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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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on al-jazeera. revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. the world. almost 1000 deaths in one day at least records a massive new jump and growing a virus fatalities. and spain records its highest death toll yes hospitals filled beyond capacity treating people in corridors. i'm given al this is our desire live from doha also coming up i developed more symptoms over the correct the virus that's to say a temperature and
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a persistent cough. it's reached the very top of the u.k. government prime minister abbas johnson and his health secretary have both tested positive for. south africa announces its 1st deaths as police and the military starting forcing a 3 week lockdown. now the death toll from the outbreak of caught a virus that italy has surged by $969.00 in a single day that is the highest daily increase recorded anywhere in brings at leats total dead to more than 9000 francesco john but on the is a journalist working in italy he joins us now live from milan to tell us the latest . this is the deadliest day in italy since the beginning of the odd break 169 people died in the last 24 hours as the civil protection just announced
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this is massive increase after last week's trend when the losses stab allies around between 60790 every day so the number never went. up the total toll now reached 9134 that's the new confirmed cases are around 6000 today bringing the total number of positive people over 86000. of course it's not a good day but scientists and experts warn every day did these figures are not 100 percent accurate especially regarding the positive cases the deaths are correct in the hard this it regions there could be as many as 10 times more people affected this is what the head of the civil protection said and the talent health service is under strain so it's impossible to test more people than what it's been done now
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the local governments acted promptly in southern italy to curb the contagion from spreading since the hospitals are older and the health services are not are always a sufficient as in the north where the emergency is more huge and fortunately the measures seem affective for now and saw the need to do so the cases are increasing but at a low pace. thank you for that update that's francesco. live from milan let's go live now to downing street where michael gov is giving an update on the situation the current virus in the u.k. let's listen in in our n.h.s. those in manufacturing who've risen to the challenge of producing new ventilators on the hundreds of thousands who volunteer to help in a new mobile ways this is a united national effort and the spirit of selflessness shown by so many is truly
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inspiring and this virus of course affects us all as you no doubt already aware the prime minister has coronavirus and his self isolating at home in downing street he began experiencing mild symptoms yesterday afternoon and was tested on the advice of england's chief medical officer professor chris witty the prime is to is continuing to lead the government's response to grin a virus chairing meetings and communicating with key members of his team through video conferencing and earlier today the promise to lead the effort in launching our latest front in the fight against covered 19 today i can announce that the prime minister has brought together businesses research institutes and universities in a new alliance to boost testing capacity for frontline workers increasing our testing capacity is absolutely crucial in our response to and our fight against corona
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virus this is a particular priority for those who work in the health and social care sector and are working so hard to keep us all safe this will be anti genter city testing where the people currently have the disease so that our health and social care workers can have security in the knowledge that they are safe to return to work if the test is negative these tests will be trialled for people on the front line starting immediately with hundreds take place by the end of the weekend dramatically scaling up next week. and of course protecting our frontline workers is at the forefront of everyone's mind at the moment last night millions of people paid a fantastic tribute to the heroes and heroines of the n.h.s. when they stepped outside their front doors and clapped our keris and alongside those in health and social care i also want to thank those who work in food production and retail those who work for the royal mail and public transport our teachers and our social workers they all deserve our gratitude and having talked to
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trade union and business leaders civil servants and public spirited volunteers and of course ministers in the devolved administrations in scotland wales and northern ireland in recent days i want to record my admiration for the national solidarity being shown in the fight against this disease all of us can support our n.h.s. by continuing to follow the guidance to stay at home to protect our n.h.s. and to save lives and are now turn to the chief executive of the n.h.s. simon stephens' son thank you michael today over 6200 confirmed positive coronavirus patients are in hospital across england and we know that number is only bearing to rise over the coming days that's why as michael says it is so important that everybody follows the medical advice to stay at home and in so doing save lives but it's also why the n.h.s.
