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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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al-jazeera. and. a 6 week old baby is amongst the latest victims of the corona virus in the u.s. where the number of dead surpasses 5000. dollars at the roman you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up china heads back at the u.s. of accusations it's covered up the number of confirmed cases. and close to 900000 people lose their jobs in spain in 3 weeks raising the jobless rate to a 3 year high. and losing dignity in death the virus is changing very old
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traditions around the world with some cemeteries refusing to accept the day. welcome to the program a 6 week old baby in the united states is amongst the latest victims of krona virus as the amount of people who are infected around the world approaches 1000000 in the u.s. there's been more than 5000 deaths and vice president mike pence as compared the situation to italy which has been overwhelmed by cases president donald trump is considering limiting domestic and rail travel between hope spots but he's resisting calls for a national shutdown even as infections passed 200000 state governors are pleading for more quick meant to tackle the outbreak but federal stocks all said to be near empty mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . a number of u.s.
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governors have been pleading with the federal government for more medical supplies in particular ventilators a state like new york says it needs as many ventilators as possible to stockpile for when the 8 pics of the epidemic hits which current projections show by the end of the month yet president trump continues to insist that there are enough ventilators being supplied to the various states in fact he says that many are being produced now so many that at some stage in the future the u.s. could export the ventilators to countries in need we're soon going to have more ventilators and we need we're building thousands of ventilators right now now it takes a period of time to build them and again nobody could have known a thing like this could happen we're building thousands we will fairly soon be at a point where we have far more than we can use even after we stockpile for some future catastrophe which we hope doesn't happen we're going to be distributing them
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the extras around the world will go to italy will go to france will go to spain which isn't you know very hard hit in recent weeks president trump has made several barbed remarks about china and the fact that the pandemic originated there now some reports emerge that indicate china has been underreporting the number of infected this would happen impact on the way the rest of the globe including the united states prepared for the onslaught of the virus yet surprisingly at the daily news briefing president trump brushed off such reports saying that the economic relationship with china was deeply important united states as was his relationship with the chinese president their numbers seem to be a little bit on the lake and i'm being nice when i say that relative to what we witnessed and what was reported but we discussed. with him not so much the numbers
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is what they did and how they're doing they're spending they will be spending when things even out this is obviously a little bit of a hurdle what's happened over the last month but they'll be squarely $250000000000.00 buying our product $50000000000.00 to the farmers alone $200000000000.00 other things they never do there before once again it appears president trump concentrating on economic matters rather than the one that china's underreporting of the infected would have had a massive impact on the way in which the globe has dealt with the pandemic nearly $3000.00 sailors aboard a u.s. aircraft carrier will be taken off the vessel in by friday as navy officials struggle to quarantine crew members around $100.00 sailors on board the theodore roosevelt have tested positive so far and in a letter the ship's captain told the pentagon that the virus is spreading uncontrollably but the u.s.
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navy hasn't ruled out punishing him after the document was leaked to the media china's foreign ministry has had u.s. officials calling them shameless for accusing beijing of covering up cases a spokeswoman accused washington of politicizing a health issue meanwhile beijing fears there could be a 2nd wave of infections a county near who pay where the outbreak began has gone into lockdown after several new cases were reported. close 290-0000 workers in spain have lost their jobs since the lockdown began almost 3 weeks ago social security data shows more than half were temporary workers 3 and a half 1000000 spaniards are unemployed the most in 3 years marta herrera joins me now live from madrid kentucky what's on the program martha depressing news on the jobs front in addition to the ongoing virus outbreak there seems to be no good news for spain right now. yes i'm here in spain sans coronavirus our break 100000 jobs have been lost within the 1st 2 weeks since the march 12th 2 years of
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job creation have been lost and there are now there are now 4500000 of unemployed for 1000000 unemployed these are the worst to go scenes to that and to the rich and the regions more affected in spain are on them feel. sorry for that apologies are not not at all martyrs ok we understand that your you know you have your reporting from your home and of course we have other bills on the program even if we can't see them please carry on yes we are confined to get those so this is what happened sorry for so the regions that have been more of the most affected in spain and then 3 are by lymph under under those worst worst affected or devastated are construction hotels and restaurants of course and it only war what europe's financial and sort of political brain certainly where you are saying about what they might be able to do to try and help these desperate
