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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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al jazeera. what we're after is really. cool. this is al-jazeera. however i'm home are getting into how with the al-jazeera news are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes urgent calls to tackle the rise of the far right in germany after a gunman opens fire at 2 sheesha cafés killing 9 people. turkey launches an offensive to push back syrian government forces in the province. sentencing day for president donald trump's former advisor porter stone his case sparked
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a political fights within the u.s. justice department plus. do you know what a google is and if you know that qatar has the biggest population in the world one step back of qatar's northwestern both the love story coming up. and our beautiful little discord roger federer announces he will not play at the french open but talk of the 20 time grand slam champion reveals years undergone a nice new jury. it's $1500.00 g.m.t. we start this news hour in germany were police say they're treating a mass shooting in the western city of hanno as an act of terrorism 9 people were killed when a gunman went on a shooting rampage on wednesday nights chancellor angela merkel has condemned the attack and says there are many signs the perpetrator acted out of racism dominic
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cain has the latest from berlin. this is where the shooting started one of 2 she should've asked to be targeted which were known to be frequented by members of the kurdish community the 43 year old perpetrator made his way into each place and then opened fire indiscriminately on innocent people finally fleeing the scene in a car to go home and kill his own mother before then taking his own life the shock of the local community is mirrored by that of government ministers who confirmed their primary line of inquiry it's what i just don't know i'm going to do that everything is being done to clarify up to the last detail the background of these horrific killings there are many indications at the moment that the perpetrator acted on right wing extremist rice has marj us out of high trade towards people of other origins religion or parents. this is not the 1st violent attack to be
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associated with far right criminals in recent times. the 27 year old man is currently on trial for the murder of 2 people outside a synagogue in the city of hallowed last autumn. and last summer the christian democrat mayor of a western german city was shot dead by a person with known links to the far right there's little doubt that far right violence is on the increase in this country and something many mainstream politicians have been warning about now some are wondering how many more people must suffer before society takes this threat seriously dominic kane al-jazeera burleson. turkey says 2 of its soldiers have been killed and 5 injured in airstrikes near syria's at le province it comes out its military shelled syrian government positions in the northwestern city of sarky the government captured the city of rebels 2 weeks ago as part of its push to retake the last rebel held area
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turkish president richard tayyip erdogan has issued an ultimatum for syrian troops to pull it or face retaliation well for more on this let's bring in our it had say near the turkish syrian border. have been issued and seemingly ignored what's the latest on the situation on the ground in the dangerous is that likely to get. well the fighting has intensified particularly on the outskirts of the city osaka ben this is a city which is crucial for both the rebels and for the syrian government it came under the control of the syrian army about 2 weeks ago it's its importance lies in the fact that it struggles to the intersection of 2 highways and 5 and 41 of them links damascus to aleppo now the offensive has started earlier in the day with the syrian national army that took it based rebel group launching an
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offensive in both live and moving to words of the rebels say that the control huge areas in. something that has been denied by the syrian army which says that the fighting is still underway now turkey is saying that 2 of his soldiers were killed and he blames the syrian government for the attacks is saying that these were just played out by syrian army that resulted in the death of the syrian turkish soldiers and 5 wounded the senior a turkish government official father to the tune who is the communications director said that the the minister of defense of same time said that about 50 syrian soldiers were killed and dozens of vehicles were destroyed in the fighting but how the say this is intensifying in different past particularly around and also south. meanwhile husham as these 2 armies head towards each other u.n. has been warning of a catastrophic humanitarian disaster waiting to happen at just tell us more about
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the the civilians here course in the middle of all of this. it is a very dire situation for the 900000 people who were forced of their homes since the start of the offensive by the syrian government in different parts of and more than 150000 will force out over the last few days and these people are stranded in the border area with turkey for her to notes on the communications director say that the reason why the ticket army is interfering now particularly in is to help the those people who were displaced and push the syrian army back from the areas it's controlled so that they can return the international community is very concerned it is now trying trying to enforce all the parties to implemented as ceasefire in the northwestern part of the country or talking about the ruler aleppo and it live province because the its estimate that
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a ceasefire would be the only way for the international aid agencies to move in deliver immediate aid how we're talking about those people in who badly need blankets food tents as soon as possible for them to be able to cope with the harsh weather conditions that won't be old boss of all if the fighting continues. our life as on the turkish syrian border for no thank you. former advisor to u.s. president donald trump is set to be sentenced shortly for just stone was convicted last year of lying to congress witness tampering and obstructing the investigation into whether trump's campaign colluded with russia so here is just so on his words with richard nixon on a break in george h.w. bush and george w. bush but it's his role in donald trump's campaign which is landed him in courts in
