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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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this is al jazeera. i don't know this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes travel bans and warnings across the european union it's every member state is affected by the corona virus outbreak. but china says it's closing temporary hospitals in as president xi jinping makes his 1st trip to the virus at the center . taking russia agreed to implement a key part of a cease fire deal in syria is it in the province. plus the u.s. starts withdrawing troops from afghanistan after a deal signed with the taliban last month. i'm sure as it's lee issues a complete ban on all kinds of spain's early got to be played in empty stadiums as
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countries try to stop the spread of korean virus. so then europe is on the high alert has corona virus continues to spread rapidly across the continent and italy imposes unprecedented restrictions on the movements of its entire population european leaders are expected to hold an emergency meeting to discuss ways to halt the outbreak at this stage 27 european union member states have confirmed coronavirus cases the european commission is calling for tougher measures to contain the spread. member states must still focus on efforts to aggressively contain the virus particularly where there are few cases slowing down the virus must be our greatest priority in order to gain. in time for our health
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systems to function effectively and for research and development to france and italy people are stocking up on basic supplies as the government orders that 60000000 citizens to stay at home with massive restrictions on travel and public gatherings the country has the highest number of cases outside of china with 463 people dead so far but there has been good news from china as its president xi jinping visited rwanda the epicenter of the global outbreak of course state media saying that the number of new cases is dropping and that the temporary coronavirus hospitals will now be shut down but elsewhere many countries are still taking drastic precautions israel's government has ordered anybody entering the country to self quarantine for 14 days well we have correspondents in several regions covering the outbreak in a few minutes would be to be getting updates from london and from western slum but 1st let's speak to french body who joins me on skype from elizondo long bado in
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northern italy and francesca you are in the heart of it all in the what is a red zone in italy huge amount of restrictions taking place are they working. and right now i'm on the front line of these right this you know of the red zones because i'm in front of a pharmacy and i don't know it doesn't look like a pharmacy but this is the latest decision in the afternoon of the pharmacies we're closer and betty clearly medicis will be delivered through a little box. which is the one i have behind me on in front of the hospital and which is really in its reach true capacity so it is fiction sort of working and we have no idea yet what we see on the ground this is actually a kind of testing ground so here the restrictions of course are especially severe and. they are increasing for example now there is
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a neat thing in the municipality and they are talking about the possibility of preventing residents from going to the grocery or going to the supermarket scenes they have yet to decide you know it's not even been easy just because. they would like to basically we will have to give at least you know of the food we need and the civil protection which is a kind of kind of red cross your golden years we believe that. it is a torment for everybody now this is the system in place for the infected of course the food is left you know in front of the door but from tomorrow it's very likely that this is this will be the seeds them for all of us so what we see us ease restrictions i mean increasing restrictions but of course you know it's not easy to
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see if they're working or not and i think that this isn't a question that you should ask someone at sydney 30 because here everybody's already infected so here is stimulate it must be very hard living under those kind of restrictions so what's the mood of the people especially given the number of fatalities that you've seen or. to be harnessed the out of stronger. i mean it's impressive strong but of course i mean psychologically it's not p.c. because all of them lol it least very well you know this is a little town full of 10000 people some of the dead. and one you know you talk with somebody when the foreigner rings you can be sure it is the news of a new day or somebody you know who is basically has been taken to the hospital and rushed to the hospital and there are more of these you know also what.
