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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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we've come to your touched people's lives and made a difference. the hard road from home photographers and activists on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. of air i mean this is a news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. please don't politicize this vitus a plea to politicians from the world health organization as it is the u.s. and china to join forces to fight covert 90. i cannot in good conscience continue about a campaign they cannot win and which would interfere with the important work week
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of all of us in this difficult hour pandemic has encouraged senator bernie sanders to drop out of the democratic presidential race. british prime minister boris johnson remains in intensive care with corona virus but the government says his condition is improving. and u.n. experts point the finger at syria's government for carrying out chemical weapon attacks on civilians. so then the head of the world health organization has defended the agency's handling of the coronavirus pandemic this follows president donald trump accusing the w.h.o. of being china's centric and threatening to cut funding the organizations chief says now is not the time for such threats. the focus of all political parties should be to save the people to please don't politicize this
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mindless it exploits the differences you have at the national level. if you want to be exploited and if you want to have many more. body bags then you do it if you don't want many more body bags then you the frame from politicizing it my short message is please quieten team politicising cold feet let's go straight to our white house correspondent can be how could these motions in d.c. thank him be the chief they giving a firm almost angry rebuff to criticism from the u.s. president yeah very strongly worded and clearly irritated from the comments made by the u.s.
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president donald trump on tuesday and in fact those statements were acco by the u.n. secretary general who issued a statement saying that there may be time to look back but now is not that time now is the time for unity for the international community to work together in solidarity to stop this virus but again that didn't stop the u.s. president from on tuesday not only questioning the actions of the world health organization but also questioning whether china has had too much influence in fact he was very sharp in his criticism particularly when he accused the world health organization of being too slow to declare a global health emergency they actually criticized him disagreed with my travel ban at the time i did it and they were wrong they've been wrong about a lot of things. and then a lot of information early on they didn't want to do very they seem to be very china centric. and we have to look into that so we're going to look into it we pay
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for it give a majority of the money that they get they called it wrong they call it wrong they really they missed a call they could have called it months earlier they would have known and they should have known and they probably didn't now to be clear a little fact checking and what the president had to say there the united states does not contribute the majority of funding to the world health organization instead it is the largest donor to the world health organization contributing about 15 percent of the monies contributed but what we see there clearly is a u.s. president who's also feeling the heat the spotlight terms of his own response in the united states you have to remember u.s. president is running for reelection in november he was running on a very strong economy that's a vast paraded as a result of fraud a virus people being forced to stay home and now there is a lot of finger pointing going on in terms of who to blame our committee thanks for
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everything kimberly how can washington d.c. well the death toll in the united kingdom continues to surge with almost a 1000 deaths in the past 24 hours more than 60000 people have been infected across the country including of course the prime minister johnson he remains in intensive care but his condition is said to be improving is bach. the british prime minister's personal battle with covert 19 continues with him still in intensive care for the 1st time in days though some positive news on boris johnson's condition the latest from the hospital is that the prime minister remains in intensive care where his condition is improving i can also tell you that he has been sitting up in bed and engaging positively with the clinical team. the prime minister is not only my colleague and my boss but also my friend and my thoughts are with him and his family the 55 year old tested positive 2 weeks ago he was
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admitted to hospital on sunday evening with a persistent high temperature and cough he was later moved to a specialist unit where he is conscious and has received oxygen scientists say the u.k.'s entering the deadliest phase of the outbreak in east london an exhibition center converted into a 500 bed hospital in only 9 days has admitted its 1st patients in this london hospital medics are handling a surge in sufferers but there are worries about the availability of lifesaving equipment we've got enough people that's difficult because inevitably we've had staff go off we have got enough oxygen our current problem today is having enough great ventilators some of those admitted are young and fit with no underlying health problems you don't know how bad it is until it actually hits you and. i would absolutely. everybody to listen to the government
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guidance and away from all this is the hospital where johnson is under close observation just across the river thames from the houses of parliament the scene of so many of johnson's recent victories only a few weeks ago he was telling journalists how he was still shaking hands with people some of them patients in hospital but that was before current restrictions before the death toll started to accelerate and now johnson like so many others across the u.k. have to put their faith in one thing modern medicine in his absence johnson's designated deputy dominic robb and the rest of the cabinet are debating when to lift the lockdown is costing british businesses billions of dollars. after facing criticism for failing to impose restrictions quickly enough there's now a danger of the government lifting things too soon a risk known all too well by london's transport workers 14 have died after