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the run up to the 26 election he tried to launch a smear campaign against hillary clinton using the web site wiki leaks he was questioned about that last year during the miller investigation he lied threatens another witness to do the same and had documents from investigators prosecutors said his crimes warranted up to 9 years in prison but that was overruled by attorney general william barr or for prosecutors quits after that decision which many call blatant pressure from the white house well let's get more now former white house correspondent kimberly hope she's live for us to give us the latest on that sentencing kimberly at this quite a lot of attention on this sentence just about so why is prayer they saw controversial. well you outlined some of the key points in essence the recommendation by the prosecutors that was abruptly downgraded if you will by the
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attorney general after there was interference by the u.s. president interference that donald trump has defended saying that he is not only in his view the chief law enforcement officer of the united states which i can tell you is not the case it is the attorney general but also the president says he has the right to intervene he's long advocated for roger stone a long time friend of friendship of some 35 years that he has been mistreated in this case so watching very carefully to see what that sentence is ultimately decided on by the judge she is an obama barack obama presidential appointee and that has also allowed donald trump supporters to allege that there has been judicial influence perhaps or even that there has not been the impartial nature that they would expect in a trial so that's what has made this so controversial both sides pointing to this case watching it very carefully and of course we're watching very carefully to see
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ultimately what the sentence will be for roger stone. to be theoretically if the sentencing doesn't go the president's way he's made it very clear like going to lenient sentence he does have the right to pardon criminals doesn't see is there any talk about whether or not he would pardon roger stone. he has been cool way about whether or not he would pardon roger stone in fact he won't answer the question directly but if you look at some of the sort of clemency that has been granted just this week alone most in washington believe it's a question of if not when already this week we saw donald trump pardoning or come using sentences of convicted financier's who had robbed or built people of their retirement savings also a former new york city police commissioner and the list goes on in terms of those that many people have some issue with with regard to the president intervening and
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basically i'm doing the work of the courts so many speculate that this will be something of a pattern when it comes to the case of roger stone given the fact that he has a long history of friendship with donald trump and also the fact that donald trump has said that he believes this president he has the right to do this but the broader controversy in all of this is you have to remember again donald trump was accused of abusing presidential powers and he was ultimately impeached for that later acquitted just weeks from that acquittal it appears the president is now doing whatever he wants and many argue that this is really going beyond the legal jurisdiction of the right and power of the presidency chemically holcombe life for the white house thank you very much indeed. south sudan president salva kiir has announced he will form a transitional government's with his rival react mashallah on saturday that's after 2 previous failed attempts here said any outstanding issues will be finalized in
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the coming days both parties agreed to put an end soon conflicts when they signed a peace deal in 2018 but the un has accused say it sudan's war in parties of deliberately starving their citizens says government forces and other aunts groups of tonight's displaced people access to aids by diverting millions of dollars elsewhere where the country has been in crisis since 2013 and president salva kiir accused his former deputy react michel are of attempting a coup tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced well the u.n. says politically it's been oblivious to their suffering this crime of starvation which involves destroying essential elements for the survival of the civilian population has been used by both sides in the conflict as a way of getting people to be to displace as well as a way of intimidating the civilian population and it is
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a deliberate tactic it can involve blocking humanitarian assistance but also the destruction of crops and livestock and even seeds and water holes. more on the sly from yes mean sucre she's the chairwoman of the u.n. commission of on human rights incisive and joins us now live from johannesburg by skype kids have you with us here on al-jazeera certainly this been some quite astonishing claims in your reports notably that civilians inside sudan are being deliberately starved to death just talk us through the highlights of your support of your reports and do you think there's any chance of accountability given the constant battles between the presidents that is our style deputy. thank you thank you to your listeners. i think my colleague andrew clapper really went through the question of starvation quite thoroughly but i want to touch on another point which
