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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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on the waste trail on al-jazeera. you know what's happening in our region we know how to get to places that others cannot find the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. hundreds more coronavirus deaths in spain with hospitals overwhelmed the army asking nato partners extra medical equipment. this is out jazeera live from doha also coming up russia's president has spoken to not coming vote on constitutional reforms as the country tries to stem the spread of the virus. stock markets climb higher as the u.s. senate gets set to vote on a 2 trillion dollar economic rescue package. indian police crack down on people
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violating the curfew as more than a 1000000000 people go under lockdown for 21 days if it. so and spain has recalled its worst day yet of the coronavirus pandemic with more than 700 new deaths that means more people have died in spain than in china where the virus began in the past 24 hours the number of deaths that surged to almost 3500 nearly 48000 people have been infected and it's really seen a greater loss of life and martyr who is live for us in madrid so just behind it's an even in terms of loss of life mount so it's getting more and more serious by the day. yes figures today were quite quite grim and according to the spanish officials today 738 new devs have been reported that
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means we are overtaking china and being used to coming to the 2nd. half to interrupt marta there because we're going to london and down the street where the u.k. prime minister boris johnson has become greece which he and the chief scientific advisor suspected balance from the very beginning of this crisis i followed the advice of our world leading scientists to defeat coronavirus by taking the right measures at the right time what everybody needs to recognise is that our n.h.s. like any well class health service has only limited numbers of doctors nurses and specialist equipment so the more people who become sick at any one time the harder it is for the n.h.s. to cope and so it's vital to delay the spread of the disease and reduce the number
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of people needing hospital treatment at any one time that's why we've given the clear instruction that people must stay at home unless they have one of the reasons we've set out and with your help we will slow the spread of the disease. i want to thank everyone who's been following the clear rules that we set out on monday and i want to thank everyone in the n.h.s. the frontline of the fight against crime of ours and of course all our public services our teachers and our school staff the transport workers police officers the everyone who's keeping this country going. but i also want to offer a special thank you to everyone who is now volunteered to help the n.h.s. when we launched the appeal last night we hoped to get 250000 volunteers over
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a few days but i can tell you that in just 24 hours 405000 people have responded to the call. they will be driving medicines from pharmacies to patients they'll be bringing patients home from hospital very importantly they'll be making regular phone calls to check on and support people who are staying on their own at home and they will be absolutely crucial in the fight against this virus that is already in one day as many volunteers as the population of coventry and so to all of you and to all the former n.h.s. staff who are coming back now into the service i say thank you on behalf of the entire country. now i want to take some questions but finally i'm going to remind everyone of our cool war policy stay at home
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protect the n.h.s. and save lives thank you i don't think we'll go straight to questions now and we are going to hear 1st of all i think from north koreans burge of the b.b.c. laura are you that thank you mr yes and prime minister can you honestly say that the government is coping there aren't enough tests people are struggling to make ends meet as some people are being forced to go to work when they don't feel that they are safe is that coping and can i ask the medics as well if we already had the kinds of numbers of tests that you would like to see how much of a difference would it have made to your ability to fight the disease. well 1st of all more on the on the tests a huge national program of testing is being rolled out but are handed over to patrick and to chris to say a little bit more about testing and how we're going to do it but on the the
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national effort to protect those who whose jobs whose livelihoods are threatened i think everybody understands the challenge that the whole country now faces but we have to get through this together and we are getting through it together with an unprecedented program of support for not just for businesses but for workers of all kinds across the country never in our history has the government put its arms around people in the way that we are doing now to help them get through this difficult time and yes it is absolutely true that the measures to support people in employment are exceptional and extraordinary 80 percent of your salary up to $2500.00 pounds per month we're standing behind where also in the course of the next couple of days you'll be hearing more from. soon at the chancellor tomorrow about what we're doing to help the something floyd and i think people do understand
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that the complexity of their working arrangements isn't as has been harder to come up with the right tailored program for the self employed as well but that is coming forward tomorrow and yes i do think that when you look at the sheer scale of what the government is doing to get this country through we will have to answer your question directly we will cope and we are coping very well indeed under the most challenging possible circumstances but the most important thing to enable us to get through it well together and to come out well together as i think we can as i know we can is that we all follow the instructions that the government has given stay at home protect the n.h.s. that's the way to save lives but on testing. that critical if you want to.