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contracting covert 19 most of them bus drivers the price of keeping our cities moving the farka al-jazeera london or the coronavirus is taking its toll on economies in europe talks between the finance ministers they broke down on wednesday as they discussed a multi-billion dollar rescue package that he barbara has more. reminding people to stay indoors in space. was the military drafted in to disinfect nursing homes and public transport despite a slowing down in the country's rated coronavirus transmission the world health organization is warning the european governments to flee carefully before relaxing their lockdowns or social distancing measures one new report predicts spain's economy will shrink by between 5 percent and 9 percent this year that could leave up to 800000 people unemployed depending on when restrictions were lifted on wednesday morning european union finance ministers meeting via video conference
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were close to a deal on support measures for southern economies worth around $540000000000.00 but talks broke down amid a dispute between italy and the netherlands over how to apply the coronavirus recovery from portugal's marial centeno head of the euro group of euro zone finance ministers tweeted after 16 hours of discussion we came close to a deal but we're not there yet i suspended the euro group and continue tomorrow thursday my goal remains a strong e.u. safety net against fall out of coverage 19 to shield workers firms and countries and commit to a sizable recovery plan france is now demanding the e.u. use the existing mechanism set up during the eurozone crisis with no strings attached as well as some promote the need he knows i would just like to point out something obvious the european stability mechanism was created to deal with a crisis and what are we facing now a crisis which is serious and profound the spanish prime minister pedro sanchez has
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warned that e.u. itself could quote fall apart if it fails to agree a plan to help member states deal with debts incurred fighting the pandemic italy and spain have accused northern nations led by germany and the netherlands of not doing enough that germany has its own covered related economic worries 7. financial institutions expect europe's largest economy to shrink quite nearly 10 percent in the 2nd quarter that's twice as big a contraction as during the 2008 to 2009 financial crash chancellor merkel's government now plans to tighten rules to protect german firms from hostile takeovers by noni new investors. it's about tightening up very liberal foreign trade laws which permit takeovers from foreign investors in a generous way this is in light of the significant german security interests which for me include supplying the public with vital goods such as vaccines and critical
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infrastructure. of course coronavirus is already hitting hard germany has announced it will shut down its low cost airline germany as part of a broader overhaul warning it could take years for the industry to recover. across europe amid all the uncertainty there are moments of hope like this neighborhood in seville welcoming home a recovered college 19 patients. but recovering financially may also need a similar show of solidarity from. algeria. where there's been another casualty of the coronavirus pandemic bernie sanders bid to be the democratic nominee in the u.s. presidential election has ended his campaign and said he could not win he said that continuing to run would interfere with the work that's needed to battle the virus an official has more. the emmy sanders went back to his childhood home in new york to launch a 2nd run for the white house the only principles of our government will
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not be free. a trade and life's. a campaign over his presidential ambitions never to be fulfilled but as i see the crisis gripping the nation exacerbated by a president unwilling or unable to provide any calling of credible leadership and the work that needs to be done to protect people in this most desperate hour i cannot in good conscience continue to about the campaign they cannot win and which would interfere with the important work required of all of us iran in 2016 and built in it want to support beast some would see a movement are you ready for a political revolution it would be believed you could deliver think about that the senate has been fighting for clean air clean water health is a little right on i think those are those that are going to live. on one campaign cycle as the fight for the nomination got underway the oldest man in the race
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suffered a heart attack when we hear what the doctors tell you that he returned to campaigning a short time later insisting there was no long term issue but he suffered disappointment in the farce nominating contest in the administrative mess that was the iowa caucuses sunders came 2nd behind relative newcomer former mean people he won the next 2 states but lost in south carolina to joe biden that seemed to energize the former vice president's campaign i very much oribe because of the we gained momentum indorsements and most importantly supporters on super tuesday sanders won california but lost other significant states i think we're also seeing is that there is a natural limit to sanders appeal to the democratic party writ large for many it was the. that sanders the independent senator from vermont attached himself i am a democratic socialist and his previous support for left wing regimes in communist
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dictators caused a media frenzy while he was talking about that he wasn't pushing his message he lost 3 more states like 2016 he little realistic chance of catching the democratic front runner to continue response in the party an accusation he reached 4 years ago with some claiming his supporters stayed home effectively handing the presidency to donald trump. his presidential ambitions may be over but he insists he's committed to removing the man he describes as the most dangerous president in american history donald trump must be defeated and i will do everything in my power to make that happens bernie sanders believed in universal health care higher taxes for a 1000000000 years and free university education for a long time he was considered on the fringes of america's political debate but believes his ideas are no mainstream i just don't consider myself very radical in most of the positions that i held that i hold or consistent with the american people want but not enough of them believe to be able to deliver in the white house
