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tv   Return Of A President  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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now just to bring you the names and current affairs that matter team. down to 0. the week we. follow i'm come all santa maria it's 1200 hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera midday in the u.k. where the breaking news out of london is that prime minister boris johnson has tested positive for the coded 19 coronavirus he says however he will be continuing to lead the u.k.'s response straight to london his lawrence lawrence how the announcement came out. on twitter. by some distance the most important world leader to have announced he's contracts a divorce. the code of virus that frankly has the epicenter of it in
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london which is the epicenter of the country the epicenter london has actually been around westminster. several m.p.'s lots of political journalists. people who work in whitehall have all said they'd go see this bar shows and obviously is in is it is is it in regular contact with all of these people every day and so obviously all more level if you look at anything where the prime minister's got coronavirus that's amazing but also it is not really the onyx that it's called and expect it's expected in a sense it's not really much of a surprise anyway he said he managed to get through a 2 minute long video own twitter without coughing once which is pretty amazing given the uncontrollable cough is one of the symptoms and he said the symptoms were quite moaning to try and carry on you can judge for yourselves his appears a clip of the video i've developed model symptoms over the coronavirus that's to say a temperature and a persistent cough and on the advice of the chief medical officer i've taken
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a test that has come out positive so i am working from home i'm so faisel a team and that's entirely the right thing to do but be in no doubt that i can continue thanks to the with technology to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight back against coronavirus so lawrence does that suggest then that boris johnson is still in charge because i would think usually when the prime minister is incapacitated in any way shape or form he or she would be. there's not technically a deputy prime minister in the u.k. is there how would it work. you know it would be they'd probably be the foreign secretary don't. think it doesn't look that serious let's get a lot worse very quickly. you know becoming governments are doing business by video conference nowadays anyway and so i suspect it's probably not going to be any any
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different that health secretary might hankel he's going to have to self isolate too because he's these be the only cabinet ministers holding any sort of daily discussions with boris johnson so again it would be unsurprising if he announced he got it as well as some point the next few days the more interesting thing kemal just briefly has actually been the public response because if you're a couple days ago prince charles announced that he got it a lot of people rather expressing concern with prince charles said well how come he got tested for the virus when when doctors and nurses the public on getting tested a lot of people if you look at if you look at the the twitter exactly the same points about boris johnson how come he got a lot of people didn't thank you for all that update from lawrence lay there on the news that boris johnson the british prime minister has tested positive for corona virus let's just check the developing news out of spain as well a report with a jump in the number of deaths there from corona virus in fact nearly 800 new
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fatalities in just 24 hours the biggest single day increase since the outbreak began the death toll there is now more than $4800.00 but the health ministry says the infection rate is beginning to stabilize more cases confirmed in the u.s. now than anywhere else in the world president trump says he's committed to getting people back to work as soon as possible against the advice of many of his medical experts he says more cases are being detected because of the country's response. and the u.s. and chinese presidents have both said. that they must work together to fight the pandemic donald trump tweeted that he has discussed the crisis in great detail with she jinping. revealing not much else though the headlines on al-jazeera return of the president is next for king at the exiled leader of madagascar attempts to return.
