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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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it is not as committed to west africa which of course the community has taken its case before west african regional because they say the people have little for you the justice system. a 1st coronavirus death in hong kong a striking health workers demand the closure of all borders with mainland china. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. the race to pick a democratic presidential nominee in the u.s. gets off to a confusing start the results are delayed celebrations in malawi as the constitutional court cancels the results of the presidential election paving the way for
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a new vote. air pollution in believe is basically resulting in a public health crisis with elections on the horizon a call for action from residents of one of the world's most polluted cities. but 1st hong kong is recorded its 1st death from the corona virus outbreak a 39 year old man becomes the 2nd person to die from the a miss outside of mainland china the health officials say he was ill han last month and was also suffering from an underlying illness or a 15 confirmed cases in hong kong a south korean woman's also been confirmed to have the visit i have the virus after she went to thailand she becomes the 1st foreign tourist to be infected. after
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going to that country although it's not clear if she'd also been to china in china itself 2 more cities outside who bay province have gone into lockdown the death toll now stands at $425.00 more than $20000.00 people are infected and a cruise ship carrying more than 3 and a half 1000 passengers and crew is under quarantine in japan's yokohama bay that's after an 80 year old man who left the ship in hong kong some days ago fell ill with the virus medical checks are being carried out on everyone on board as a precaution all right let's go live now to our correspondent scott heiler is in the chinese capital beijing scott so as this virus continues to spread as inevitably was going to this interesting that the chinese government has i think for the 1st time acknowledge them some failings in terms of the way it's handled the crisis. yes it's very interesting though from the top level
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martine there has been admission you know the standing. committee here is the very top 7 leaders in this country and they did say that they were short fallings in the way that this has been managed this crisis and in the past they've used war fight has been managed by all the way from the top of the very top levels of government here in beijing all the way down to the local levels in where this was 1st thought to be 1st discovered so yes there is admission of that it's what's interesting in just the last hour the national health commission held a press conference on this is something they do every day to update everyone on what's exactly going on with the coronavirus and in that they admitted to that this is still a very big deal this is a very serious situation obviously but the way they illustrated that is that there hasn't been a turning point yet another words the numbers we've been seeing that come out every morning those who are infected and those who have died from the corona virus have not plateaued nor have they gone down so there isn't that turning point yet which
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everyone's really kind of waiting for because that's when you can kind of judge the trajectory of the who's being infected the numbers you know you can kind of get a little bit of a better understanding about the virus if there is a turning point that hasn't happened yet they've also said the national health commission that there is still a gap capacity gap when it comes to hospital beds for those who are infected for those who have contracted this virus in woodland province so i would run city and who have a province there is a bit of that gap being narrowed because of these new hospitals one came online on monday with about a 1000 beds we're expecting another one with about a 1000 plus beds coming online in the next couple days that will help bridge that gap but they are saying the health officials that there is still a gap for hospital beds they also admitted that there is still a need for more medical supplies they said that they have ramped up production of protective garments and masks here in china but there's still a shortage and one thing that they may. just to underline this no there are these
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mass these and 95 masks that are the the ones that are best suited for protecting people from this virus they're saying those medical workers on the front lines they need to change that mask every 4 hours so you can understand why there is such a great need for those masks and all this other protective garments and they're now there are thousands and thousands of these medical workers down in move on and who are province helping those who have been infected with this virus right to the chinese authorities are throwing everything they have at the epicenter of this virus how much confidence is that among the population generally that deal so and she said that she got a handle on this. well you look at social media you know that's kind of the barometer i guess you can use and there has been a lot of anger over the last 4 or 5 days mainly because of some instances where things have been fumbled if you will the red cross has had a couple of missteps when it comes to distribution of those masks and other things