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but in terms of testing the variety of different things you use testing for some of which we have tests available for and have done throughout some of which we do not going to run through them because they're different answers to depending which you're talking about starting off with the anti gen testing which is testing for people who currently got a disease we initially were using that to help screen people who came from high risk countries when that ceased to be a sensible policy we moved on to testing people in intensive care and in hospitals and we have sufficient tests for that at the moment the system for that is working fine and is being scaled up so that side of testing is in place and is working well so that the patient gets as far as a hospital we're confident on the testing and on the scale of the thing we would like to do next which would certainly make a difference less to the disease but definitely the n.h.s. is being able to test n.h.s. and other critical workers who are self isolating who currently are not being tested as we do not have sufficient testing this is
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a global problem because basically every country is wanting this new test which for a disease that wasn't actually being tested for anywhere 33 months ago so everybody wants this so there is a global shortage and that's a bottleneck for us but the next priority is to get critical workers back to work or to say to them you have got this so we definitely would like that not to fight the disease but to support the n.h.s. once we have more testing than we need for that capacity then we want to go to test a much wider range of people with mild symptoms some people already having it as part of our surveillance system but we obviously like to get wider but that's the protestation list and then separately there are all the tests which we will want to have which are not yet absolutely evaluated but are going to be critical once you've got them there can tell someone whether they have had the virus so this is the antibody test you can do that in the 1st. you days after someone had a fever but after a few few weeks possibly as short as one week and that will allow us to be able to
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say to n.h.s. workers to other workers look you've had this infection at least for the short time and possibly for quite a long time we think it's like you're protected against this and you can go back to work and be confident you get another cough and fever that is not going to be coronavirus but that's that's a sort of technology that's quite close but and it's being evaluated this week but when it's not there on the 1st one bottleneck is largely global shortages which we're obviously doing our level best to free up because it would make it a lot lot better for us to be able to test health care workers now for sure but again your level of testing is crucial it's absolutely crucial and yes we need more of it as as chris has said and the other thing that's going to be important with the antibody test is to be able to work out how many people have had the disease a symptomatically and that's going to be important to understand what to do next so these tests are crucially important we need more of them and people are working
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very hard to get them in place but what are you finding out i think is the one thing that's worse than no test is about test us so senate telling someone in accurately either they have had it or not had it could lead to dangerous mistakes being made so we do not want to go ahead with testing until we're confident of the technology and that is so important that if it means a delay to get there that delay is worth having because that is as chris said if you tell someone it's ok you haven't got it they have got it that is not a good position to be in if you tell somebody they're immune from it and they're not that is not a good position to be in so we must make sure that we get the quality of this absolutely right. only just patrick all the numbers of people who have the disease aids symptomatically there was a study i saw quoted from some oxford academics saying that as many as 50 percent may have had it. asymptomatic you are. i think
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a lot of people have seen that. that story how do you how do you evaluate that this at this stage we simply don't know at the moment and that's why the antibody test is so important so there are estimates that up to 80 percent or more people who hand weren't detected their estimates that of those who were positive so that's a small percentage of the population who were tested positive quite a number of them were asymptomatic in a town in italy but we haven't we don't know it in general population level that's why it's so important to get this test in place thank you beth 3 b.'s going. that is johnson right there the u.k. prime minister hosting a virtual press conference explaining how restrictions brought in on monday for sizing how they need to be stuck to him the need for people to stay home and also applauded his government's successful appeal for volunteers let's bring in rory challenge who joins us by skype for us in the u.k.
