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he gets on medicare. on al-jazeera. a former top health official says he was pressured to use an untested drug for corona virus despite the danger posed to the american public. under about a sin this is all just do a live from doha also coming up as russia struggles to contain the coronavirus 3 medics fall from windows after complaining about the working conditions. the u.k. overtakes italy to become the country with the most vile of us deaths in europe.
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and we discover what life is like for migrant workers in packed dormitories in singapore. the job administration's handling of the corona virus pandemic is coming under scrutiny once again with accusations that it looked for quick fixes by rushing unproven drugs to patients but right the former head of the u.s. agency responsible for developing drugs says that that included untested doses of a malaria treatment which has been pushed by president trump and comes as tom has announced he's winding down the government's coronavirus task force he says he plans to create a new team that will focus on safety as well as reopening the economy at a top u.s. general says it's still not clear where the virus emerged from and it definitely wasn't manmade that's a stark contrast to secretary of state might pump
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a 0 who's repeatedly claimed there's significant evidence covert 900 came from a chinese liberace. and ken mitchell as an associate or such scholar at columbia university he says the united states isn't ready to completely reopen yet what we're seeing with a pandemic and this is globally but also if you look at different cities in the united states is that while it is possible to get ahead of the problem and minimize the damage in terms of lives lost and illness once you fall behind it's very very hard to catch up again it is no city in america where that more clear here than new york and new york city where i am now and this disc urge to reopen america not just before it's ready because some parts of the country does make sense to reopen america but without having a plan in place without having done the testing without having done the tracing well that have been planned to do all of the things is almost guaranteeing a 2nd wave and unfortunately there are many parts as bad as it's been in new york we have hospitals and frankly we have some very good hospitals here but rural
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america is under served by hospitals and other health care facilities so if this pandemic get to those parts of the country the death rate could be very high so we have already seen within the last few days that the official estimates from the trumpet ministration are twice what they were a couple of weeks ago and i see that that number could rise and those aren't abstract those are lives every number there is a life lost a family disrupted a family you know devastated and that's a very real thing and right now the republicans are saying 125000 which they still are seeing in the past means probably more deaths than that so i think we're moving too quickly we need to think about rebuilding not reopening america this isn't a game of freeze tag where you just blow the whistle and everything goes back to normal no matter what donald trump or any governor or any citizen want oh my god is joining us now from washington d.c. mike let's talk about these allegations by a former top health official saying that he was pressurised to use untested drugs
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for coronavirus this is come out in a report tell us more about what's in it. well he was the head to all the director of the country's foremost body for vaccine development and research and dr ro bright was insistent that there was pressure on him to approve drugs like i drug seeker equipment and the associated chloroquine from officials within the trumpet ministration despite his warnings that they were not f.d.a. approved and that the source of some of these drugs were countries like india and pakistan where there had been no f.d.a. inspection of the lebar agrees with the drugs were made he insists in his $89.00 page report that he lost his position or was demoted because of the officials around president trump seeking to placate the president he also has even more
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damning allegations in this report saying that a series of e-mails he wrote in january were ignored these e-mails specifically warned of the immensity of the threat from the pandemic and also warned very strongly that the national stockpile of mosques and ventilators needed to be augmented so certainly very serious allegations and the most senior official to come out publicly with criticism of the way in which the trumpet ministration has handled this pandemic might there has been a lot coming out of the u.s. today we're also hearing as we were talking about that from a u.s. general who is suggesting that it's not yet clear what the origination of the virus was in the course as we mentioned before that's going against claims that have been made by the secretary of state might compare. yes well the intelligence services had been ordered by president trying to investigate the origin of the virus now as you stated the secretary of state might pump
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a 0 has been broadly hinting that the virus was in some way manufactured or indeed escaped from a chinese laboratory this is a contention made by president trump as well although when question directly he declined to give any evidence for such an assertion well the country's foremost just stuck to antony found she has given an interview to national geographic magazine in which he states categorically that there is no way that this virus was . genetically manufactured by human hands that it is exceedingly unlikely that it in any way escaped from sun chinese laboratory he insists that all the science points to the fact that this virus came about as a result of jumping species that had originated in something perhaps a bet he surmises and that the leapt into the human race and became
