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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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and out the troops in very complex situations that include major global play as we've been targeted by cyber attacks from russia there are dangers to this kind of . troops in the post troops well and are not just sierra. this is al jazeera. and i mean this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes you and experts point the finger at syria's government for carrying out the chemical weapon attacks on civilians. plus we have extensive coronavirus coverage including england recording its highest daily spiking coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours. they called it wrong they call it. president donald trump's
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latest target is the world health organization his criticism mounts over his response to the pandemic. ethiopia declares a state of emergency warning of grave illegal measures against anybody who undermines the fight against. a bleak prognosis for african americans and a plea to learn the lessons from current are. so then the un's a chemical weapons watchdog has released its 1st report explicitly blaming the syrian government for sarin and chlorine attacks against civilians the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and looked at 3 attacks in 2017 in the northern syrian town of the men in hama province it says there are reasonable grounds to believe government forces used bombs containing sarin that hit heavily can jet. it's civilian areas including
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a hospital the report goes on to say that bashar al assad's heavy use of chemical weapons has been a crucial part of his regime's military strategy let's cross straightaway to our diplomats at the james base who joins us from the united nations and james it important to report this very important investigators coming out with more specifics about what happened. an important report but will it be a game changer clearly the long and horrific saga of the use of chemical weapons goes back to 2039 you're remember that certainly the obama administration thought the assad regime did it they said that it across the red line but then president obama decided not to take any sort of military action at that time well all the while we've not had any technical scientific proof that the assad regime was responsible well we now have it just over an hour ago for the 1st time the o.p.c.
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w that's the international body that deals with chemical weapons has produced this $82.00 page report looking initially at 3 incident incidents go back to 2017 they are in a town in it live as you say and there over a 6 day period now what they have decided and they say that this is based on on them looking at the evidence and looking at all the possibilities that on 2 occasions the syrian air force dropped bombs with sarin in them and then on the another occasion in the same town at the hospital they believe that a syrian a helicopter dropped chlorine on the hospital in an improvised barrel bombs so pretty clear here this report pretty clear no doubt really that the assad regime was responsible for these crimes certainly the whole international
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system had been trying to come up with some sort of conclusions the chemical weapons use and this is the 1st time we have a definitive answer like this in the past there were mechanisms set up there was a joint o.p.c. w.u.n. mechanism and that was put into place in 2015 renewed 2016 they were coming together with their findings and in 2017. when they were getting closer to coming up with the findings russia blocked the renewal of that mechanism and so we've had a new team in the o.p.c. w since 2017 and their work is now bearing fruit right said james where do we go from here the syrian government explicitly blamed but there's not much chance of any repercussions there at this moment anyway the syrian government is blamed the syrian government didn't help this inquiry and anyway worth telling you the earlier in the week the un came up with his board of inquiry on attacks in hospital on hospitals in it lib province more recent attacks again they felt they
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felt that it was probable that the syrian government and its allies were behind some of those attacks again the syrian government didn't cooperate so what is going to be the cost to the syrian government where is going to be the justice for all of this will that i think is a problem the accountability piece because the obvious venue to take this would be the international criminal court but we've seen in the past whenever the syria file has been referred to the international criminal court there is a blockage of the blockage is quite simple you need a vote in the un security council russia is syria's closest ally it's a permanent member of the un security council and it showed it's prepared to use its veto rights for a dam that the very latest there james bays there joining us from the united nations thanks. let's get straight into our continuing coverage of the coronavirus now and the
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death toll in the united kingdom 1st up it continues to say with figures just released confirming 828 people have died that's an england alone in the past 24 hours nearly 56000 people have been affected right across the country among them the prime minister of course boris johnson he remains in intensive care the prime minister was given supplementary oxygen cabinet ministers say he's in a stable condition and in good spirits. actually outside the hospital where boris johnson is being treated right now but let's start with the figures festival because they're important and they're ratcheting up. just over an hour ago we started to get the the day you speak is coming in from the different nations of the united kingdom so england has released its so i was whales northern islands at the mall up and gets. a pretty gloomy total it's
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$936.00 with $828.00 coming from england that you said nick. it's worth saying though that when. national when that the national statistics are put out towards the end of the day by the department of health they are likely to be slightly different from this because of the way that these are will talk to top the timescales of a using cetera et cetera it is also worth saying that this figure is the figure that is put out later in the day by the department of health. likely to be significant and accounts of what the real figure reach it weans which is probably significantly higher. than we might find that out in a couple of weeks or a week. the office of national says there are a number of different ways of these being counted the best way of looking at think is not comparing one figure with another but looking at the trajectory over time and what that clearly shows us is that day by day the death toll for the