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is making an extraordinary effort right across this country to ensure that we have care for those patients who need the looking after from coronavirus. that's why anisha staff are pulling out all the stops in an unprecedented response to this global health emergency. as of today across england we have reconfigured hospital services so that 33000 hospital beds are available to treat further coronavirus patients it's also why we are taking the extraordinary action to build new hospitals in very short order starting with the n.h.s. nightingale hospital in east london and today because this is a problem of course not just confined to london but across the whole country i have given the go ahead to the building of 2 further of these n.h.s. nightingales hospitals beginning at the birmingham national exhibition center and the manchester central convention center with further such hospitals to follow in
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doing that we want to pay tribute to the contribution not just overnight just off but the support that we're getting from volunteers from the armed forces from social care from all of our partners it is remarkable i think that in just the last 2 weeks we've seen 18000 doctors and nurses return to practice on the general medical council in the nursing medical council registers on tsering the call to arms and it was therefore very gratifying for our staff across the n.h.s. to see this remarkable outpouring in the clap for carers last night for many nurses coming home from a day at hospital or for other staff returning to start again for the night shift it would have meant an enormous amount to know that the whole country is behind them. so that is the chief executive of the national health service in the u.k.
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simon stephens he was talking about the situation in the u.k. he said that there's been $2600.00 hospitalizations from the coronavirus earlier we heard from michael gove they're talking about boris johnson who of course has tested positive for corona virus that's go live to our correspondent rory chalons who is in the south east in england rory what stood out for you from what michael gove had to say. or i think the key point for me and this feeds into conversations that i've been having over the last 24 hours or so with doctors who are on the front line in the battle against corona virus michael gove was saying that they the prime minister has been bringing together businesses and other organizations to boost testing for front line starts medics essentially battling against the virus in doctors' surgeries and.
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a and e. wards. the intensive care units that sort of thing who for several days now at least have been saying that they are doing this blind they are 1st of all not able to source the correct personal protective equipment that they need to be able to do this and they are not being able to get tested when they think they're coming down with coronavirus they have no idea whether it's coronavirus or not so there is a growing sense of anger within the n.h.s. that the doctors and nurses who are exposing themselves to this and also potentially passing it on to new people and not being given the correct equipment and testing that they need so the government i think is aware that this is a. tide of anger that is growing and that was why we heard michael gove saying that
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one of the things that they are doing at the moment is bringing forward mobilizing testing for frontline staff there was this event that happened last night it was a kind of a moment of national solidarity where people at 8 o'clock in the evening went out on their front doorsteps and applauded. doctors and nurses people who were. fighting day and night to save lives it will got a lot of attention on. on the news and boris johnson was one of the people whose own is doorstep attend them in st doing this applause doctors i've been speaking to say well fine that's ok but it doesn't cover for the fact that we do not have the right kids and we do not have the right testing and that's what we want to see coming forward pretty incredible especially for medical teams let's talk about boris johnson if we can so he has tested positive for corona virus what more do we
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know about how he's doing. well he says the symptoms are mild and in the video address in which he made this announcement so the nation he he didn't look too ill maybe a bit of a snaffle and a slightly hoarse voice so he says that he's carried on working from home he self isolating worryingly it's not just boris johnson who has come down with this man hank koch the health secretary has also says that he has tested positive for for corona virus. that leaves a whole number of questions such as who else of these 2 very important men come in contact with at the top of government at the top of the fight against corona virus who they may have infected and in the last hour professor chris witty who's the chief medical officer and the man who actually advised boris johnson to get himself
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tested when boris johnson said that he was suffering the symptoms well chris which he has now said that he is suffering symptoms as well that he believes might be coronavirus he hasn't actually as far as we know been tested yet but this is a large chunk of the the most important people fighting coronavirus in the u.k. now saying that they either have the disease or they suspect that they have the disease now. that big blow for the u.k. on the same day that it posted 181 dead that i think is the highest number of dead so far in the coronavirus epidemic boris johnson as i said still says that he can carry on working but it's being large questions about the the efficiency of the u.k. government them at the moment in these crisis times thanks for that update there are a challenge live from interests in southeast an ingot the world health organization in its latest briefing had