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a virus within the human body so here you've got the country's top there are just contradicting the secretary of state contradicting the president and supporting what little we've heard from the intelligence agencies who would tend to agree a wall would tend to confirm that this virus was in no way manufactured that it is the result of the species leap mike hanna in washington d.c. mark thanks very much indeed for russia's report of the largest number of new delhi cases in europe of total infections now exceeding 150000 now 3 health stuff for complained about working conditions of fallen out of windows and dined in barber reports. digging graves instant petersburg russia 2nd city for victims of covered 19 a scene that's becoming more common on tuesday the country reported the highest number of new coronavirus cases in europe and now there are disturbing questions over health workers who've raised the alarm about their working conditions but after you
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never really thought of it xander issue this video on twitter shows dr alexander should lead off on the left and a colleague is explaining how she had been forced to keep working despite having covered 19 the colleague had previously criticised the hospital management for protective gear shortages and was questioned by police for allegedly spreading fake news but another video made 3 days later apparently of the hospital seems to show shula pove by now being treated for the virus retracting their complaints. i feel right my temperature is not rising why did the this a thing to mattick have a runny nose otherwise all is well what we said was said when we were high on emotions. on saturday according to local state television quoting health officials schuler paul fell from a 2nd floor window at the hospital he's now reportedly in a critical condition in intensive care after suffering skull fractures the same
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sources say he's the 3rd russian doctor to fall out of a window in the space of 10 days the 2 others died all 3 incidents which are being investigated by law enforcement or thirty's have prompted intense discussion in russia about whistleblowers in the health system everywhere we have a lot of problems then are a lot. of hospitals and. enough. doctors with all her off lights we don't have enough equipment. 6 across russia the number of recorded covered 9000 cases stands at more than 155000 in officially the diseases killed almost 1500 people mostly remains the. region accounting for more than half of new cases until 90 percent of patients are younger than 65 several cities remain on lockdown and while much of europe looks to ease restrictions the russian government says they'll stay in place until is a vaccine. al-jazeera britain has overtaken italy to have the highest number of
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coronavirus deaths in europe more than 32000 people have now died in the u.k. but foreign minister dominic rob says accurate comparisons can't be made until the crisis is over i don't think we'll get a real verdict on how well countries have done until the pandemic is over and particularly until we've got comprehensive international data on all cause mortality but i think there's 2 points i'd make about the way the u.k. has approached things there are different ways of counting deaths as we know we've had that debate in this country we now published data that includes all deaths in all settings and not all countries do that so i'm not sure that the international comparison works unless you can you're reliably know that all countries are measuring in the same way and it also depends on how good friendly countries are in gathering their statistics as john holl explains from london the figures don't tell the full story. the numbers by direct compassion don't tell us all that much what
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they do though is fuel questions which are being asked here almost every day of the government now or quite why this country appears to have been so ill prepared for this epidemic having had a good couple of weeks to look at with horror at the time of course what was happening in italy a country that had far less time to prepare and also a wider questions about quite why western countries in general in europe and in the united states were far less prepared or appear to have been than asian countries take south korea for instance after all of this only recording just in excess of 250 deaths from coronavirus so they feel all the questions they don't necessarily provide very much of where bugs the british public are looking and listening all the time to pronouncements from government in the daily briefing and elsewhere from scientists and so on about when and it might be appropriate to start lifting the
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lockdown that's been in place in this country and others there looking of course at the reproductive rate of the infections from cocoa covered 1000 looking for that to remain below one this famous are figure the number of people that carriers with corona virus infect it is currently below one but not sufficiently below want to give them much wiggle room but there's an enormous amount of pressure from industry for business on the government to restart the economy the war is that if you go too far down the road in terms of saving lives you end up going too far down the road in terms of being able to save the economy and then ultimately that causes more problems than it helps down the lines. still ahead on al-jazeera a 97 percent fall in the u.k. 0 car sales in india other coronaviruses put the brakes on the auto industry. professional sports returns to south korea but the funds aren't yet being taken out to the ballgame.