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this is a president of medicare common man and. the 1st time i met him was in south africa. he was in exile to post by a military coup so look lou thank you says it is good cheer to take a photo because of all the hear me and tell us where would you like to say. i want to stay are up there. born into a poor families family he worked his way up to become one of medicare because largest food producers. in 2002 he was elected president of madagascar. he was reelected with
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a larger majority in 2006. during his presidency new schools health clinics and roads step is to cross the country. in the middle of his 2nd term the mayor of the capital and. organized a military coup against him. the democratically elected avodah men and excited in south africa while the coup leader this in charge of medicare ska. rumor has it that france the former
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colonial power back the coup. candidacy and if you will make a profit and from. what the phone point would be about. it's. the francis it's a. long way. the women but that's a day. in the business to go to so the next step of this how are you going to go this president james book a ticket to yes you're going to look at to get ok because the reader they lost every year going to work to go was a useful thing as a step to getting serious all the tools the nations and yes some of them they foresee keeping. this book this is will serve with the with the senate intelligence
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set over the saucer to see if it is guys as it would be to have somebody to look for both the possibility for someone so the obvious 1st post always do we do this this is your thoughts is this is a young adult was this is a bait i respond to the kids or yeah that's so we don't question it's easier to solve so that my that's something my yes but then you have to descend to the guy's exact was telling you what to do. somebody but. i did my best started in the period of play dancing but. they resolved. the school. i order cook book i wore clothes even within the muslim community in the. finals
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of the institutions like. the world bank the i.m.f. they helped me clean up all the depth of my desk. my priority was for the infrastructure of educational reform rebel development. i did them for. children from. the need to be. saved we did now the need for the other guys because in their island saw it's not normal. spanned 30 to 40 percent of our budget. for me for sure many that. are. still posing real.
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close in the gentle. comedy of corners shows. says rick you feel up to the dream but if i was really goes far. enough in the new deal villa still molineaux i was a hell of a lot of. the full down but still a full body appraisal roboticists if you look. from what you know of anything. i think it would be 3 to 6 to 10 feet into it you just didn't. trust. it is i think this oblique. all the events that took them to seems to be from someone found at the house.
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and probably nothing from the left and i didn't want to make it to appear as a single because it's a bit long. preachy fulfil release your former prime minister. the 1st to. need to talk to. us to pay cuckoo to hands confession. and prepare restrain missing was interviewed carrying out operations black monday was held in 2009 for 9 decisions were made to recruit. big thumps from the slums in order to create a climate of insecurity and trouble spots throughout the country to destabilize and topple the legal government. it is necessary to shit human plus
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a 2nd 5 4th successive to create. what should certainly this is fish do at 15. i don't want to the point you became in the book because for a very. bad that this was to be afraid. of the way i wish its way from me say well. that's preposterous all this and then come up in my room and be a point. again maybe for saying if you'll old piece wish. we should you. know wait a month for the pitch it became. a way for. us he has the cutting edge the to do. ones where this
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sounds is good to get it about seem to be seen to do. this but i'm going to be true. and this i'm want to get it it's good it's cool and cascades. and he put this on someone little money. and when you pass a good number of people most. of your life through and through the. companies you know if. you do that but the money. isn't already modelled post your 1st job to do they do the interview with your 1st visit done open to follow both of those they do things like. this these are people.
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i look forward to being a home. may feel countrymen. women. true democracy imagines nothing less the reality is that brazil is and is in control of the country when you arrive there is a very strong possibility that you will be arrested how do you expect to lead your dialogue if you are in jail this is time for me to pull back that's not the on yes you that's not bad but for you it wasn't but something for me is they ask me that's enough for democracy but what about you but my half. i. just knew i don't is on all of them from the ira it's the un new service sometimes that form of power such as france still wield. a long judy strong influence
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madagascar's is that true it is so important for us held mother got to get up from this crisis because a plea. just until she. now knew it could send out we've talked about this but to say. good place just because we do something good for the country we don't need to. not stop talking about terrorist have to be played we have to all rubbish college to do it to do so if i why do you think people here i cannot be anymore for people to watch it and so i have to make a choice. about how many years i have to tell him yes he's my vision of my life because to me the goal to marry or not to hear. not to create a form but i don't know my father if he i mean your mother could be would mean the
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. very simple but sad if such a thing among the truly might have. been the most don't and when to use it. for one day speech sundays when you're. home on the market a bit from him you have. a heart. defect and me to come to my desk i'm visiting the son of a monk but the. problem for me is to be appointed to feed people because they are.
