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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2020 12:00pm-12:35pm +03

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now. you. first coronavirus death in hong kong a striking health workers demand the closure of all borders with mainland china. hello welcome to our dear life from doha i'm martin that is also coming up the race to pick a democratic presidential nominee in the u.s. gets off to a confusing start the results in iowa a delayed. celebrations in malawi as a top call cancels the results of the presidential election paving the way for
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a new phase. a warning from the world health organization the number of cancer cases could jump more than 60 percent if current trends continue. the hong kong has recorded its 1st death from the corona virus outbreak the 39 year old man is the 2nd person to die from the outside the mainland health officials say he was in bali hand last month and was also suffering from an underlying illness there were 15 confirmed cases in the territory a south korean woman's also being confirmed after visiting thailand she is the 1st foreign tourist to be infected after going to that country although it's not clear if she d'orsay been to china meanwhile in china itself to most it is. outside of
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who province have gone into lockdown the death toll in the country now stands at $425.00 more than $20000.00 people are infected and a cruise ship carrying more than 3 and a half hours in passengers and crew is currently under quarantine in japan's yokohama bay that's after an 80 year old man who left the ship in hong kong some days ago fell ill with the virus medical checks are being carried out on everyone on board as a precaution or let's go live now to our correspondent scott hyla he's in beijing and it's not often is it scott that the you hear the chinese government appealing for outside help but it seems as though they really do need extra supplies of medical equipment. they do martina not only is that rare for them to ask for help but also to admit that they've had some difficulties you know the the standing pullup euro committee here in china the top 7 leaders of
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this country led by xi jinping the president they said in the last day that there were short comings and difficulties in the 1st 2 ways that they are handling this crisis here so that's a big step and yes as you mentioned asking for help for medical supplies outside the country you know we heard from the national health commission just last hour to they give their daily press conference updating the coronavirus situation and just to kind of underline how how much medical supplies are needed in this crisis. one of the main things they need are these mass these and that 95 master specifically that mask that are required to protect medical workers from infection. every medical worker working around infected patients needs to replace this mass every 4 hours so you can do the simple math you know we've got thousands and thousands of infected people being treated in hospitals in rwanda in other provinces so each medical personnel needs to replace their masks every 4 hours so that's just amazing
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when you think about the quantity needed that's why there's appeal to go outside the country for more medical supplies they do say that there were wrapping up production here in china for those needs but again there's that there's a bit of a gap that's going to be it's going to need to be bridged so they can reach the amount that they actually need and that also went into hospital beds we've seen 2 new hospitals being built one has come online came online yesterday monday the 2nd is going to come on later on tuesday but later in the week so obviously there's a great need for facilities and for supplies and china asking for outside help and meanwhile what's the situation it will hand you mentioned that is. speedily erected prefabricated hospitals that the government's managed to get up and running within a week i mean what's the situation there and the epicenter of this outbreak. there is still a situation where there is need for more beds and there is a need hospital beds and there's a need for more of these medical supplies also in this press conference in the last
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2 hours they said that you know that as there is a need for more supplies there also needs for more need for more beds and that they are working on right now with these new hospitals it needs to be said to you know when you watch the images coming out from state run television you know the last 10 days you've seen these time lapse photos video segments about how quickly they're building these hospitals and how quickly the supplies are coming in but that's the that's what the state government state run media wants you to see wants the world to see that they are making progress and dealing with the situation but the reality on the ground and this is the part that comes out through social media there are a lot of people who don't know what's coming next they are sheltered in their houses they are ok with supplies we haven't heard anything about you know food shortages there are inconveniences right now but no great food shortages but you know what's next is the biggest question for them but again you know you see those
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images coming out on social media and through mechanisms like that but not really from state media state media you still see medical personnel arriving hospitals being built and supplies coming in but yes obviously and they admit that there is some struggle going on and meeting those needs and bridging those gaps that they see with the numbers going the way they are they're still going to have a lot more hospital beds that they need for those people who are infected thanks very much for that to them live in beijing. that the 1st attempt in the u.s. a pick a democratic presidential nominee has got off to a rather shaky start after results from the iowa caucuses were delayed local party officials blame what they call inconsistences from the setback alan fischer reports out from the state capitol the morning i was it was a night of frustration and questions in iowa after people cast their votes in the democratic caucuses the process of adding them up and sending them to headquarters was plagued with technical issues it created