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he's been following this and rory also saying that the government is coping very well indeed under the most challenging of circumstances. yeah. that's questionable. he's. saying that the that the u.k. government is doing what it can in these very challenging circumstances he was very clear i think and to thank all the people who have volunteered for the appeal that the government put out yesterday for volunteers now an extraordinary number of people have volunteered to come and help the n.h.s. come in to help the army with the coronavirus crisis the government was wanting 250000 causer of men of a 1000000 people to come and volunteer their time and services in this struggle the problem isn't just now it's that in 24 hours they have 405000 people
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sign up as volunteers so nearly half a 1000000 people signing up to be volunteers in that so that's there is a as a surprise me that that many people have done that is that that really is a remarkable number but then they were going on about talking. around that the problem of testing and how there's a shortage of tests not just in the u.k. but also globally that the 1st priority for the the u.k. is to get enough tests to be able to test health workers 1st and foremost see if they've got the this disease but also there's a separate test to see whether you've had the disease whether you've got the antibodies that have accumulated inside you as a result of having had
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a corona virus which might make you didn't mean to getting it in the future so there are 2 types of tests they're talking about that both of them they say are absolutely crucial. and they think that they should be getting enough on the line fairly soon so early enough to be able to test health workers but it might still be a long while longer before the general population can have enough roar over the weekend had been a lot of criticism about people not adhering to the call to. to socially distance themselves since these restrictions further restrictions are brought in on monday by boris johnson what's been the reaction from the public at large well i think certainly there's been some confusion because alone boris johnson thought he was giving out a very simple message when he when he announced all of these strict regulations coming in about staying inside not a central business is shutting all that sort of thing generally people i think of it here to that but it's there has been
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a lot of confusion about well ok what does it mean having to stay at home unless there is no alternative does my boss telling me that i have to come in or i'm going to lose my job should i listen to him or should i listen to boris johnson what's the what's the critical role what is that sort of thing so there's been over the last day or so lots of questions about whether the construction industry should be following the same regulations every everyone else whether. companies should be requiring their people to come in and work in a call centers except for insurance companies or one or 2 of them were i think were still. asking their employees to come in and man phones that sort of thing not necessarily being 2 meters from each other desk to desk and that's that social distancing measure them need have to be to meet is at least from from the next person so there although boris johnson thought he was saying something very simple
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i think in the real world it has not been quite as simple as that and there is still some confusion around. already there for me thanks very much indeed reporting there in the united kingdom. let's bring you some breaking news from. we have the latest figures they issued daily figures about deaths and number of cases in the latest news is that the coronavirus deaths of risen by $683.00 in 24 hours lifting the total death toll to 7503 yesterday the death toll rose by 743 so that is a drop in previous yesterday on monday and sunday there had been a drop from saturday's death toll of 93 in the total number of cases. now has risen 274396 from 691761 the shoes day
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ok the united nations is appealing for $2000000000.00 to support humanitarian efforts worldwide to fight the current a virus pandemic and exclusive interview with our diplomatic editor genspace sector in general and turning to terrorism says it is in everybody's interests to help the world's poorest nations especially in areas of conflict. well this is exactly an appeal for that it is a humanitarian appeal for those countries in conflict for those fragile states for refugee camps it's always placement camps. that emetic humanitarian needs that need to go on being met but on top of that the surete of coffee at 19 and you need to do everything to prevent the disease to come to those areas to the extent possible and at the same time in those areas you have people sometimes in slums of big cities or in camps in which it's very difficult to have isolation there is no water in the households and sometimes no soap else care facilities are extremely rugged mentary
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so we need to boost to the response capacity in those areas that's why we have asked and we mobilized all u.n. agencies that have trust with president movement large number of n.g.o.s we mobilized all to work together and with those funds with those $2000000000.00 to make sure that we are able to. every strong push for prevention involves vulnerable areas and at the same time to bring the equipment to that is required the ventilator staffs suits are for the the stuff to allow for contact with people packed it you've called for a global ceasefire are in conflict zones but let me give you a couple of examples in recent weeks things have been going in the opposite direction in some of those conflicts let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen well i am even if one of the most important movements in yemen has declared that they would accept this ceasefire or that the