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a warning about the use of untested medications. we call on all individuals in countries to refrain from using that have not been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of corbett 90 in the history of medicine is strewn with examples of drugs that would go on paper or in a test you but didn't work in humans or were actually harmful during the most recent ebola a pediatric for example some medicines that were thought to be effective were found not to be as effective as ours or medicines when they were compared during a clinical trial and we must follow the evidence there are no shortcuts we also need to ensure that using unproven drugs does not create
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a shortage of those medicines to treat diseases for which they have proven effective to the u.s. now where the governor of new york state says hospitalizations a doubling every 4 days it is the epicenter of the u.s. outbreak there are now more than 44000 confirmed infections there alone hospitals are being asked to double their capacity in order to cope in temporary hospitals are being built kristen salumi joins us now via skype from new york kristen what else has the governor had to say. well 1st of all there's a little bit of good news and what you just said an excuse me in that the rate of new infections was doubling every 3 days now a new hospitalizations was doubling every 3 days now it's every 4 days the governor said that he thinks that maybe in part to the social distancing measures that they've taken here in new york city and state so that's a bit of good news but there are over for nearly 25000 cases in the state of new
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york the epicenter for the country new york city the epicenter for the state and people continue to line up at hospitals to get checked and get tested as these numbers continue to rise the governor did say that he went be looking for more help though he is still short of hospital beds and that's why he wants to build 4 more new hospitals here's what he had to say earlier. we need 140000 beds we have 53000 beds that's why we're scrambling and that's why we're asking you to do as much work as you're doing we need 40000 i.c.u. beds the i.c.u. beds are the intensive care unit beds they have ventilators we have when we started 3000 i.c.u. it's with 3000 ventilators so you see how monumental the task monument of the
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mountain that we have to climb. the governor also pushed back against statements by president trump who suggested the governor was overstating his need for ventilators in new york the governor says the state is likely to need 30000 ventilators for the most high risk patients and they only have 10000 he's been calling on the federal government to help president trump speaking to a national news network earlier in the day suggested that that was not the case that he was overstating the need governor cuomo said i don't have a crystal ball everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i am basing my opinion here on hard data and numbers and projections and we think that is the number that we are going to need to save lives and for that we are asking for help so that is the situation in new york which continues to see a rise in cases and continues to call for more help from the federal government
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thanks for that update there kristen salumi live from new york. let's go to washington now where the u.s. house of representatives is debating a stimulus bill worth more than 2 trillion dollars that's aimed at propping up the economy struggling during the pandemic has already passed the senate more from our white house correspondent can help get through is live in washington d.c. kimberly legislating in the time of coronavirus is an unusual thing how is the vote going to happen. yeah it's getting more unusual now that there is at least one republican member that seems to be insisting that this vote go by roll call and that's a problem there are members on both sides democrats and republicans that were hoping they could push this through very quickly with a voice vote in other words everyone saying i getting it to the president's desk signed into law because both democrats and republicans really want to see not only
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help for ordinary americans but also an influx of cash into the u.s. economy which is essentially collapsing as a result of this social distancing staying sheltering in place as they try to blunt the curve of coronavirus cases now the problem is that it doesn't appear there are enough potentially members in washington right now in order to do this roll call vote their 435 members in the house of representatives they need at least 216 right now when they opened up this morning they had about 50 and they were all sort of spread apart social distancing hoping they could push this through so donald trump not very happy about this in fact he railed against this member of congress calling this a publicity stunt particularly angry it's a member of his own republican party even calling him a 3rd rate ground stander and just in the last hour or so donald trump getting some support from former secretary of state former presidential democratic candidate john kerry who is tweeting that it is the one thing that both can agree on is that representative massey the man that is holding this operate now from being fast
