into a stunning success i whatever the bumps in the road ahead i know that we will succeed we have a bay the will of the people we've taken back the tools of self-government. never before has the e.u. had to do this it hopes it never will have to again experienced only an expansion
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now the e.u. has taken down a member's flag because it's left europe's leaders want to show that there's little to be gained from this we want to have the best possible relationship with the united kingdom but it will never be as good as membership. to europe and for those who voted remain this is a moment of sadness and in a sign of the constitutional challenges ahead for the u.k. rex it is boosting the coals in scotland for independent study is very very sad and i think what really does or is it shows that there isn't really a future but in and europe and the way that we've enjoyed over the last 3040 years i am but it is a future for scotland you know but the crowds in parliament square on friday night the possible breakup of the u.k. is made do you mongering considered do you mongering to the concerns of britain
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should be too fussed about doing a deal with the european union i told. i was. and this is their moment they say that knowing it doesn't the sky is the fact that the heavy things so to get out of trade relationship with the european union is just beginning now look the brics it has just finished with the countdown to the end of the transition period and little under a year's time well that's just begun challenge al-jazeera london. the us government has announced new immigration restrictions on 6 countries citing security concerns the department of homeland security will suspend visas that can lead to permanent residency for nationals merit tray a card to stand me in ma and nigeria sudan in tanzania will also stop receiving diversity visas. it would green cards to countries with low immigration numbers the
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u.s. travel restrictions have been in place on muslim majority countries of iran libya somalia syria and yemen 2017 others on the now looking at this one security announcement in washington well administration officials are saying that in their words it's not a travel ban they're saying it's just travel restrictions it only applies in theory at least they say to a certain group of people that want to come to the united states it would be citizens of these 6 countries but they say will only apply to immigrant visas for people that from those countries that wanted to move to the united states administration officials are quick to point out that it will not apply they say to people that are applying for student visas or work visas they also say it will not affect any of the citizens currently in the united states from these 6 countries that are legally here on valid visas they're saying it simply will only affect those that are applying for new visas to immigrate to the united states but that
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still potentially is a lot of people thousands of people potentially any people from these 6 countries that will be applying from here on out for immigrant visas to the united states with a few exceptions will have those pieces denied no administration officials are saying they're trying to avoid the situation in 2017 and that so-called muslim ban on those 7 come predominantly muslim countries where they were coming to the united states the airports being detained held sent back to their countries and all sorts of confusion and heartache for many families the department of justice department homeland security saying they are specifically trying to avoid that by making this a little bit more clear however the big question is when this goes into effect which is february 22nd how will it actually play out at airports in reality and that's a big question that will have to wait and see. air strikes on opposition held territory in northern syria forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee to the turkish
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border at least 22 civilians have been killed in russian backed government attacks in recent days this report from regular mohammed. there's only rubble and daybreak left of the days of strikes by syrian forces backed by russian airpower the target the northern syrian town of and it led province the last major rebel held stronghold and insecure red activists showed the extent of the damage there an area devastated by barrel bombs. from a lot of a lot of the bombardment continues here a helicopter just dropped a bomb on the syrian civil defense room known as the white helmet has been working around the clock to rescue those caught in the conflict moderates a new money is now ghostly quiet among the derelict buildings remnants of artillery used by the rebels they've held the town since 2012 a strategic location on the m 5 highway which links damascus to syria's 2nd city of
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aleppo now syrian soldiers patrol the streets for those who fled the airstrikes they join tens of thousands of others searching safety and heading north towards the turkish border the drive by russian backed government forces to recapture a serious loss opposition and claves has displaced more than hundreds of thousands of civilians since december many of them children the u.n. has described conditions as bleak and already had a lot of reliving our houses and evacuating it live because of the constant there's strikes in we left because of the shelling and the bombardment we are lost and we don't know where to go and everywhere we go we find the army is following us it's cold and raining. life here is very tough and difficult with displaced become find jobs become a nation here is overcrowded with people coming from everywhere. turkish president richard time to one who has repeatedly called for syria's bashar al assad to step
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down has threatened to launch a military operation if the strikes. here chooses the russian government of breaking a cease fire. if you do that if the situation in live does not return back to normal immediately you'll have no choice but to choose the same road we are also heading to the same crossroad where promises given to us are not being kept. moscow has denied targeting civilian areas but as the bombing continues syrians say there are unsure about where they'll go next and if they'll ever return for him mohammed al jazeera. another wave of violent antigovernment protests erupted in chile despite promises for a constitutional referendum security forces in santiago used water cannon against protesters who broke who threw rocks and blocked roads and these 2 people have died in this latest violence huge protests demanding sweeping social reforms are brought