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people. well there's been deep divisions inside ara p. and union in order to agree. how to help its pain and italy to pay for coronavirus relief european countries like spain have. have committed huge sums of money in recent days to support the business and workers and european union levy of some budget deficits have been have been released to borrow more but the thing is at the last mean meeting that plagues like 2 weeks ago all 9 countries of the european union were asking a bigger effort from from the euro union these things countries of course included the spain france and italy and they were trying to push the blood to take to make to take further measures or we will see what happens certainly in the coming hours get more reaction from you motto of their force in madrid thank you by the scale of the pandemic means that funeral versions are being broken in iraq some cemeteries
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are refusing to accept the dead which is traumatizing and infuriating families in mourning so when a full team has more from baghdad. a desperate plea for help posted on facebook from the confines of a government run quarantine facility you know what we pay all to the higher religious authorities to find a solution the body has been at the morgue for 4 or 5 days now god can not accept that this is the family of. a 67 year old baghdad resident who died on march 21st from cold 19 in the line of muslim tradition body should have been laid to rest within 24 hours but no grave yard would accept to bury him the ordeal has further traumatized the grieving family who spoke to them after they were released from quarantine. the people and tribes that live around the graveyards refused the burials they said this is a pandemic and it will spread through the ground but i blame the government because
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the graveyards are under their responsibility nobody came to bid their respects during the 3 day mourning period instead people sent banners with messages of condolences there is a widespread stigma associated with covert 19 and some of it stems from fear of being buried in a way that goes against islam religious leaders have tried to clarify which burial rights can be waived. we believe that any dead person should be honored by a suitable burial except in one situation if a normal burial could hurt the living people at that point we can view some conditions like washing the corpse but it's important to preserve honor by burning the body. school religious authorities and the ministry of health have appealed to graveyards not to turn away covert 19 victims were not. always out of the world health organization and health minister issued instructions on how to deal with the
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bodies by sterilizing them wrapping them inserted ice cover and burying them to meters below the ground all the experts say they'll be no risk associated with those bodies. but the message had little effect and the government has now allocated designated covert 19 burial sites in the desert the popular mobilization forces and umbrella of mostly iranian backed perm military groups agreed to carry out the burials or definition we are not burying them randomly we're doing it in line with islamic law 1st we put his right cheek on the soil facing mecca the shrouds are available and we can also bathe the bodies if the health ministry allows it still convincing families to let go of deeply rooted cultural and religious beliefs has been a challenge ultimately they had no choice was. 8 days after molly's death security forces scored the family to the desert to bury his
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body there was nothing to mark the location to help the family return for prayers and little assurance they say that his soul would rest in peace simona 14 al-jazeera. well in other news all prices have risen by around 10 percent after the trunk talked of hopes of an end to the price war between saudi arabia and russia the us president expects the major producers to reach a deal within a few days or prices have fallen to an 18 year low because of the dispute and a huge drop in demand as the virus closed factories and grounded air travel worldwide. iran's foreign minister has responded to donald trump saying it was planning a sneak attack on u.s. forces in iraq the u.s. president warned iran would pay a heavy price but gave no details of the attack plans mohamed javid zarif tweeted don't be misled by usual war mongers again donald trump iran has friends no one can have millions of proxies he added unlike the us which so to sleep lies cheats and
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assassinates iran any acts in self defense afghanistan's government is due to release 100 taliban prisoners in exchange for 20 afghan security members the reuters news agency says the prisoner swap will take place on thursday is the result of a deal signed between the taliban and the u.s. in february aimed at ending the 20 years of war it marks the 1st steps towards a subsequent exchange of $6000.00 prisoners held by the afghan government and the armed group in neighboring pakistan one of the men jailed for kidnapping and the murder of journalist daniel pearl is set to be released a court overturned the murder conviction of british born m. and omar sayed shaikh but maintained he'd helped with the kidnapping 3 other men have been acquitted and released washington post reporter daniel pearl was killed in 2002 while investigating a pakistani rebel group. guinea's ruling party has won
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a majority following last month's disputed election the vote took place on the same day as a constitutional referendum which critics say paved the way for president alpha condé to stay in power for another 12 years both poles were boycotted by the country's opposition leaders the political crisis has led to months of violent protests in the west african country. still ahead here on al-jazeera impeach the president calls grow louder in brazil. continues to downplay the pandemic threat plus. i'm door such a bari at home at international airport in doha where the country's health ministry has installed these thermal stammers to check all transit and incoming passengers into the country i'll have the story coming out.