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tracked and signed into law is they say a 3rd rate grandstander so that's where things stand they're looking at the floor of the house of representatives right now still debating unclear when this vote is going to happen and if they have enough members in order to make it possible thanks to that kimberly hall good line from washington d.c. nearly 800 deaths have been recorded in spain in the past 24 hours since their highest number in a single day motha at it all has more from madrid. the official sources gave us today they get daily figures and they're giving us a $5000.00 of death to death toll and a total of a little bit more about $64000.00 of people infected by coronavirus in spain from which nearly a 15 percent 9500 of people infected in spain are doctors and nurses this is quite worrying as the last few years really used to say there will 5400 of
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the workers infected by coronavirus and today we could flow 1000 more people from the help her from the health care system infected this is very worrying because experts are saying we shouldn't rely on these official figures that have minister r r r r giving us daily because we don't have enough testers here in spain so we might be talking in about half a 1000000 of people infected in spain by coronavirus because we cannot we cannot diagnose people because we don't have these testing kits and even more health care we're workers could be infected all these have to workers are running out of protective equipment equipment and scorn a virus and they're demanding immediate supply of glasses love we keep saying based their reality of the stage because they're fighting they're confronting the coronavirus in the front line. the french prime minister has just announced
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a 2 week extension of the ongoing lockdown that will now last until at least april 15th this comes as hospitals in and around paris are at breaking point as infection surge prime minister says hospitals in the capital could reach capacity within days paris and suburbs now account for a quarter of all confirmed code 19 cases in the country nearly 30000 there alone recorded its highest daily death toll on friday bringing the total to more than $1600.00 in southwest france dentata butler says the country's prime minister has warned the entire health care system is under tremendous pressure. the french prime minister ed wofully was speaking to other members of the french called government told a video conference earlier today and after it he came out and gave a brief statement and really his message was that in the next few days in the fall it's all going to be in his words very difficult indeed because he says that what francis facing is
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a new wave of corona virus cases particularly in the north of the country in the paris region where he said hospitals and clinics are already becoming such aerated now the really the hot spots if you like in france of current affairs cases up to now has really been the east of the country the alsatian region their hospitals have being so overwhelmed that european neighbors have stepped in germany luxembourg what's and taking patients that are critically ill from france and treating them in the hospitals as the border patients have also been transported from ethan france to all the hospitals in the rest of the country by train but what the prime minister is saying is the situation that we've seen in eastern france this desperately badly affected area is now going to spread to the rest the country to the north the parson he says of course not only those regions because that is all over the country and this is what we need to prepare for he says everybody is mobilized he says that france is prepared but people must continue to stay at home
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as much as they can we had a similar message from the french president this week when he said that the very worst in france is still to come. even though the number of corona virus cases is low in syria there are big worries that this will change and very quickly millions of displaced people live in the northwestern province of a blip which is a week health system destroyed by years of conflict 5 covert 19 cases have been reported but many concerned the virus will soon reach them simcox yahoo has more. hundreds of thousands of tents and ad libbed lined up by the turkey syria border most are overcrowded and like basic facilities and many living here are warry that makes them more vulnerable to an outbreak of coronavirus for aid workers here are briefing people on how to cope if there is an outbreak i don't know anything about it i just heard i'm learning about it now some say in how to cook sanitation puts
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them at greater risk through iowa low matthew protection come on at them and we like water how can we wash our hands that often a little more. they are getting help in sterilizing tents and houses but in a country that suffered 9 uso for much infrastructure is damaged medical supplies are insufficient and health workers scars health officials are warning that about 100000 people could die in north with syria if they don't get the supplies and equipment they need. we just 1. 101100 your bits. we just there. are others when we speak about response or we're on our we have to reach at the bottom not but i don't know if those that are certain are. really your