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appeal of ceasefire and we have other arms movements in other parts of the world saying that they would be ready to abide by it all especially believes and invoice everyone in the world are pushing to make sure that these it believes that as lady in the poem at the action bringing together the parties to the conflict for the ceasefire to become a you know it it we have he should have seen syria and yemen in libya in very in many other parts of the world and i hope that these appeal will be heard then that people will understand that there is only one was that is necessary today it's the war against the vibes you mention libya that there was already supposed to be a humanitarian poor in libya but one side has not been respecting it general half the in recent weeks seems to have intensified his campaign what's your message to him it's necessary to stop and i believe that in the last few days there was a clear the cookies and i was the early days even if even the day before yesterday
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there was a very meaningful attack but this is the moment to stop all military action this is the moment to concentrate on fighting cause 1000 we're already seeing covert 1000 cases in goals are you being that you know it's one of the most crowded places on earth how were you supposed to self isolate if you're someone living in a place like gaza. well it is extremely difficult but the same applies to the slums of big cities in different parts of the loping world to refugee camps it is much more difficult and that is the reason why we massively need support for those areas and we massive need to increase the capacity to respond and they all services that are so weak in those areas need to be very quickly bills that the u.s. senate is set to vote on a deal for a 2 drink trillion dollar package to help fight the virus these are live pictures from the capitol hill so this is the senate floor and they're preparing understand
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preparing to carry out the vote these funds the 2 trillion dollars aimed at keeping the world's biggest economy afloat of course and helping the front line medical workers the agreement follows days of arguments with democrats accusing republicans of parts for prioritizing profits in workers' well let's speak to our white house correspondent that's going to be held at his in washington d.c. as we see these pictures from the senate floor in kimberley what explain more about this deal and what it's hoped that it will achieve. yeah well just because it passes in the senate which we expect that it will as we watch those pictures there are a couple of procedural things that take place before the vote takes place even when that happens it still has to go through the house of representatives and there's a little bit of a hick up there given it's not even in session so nancy pelosi the house speaker kind of sitting on the fence in terms of when she might schedule that vote she's watching the senate very carefully at also watching very carefully how this is
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going to be received because the bottom line is there's an awful lot in this historic package nearly 2 trillion dollars the largest rescue package in american history it is going to put about $500000000000.00 in liquidity into the u.s. economy bailouts for the airlines albeit with oversight interestingly downturns businesses won't be able to benefit that was one specific of this legislation but in it there are checks for ordinary americans a family who's earning about under $70000.00 a year would be able to get a shack or number of checks of a total almost $3000.00 or more so it's a big boost their health care system $130000000000.15 for state and local governments so a lot in this legislation but again just because it passes this 1st hurdle still has to pass the house of representatives before the u.s. president signs it into law and would we expect the policy the house of representatives. yes yes because
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right now all everybody on capitol hill has been working on this together this is something that is being touted as bipartisan legislation that there's something in there for businesses as well as workers and also public health but there's a lot of controversy there's a lot of what we call pork that's been tucked inside and that's making a lot of ordinary americans angry essentially you know this is coming on the backs of taxpayers it is going to be paid back for generations to come so there is some frustration in the midst of all of this u.s. president pushing for it he wants to see american workers get back to work particularly in states that have low cases or or and counties that have no cases of coronavirus all together that is controversial in and of itself is saying try to get some people in the u.s. economy back to work by easter that's the middle of april that's just what 2 and a half weeks from now maybe a little bit more not much time considering public health workers say that the
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number of cases of credit virus in the united states is going to continue to climb and kimberly home necessary use this injection of cash alstrom to all people how strapped all the ordinary americans if you like and and businesses in the. it is necessary and there are nearly $46000000.00 americans and a population of roughly $330000000.00 who are unemployed or found themselves without a job almost overnight why this legislation helps those workers is for the 1st time we're going to see a lot of unemployment insurance benefits that would be extended to people that normally wouldn't receive it under the old system for example the freelance work or the gig economy worker and also it'll be a 100 percent of benefits which is something that is new in other words 100 percent of your paycheck will be a part of that benefit that wasn't the case before right now in washington d.c. new york state los angeles number of major cities the only stores that are open
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right now are the grocery stores in the drug stores everything else is closed so a lot of americans really hard hit trying to cope with this looking for some short term solutions even knowing they may have to pay it back as a taxpayer taxpayer rather for years to come or it can be thanks very much indeed we'll be speaking to you later as that proceeds and one of the cities that kimberly is talking about the new york it has 10 times more cases than any other state in the u.s. and it's registered 295 deaths from the virus the governor there that's andrew cuomo so he's dealing with the pandemic has proven expensive and is appealing for a bigger cot over the proposed to me in this package. response to this virus has probably already cost us $1000000000.00 it will probably cost us several $1000000000.00 when we're done new york city only gets $1300000000.00 from this