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united kingdom he's getting. higher and higher and i think that the figures that we're seeing at the moment. rivaling perhaps even exceeding the numbers that we were seeing coming out said hastily at its worst period and it doesn't look like the hole in the u.k. has stopped and yet it's still climbing and while the money should be i was seeing all this that the prime minister of course boris johnson he's in intensive care still. yes. we're not being told a huge amount about his condition every few hours we get a. minister or a spokesman from downing street and it's pretty much been exactly the same script for a day and a half now which is that he's in good spirits he's stable he has been given oxygen
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he might even be still receiving oxygen he hasn't been in he doesn't have you know . the the most recent update that we got containing new information was in the last few hours which said that he's responding to treatment now what is the treatment we don't really know except that she's being given oxygen we're also told that he's not doing any work now that means that essentially that that big prime minister although it's not the formal role is now dominic robb spots he is not what the prime minister would be he doesn't have the power to hire and fire other ministers. there is still this principle of. happen it's a collective responsibility for important matters of state and we are starting to see i think the problem is that this store where we're getting different messages coming out about. view of the governments to lock down period is actually going to
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happen early next week or not roy thanks very much indeed that's the update from outside sometimes this hospital in london where a chance well european finance ministers have failed to agree on joint measures to counter the pandemics economic fallout that's after an overnight teleconference that went on for roughly 16 hours they are divided over how to share the financial burden is estimated to be as high as $1.00 trillion dollars for the european union comes as world trade organization predicts up to a 3rd of all global trade could be lost this year when the use scientific chief has resigned saying he's frustrated with the blocks response to the pandemic model ferrari has led the european research council for just 4 months he told the financial times newspaper member states had failed to coordinate on health care policies let's cross now to dominate kane he joins us from berlin via skype and don this is most mia a 4 year term the ferrari had and what do we know. boyett son which ended up being
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less than 4 months in office nick this is a man who came to this position in the leaves find this fall the e.u. let's be clear about that accept simon one would think that the lead scientist for that me you would have a very clear and serious role to play but it's he says that the initiatives that he wanted to see being implemented were not being implemented mr professor ferarri wanted to have a lot of power to take decisions at on a sort of talk down basis that is to be empowered with executive or therapy as it were so that the e.u. could act together in a concerted manner with with his input into it but that was rebuffed by the institute itself the european research council scientific committee unanimously said no we don't want that means all of us leave then very disappointed by that but
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he says that the president of the european commission of a set up on the alliance who herself has only been in the job through not that much longer than that mr found out he had been where she said to him give me your ideas that see if we can find a way around this and he then went into more detail about ideas and again that was rebuffed at the european level he says that the plan disintegrates and so clearly this is someone saying i'm not happy with the way the european union is acting the man says that he was europhile and he wanted to believe in the european union and fails that could be acting in a great deal more concerted manner with a top down approach but that the e.u. officials he was working with don't want that to happen and i suppose many would argue that there is no this is no time at all for any kind of resignation whatever the reason is but it does also highlight the dysfunction within the european
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enterprise as a whole. well as you were hearing in that introduction you have the sense of disagreement between e.u. countries about the financial wafl woods through this coronavirus crisis of this pandemic and indeed the the fact that you have the lead scientist saying it's disjointed it's not working it's not something which is going to help so clearly it shows there is disagreement but let's be clear that we should distinguish between the disagreement that professor pati is referring to and the disagreement between states about the financial way forward because you have a break as it were between northern european states and southern europeans things the germans the dutch and to a certain extent the austrians are very clear that while they are quite happy so allow the southern european states of a most affected it's early in spain to draw down emergency loan funding under what's called the european stability mechanism the really a whole king at the idea all being the ultimate guarantee that taxpayers as it were
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providing a guarantee of spanish and italian debts that's what those 2 countries really want they want what's called euro bonds or corona vaughn's as it was a guarantee of that debts to allow them to fight corona and also not worry about huge debt repayments and that sort of thing that's what's still being worked on the german government has indicated it is prepared to move to in a certain way but the question remains will there be enough movement to find something more substantial which can really help these those 2 countries i mentioned it's early in spain there is a suggestion from the german finance minister that maybe that maybe some movement with all the east that we can see which is the coast this weekend but we wait to see what will happen in brussels all right that's the view from but i'm going to kind thanks very much appreciated. well spain has announced more than 750 people