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soul now i. wonder if given or. received. that. this device is one of only 3 in a left that can detect a corner virus was a lot of talk it out we received 3 test kits to cave in $1000.00 yesterday from the world health organization each can do $100.00 tests it won't be nothing millions but at least we can confirm if we have a case so far blood samples from just a few people have been studied. the government has confirmed some cases of the virus across the country but as the fight is ongoing here so is trade and that contact with the outside brings the risk of people being in fact it. is live is the standard on foreign aid and donors for medicine and hygiene for that some health workers here say they have yet to respond effectively to the situation leaving many who have suffered 9 years of war vulnerable and scared as they face the threat of
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a global pandemic. al-jazeera. south africa has reported its 1st 2 deaths from the corona virus outbreak it also has the highest total of confirmed infections in africa had more than a 1000 police that want to anyone who violates the 3 week lockdown faces 6 months in prison i made a mirror has more from johannesburg. we've understood from the department of health here in south africa that those 2 deaths happened in the western cape province one in a public facility and the other in a private hospital and i think for many south africans the it really hits home that on africa see these 1st 2 deaths on day one of this lockdown because we are still seeing people going out of their homes despite the government telling them to stay at home despite the government giving them a few days ahead of the lockdown to do what was necessary in terms of the shopping
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and and preparing for the lockdown the scene long queues in some areas in johannesburg where people are trying to get groceries we also understand that they are. stores that sell alcohol also still open despite the government saying that this would be bad and entirely i think the concern for the government at this point is people it hearing to these regulations just as it announced that so left because now see that 1st 2 deaths and also just 6 days ago there were $150.00 cases now we're looking at more than a 1000 * south africa only has about $7000.00 critical care beds that's divided and between that some belong to the public and others belong to the private sector between the 2 or the potentially in theory about 3000 critical care beds available of that perhaps only half of all intensive care there is a big worry that there aren't enough beds available in south africa if so that
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continues to see these numbers rise. italian men are getting fed up with people ignoring orders to stay home so much so that some are venting their anger online. all over. my. body. so not only don't see. it on the possibility of for my mental. they. are sad for him or. not but. i love the station he. was. given that.
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he. got. on going but i don't know after all. i might be the man. i like or say. a companion out along can it be made this. you know for motherhood that the one of the good questo no name fema do not say weeds me in your family jane when the bus stop i got. result is there are these the top stories italy has recorded nearly a 1000 coronavirus deaths in one day that is the highest single day increase any country has reported since the beginning of the outbreak if least total nationwide death toll has now surpassed 9 tells it. britain's prime minister says he's tested
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positive for corona virus bars johnson says the symptoms us mild and that he is self isolating will make video calls to continue leading the government's response to the crisis health secretary matt hancock has also tested positive for the illness the head of the world health organization says there's a chronic global shortage of protective equipment in the fight against covert 19 that's proving to be one of the key problems in fighting the virus. we call on all individual countries to refrain from using that have not been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of. the history of medicine is strewn with examples of drugs that would go on paper or you know test you but didn't walk in humans or were actually harmful new york's governor says hospitalizations in the state
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a doubling every 4 days as it struggles to deal with the worst covered 19 outbreak in the united states new infections surged by more than 7000 on friday hospitals are being asked to double their capacity to cope and washington the u.s. house of representatives is debating a stimulus bill worth more than 2 trillion dollars that's aimed at propping up the economy during the corona virus outbreak if passed it goes to the president's desk for signing. the french prime minister has just announced a 2 week extension of the ongoing iraq down. until at least april 15th it comes as hospitals in and around paris are at breaking point as infections the prime minister says hospitals in the capital could reach capacity within days well those are the headlines to stay with us though the news continues here on al-jazeera up next is inside story.
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globalization put to the test as the corona virus spreads many argue there is an absence of global leadership in the fight against the pandemic so it's not justified and can countries deal with the threats of corona alone this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i know it's being called a war against an invisible enemy and it's now being fought on a global scale the world is in a race to stem the increasing number.


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