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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 37  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2020 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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my statement to the ukrainian president he prodded out of thin air just made it up they say he's a screenwriter a failed screenwriter he tried to go into unfortunately one of the politics after. remember he said the statement which is a bob statement don't call me i'll call you i didn't say that fortunately for all of us here today and for a country we had transcripts we had transcribers professional transcribers then they said oh well maybe the transcription is is not correct but tenet colonel viewed bin and his twin brother right we had some people that really have mazie but we did everything we said what's wrong with it well they didn't know that this word or that we didn't matter as an editor a probably wrong but added so no one ever agrees that they were perfectly accurate when you read the stress scripts tim's cut out of tim's here but he said sir the 1st one to call me sir i read the transcript you did nothing wrong and
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mitchy stayed there right from the beginning he never changed and mitch mcconnell i want to tell you did a fantastic job that was somebody said you know mitch is quiet when i said he's that guy. quiet these are the pit he doesn't want people to know him and they said is mitch smart has said well let's put it this way for many many years a lot of. very smart bed in many cases sometimes good people
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have been trying to take his place and to the best of my knowledge i've never even heard the subject come up because they've been wiped out so fast this guy is great and i appreciate it mitch and he's also given as 191 now a 191 federal judge you a supreme court judge thank you up to 191 a a thank you very. great case a tough guy to read i'm good at reading people tough guy to read a column oh well what's ahead you do with mitch. i don't know. that's what makes him good when you could read somebody. fantastic and he understood why for this was crooked politics was crooked politics how about all these people they're running for office this saying the worst things about me like
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8 senators on the democrats most of them go up to you know they got their one percent or less most of got less. to go home let's go back to california let's go back to wherever they came from let's go back to new york about that one our new york senator jill a brand let's go back to new york after they get nothing and then they take an oath that they will be fair that they will be really in all of the different leagues and they have signed in october but here's the beauty so we have for a left they're saying the most horrendous things about me it's ok it's politics and then they're supposed to vote on me they're trying to replace bayh and then there's supposed to be voting so i think it's i mean i think it's incredible but so much i want to thank you very much incredible and you have some of your folks here.
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they're incredible people and they've been right from the beginning and again you're out of session of fortunately i didn't you know i only told these folks let's do this today we did a prayer breakfast this morning and i thought that was really good in fact it was so good it might wipe this out but by the end by the time we finished this will wipe that one out those statements. head. i had never see palosi sitting 4 seats away and i'm saying things that a lot of people wouldn't said but i meant it i meant every word of. it but we have some of the folks that are going to be leaving right after this and they work hard and they did work hard. bill cassidy senator stand up bill order to a very rarely when i need to know about health insurance and preexisting conditions and individual mandates i call bill are called. we get those 2 guys in no more than anybody. a man who just became a senator he's
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a little bit like me we have a couple of them very successful guy in business and he said what the hell i'll run for the senate from indiana. and he ran and i saw him on television destroying his opponent in a debate as you know this guy could win and i got behind him and mike braun you have done some great thank you very much. thank you and a man who got james komi to choke. and he was just talking in his regular voice he's the roughest man he's actually a unbelievable and i appreciate the letter you sent me today i just got it but he's got this voice that scares people. you know people from iowa can be very tough we're doing very well in iowa but at a chuck grassley he's look at
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a comic where you tell me why did you say no he wasn't being rough that's just the way he talked. and that was when tommy i think that was when tommy announced that he was leakin lying and everything else right each joked because he never heard anybody talk like that you know usually go on if i wish you got angry you could have got the whole ball game he would have said i give up chuck grassley is an incredible thana man who you know his running against a tough smart campaigner we learned how good she was right she was a great campaigner fact by the end of the campaign she was actually i thought she was more for me than you were josh i was whether it's already to say the greatest