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alan fischer al jazeera washington. now the iran is the international monetary fund to grant a 5000000000 dollar emergency loan requested last month to help combat coronavirus president hassan rouhani says as a member of the i.m.f. the organization needs to fulfill its charity united states is set to block the loan saying it won't go to fighting the virus but to funding the military iran is one of the countries hardest hit by the outbreak and this call for u.s. sanctions to be lifted so let's get a more positive perspective on the pandemic the original epi center where life is returning to normal the chinese city and its reopening its doors after being sealed off for nearly 3 months but it's under close watch tight health restrictions to avoid a 2nd wave of infections sarah clarke has us story. packed and ready for departure tens of thousands of people from the city of woo han are on the move after 76 days
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holed up in their home when i wasn't here when i planned to go home during the chinese new year but because of the epidemic i didn't get to do so my family asks me every day when i come home the lockdown has been gradually lifted over the last 10 days with inbound travel allowed but no departures on wednesday all major highways were reopened so too was the city's airport at least 55000 people trying to kits to travel to other parts of china. i haven't been out since january 21st this is the 1st time i've left the house now i'm going back home to meet my parents checkpoints remain but for health scans those passengers carrying a green coat on a government health are considered low risk and can travel. we will have a follow up this infection of passengers at the entrance and exit on the railway station with the temperature screening and the health code checking we are very
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strict 11000000 people live in the city known as a key industrial hub of china in december hospitals in we're had reported the 1st cases of the coronavirus with an increasing number of patients complaining of flu like symptoms in january the city was put in lockdown after it became clear that the flu like virus was highly contagious and potentially deadly residents were trapped so too will workers on the eve of the chinese new year holiday break including player who he works and lives in beijing but my out of france colleagues were actually found one day cancelled. last minute but i didn't because i. can. still work. really lucked out when everyone who had accounts for more than 3 quarters of coronavirus deaths in china or thought he's a warning of
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a 2nd wave of potential infections as lockdowns a lifted across the country and people return to work to feed we peeled the residents of our city not to leave for non-essential travel and continue to leave home as little as possible the recovery of we hand has been watched worldwide while the city attempts to return to normal the trauma could last for decades sarah clarke al-jazeera. let's return to the news of bernie sanders quitting the democratic race for the us a presidency we can speak now to douglas sloan who's a democratic strategist joins us on skype from washington d.c. douglas welcome to the program this was not thanks for having me unexpected was that it was not bernie's pathway to the nomination has been closed. time before reality caught up with bernie and his supporters so this is not on its back. but
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a lot of people feel that it should have been a bit sooner digress airlines a little bit shaky we're going to persevered but we might we might move on if it continues in this way but it is important now to him it is very important as far as joe biden is concerned for saunas to throw his weight behind him but will he do so and will his supporters follow. bernie who will throw his weight in his support behind joe biden there's no question about that but the real question remains about bernie supporters we're. we're going to pull out of that because the problem with all these cuts is that sometimes just cuts out it's just not going to work all right let's move on in other news the un's chemical weapons watchdog has released its 1st report explicitly blaming the syrian government for sarin and chlorine attacks against civilians the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons looked at 3
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attacks in 2017 in the northern syrian town with a minute in hama province says there are reasonable grounds to believe government forces used bombs containing sarin that had heavily congested civilian areas including a hospital report goes on to say that bashar al assad's heavy use of chemical weapons has been a crucial part of his regime's military strategy let's bring in our diplomatic editor james bay is joining us live from the united nations and james that we have specifics now in this investigation tell us more. yeah absolutely it's been a long and horrific saga of the use of chemical weapons in syria going back to 2030 and claims that the assad regime responsible go right back then and you remember that the trumpet ministration and the obama administration both blamed the assad regime for carrying out chemical attacks in fact it crossed president obama's red line but then he didn't take military action but what we've never had is
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a proper international scientific investigation that apportions blame we now have it it's this report took a very long time because various other efforts were blocked at various stages notably by the russians in the security council but the o.p.c. w. set up a new unit the a p c w the part of the international community that deals with the chemical weapons and their 1st report is looking to 3 incidences in $27.00 t. and they conclude that 2 of those were the syrian air force that were delivering sarin by dropping bombs on the other one was a syrian helicopter belonging to the syrian air force dropping a barrel bomb that combat claimed chlorine so what happens now well this report goes to the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists which begs the question is he now going to condemn the syrian government for his actions i put that point to his spokes