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hello so widespread showers of course throughout indonesia and malaysia the trend is to bring things northwards as you say although this this satellite picture a lack of cloud over java is concentrating further east was that doesn't mean you won't see daily showers in both java and sumatra but increasingly the chances are something like bangkok increasingly warm and humid will see dailies under storms not yet daily but they're certainly showing up in the area so that southeast asia for you and not surprising we've also got some pretty active weather in australia running strews the middle and then dancer new south wales that frontal system which you saw lightning on has produced some pretty big thunderstorms hail and of course flash floods and this is the forecast for friday which takes it to new south wales towards sydney could be a wet day for you still in the twenty's you'll notice the next frontal system so it's way in to the west so adelaide melbourne gets up and as it goes through and
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joins up as what's already there new south wales gets another brief soaking that it cools down 16 or 17 degrees rather late disappointing and windy as well now but somehow it all somehow in that brilliant if you're in perth you'll still enjoy relative heat 28 degrees a light breeze. but . to his supporters hungary's prime minister is a guardian of europe's borders manning the ramparts against migrant told. to others viktor orbán is an authoritarian demagogue whose far right agenda poses a significant threat to democratic values people in power investigates the leader taking his country to extremes hungary europe's bad boy on a. but
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the market watching of 0 means a whole run a reminder of our top stories a 6 week old baby as in months more than 5000 people died from coronavirus in the united states vice president mike pence says compared the situation to italy which has been overwhelmed by case since close to 900000 people in spain of lost their jobs since the lockdown began almost 3 weeks ago 3 and a half 1000000 spaniards are unemployed the most in 3 years. and delays in burying the dead in iraq are infuriating and traumatizing grieving families they're having to break most implication and wait for days to bury relatives because some cemeteries are refusing to accept the dead. now the british government says it
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hopes to prioritize testing for frontline staff within weeks more than 2000 health care workers have been infected the prime minister boris johnson is isolating because he has the virus the u.k. reported a record jump in its daily quota virus deaths on wednesday by 31 percent an increase on the day before let's cross over to lawrence the who's live for us in london and real concerns about the items like masks going missing and not reaching their destination lawrence what seems to be going on. well there's a whole concern now so to be honest the u.k. . is identically tracking spain in terms of the numbers in all sorts of different ways if you look at the trajectory of the deaths over the last couple of days it suggests if it carries on in the same way then the u.k. might be experiencing perhaps more than a 1000 deaths a day within 2 or 3 days from now that's higher even than italy ever managed at its
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peak which was about $970.00. and there's been some very chilling advice from the british medical association to doctors identical once again to spain where they're saying to doctors you're going to have to decide who you treat and who you let die and even to the extensive saying this may involve withdrawing treatment from an individual who is stable or even improving but who's objective assessment in the case a worst prognosis than another patient that requires the same resource so that's the british medical association saying to doctors if you think someone getting better you might need to let them die in the someone else has got a better chance of getting better that's pretty terrible situation thing report this morning one london hospital almost ran out of oxygen at the weekend which obviously would have been catastrophic but yes your question as well doctors have told me that the protective equipment that they're so desperately short of at the moment when it's when it arrives they get aprons and they get gloves but the mark some there is
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a general supposition among doctors in london that the masks are being stolen at some point along the supply chain presumably then sold privately and that just makes a bad situation even worse with the lack of testing the front line stuff that you mention and do the other real worry of course you would have heard at the beginning of the program we were in spain speaking to our correspondent martin talk about unemployment figures i mean that country is not the only one worrying about unemployment figures. no and it's and it's like that yet again identical to spain a 1000000 in spain laid off this was the worst month ever for them just under a 1000000 now in the u.k. are claiming what's called universal credit which is effectively benefits in the same way a quarter of all u.k. firms say they've laid off stuff british airways or just laid off $36000.00 cabin crew for the time being because they're just not flying anywhere and of course boris johnson the middle of all this is relying on the $3000000.00 antibody tests to be delivered whenever that's going to happen to try to find out who's had the
