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says and similarities of cultures across the world. son no matter where you call the. al-jazeera who bring you the news and current affairs that matter to the al-jazeera. the arab. al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian fit again this is the live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes and another step towards opening up some students in china's coronavirus epicenter return to school. in south korea further eases restrictions as it reports no new local infections for a 3rd consecutive day. spain's prime minister seeks
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a 4th extension of the lockdown but a divided parliament may block his attempt. at activity and activists in the philippines raise their voices after the country's leading broadcaster is forced. on a harmless novel of the sporting commuting. for a demonstrable and the. green light from the government in this month. it is just as g.m.t. and while many countries still have strict lock downs in place some who hit early on are now beginning to lift restrictions but that doesn't mean the life is going back to normal just yet in china's hu han city $58000.00 seniors have gone back to school to having temperature checks other wearing mosques classes a smaller timings of staggered and talking is kept to
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a minimum in south korea children will have to wait until next week to go back to class there's been a consistent decline though in new infections of more businesses a reopening and some social events are being allowed but easing of restrictions is worrying many with no vaccine in sight while scientists are looking at ways to treat code that 19 global infections are on the path to hit 4000000 let's begin our coverage with katrina you joins us now live from beijing how has the 1st day back at school and mohan city gone katrina. well this is being hailed as a milestone here in china. at the center of the outbreak here the residents had to experience the strictest measures in terms of lock down controls this year and more state of the deaths and cases of the current virus took place in 100 city and now for the 1st time students are streaming into their classrooms after weeks of not
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being able to go to school and there is a lot of relief and excitement from the students being able to go back to classes but as you mentioned it's not classes as they remember them they are now going to smaller classes as groups sizes have been reduced they're wearing masks at all times they haven't had that temperatures checked and classes are also staggered and there are much fewer students only the oldest high school students will be attending class the seniors they've been per pirate us as they have to prepare for their university entrance exams that are taking place this coming july. and this is just one of the indicators of life going back to normal here in china we also heard the news in the last few hours that shanghai is disneyland will also be reopening after weeks of being closed albeit they will limit the numbers of customers who will be able to enter and also china's national people's congress the most important event of the political class calendar here in china will take place later
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this month and it comes off to dwindle in corona virus cases here in china according to official figures in who bay province the has not been a new coronavirus case in the past 31 days and nationwide there have been single digits in terms of new coronavirus cases daily and most of these imported cases so the government does seem to have things under control it does have a sense of confidence when it comes to controlling this outbreak and that's certainly the message that they're trying to sell to the people here in china but people do seem to be optimistic although people are all. that china is not quite out of the woods there off still a lot of cry cry and a virus precautions to that are in place around the country everyone does need to wear a mask when going to work will be out and about public and old these students object to school many students are still taking their lessons from harm for example we get to hear of a schedule when it comes to when primary school students can go back to class out
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of there is true to you reporting live from beijing katrina many thanks indeed well south korea is also lifting more restrictions as we mentioned it has only reported 2 new cases on tuesday both for people who derived from abroad it's containment has been widely praised his how it's managed to do it soon after the 1st infection was confirmed in january testing kits were quickly approved and patients isolated tracking apps drive through testing of coroutine violation fi in this to test trace and contain the virus or introduced early on the number of infections hit a peak on february 29th on the curve flatten significantly after that by mid april you cases were reduced to single digits a lie in the parliamentary election to be held 255 south koreans died more than 10000 cases recorded al-jazeera was robbed mcbride has more now from inside the
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museum of modern in seoul. this is a further indication of restrictions here in south korea gradually being lifted as the country emerges into this strange new post virus world here at the museum of modern art along with other museums galleries libraries across south korea they are all being allowed to open but only with very strict precautions being in place we have the usual temperature checks of everyone entering the numbers here are strictly controlled 1st of all you would have to have registered online to visit your museum of modern art and with no more than 100 people at any one time allowed inside it's basically all part of what's known here as every day life quarantine basically the new normal but it's one the south koreans we've been speaking to seem to accept is part of the recovery from this outbreak and they are certainly welcoming the fact that they can now get back into public venues hound them are
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limited the number of people here which is good because it's not so crowded and that. people are still aware of the distancing measures also being allowed for the 1st time religious gatherings sporting events all those occasions that bring people together as long as they're still practicing the basic principles of social distancing then they're allowed to do so it usually takes 7 to 10 years for a vaccine to reach markets drugmakers are racing to find a cure 8 potential vaccines are being tested on people the world health organization says that 4 of the trials are in china pharmaceutical giant pfizer began testing a vaccine in the u.s. on monday that could trigger cells to produce proteins that fight covert 19 scientists at the u.k.'s university of oxford began trials last month if successful a vaccine could be ready by september european union leaders have pledged $8000000000.00 to boost vaccine development dr jerome kim is the director general.