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hello rain is developing quite widespread rain over china and i mean that's the last development that's on its way through into the western pacific just taking the small islands of japan and dumping rain on them the some rain forecast in home show in fact the temperature of 80 in tokyo is on the low side because it's like to be a fairly wentz day but that rain disappears we're timing it to thursday but it repays or grows throughout china reaches finals almost as beijing certain the yellows say and it will eventually get to shanghai hong kong is staying probably on the dry side and it's 33 it's quite hard to showers about and in southeast asia throughout the concentration has been recently further west in sumatra i think that's dying down below a bit we are seeing shots of it being in cambodia in the forecast for both wednesday and thursday and daily and in sumatra and probably in singapore as well
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a regular event it's under storms in the afternoon or the evening the dangerous and some of the cowboys shecky s. that are represented probably by that line there are daily repeatable either in west bengal or bang the desk as slow moving they johnson's terms of use hail and lightning can be quite deadly that's the only wants them elsewhere has dry and hot . in countries like a mine people have been killed too because we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function war this was a deal with saudi arabia things were done differently saudis other arabs when they came to britain for be all to help to the past bombs deals you know you will rumsfeld was meeting saddam isn't that interesting there are
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a shadow on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the trumpet ministrations handling of the pandemic is coming under scrutiny once again with accusations from a former top official that it looked for quick fixes by rushing unproven drugs to patients. russia has reported the largest number of new daily cases in europe with total infections now exceeding 150003 health stuff are complained about working conditions have died after falling out of windows. buttons overtaken italy to have the highest number of coronavirus deaths in europe more than 32000 people have now
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died to newquay. singapore has one of the highest numbers of infections in asia at almost 20000 the patients some mostly low paid foreign workers it's a particularly vulnerable group as the majority live in overcrowded government wrong dormitories and slew of reports. this is what home looks like for 200000 foreign workers who live in government licensed dormitories migrants accounts for 85 percent of all covert 19 tases here al-jazeera spoke on the phone to a migrant worker living in one of the dormitories he asked not to be identified the fia being sacked. he's tested negative but still worries about contracting the virus.
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like an academic in new zealand he's done research on migrant workers and think the poor tastee inability to maintain physical distancing can cause a workers' health to suffer. it gets. it's thousands of healthy all recovered workers have been moved to floating hotels or military barracks to curb the spread of the coronavirus the singapore government which already has one of the highest testing rates in the world is planning to boost its capacity to 40000 tests a day the manpower minister has promised to improve the dormitories as soon as the virus crisis. but a migrant workers' rights group says living conditions are signs of
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a much bigger problem. even. he says workers often pain allies to buy employers for being absent which could have deterred some from seeking medical attention about 20 percent of singapore's population are foreign workers there and relatively low paying jobs such as construction and manufacturing the city state doesn't have a minimum wage activists say the government is not only needs to reexamine its
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reliance on cheap imported labor but also the level of protection workers have lawrence louis al-jazeera. india is launching one of the world's largest international repository asian missions flights to 13 countries will start on thursday or warships have already been deployed to bring back hundreds of thousands of workers stranded overseas victoria getting reports there are an estimated 70000000 indians who work overseas now some of those who desperately want to return home will be able to have gone to the indian government has given the go ahead to bring back indian citizens stuck abroad the travel will be done either by airplanes or naval ships all flights into india was suspended in late march because of the coronavirus pandemic since then those affected by the restrictions have been vocal in calling for a change of policy if you look at the difficulty of holding the missions and the peace because they have been flooded by these indians what in saying that the.