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so they have come under fire there's also some reporting that in communities not maybe necessarily in who province are and will hunt specifically but those who travel there and have gone back to their communities maybe they're visiting family for the new year and it came back out that the way they're being treated is something that's really kind of raised the attention here and that is that a lot of citizens are taking matters into their own hands either barricading families who have come back from the area into their apartments and there's also a growing case situation of encouragement by law by local officials to keep an eye on each other so if you know that your neighbor was in move on they haven't reported tell us so there's a lot of that going on which obviously is not sitting well with a lot of people and you know when you look at the situation in certain cities it is mandated that you wear a mask and you when you walk around the streets of beijing which are still very empty we were just in a very normally crowded shopping district center a loon it was empty but you see signs that everybody has not done so there and
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hearing to what the government saying but obviously a lot of anger over the early stages of how this was handled thank you for that. now voters in the u.s. have had their 1st say in this year's presidential election but the iowa caucuses have got off to a rather confusing start the results of been delayed local party officials blame what they call inconsistences for the setback but insists the problems got nothing to do with hacking or outside interference the results would have been an indicator of who among the 11 democratic presidential hopefuls will go on to challenge donald trump in november an official is in des moines iowa he says the democrats' campaign to unseat president trump could hardly have begun anywhere else. it's a disaster for them they were hoping that whoever came out of iowa would go with a great deal of momentum behind them no the really humbling
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a farce and we're expecting the results know at some point on choose the so sometime in the next 8 to 12 hours all of the candidates have left they're all demanding answers from the local party the really just a big mess the caucuses are held all over the state the idea was that the results would be filed to headquarters using an up if there was a problem with the out then there was a hautboy it seems that there was indeed a problem with the out and then local officials were finding that the hotline was being tied up they were on hold for more than 2 hours some saying the undefined we got through the phone was hung up in them so the local party then decided that they were going to hold a conference call with all the campaigns and apparently that got sort of testy that they actually hung up on the campaigns so this is been an absolute mess normally you're seeing so and so has momentum so and so did better than expected this is the
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end of that campaign we don't know and for the democrats who want to show that they're competent and able to take on donald trump this is a really bad 1st step but not only that it's a really bad 1st step too for iowa iowa prides itself on being 1st in the nation there's been a lot of people saying no that has to change because it's not terribly representative of the united states all those calls will only grow louder after what has been an absolute farce in the last few hours. now malawi is to hold a new vote for president within 5 months after the result of last year's election was thrown out by the courts the vote in may return peter mathari could to power for a 2nd term and lead to big opposition protests but the constitutional court says there were widespread irregularities our correspondent there is in the capital the long way. it was a unanimous decision 5 constitutional court judges nullified mais presidential election result say did not win
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a 2nd term fresh elections have to be held within 150 days opposition leaders who were caught welcome the ruling of the judgment justices be very old. after reading the final thank you we came to seek justice for just got was liberations erupted in opposition strongholds judges said there were too many in consistencies in may's election some people may have voted more than once there was ballot stuffing and some figures which changed using typewriter correction fluid holding another election in a few months will be a logistical nightmare to say they want guarantees that will be no repeat of the widespread irregularities and vote rigging that damaged election. in 2017 king a supreme court and now that country's presidential election because of the regularities by law is not the 2nd sub-saharan country to have
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a presidential fact overturned they will no longer bennett them but in there they are brought in for the possibility to do certain things and the hunt. for the point to you need to walk back on the road with. you on the 1st part of the process forward to the 3rd or him and the system that the would be even go to secure or assure over a free and fair trial. for months have been demonstrations in several parts of the country of amazing speech election some of those have been filed. with erika's really d.p.p. party can appeal a constitutional ruling at the supreme court's no one from the party was going to go on camera after mine is constitutional court ruling the country is tense early on monday the streets of the capital along were eerily quiet many people chose to stay at home not sure what's going to happen next how a reader a relation is handled could improve or deepen political and economic crisis.
