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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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to the families trying. to beat the syrians on al-jazeera. rule. the whole nation told to stay at home italy imposes unprecedented restrictions on its 60000000 people as it battles coronavirus. for china announces its shutting down temporary hospitals and will have its president xi jinping makes his 1st trip into the virus at the center. of the next this is our life and also coming up the united states starts with drawing troops from afghanistan after a deal signed with the taliban last month. south africa's president wins a court showdown with the anti corruption chief.
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so then italy has imposed unprecedented restrictions on all its 60000000 citizens as it tries to combat coronavirus they've been told to stay at home and only emergency travel will be allowed the economy minister has just announced mortgage payments will be suspended and a 10000000000 dollar relief package is being prepared but take a look at rome at this moment it's 10 am in the morning that the streets as you can see nearly empty amongst all the tourist sites usually overflowing with tourists here schools and universities they're closed we'll go live to a town in northern italy in just a moment but 1st here's victoria be beginning our coverage. it's unease coronavirus that the demick already the 2nd most deadly after china has taken another dramatic turn with more than 60000000 people the country's entire population under lock down from tuesday prime minister does that they contain says
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he's extending restrictions on movement after another spike in deaths from the coronavirus all public gatherings all banned and schools and universities closed until april the 3rd. there will no longer be a red zone they will no longer be. in the country there will only be it's only a protected zone so across the whole peninsula people should avoid all movement unless they are for 3 specific reasons for work emergencies or health reasons. 60000000 people in the north of the country have been on the look down since sunday riots in 2 dozen prisons across italy folate restrictions on face to face visits to modernise 6 inmates died after they broke into the prison infirmary and overdosed on stocks of the heroin substitute methadone.
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as a warning they posted some pastis which say we can only go inside when a mosque. has it's of one family member at a time. this was a hint of what chaos might in see you with the virus were to enter the confines of the prison system it is almost everywhere else in italy these were arrest scenes filmed inside a hospital in the northern town of cremona and also on lockdown the financial capital milan one of the engines of the economy europe's major stock markets brahman than to frankfurt paris and london all suffered dramatic falls on monday with share prices plummeting as the infection rate saw the economic impact of the coronavirus is already substantial and will only grow there are discomforting comparisons being made to the 2008 financial crisis with concerns for the preparedness of european banks and businesses. on tuesday elite is will meet to try
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to come up with a unified response but they won't meet here in person in brussels but it's steadily growing infection rate instead they'll be holding a teleconference the circumstances of this unique crisis continue to evolve although not yet into a pandemic says the world health organization in which transmission of the virus is uncontrolled now that the virus has a foothold in so many countries the threat of a pandemic has become very real. but it would be the 3rd spondon week in history that could be controlled there are signs of success against the virus in china south korea and singapore but not yet in europe spain looks set to launch what's being described as shock therapy measures possibly following france and germany with school closures and restrictive public gatherings these are
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moves the government in britain is not yet prepared to make keen apparently to defer the enormous social and economic costs of fighting the coronavirus but that will likely be no avoiding them victoria gayton bay algis there well let's get more of a sense of what it's like on the ground right now frances the border is telling journalists and joins us from. northern italy and francisco you're in a town right in the heart of it all right in the heart of the red zone and you're seeing a number of fatalities that i definitely saw yesterday today these are actually tweets of thousands connected these 2 different municipalities but this one area. and. one of it 6 in the other one and you we see i mean behind me is out of the funeral announcements and. i mean he had people stop for a few seconds to read the names of the of the new dad and again keep in mind that
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officially according to officials that there are so 16 dead. yesterday according to official dot that we have just got the 5 cases here that's extraordinary isn't it and we can see the authorities post the uproar an official from the authorities placed on the funeral announcements behind you and given that and given this apparent discrepancy in numbers what is the mood of the people who are living there . well. he had he said to be different because he had a really good happy sense of the crisis so here finally i mean the last everybody regardless of what the government is saying or not saying everybody's staying a storm as much as possible but outside of year. and a bicycle yes yet to realize i mean what can happen and what will happen at this point. in basically 2 weeks we had 2 weeks he had all of you