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virus and therefore can go back to work they had said that there's antibody test would be here this week there's no sign of them yet for the update to lawrence leigh in london thank you for staying with the u.k. and one of the world's biggest sporting tournament says another casualty of coronavirus the wimbledon tennis championships are being cancelled for the 1st time since world war 2 the 2 week grandson told him it was originally scheduled for june and july now like the olympics and the european football championship sports fans will have to wait until next year. but in france medical experts are warning safety has to come 1st as the demand grows for extra tests on wednesday record 501 current virus deaths were reported but reports from the southwest of the country. in the southern french city of mass say hundreds of people queue outside a hospital specializing in infectious diseases off to doctors offer to test anyone
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worried that they have coronavirus. the test is very quick swab in the nose and it's over will be contacted within 48 hours if we declare positive and if they don't contact you. or not we have fever burning sensations in our chest coughing and headaches french health authorities of only authorised testing critically ill patients but the head of this hospital says widespread testing can help stop the spread of the corona virus professor didio role is also leading the charge and from as for the use of chloroquine to treat patients he says the decades old drug commonly used against malaria can be effective in reducing symptoms when combined with an antibiotic we have reserved which are significant to shows that iraq's interim claim is clearing the virus from respiratory system probably making said people on a more containers. no more sick and adding as
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a trauma i seen even. increase efficiency the professor's claims that curry queen can treat the corona virus have been widely publicized in france and as a result some pharmacists say that they've been inundated with requests for the drug but france's drug safety agency says that people should not self medicate the agency says at least 2 dozen patients reported undesirable side effects often taking chloroquine. there are risks that apply to everyone so you have to be very wary of taking this product without a prescription and without strict medical supervision. but the french government's position on the drug had been unclear until last week when the french health minister said only doctors in hospital should decide on whether to use it local say the high council of public health recommends that this treatment should not be used unless there is a decision to use it by doctors under strict medical supervision for seriously ill hospitalized patients the high council excludes any prescription for the general
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public or finance of it forms at this stage exclude these 800 patients in france are taking part in new european trials of experimental drugs to treat coronavirus including chloroquine as coronavirus cases rise in france finding a treatment is clearly urgent but medical experts warn that safety must not be compromised natasha butler al-jazeera france or to asia pacific now where the president of the philippines has ordered soldiers and police to shoot anyone who violates the mandatory went long lockdown rodriguez attorney issued the warning after a protest by villagers complaining about the lack of food. if you want to sing sure if you want her sing i want his it's my orders a for the police the military and the villages in case these trouble end is an occasion with a fight of your life is $0.03. so lip this be
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a warning to follow government at this time because it's really critical that we have order. events occurring in brazil to impeach president for continuing to play down the seriousness of the pandemic brazil is reporting the highest number of deaths anywhere in south america also nora says keeping the economy running is more important than strict quarantine measures it's all latin america loosing in the human. on the streets of rio de janeiro it's less crowded than usual but not as empty as local officials would like after president jade balsa noddle again made an appeal to brazilians not to punish the economy by staying at home with. the cure cannot be worse than the disease. has covered 19 continues to spread brazilians are torn between listening to their president. or everyone else. defiant governors and mayors have restricted all non-essential activities including church services
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also now those battle against social isolation has isolated him politically as never before except among his hardcore supporters like street vendor edson some by . thinking about how to help i support the president we need to open up the streets again as fast as possible i would be able to last much longer. calls for the president removal are escalating one of 7 petitions for his impeachment has just been presented to congress with more than a 1000000 signatures and a supreme court judge has asked the prosecutor general to investigate the president on charges of crimes against. public health. also not a has been delaying the distribution of congress's emergency aid package for millions of poor self employed brazilians hoping that will bring them back on to the streets nevertheless removing bull sinatra now is not widely popular because it
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could create greater instability says public policy expert pablo or. in a sense there is a power level government where. you head of the congress the supreme court and the governors are handling the crimes do you think that perhaps american survive this crisis it depends what happens if if we have too many diets which will probably occur but we don't know what what what the rate them bills from other is probably. is in big trouble because you will lose most of the supporters or significant part of his supporters but if the governors manage to handle the cries it's in the data in the guide so not the time maybe you got away with it. it's a risky bet that the leader of latin america's largest economy is popularity suffers with every new burial cost by coronavirus you see in human al-jazeera.