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al-jazeera. turkey says his military has hit several syrian government targets killing dozens of troops the strikes were launched off the 7 turkish soldiers and one civilian died from shelling in syria's rebel held italy province and crandell has sent more reinforcements to the area and is fred threatening further action trying to go up to reports. towns and villages and don't try syria under attack by government jets. a grim reality throughout the 90 a civil war. for the 1st time the government to soltan it has put turkey on the syrian regime in a direct military confrontation. ass off to turkey sent military reinforcements into syria which he says was to prevent more bloodshed in the
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province its soldiers and civilians came under attack prompting a retaliation from ancora yet every day. how is all of us and what we see is an aerial assault by regime forces an adlib which result in a people dying and we concluded that it was unacceptable and retaliation was carried out. the u.n. says it's along this escalation underscores yet again the threat to regional and international peace and security post caused by the ongoing conflict in syria. we also remain deeply concerned by the continue reports of civilian casualties large scale displacement of civilians turkey says nearly a 1000000 people are moving towards its border to escape the relentless bombing campaign by the syrian government it's fast capturing towns and villages in it live and aleppo provinces leaving destroyed neighborhoods and devastated families
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homeless once again in syria's harsh winter. this found the if 9 never stood a chance or do you know that a driver can in as he these people were coming they were displaced we heard the air strike we came running and found the bus burning inside it there were bodies small children. over the past few weeks syrian government forces have been trying to secure 2 major highways that link cities under government control and isolate the rebels the m 4 highway runs from west to east and the m 5 highway from north to south connecting aleppo to the capital damascus and latakia after the latest russian backed government advance some turkish observation posts built to monitor a cease fire need lib are now surrounded the russians are saying nothing will happen now turkey bombardment kind of in denial meaning that. we use wiggling space to try and find some kind of magic formula to prevent the herd on
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collision the russian military 1st say have their own political interests inside syria where they're with one help the syrian regime to quins out the. strategies on the battlefield with dangerous consequences and a tragic human cost priyanka gupta al-jazeera. got a lot more to come here at al-jazeera including israel's prime minister visits uganda and announces the start of a new relationship with sudan. asking for help brazil's indigenous leaders urged downing street to protect the animals. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast what we are seeing
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the change right now across europe that wintry change we were expecting all dealing with this well. the system right here across central europe now behind the system we're dealing with some very gusty winds today you can see these isobars are very tight so anywhere from germany down through france we can be expecting winds in excess of 70 kilometers per hour we're going to be watching this very carefully that will be the big problem for today now across most of europe are going to see some very rainy and also snowy conditions here and you can see the rain is extending down here towards the balkan peninsula that rain is going to turn to snow as we go from tuesday and into wednesday and over here towards the ukraine we could be seeing anywhere between 50 and possibly 67 we just know in a 72 hour period so we're watching that very carefully down towards the south though things are going to be changing quite quickly as well here in istanbul here on wednesday we're going to see some very heavy rain as well as some very gusty winds but look at the temperature as we go towards thursday dropping down to about 4 staying that way as we go towards friday as well the northern coast of africa
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will be dealing with the same problem not in terms of rain or snow we're going to be dealing with the winds across much of the area really it's going to be on wednesday those winds kick up across parts of libya as well as into parts of egypt . and award winning investigation and the workers really because right behind it has been factory when we operate for less and we buy for less we can pass those savings on to our customers into the supply chains that produce cheap anything. with little regard for workers' alliances different lines of the fire still everywhere rewind made in bangladesh on al-jazeera.
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rana's have a look at the top stories here of al-jazeera hong kong has recorded its 1st death from corona virus a 39 year old man who'd been to war hand just last month on tuesday china put its death toll at 425 and reported more than 20000 infections. the 1st attempt to pick a u.s. democratic presidential nominee has been delayed because of quote inconsistences party officials say the problem has nothing to do with cracking no outside intervention. malawi's constitutional court has ruled the country must hold a new vote for president that's after the result of last year's election will straighten out because of widespread irregularities. that the man who ruled kenya
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for more than 2 decades has died at the age of $95.00 for most of his time as president daniel out of more had absolute authority over the political and judicial systems his regime violently repressed calls for political change using detentions torture and even killing but he's also credited with keeping the country stable at a time when neighboring countries were grappling with civil unrest we can now speak to lydia who is a and historian and lecturer at the technical university of kenya she's joining us live from the capital nairobi thank you very much for talking to us what would you say is the most enduring legacy of daniel more. well daniel i've got my was president for 24 years that's a long time and he is remembered for this school milk program he's also remembered
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for his tough entire leavened rule. he'll be remembered for those 2 things i would say would you say on balance and that it's with a great deal of action because of the milk program or with loathing because of the amount of repression kenyon's that to endure over 24 years. there's a generation of shifts they ngo and remember him because of the milk the good times was available to school children built monuments this lately older people remember him very differently university students anybody older than that if you got on the wrong side of the law or the wrong side of president morsi that was the end of you . right he was he was kenya's 2nd president and many of called him the accidental president remind us of how he actually came to taking the reins of power in kenya.