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the country since october last month the president agreed to hold a referendum for a new constitution which is one of the key demands. in mexico and a lot of suspicion over the death of a prominent environmental activist. his body was found shortly after he disappeared leaving some people to believe he was killed because of his death and still being investigated in this report from. one of mexico's most iconic species the monarch butterfly has just lost perhaps its greatest advocate. they're not going to. known as mexico's monarch butterfly defender was found dead in a pond in the state of the chalk on. his mysterious disappearance 2 weeks before his body was found has raised concerns among many in mexico who say violence against environmental activists has become commonplace isn't that. he was
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a defender of the environment in a region with many conflicts mito khan is a perfect example of where natural resources are under a lot of pressure especially when it comes to 4 is being cleared for avocado plantations. the iconic monarch butterfly is known for its annual migration to the forests of central mexico where millions spend the winter is going to be given to the least on. days before his disappearance posted this video on social media surrounded by thousands of flapping wings gomes invited tourists to visit his butterfly sanctuary a federal investigation is determining how gomez died but one thing is certain the death of the monarch butterfly defender has dealt a significant blow to environmental conservation efforts in central mexico nationwide mexico continues to shatter records for violent homicides especially in states like me to account for many of the deaths of conservation workers highlights
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the government's inability to curb violence. and that's not only does this threaten the butterflies but the risk exists for those who defend against illegal logging the threat is also against indigenous people who defend their culture and the history. a funeral for. those was held in the village of admiral saadi. the country's president called his death painful and has vowed to fight the criminal gangs suspected of being behind his death madrid up in mexico city. firefighters in australia's capital camera have been battling extreme conditions as the bushfires threatened the southern suburbs on friday authorities declared a state of emergency in the area conditions have been described as the most challenging for the region since 2003 when bushfires destroyed 500 homes today's extreme hate with temperatures of up to 41 degrees and potentially exceeding 41 degree dry conditions and
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a severe fire danger rating remains we can expect another very challenging firefighting day the conditions will potentially become more dangerous and the fire my pie is a threat to lives directly in its path. past the hour on al-jazeera and these are the top stories australia has joined the us in banning the entry of foreign nationals who have recently been to china this is all down to the corona virus outbreak 259 people have now died from the virus on saturday china announced 46 new deaths the world health organization's representative in china says the number of cases will likely go up and also defended the decision to declare the outbreak a global health emergency this increase is likely to continue because there are almost as many specimens waiting to be studied as the.
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board so. the numbers will. the impeachment trial of u.s. president on trump will likely end on wednesday after the senate voted to block any witnesses from testifying it maims on trump is all but certain to be acquitted he is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of justice. the arab league is meeting in cairo to discuss donald trump's plan for the middle east palestinian president mahmoud abbas is asking arab nations to take a clear stance against the proposals trump's plan announced on tuesday runs counter to international law the u.k. has officially left the european union it happened more than 3 years after the referendum was narrowly won by i believe votes that was 52 percent to $48.00 the u.k. now and is its transition period but the european union while the new trade agreement is negotiated prime minister johnson says the country is in
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a moment of national renewal. for many people this is an astonishing moment a moment they thought would never come and there are many course you feel a sense of anxiety and loss and then there's a 3rd group perhaps the big east who had started to worry that the whole political wrangle would never come to an end i understand who those feelings and our job is the government my job is to bring this country together not take us but the most important thing to say tonight is that this is not an end but a beginning this is the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act in our great national drama. and that's a look at your headlines here in al-jazeera we're back in about 25 minutes right after the listening posts with richard. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation use the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's
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discussions how unique a moment is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a neo fascist moment international filmmakers and world class journalists bringing programs to in spying. on al-jazeera. to spread the kind of virus telling us. what. we're seeing you. know. let's talk show last time that part time china advice to go hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week we're pointing our lens at china hong kong and taiwan starting with the corona virus and beijing's efforts to keep the outbreak and the coverage contained.
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long. the talking heads who gave up their ankle chairs to serenade chinese audiences about.


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