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you can i mean you can be taken to the hospital only if you are really in critical condition hence as long as you can you have to stay you tour because you know there are no beds available nowhere and for example in this pharmacy behind me yes have been night 42 people came here you gently i mean relatives asking for oxygen tanks and there was no one so you can imagine i mean somebody like unmoderated father you know. rushing here looking for an oxygen tank for somebody who is not i mean properly bridging anymore and there was nothing the pharmacy told me we were desperate we had nothing not even one well francesca's or really in science into the difficulties a living in such a region do appreciate the time thanks very much indeed. well it's only may be
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bearing the brunt of the outbreak in europe but many other countries in the region are also feeling the impact let's cross to london to join a hole who's standing by for us and journey e.u. leaders holding an emergency meeting as all 27 e.u. countries say they have confirmed cases. yes i mean this emergency meeting must point i think to the fact that this is a social economic and political crisis across the european union as you say all 27 members of register the presence of coronavirus one of their members italy and unprecedented certainly in peace time locked down so-called restrictive measures over it they've got to get together these leaders not in person it has to be said they'll be doing so on video link for fear of coronavirus but nevertheless they've got to get together and figure out how they can help each other in a coordinated way think back to the euro zone crisis a few years ago an enormous war chest accumulated there to help failing banks and
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failing economies we may see similar sorts of things happening in future in the euro in the european union context but above all i think there will be sitting watching garst at what is happening in italy cast your mind back to january when the chinese locked down will hand the city of 11000000 people to sort of things you heard here was how extraordinary that was it must be a feature somehow of the chinese system that such a thing was impossible here it's happening in europe to european country of 60000000 people to be fair i think some of the reporting on italy is slightly overhyped these are prison conditions people are being forced to leave behind closed doors they're being asked to and many people are but nevertheless the economic impact on a single country is enormous industry manufacturing the garment industry in the north tourism has all but ground to a halt 2 or 3 months before the summer russian these european leaders will need to be looking at the situation asking lots of questions how effective is this likely
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to be how sustainable for a country already on the brink of recession 2nd highest debt burden in the eurozone borrowing costs going up what is the long term impact going to be and what happens if and they must be considering this these sorts of measures have to be instituted on this sort of level in other possibly multiple european countries at the same time and lots of countries must be focusing on that very issue not the least of the moves fronts. lots of countries indeed from france is just one where does one begin president macro i'm talking about. telling people this is just the beginning of our outbreak france seeing numbers well over a 1000 of infections 25 deaths the germans seeing similar sorts of numbers not as many fatalities perhaps but restrictive measures coming in remember last week mr macron told people not to visit their elderly relatives in care homes in spain now schools have been closed in madrid in the boss country in the capital there
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victoria the lower house of parliament in spain has just been suspended because a lawmaker an m.p. there was registered with a positive case here in britain it's interesting to point out we're a little bit behind the curve here the number still in the lowish hundreds with just 5 deaths reported restrictive measures have been held off by the government they're doing things a little differently here they don't want to rush into it for fear that at the peak of the outbreak people will become complacent or fatigued with the restrictions they're waiting for the uptake in numbers and they will pounce then they say and they expect that to happen in the next 10 to 14 days or identified very much for that her journal in london is so now as we mentioned earlier in the show there are positive signs out of east asia where the spread of the outbreak appears to be slowing down china's president xi jinping making a show of confidence in the recovery with his 1st trip to the epicenter of the crisis in scott reports now from bangkok. china's president xi jinping
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visitor for the 1st time since the outbreak was discovered there in december china's epicenter of the corona virus will forever be remembered as the source of the illness that has reached nearly every corner of the world china's leaders are trying to change that narrative state media poured praise on sheep from the beginning of the crisis calling efforts to contain the virus a war the media saying that fighting the virus was always his top priority but avoided topics of future prevention and previously admitted mistakes by local and central government officials during the early days of the crisis she's visit coincides with the continuing decline in the number of infections and who have province and the closure of all temporary hospitals in will haunt city people in lower risk areas will soon be able to move freely within who bay it's part of a new system in which everyone will be given a hazard rating of green yellow or red through an individual barcode the ratings based on data collected by the who big government people's health history and
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location in a nother positive development passengers onboard the cruise ship costa for tuna finally being allowed to disembark in singapore they were stranded on board for 2 weeks the ship was turned away from malaysia in thailand because of coronavirus concerns the italian cruise ship operator said there were no suspected cases among the passengers who included tourists from italy another coronavirus hotspot. because of the major fall in passenger bookings astray an airline quantas is joining other major carriers in grounding aircraft canceling flights and delaying an order for new planes we are taking 24 percent capacity at all for international operation and 5 percent out of our domestic operations it will mean that we are grounding now 10 of the 12 a tree 80 s. in fact more grounding around $38.00 aircraft in told here in thailand the government announcing it that tourist travelling from 6 response risk will have to
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present to help sort. proving that they don't have the virus even before they get on the plane checks are also being put into place that water and land entries and once in thailand tourists from china hong kong macau italy south korea and iran will have to submit a daily health report on a smartphone app or to a local health official scada al-jazeera bangkok. let's move to israel where the government has ordered anybody arriving in the country to self corinth for 14 days for more on this let's cross to hard for sit in west jerusalem in a hurry the israeli government also feeling a drastic measures are required. absolutely these are really extraordinary and extreme measures that israel is taking ascension and it's pulling down the shot says on the entire country it's saying all israeli residents currently overseas when they come in they have to sell florentine for 14 days there's a grace period which runs up until thursday evening the foreigners coming to israel