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thank you for calling him accidental he was a very quiet educator note i don't call him a politician nobody thought he was going to last long so he became president to fill in that gap. 1981 was the decisive act that made us see his true colors there was an attempted coup and after that moyes rule was inflexible. he made sure that we understood who was leading. right so he was kenya's longest serving president he was the 2nd president of kenya what did he do he didn't come from either of the main ethnic groups in kenya either lure of only to hook or kikuyu so i was just wondering what is what was the impact of his is strict one party rule in terms of the ethnic makeup of kenya which of course has been so heavily at play in recent elections
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we tend to forget that my rule she was from a very small minority group. and i suppose that did something to our democracy but i would only call it democracy in quotes it was a one party system and we knew who the leader was then news only started with the president what he did what he didn't do he was not a tolerant leader and we were ruled for a very long time by a minority leader from the minority i suppose that's what kept kenya says if compared to the neighboring countries all right thank you very much indeed lydia moved from our talking to my live from nairobi thank you very much the 3 members of an iranian separatist group have been arrested in denmark they're charged with spying on behalf of saudi arabia they've been under investigation for more than a year they're accused of collecting information on individuals in denmark and
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abroad and then passing it on to saudi intelligence officers danish authorities say they've also charged in of censure a member of the iranian intelligence services accused of a murder attempt on one of the activists early read is the director of the gulf affairs is shoot in washington d.c. and he says that denmark looks dimly at being used as in the arena for the long simmering conflict between saudi arabia and iran. essentially the tensions of the gulf and the confrontation between saudi arabia particularly and iran apparently has spread beyond their borders as a matter of fact beyond the region in this case immigrants that happen to be welcome and scandinavian countries have brought the conflict to gether we know with together their new countries of refuge and therefore this frustration
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that we sense today. denmark and other scandinavian government and they're upset they're mad at both actually saudi arabia and iran for allowing this conflict to the spillover across borders and come to our own security wise in this case the danish government and this is the prostration we heard from the head of the intelligence system system and then denmark mr anderson the foreign minister also kofod he has also voiced essentially the same complaint against both countries saying that these types of spying operations are serious and unacceptable as far as the danish government is concerned. israel has announced it is to normalize relations with sudan and uganda and it follows the
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meeting between prime minister benjamin netanyahu he gained as president xi while rima 70 and the head of sudan's sovereignty council. so dan has been trying to change its image and open up the country to international investment since he gave a trade of longtime leader. very full state is in west jerusalem with more. well the word from israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is pretty celebrator e he says that they've agreed to start a cooperation that will lead towards a normalization of relations between sudan and israel and he calls that history it is part of a wider strategy both in africa and in the middle east to try to get friendly relations going with majority muslim and arab nations in the region and of course it comes very soon after the trump plan which was released last week
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which attracted at least not immediate arab state condemnation of course there was a rejection of that plan at the weekend and so there has been a slowing down of the provisions in that plan for potential annexation of the occupied west bank something that doesn't know how to hope to start moving on and this past weekend so it is about time given the fact that he's in the midst of an election campaign for another major foreign policy announcement of this one serves netanyahu very well it also serves sudan to some extent that the leader of sudan's been invited to washington so there's a recommendation from israel. as far as the prime minister's office is concerned sudan is moving in a positive a positive direction away from iranian influence and also potentially provide something more practical for israel as well. airspace over sudan would make it much easier for israeli flights to fly directly to south america where there is a large jewish population indigenous leaders from the amazon of course on the
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british government to stand up for their rights their version the prime minister boris johnson to ban imports of minerals or agricultural products from the amazon sonia gager reports now from london. it is known as the lungs of the earth and the richest source of biodiversity in the world but the amazon rain forest is facing unprecedented danger deforestation. wildfires is disappearing at an alarming rate up by 30 percent between $28.00 team and 2019 as ranchers and loggers raid areas all in the name of economic development acts encouraged by brazil's president. he may have announced a new amazon council to start supplying encourage sustainable development to the rainforest of a scene by a proponent of mining development but also not also ordered cuts to government