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is the question of the looting really of the public purse in our reports of course who we say to our that we have extensive records of officials in the government have actually early age the public purse and ensure that monies belonging to the government of south sudan. are not sent to the government coffers but are actually diverted for private use and this is of course money that would be an important part of the revenue so that one could actually support access to basic services in south sudan this is currently being diverted and i in our view this of course makes our sudanese officials implicated really subject at some future point to being indicted for these crimes of course when we look at the question of accountability south sudan has of course signed on to 2 very important
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documents the one is the united nations convention against corruption they haven't yet ratified but at least they've signed up the 2nd of course is the african union's be venting and combating corruption which also proved you know prevents prohibits member states from being gauging in policies that encourage corruption or the embezzlement of public resources and so what the commission is actually doing is beginning to prepare darcy is that can one day be handed over to a prosecute been so that these people can face some form of criminal accountability well in the meantime or you're preparing these dossiers or what's going to happen with the with with the people who are currently starving. ok well you know what the situation has been food insecurity since 2013
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and has only been exacerbated by the way in which humanitarians have been blocked from really extending supplies to many of these areas and one of the things the commission has done has been to appeal to all of the parties to really ensure that people are able to return if they have been displaced be able to inspect the suit farming of the land or in fact looking after their livestock but at the same time one has to acknowledge that in south sudan without the support of b. international community and the humanitarians and of course the u.n. to be quite frank mossad south sudanese citizens who would be without access to any kind of support and so in many ways where this conflict is ongoing it's really the political elite who have been created to reach an ordinary start to the sudanese civilians have actually been deprived of access to any kind of new sources including food well given this and given these these these kind of punitive
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measures are going to take some time to come around is there anything that international partners could be doing in the meantime are you advocating any kinds of punitive measures boycotts and for members of the international community to try and prods these sides city these rival governments to to do something and allow their people to get failed. well i think you know the international community has been placing quite a great deal of pressure on all of the warring parties you've also seen a number of countries roll out sanctions including the united states sanctions that they refer to its oil its sanctions and so these an enormous amount of pressure on all of the parties to form the unity government and of course while president salva kiir has made a concession that he will revert to change states a sticking point i believe is the question of the administers of boundaries which i think it's still
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a subject of dispute between the parties the other issue of course is the question of security and the unification of the army and these are issues that need to be resolved quite quickly so that they can begin the road to building suspended both peace of course you will need constitutional amendments and i think there is an enormous amount of pressure that is also coming from the african union in you know my country south africa case cheering the african commission and we are also engaging with my government on the ways in which we can ensure that the parties a serious about peace ok yasmine circa will have to leave it there are a great to get your thoughts thank you so much indeed for joining us. with the u.n. commission on human rights for south sudan thank you well in neighboring sudan the army has closed off several roads in the capital khartoum to stop protesters from getting close to its headquarters demonstrators are wrangling over the military's
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decisions it's a smith a number of soldiers those sacks include officers who protected civilians during a cracked and last year and several people were killed they've been placed on an early retirement scheme. lots more still to come on this news on including the city's prime minister is set to be charged with the murder of his 2nd wife plus. i'm simona fulton in iraq's southern city of nasiriya or demonstrators have refused to give in despite growing pressure from other parties join us here on al-jazeera to learn why the city has played a key role in our presidents past and present. and a former top official is charged with accepting bryant sats coming up with peter in sports.
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korea has reported its 1st death from the corona virus infection there's been a spike in the number of cases in the last 24 hours bringing the total up to $104.00 where the majority are in the city of daegu where 2500000 citizens have been urged by the mayor to say inside now that outbreak has been traced to a church congregation japan's government is defending its handling of the infections on board the diamond princess cruise ship near yokohama the vessel there has been in quarantine since early this month well in that time the number of confirmed cases on boards rose to more than 602 elderly passengers have dies after being taken to hospital the moment china they've changed their report saying cases of the virus and its let's a significant drop in the reported number of new infections there are 394 on
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whedon's day now starting from almost 18 hundreds the day before well adrian bryant is in hong kong he says south korean officials are taking the search of infections very seriously. we have now a huge increase today in south korea 53 new cases which means we now have more than 100 confirmed cases in south korea northeast asia it seems japan and south korea now very much in the front line of this particular virus now the focus on thursday has been on the city of daegu in southeast korea that is where the bulk of these new infections have occurred and the focus has been very much on a religious group there because it seems that a 61 year old woman who was a worshipper with this group became infected a week ago that was confirmed but she had also been in contact with more than 166 other people and of course now there is