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have died in the past 24 hours with new infections also on the rise the number of fatalities has been increasing again in recent days spain is one of the worst affected countries in the world with more than 146000 confirmed cases a french military aircraft carrier has been instructed to return to port after sailors on board started showing symptoms of coronavirus nearly 40 people on the shoulder go have not been placed on that medical of savation screening team with test facilities has been sent to the ship to try and prevent a further spread of the virus now the world health organization is denying president donald trump's accusation that it's quote china centric and responding to his threat to cut funding the u.n. organization said the acute phase of a pandemic is not the right time for that has been blamed several people including his predecessors and the media as he faces increasing criticism over his handling of the crisis the u.s. has recorded nearly 2000 deaths in the past 24 hours alone my kind of reports now
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from washington. after a series of critical tweets during the day president trump launched a verbal attack on the w.h.o. in the daily coronavirus briefing the president seemed particularly angered by the w h o's recommendation and early february that international air travel should continue this just days after he had imposed a ban on flights from china he also appeared to echo allegations that the organization rely too heavily on information from china during the initial phase of the outbreak. they called it wrong they call it. a really they missed a call they could have called it months or earlier they would have known. and they should have known and they probably didn't so we'll be looking into that very carefully and we're going to put a hold on money spent to the w h o we're going to put a very powerful hold on it and we're going to see it's
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a great thing if it works but when they call every wrong it's no good the ban on flights from china was one of the recommendations the president's economic advisor made in a memorandum sent to the national security council at the end of february peter numbers are also warned that as many as 600000 americans could lose their lives. navarro sent a 2nd memorandum a month later and this time he included the president on the distribution list he said that between 2 and 3000000 americans could die he also specified the medical supplies the government would need to up paying to prepare this included a 1000000000 facemasks $11000.00 ventilators and $25000.00 respirators the memorandum was largely ignored. president trump denies he ever sold the documents yes sir mr truly is to the farmers the president just this
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president this today if you learned about the damage today which is maybe a day good tutor's feeling. among your staff or your very own self that it told you something that really were there was a recommendation was a feeling that he had i think he told certain people in this but it didn't matter i didn't see it the president told reporters the contents of the documents would not have changed the way he has acted and then left the briefing after saying he would greet them later my kind of al-jazeera washington well let's bring in our white house press one it can be how could he joins us live from washington campbell is this simply a president deflecting to cover up his well publicised errors of judgment in dealing with this crisis to his accusations have any substance. i think it's fair to say there's a little of both in the president's accusations and finger pointing towards the
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world health organization i mean look at donald trump has the big platform he often will say what many are thinking but don't want to say are too polite to say and that's a little bit of what's happening here in the bottom line is that donald trump is growing areas and adding his voice to a growing number of voices that are looking at the world health organization wondering whether or not it was too trusting on the numbers coming out of china wondering whether or not it may have been a little bit late in declaring a global health emergency so the u.s. president is reflecting some of that but i think it's important to note the president is also deflecting some of the figure pointing towards himself with regard to his own response whether or not there was a lag in testing not enough supplies in terms of personal protective equipment you have to remember this is a president who's running for reelection come november he was running out a strong economy and the numbers were looking very positive in his favor all of
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that has disappeared as a result of coronavirus so there's no question the president is looking to figure points and try to spread blame for the reality that faces ordinary americans and really the world and it's interesting to see one of the drops advisers in this fight those that don't tend to be folksy he's been talking about the time some point in the future perhaps in the fall when things may even open up and he's been talking folks news. that's right dr anthony found she is one of the top public health officials in the united states he's also a member of the court of virus task force and certainly many americans are getting a little glimmer of hope in the fact that he is acknowledging that there is at least a plan in place of how the united states will reemerge what it will look like in terms of people leaving their homes because 98 percent of americans are under some form of restriction whether it's staying at home orders or social distancing really has touched every facet of the united states and living in the united states so
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there is a lot of hope from dr anthony found she he said that they are looking at what reentry looks like but you have to remember at the same time there are very strict orders and till the end of april 30th this is something that the still a long ways off and there we should also acknowledge one of the other top public health officials dr burke has said don't get too excited don't let this be sort of an indication that it's time to go back outside because what they're really fearing is there could be a 2nd wave much like we've already seen in new york happening in another pocket of the united states right ok completely with for the moment can we hope that washington d.c. but we are going to take this issue on mary kom is a political analyst he writes about the you know workings of american politics fool and he joins us via skype from washington d.c. mr welcome to the program there what's your sense about this is the president trying to deflect from his own errors of judgment or is it right for the show to be held up to the light. well i do think that the world health organization does have