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a terrible image as the country watched the 1st real contests that the 2020 election town into a farce was the candidates decided to claim victory and move on leaving iowa and its problems behind bernie sanders is looking like the eventual winner of the self described democratic socialist finish tonight or 2nd 4 years ago now he believes he's taken a big step to securing the democratic nomination to do even more the beginning of the end donald trump was here mose dangerous president in modern american history the biggest loser of the night is shaping up to be former vice president joe biden for a man who campaigned on electability it's not clear if you even finish in the top 3 normally that would kill a campaign he played to continue so it's on a new hampshire was south carolina well
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beyond the end there some of. elizabeth warren seems to me to solace sure it was suggested the massachusetts senator would be competing for the same grind with bernie sanders she says the result sends a message tonight she's already showed that americans have a deep hunger for big structural change it was also a good night for the youngest candidate in the field near people to church had no problems the clearing. victory by all indications we are going on to new hampshire victoria was. for others there's a question on how long they can sustain their campaign no filters are beginning to have their scene. on the republican side no technical problems and a clear and predictable when for president donald trump has 2 opponents but even getting 3 percent of the vote as the campaigns all were demanding to know what went
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wrong it's not a good look for the democrats as a 1st step on the road to the white house it's also not good news for iowa which is keen to retain its farce than the nation status when it comes to help picking the candidates alan fischer al-jazeera. malawi must hold a new vote for president within 5 months after the result of last year's election was thrown out by the courts peter will return to power for a 2nd term in may and that prompted huge opposition protests the constitutional court has ruled that there will be widespread irregularities harum a tosser reports now from the capitol long way. it was a unanimous decision 5 constitutional court judges nullified mais presidential election result st peter did not win a 2nd term fresh elections have to be held within 150 days opposition leaders who
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were caught welcome the ruling of the judgment justices be very old. after reading the final thank you we came to seek justice for just got was liberations erupted in opposition strongholds judges said there were too many in consistencies in may selection some people may have voted more than once there was ballot stuffing and some figures which changed using typewriter correction fluid holding another election in a few months will be a logistical nightmare the point is they don't want guarantees that will be no repeat of the widespread irregularities and vote rigging that damaged election. in 2017 king a supreme court and now that country's presidential election because of the regularities by law is not the 2nd sub-saharan country to have a presidential fact overturned they will no longer bennett them but in there they are brought in for the possibility to do certain things and the hunt. for the point
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to you need to walk back on the road with. the 1st part of the process forward. or him and the system that the would be even go to secure or assure over a free and fair trial. for months they've been demonstrations in several parts of the country of amazing speech election some others have been violent. with erika's really d.p.p. party can appeal a constitutional ruling and the supreme court's no one from the party was willing to go on camera after mine is constitutional court ruling the country is tense early on monday the streets of the capital long were eerily quiet many people chose to stay at home not sure what's going to happen next how a reader of elections is handled could improve or deepen political and economic crisis. al-jazeera. the man who rode kenya for more
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than 2 decades has died at the age of 95 for most of his time as president daniel our more had absolute truth already have a political and judicial system his regime violently repressed calls for political change using detention torture and killing as well as media control but he's also credited with keeping the country stable when other neighboring countries were grappling with civil unrest our correspondent catherine sawyer has more now on daniel about moyes legacy from kakamega in western kenya. he was a very does this is lead and some people say that he started out well in his presidency you mention in the introduction there he checked the country real relatively stable and peaceful when other neighboring countries went conflict in fact in the ninety's and the eighty's kamya was mediating in a lot of conflicts so people say that's a good seal who is also very passionate about education during his reign