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other countries have been thinking oh that is an act why aren't you bringing us back no so this is basically a type of dignity in that the indian government says arriving passengers will be screened segregated and quarantined but critics are warning the virus may still spread. according to the information from the central government people be put on a plane without testing 1st with or they have coronavirus this is dangerous a plane has more than 200 people if one or 2 have the virus all the passengers will be in trouble the subjects the whole country and raises the possibility of the disease spreading further. there are also concerns that poorly paid migrants may not be able to afford to take it home which could cost the equivalent of more than $200.00 from the gulf and more than a $1000.00 from the u.s. could look at subsidizing our family discount specially for people who you know and
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if i do not have the economic ability of buying the use of home is estimated there are up to a 1000000 indians waiting to go home in what will be one of the world's largest international repatriation missions victoria gate and the al-jazeera by a beer or whisky in india's capital state has just become a lot more expensive a 70 percent alcohol tax has been imposed in delhi to try to deter large crowds curing outside shops police use batons to disperse people on monday that's after the government eased virus restrictions and allowed stores to reopen for the 1st time 6 weeks. so careers further easing lockdown restrictions with sports leagues getting underway again the baseball season is up and running after being postponed in march but as robert bright reports from enchant it will be some time before it's business as usual. the final warm up for the long awaited start of the delayed baseball season local incheon favorites s.k.y.
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vns take on visitors and why eagles but conspicuously absent from the stands their fans instead many of the seats occupied by printed versions of spectators while real fans could only watch on t.v. or online through a club stream that combines the action in the park with the cheering in homes. opinion of the into look. we are hoping to deliver some of the atmosphere of the stadium to the fans at home so they feel as though they are here at the game. they're also joined by potentially millions of baseball fans around the world as the 3rd ranked baseball playing nation after the u.s. and japan south korea's live games are in big demand in a world starved of live sports action so good. we welcome the increased
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attention on korean baseball it's great to promote it and it's all thanks to our citizens for getting us to this stage south korea's success so far in defeating the coronavirus is also allowing the football k. league to start its season later this week but again without fans in another sport for which large cheering crowds seem indispensable so crowds are important because there they are part of what we expect when we go to see a game or when we watch a game the noise the tension the drama the anxiety the happiness the emotion this is this is not driven by empty stadiums this is driven by full stadiums south korea's baseball teams hope to start adding the essential family ingredient soon even when the fans are finally allowed back in there will still be a long time before we see packs stands again their numbers will increase only gradually with empty seats between them and for now their silent stand ins will
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have to do and when they do return they'll find previously unheard of precautions for the players such as low hugging and no spitting the way baseball is played and the way it's watched is turning into a very different game robert bright al-jazeera incheon south korea. and to celebrate children's day during the pandemic south korea's leading couples switched to the popular video game minecraft. president the indian and his wife kim soon soak offered a virtual view of their blue house palace instead of the traditional guided tour is in their mind craft characters they thank kids for being patient with school closures and reminded them to wear masks and wash their hands. global car sales plummeted to record lows last month as a result of the pandemic in the u.k. the number of new cars sold in april decreased by 97 percent compared to
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a year ago france and italy reported similar declines as car show rooms were forced to close over in india carmakers couldn't ship a single vehicle to dealers in april after the world's biggest stay at home restrictions were put in place and in the u.s. air and half of states did allow dealerships to remain open toyota and honda say sales were down by more than 50 percent last month john hendren has been following the story in chicago a city with long standing links to the car manufacturing industry. 29000 was a pretty good year for the north american automakers employment was up sales were good and it's starting to look down because 2020 is setting up to look like one of the worst years like the worst years since the recession of 2008 to 2010 sales are down something like 40 to 60 percent manufacturing stopped in detroit in march and april but believe it or not it could be worse you were just citing some of those
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international auto sales numbers well india sold no cars 0 in the month of april as you pointed out the u.k. sold something like $4000.00 with a 97 percent drop to the united states automakers are not doing so bad but their earnings haven't been particularly good we saw ford post a 632000000 dollar loss in the 1st quarter chrysler just today on tuesday posted a $1800000000.00 loss that included shutting down plants in china europe and north america so the viruses definitely hit these companies they've faced pretty much the same fate as the oil industry nobody's driving anywhere and therefore no one is looking at buying new cars despite a raft of new incentives online sales and touchless delivery of those cars this industry has been devastated and they're really just looking for this corona virus to pass. but an american countries have reports of more than 270000 cases and more