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some answer questions that they need to answer in fact we know that there are some media outlets who backs that actually call that a pandemic even before the world health organization but that certainly does not take the trump administration's handling of this virus off the hook i mean we do know that u.s. military of intelligence officials actually were alerted many people within the government to a problem that was going on and on early as november and also we do know that this was a president who for quite some time referenced this as a democratic hoax he said that the united states had this under control and now we look at the united states leading the world and the number of confirmed cases to date we've we've had almost 100 percent republican backing for trump's actions pride's of the coronavirus and indeed through it to a degree might his party any point look at the deaths that have been happening in
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the united states and say you know what our leaders should have done better. well we have not begun to see any cracks within the president's party old were his handling of the virus in fact if you just look at the latest polling data. while independents and democrats believe that the president's handling of the pandemic has been abysmal he still remains very high ratings among his base in fact many believe that when the president is holding his daily press briefings that he is in fact speaking to that base and this is an unshakable base this is a base that the president knows is with him no matter what is happening but of course the president's biggest calling her much like of what kimberly halkett said has been his handling of the economy and now that we see the virus basically taking away the president's biggest selling point heading into reelection this could be cause for worry for the president as well as his re-election team right and we were
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talking with kimberly to. member of the current of ours task force throwing in the heads and talking about the glimmer of light the light at the end of the tunnel when at some point america will return back to normal and schools will start to reopen he did talk about the full of the autumn quite a long way ahead but nevertheless he was doing that and he was doing it on fox news sure and of course a weird beginning to see what appears to be some level of daylight and new york which is now the epicenter of this virus outbreak and and the united states they are now seeing the number of new cases at least diminish but that still does not take away from the fact that there are a number of other hotspots growing across the country and the question will be can the president work with these governors and the states primarily many of them blue to actually meet the needs of the american people eric thanks very much indeed
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erica i'm talking to thanks very much in the. all right let's just bring you some breaking news now we're hearing that senator bernie sanders one of the contenders for the democratic standing in the u.s. election has suspended his presidential campaign so bernie sanders has suspended his 2020 democratic presidential campaign we'll bring you more on that as we get it but that's the only line we're getting at this point in time but as we get more bring it to you and here we have a shot from geneva these are the it's the empty podium the w.h.o. the world health organization by shortly we expect to see dr ted rose. who is the chief giving the tri weekly briefing which is the wednesday briefing they do it 3 times a week monday wednesday and friday and will be going to that very spot soon is people of populating the podium all right let's get a more positive perspective on the pandemic now and the original epi center where
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life's returning to normal the chinese city of rouhani is reopening its doors after being sealed off a nearly 3 months but it's under close watch with tight health restrictions to avoid a 2nd wave of infections sir clark has that story. packed and ready for departure tens of thousands of people from the city of woo han are on the move after 76 days holed up in their homes when i wasn't here when i planned to go home during the chinese new year but because of the epidemic i didn't get to do so my family asks me every day when i come home the lockdown has been gradually lifted over the last 10 days with inbound travel allowed but no departures on wednesday all major highways were reopened so too was the city's airport at least 55000 people trying to kits to travel to other parts of china. i haven't been out since january 21st this is the 1st time i've left the house now i'm going back home to meet my parents
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checkpoints remain but for health scans those passengers carrying a green coat on a government health are considered low risk and can travel. we will have a follow up this infection of passengers at the entrance and exit on the railway station with the temperature screening and the health code checking we are very strict 11000000 people live in the city known as a key industrial hub of china in december hospitals in we're had reported the 1st cases of the coronavirus with an increasing number of patients complaining of flu like symptoms in january the city was put in lockdown after it became clear that the flu like virus was highly contagious and potentially deadly residents were trapped so too will workers on the eve of the chinese new year holiday break including player who he works and lives in beijing but my out of france
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colleagues were actually found one day cancelled. last minute but i didn't because i. chose a can. i still like. you know you really lucked out with everyone who hand accounts for more than 3 quarters of corona virus deaths in china or thora g.'s a warning of a 2nd wave of potential infections as lockdowns a lifted across the country and people return to work today so we appeal to the residents of our city not to be harper non-essential travel and continue to leave home as little as possible the recovery of will hand has been watched worldwide while the city attempts to return to normal the trauma could last for decades sara clock al-jazeera. well it's an hour from beijing katrina you has more how an up regulate who comes in and goes out of. if you live in one or the y.