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things about me and you know who i'm talking about and i went to a great place the syrian i said who do you have to beat her and they said well we have 4 people i said let me see him i can interview can you imagine i'm interviewing people for the united states senate this is what i do wherever i go but i love it i love it because we're getting great people the 1st one i met was josh. after about 10 minutes i said to the people don't show me anybody else this is the guy he was the attorney general did a phenomenal job in the state highly respected and claire mccaskill phil the theory was you couldn't beat or great campaign or remember the last campaign she was going to be taken she was always going to be taken and she wins and people say had or that happened didn't happen with him but she got so friendly
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toward me fact one of the ads i still have i'm putting it in the archives as one of the best ads i've ever met. and she tried to convince people that we were best friends but josh ended up winning by 5 or 6 points you were unbelievable you were tough and you are something and one of the greatest supporters on the impeachment hoax was josh ali he was incensed actually i watched he was incensed at what they were doing and what they were saying and those were the ones you know i had some that said or i wish you didn't make the call that's ok if they need that it's it's incorrect it's totally incorrect and then you have some that used religion as a crutch they never used it before an article written for they never heard him use it before but today you know it's one of those things but you know it's a failed presidential candidate so things can happen when you fail so badly running for president but josh ali i want to thank you you were right from the beginning
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man did i make a good choice thank commanders thank you man who is brilliant. and who actually was deceived to an extent. comes from a great state utah where my poll numbers have gone through the roof and one of the senator's poll numbers and not this one went down big he saw that you saw that mike but mike lee is a brilliant guy. he's difficult. whenever i sign bills you know we do sign a lot of legislation that's it's big and it's powerful but it's sort of everybody has to approve it and i see 99 to 199 to one i say don't tell me who's the one. is it mike yes.
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and he always has a good reason for to by the way but he is he's incredible and right at the beginning he knew we were right mike and i appreciate very much he just ran tests against a lot of the people of utah and tell him i'm sorry about mitt romney i'm sorry ok i if we can say that mike lee is by far the most popular senator probably but you've done a fair test of job in many ways in many ways a young woman who i didn't know at all but she's been so supportive and i've had great support from other people in that state and she's been so supportive and she's been downright nasty and mean about the unfairness to the president and kelly laugh where i appreciate very much thank you for the if you start very early on to
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a. and we have i don't know if we have other senators here but we're going to hell of a lot of congressmen i'll go over him quickly but they have they have also been you know it helped when we won $197.00 to nothing. that's got to be a 1st kevin right isn't like a 1st the republicans have this image see i say democrats are lousy politicians because they have less the policy open borders sanctuary cities they have horrible policy who the hell can win oh the new policies raise taxes they want to raise taxes you know all my life i was in politics but i'd say if you're a politician you want to say for the lower taxes they want to raise taxes so they have open borders sanctuary cities raise everybody's taxes get rid of everybody's health care 180000000 people in the united states and they're really happy and we're going to give you health care that's going to cost more money than the country could make in 30 years if it really does well that's one year so i've
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always said they are lousy politicians but they do 2 things they are vicious and mean vicious these people are vicious adam schiff is a vicious horrible person nancy pelosi is a horrible person and she wanted to impeach a long time ago when she said i prefer the president i pray for the president press she may pray but you press for the opposite but i doubt you present all and these are vicious people but they do 2 things they stick together historically i'm not talking now they stick together like glue that's how they impeached because they had whatever the number is 220 people so they don't lose anybody they'll be able to impeach anybody you could be george washington you could have just won the war and they thought say let's get him out of office and they stuck together and
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they're vicious as hell and they'll probably come back for more but maybe not because. the republican party's poll numbers message have now gone up more than any time i think since 20042005 you know what happened then but in normal times decades you would call it that was a little unusual time it was for a very short period. the republicans party parties poll numbers and donald trump's poll numbers are the highest i've ever had so maybe it was it's no way to get your poll numbers up it's now or because from my family's standpoint it's been very unfair from my family's been very unfair to the country thank you and a phone call a very good phone call i know bad phone calls it's a phone call where many people i think mike pompei