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so in 2 weeks when the mean the violence reach this kind that you know is so much spread there's nothing you can do i mean everything is fake is infected we can't even i mean speak by form because even for one side infected even phones have the vital sierra so you can you know you have to. you have to keep the phone to distant eats is beyond imagination i mean from outside you come to an age and i mean from northern israel you can't imagine you can do anything i mean we are we have disinfecting of course our hence every every 10 minutes but then you know you have to catch. this effect on bottle and we have no idea no one has any clue for our long i mean the virus stays alive on a few faces. saw for example today this morning have everybody i mean is
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talking about these new results coming from china and it seems that the virus can i mean resist in the air for a for a few hours and this would be i mean this would be frightening because it least that we should see. when we are out. and of course you know we are waiting mask and we are keeping the social distance so one meter but what about there's a lot of speculation about how. how this is pastor nobody knows who sure exactly how how this is transmitted if authorities are the downplaying the number of cases in a given the list of the dead behind you a 16 or so from yesterday what is the what is the picture what is the picture behind in the hospitals and so forth not look at is not something intentionally hinkley impossible to count them because everybody here is sick of it by the seal of east dormer and when you stay i mean inside your home it means that you are
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outside of statistics so it's not is nothing intentional when you know you reach the spot and you can't count the infected anymore. and the hospital semi and of course you know i hope to get into the local hospital quite soon a. doctor said all infected and the best he can lead they described the hospital as a kind of large that it where you know you have patients in the corridor send patients everywhere and and actually in these local hospitals i'm speaking of alcohol or. not only the war i mean the patients in worse conditions at the center do sleep no hoper which is the opposite you know of what they are doing you not at all speak out you know that hospitals they had up meeting only do sing but that conditions because he had a bicycle you are going to die because all doctors are infected so all deuce who
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have no hope get into the hospital about some of them bought into our presence here really with thanks very much indeed for europe they will talk to you as the morning goes on thanks a lot. china has announced all its temporary coronavirus hospitals and have been shut down this comes as president xi jinping visits the epicenter of the outbreak and for the 1st time since it began in december state media reported he met with medical workers who inspected containment efforts and new infections appear to have slowed down in china in recent days that speak to sarah clarke who joins us from hong kong surface will tell us more about the visits and why now. well certainly it is a significant visit is confirmation for the 1st time the chinese president xi jinping has visited hand in who by province now as china's state media has released some vision still photos showing xi jinping visiting that hospital it took about 10
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days to build a state media is reporting he met with medical staff and those hospital employees have been on the frontline of this epidemic since day one they're also suggesting he met with patients now as i mentioned we're racing still shots at this time we're yet to confirm if those meetings were face to face video calls but the message that he's conveying to those staff as a people on the front line is to stay strong that china can fight this epidemic but there has been a lot of criticism of she didn't pay on the fact that it this is his 1st visit there instead he's been leaving the political focus of the epidemic to his premier league chang and he made a visit to woo han back in january and so it looks like she jumping his charge to disassociate himself with this health crisis and that as you mentioned the timing of his visit has come with the a downward trend of the number of infections and deaths not just in who by province but also nationwide and state media is also reporting that the quarantine centers
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these are the centers set up and will have to test or treat those people who are showing symptoms of the crown of ice they're reportedly all being shut down as a result so the good news tone siding with she depends visits to hand on tuesday and so given the board is the general sense across the region about this is the fact that it appears to be a downward trend now. well and this downward trend is also coinciding with the announcement that potentially this lockdown this mandatory lockdown across a few by province will be partially lifted the government is looking to roll out a mobile monitoring system by fines up using a q.r. code for those residents allowing them some freedom if they classified or categorize in the green or the green category and that's considered a low risk area so people will be given a green a yellow or red a color if you're green you may resume some travel within the area if you're given the yellow means that you've actually been associated or i had some association