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of the international vaccine institute he joins us now live via skype from seoul good to have you with us dr i want to talk to you about how south korea has managed to deal with a pandemic so successfully in just a few moments but 1st how confident are you that a vaccine will be found to counter the virus. so i think when you think about a vaccine you really have to think with the end in mind that end in mind is a vaccine that is being used around the world to reduce death and the burden of disease from kobe 19 so testing and well being that the vaccine works is only the 1st the next step is that we have to make it and we have to make a lot of it at high quality i mean we're thinking you know some multiple of 7000000000 doses 7b1x4b2x1b doses of vaccine and then you have to take that back to you and you have to use it and we're hoping that when we use it we prioritize and that people all over the world who need the
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vaccine are going to be able to access it but are you confident that a vaccine will give something like lifelong immunity would it be just a year or so like the flu or just months or even weeks so i think start to answer your 1st question i do believe that we will succeed eventually in making a vaccine 6 to 18 months is a very hopeful timeline and if everything works out fine perhaps we will we won't know about the requirement for booster doses though until we give the vaccine and then follow people up for 12 months or 18 months after they receive the vaccine to see how quickly those whose infection fighting proteins called antibodies which are induced by vaccination drop off is a vaccine our best hope. for a return to normal or should we perhaps be focusing more on treatments that minimize symptoms. so i don't think that the treatments that minimize symptoms are necessarily going to be the answer because by the time
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you have an infection and by the time i'm in a relatively symptomatic person progresses to the point where they need hospitalization they've had the opportunity to potentially expose you know hundreds of other people so the advantage to the vaccine is it keeps healthy people healthy and it keeps healthy people from spreading the virus around when you get an infection 80 percent of people have very very mild symptoms and we really can't tell and those are the people who are transmitting the infection to others so really for him to return to the old normal of that scene is probably the most cost effective the most effective mechanism that we have in our amendment area and funnily enough what lies behind south korea's apparent success in dealing with the pandemic water they'd get right that so many other countries haven't. so you know all of the demick her different even when you look at you know covert 1000 in korea or in italy. i think that one of the things was that it was
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a relatively singular introduction it came into to go into that into the church and it and it spread among church members and it spread from there in the united states you had multiple introductions you had multiple introductions into new york multiple introductions on the west coast as well and before they knew it they had a significant number of infections and deaths in top korea they were on top of it and so it wasn't only testing though i mean because testing that was only a part of the answer part of it is also knowing who those people might have met up with during the course of their daily lives and might potentially have transmitted the infection to you so the ability to test and the ability to identify people who might have been exposed posed and to isolate those who were exposed and to test them for infection was really also a critical part of the success in fact if you look at the government's criteria for stopping it was you know having infections lower than 50 per day and then
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also being able to successfully trace 95 percent of the contacts of people who came down with the infection so it's it's not only testing but it's the ability to identify those potential contacts and to isolate them as well because they could potentially also be the source of new infections really good stories you don't see many thanks dear dr jerome kim that direct to all of the director general of the international fraxinus twosome so thank you. this is the news from al-jazeera still to come on the program we'll hear from migrants in singapore who say they're living in cramped conditions alongside infected people. assholes boss issues a coronavirus warning we'll hear from him a little later in the program in schools. spain's parliament is debating a vote on whether to extend the country's lockdown for
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a 4th time prime minister pedro sanchez wants the state of emergency to stay in place for a further 2 weeks but opposition piece of signal but they are not willing to approve the measures sanchez doesn't hold a majority and his government has been accused of reacting too slowly to the pandemic let's go live to madrid. is there for us why is the opposition not happy with the prime minister's plan to extend the state of emergency. opposition parties in spain are blaming. the outbreak of coronavirus centralized. government power for mismanagement of the crisis and not consulting or even reporting to the to the rest of the political groups any action or any decision that it was he was going to mate with to this traveling in the past days trying to negotiate with all of the political groups in the. to get the support to extend the
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4th extension of the state of emergency don't that we have since march 14th and if it's approved today it would last until may 25. down down. this morning is the proper framework the one that. their health and the economy. he has also said change that. tone of these speeches this morning more conciliatory lending a hand to the other political groups announcing a national morning from next week. and also. offering to call rule with the rest of the of the autonomous regions. for next month a further restrictions will be eased in order to get the economy going again in spain how do people feel about that.