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a was probably on the call was mike mike pompei always on the call of many people who are on the call i know that many people they even have a printout bringing up an old favorite word of mine the apprentice day have a print they have people on these calls and i know there are many when i speak to the head of a nation and they have many people i mean there are some that you think they're just in the case of ukraine he's a new president seems like a very nice person by the way his whole thing was corruption he's going to stop corruption we even have a treaty 200-1999 it's a treaty signed treaty that we will work together to root out corruption in ukraine i probably have a legal obligation mr attorney to report corruption but they don't think it's corrupt when a son that made no money that got thrown out of the military that had no money at all is working for $3000000.00 up front $83000.00
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a month and that's only ukraine then goes to china picks up one and a half $1000000000.00. i think it has to remain here i hear and many other countries they think that's ok because of it is evocate in the audience is it wrong for my kids could make a fortune. i think could make a fortune it's corrupt but it's not even that it's just general corruption and the other thing as mentioned in the call and something that i've told mike pence our great vice president i would tell him all the time and i told him when he went on the trip because he was over he never mentioned anything about this when you had your meeting it's a terrible thing but i told mike i said mike we're giving them money and you know you're always torn about that because we have our country to build we have our cities to build on our roads to fix but we've given them money tell me why isn't germany paying money why isn't france why isn't united kingdom paying money why are
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they paying money while we paying the money is that a correct statement like i say find out what the is going on and i told that to all of my people o.m.b. i said here's the question how much is germany paying why isn't germany paying why is the united states always the sucker because we're a bunch of suckers but that's turning around fast but it makes it harder when stuff like this happens because you want to focus and you want to focus perfectly think what we could have done if the same energy was put into infrastructure prescription drug prices think of what we could have done and i'm now talking both sides think of what we could have done if we had the same genius because it's genius i will say it's genius on the other side maybe even more so because they took nothing and brought me to a final vote of impeachment that's
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a very ugly word to me it's a very dark word very ugly. they took nothing pitted a phone call that was a totally appropriate call i call it a perfect all because it was. and they brought me to the final stages of impeachment but now we have the orders were i never thought a word would sound so good it's called total acquittal. you are an a and so i want to if i could real fast just introduce a few other people have to start with i have to start with kevin man did you do a job lucky if they're lucky you're there because when you work out if you don't have the right people tell you kevin mccarthy has done an incredible job. on her you
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and a lot of them but he loves or scantron to what mitch and kevin they love what they do now mitch wouldn't even tell you he like to say mitchell like it or no. it's just the greatest poker player kevin ross i love it right and i will say that . you're going to be speaker of the house because of this impeachment. or go and i'm going to work harder to and i'm going to try to get out to her from those trump areas that we won by a lot then you know in 18 we didn't win we just went to seats and north carolina 2 wonderful seats in north carolina that were not supposed to be won but i went and i made speeches and we had rallies and we did
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a great job and we won we took 2 seats nobody writes about that if we lost them it would have been the biggest story of the year. but we're going to go we're going to do a job and we're going to win a lot of seats you know what a lot of people are very angry that nancy pelosi and all of these guys i mean that line oh i'm. much of my life he's fought me in new york for 25 years i always beat him and i had to beat him another time and i'll probably have to beat him again because if they find that i happen to walk across the street and maybe go against a light or something let's impeach him so well probably have to do it again because these people have gone stone cold crazy but i've beaten them all my life and i'll beat them again if i have to but what they're doing it was it was so kevin mccarthy has the right. a few names and if you forget if you want you can
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raise and i'll say live to the world of will but we're going to do the best we can and i have my cabinet but my job is different i appoint them ok i didn't see all of them helping so much you know they were running their their various bureaucracies. now my cabinets great and they're all here but today is the day just celebrate these great warriors is a great word is a really fought hard for us and so subtly armstrong north dakota kelly thank you thank you thank him banks of india. thank you thank you and the big swears it. boy thank you thank you. her rights we've been listening to us present donald trump rapes funding that is impeachment acquittal from the white house his 1st formal remarks since he was acquitted by the senate donald trump describing it as