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a an urgent attempt being made to find all those people the chief been in contact with the mare of daegu sent out a real desperate plea earlier on thursday evening saying that he was very worried that local hospitals would not be able to cope if this indeed turned out to be a widespread outbreak so he's appealing to the central get to the main government in seoul to provide as much medical aid as they can and quickly so the focus in daegu is going to be containment there's also concern that it spread to surrounding areas of this city with a population of about 2 and a half 1000000. well in japan there's been mixed reactions i with ortiz and dealt with the quarantines cruise ship which has the highest concentration of coronavirus cases outside mainland china but mcbride's reports from the ports of yokohama. quarantine behind them passengers from the diamond princess have been disembarking
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in the hundreds. many of them taken by bus to the middle of yokohama with mixed emotions about their shared ordeal cardew mother every day i would worry that i was going to test positive. political movement when the number of people getting infected spiked we knew they were sick in your infections so i was afraid to leave my cabinet then community as i knew the crew members did very well so i was grateful to them. the passengers were then allowed to continue their journeys home sharing public transport with fellow japanese who have mixed emotions of their own so how was your girl i feel so sorry for them it's a good idea to release them they were going to get sick that nobody was happy in foreign countries say their quarantine the people for a certain time so i want to pan to do the same. the confirmed deaths of 2 elderly passengers have raised concerns for those still on board and for foreign
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governments who are still arranging to fly home their citizens but insisting they undergo further quarantine still japan is standing by its decision to end the quarantine of the cruise ship you were in to you of us are doing the ship does not compare to a hospital we're working there with temporary measures we have a basic standard but various issues there that pointed out every day we keep correcting these issues on a daily basis with cases being reported across japan this outbreak is causing increased disruption public events have been scaled back or canceled including an annual birthday celebration for the emperor and there are growing fears if this goes. zone about the possible impact on the upcoming summer olympics in tokyo. a passing cruise liner sounds its hole in a show of support for the diamond princess for japan finally resolving this crisis is a priority and it knows the world is watching robot pride al-jazeera yokohama japan
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police in the cities say prime minister thomas to bonnie will be charged with the murder of a 2nd wife after the announcement to ban he told a local radio station he will resign at the end of july but said old age was the reason lee palermo to bonnie was shots near her home back in 2817 it's about his current wife my cea is also facing charges related to the killing she has denied any involvement with me to miller isn't just spoke with more on the political fallout it's in the city. this really is unprecedented in that a sitting prime minister will face these charges we also expect that once he appears in court he may also appear in parliament if he's given bail to confirm his resignation at the end of july now what is also quite interesting is in the address given over state radio in a suit to the prime minister said that it would be old age that's the reason for
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his retirement he hasn't so much focused on it being a resignation due to the pressure that he's faced and at no point did he mention the charges he will be facing as well as the charges that have been laid against his wife and just what a scandal this is all a suit to he's also urged that the be a process in the country that allows for transition who ever takes his place to be responsible and take into consideration the unity of the country prior to these charges the a.b.c. party had also said that they had stripped him of his political power he's not been able to make political decisions unilaterally instead that's now gone to the the most important committee within that party because they just don't trust the prime minister they also say that they believe that his wife my seattle bonnie who also faces charges that she's been controlling the prime minister so they don't believe that he's been capable of running the country and for him that's just maybe the
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nail in the coffin. still to come on the news are the international monetary fund's efforts to help lebanon tackle its deepening economic crisis. and education is a band the impacts from libyan conflicts on children plus. always i can say i support. going to the manchester city's manager to stay at the club regardless of the outcome against the team's champions league ban the details coming up here in sports. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the arabian peninsula massive cloud further towards the north that's giving some snowfall across parts of iraq
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and more particularly iran but it is clearing the way as we head through friday but we still got a bit of a shower when during the course of those the temperatures just pick back a little bit doha looking at highs of 24 and that cool air flow coming in from the north has certainly made a big dent in the temperatures for riyadh in saudi arabia just 20 degrees during the course of friday also worth mentioning that still quite a strong wind blowing down through the red sea at times so that will gradually ease later in the day as we head on into south fine temperatures recovering and react slightly otherwise fine conditions for the most part moving across into northern and central parts of africa it's a largely fine picture but i'm standing in front of significant weather so let me move and show you the showers affecting the likes of ghana ivory coast and also liberia so largely coastal areas but wanted to pushing further inland as you move down into southern portions of africa plenty share activity here still looking fairly wet at times along the western coast of madagascar and particular and so if in the middle we could see further heavy showers during the course of day quite