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duhoux a province you must unload a mobile app and you must input all your details or your national id number your address your contact details and what that does it uses china's big data surveillance system to really check your whereabouts in comparison to a nerd cove in 1000 persons location and depending on that proximity you give you a card with 3 different colors a red code if you're high risk a yellow code if you're a medium risk and green if you're at low risk or you're healthy and in you can travel so let me give you an idea of what that looks like so that's the out there and that's the cue walk card that screen that's being generated there that makes makes it possible for you not only to travel within will hon but also leave the city so all those people the 10s of thousands of people who have been leaving the city today they would have had to show that at the train stations at airports and indeed even if you go on this issue for example you catch a taxi or you go into a restaurant you must present that code and at the restaurant or the taxi driver
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will then scan that and absorb all your details and what that does is makes sure that for example next week if you're found to have covert 19 there they can track your whereabouts and authorities can identify exactly who you came into contact with and pull them aside perhaps for testing or quarantine period so definitely it's a high tech used to fight this epidemic but people are raising concerns especially rights groups that the chinese government is using this epidemic to overreach and really extend their control where the chinese city on the russian border is under a lot drawn off of infections a friend who in the northwest saw 25 new cases all infected travelers crossing over from russia people have been ordered to remain at home with one person from each family allowed to leave every few days to buy necessities.
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so you want to remind of our top stories this the un's chemical weapons watchdog has released its 1st report explicitly blaming the syrian government for sarin and chlorine attacks against civilians in tact targeted sites in hama province including the hospital. the world health organization has denied president donald trump's i.q. zation that it's quote china centric responding to his threat to cut funding w.h.o. said a pandemic is not the right time for such a move. the death toll in the united kingdom continues to surge with 828 people dying in england in the past 24 hours nearly 56000 people have been affected right across the country among them the prime minister boris johnson remains in intensive care. if europeans prime minister has declared a state of emergency to help curb the spread of the virus experts are worried an outbreak could be hard to contain in a country where the health care system is already under strain has reported around
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50 confirmed cases so far and at least 2 deaths will davison is a senior ethiopia analyst at the international crisis group and he says the true scale of infections across the country is unclear. not too much testing has been done but the government has steadily increased that accrediting a couple of other that are afraid to do so but it's certainly not a huge amount of testing that's going on and maybe that's partly why there's not a huge amounts of infections that's to say there is quite a lot of uncertainty about the extent to which the corona virus may have spread so far in ethiopia but really it's a question of uncertainty we just don't know of course the african c.d.c. is hugely active in helping out and where it can working with other international organizations egads the regional bloc in this parts of africa and they have been donating money and collecting money to help with the cause but it is predominantly on a state by state basis as
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a result so that collective action from african states including african union to appeal to the international community for emergency support and things like that really to help african economies recover from this situation well the south african communications minister has been suspended for 2 months after she broke and logged on restrictions of stella now being the abrahams was summoned by the president talked to she said she had a photograph of her self a self having a meal with a colleague on her social media president asked her to deliver a public apology for undermining the national effort to save lives. well like many other nations in africa rwanda or is struggling to do enough to daily tests account of the pandemic the number of infections is rising despite the government ordering a total lockdown almost 3 weeks ago catherine soy has. run this government hence the coming of coronavirus reception to gianna lists for the 1st time it's
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a rare move on the outskirts of the capital kigali to publicize and reassure 12000000 london citizens that all is under control and to show the wild how the country is dealing with a pandemic stage of trying to size the outbreak in the country because we have our 1st cases already in country since the 14th of march 88 percent imported cases means there are few cases that. call from and by contact with. with those imported cases several patients are being more needed at this center for around 80 people and at a 2nd specialist hospital to health workers say none of the secret quiet intensive care but there are enough ventilators for those who may fall seriously ill rhonda has about 46 ventilators set aside for called it 1000 patients many african countries are struggling to keep up past health officials here say they can test up
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to 700 people a day. if we detect suspected cases will test them on a little test them every 3 days if they get sick we'll bring them to the center the government ordered a total shut down in late march when the infection rate increased all bowed as and space had been closed to stop the disease being imported. and it's all hands on deck at this medical center as volunteers and government workers keep track of those quarantined in government facilities and at home we follow them up on a daily basis to see if they have any symptoms if they have developed any we refer them and connect them to our rapid response team for a vacuum ration and taking them to different facilities for closer follow up. many are wondering see their margins a response by their government has been swift and robust health workers say they're confident they have the capacity to contain the disease but they're also concerned