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there. don't come up in the sky those who lead democracy click on. the most nazi boots on the lawn at city funded to the tune. of it's political to the victims want to see the most the principle that the people do the stuff so that's good to me small simple see my gosh all such a symptom or not so please don't say see mark come on man i'm not here we need these fools we need the school to see the mother has gone. to full saw for. the most. needy and. it's very difficult for people. only for false reality for power no
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come to proofread advantage you'll see situation. places people say. it's a message for people say you done. we are here. on the fringe we're definitely. not in just the fringe of it and you're the province's influence in africa is being corroded all the time by the chinese by the americans by south africa and they want to keep many guests french yes and they felt if they had to choose between right to be in. they would choose or to be there because these french. who see it on the cross was the colonial power so if you just go to another goes can you look at me to go see everything about a ghost history from the from the cars the language of the people the business and
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everything well present of a motive to do it's been explained to me and this is just my understanding of it is that. even the end of the economy turned on french interest so he would say the creed for example is change the constitution so that america's short and she gets to change the food which a.j. said he began to open the economy to just about. all of these tourist signals to from the trunk of the park she was. ok and was free having something as you know is that the true is true. and we lost to the non-negotiable french position is that rather than the literature. since the coup the president has been part of international negotiations mediated acetic the southern african development community. said
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it has drawn up a road map to lead madagascar out of the crisis. but the road map fails to mention the president's rats return home. and we are missing mr president have from the from the roadmap you have a labor. leader again say i want to use a clearly the good to be able to say that but we cannot say that if the law at the bottom of the desk. set explicit negotiator does she sound the former president of mozambique. a man and i want his son it's ok i'm seeing the right super and sick part in future. you can get to the deal with. me as someone people who know that knows what they know if you have. that. or 2 but yes have great to see them do this because they get the.
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upper. this is a difficult time for everybody. with my teacher said the king but. i seem to exist to be of no use to raise in the discussion above the roadmap not. to fish for the president over the line is his return to madagascar. if we can draw an analogy with the house president but i will manana was chased out of his house. this is a joke if there was it would have solved the problem but be able to time and again
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i just make the point if you want to dismiss a kid who she doesn't work and we are asking the president here to show good faith and generosity but i also expect that as well to show good faith and generosity he is living someone out of his that was ok but he has to start all over this. which way to tell those. it could manipulate. and so on and he is not don't know. jethro's is outside and inside with him but the president yes what i'm saying. is that it's of no use to. my. district that listen to me exactly in the field it's just a bit a whole lot of video to take tends to be in the context of this is no yes yes this
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is a big tent from the 1st vision and the basic one who said it then decided big military you saying that that road map is not a for any further. discussion on negotiation i'm telling you i say that you cannot. should start by trying to impose it on the road map but again it's up to you because listen to this in the room with him that he was lousy a blow to see i was going to pull the lever here but i think it is it's how you. use save lives when we were doing my little one way we are we didn't work the battlefield. i'm not so hot on the north and you know you're right a recent solution is not for me myself i can stay here and buy the ship up before
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appointing me dumping i don't expect you to be happy because you see you are here 0.3 don't implement this that's a famous one. please don't think it's a. the trying to peddle by saying so baltar of a mother but almost think oh oh they president of mother gets caught for. ever done something to.
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improve and things increase rates just as mother gets got nothing noble deed. it's 60 miles done once done. i think people feel they have. been helped in their daily life and day to day. hope for a. better future. to him. on .