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after which time they too will have to do the same thing so how many tourists are really going to come to a country you know to only to find someone to sell for and so you might have to prove that they would have some lettuce of quarantine as well otherwise they would be sent home so this is having an enormous impact firstly on traffic in and out of his rail at ben-gurion airport the main airport in israel and that's one reason that israel can do this because such an overwhelming portion of people come into this country through one point of access being ben-gurion 70 percent a stop of being sent home 2 of the 5 check in desks have been closed down one terminal has been closed down entirely and we're seeing lines canceling their flights to and from israel on mass ryanair wizz and today also israeli charter airlines closing down their operations in amounts of and lots in the south and so this is leaving people who are here already especially money israelis in
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a bit of a state of flux i was talking to one family member of an elderly italian couple who don't know whether they're going to be able to stay here but they can't leave either because there are no flights back home and so there are these sorts of. personal instances being replicated across the world and girls been it's being felt very keenly here in israel there are 58 cases here now in israel worth mentioning as well that there are 26 in the occupied west bank 25 of them in i'm sort of many outbreaks in bethlehem one of them though from 2 car and he's someone who was coming back and forth between israel and the occupied west bank. so 130000 such people who work across the border what kind of impact will that have throughout the occupied west bank where already there is a restriction on traveling between separate government governments restaurants are being forcibly shut down the health system which already has only about 50 percent of the beds it requires the normal operations could find itself under
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a real strain in very short time if these numbers start to expand ari thanks very much judy that's a picture wester is from her and force it reporting. let's take on what harry was saying there about the outbreak worsening in the occupied west bank where the palestine health ministry has confirmed as harry said another infection bringing the total to 26 tourists have been banned from bethlehem for at least 2 weeks starving the economy of an important source of revenue holy sites are being disinfected and schools remain closed it is in ramallah she says among the latest cases is a palestinian who works in israel sparking concerns about how other workers will be affected. this is an important issue because we are talking about tens of thousands of palestinian workers who go into israel every day for work they go through checkpoints that are usually very crowded which could mean that some of them will
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be exacted or we will discover that they have been infected in the next few days now currently the way the occupied west bank is on the closure by israel for the occasion of the jewish holiday of poor and so so far for the past 4 days none of them have been able to go but it remains to be seen really whether the palestinian government is going to be banning those both the new workers from going there it has no repeat no way of implementing that mechanism these checkpoints amanda monitors monitored by the israelis themselves so the palestinian government spokesperson said that is so we can see at this point that he threw the ball in israel court if they were going to be banning it because i'm going now the policy in a primary is going to be suffering from this crisis as for the palestinian prime minister and how much they he says that he's expecting the crisis to last because once he says that the losses could be estimated at $100000000.00 well there are now more
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than one 114000 cases worldwide infections reported in 115 countries or regions and as you heard earlier in china the number of new reported cases continues to slow more of this now from alexia brought. the corona virus outbreak began in december last year in the chinese city of about 11000000 people epidemiology just saw it scientists who study epidemics have traced the source to a seafood market where they think the virus was initially transmitted from animals to people on the 13th of january the 1st case of the new corona virus outside china was reported in thailand and now almost 2 months on this shows how far the virus has spread those big red circles are the hot spots china of course but also south korea iran and italy a team of johns hopkins university in the united states started tracking the numbers of cases deaths and the people who've recovered the totals are always
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changing but this is how they looked about 9 g.m.t. on tuesday morning just over 4000 deaths 114544 cases and just over 64000 patients who've recovered that means there are about 50000 active cases remember these are confirmed cases because in countries such as iran it's thought far more people are infected then the government said missing and scientists believe most people will only have mild symptoms so they could be many walking around in our communities not feeling sick or knowing they carrying the virus but let's go back to where it all began china this graph shows us how many cases are reported daily with a spike in mid february when there was a brief change in how patients were diagnosed china still has by far the most cases about 21000 but that's been leveling off in recent days with only 19 cases reported
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on tuesday however scientists warn that it may take months if not years for the full impact of the corona virus outbreak to be known. margaret horace's a spokes westbrook's woman for the world health organization she says that other countries should learn from china's experience of the opera we can't necessarily say what happens in one country always helps and happens in another country but the really really important things that china has taught us they had an enormous um break vast numbers of cases and they took very very strong measures they asked everybody not to move they asked everybody to distance socially that stay at least a metre away from each other they asked everybody to be absolutely fastidious about personal hygiene and they also paid attention to environmental hygiene made sure they cleaned the place deep cleaned everywhere and as you say as we're talking about the numbers are extraordinary the thing that you can really see when you look