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yes from monday will enter who will move on to face one where a small shops. and restaurants will open the terraces to a 50 percent of the capacity hotels are also able to open up to 30 percent of the capacity but with no use of the common areas most of the holders are not opening their have got no guarantee because all the borders are closed national borders and people cannot travel from province to province so say they say there's no point to open the doors we have to remember that these effects strictly to respond to recently in spain represents a 12 percent of the gross domestic product and in directly. and indirectly impacts a 35 percent in spanish economy experts are are for seeing that this year till the end of the gear is spain which it will lose in the private sector $124000000000.00 euros and we'll have 800000 jobs lost so this is
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a very green ring scenario to reason we'll have to rely in nationalists and we have to remember that that spaniards here have lost their jobs and are getting unemployment benefits with a very uncertain future also germany has already told their citizens not to travel to spain so this is an area which is quite grim and dark frustrating. many thanks indeed. reporting live from madrid. britain's government is denying accusations that it's elderly people in care homes by prioritizing hospitals in its response to the coronavirus pandemic more than 32000 people died in the u.k. the highest number in europe the government began to have the tell us he's homes to its figures at the end of april let's go live now to london non-serious jonah how is there where in just under an hour's time boris johnson will be in parliament for his 1st prime minister's question since he recovered from covert 19 but let's
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start 1st with the fact that one of the government's most serious science advisers has been as resigned his position why. yeah well we'll talk a little bit in a moment about prime minister's questions and boris johnson's reappearance in the house of parliament behind me but but this is an enormous story you're talking about it's splashed across all of the national newspapers today surpassing even those death toll figures that you talked about there putting britain in 1st place in europe 2nd place in the world 2nd only behind the united states said on the papers we're talking about one of the most influential scientific advisor stepping down from his role on sage the scientific advisory group advising the government during this lockdown it's an important story because professor neil ferguson of imperial college in london has been so influential in size in government policy it
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was his research back in march that indicated that in the absence of a full lockdown here fully a quarter of a 1000000 people could die that was at a time of the government seem to be looking the other way resistant to the idea of a lock down he has consistently been advising that the lock down needs to remain in place for as long as is necessary to protect against a 2nd wave and that as senior government figures and conservative party figures are pressing for an end to the lock down to restart the economy and it's also an important story of course because of the example that it sets to the public this is a public figure now who has encouraged the lock down who's broken it himself by reportedly invited inviting his lover into his home on 2 separate occasions during lockdown professor ferguson says he did so believing he was immune having suffered from the virus several weeks ago he's admitted an error of judgment he regrets undermining the lockdown but i think already a say as plans are becoming clearer about a gradual easing of the lockdown with
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a lot of pressure to do so i think already there are suggestions that the part of professor ferguson will not necessarily be to the regret of everybody in government and the conservative party all right so prime minister's questions to get on the way in the next hour the 1st since boris johnson returned after suffering is 1st with a new leader of the opposition opposite. yeah i think this will be gleefully watched it is a weekly encounter of course it often isn't gleefully watch this will be not least because a lot of people are at home unable to do so but of course because as you say boris johnson is back he's up against a very different kind of opponent now the newly elected leader of the labor party's a very different to his predecessor jeremy called when they come from opposite ends of their party mr coburn was frequently accused of missing the opportunity week in and week out to last the hard questions and really challenge the government is by profession a prosecuting lawyer he is more than able to ask the hard questions and i'm sure
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will do so in the weeks and years to come when there's no shortage of course of those questions at a time of national crisis the u.k.'s lack of preparedness its apparent slow response this soaring death toll remember when boris johnson was lost in the house of commons before m.p.'s on march the 25th the death toll here was just 500 well it's now as you say all or above 30000 with some credible predictions putting the entire impact of covert 19 on the u.k. at 50000 deaths or more out of there as to help life for us in london many thanks indeed john a new coronavirus cases in russia present by over 10000 for a 4th consecutive day the country has now over 165000 infections more than 1500 people have died and 3 doctors have complained about working conditions of mysterious thing for an ounce of windows and a 0 sum game bubba reports. digging graves instant petersburg russia 2nd city for
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victims of covered 19 a scene that's becoming more common and now there are disturbing questions over health workers who've raised the alarm about their working conditions there after you never really felt oleksandr ish this video on twitter shows dr alexander shoot off on the left and a colleague is explaining how she had been forced to keep working despite having covered 19 the colleague had previously criticised the hospital management for protective gear shortages and was questioned by police for allegedly spreading fake news but another video made 3 days later apparently of their hospital seems to show sure of by now being treated for the virus retracting their complaints. i feel right my temperature is not rising why did the this a think dramatic of a runny nose otherwise all is well what we said was said when we were high on emotions. on saturday according to local state television quoting health officials