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person 1st so i will say that the report is been going by the o p c w they are responsible for any questions regarding the report 'd is that is is very should be directed there. it anyone it is an a.p.b. o.p.c. there is no very war by identifying. it by by with this report. the secretary general his position is unchanged that any it is intolerable that anyone anywhere is going to go weapon and impunity for use of the . equally and exert their will and it's imperative to identify and hold those accountable who have used. 'd chemical weapons so imperative that people are identified and held to account and yet in no answer and
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i did push him on it would he actually condemn the assad regime which has in this very report been identified by the international scientific body with deals with this matter why is the u.n. pulling its punches well i think the answer is really clear it's russia syria's closest ally permanent member of the u.n. security council and that nick too is i think the reason why despite this report being so clear we're not actually going to see any efforts towards international justice the only available route for that to go to the international criminal court in this case would be a referral by the u.n. security council and we've seen efforts of that during syria's long war and what's happened each time is that russia a permanent member of the security council has used its veto to block after it's all right james thanks very much at the united nations a british lorry driver has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of 39 people who were
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found dead in the back of his truck last year the bodies of $31.00 men and 8 women were found in southeast england in october the result of an alleged people smuggling operation 4 other suspects have been charged over the death. the gulf state of oman has pardoned hundreds of prisoners many of them foreigners sold them have them been tardy callous side approved the release of nearly 600 prisoners jailed for various offenses it's unclear what the reasons are for the decision at least $300.00 prisoners were pardoned in february the end of the mourning period after the death of sultan qaboos. a man who's been on the run for 25 years over the assassination of bangladesh's founding nida would be executed prosecutors say that military captain abdul majeed returned to bangladesh last month he was captured on tuesday while riding a rickshaw in the capital dhaka he sold to fled to india in 1906 following the killing of shaikh rahman and most of his family and a 975 coup justice minister says the death sentence cannot be appealed to challenge
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or is in dhaka and explains how the arrest came about. has been a privately hiding in india in calcutta how he ended up in dhaka with unless you know who knows months or days you know he was found by the counterterrorism unit there reprimand me followed him and apprehended him yesterday and taken him to a code which technically the courts are closed till the 14 because a coronavirus epidemic now there was a special code set up a judge was appointed to try mao and he's conviction state he was a regional conflict and 2010 took that along with 15 other street where acquitted 5 were eggs acquitted and 5 other aside he came you know still it's gunning many are overseas some are in north america so that not being extradited now he could technically file an appeal according to his defense lawyer saying that you know he was not involved with logical explanation everything but it is highly unlikely that
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appellate division or higher cotard except that he may have it period of 20 to 21 days before he that sentence commuted this all depends on the kind dynamics on the ground because of the current of virus and how the appeal if it does file is looked upon by that quote well still ahead here al jazeera. terribly prognosis for african-americans in a plea to learn the lessons from the crown of ours pandemic. and a loon a phenomenon that's crazy the night sky nothing's parents around the world. how the weather dry unsettled across the rabid peninsula but further north we have
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seen some rather sharp shallows this was the saving kuwait city yesterday some thunder downpours here and you got this line of cloud which stretches all the way up towards the caspian sea to the north of terribly had 84 millimeters of phrases quite a potent system this one gradually making its way further east was quite a keen wind coming in behind so although it's dry across much of the arabian peninsula it will be rather windy a chance of some lifted dust and sand tucking in behind that weather system you see the showers the longer spells of right they will gradually increase across a good part of that western side of iran and there as we go on to was the way cancer friday looks like another rather wet day here the showers pushing all the way up towards the caspian sea and stretching back into that eastern side of the event could see some showers to come friday elsewhere across the region is generally dry and that's the case too across a good part of northern africa we have got some showers which will just create their way towards northern parts of algeria but then areas of maraca plenty of us
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through the heart of africa as the shippy the shows really peping up over the next day i also found some showers into big and can well the way for eastern parts of simple way. of. greece the birthplace of democracy but ethnic turks from the northeast tell a different story they bounce to control our vision our believe their religious leaders jailed journalists silenced schools closed and the far right they say that if you don't like you can vote why i'm doing what i'm most of the people in power investigates western 3 contested space on al-jazeera. a history of guerrilla warfare. and placed on the global stage. name for an organization created from stateless population. before fighting for their land
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why did the p.l.o. fight for independence from their arab neighbors. chronicling the turbulent story of the struggle for a palestinian home p.l.o. history of a revolution on just. never got your watch out 0 a reminder about top stories this hour and the head of the world health organization has defended the agency's handling of the current affair as pandemic president donald trump accuses the v.a. chair of being china centric and threaten to cut funding the organizations chief