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at the epidemiological curve and i don't have it with me unfortunately but it was it was going up like this the numbers and then it starts to flatten when they took those actions and has come down very very steeply and that's what you want to see in a really bad outbreak you'll see a very very high point but they flatten the curve and yes we want to see that happen in other countries well india has they lifted $58.00 citizens from iran the flights from tehran landed in about passengers will be quarantined for 14 days 6 indians were flown home from home in china 2 weeks ago. well the coronavirus is overshadowing celebrations in india it's a public holiday in most of the country for the hindu festival of willing but many a choosing to stay at home following government warnings to avoid the crowds india has 47 confirmed cases so far elizabeth perna reports now from new day. at the festival of color that heralds the end of winter in the stock spring and
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which signifies the mythic victory of good over evil it's also one of india's most popular festivals and even though some people are celebrating mostly in their own homes the streets are empty promises that in the morning he said he wanted to be celebrating holi this year given the advice of health experts to avoid public gatherings there are now $47.00 cases of coronavirus in the country from andy administered kashmir in the north to carola in the south the government has started screaming all airline passengers coming from overseas and some major airports the screen of domestic passengers to the indian air force has evacuated 58 people from iran here in delhi all primary schools are shut until the end of the month and that's also the case and ian administered kashmir so while some people are celebrating holy this year it will be the empty streets are a small victory for
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a government that's trying to contain the spread of coronavirus in a country with 1300000000 people. nigeria has been feeling the impact of the coronavirus because of its close trade ties with china the and the disruption to supply chains that's on top of an escalating oil price war between saudi arabia and russia which sent the price of crude tumbling on monday the west african countries the continent's largest oil producer sales make up around 90 percent of its foreign exchange earnings before an oil prices has forced the ministry of finance to downsize its $34000000000.00 budget was passed. december based on the price of $57.00 per barrel and the petroleum minister says oil outputs will be increased spit hasn't said by how much currently produces around $2000000.00 barrels of oil a day i'm interested as we now live from another tell us more about the kind of pressures that are an economy is on the. well
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basically this is a country like you said that has been reliant on hydrocarbons for its for much of its 40 innings for more than half a century so. although it is talked of to make investment in agricultural production raising export oil exports of other past 2 or 3 years all it still remains one of the most critical aspect of the government growing its finances from so with the pool in prices we simply over the past few days that is a sense of panic among economists among government officials themselves. simply because this is a country that in the past one or 2 years has seen the rate of border growing higher and higher and the government drew a much more from its 40 reserves than it has been in the past few years so
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there is a lot of concern now that the budget the $5.00 to $4000000000.00 budget cannot be financed because of the fall in oil prices so it's creating a lot of war here that means that capital and recurrent expenditures will be affected already recurrent expenditure in the 2020 budget us suppost what we've seen a located 2 capital budgets so a lot of people are worried that this will mean less jobs less investment in. construction list and investments in other key sectors of the economy and even raising concerns us for what the government will have to do with its huge overhead costs how they go to downsize the walks what horse all they're going to create and i've been your sourcing for more funds to drive the economy already this is a country like we said has been boring a lot recently and maybe these sources may be drying up. and one of the areas one
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of the countries that have been borrowing from the country has been borrowing from china and would be covered you can make situation in china then that the options are actually a dry and gradually take well the impacts we feel right around the world an interesting story much indeed. let's move on to the weather richard is standing by with news of another bout of flooding in the dominican republic yes just over a week ago we had some really heavy rain cool some real problems across the region and i think really the issue we have is that we still got full rivers and still waters streaming off the mountains and we've got another slow moving weather system much like the previous one the flooding isn't as extensive but never less you see the rivers are absolutely full to overflowing and we have seen some damage resulting from the flooding which is occurred just look at the moment at least we've got this area of rain across the on of hispaniola of the split into dominican republic and haiti haiti doesn't look to be faring too badly some showers yes but most of the heavy rain is for the dominican republic side now some of the forecasts
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are from choose day to wednesday you can see a decrease in the manner of rain coming down says a gradual improvement expected across the islands but we'll keep an eye on it and see if it progresses but certainly it shouldn't cause too many problems after today in the southwest of the u.s. we're seeing some significant rainfall taking place all this welcome of course because this is our droughts prone area and so the brain extends all across california through into arizona nevada parts of new mexico not particularly heavy but all of course this time the especially this particular welcome nick and made richard thanks very much still ahead here on al-jazeera. here in the battleground state of michigan people are going to the polls to vote what could be the deciding day determines who runs against donald trump in the general election that story coming up. ahead digging up the past to shine a light on a future join the search for evidence of our ancestors experience of rising sea
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levels. and $27.00 people are charged over a race horse day including the trainer of one of the best horses in the world coming up in sports with jerry. join the global conversation off the bubble to the people to expand their brains maybe have a different view this is a dialogue that women in cambodia are in fact telling their here we don't know how much they're getting paid for it it's hard to track it's hard to treat everyone has a voice tell us what you think and your conversation could be a lot right here in this case we need to step away from gaming people are not necessarily game perfect this is a journey of progress and not perfection on al-jazeera. winning programming from international film a times. that al-jazeera sets the stage for egypt to be to appear will be
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the life of the mind of the life of the ny times did everybody is that. you were going to let the planet go to ruin because we're not doing obvious things open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today on how to 0. you're watching out to remind about top stories the european leaders are due to hold an emergency meeting to discuss ways to hold the coronavirus outbreak but as it has moved to restrict the movements of its 60000000 citizens. china has announced the closure of all temporary hospitals treating coronavirus patients move