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than 14000 deaths attributed to covert 19 though a majority of those falling ill are in hot spot countries like brazil and peru other regions are expecting a dramatic increase in cases in the coming weeks my own apolo reports from mexico city. as the corrina virus pandemic continues to spread across latin america the country with the highest death toll is brazil beer the number of dead stands it had been 7000. in sao paolo at the. igs have begun blocking main avenues in an effort to reduce contagion. only an estimated half of the city's residents are obeying social isolation guidelines some say they have little choice but. it is going to help a lot because the number of deaths are just getting higher and we need to do our best so this is all over soon i think this is very important to be isolated just leave home those who really need to leave i left because i have to work but i avoid
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leaving the most i can and. brazil isn't the only country bracing for the worst of the code 900 pandemic. in peru's capital lima health care workers have held street demonstrations over a lack of resources and protective equipment. or. medical personnel also protested over the mismanagement of 20 bodies of coronavirus patients left unintended over the weekend in the hospital courtyard of the money we were never prepared for the video has come out of the hospital with a body that's 2 days ago it began to rain on all the bodies in the open air. fears over kobe 1000 contagion have sparked unrest across many latin american countries in honduras hundreds took to the streets of the capital take up on sunday to prevent the bodies of coronavirus victims from being transported for burial protesters blocked roads fearing becoming infected by the bodies of the deceased.
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we don't want them to send people to be buried in the cemetery because those people are infected and there are a lot of families here. one of the strictest approaches to containment has been from el salvador to some policies like the forced long term detention of people accused of violating stay at home orders have raised an alarm over human rights abuse and. you know we have been confined for 41 days in this can. payment center we only asked the government authorities to give us the results of the covert $1000.00 tests carried out in order to discharge us. according to the pan american health organization latin america is experiencing what europe did 6 weeks ago meaning the region is only now entering the peak of the pain demick. al-jazeera. a record number of children have been displaced due to war or violence
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according to a new report by unicef which says the majority of about 19000000 displaced children live in north africa and the middle east it says many are exposed to abuse and exploitation the u.n. is concerned the pandemic could bring more harm to children considered the most vulnerable in the world. this is all just 0 these are the top stories the trumpet ministrations handling of the pandemic is coming under scrutiny once again with accusations from a former top government scientists that it looked for quick fixes by rushing unproven drugs to patients but wright says that included untested doses of a malaria treatment which had been pushed by president trump mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . dr bright was in fact the head of the buyer medical advice research and
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development or 30 that's known as barter he was sidelined a few weeks ago after he repeatedly protested about the un authorize uses the sword or the unauthorized touting of the drug hydrocracker. chloroquine for the treatment of the coronavirus now he was adamant that this was not acceptable because it had not been properly approved by the f.d.a. this is going up against president trump who at that stage was touting oxy. and the drug itself as an asset in terms of the treatment of coronavirus russia has reported the largest number of new delhi cases in europe with total infections not exceeding 150003 health staff who complained about working conditions have died after falling out of windows but in has overtaken italy to have the highest number of coronavirus deaths in europe more than 32000 people in the u.k.
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have now died from covert 19 endears launching one of the world's largest international repatriation missions flights to 13 countries will start on thursday while warships have already been deployed to bring back hundreds of thousands of workers stranded overseas due to coronavirus travel restrictions buying a beer or whisky in india's capital states just become a lot more expensive a 70 percent alcohol tax has been imposed in delhi after the government eased virus restrictions and allowed stores to reopen for the 1st time in 6 weeks south korea's restarting its professional sports leans as the corona virus infection rate goes down the government is allowing outdoor sports starting with a hugely popular baseball league but fans can not attend and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story i'll see in half an hour goodbye.
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is there a global backlash against china for its handling of coronavirus australia wants an international inquiry into the all regions of covert 90 pounds china lost an opportunity to display global leadership kind of a calm increasing suspicion of its motives this is inside stuart. hello welcome to the program and its attempts by china's leaders to dive a.


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