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christmas. this is not. not think. i'm hot. gints is in paris to not be the french authorities says. he wants to reopen negotiations on the route in big bit here and then after every army major city in full force to. me for students it is manifold he would sit in the circle see. the misinformation and contempt the son will see happening and so. is the resistance and it's
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a young. google should also though the real skill any time you have a clue course is perceptible you know about modeled on all they would say do. a fake or it although it. was just great. to see. first hand information from the french embassy saying that the french are economically interested is accepting and un has a future president of the countries they have to support active what i don't like that is absolutely no. willingness to listen whatsoever in from they have closed the case the fight is close to can be in where you can stay out ok. and unless the minute as powerful nation ask only one possibility to react to it was a slip and that is why being on the streets and you are white thing for that and
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you are why i think for the regime to kill innocent people you know to come down he said yeah yeah this. i do feel people the brits yes. don't they don't bow down to. the chinese of the making events it's not necessary but not let the media. find the white peacefully. full of struggles full of pleasure but i mean nobody that appears in. public but one of their battle. between what is really needed in the middle ages an intimate look at life in cuba getting out the door to
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each other carrying a gun i didn't see it because there was this in mind cuba. on al-jazeera. from the ounces here in london broke out to special guest in conversation when you say a lie a 1000000 times that becomes the fact you then can create whatever narrative you want on from uninterrupted and i realized i was working for something that was evil you know being a part about the creating of maria ressa meets christopher why they are the death of journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera. al coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of every time i travel there whether it's east or west africa people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate our coverage and our focus is not just on their suffering but also on the more uplifting and inspiring stories people trust are
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just here to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and unbiased way and as an african i couldn't be more proud to be part of the. hello again i'm canal santamaria with breaking news out of the u.k. this hour prime month prime minister bars johnson has tested positive for the covert 19 coronavirus he made the announcement on twitter he says he will be continuing to lead the u.k.'s outbreak response i developed model symptoms of the corona virus that's to say a temperature and a persistent cough and on the advice of the chief medical officer i've taken a test that has come out positive so i am working from home i'm so faisel
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a team and that's entirely the right thing to do but be in no doubt that i can continue thanks to the with technology to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight back against corona virus let's get an update from journal how in london jonah the prime minister sounding very calm and collected in that video but there must be a lot of questions about well all the people he's come into contact with recently. i think there will be for the moment number 10 downing street confirming what you heard from boris johnson there that he hasn't been incapacitated that he is in control that he did share this morning at 915 g.m.t. an emergency cabinet meeting of his senior ministers the so-called war cabinet of course remotely from isolation not in person but yes indeed there will be questions for others who've been in contact with him notably people within 10 downing street a lot will be working from home but some will not be up to now and also senior ministers the health minister the chancellor of the the exchequer of course lives
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next door they will probably have had some contact over the last few days no word yet as to whether either of them are going into self isolation and also of course his partner kerry simmons that they concerned about her pregnancy announced earlier this month. thanks for that journey more with jonah hill in the news hour in about half an hour's time all star breaking news out of spain where they are reporting a jump in the number of deaths from coronavirus nearly 800 new fatalities in just 24 hours which is the biggest single day increase since the outbreak began the total death toll there is now more than $4800.00 but the health ministry says the infection rate is beginning to stabilize so the updates from the u.k. and spain they're the full picture on the coronavirus worldwide coming up in the news in half an hour.
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negotiations have fish around at last and were on our way to acetic meeting in prague. mesa the say. the president and the coup leader 100 as for me to preside over the set of hits of states to discuss the real. faculty want to speak from this meeting with actually. you don't know. we do wish dogs know what ok. there's a seal is quite important right now you know so it's not just
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a little meeting it's my hope so you go you know. if it could do my health last may you should hear. this on the property just to prove it which. didn't last and it was a sunday i should be able to not but other than that made me happy don't do more because your mother has got to see another man live vision dump a mother gotta get. the deal now tell me what your name is new what did you make up . the tornado on the tip of. us not the false it's all about and then. moves off of us rules is that we have got one fucked among us asking if octomom a food looking. not good. enough to meet. i
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don't suppose someone but you get the bottom of this which i. knew this was a norm these days posted if they don't this is a feature against muslims nothing must we give them is to keep them here one of the of us here in the 1000 which is you want to won the vote of any no nothing but it'll be good enough to. let the other you think you know you will find with more nose in again oh thank goodness i'm still here it might use it and i would have nothing to fall on you like but in that i think you're looking very much because you want to go she will make the best crude oil on land without a deal yet i trust because i have bought the you know the metrodome up with this big guy like you go by the looks like you know i'm getting late no jacket and yeah you get there get your.