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and president xi jinping visited the city at the epi center for the 1st time since the outbreak was discovered in december meanwhile the number of new report of infections in china continues to slow. or financial markets just opening they have just opened up on. that 70 bell 9 30 am on the new york stock exchange that's the start of the trading session the sign of a major sell off in the city on monday u.s. stocks suffered the biggest drop in 12 years but buyers appear to be getting back into the market there has been relief across asia and europe some relief anyway on tuesday with most major indexes rebounding kristen salumi is live for us at the new york stock exchange and as i say kristen markets took quite a battering yesterday how we fairing today. well it looks like president trump's words yesterday were enough to calm investors the
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market as you said to just open and it's heading into the green after yesterday's precipitous fall of 7 and a half percent the worst performance for the dow jones industrial average since the recession in 2008. it's projected to recover about half of its losses from yesterday today will have to keep an eye on it and see president chomping at the end of the day on monday attempted to reassure the public that the united states would take measures to help businesses affected by the coronavirus he mentioned a possible payroll tax cut and other wage relief measures he didn't get very specific he said he would have more information on that front on tuesday today after meeting with lawmakers he's also supposed to meet with executives from wall street on wednesday that seems to be enough to calm the markets which we're very concerned about the spin off effect that this is having on businesses and the
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economy in general and in particular any stocks related to travel have been hard hit the airlines are suffering in the markets cruise lines and the energy sector as well of course yesterday was also a very troublesome day for energy companies oil prices. they hit rock bottom the lowest levels historically as a result of this price war between the saudis and other oil producing countries that seems to be recovering a bit today as well so for now the worst seems to be over but still a lot of uncertainty and a lot of questions about what the president is going to offer in terms of relieving businesses who now are suffering because more people are staying home out of fear of catching or spreading this virus. all right christine thanks very much indeed that's new york stock exchange stocks opening shot be higher on wall street following the market's worst day since the financial crisis thank you. turkey says it's agreed with russia on the details of a jointly patrolled buffer zone along
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a strategic highway in syria's province the m 4 highway it connects the government stronghold of a talk with syria's largest city of aleppo it turkey says it will patrol 6 kilometers to the north of the highway and russia will patrol the southern side let's say. on a binge of aid is right there is not far from the syrian border and. talking about another meeting with european leaders now. absolutely in the last hour or so we've heard from the turkish president saying that he's going to be welcoming the french president and the german chancellor to istanbul on tuesday and this is coming off the back of the heels of his meeting there with the e.u. leaders last night when he spoke to them and he said he's made his point about why what the e.u. needs to do more about picking it its fair share of what he says its response
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ability in terms of the refugees that turkey has been hosting more than 3 and a half 1000000 refugees from syria have been in turkey and that is something that has been reiterated by the turkish president as well as its foreign minister that the border the southern border of europe does not start at greece but rather at the syrian border and turkey is an ally it is a nato member and has been facing difficulties in not just housing those refugees in providing for them but also the security situation that it has faced in the last 18 years so this is an ongoing issue in simultaneously there is a russian delegation which is in town in ankara where talks are underway to stretch out the details of the deal which was signed between the turkish and the russian president last week modalities of which as you mentioned will be the 6 kilometer buffer zone along either side off the m 4 highway the important point to of contact between the syrian government side and the rebel side and more details about that
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and those joint patrols are those from through and somehow about the united states with the u.s. saying about the situation in libya. well it did remains to be the focus of the situation in syria it is the last remaining stronghold off the rebels and in the last 3 months because of intense fighting it has seen an outflow of about a 1000000 refugees closer to the turkish border and also deteriorating health another condition so in a cease fire between the turks and the russians is holding 'd but there are concerns about how long is this the ceasefire going to hold that turkish side saying that they want this to be turned into a permanent cease fire but the u.s. special envoy to syria saying that he has his doubts because if passions are to go by that the russian side and the syrian side have previously not abided by these agreements in the long run and as and nato ally have you also heard from this
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special envoy saying that all options are on the table but the u.s. on way to turkey has ruled out any ground troops in case this cease fire breaks down again and there is another flare up of violence but it seems to be the message that is that is coming from nato and its allies that they want the ceasefire to hold they wonder if you do situation to be brought under control and they're saying that there will be steps such as sanctions that could be put on either side which breaks the cease fire and brings the situation into another flare up where the you could see more refugees turning towards turkey and then eventually going towards europe protozoa thanks very much indeed and some zone being generated in time well as azzam i was saying european nato leaders have met turkish president reza toppled one in a bid to deescalate the growing refugee crisis last month when open the borders to asylum seekers wanting to leave turkey and start new lives in the european union attacks you can name as the latest on the situation in and earning near the turkish
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greek border. as leaders met the desperate pressed on seizing the opportunity while turkey's borders were still open but abdul sidon describes a harrowing journey that ended with an arrest by the greek police what i one of the we are i'm a woman a closed road and the global you want to get out is that not another good idea when my 3rd of our i'd rather you died you know the. 1 february 28 hours after turkey suffered its greatest number of casualties since its soldiers began fighting in syria turkish president. urged awad open the country's northwest border with greece and. urged once new policy or an out of frustration with what he says is europe's failure to assist it with posting 3700000 syrians created another refugee and geo political crisis. a human have given amount d.c.