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a lot of schools were built he introduced what was called narrow milk and no more use milk because it was a passable project of keeping children in school i benefited from that milk of the president he was also very passionate about the environment chris titles of st planting and building guardians and digging trenches to avoid polarization but other people will see all that has been overshadowed by his reign of terror and sense of political opponents torture many of them died during that period there was a lot of tribal violence during these reign corruption was run time. and also in kenya at least 14 primary school children have been killed after a stampede at a school in the west of the country it happened as they were leaving the building to go home another 40 students were injured police say there is no clear cause for the panic and they are investigating. still to come here at al-jazeera
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a big night ahead for president trump but his state of the union address will be overshadowed by his impeachment trial and. air pollution in believe is basically the result in a public health crisis why residents of india's capital want pollution brought to the top of the political agenda. hello again or welcome back to your international weather forecast we're here across the philippines in the coming days when we see a lot of heavy rain particularly on the eastern side of the philippines notice clouds right there it's making its way towards the west and we're going to be seeing the rain on the increase starting from wednesday as well as into thursday possibly over the next few days we could be seeing up to 110 millimeters of rain
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across much of that eastern side so localized flooding could be a problem there over here towards vietnam it's going to be sunny across much of the area which meant a sunny day for you with a temperature of $33.00 degrees what here across australia it's been very warm for the month of january actually they saw there were 3rd warmest january on record here most of the heat though was over here towards the eastern side of australia we're also going to be seeing that a lot of heavy rain over the next few days particularly here across the northern part of new south wales and into queens and we are going to be watching this very very carefully because just to the north of brisbane over the next few days we could see anywhere between $300.00 and possibly locally $400.00 millimeters of rain in the suburbs so of course the likelihood of flooding is going to be on the increase here for brisbane though it is going to start the rain here on wednesday temps are about 25 degrees by the time we get to thursday the flooding threat increases and on friday heavy rain across much of the area.
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and the fascist anti establishment and pro vine. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing about 6 separatist movements is found alive and well in the terraces of the bill down stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform and ideology with football hooligans. and read audette on al-jazeera. or. time for us a look at the top stories here about jazeera hong kong has recorded its 1st death
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from corona virus a 39 year old man who'd been to war han last month is on to say china put its death toll of 425 more than 20000 people are infected. the 1st attempt to create a u.s. democratic presidential nominee has been delayed because of so-called inconsistences party officials say the problem has nothing to do with tracking not outside intervention the law is constitutional court has ruled the country must hold a new vote for president that's after the results of last year's election was thrown out because of widespread irregularities and the impeachment trial of donald trump is nearing its end after both sides delivered their closing arguments on monday senators will have a chance to deliver closing speeches but the president's expected to be acquitted by the republican majority on wednesday the president's legal team say it should be
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up to voters to decide his fate in november's election but democrats say president trump pressured ukraine to investigate a political rival and that he will continue to abuse his power for the president's to to deliver his final state of the union address on the eve of this express expected acquittal kimberly houk it looks ahead to what the president is likely to say. during the senate impeachment trial to decide whether to remove him from office u.s. president donald trump said he'd like to address his accusers directly. and stare in their corrupt faces on tuesday he'll get the chance when he delivers his annual state of the union address to the u.s. congress it will be the 1st time trump speaks to lawmakers as a president who has been impeached it will also come just one day before trump's impeachment trial is expected and we're going acquittal. meanwhile administration
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officials insist the president who likes to go on the attack will instead focus on his successes. the speeches titled the great american comeback trump is expected to tout the solid job market low unemployment and health care advances. trump will also continue to promote his wall of the southern border which is cost ing the u.s. billions of dollars in spite of his promise that mexico would pay for it foreign policy officials are being deliberately vague on the content but expect the ongoing trade war with china to get at least a mention and the killing of ice a leader abu bakar al baghdadi by u.s. forces in october as well but 6. last year trump delivered his remarks as the justice department conducted an investigation into allegations trump's campaign worked with the russians if there is going to be peace and