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with people who have had the crown of ours and if you're given the red it means that you have got the credit of credit and fiction and you can't travel so certainly the risk areas they may be granted some freedoms after being locked down for some time we can also confirm that based on his partial lifting of the lockdown that a couple of airlines have also announced that they will resume flights to have this includes china eastern airlines and china southern airlines they've started selling tickets to and from work on lifting this particular lockdown and singapore airlines this scoot wing of their aircraft that were also resume cargo flights to what has certainly the partial lifting of this lockdown is good news for those residents who by province or sir thanks very much thanks for that update sarah clarke in hong kong. u.s. president all trump is expected to announce steps aimed at reducing the impact of coronavirus on the economy or monday trump said he will discuss the poor old twix count with congressional republicans this comes as global stock markets plunged
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over. the crash you know oil prices more than 600 americans have been infected by the virus in 34 states. still ahead here on al-jazeera. here in the battleground state of michigan people are going to the polls to vote what could be the deciding day determines who runs against donald trump the general election that story coming up. and digging up the past to shine the lights on the future we join the search for evidence of on sisters experience why you see the. hello and welcome back we'll stop by a look at the weather across southeastern parts of asia. developing across border
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much as you would expect a wet one in sulawesi java looking wet but not looking to be particularly badly affected by the shower activity at the moment we have through them on a plane sure we've got to want to singapore in kuala lumpur but also a good deal of drawing fine weather further north scattered showers through thailand and southern parts of vietnam also seeing the let's move across into australasia and here we've got. it across northern areas have had some big rainfall totals for darwin all welcome rain for of course and then as we look at the forecast there is going to be a circulation just developing off the coast the queen some with a potential to form into a tropical cycle and so looking what enough wednesday was a move the forecast on into thursday you can see the really potential there for some very heavy rain and strong winds developing just off the coast so a wet one in cairns for fun in brisbane but for the gold coast generally there's a risk of some shower activity it should be fine in melbourne. should see some decent weather too there are 28 degrees. weather conditions here looking fairly
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quiet at the moment should be a bright day in most part of the country sunshine expected in oakland with highs here of 24. and that sees for the blinds and a robotic arm for the disabled. a young australian engineer is inventing tools to help people gain independence. everyday. women make science group of gals at the search for an al-jazeera. org.
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how to get your watches there are among the top stories this and 60000000 italians will have to stay at home unless they can justify their travel as the government extends coronavirus emergency measures nationwide the government has banned all public gatherings of the number of dead jumped to 463 on monday. china has announced the closure of all temporary hospitals treating coronavirus patients who have been president xi jinping visited the epicenter for the 1st time since the outbreak was discovered there in december the number of new reported infections in china continues to slow. india has lifted 58 citizens from iran flight from tehran landed in the about of the passengers will be quarantined for 14 days 76 indians were flown him from china 2 weeks ago. where the crowd of ours is overshadowing the celebrations in india it's
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a public holiday in most of the country for the hindu festival holi a bit many of choosing to stay at home following government warnings to avoid big crowds india has confirmed 47 cases so far as india correspondent elizabeth in new delhi. at the festival of color that heralds the end of winter in the stock spring and which signifies the mythic victory of good over evil it's also one of india's most popular festivals and even though some people are celebrating mostly in their own homes the streets are empty promises that in the morning he said he wanted to be celebrating holi the c.i. given the advice of health experts to avoid public gatherings there are now 47 cases of coronavirus in the country from and the administered kashmir in the north to carola in the south the government has started screaming all airline passengers coming from all the seas and some major airports the screen of domestic passengers
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to the indian air force has evacuated 58 people from iraq here in delhi all primary schools are shut until the end of the month and that's also the case and administered kashmir so while some people are celebrating holy this year it will be the empty streets are a small victory for a government that's trying to contain the spread of coronavirus in a country with 1300000000 people. south african court ruling has backed the president's your room in a showdown with the county corruption chief of the judge ruled the report accusing him of misleading parliament about election funds is frankly flawed let's go straight away to the media miller who's live outside the court in pretoria for me to tell us more about what the court has found. well the allegations around the president. stem from a reporter that the public protector wrote last year that goes back to elections