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says now is not the time for such threats. british prime minister johnson remains in intensive care in a london hospital where he's been treated for coronavirus he's been given oxygen but his condition is said to be improving. and u.s. senator bernie sanders has dropped out of the democratic presidential race and that means former vice president joe biden as the presumptive democratic nominee to challenge president obama trump in november. all right let's get back to the top story the head of the world health organization defending the agency's handley of the coronavirus pandemic we can speak now to lawrence gostin who is chairman in global health law at georgetown university joins us from washington d.c. mr costin welcome to the program. first this. what has happened here are you surprised by the repast from the w.h.o. it was a pretty firm angry response with no well you know i am surprised but i'm actually
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pleasantly surprised and my plea to be. you know too often countries have been you know blaming criticizing and. tickler with you know powerful countries has not responded. i think what the president of the united states did was indeed disgraceful. it really can deflect blame on the w.h.o. when it should be on the united states itself because we had ample warning for this we didn't prepare well and we now are suffering the consequences the world health organization is acting well within the scientific evidence well within. the international health regulations which bind w.h.o. and the world including the united states and so i have a 100 percent support for the world health organization we can't be blaming one
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another in a time of the global crisis of course trumps criticisms do echo many who have similar criticisms of the show is specifically that they didn't call the pandemic soon enough. well you know i i was one of those who that asked duct tape chose to to call to declare a public health emergency but in fact he did it very very quickly. the idea i think what the public is doing is confusing 2 different things under the international health regulations. the world health organization can declare a public health emergency of international concern that their legal power they did that they may have been a few days late but it had no impact on the epidemic and they did have a very very good job. it was. the idea of when
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w.h.o. classified this is a pandemic. came much later but that has no legal basis everybody knew it was a pandemic for a long time before. rachel classified it has no power to declare a pandemic and it already made it stickler ation of an emergency and so that's just a you know a red herring it it has no bearing on the competency of the world health organization and do you how damaging do you think the president's words are in attacking. this time. you know i find it is very hurtful and embarrassing. you know this is you know it's so easy to blame the w.h.o. are so easy to criticize it but you know the w.h.o. is been dealing with you know
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a global crisis. it's done so with precious few resources on president trump even to have a veil sarette that it might withdraw funding well i have another idea i think the united states in the rest of the world should increase the mandatory assessment and budget of the world health organization by 50 percent or more the world health organization now and has a budget around the same as a large u.s. hospital that's in higher lee in commensurate with its global responsibilities so rather than trying to criticize and weaken w.h.o. i suggest we actually empower it give the w.h.o. political backing and give the w.h.o. war power and by far given ample resources that we need and it covert nineteen's devastation of the world wasn't true for national that we need
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a global health organization that's robust and well funded i don't know anything that would. do you think that's likely to happen do you think the dovish show will get that kind of backbone put into. well you know. right now you know receiving the world unravel with nationalist populism. america blaming china china blenny america conspiracy theories and criticism of the world health organization. everybody's going to shut their borders close down everything so we're really seeing the world kind of retreat into its little nation state. silos you know that you know that's entirely unhelpful. ike not at the mystic that
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a populist leader like the president would rube lastly increase the w.h.o. budget but i think there are other global health leaders around the world in in europe. and asia and other places that should i think china should step up because it's a very very poor an adequate funder of the world health organization it gives most of its money in fact it doesn't give any money away at all it's built in road initiative is mostly about trade with trot with china and travel with china i'm so good suggest that all the rich countries of the world really need to step up china the u.s. . canada. the european union and others and really give w.h.o. the power that it needs to be an effective into a governmental agency in times of crisis. and it's really interesting to get
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a perspective we do appreciate that sir lawrence gostin speaking to us from washington d.c. thank you thank you to care for. now let's go back to bernie sanders quitting the democratic race for the u.s. presidency and we're going to try again with douglas lane who's a democratic strategist joins us on skype from washington d.c. doug we had problems before but we're going to give it another bash so let's start from the beginning 1st up did you expect bernie to pack it in. we knew that it was eventually going to happen and bernie's pathway to the nomination was untenable it was just a matter of time before reality caught up with bernie and his supporters were happy that it's finally happened and hopefully within enough time to really shift our focus towards beating trump in november 2020 a little earlier you were talking about how bernie will will put his shoulder to the wheel of the biden campaign now but the question is will his supporters.