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to key has a critical role to play in handling the refugee problem and it needs the help of europe to do it but this cannot happen and i think everyone realizes it now under conditions of threats and blackmail using flying people as pawns greece may call it blackmail but some analysts say turkey's opening of the border is a successful tactic after 2 years of complaining to the european union to no avail president now has europe's attention and is back at the negotiating table for on monday president wants spoke after meeting with the nato secretary general didn't defeat their constitution is beyond reason and understanding that an ally in a neighboring country points towards turkey as the one responsible for the wave of irregular migration and i have expressed to the secretary general that we are not going to allow this country to use its current situation and using european union in order to obtain in just against. top officials said the 2016 migration agreement
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between turf. he and the e.u. is still valid for levers there are missing elements that need to be addressed under the agreement turkey agreed to impose strict measures to halt the flow of migration into europe exchange for a villian is of dollars we have expressed very clearly to president our commitment to move forward on these issues provided that this is reciprocal so the european council president called the meetings a 1st step leaving the question of how much longer it would take to end the crisis as thousands of refugees and migrants continue to risk their lives making their way to western europe natasha good neighbor al-jazeera near the turkey greece border now recordings of africa has cleared the president through a room for those of misleading parliament about his election finances judges ruled that the findings of the public protector were frankly floored me tim miller has
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more now from pretoria. these are some of the words that the judge used to describe that report by the public protector incompetent illegitimate confusing and so essentially the court has thrown out that reports of presidents who. had sought a judicial review of a report by the public particularly that accused him of money laundering misleading parliament and also had questioned some of the funds that he received always campaign when he was running for president all of the governing african national congress now the court had also gone on to say that the public protector hadn't laid down any evidence as to how she had found that the president. had been implicated in money laundering and also that there was no evidence that the president knew about where this donation came from essentially dismissed these
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accusations rather of improper conduct and essentially now the the spotlight is on the public protector in that her report has been entirely dismissed and this isn't the 1st time. they've got to say this is announced it has started pulling out its troops from afghanistan as part of a deal with the taliban was supposed to pave the way to peace but it has more now from or how afghans there feel about the troop withdrawal. it never shuts down border 20000 loaves of bread that beat here every day maybe for one client did nearby airbase but the man is it what it used to be. the spreaders for the afghan army at the base business was better a few years ago when there were more americans we were making much more bread now it's slowed down. back room is home to the largest u.s. military facility in afghanistan and part of the afghan national army is also based here its history is deeply connected to the success of wars in the country this so
4:42 pm
. 1st build the airfield in the ninety's then it became to frontline during the civil war in 1900. taliban and now home to the u.s. military since 2001 that made the background a target for the taliban it has seen many deadly attacks and people here have paid a heavy price part of the agreement is that all foreign chips should be phased out of the country within the next 14 months should everything go to plan but in places like background there are concerns that this departure will create a vacuum on more levels than one. there was a time when the base was one of the biggest employers in the country. said carter worked for 8 years there he was laid off when the obama administration reduced the number of u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. i had a good salary when i was working at the airbase now business is not good it's hard
4:43 pm
for people to put food on the table for their families they can't afford to buy clothes there are a few weddings people just don't spend as much anymore everyone has a story about how did. the u.s. military presence and how did. it. nickname when he worked at the base his salary allowed him to get married and start a family now he drives a rickshaw. to wait for clients is he makes about $2.00 a day and a good one and the future makes him uncomfortable. but if the americans leave in the fighting goes back to what it used to be during the civil war what's the point i don't know if the government can protect us and wants peace without jobs then we would prefer war because at least we can earn a living what we do with peace if we can feed our families the taliban may be celebrating that the part of the 1st batch of u.s. soldiers but many afghans here in baghdad and elsewhere wonder what will happen to
4:44 pm
them if. indeed withdrawal. week after democratic presidential contender joe biden's victory 6 more u.s. states holding primaries votes ahead of the november general election which again is seen as one of the biggest prizes in the 2020 vote and could determine who secures the democratic nomination donald trump won the state by about 10000 votes and 2016 polls put former vice president biden in the lead against senator sanders well during the 2016 election turnout among african-americans was the lowest in decades. spoke to voters in the state's biggest battleground city of detroit. a protest for food it's. 6 members of a large labor union out to encourage fellow black americans to get out and vote in tuesday's democratic primary election in michigan many did not vote in the last