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package. that is a drop in the bucket as to need i spoke to our house delegation congressional delegation this morning i said to them just doesn't do it to canada now where the parliament is pasta 57000000000 dollars stimulus package to counter the economic fallout of the pandemic there that's after a 1000000 canadians filed jobless claims in a week the prime minister justin trudeau spoke about the plan outside his residence where he is in self isolation this is an unprecedented situation with an overwhelming amount of demand by canadians to get money as quickly as possible we need to make sure we're getting that money out quickly but also reliably to canadians and that means doing things that government hasn't done before and scaling up our processes extremely quickly. russia's vladimir putin has postponed a constitutional referendum due to the outbreak of the vase was intended to extend
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the president's time in office in his televised speech putin called on russians to stay at home and he pledged economic assistance to those in need he offered assurances that the governments would help people weather the storm. thanks to the measures already taken we can stop this virus becoming widespread our state has already been seriously affected by it if you look at our geographical position it is objective lee not possible to stop it but we can do its work in a professional way our main priority is to help the lives of our citizens with medical assistance and preventative measures in india people are being punished for gang hounds after they were ordered to stay at home for nearly 3 weeks to fight the spread of the virus across the country place have been stopping people out on the streets and some a lot done violators are being physically punished as you can see all public transport has been suspended the grocery stores and pharmacies they remain open people are also allowed to go out for essential work during the lockdown elizabeth
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says the lockdown is driving panic buying among the middle class and leaving the poor without. most of the country is quiet today that softer the scenes we saw the prime minister modi announce the lockdown when lots of people around the country were rushing to grocery stores panic buying and you know even though prime minister modi said that people would still be allowed to go out to get essential supplies and we had delhi's chief minister had our press conference a few hours ago saying that it's the government's responsibility to provide for people and that by crowding places people are defeating the point of a lockdown asking people not to do that and so things are quieter today but it's so important to remember that you know panic buying and hoarding it's a very middle class thing and there are so many people in india who aren't middle class and in fact the places that we are seeing crowds today the homeless shelters
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that can no longer you know we've been hearing from homeless shelters that say they only have about 2 days' worth of supplies left and that's because they're not just looking after the homeless now but by the very leonie and india who are daily wage earners who live a hand to mouth existence and because they can no longer work i mean they can no longer look after themselves. this is out 0 these are the top stories and spain has suffered its worst day yet of the corona virus pandemic with more than $700.00 new jobs the total search tool is $3500.00 in the past 24 hours so policy the fatality count in china the policy minutes the government's confirmed his deputy prime minister has tested positive for the virus the un surgeon general and tell you could terrorists as the whole of humanity is at risk from the pandemic is announced
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a $2000000000.00 fund to support humanitarian efforts around the world. the u.s. senate is set to vote on a 2 trillion dollars package to combat the pandemic in the country the emergency funding is aimed at keeping the world's biggest economy afloat and helping front line medical workers new yorkers 10 times more cases than any other state in the united states and has registered 285 deaths from the virus the governor and you quote is appealing for a bigger cut of the proposed stimulus package over to russia where the president is perspire into a constitutional referendum due to the outbreak the vote was intended to extend vladimir putin's time in office he called the russians stayed home and pledged economic assistance to those in need. not thanks to the measures already taken we can stop this virus becoming widespread our state has already been seriously affected by it if you look at our geographical position it is objective
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we not possible to stop it but we can do its work in a professional way our main priority is to help the lives of our citizens with medical assistance and preventative measures in india people are being punished for going out after they were ordered to stay at home for nearly 3 weeks to fight the spread of the virus across the country police have been stopping people out on the streets. iran is reporting another big rise in the number of infections 2000 on wednesday raises the total to more than 27000 around half of all government employees are staying at home. the united kingdom's prince charles is tested positive for corona virus a spokesman from clarence house said the 71 year old is showing mild symptoms but otherwise remains in good health. yes they were headlines got more news here off to observe of the inside story.
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what's all the financial and psychological costs of a coronavirus pandemic to the sporting world the olympics is the latest major event to be postponed or canceled what will be the impact on athletes found it's on businesses this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program and its 3 olympic games have been counseled in the past because of the 2 world wars but this year is the 1st time the event has.


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