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that even neighboring countries failed to stem the spread and called it 1000 will be had to deal with because of the high number of illegal border crossings catherine saif al jazeera or let's get back to that breaking news out of the united states and senator bernie sanders has suspended his campaign for the democratic presidential nomination he's dropping out of the race and ended his bid for the u.s. presidency let's go straightaway to alan fischer who joins us from washington d.c. via skype alan tell us what more we know. well it's not a huge surprise i mean bending sanders has essentially been hanging since super tuesday when joe biden did so incredibly well remember biden's campaign was essentially dead and buried after the 1st 3 contests didn't do a toll well suddenly he wins south carolina a number of candidates then state pen give their endorsement to joe biden he does well in super tuesday and suddenly the momentum is all in his way bernie sanders really banked on the idea of getting young voters to turn out he managed to do that
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but joe biden managed to get what they call the baby boomers are people who are 405060 years old they seem to think that joe biden was a much safer bet someone who could actually beat donald trump someone who would upset the apple cart too much and the threw their support behind him so what we're looking at now in november is joe biden against donald trump many people thought that that would be the race 4 years ago when joe biden of course was barack obama's vice president but he decided not to run at that point because it came very soon after the death of his son bo the concern for the democratic party is going to be this many people felt that 4 years ago when bernie sanders allen went their way jumping in there i'm sorry i should jump in we need to move over to geneva to the world health for. the adults tetras is giving his latest. find of the 1st cases w.h.o. activated its incident management support team to coordinate our response at
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headquarters regional and country level on the fevers of january w.h.o. officially notified all member states of this new outbreak and published disease outbreak news on our website. on the tense of january we issued a comprehensive package of guidance to countries on how to detect test and money potential cases and protect held workers on the same day we come been distracted you can technical advisory group on infectious hazards to review the situation we have been engaging with journalists to since the beginning responding to media inquiries around the clock we convene the emergency committee on the 22nd of january and again
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a week later after the 1st cases of human to human transmission were reported outside china and declared a public health emergency of international concern our highest level of ireland at the time there were 98 cases outside china and no day is in february an international team of experts from canada china germany japan the republic of korea nigeria the russian federation single pour and the united states of america visited affleck to provinces in china to learn more about the virus the outbreak and the response and to glean lessons for the rest of the world
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in early february the united nations crisis management team was activated after we discussed with secretary general antonio would tell us to coordinate the entire machinery of the un to support countries as effectively as possible. since then we have been working day and night in 5 key areas 1st we have world to support countries in building their capacity to prepare and respond suitably chose a network of 6 regional offices and 150 country offices we have worked closely with governments around the world to prepare their health systems for covered 19 and to respond when cases are ripe we should a strategy of preparedness and response plan which identified the major actions
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countries need to take and the resources needed to carry them out government said and part of the notice rose to the challenge more than $800000000.00 u.s. dollars has been plays or received for their response that includes more than $140000000.00 u.s. dollars from more than $229000.00 divisions in oregon assertions that raised through the solidarity to response fund exceeding all our expectations and showing their true solidarity globally i would like to tank all donors for their support including apple for its contribute and of $10000000.00 u.s. dollars to ensure that this money is used where it's needed most we have set up an online portal to help partners might need needs
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with funds 2nd we have worked with numerous partners to provide accurate information and fight the info to make. we have published 50 pieces of technical guidance for the public health workers and countries providing evidence based advice on every element of that response we activated our global expert networks to tap the world's leading epidemiology just school in mission says social scientists to start to see sions biologists least communicators and others to make our response throughly global and to capture all the support we need from all over the world from dublin experts and from other experts in many of the institutions we have globally our epi when tim
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has adopted out advice for individuals and communities health workers employers and workers face based organizations and more about how to protect themselves and others so our baby situation reports and these are regular press briefings we have kept the world informant about the latest data information and evidence we have held regular briefings with our member states to answer their questions and learn from their experiences we have worked with numerous media and tech companies including the facebook google in a struggle link and in missing job pinterest so now 10 sent to talk to we turn viber what you tube and more to counter myth and mis information with reliable evidence based advice.