4:45 pm
presidential election it was won by donald trump i know people did not get out and vote nice to see you tonight do you suppose to do this is what happened in 2016 black voter turnout was barely 50 percent the lowest in decades. trump 1st won several states with sizable black populations by the slimmest of margins like michigan. this ballpark is home to the detroit tigers major league baseball team just for some perspective in the last election just here in the state of michigan 4 and a half 1000000 people voted this ballpark seats 40000 people and donald trump beat hillary clinton by only 10000 votes but when you look in the state of michigan voters have a feel they have a pulse of their votes are important they thought their votes were taken for granted and when you look at the last presidential election there were not
4:46 pm
resources spent here in michigan. signs of decay in detroit just outside the windows where a group of young activists are getting last minute instructions before door knocking for votes. how important is african-american turnout in the next election. it's very important. in 2016 it was a very very very close race between trump and hillary. if we can you know make an impact by talking to these voters and get in and understand how important it is to come turn out to vote whether biden or. bernie you know we can really swing the state. are you taking people to the polls. and he plans to keep knocking on doors making sure of it i'll leave this with. detroit.
4:47 pm
more on the impacts coronavirus is having on global sports including 2 of the world's biggest. business leaders the brass paul.
4:48 pm
business leaders is by no brass paul. well again welcome back climate change. scientists in the united kingdom are looking to all pristine past for evidence of changing sea levels and how our own systems try to adopt just a baldwin reports now from hampshire in southern england. low tide at thorne space on the southern coast of england maritime archaeologists are searching the
4:49 pm
mud flats for clues as to what life was like thousands of years ago i'm telling into our engine parts and here we see this incredible tree organic material from 5 an off 1000 years ago and just in the sea bed white in here where i live i find that so turns out why it's an exciting. a piece of timber more than 5000 years old might help us understand what happened and sea levels rose creating an island that became britain separate from continental europe what we're doing with the understanding the pattern is a change in the effect of sea level rise in the past and if we can understand the long term pattern of the responses of the through a lot and through that paying current we're about into the future and understand and interpret. tights aren't always this slow so the marine archaeologists also dived to find evidence of prehistoric activity the salty sea water is an
4:50 pm
excellent preservative scientists take their findings back to the lab at the university of southampton with the good new tests in carbon dating to figure out how many thousands of years ago our ancestors. there's live on this for sure it was coating there's evidence that the wood was worked on by previous stork man to make a flat surface they could be a resin that was applied at the time 5000 years ago maybe to protect it no protect from the water as the sea level was coming up discoveries of signs of prehistoric settlements artifacts and even food give the archaeologists an idea of what life would have looked like also hazelnuts and his allies his wallet. we found quite a few of these i say have to bear in mind that this is over 8000 years old they found d.n.a. from i'm corn an ancient grain dating it to 8000 years indicating early trade
4:51 pm
we don't know too much about our prehistoric ancestors and their struggles with rising sea levels but the more we learn could help in our own approach to climate change jessica baldwin al-jazeera hampshire england. all right let's go to support his dear nick thank you or gains in spain's top football league will be played in empty stadiums for 2 weeks to stop the spread of coronavirus the same applies to a few games in germany says europa league match in austria and there's been a complete sporting ban in italy until early next month david stokes reports. 6 this could well be the last time we see any action in italy's top football league this season already playing inside an empty stadium because of coronavirus restrictions such swallow beat 3 nil. one of the goal scorers held up a sign for fans saying everything will be fine stay at home and after the game stay
4:52 pm
at home was the message from italy's prime minister who placed a ban on public gatherings across the whole country until at least april 3rd. you're out of this point in this context there is no reason to continue with the competition including. so i am sorry to say this but all the fans must accept it. the ban however does not apply to italian teams playing in european competitions atalanta's champion's league game in spain against valencia will take place but with no fans present as will now please game against barcelona all games in spain's top 2 domestic leagues will be played in empty stadiums for at least 2 weeks and some games in germany's been asleep at 2 but england's premier league as things stand continues as normal it's not just football that's been affected rugby 6 nations tournament has seen 3 games perspiring in italy and france because of coronavirus and ahead of world cycling is concerned about the 2 biggest events in
4:53 pm