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a wet one. spectate inventor with highs here of 25. frank assessments the one good thing about these bush fires is it's really wiping out the politics of climate change informed opinion the economy i think is actually what's keeping damo trouble float right now critical debate sequel on those 2 schoolchildren know what the law is all about this argument is astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of a new conscious and aware youth about stood up against an ethnic sectarian kota inside story on al-jazeera thanks love to make loans to sufferings because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because those taxpayers never go away there's a new one born every single day a 19 it is an urgent national necessity and they put it we have officially requested the accusation of the support mechanism we created together because i
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happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. to. this is al-jazeera of mind of the headlines german officials say they're treating a shooting in the western city of anno as terrorism a gunman believed to have been motivated by far right police shot dead 10 people at several sites turkey says 2 of its soldiers have been killed and 5 injured in the airstrikes you're serious it will cause and it follows the turkish shelling of
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government positions the northwestern city of sirte a t.v. . and police in the city say prime minister thomas to bonnie will be charged with the murder of his 2nd wife in 2017 after the announcement bonnie told a local radio station he'll resign at the end of july and said old age was the reason to ban his current wife by syria is also facing charges relating to the killing. the debates over europe's financial future will likely dominate talks at summits in brussels later on thursday the e.u. is figuring out how its 7 year budgets will be after the u.k.'s departure from the bloc opens an 8 c. $1000000000.00 funding gap how to make up the u.k.'s contribution is causing friction with discussions expected to drag on for days let's get more now from the far corner he's standing by for us in brussels live just explain for us why is this
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such a contentious budget. well the european budget is always contentious launched the because of traditional battle lines between the wealthier countries in the e.u. in the north of the west of the continent in the poorer developing economies in the east and in the south as you mention there this year's budget is even more contentious because of the size of the financial hole that's been left by britain's departure from the e.u. it's been estimated as being as high as 86 point $6000000000.00 so the e.u. is now scratching its head trying to work out how to plug back up there isn't a single country in the e.u. that wants to pay more but of course they all know that in some way shape or form they going to have to do that the e.u. budget goes towards a whole variety of different things from scientific research to agricultural subsidies to things called cohesion of funds that are vital for stabilizing some of
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the poor a economies in the european union but it is expected to drag on one diplomat described it as being a 4 shirts event so a shirt per day so it gives you an idea of how much time that particular diplomat is estimating to be here and neve year is currently divided into 2 camps aren't they how do you think they'll be able to find some common ground given the divisions. yeah that's a that's a very very big question it's very difficult to say right now but the 2 camps of the emerging are very distinct and they're very much digging their heels in one of them is be nicknamed the frugal for it's made up of austria denmark sweden and the middle and they want to keep contributions to the bunch and around one percent of gross national income the european commission that's the executive branch of the european union wanted to be higher around 1 point one percent and then there's a group of 16 or so countries including the likes of hungry the czech republic
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portugal poland italy that group has been called the friends of cohesion and they want the wealthier countries to contribute more to the e.u. scoffers them before some concerns are being raised by the likes of hungry they say that they are worried about the e.u. dividing into east and west between poor and wealthier countries when it comes to the larger economies like france and germany or france it's very worried about there being a shortfall the agricultural subsidies somewhere where it's farmers have benefited very well and when it comes to germany the biggest most powerful economic country in the european union well in previous years they've contributed a 5th of the east budget that looks like it's going to have to go up to a quarter so there isn't a single country in the e.u. that hasn't in some way shape or form been impacted by britain's departure ok barkha that my friends in brussels thank you. our team from the international
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monetary fund's is in lebannon south sakho a deepening economic crisis the government has yet to decide whether it will default on its loan payments moves that could lead to unpopular austerity measures senator has more from beirut's. this abandoned building or what is known as the egg is now where the lebanese debate and plot the future of their country since october anti-establishment protesters have occupied this bullet ridden structure in central beirut which was damaged during the 15 year civil war that began in 1975 decades later lebanon is facing difficult days for the most remote the was the services. are getting so we. are so stiff. steep. the weight with this state is close to bankruptcy its