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that is the question of the hour in 2016 there were many bernies supporters that refused to line up behind the democratic nominee and hillary clinton and many of them sat home and some of them even went so far as to vote for the republican nominee donald trump and we see that have brought. trump is ill prepared to deal with this global crisis in coronavirus and we are really suffering because of it so hold fully the sanders supporters ever learn their lesson and will line up behind the democratic nominee that will bring some sanity and he. have a much better method in dealing with this global pandemic than we see trying to do is really dropped the ball on this to what degree do you think it has bernie
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sanders left an imprint and kind of change the debate in this campaign on things that issues are already close to his heart that is passionate about you know health care and income equality and so forth. he did a really good job shaping the national discussion around issues like medicare for all or free college tuition a lot of issues or spoke to the heart of working class in middle class americans that struggle day to day with just working in going to school and getting education and keeping food on the table so that is very important that he was able to bring those issues to the center of this discussion and literally force a different party to consider a lot of what he was saying it's a good thing it is a that is a very good thing that he did there was like. when a in d.c.
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we had an election for mayor there was this guy named paul zuckerberg that rand paul has a commercial primary issue was decriminalization and legalization of marijuana and he brought that to the fore at every debate as a result d.c. marrow candidates were 1st forced to talk about it and well you know d.c. ends up legalizing marijuana all right well lawrence and i don't want to get to november but we'll see how it all pans out lawrence gostin the chair of global health law it's actually not learned something can confuse oh my guesses are you guys are slow in the democratic strategist sorry about this i hear very much thank you thank you there it is 70 s. right now well primary data from the us indicates that black americans are more likely to die from coronavirus highlighting the inequalities in health and access to medical care and like to primes more. it's been said that the coronavirus doesn't discriminate with the rich famous and powerful among those who fall in l.
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but that doesn't tell the full story because some statistics suggest that if you're paul from an ethnic minority you're more likely to get sick or even die covert 19 is killing black americans at a higher rate than anyone else. yesterday. gary harrell has lost 10 friends or family members to the virus 8 were black one hispanic everyone knows someone. he lives in louisiana which along with the states of illinois and michigan has released preliminary data indicating a disproportionate number of african-american victims of the virus on monday more than 70 percent of fatalities in louisiana were black though they make up only a 3rd of the population there we've known literally forever that diseases like
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diabetes hypertension obesity an asthma are disproportionately afflicting the minority populations particularly african-americans people with those underlying conditions are usually more affected by the virus but analysts suggest black americans are also overrepresented because they are more likely to live in urban areas in cramped conditions and struggle to access quality health care the same trains have been reported in the united kingdom with black or asian patients more likely to be affected by the virus than white patients it's a tremendous challenge it's terrible and provide support to. african-american citizens of this country who are going through a lot but it's been disproportional gary says his community needs more than support it needs action the most prudent thing for us to do to honor the memory of those
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who've been lost is to prepare cells next time said that he and i there are great peace the number of lives lost and definitely remain mindful that as we were prepared this time we've lost so many and we can ever do it again. no doubt one of the many tough lessons to be learned from this pandemic and example on al-jazeera. well neal the state government you cuomo says the discrepancy in minority communities needs to be investigated let's actually get research and data that can inform us as to why are we having more people in minority communities more people in certain neighborhoods why do they have rate higher rates of infection i get the co-morbidity i get the underlying me on this issue but what else is at play are more public workers latino and african-american who don't have
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a choice frankly but to go out there every day and drive the bus and drive the train and show up for work and wind up subjecting themselves to in this case the virus but let's hear from saddam hussein who's a british government advisor and board member of the profit foundation trust and he says the migrant communities already have some of the worst economic and health outcomes and the government must take into account specific needs such as language and culture. one of the factors we know with salvation communities for example in the u.k. is very many of us live in intergenerational families and that poses real risks where you've got 3 generations living in a house so and the younger generations may not feel the same pressure given the statistics in the data that's come up that colby will pose a risk to them but they certainly haven't this factor to the rest of their family
9:45 pm