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legislation there cannot be war and investigation but aside from that brief mention trump steered clear of any vitriol and that's why it's so incumbent on this president to look presidential so this is an opportunity for the president to actually set the stage for what another 4 year term in office will look like with president trump's expected acquittal in the senate both republicans and democrats are now leaving the decision on trump's future to u.s. voters in november election can really help get al jazeera the white house. israel has announced that it will normalize relations with sudan following a meeting between the prime minister benjamin netanyahu uganda's president yoweri most 70 and they had to sit out so. sudan has been trying to change its image and open up to international investment since the overthrow of omar al bashir
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hari force it has more now from west jerusalem. well the word from israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is pretty celebrate 3 he says that they've agreed to start a cooperation that will lead towards a normalization of relations between sudan and israel and he calls that history it is part of a wider strategy both in africa and in the middle east to try to get friendly relations going with majority muslim and arab nations in the region and of course it comes very soon after the trump plan which was released last week which attracted at least not immediate arab state condemnation of course there was a rejection of that plan at the weekend and so there has been a slowing down of the provisions in that plan for potential annexation of the
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occupied west bank something that doesn't you know how to hope to start moving on and this past weekend so it is about time given the fact that he's in the midst of an election campaign for another major foreign policy announcement of this one serves netanyahu very well it also serves sudan to some extent that the leader of sudan's been invited to washington so there's a recommendation from israel. as far as the prime minister's office is concerned sudan is moving in a positive a positive direction away from iranian influence and also potentially provide something more practical for israel as well for air space over sudan would make it much easier for israeli flights to fly directly to south america where there is a large jewish population. that cancer is the world's 2nd biggest killer the anything that causes more death is heart disease but the world health organization says millions of lives could be saved if the gap between rich and poor nations can
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be bridged around one in 6 deaths occurred by cancer last year it killed almost 10000000 around the world. number of cancer cases has grown sharply in the last 10 years and that it's expected to almost double over the next 2 decades lung cancer is the deadliest kind followed by conan and stomach cancer the w.h.o. says more than $2000000.00 die every year from cancer that's caused by tobacco products air pollution is also leading to an increase in cases and accounts for 29 percent of deaths and diseases from lung cancer right pretty grim reading this week now to dr andrew. cuts of control technical officer at the world health organization he's joining us live from geneva thanks for talking to us how can bridging the gap between rich and poor nations actually help what is a very disturbing trend by the sounds of it.
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thank you martin this is a very challenging question of how to address cancer as you said for both high income countries but also to low and middle income countries the goal is for us to think wisely to invest in priorities that we know will have the greatest potential impact and in the lead up you highlighted one of the key areas for us which is tobacco control tobacco contributes to about 25 percent of cancer deaths but at the same time we know every year there are cancer cases that we cannot avoid and the goal is for us to be able to provide services particularly for people living in the no income countries who have not yet had access to essential cancer services i'm so so i'm not entirely sure that i understand are you suggesting that people fewer people would actually develop cancer if the gap between rich and poor countries was reduced or are you suggesting that more and more people would survive cancer if
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indeed they had access to better facilities. there is both elements at play we know that the cancer bird in poor countries is increasing quickly if we focus on prevention now we can avoid the cancer cases that we know will come in the next 23 decades at the same time we have to also invest in treatment capacity because many cancer patients who live in poor countries are unable to access even the most essential or basic cancer services so if you're going to tackle this major cancer and public health challenge we have to do both prevention and control but how do you prevent somebody getting colon cancer for instance i think everybody except that there is a direct causal link between tobacco products and lung cancer but for instance how do you prevent somebody getting that. that's
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a great question martin and thank you for raising that because in fact there are many lifestyle changes that we can make that will reduce our cancer risk for colon cancer as an example we know that diet makes a big difference both the foods that we eat and the risk that we have to develop obesity that is related to the foods that we eat those 2 factors significantly impact the likelihood that an individual will develop cancer at the same time we know that physical activity can also hold so for many of the cancers we are increasingly aware of prevention strategies that can help reduce the short and the long term risk of developing that cancer. so what are you suggesting then to lower income countries in particular those with live quite fragile health systems are you suggesting that they undertake a new program of information for cancer sufferers already new program of information to prevent the number of people developing cancer and taking vital resources away from other perhaps more pressing diseases.