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surely power fell from a 2nd floor window at the hospital he's now reportedly in a critical condition in intensive care after suffering skull fractures the same sources say he's the 3rd russian doctor to fall out of a window in the space of 10 days the 2 others died all 3 incidents which are being investigated by law enforcement or thirty's have prompted intense discussion in russia about whistleblowers in the health system everywhere we have a lot of problems then are a lot. of hospitals and. enough. doctors we don't have enough let's don't have enough equipment. moscow remains the country's worst hit region accounting for more than half of new cases and here 90 percent of patients are younger than 65 several cities remain on lockdown and while much of europe looks to ease restrictions the russian government
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says they'll stay in place until there's a vaccine. al-jazeera. the u.s. president's handling of the coronavirus crisis is under greater scrutiny after accusations that he sourced quick fixes by rushing unproven drugs to patients and as the death toll passes 70000 donald trump says that he's considering winding down the virus taskforce that was set up to respond to the pandemic of 0 as mike hanna reports from washington no facemask for the president while visiting an aerospace company repurposed to produce masks this in defiance of his administration's guidelines that masks should be worn in public at all times the president confirmed reports that he was considering shutting down the coronavirus task force that has been responsible for the federal response to the pandemic as far as the task force my pension the task force and done a great job but we're now looking at a little bit of a different form and their former safety and opening and we'll. have
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a different group probably set up for them are you saying mission accomplished no no no no the mission accomplished is when it's over while the president was on his travels this document was handed over to the office of the special counsel an $89.00 page whistle blower report alleging the trumpet ministration ignored early warnings about the coronavirus the authors dr rick bright the former director of the biomedical advanced research 'd and development authority the country's controlling body pullbacks in production he alleges he was unfairly removed from his job following complaints about the administration's lack of urgency in reacting to the pandemic he also specifically mentions resisting pressure from senior officials to fast track the use of the drug hydroxy korak when and chloroquine itself in treatment for the virus but i think the drug was heavily and repeatedly touted by the president himself as
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a task force briefings i think it's going to be very exciting i think it could be. the game changer in maybe not in maybe not but i think it could be based on what i see it could be a game changer dr bright contends his opposition to this position led directly to suspected demotion as officials sought to placate the president now a lot of what dr great a whistleblower complaint is about or demonstrate it the extent to which the government at the higher level is committed not to solving the problem but to keeping donald trump happy today keeping him happy tomorrow and that's not a way to address a very major problem this it was only a week ago that the f.d.a. for me cautioned against the use of these drugs for the treatment of coronavirus despite the warnings that dr bright made back in january perhaps the most damning allegation in the report is that the administration ignored or pushed back against dr brights e-mails warning of the severity of the virus and insisting that the
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national stockpile of masks and ventilators needed to be augmented and like other government officials who've been demoted or fired dr bright is demanding his job back and congress will now get involved dr brights lawyers confirm he's been invited to give evidence to a house committee on thursday next week mike hanna al-jazeera washington. human rights groups are criticizing the shutdown of a leading broadcast network in the philippines calling it a serious blow to press freedom a.b.s. c b n was ordered to shut down on tuesday after its operating license renewal process stalled activists late candles outside its office after the announcement despite a lockdown being in place president rodrigo deter has regularly criticized the network opponents of accused him of targeting independent media the company's shares been suspended and serious general allen duggan in manila says this isn't
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the 1st time that the channel has gone off air. there is strong opposition online and also in other interviews where government officials specially those in congress have actually in a way apologized to the network for failing to pass and help renew its license early enough we've been listening to different interviews with lawmakers here and they basically said that they're going to try to find and vote within the next 10 days as required by this order in order to hopefully renew the license of a.b.s.e b.n. however in other platforms for example a.b.s. event is still able to air both in cable and online and even if the government perhaps denies that they have something to do with this for example the solicitor general the government's top lawyer has submitted that with titian in the supreme court against a.b.s.e b.n. and just a little over a week ago also cautioned the national telecommunications commission of issuing
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a provisional authority that me allow the network to continue airing and basically a provisional authority for its franchise while the while congress the liberates so we can see there is strong outreach here at this point re largely online by those who see the network as something that has been critical in providing information and lastly and most important part about this according to rights groups is that this is not the 1st time that maybe a c.b.s. been shut down it was shut down in 1972 when president marcos declared martial law it remained close for 14 years until the marcos dictatorship was toppled in 1986 so this is basically people saying history may be repeating itself at this point. well look who's here let's get some weather with jenny and news of some extremely strong winds affecting some parts of the world where really strong indeed and some the strongest winds really are going to say as you say some poles well particularly across central africa let me start with that and let me show you and talk about it's actually here is across in tunisia and this is what actually approaches just