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and campaign funding specifically his campaign to be the president of the a.n.c. and in that report the public protector had said that the president had mislaid misled south africans when he discussed the campaign contributions that he had violated his executive the executive code of ethics and now the court has found and essentially has torn apart to that support by the public protector essentially rubbishing everything that she's alleged the court to say that the public protector didn't actually lay down how so roma porson had misled parliament there was no evidence that the president knew about a particular donation that had been made to his campaign this is very much what that report centered around and essentially sam slammed the public protectors finding that the president had lied to parliament over that payment and i think one
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of the key judgments made in the court today was that the public protector did not act with an open mind when investigating the president so what are the implications of this especially for the public perception. well for the time being we do expect to that the public protector is likely to appeal this ruling but obviously it leaves the president in a better position in terms of the criticism he was facing now that a court has found in his favor on the other hand the public protector the spotlight is now on her and the office this is a public protector was faced a lot of criticism around some of the reports she's written her office is tossed with dealing with corruption but it's also been criticized for acting along party lines being biased and having a specific agenda and it's likely that she will now face more criticism this isn't
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the 1st time a court has found that her reports of a road years and that have shut down that billick to stand on so it's likely that the public protect is going to face a tougher battle trying to keep her job especially as parliament is looking at a process to potentially remove her from that office or for me to really be there for timing thanks very much indeed for me to reporting. the united states has announced it has begun withdrawing its troops from afghanistan as part of a deal with the taliban supposed to pave the way to peace the u.s. has agreed to reduce its forces from 120028600 within $135.00 days of signing the agreement on february 29th the long term plan is for the u.s. to remove all american and nato troops within 14 months of security conditions are met him it has more now from kabul and she says the terms of the agreement have been respected from both sides so far. there are ongoing war between. the afghan government. going on on
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a daily basis with. multiple attacks on afghan security forces when it comes to respecting the terms of the agreements between the u.s. and the taliban and that has been respected. and i think the u.s. . goodwill gesture because there has been a lot of talk. government saying it will not release the taliban prisoners now says it will release them in a taliban saying that it will not go. into afghan talks if the. 2 things happening one the beginning of the pullout of foreign troops and the release of the prisoners president has been saying ever since it was signed that he will he did he hadn't agreed he hadn't signed to release any of these up to 5000 prisoners as guaranteed by the agreement well yes yesterday during his
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inauguration he changed he said he was going to release he was going to sign today . that will allow the release of. those taliban prisoners who are all over the age of 52 that number varies between 80001800 depending on who you speak to that isn't yet. a week off to democratic presidential contender joe biden super tuesday victories 6 more u.s. states are holding primary votes ahead of the november election michigan is seen as one of the biggest prizes in 2025 could determine whose name the next president donald trump won the state by about 10000 votes in 2016 and polls put the former vice president biden in the lead again senator bernie sanders it was on those spoke to voters in the state's biggest city that's detroit. a protest for folks. 6
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members of a large labor union out to encourage fellow black americans to get out and vote in tuesday's democratic primary election in michigan many did not vote in the last presidential election it was won by donald trump i know people that did not get out of nice to see you do not do it she's supposed to do this is what happened in 2016 black voter turnout was barely 50 percent the lowest in decades. trump 1st won several states with sizable black populations by the slimmest of margins like michigan. this ballpark is home to the detroit tigers major league baseball team just for some perspective in the last election just here in the state of michigan 4 and a half 1000000 people voted this ballpark seats 40000 people and donald trump beat hillary clinton by only 10000 votes when you look in the state of michigan voters
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have a feel they have a feel for their votes are important they thought their votes were taken for granted and when you look at the last presidential election there were not resources spent here in michigan. signs of decay in detroit just outside the windows where a group of young activists are getting a last minute instructions before door knocking for votes. how. his african-american turned out in the next election. it's very important. in 2016 it was a very very very close race between trump and hillary. if we could you know make an impact by talking to these voters and getting them to understand how important it is to come turn out to vote whether biden or bernie you know we can really swing the state. are you taking people to the polls you are any plans to keep knocking on