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the what chad what now has more than 12000000 followers and is vailable in 7 languages including hindi and portuguese which are launching today the by better has more than 2000000 followers in 3 languages and 4 more to launch next week reaching out to the citizens of the world the person in the street informing them about the latest information we have just in the past 2 days we can be in an online world shop to crowdsource ideas from all over $600.00 experts institutions and individuals on ways to combine the info to me we have worked with and some of the world the biggest sports stars
6:45 pm
to promote clean hands and physical activity and seems we announced the one world together at home concert with lady gaga and global citizen on monday more t.v. networks and online platforms from around the world have contacted us offering the broadcasts to broadcast the concert and lady gaga had already raised 35000000 dollars adds already informant during our conference with her surge with working hard to ensure supplies of essential medical equipment for frontline held workers so far we have shipped more than 2000000 items of personal protective equipment to 133 countries and we are preparing to ship another 2000000 items in the coming weeks. we have sent more than 1000000 diagnostic tests
6:46 pm
to 126 countries in all regions and we are sort of seeing more but we know mike more is needed this is not enough so we want king with the international chamber of commerce the world economic forum and others in the private sector to ramp up the production and distribution of essential medical supplies today we're launching the un 19 supply chain task force to dramatically scale up the supply of this lifesaving tools and might supply was needs and i would like to use this opportunity to tank is the secretary general antonio good ideas for bringing all the u.n. agencies to contribute to the supply chain taskforce forth we are working to train and mobilize workers more than 1200000 people have been rolled in
6:47 pm
6 courses in 43 languages on our open w.h.o. dot org platform our target is to train tens of millions and we have all the readiness to train tens of millions hundreds of millions experts have been deployed around the world suitably just global outbreak eilert and response network in our emergency medical teams platform and 5th we have accelerated research and development in february early february we brought more than $400.00 of the world's leading researchers together to identify and accelerate research priorities. we launched the solidarity trial with more than 90 countries globally working together to find
6:48 pm
effective therapeutics as soon as possible to better understand the transmission epidemiology and clinical features of the virus we have developed research protocols that are being used in more than 40 countries in a coordinated way we are working with find to accelerate development and access to diagnostics today 130 scientists funders and manufacturers from around the world have signed a statement committing to what was doubly job to speed the development of a vaccine against. 19 of course that is not alone un is not alone every day we work with thousands of partners in the government academia the private sector civil society and more there are many many other things that really
6:49 pm
joe has done in the past 100 days that i haven't mentioned these 5 pillars will continue to be the foundation of our work in the coming days doubly joe will be releasing an updated strategy and a revised strategy preparedness and response plan with an estimate of the financial needs for the next phase of the response so out out of focus has been on working with countries and with partners to bring the world together to confront this common threat together we'd especially concerned with protecting the world is poorest and most vulnerable not just in the poorest countries but in all countries. for the past 100 days our unwavering
6:50 pm
commitment has been to serve all people of the world with equity objectivity and neutrality and that will continue to be our sole focus in the days weeks and months ahead finally this is a special time of year for christians jews and muslims around the world today has published practical considerations any commendations for phase bay's communities we know that 19 means billions of believers are not able to celebrate in the way they we usually would but we wish everyone a safe and joyful easter passover and i'm
6:51 pm
a done thank you. thank you very much and look at that i understand we had some technical issues which sound on some of our social media platform so what we will try to do right now is to send as soon as possible. the text of opening remarks to everyone so you can have it while this press conference is still ongoing it seems that journalists who are watching us on zoom didn't have those issues they were able to listen to us. in any case we've been hearing in listening to the chief of the w.h.o. that started talking in the past 100 days of w h o's efforts the world health organizations efforts in tackling coronavirus listing their actions in the handling of the pandemic since it began i remember this directly after donald trump's criticism of the double had got it wrong and donald trump's threat to cut funding they listed at the v.a.