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foreign exchange reserves are running out the economy is not growing and commercial banks have imposed capital controls preventing people from accessing their life savings many are concerned their deposits will be used if the authorities decide to pay the public debt. so the people will be in the street the new government is facing a difficult decision lebanon is a heavily indebted nation in a financial crisis it needs to repay $1200000000.00 worth of jews known as euro bonds next month defaulting with further damage investor confidence but it seems there is little choice levanon spends more than it earns and its biggest expense has been paying the public debt prime minister has and says his government's priority is to preserve foreign reserves needed to import basic goods like fuel
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weights. and medicine's a delegation from the international monetary fund is in beirut to give technical advice on how to save the economy restructuring the debt will need the i.m.f. stamp of approval to prevent international creditors from filing lawsuits but that will require what officials have called painful and unpopular measures one of the conditions is basically where using taxation this would have serious consequences on flotation on the country and also on the public sentiment towards those newly formed government i publically pinion suggests people want to reschedule loan repayments officials seem to be leaning towards that opinion too but there is a difference people don't want to pay the price for such a decision they want the authorities to make sure stolen public money is returned lebanon has never defaulted on its debt in its history but these are unprecedented times senator al jazeera beirut. israel's prime minister has approved
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$2200.00 new illegal settlements in occupied south east jerusalem benjamin netanyahu says he also intends to approve a further $4000.00 units in another settlements in the same area a spokesman for the palestinian president has condemned the decision calling netanyahu is move a systematic destruction of plans for a 2 state solution. the iraqi city of nasiriyah has been the epicenter of the anti-government protests in the south people there are refusing to back down despite increasing pressure from authorities and are some reports they want one of their own appointees as prime minister. these protesters in austria have defied bullets kidnappings infiltration attempts and most recently the threat of penalties if they continue their civil disobedience. knowing all their awful here are the men of nasiriyah and the proto squares need us we will be there every day
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they chant after the announcement of mohammed tell fico allow as iraq's prime minister designate earlier this month off already s. and followers of the powerful shiite cleric or tried to end the protests at times using force but while turnout has decreased elsewhere not serious people have persevered maybe ducked into a lot of filler you know out of the act of we have not reached a much we do know what a controversial prime minister we want someone from our protest movement who understands the suffering that iraqis when times. there's no shortage of grievances here because it is one of iraq's most marginalized provinces nearly half of its population lives in poverty like mohammed abbas many young people don't have stable jobs he says he's been in the central square since day one cooking meals for protesters. there are some iraqi man who can't even buy a cigarette or a sandwich iraq has so many resources and yet young men can't cobble together
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a 1000 dinars over the past weeks however several people have offered him jobs if he agreed to give up the calls johnny how much more i want to join us so many groups came to us offering us jobs so we would abandon our tents and the revolution but we refused i don't know when i'll die i was threatened many times but so far they haven't succeeded the revolution and in either death or victory nasiriyah has given birth to many political movements and its people have been at the forefront of many uprisings against the british occupation saddam hussein's regime the 2003 american invasion and most recently the fight against eisel it seems to be in this revolutionary mindset coupled with the moral and. armed support from the tribes that has turned this city into the bastion of the protest movement. nasiriyah has also put forth a candidate for prime minister in what many until now have called a leaderless movement i was graduated a lot of a pharmacist has been nominated by
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a committee of protest leaders as an alternative to prime minister designate that allowed after many threats and assignation attempts he sleeps in a different location every night at least 4 or 5 times i could be dead by direct bullets i don't know how to live tomorrow to be our prime minister or anyone it needs you to be to have to be strong to be extremely courage to face. what we call it the political map for us political issues. in an attempt to meet protesters demands prime minister designate allow we reached out to recopy and other protest leaders to offer them positions in his cabinet we say no we will not be a part of your cabinet you do not represent the iraqi people you came supported by the same forces from inside the parliament they change
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the face but they did not change the principles. the cabbie says he wants to focus on building a political movement that can contest the next elections a long and tedious road towards the systemic change that protesters have to manage it whether or not the people of nasiriya and there are in the streets until then protest leaders here are adamant that the seeds for future change have been laid seem wonderful to an al-jazeera now 3. former new york mayor mike bloomberg has come under attack from democratic rivals in their debates just days ahead of the nevada caucus after joining the presidential race to take on donald trump the n.b.c. news debates was bloomberg 1st appearance bob reynolds has more. mike bloomberg came under fire from the start elizabeth warren blasted the former new york mayor over his past the such a mystic comments