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well here in the middle east qatar has increased restrictions to slow the spread of covert 19 there's been more than 800 confirmed cases in the country and 2 deaths the crisis has taken its toll on many businesses including qatar airways though such a body has will. quiet calm and nearly empty this is an unfamiliar scene that is quickly becoming the new normal how many international airport in doha is usually one of the busiest airports in the middle east but now because of the covert 1000 pandemic operations are running at an all time low the global health crisis has changed the way things operate here due to this global change of course and there's a big downsizing of the operation currently what's happening and
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of course we had to adapt organizationally and also our processors and there's a perfect patient the standards. the airport is disinfected twice a day for now only qatari citizens are allowed back into the country and they are tested for covert 19 upon arrival qatar airways had about 250 flights a day now that's down to around 75 with mainly transit flights through doha. and passengers must pass through these thermal scanners which measure their body temperature. the planes which are still flying are being disinfected after each flight and according to staff here they are fitted with a special ventilation filter i coul advice in the cattery ways has one of the most mobile fleets in the air our aircraft got very good after tracing systems on board and we've been in the whole stack cleaning procedure for all our aircraft while most airlines in this part of the world have stopped their passenger flights qatar
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airways remains operational for now. and qatar was believes that the future of air travel will largely rely on more testing of passengers what we're aiming to do is to use newly developed in you know us a test kits which give you an instant on so well announced within 10 minutes but at the moment things are still fairly new they're still in development but we've already put an order in for a significant number of these kits that we can test our crews and our arriving passengers as qatar airways continues its travel restrictions some transit passengers are still trying to make their way home in uncertain times this airport served more than 38000000 passengers last year but now this is how things look 40 percent of the workforce here have been told to work from home while the health ministry imposes strict measures on the qataris that are returning from abroad and other passengers who pass through for now what is certain is that the effects of
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this pandemic on the travel industry will be felt for years to come. door search of ari al-jazeera international airport. you're watching i was there with me the whole rama reminder of our top stories a 6 week old baby in the united states is among the latest victims of corona virus as the amount of people who are infected around the world approaches 1000000 in the u.s. there's been more than 5000 deaths president donald trump is limiting travel but resisting calls for a national shutdown as infections pass 200000 state governors are pleading for more equipment to tackle the outbreak but trump says there will soon be more ventilators available than the u.s. needs. and we're building thousands we were fairly soon be at a point where we have far more than we can use even after we stockpile for some future catastrophe which we hope doesn't happen we're going to be distributing them
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the extras around the world will go to italy will go to france will go to spain which is and you know very hard. trying to hit back at the u.s. president and his team calling them shameless for accusing beijing of covering up the numbers of cases a foreign ministry spokeswoman accused washington of politicizing a health issue meanwhile beijing fears there could be a 2nd wave of infections a county near who bay where the outbreak began has gone into lockdown after new cases were reported restrictions on burying the dead in iraq are traumatizing grieving families there having to break muslim traditions and wait for days to bury relatives because some cemeteries are refusing to accept the dead iraq has 52 deaths and more than 70 confirmed infections close 290-0000 workers in spain have lost their jobs since the lockdown began almost 3 weeks ago social security data shows more than half were temporary workers 3 a half 1000000 spaniards are unemployed the most in 3 years. the british government
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says it hopes to prioritize testing for frontline staff within weeks more than 2000 health care workers have been infected the prime minister bar's johnson is isolating because he has the virus all prices have risen by around 10 percent after donald trump talked of hopes of an end to the price war between saudi arabia and russia the us president expects the major producers to reach a deal within a few days. and in pakistan one of the men jailed for the kidnapping and murder of journalist daniel pearl is set to be released a quarter overturn the murder conviction of british born and herbal sage shake the washington post reporter was killed in 2002 while investigating a pakistani rebel group you can follow the stories of course on our website at al-jazeera dot com we have more needs the news hour with the stance against rafa until its people in power next here on al-jazeera. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament that call means
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a lot of the country's fortunes we bring you the stories in developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in again breaks it down that was a slogan that one of the prime minister boris johnson counting the cost on al-jazeera. reviews you hung kerry in prime minister viktor orban was here you there's a chance read him these days he's routinely verified as a migrant bashing national vision for a terribly agenda for a huge democratic. in july 29th teen people in power and went on hungry she outlives assured the senate now is open seeks almost unlimited powers to degree image the growth of r. is growing she says we're showing that we can.


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