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jesus. and your blood in the trailer being seen this for the city. you have guided us since this morning. long destructors like you do for the better future ask. your prayers here today signal for
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a vision to all of. their solution to the problem that people want to. be subjected to you can be a she. only if you will play with the interest of your. interest. sex organ that is sammy do not have those dates and government of the southern african development community decided. to hide from seasonal up but it took a lot of. people. for political reasons to be allowed to return to the country and condition including my problem i don't.
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think it's a good because they have a late addition already. here still and they say. we must be more like africa. and that's really the must find a way cool fashion think it. would last so you and i also resent this. for us to think of just how this is great i love to see this decision. mr president my no idea goes to a match is appropriate but then my deal is yes very nice you're ok i received my vacillations to come for if i were facing us for english he's so busy for a 1st date and that we would see the next but i just got up and hopefully we've booked
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that this week good. fish thing he has thank you. might. be better but he's getting back to you don't want this process because. he says so don't know phish shows be. trained. i would say for people who are deeply angry. and pretend these news had to freak out. in face to want to have hands on. if this is all you want about the president's. it's so this responsibility is show the future yeah so what is there a difference is friends give a chat room and say well we don't accept that so we'll say the french troops are going to go and support for a drug they probably do that it's game over for the really good is. going to get
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medigap get back to being a productive country instead of being a busted i don't force it was a vice i suppose you can still expect they get is based on music. the farce is seeing the reality that the reality is that they came out and said they had to return to my guess kind have to go for the next election frost no sex act. that you will be in the new. seduction but i'm just asking the question mark if it's like why don't they approach us. because felix thing is either not me but i guess there's any doubt of what you just. did up there just yesterday suggested a negative should all stand pretty strong by clever man and crazy to feed. it
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a secret keeping to force. x. pretty good it did mean extra and to continue to push on the system i love the center over at a place on think about it. i was immediately. going to sue the drug out of the. you easier on you or you a disease to prove take it and the bone. disease end of the world you put the eagle is long gone be free norm is being kept out of the country because of the interests of the small clique of people in the farm pond that is so strong that it has to be run. and get sent to people and again. don't believe if you don't stack was your be can actually if you don't any of that was about who should use. the hands remake i
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won't keep your word nephew because you don't fuck with these would be good if you don't stand. in the interrogation process this floor all this as being achieved or a lobbyist for music to attempt above about the kid at all no i think. i actually moved to weaken to politics and got all you both by since you are secular show me love island critter tough because you by the nose because for a surrogate. this 1st term i mean people this is it could go with that you have put in place this is your go to share true now you just love them trick and i want you to come see n.b.c. some 5 thought they want to transform something that you timid into. it was earlier it. was what bases near the origin is a fortress. a
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. discussion i guess if you're going to. put it in more. to recreate any security guy. but master chris. oh. you can follow. me base you get my m. i should miss you if david says the little good i should soon see if you. think this was a. president thank you if you can be shifted. he is saying look i'm
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sick you see it is. anybody's going to be a secure studio executive who can keep the peace because it is a multitude of evidence of money to be donated to a secure new plan you're going to be able to you know evolution even if you give them a few good would be should. not have enough on them votes on all things that the sneers of not the other say man i mean they in the back of the brain. that is it is not going to play the bad guy for people going to him. that much gas is up why. he can have more of the.
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effect to be able to take up today expect to be able to take up. a $27.00 aborting so will be a pretty awesome dogs choice. to speak listening to the guests many people. sing to him small simple yes to. see some small.