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a very unfair situation a witch hunt that he says started from the day here arrived at the white house he said the people behind the impeachment trial were lekas and lie is the attacks nancy pelosi the u.s. house speaker and democrat adam schiff who was of course the lead manager for democrats in the trial in the senate the lead prosecutor a few well and he also had a lot of praise for republican senators as well as for his legal team the u.s. senate voted to acquit to acquit president trump on abuse of power and obstruction of congress on wednesday let's bring in kimberly harkat our white house correspondent where we begin kimberly he seems to be in great form. and has quite a few things to say about his opponents. i feel like we just went through the highlight reel of the entire impeachment inquiry and then the subsequent trial
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donald trump seemed to apparently be sort of unloading many of the things that we heard on twitter but now in a much more relaxed form as he spoke there was almost like we were at the table with him at the golf course as he ran through what he saw as the unfair moments and then some of the moments where he felt particularly proud that he had been defended by members of his own party but i think what was really striking there was when he held up that washington post newspaper with the headline acquittal that was a particularly strong moment that you could tell he was savoring because that certainly is a paper that has been critical of him owned by a democratic supporter that he is not particularly fond of so the fact that he even said there that that's probably the only good headline he's ever gotten from the washington post it's very clear he is savoring this moment and having a lot to say about what he sees as a very unfair process how can they simply strengthened. after this impeachment
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trial. significantly and you can tell he's relishing it but it's a long way until election day we always talk about the october surprise and we're only in february this president is certainly boid by the fact that he has seen his poll numbers that he talked about it go up to the highest that they have been thus far and this was certainly a concern of democrats that this could allow the president to portray himself as a victim and he certainly did that in that press conference there in the east room of the white house attacking the house speaker nancy pelosi saying that when he criticized her just a few hours ago at the prayer breakfast that he meant every word calling adam schiff one of the house impeachment managers and also chair of the intelligence committee a failed screenwriter mocking some of the characterizations of his telephone call with vladimir zelinsky the ukrainian leader that of course is the foundation for
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the inquiry into donald trump's conduct and whether or not he abused presidential power the president really savoring the acquittal not only of that article of impeachment also of obstruction of congress but what i think's really important to note here fall is that this isn't over donald trump is already resurrecting the investigations he believes should be launched moving forward yeah i was going to ask you just that in fact it looks like the is not over yet. exactly as you heard there donald trump and this is what he does this is characteristic donald trump kind of dangles out there a few things for the media particularly those that support his agenda quite heavily to do sort of further digging and it's clear that he is not done settling scores that he wants a potential democratic presidential nominee joe biden to be investigated but also his son hunter bided in terms of why he was sitting on an energy company in ukraine while his father was overseeing ukraine policy donald trump saying there if that's
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ok then my kids could make a fortune but many would argue the president's children are going to benefit from his time in the oval office as a result of their affiliation with the white house but certainly this is a president that looks keen to settle scores as he heads out in the campaign trail no doubt his opposition democrats will be doing the same company thank you very much for that can live fair from the white house and we'll have plenty more reaction and analysis of president speech shortly after he was acquitted by the u.s. senate on impeachment on when see the president responding for many just a few moments ago from the white house this coming a day after his impeachment his acquittal indeed pietschmann trot plenty more on al jazeera coming up very shortly as always much more now upside down to 0 don will be back in just a few minutes to state. in
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0. 000 i'm fully back to bill in doha this is the news hour on al-jazeera coming up in the next 60 minutes this is what the end result is. a day after being acquitted in the senate president donald trump congratulates his friends and hits back at his political enemies the world health organization says the overall number of new cases of corona virus has dropped for the 1st time in china but the country still struggling to combat its outbreak also this hour israel says it's sending an extra 1000.


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