members in particularly their parents and potentially their grandparents and maybe living in the same household you know there was an early missed opportunities if you look at the government communication between up to date it's always done in english and only in english and there hasn't been any translation on multi languages provision or a bear in mind that the u.k. has a significant minority population and a good proportion of what the english is not their 1st language you know we also have a sizable refugee population many different one with years of communications is a very important thing you know i think at this stage it seems like given the number of deaths reported i think progress 1000 in the last 24 hours you know we're heading somewhere towards the peak and it's very important that we reinforce these messages and sure that minority communities are educated about these risk factors as well but as we reported earlier coronaviruses take his toll on economies in
9:46 pm
europe talks between eve finance ministers broke down wednesday as they discussed a multi-billion dollar rescue package for more on this let's go to or a croaker who is a political analyst and john morning a professor for european studies empowerment joins us from dresden in germany via skype of course oric 1st stop to what degree do you think a coronavirus has challenge the european union and the response has failed the european project. well it is too early to tell whether the european integration project has failed because it can push the european union 2 directions we can see you know stronger and united approach as a lesson learned when we learn the hard way that healing where with a pandemic is way too big for a single state but i agree also the time of populist leaders were instrumental in
9:47 pm
the confusion by a very simple blame game to make the european union responsible order to oppress single countries and ask for solidarity which basically means a structural approach to make them pay more than they paid in the past but it started at the very beginning didn't end as italy became the 1st the united to suffer a huge increases in cases and deaths it's only that rome appealed to fellow member states of medical equipment and nobody volunteered their assistance and every government just went on his own and keen to hold their own supplies for when the virus came to their own citizens that's not what the european project was meant to be about is it. well we can always blame the european union as the authority to fix problems whenever they occur no one has ever experienced something that it's pandemic and if a year ago it was someone would have asked the european union to provide all the
9:48 pm
medical equipment and for cases like this i'm pretty sure that everyone would have objected and said this is way too expensive we cannot do this we have 27 different . health systems and it doesn't make any sense so the trial and our response was that every single country person try to fix its own problems of the moment things seemed to work one could also offer help to neighbors or to express different forms of solidarity and this is what is happening so when eventually we're in a position to reassess do you think the european union will be a big a stronger entity can it be as a result of this or is it weakened. when uncertainty can as we've heard before in the global perspective it can also be a push for the w. age will to do more to coordinate and down makes because this is truly
9:49 pm
a global challenge and every country in the world would be happy to have something like a european integration project that helps that coordinates that sponsor's national initiative as we currently experience of course there could always be who are but the you are in union it is not a state it is an organization of sovereign states and the sovereign states have to decide it that it should not be the business of that you were. to provide 108 rated health system and that's why the european union could it will only coordinate a bit we will see a much stronger role of the european union the moment we have to face the socio economic problems and oversee hoping to optimise the recession is this will then be the time of war economic projects that the us much more experienced as we have but whether it is a good idea to coordinate health on a center that whoever is again a matter of discussion because we saw
9:50 pm
a very different forms of how countries have been detected not to speak of all the different cultural and sponsors like some leaders speak of war as a metaphor what in the german case this is totally inappropriate and our host heroic leaders simply don't use this language and then of course the focus will be all about debt when to but that's a conversation for another day great to talk to get your perspective or know that thanks very much indeed thanks for having me. the new york times reported as many as 150 members of the saudi royal family have contracted covert 19 the paper says that king solomon in the crown prince mohammed bin salman staying in an island palace near the city of jeddah saudi arabia has reported almost 2800 coronavirus cases and 41 deaths if you have his prime minister ahmed has declared a state of emergency to help curb the spread of the virus experts are worried that an outbreak could be hard to contain in
9:51 pm
a country where the health care system is already under strain the therapy has reported around 50 confirmed cases so far and at least 2 deaths well davison is a senior ethiopian analyst at the international crisis group and he says the true scale of infections across the country is unclear not too much testing has been done but the government has steadily increased that accrediting a couple of other literatures to do so but it's certainly not a huge amount of testing that's going on and maybe that's partly why there's not a huge amounts of infections that's to say there is quite a lot of uncertainty about the extent to which the coronavirus may have spread so far in ethiopia but really it's a question of uncertainty we just don't know of course the african c.d.c. is usually active in helping out where it can working with other international organizations egads the regional bloc in this part of africa and they have been donating money and collecting money to help with the cause but it is predominantly
9:52 pm
on a state by state basis at the resorts so that collective action from african states including african union to appeal to the international community for emergency support and things like debt relief to help african economies recover from this situation. more than 1500 police officers have been deployed in the afghan capital kabul to enforce a lockdown that only health workers security forces and people shopping for basic necessities will be allowed on to the streets the government has reported more than $400.00 coronavirus cases including $73.00 in kabul or about money as this report. for mussa home time has run out to enough money to feed his family with kabul on lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic he will have to move inside where he lives in cramped conditions with 9 family members for him of the. fish before the lockdown i used to and the equivalent of $5.00 a day now i am out of 4 i can no longer feed those miles i appeal to the government