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a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse taste lesbians and no i'm not talking about donald trump i'm talking about mayor bloomberg warren also compared bloomberg to president donald trump democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another bloomberg defended himself as the candidate best able to defeat trump i'm a new yorker i know how to take on an arrogant con man like donald trump said neither front runner bernie sanders nor bloomberg could beat trump and most americans don't see where they fit if they've got to choose between a socialist who thinks that capitalism is the root of all evil and a billionaire who thinks that money ought to be the root of all power sanders and joe biden attacked bloomberg controversy open leasing policy as new york mayor which many believe unfairly targeted young men of color mr bloomberg had policies in new york city of stop and frisk which went after african-american and latino
6:44 pm
people in an outrageous way the policy was a port bloomberg defended stop and frisk it got out of control and when we discovered i discovered that we were doing many many too many stop and frisks we cut 95 percent of it. and i've sat down with a bunch of african-american clergy and business people to talk about this bloomberg was questioned about widely quoted massaging his dick and sexist remarks he made as a businessman he should have been prepared for the question but he deflected it i am very proud of the fact that about 2 weeks ago we were awarded we were voted the most fat that the best place to work 2nd best play. in america we are not going to be donald trump with a man who has who knows how many nondisclosure agreements and the drip drip drip of
6:45 pm
stories of women saying they have been harassed and discriminated by. staff but bloomberg wasn't the only one under attack amy clo but charcot rattled when booted judge chided her for being unable to state the name of the president of mexico in an interview with let tina reporters are you trying to say that i'm dumb are you mocking me here pete i'm saying these are trivial i made an error people sometimes forget names bloomberg tried to use his business experience to his advantage perhaps not the best strategy for appealing to democrats i'm the only one here and i think the 7 start of the business is that fair you know along with what's in you made all that money maybe your work has played some role in that as well it was the hardest punching debate by far bloomberg took a beating sanders did nothing to hurt his position as front runner while biden continued to fade warren had
6:46 pm
a strong showing but close with shar lost her cool under questioning from buddhist gedge now the race will continue with a caucus here in nevada on saturday rob reynolds al-jazeera las vegas. now the wall says all of our homes the 2nd largest population of do you go in the world you go see mom all that eats on the water grass and usually they like to move alone or in a small group but it's there's a phenomenon happening that doesn't happen anywhere else in the world 70 dekker brings us this exclusive reports. we are heading out to sea of katter's northwestern coast in search of something special until now we don't know what are the reason we did maybe they come for feeding me that we don't know until now we have thought we are. going you know the 30 why they came here during the time. we
6:47 pm
see dolphins. that we want to find something much more camera shy we have in the region the 2nd largest group in the war last year around this time dr mussen captured these incredible and rare images few of us know much about the dougal or sea cow a gentle marine mammal that can grow up to 3 metres in length and way around 350 kilos research into this population here has been happening for the past few years what we've discovered is that seasonally hundreds of do gongs come together in one or 2 large herds just off the carteret coast and we don't see this anywhere else in the world it's a very undue gong like behavior we don't know why they're doing it we've just been funded by qatar national research fund for the next 3 years to actually answer this very question. we didn't find them on this day. or 2 days later by a stroke of luck we get a phone call and raced back up north. they found the herd hundreds of 2
6:48 pm
gangs. coming really close to our boat now and you can actually hear them come up ferry can hear them bring and you can see their tusks and also their tails as they come up and down. it's really quite amazing to see. it's so rare to see such a large herd and so nearby through history the 1st time you see them so. this is the 1st time last before 3 years with on from the helicopter that you've never been a very interesting thing costly to see when the very very close to them and i have my drawing we can count them all so is it hard to see them this close on the boat it's rare you come yeah yeah yeah this is. yeah good day and we are lucky from above a clearer view crucial for their research for dr mussen it's the 2nd time in years
6:49 pm
that he sees them so close but really what you can't. really. it's a huge number but the last. thing to see them that close. but the reality is that these mammals are endangered. on a deserted beach in the north of cattle or a hint at why their numbers are decreasing. the majority drown after getting in tangled in a fisherman's nets. how do you stop this from happening. just to protect their feeding area where they. just don't form their people like marine mammals they are under endangered species which should protect them we should do something. it is said that the legend of the mermaid comes from sailors mistaking the dew going for a siren after many months at sea and were told to do go on fossil has been found
6:50 pm
here that dates back 20000000 years scientists have told us much more needs to be done to protect their habitat so that these gentle sea creatures don't disappear forever stephanie decker al-jazeera on the waters of northwestern qatar. so it's on al-jazeera. a feisty faceoff for fury and while the heads of their heavy weight be matched. let's with the sports.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