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look at the strength of this now what you can look at of course is a massive massive amounts of dust and sun has been picked up this is actually the have big wins which at these really strong powerful winds that come from the desert so you've just got this literally this rule of sound that approaches on my goodness because it does some damage you cannot go out and not of course visibility is extremely poor not to be good this time of year the rains of course across the central areas the seasonal rains beginning to push up to that also this is often seen as a precursor to the arrival of these rains and really appellate remain june july and august all the rainy months you can see more of that rain spreading through more central and eastern areas to the north we've got mostly clear conditions and in fact i'm just talking a little bit the winds coming from the north now again staying with the theme a very strong winds are going to take you across to northern sections of the middle east in particular to jordan our skies have been clear for the last few hours but they weren't have a look at this is not a time lapse video so this is a storm coming through obviously sped up and this is what it looked like from the
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skies and then all know the ground these winds are just so powerful very heavy amounts of rain again very dangerous to drive in and it really did reduce the visibility now the good news that that storm system has kidwell out of the picture we've got more to the north across areas of turkey meanwhile across the web in penance there we've got some pretty strong winds here we could still see some dust and some being picked up maybe since god the thunderstorms the winds are coming from the north as we go through friday that means age and it should begin to feel a little bit better. many thanks indeed still to come here to take a look at why a native american community has some of the worst infection rates in the u.s. . breast. it from the sea but stranded on an island in bangladesh wives activists are concerned about the health of rohingya refugees who fled me out of all. of this the story of football star explains why the global pandemic is taking a major toll on family life.
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as italy went into lockdown people in power are asked to filmmakers to document the effects on ordinary people from the immense suffering and loss the forgotten abandoned or exploited to sing a longs every day heroes and heartwarming acts of kindness the stories they capture reveal how the virus is forcing society to take a look in the mirror and exposing its inequalities coronavirus lockdown italy people empower on al-jazeera thousands of nepalese children the tropics from the himalayas and forced to stay in a legal or financial. one a one a follows one girl's journey hard to her remote village. on al-jazeera. every generation has a higher purpose. hours straight. it's
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good to have you with us hello adrian for going to here in doha with the news from out as there are the headlines thousands of high school students of return to their classes china's will haunt city after months in lockdown who bay province was the initial epicenter of the outbreak where the corona virus was 1st detected in december. a former city official has accused the white house of seeking quick fixes by recommending unproven drugs to treat coronavirus patients rick bryant says that
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he was fired for raising concerns about president trump's policies and human rights groups are condemning a decision to shut down a leading broadcast network in the philippines because of an expired license channel frequently aired critical coverage of the government it was consistently attacked by president with regard to who denies having anything to do with the shutdown. libya's internationally recognized government in tripoli is trying to capture an airbase controlled by the warlords. it's been used by health us forces to launch air strikes on the capital in recent weeks tripoli government has captured several cities along the western coastline they've also rejected huff post call for a ceasefire during the holy month of ramadan the fear that he'll use it to regroup following the loss of territory libya's been divided by warring factions since the overthrow of longtime leader moammar gadhafi 9 years ago the airbase remains in the red zone controlled by forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar just east of that
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is the capital tripoli in the blue zones which are controlled by the government of national accord let's go live now to work tripoli our correspondent would of the what is the what's the latest on the battle for what now. well adrian attacks and counterattacks. failure and success. attack and defense around a lot yet you know it's very difficult but he capture. bees it's very strategic and very special that the government forces say they lost more than $25.00 fighters in yesterday's attack to the capture of a base meanwhile they say that half the forces also suffered a huge number of casualties due to the multiple strikes by the government air force
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now the government forces say that they are regrouping and they are maintaining the it was issue around. in this case how for those forces inside the bays are meanwhile they have managed the government forces have managed to. activate their. draw around. so that to prevent have to warplanes from either taking of or landing inside. it's a kind of to do to kind of besiege have to the inside the base the government military sources say that they carried out about $24.00 airstrikes last night follow and get the clashes on the ground between have those forces and the government forces they say that the targeted to go out missile launchers inside the bays along with other military vehicles and also.