6:52 pm
listed from january actions are taken even when there were only $98.00 cases outside of china and indicated then the highest level of alarm and talked of the vast quantities of money raised donations have exceeded our expectations he said the direction i have been working day and night to respond to help governments around the world let's bring in can be hard to our white house correspondent has been listening to that as well and kimberly have to say that without explicitly saying it dr ted ross rebuffing fallen from criticism. yeah there's no question about of that this was a message perhaps for 1 may he appeared in my view to be a little bit irritated as he responded to some of the criticisms and as you point out he did not mention the u.s. president by name but he certainly defended the world health organizations response outlining 5 key areas where is he believes that there was in fact
6:53 pm
a robust response by the world health organization the sensually countering the claim by the u.s. president but also a growing body of right leaning but also global health experts who are questioning whether or not there was a declaration of a public health emergency as early as it should have been declared you heard there the leader of the world health organization saying that they had not only provided regular briefings they had activated an expert network of medical professionals throughout the globe that there was a coordination to counter misinformation about the virus with tech companies the name google facebook twitter you tube and also that there was a dispatching of personal protective equipment something we know has been a key problem in the united states and also that there has been an updated sort of
6:54 pm
effort when it comes to research and development because of course the world all scrambling now to find a vaccine for cope it 19 so again the interesting that he kind of took the high road in the moral high ground in terms of responding to u.s. president donald trump directly but at the same time there's no question that some of this information that was put out there was to fight back against the criticisms coming from the u.s. president who himself is under the spotlight right now for response and now looking for someone to blame pointing to the world health organization the world health organization. responding in kind kelli thanks a lot will be speaking in the coming hours about this for the time being thank you that's a picture from washington d.c. let's take you back to the breaking news about bernie sanders the democrat senator has pulled out of the race for the democratic presidential nomination he has been speaking billett speak to us when alan fisher has been listening in on this
6:55 pm
addresses his followers on social media what was he been saying allen well he's talking about the support that he's go all the people who've been involved the fact that his supporters are perhaps the most enthusiastic and to a degree in this race that is probably the reality is he just didn't have enough of them he started to lose support as we were saying after south carolina where joe biden essentially came back from the political dead he won the primary and then got indorsements from senior figures who were also running for president at that point you think of people to judge him equally sharpish just to name and then he had a very good super tuesday it became increasingly get away i'm sorry to interrupt you for a 2nd time but actually we actually got the audiotape from bernie sanders well we'll talk to you again a bit later in the coming hours but let's listen in to bernie sanders who has pulled out of the president or if we don't believe that we are entitled to live in a world of justice the mark willacy of fairness without racism sexism homophobia
6:56 pm
xenophobia or religious bigotry we will continue to have nasm income and wealth inequality prejudice and hatred mass incarceration terrified immigrants and hundreds of thousands of americans sleeping out on the streets in the richest country on earth. and focusing on that new vision for america is what our campaign has been about and what in fact we have accomplished few would deny that over the course of the past 5 years our movement has won the ideological struggle in so-called red states and blue states and purple states a majority of the american people now understand that we must raise the minimum wage the with least the kyng dollars an hour that we must guarantee health care as a right to all of our people that we must transform our energy system away from fossil fuel and that higher education must be available to all regardless of their
6:57 pm
income it was not long ago the people considered these ideas radical and fridge today they are mainstream ideas and many of them already being implemented in cities and states across the country that is what we have accomplished together in terms of health care even before this horrific and demick we are now experiencing more on more americans understood that we must move to a medicare for all single payer program during the primary elections exit polls showed in state after state age growing but giardia democratic primary voters supported a single government health insurance program to replace private insurance that was true even. where our campaign did not prevail and let me just say this in terms of health care
6:58 pm
this current or with the crisis that we are now in has exposed for all to see how absurd our current employer based health insurance system is the current economic downturn we are experiencing has not only led to a massive loss of jobs but has also resulted in millions of americans losing their health insurance while americans have been told over and over again how wonderful our employer based private insurance system is those claims sound very horrible hollow today as a growing number of unemployed workers struggle with how they can afford to go to the doctor or not go bankrupt with a huge hospital bill we have always believed that health care must be considered as a human right not an employee benefit and we are right please also
6:59 pm
appreciate that not only are we winning the shore go ideologically we are also winning it generationally the future of our country rests with young people and in state after state whether we won or whether we lost the democratic primaries or caucuses we received a significant majority of the votes sometimes the overwhelming majority from people not only 30 years of age or under but 50 years of age or younger in other words the future or this country is with our ideas as we are all painfully aware we now face an unprecedented crisis not only are we dealing with a coronavirus and democrat which is taking the lives of many thousands of our people we are also dealing with an economic meltdown that has resulted in the loss of millions of jobs. today families all across our country faced financial hardship
7:00 pm
unimaginable only a few months ago and because of the unacceptable levels of income and wealth inequality in our economy many of our friends and neighbors have little or no savings and are desperately trying to pay their rent or their mortgage or even put food on the table this reality basically to me that congress must address this unprecedented crisis in an unprecedented way there protects the health and economic well being of the working families of our country not just powerful special interests as a member of the democratic leadership in the united states senate and as a senator from the state of vermont this is something that i intend to intensely be involved in over the next number of months and that will require i require an enormous amount of work which takes me to the.


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