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thanks for raising that martin because you're right 2 governments are tasked with taking on a very complex agenda with cancer because there are so many potential effective interventions each government has to set priorities taking on everything in the cancer agenda is difficult so each country should look at the disease burden and see what are the chief of will feasible interventions both policies and programs that can reduce the cancer burden both through prevention and through increasing treatment availability as you said there are many countries that are struggling to get health on the agenda because there are limited resources and there is a perception that diseases have to compete amongst each other but what we've done with this report is that show that cancer should not be seen as a competing disease in fact if we invest wisely we can save lives and add societal value that is in the form of reentry into employment productivity gains and broader
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societal benefits so this report makes the argument that we shouldn't be thinking simply is this a worthy investment or are we competing with other diseases but in fact we should find the resources because an investment in cancer is a wise investment. thank you very much for talking to us live from geneva. new delhi is one of the world's most polluted citizens as people they're prepared to vote in local elections many are demanding action to improve air quality in the indian capital elizabeth reports. jane up to me that lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the delhi region it's also one of the most polluted the tiny home she shares with 6 other members of her family backs on to the 2nd biggest dumping ground in the city toxic air from the dump is just one of the hazards that the 40000 residents of bias will have to live with. the doctor says that
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besides my lungs my kidneys are also affected now he told me to stop going to the landfill that you're not going to live a very long but i said if i stop going to the landfill who's going to feed my children. jane oben others in valis will make a living by sorting in separating waste they held a town hall meeting ahead of elections to ask politicians what they're doing about the environment the candidate of prime minister and that in the morning the party told us that was not their priority. we don't treat this as one of our election. election. honorable prime minister. but it's not just people who live in the delhi regions illegal slums who are affected new delhi's equality sees it consistently ranked as one of the most polluted cities in the world in this neighborhood people are not waiting for others
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to tackle the problem the traders association and this market have installed the 7 makes a high tower. f. filters that clean the air pollutants as it passes through them but environmentalists say such towers only create a clean is on around them and a lot of solution for the whole. city. the towel was put up after air pollution levels reached 40 times higher than the amount deemed healthy by the world health organization late last year air pollution in delhi is basically resulting in a public health crisis it's not just a pollution problem any more it's also a public health problem. a problem politicians say they'll address by improving public transport and planting more trees but jane op had made doubts whoever wins the election will do anything to improve the lives of the people of by a swath elizabeth brannon al-jazeera new delhi.
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to take a look at the top stories here about jazeera hong kong has recorded its 1st death from corona virus a 39 year old man had been to war one last month on tuesday china put its death toll at 425 are reported more than 20000 infections results from the iowa caucuses have been delayed because of so-called inconsistences this is the 1st attempt to pick a democratic presidential nominee party officials say the problem has nothing to do with hacking not outside intervention malawi's constitutional court has ruled the country must hold a new vote for president that's after the results of last year's election was thrown out because of widespread irregularities the election must be held in the next 5 months the man who ruled kenya for more than 2 decades has died at the age of $95.00 daniel our boys regime violently repressed calls for political change
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using detention torture and killings. at least 14 young children have been killed after a stampede of the primary school in western kenya it happened as students were leaving the building to go home 40 others were injured police say there is no clear goals for the panic the world health organization has warned of a 60 percent rise in cancer cases across the globe in the next 20 years if the gap in treatment between rich and poor continues cancer is the world's 2nd biggest killer after heart disease but w.h.o. says at least $7000000.00 lives could be saved over the next decade if treatment is improved in low income countries those are the headlines radicalise youth is next. the race for the white house has become this not just for states have their say on
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the day wants to please don't try. to add to the team coverage of the casting of the 2020 us in action. on just the. big story sounds like maybe angles in this story are too numerous for comfort with different angles from different perspectives things never really believed deep for a moment in the war to separate the spirit from the facts the misinformation from. the senate was clear and chance to see and hear. the listening. all over the.
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