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live close to the customer and. they close to the basket. or it was. on. to basically. make an omelette. change. and. on. and off. the line to. say. yeah we. will let. you listen to this yet not. be. on the top
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floor of the. building. ok. nothing to me. 45. they will pull some of the motion up. it come to clean so do. not be part. of all of these of the program a mother has got.
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right to smoke to smoke yes do you smoke know. that incest situation but back when you do think we'll get back within a few things just sound perspective. of do you want my opinion here so much up in just my opinion such opinion of the president no political liability no the not. i think that. if we just trust diplomacy. and he got purses we'd never. never. never that's why. because. france has many just thinks. enough to prevent us
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to call. betty or turn. me off all it's also want is. and here i think their patience there is. in. the air traffic control will take. the bus with the boss' boss to a section. of the world. about. the after that if not. you must for instance say. i owed it to people to react most strongly to refuse these things.
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is there always remain quiet remain while you remain peaceful. 'd peaceful mission to is in shatters. i don't think that they will be a democratic. sort of affluent and them creation of a of a properly. elected new regime and. so i think it'll be a disaster. in
3:51 pm
the meantime elections have taken place medic aska. neither have i know men or know how to or where and how to run to me and to many community community but no action. issue story of my. my country where i. think you are.
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a little i didn't offend the fish hell i didn't let. ya girl out now i. don't. move.
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soon as they think please don't is there they think so they think so and they tend to like this 16 military some easier around. there and after that they ship to my door then and the giftes so wanted to do normal we don't turn off interviews stay like this and they come in there but he doesn't i'm here and there's a gun. it's with risk to do this no risk is not not that it is nothing for us noticed. because if you are scared for risk it's mean the you accept what they do for you. the president's sister has died mrs cabell a man in a hoax the regime would allow the president to return to feel old. still my i'm
3:54 pm
sure even soon on the phone found opinions found one. by. gift on funds again the end of the yeah. it's my mother and i go on the run you're going to go. same with. some outside us you have to cut thomas. live. live live. live. live. live live.
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and let. me see. the look you know where you. just sort of see you saw people. still you know play a. different way he she said. something. like. yeah i think. if it or not but it ultimately. is the fact that by feel you've got.
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to destroy has spoken to that they decided to keep in inside during 5 years. who played the piece this week in the same thing. and. put pressure on something. this is improved by the market poppy only problem. into a new cd coming in c.p.p. if you are in poor countries. consume.
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i know there are plenty of thunderstorms across central areas of brazil becoming
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a bit heavy as well across western areas pushing across into bolivia peru eventually down into chile but also more rain pushing through northern argentina up into quite heavy that as we go through saturday say 33 missiles with a chance of showers and thunderstorms but it should be a dry couple days in rio 30 celsius on saturday fairly quiet across much of the caribbean and central america few will continue to impact to puerto rico across the towards the dominican republic haiti central story really on saturday the shah's it to the east dry sunny to the west of on a very nice with a high of 30 celsius what a mix of conditions across the united states fairly warm sunny across the south this stream of cloud has been bringing some thunderstorms this is the result a nice guy there and lawrence in kansas but plenty of storms still on the cars now notice as bad on friday you can see the weather all developing pushing up towards the midwest more showers pushing into the pacific northwest charging down into northern areas of california and then really it's across the central plains and the
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midwest where we see this severe storms really developing through saturday some strong downfalls some severe storms likely but warm side in the southeast with 27. christian priest you are a friend of the palestinians he's a true friend of everybody and champion of the palestinian cause. and activist who is willing to sacrifice his freedom. he for his beliefs. al-jazeera wild tells the extraordinary story of the archbishop and the piano.
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al-jazeera. right after. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm kemal santa maria and this is the news al from al jazeera the u.k. prime minister is forced into quarantine after announcing he has tested positive for the corona virus also a grim spike in spain the highest number of people killed in a day by covert 19 infections in the united states of skyrocketed there are now more cases there.


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