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agencies that enforce laws against illegal logging mining and land grabs all of those decisions taken without consulting the indigenous population. the brazilian government is signaling a great danger to the world for indigenous peoples communities the great soul of the forest they're letting everything go to ruin by messing with the laws that were created in 1908 protect indigenous people it will be impossible to fix this once it's been destroyed. attempting to stop the rot or trying to mobilize foreign leaders to pressure brazil to stop the exploitation of the amazon but it's a tough challenge also not all a right wing populist has hit back at leaders such as france's president. for daring to raise the issue publicly despite the urgent calls from those who live in the rain forest we have to listen to them with these people understand the forest
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better than anybody you only have to look at satellite maps of the amazon and to see where indigenous rights land rights have been recognized those territories still have primary arms and rain forests and. where the border is there's complete devastation they did you just leaders are here to ask the british government prevent illegally farmed and mined products from entering into the u.k. but the concern here is that in a post brics it britain will striking up trade deals take precedence over environmental protections. the exploitation of the amazon for mining and intensive farming may have brought some economic production to the region but it is also brought with it the and of a way of life and destruction of a precious natural resource these days the political will to preserve it is so far taking a backseat leaving those who live at the mercy of a state renouncing
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a promise to protect its people al-jazeera london. now there's also more about all the top stories of course here at al-jazeera dot com that's our web site check it out. so to the top stories here it is sarah hong kong has recorded its 1st death from corona virus a 39 year old man who'd been to hand last month on tuesday china reported 425 deaths and more than 20000 infections called hyla has more now from beijing there hasn't been a turning point yet another words the numbers we've been seeing the come out every morning those who are infected and those who have died from the corona virus have not plateaued nor have they gone down so there isn't that turning point yet which
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everyone's really kind of waiting for because that's when you can kind of judge the trajectory of the who's being infected the numbers you know you can kind of get a little bit of a better understanding about the virus if there is a turning point that hasn't happened yet they've also said the national health commission that there is still a gap capacity gap when it comes to hospital beds for those who are infected their results from the iowa caucuses have been delayed because of so-called inconsistences this is the 1st attempt to pick a democratic presidential nominee party officials say the problem has nothing to do with hacking no from outside intervention malawi's constitutional court has ruled the country must hold a new vote for president that softer the result of last year's election miss thrown out because of widespread irregularities the new poll must be held within the next 5 months. turkey says its military has hit several syrian government targets
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killing dozens of soldiers the strikes were launched after 7 turkish soldiers and one civilian were killed by shelling in the province the man who ruled kenya for more than 2 decades has died at the age of $95.00 is regime violently repressed calls for political change using detention torture killing and media control but daniel mori is also credited with keeping the cultural country stable at a time when neighboring countries were grappling with civil unrest israel has announced it's normalizing relations with sudan following a meeting between prime minister benjamin netanyahu uganda's president yoweri most 70 and the head of sudan's sovereignty council so dan's been trying to change its image and open up to international investment and those are the latest headlines the stream is there. we talk about the biggest problem facing and they are the endemic corruption and we listen so if you replace china as the
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enemy of. the not really that yours we meet with global news makers and tweak the stories that matter just 0. 7 ok internet service is slowly starting to trickle back into indian administered kashmir but a nearly 6 months communication blackout has already had a devastating impact on the people at economy have been affected talk to us from our live chat or on twitter and you too could be in the story. the 160 day internet ban in kashmir affected hospitals schools businesses 7000000 of the region's residents couldn't contact relatives or pay their bills let alone shop online or watch netflix india.


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