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doors making sure of it have a go or i'll leave this with you. detroit. the parliament has begun voting on whether to amend its constitution proposed changes include reducing the role of the armed forces the strong opposition 25 percent of parliament unelected legislators appointed by the military changes to the 2008 constitution only passed if they're supported by some of those politicians. all right as climate change threatens our coastlines scientists in the united kingdom are looking to a prehistoric parks for evidence of changing sea levels and how our ancestors try to cope just baldwin reports now from hampshire in southern and. low tide at thorne space on the southern coast of england maritime archaeologists are searching the mudflats for clues as to what life was like thousands of years ago
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telling him what i ensured hassani here we see this incredible story ongoing material from 51 off 1000 years ago when just in the same why i'm here where i live i find that so tonto is an exciting. a piece of timber more than 5000 years old might help us understand what happened when sea levels rose creating an island that became britain separate from continental europe what we're doing with understanding the patterns of chain. the mere fact of sea level rise in the past i never could understand the long term the responses of the through a lot of crude are playing. right into the creature a lot of parallel purpose. tights aren't always this low so the marine archaeologists also dived to find evidence of prehistoric activity the salty sea water is an excellent preservative scientists take their findings back to the lab at the university of southampton new tests in carbon dating to figure out how many
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thousands of years ago our ancestors lived on this for sure. there's evidence that the wood was worked on by prehistoric man to make a flat surface they could be a resin that was applied at the time 5000 years ago maybe to protect it from the water as the sea level was coming up discoveries of signs of prehistoric settlements artifacts and even food give the archaeologists an idea of what life would have looked like. here's a nice here's one that. we found quite a few of these so you have to bear in mind this is over 8000 years old they found d.n.a. from ein corn an ancient grain dating it 8000 years indicating early trade. we don't know too much about our prehistoric ancestors and their struggles with
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rising sea levels but the more we learn could help in our own approach to climate change jessica baldwin al-jazeera hampshire england. there are these all the top stories 60000000 italians will have to stay at home unless they can justify their travel as the government extends coronavirus emergency measures nationwide the government has banned all public gatherings as the number of dead jumped to $463.00 on monday. china has announced the closure of all temporary hospitals treating coronavirus patients who had the president xi jinping visited the epi center for the 1st time since the outbreak was discovered in december the number of new reported infections in china continues to slow u.s. president donald trump is expected to announce steps aimed at reducing the impact of growth of ours on the economy on monday trump said he will discuss
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a payroll tax cut with congressional republicans more than 600 americans have been infected by virus across 34 states. we are going to take care of that have been taken care of the american public and the american economy we are going to be asking tomorrow we're seeing the senate to be meeting with house republicans mitch mcconnell everybody and discussing a possible payroll tax. cut for relief substantial really very substantial relief that's a big that's a big number india has airlifted 58 citizens from iran the passengers will be quarantined for 14 days india has 47 confirmed cases 76 indians were flown home from rouhani in china 2 weeks ago. a south african court ruling has backed president still remain frozen in a showdown with the anticorruption chief judge ruled that a report accusing roman foods are of misleading parliament about election found
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fatally flawed the united states has announced it has begun withdrawing its troops from afghanistan as part of a deal with the taliban as opposed to pave the way to peace a long term plan is for the u.s. to remove all american and nato troops within 14 months if security conditions are met. a week after democratic presidential contender joe biden super tuesday victories 6 more u.s. states are holding primaries votes ahead of the november election it's going to seen as one of the biggest prizes in the 2020 vote and could determine whose name the next president holds put biden in the lead against senator bernie sanders. headlines got more news coming up here on al-jazeera right after women make signs event by phone. as the world battles a potential new pandemic we'll bring you the latest developments from around the globe with updates about travel restrictions.
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rotavirus outbreak special coverage on. real slow but. when i was your age i read about barry bonds and i think well they were the coolest thing ever ok and then you can have the things that we very. quickly do and you know but when i when i'm older i want to work with robots i want to build robots. for you but they're ready yet to. go with them for good so nick.


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