9:53 pm
to help otherwise my children and i will starve to death. on this is one of hundreds of thousands of workers in kabul who rely on a daily wage to survive. the government has ordered the closure of morse shops mosques and even some roads people have this with a choice stay at home or face being fined for violating the lockdown. with many now left without a means to earn money authorities are moving fast to prevent the virus spreading to . i keep ordering people on the radio those who work for security media health workers bakers and food sellers will be allowed to move around because it's a pandemic and a killer disease all the rest of the people must stay at home no excuses we will shut down all of the roads. fire crews stand ready with at least 30 trucks they've been ordered to go into what would usually be crowded areas to fully
9:54 pm
disinfect spraying everything from businesses to apartment blocks. we are very concerned that the number of people with corona virus is increasing every day unfortunately our citizens are not paying much attention to the crisis we're working to raise awareness and force people to stay in the homes there also is that a fragile health care system affected by years of war simply won't be able to cope if the number of infected people goes up rapidly this private hospital in kabul had it services suspended by the ministry of public health after a specialist in internal medicine died of culvert 19 the ministry has post all the health care workers with the suspected cases under quarantine. it says the cost of testing will also be a strain on the health care system which struggles to provide the very basics in
9:55 pm
a city of $6000000.00 people more than a 3rd live in poverty many crowd houses in neighborhoods which won't allow for social distancing the ministry of public health at the mit's at least $16000000.00 afghans could contract the virus while the number of that it is still low the government hopes its measures including the lockdown to prevent a catastrophe. about a man the al jazeera medical staff in ecuador are struggling to deal with the number of infections that 2 thirds of the nearly 4000 cases are in the city of killed the government says it's ramping up containment measures that. the governing body of world of football fifa says that if necessary it will intervene in player pay disputes caused by they create a virus pandemic with major competition shut down globally club revenues have been severely affected several leagues have footballers to accept salary reductions players' unions have refused in countries such as spain italy and england.
9:56 pm
or let's finish with a broader picture view shared around the world of a superman and if you want to break from the crown of our spirit it's likely to be visible till thursday it's all about us as a story. under lockdown in normally bustling new delhi birds sing out in deserted streets. there is no one agrees is tourist hot spots. the only prayer echoes across riyadh people are staying harm but if we look up nearly 8000000000 of us can share in something else a super is above us rising on tuesday evening it is expected to be the brightest and biggest of the year in china restrictions of east and a reduction in pollution means life is looking up what are the fit in could be and it's really hard to see him in this big in beijing it's been my 1st time saying one
9:57 pm
source anger for families and that the epidemic situation in china is getting better and better this represents something good especially when the supermoon shows up. a super moon is a former net is closer to earth than usual to us it will look about 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger than normal and even happens roughly every 14 months some astronomers expects the moon to come closer to earth than at any time since 1940 yet use whether you're over down in your hole in central england or you're over down in your home in suburban washington d.c. or in you know southeast asia you'll be able to see ultimately the same and it's something that we can share globally and we're right now at this point time being something that can access all i think is really important. and at 360000 kilometers away the man in the moon is keeping
9:58 pm
a good social distance shallop ballasts his ear. and with the intent of coming right up i can. join the global conversation off the bubble to the people to expand their brains maybe have a difference here is a dialogue women in cambodia are in fact selling their hair we don't know how much they're getting paid for it it's hard to track it's hard to treat everyone has a voice tell us what you think and your conversation could be a law right here in the state we need to step away from gaming people are not necessarily game perfect this is
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a journey of progress and not perfection on al-jazeera. award winning programming from international till may cause as the bodies of its yeah we are going to insert life if we carry on this work out just the arrest sets the stage that is no longer yours your naivety is no longer an excuse giving voice to the voiceless so are we ready to go for local ex-pats and discussion that culture still exists and you are still combating that today open your eyes to an alternative view of the wild today on al-jazeera. when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps and our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists we've proven the barriers are built to impose division and external to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or tornado wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a 4 part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what we used to cling to that matter to you. for the 1st time during the pandemic the daily death toll here in the u.k. it's a pos is $900.00. 8 of this is our jazeera live from london also coming up a stark warning from the world trade organization that global trade may fall by one 3rd because of the pandemic. please go on to politicize this point was the head of the response to president.


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