f.m.p. sport piers peter thank you very much roger federer will miss the french open after undergoing nice surgery 38 year old had keyhole surgery on his right knee and switzerland he said it had been bothering him for a while but he hopes to be back for the grass court season federer is the most successful player ever with 20 grand slam titles formula one's pre-season testing took an unusual turn on thursday when the mercedes team was spotted trying out a new steering system hard to sport here but this is world champion lewis helen pushing hands steering wheel backwards and forwards rather than just side to side it apparently causes the wheels to align according to whether the car is on a straight or corner mercedes said the d.a.'s dual axis steering system was within the rules we don't know if they'll be able to race with a 3rd it didn't stop hamilton locking up and coming off the track anyway plenty of
6:53 pm
time to put it right there with the australian grand prix on march 15th. features former secretary general jerome valcke who has been charged with accepting bribes criminal mismanagement and falsifying documents by the swiss attorney general it follows an investigation into the awarding of media rights for various world cup and fee for confederations cup tournaments while he was in the post for 9 years until $2161.00 charges being laid against the chairman of the being media group. who's also president of paris anjum and football club he says the allegations have no basis in fact or law. manchester city manager pep guardiola has spoken for the 1st time since the side were given a 2 year ban from the champions league the spaniard says he'll stay at the club no matter what european football's governing body handed down the band after finding the premier league champions guilty of serious breaches of financial fair play rules city deny the allegations and are appealing the decision speaking after their
6:54 pm
2 no winner the west ham early insisted he had complete trust in the club and is confident they will play in europe next season is a sensitive issue to talk about the legal action because i have to know it i'm not professional and that i'm not a lawyer who can do is win the games so we have to wait and after when the sentence ok it's enough that we are going to talk about if you do wish and. i spoke with the club with my chairman. micio. i follow believe in them i nor will be the result but i can no more and so i'm not a lawyer so always i can say i support the club 100 percent star player messi says he will not leave barcelona despite the problems at the spanish giants boss or have been rocked by internal disputes since former coach adam nestore valverde was
6:55 pm
sacked last month and have struggled in the league they also have not won the champions league since 2015 their long injury list has also forced them into an emergency signy denmark striker martin brathwaite arriving from leganes for $19000000.00 that's thanks to a rule in spain that allows clubs with injury problems to sign players outside the transfer window. the u.s. europa league knockout rounds begin later on thursday last 2 champions league semifinalists i.x. are up against spanish high flyers had tough a in one of 16 tires on the night bad news for anyone not a fan of the new v.a. are a video review system europa league is introducing it for the 1st time in this round of 32. pakistan batsman has been suspended for breaching the anticorruption code of these countries cricket board the 29 year old is unable to take part in any
6:56 pm
cricket related activity until after an investigation is complete although stronger punishment could follow this is also a blow to defending pakistan's super league champions the gladiators who will be without akmal when they face islamabad united in this year's opening game starting in the next few minutes golds wilber one rory mcilroy says he will not play in the proposed breakaway premier golf league the 18 event will tour would rival the p.g.a. tour with $48.00 players and a total prize fund of $240000000.00 tiger woods says he has been approached but mcelroy says signing up would mean losing the ability to choose where he plays. david pasternack is now tied for the most n.h.l. goals this season after scoring the winning overtime for the boston bruins the bruins forward now has $43.00 goals after securing the $21.00 win against the edmonton oilers boston leads the atlantic division and have won their last 4 games
6:57 pm
in a row with just days to go before the heavyweight rematch in las vegas things are getting heated between tyson fury and you and say wow this was their final news conference before saturday's fight when they'll meet for the 1st time since their controversial draw in december 28th seen wild is the w.b.c. world heavyweight champion were furious the lineal heavyweight champion but before trading blows it was all about the fighting talk. i provided food and put food on your table for your family to eat and i'm doing it for the 2nd time so if you don't ever forget that i brought you to the big box number round here for me to see finish on trial. right that's. nice. ok well even if sports news again later hala thanks very much and a pizza well that wraps it up for this surge to keep it out to syria i'm back with
6:58 pm
you on the other side of this break see that. the cal grows of toga. defenseless against the winds have been indifferent to international marketplace. and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make can sell chocolate on their tongues. a taste of independents on al-jazeera. in 2009
6:59 pm
a torture victim of the brutal arjen time the deller regime confronted his interrogator who tortured no no no. i was in turkey has justice now been served for the atrocious crimes committed decades earlier i do the truth you are telling lies and investigation into the dark history of argentina why didn't they tell me in the end rewind interrogating a torture on al-jazeera. cultura downs thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and maintain their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are aware that. this is a suburb of the capital new delhi so the refugees here since 1964. have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the
7:00 pm
indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient such a better business says and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. urgent calls to tackle the rise of the far right in germany after a gunman opens fire at 2 sheesha cafés killing 9 people. and how he'd seen in doha this is al jazeera coming out of turkey says 2 of its soldiers in syria have been killed in an air strikes by president assad's forces. centers and day for donald trump's former advisor for just a witness the president's intervention sparks the visions within the u.s. justice department. and the city's prime minister says he will.


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