their calendar this year are to tally a road race in may and then the tour de france in june bug would be a disaster. or that due to the situation we are. today with with this situation. there is potential risk but i think that europe can be cancelled we hope. away from europe this colombian football team were taking extra precautions wearing masks as they arrived in chile for a copper liver to dora's game while in north america we've already seen the cancellation of one of the biggest tournaments on the tennis circuit indian wells in california bit of a moving target for the guys at the moment to sort of working out if the miami masters will be on in and then they move to europe for the clay court events and we've all seen what happened in italy overnight so a few challenges global sport is taking a big hit but the formula one season is set to start as planned this week with the
4:54 pm
australian grand prix freight and drivers have arrived in melbourne and tens of thousands of fans will be allowed to attend unrestricted it's pretty crazy what's going on but. you know we've got a race and it's going to try and you know wash my hands as much as i tan and you know stay clean. looming large on the sporting horizon at the tokyo 2020 olympics the games are just 136 days away now but the japanese government reiterated on choose state that they will go ahead and that a back up plan is not even being discussed david stokes al-jazeera. so as david was saying the olympics is still going ahead and so are the boxing qualifiers moved from china to jordan it was a historic day for olympic host japan on monday i reset it was the 1st female boxer from her country to qualify for games she'll be joined by teammate suu kyi me who booked her spot as well also through is india's mary kom the 6 time world champion
4:55 pm
and 2012 bronze medalist beat irish magno of the philippines on a unanimous decision 37 year old will head 2nd lympics in tokyo when all the major sports leagues in the us will close their locker rooms and clubhouses to all but essential staff from tuesday in response to the current virus crisis as well as their healthy milwaukee bucks also have injury worries running m.v.p. genesis to combo set out his team's encounter with the denver nuggets because of his knee and his absence showed jamal murray and paul millsap led the nuggets as denver down to the n.b.a. leading bucs 109295. yes it was much closer between atlanta and charlotte stray young let the hawks $31.00 of the game but they were still tied $138.00 points each and double overtime for the hawks sunk 5 to 6 to 5 for a free throws when 143238. 27 people have been charged with doping
4:56 pm
resources in what u.s. prosecutors have described as a widespread international scheme which risk their health among them fets drug suppliers and trainers including the trainer of maximum security seen here winning last month's $20000000.00 saudi cup the most valuable rice in the world according to the charges the horses were given performance enhancing drugs that would also mask their pain they allegedly raced across the u.s. and in the united arab emirates. p.d.s. were given to race horses in an effort to increase their performance beyond their natural abilities the substance stimulated in durance dead nerves and increased oxygen intake and reduced information what actually happened to the horses amounted to nothing less than abuse they experienced cardiac issues over exertion leading to leg fractures increased risk of injury and in some cases death. converse li the human beings involved in the scheme continue to line their purses there's
4:57 pm
a manipulated this multibillion dollar horse racing industry across the globe oil company saudi aramco has announced a long time sponsorship deal a formula one it joins other big names like d.h.l. program and rolex and it will also be the title sponsor of the u.s. spanish and hung gary ingram praise the deal is expected to be part of the school's expansion into the gulf country with saudi arabia recently announced and punished only grown praised at a new leaf built circuit outside korea. all right that is useful for now people will have more feel later nick or it was the people enjoy thanks very much indeed and that is it for this new colleagues to help be here with another half hour of news in just a couple minutes for me on the whole team here by. frank
4:58 pm
assessments the one thing about these bush fires is it's really wiping out the. climate informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on those 2 school board noise all 'd about this argument is astonishingly patronize an in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the iraq of the new conscious and aware of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian culture inside story on al-jazeera. the u.n. fact finders accuse the burmese military of genocide this is a political or if you think you. do you believe the undervote is a fascist or poor i just don't have all day. we don't know the recognize the both sides have legitimate grievances against the other let me just this is the founding of climate back then and that is why because my take a hard hitting debate with. on the era. the un
4:59 pm
published the most comprehensive study of life on. they found 1000000 species face extinction that's more than 12 percent of known life on. while on track to destroy the much oil infrastructure of which our world. report identifies the 5 main drivers of this big logical crisis 1st the way we use and abuse our planet's resources 75 percent of the land and 2 thirds of the marine environment have been severely altered by human activity exploitation of species through over fishing and hunting climate change caused by our greenhouse gas emissions. pollution and finally the how for creaked on local ecosystems by invasive species reportable to say the decline can be slowed even stopped in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with.
5:00 pm
to. travel bones and warnings across the european union as every member state is affected by the corona virus outbreak. but china says it's closing temporary hospitals in one hearne the us president xi jinping makes his 1st trip to the virus a piece and to. play a. colossal robin you're watching al-jazeera like my headquarters here in there are coming up in the next 30 minutes turkey and russia agreed to implement a key part of a cease fire deal in syria's province. plus the u.s. starts withdrawing troops from afghanistan after a deal signed.


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