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meanwhile have the forces continual. taking revenge on the capital tripoli in retaliation to their casualties the last yesterday they targeted it is it is called a 100 but here just a few kilometers away from the capital city center killing 3 civilians from one family the father the mother and their son meanwhile as you know. adrian that. and better that of libya at the u.n. yesterday he called on the united nations security council and the state the member states to name what he calls there are war criminals all of those who carried out the attacks against civilians in the. reporting live for us from tripoli. why for workers in singapore optic only vulnerable to the coronavirus many of them are sleeping in overcrowded dormitories where social
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distancing is impossible singapore has nearly 20000 cases of covert 1900 florence louis reports. this is what home looks like for 200000 foreign workers who live in government licensed dormitories migrants account for 85 percent of all covert 19 tases here al-jazeera spoke on the phone to a migrant worker living in one of the dormitories he asked not to be identified for fear of being sacked when. he's tested negative but still worries about contracting the virus right now and. i. want. one. like an academic in new zealand who's done research on migrant workers and think
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a poll says the inability to maintain physical distancing can cause a workers' health to suffer. it gets. easier and safety in. its praise thousands of healthy or recovered workers have been moved to floating hotels or military barracks to curb the spread of the coronavirus the singapore government which already has one of the highest testing rates in the world is planning to boost its capacity to 40000 tests a day the manpower minister has promised to improve the dormitories as soon as the virus crisis eason's but a migrant workers' rights group says living conditions are a sign of a much bigger problem. even. among. we don't. enjoy it.
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we don't respect. others it's the same we don't it's. all this makes the problem worse he says workers often pain allies to by employers per being absent which could have to ted some from seeking medical attention about 20 percent of singapore's population are foreign workers there and relatively low paying jobs such as construction and manufacturing the city state doesn't have a minimum wage activists say the government is not only needs to reexamine its reliance on cheap imported labor but also the level of protection workers have lawrence louis al-jazeera more boats carrying rohingya refugees have arrived in bangladesh the refugees are coming from me and ma and some of been transferred to
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a small island which is described by rights activists is a health hazard. reports. just weeks after hundreds of rohingya refugees who'd been stranded at sea were rescued off the coast of southern bangladesh another boat this one carrying around 50 people was allowed ashore on saturday. seen in this video shown by a local news outlet are believed to have been on one of 2 fishing trawlers that have been adrift at sea for months this was after their families had to pay ransom money to traffickers on a bigger boat and that bigger boat is still potentially off the coast of ka-zar and these traffickers are still holding potentially hundreds of people on this boat until they can pay ransom money to allow them to go to shore and i was a spokesman for bangladesh's coast guard denies there are currently any boats full
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of refugees in areas they patrol. according to government officials 29 of the new arrivals were taken to bus on char a remote island in the bay of bengal where it had previously been planned to house up 210-0000 rohingya refugees human rights watch called it a dangerously flood prone island without adequate health care the government of bangladesh is claiming that they've been sent there for quarantine because they don't want to so-called contaminate the refugee camps in cox's bizarre but the reality is that the un aches you are and other agencies already have quarantine facility set up before it and they have already processed more than 400 people from a previous boat so this is an excuse by the bangladesh government to operationalize the island of basilan char which they want to do for quite some time in mid april bangladesh rescued 396 rohingya refugees from a vessel adrift for almost 2 months after failing to reach malaysia dozens on that
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boat died survivors spoke with the reuters news agency about the abuses and deprivations they endured the from the get reduction in the traffic is right woman and some of them got pregnant on the but 3 of the woman survived as are in this camp the legend of the mother of $510.00 in total on the boat including kids we ran out of food within 5 days after we sailed of rights groups are now urging the bangladeshi government to allow around $500.00 more rohingya currently stuck on the 2 trawlers in the bay of bengal to also come ashore those boats have been adrift since malaysia rejected their arrival because of coronavirus restrictions the bangladeshi foreign minister said last week that those refugees are malaysia's responsibility to look after my mage of june. latin american nations have reported more than 14000 deaths and 270000 corona virus infections brazil and peru are among the worst affected and doctors are warning that the peak is still to come
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in neighboring countries reports from mexico city. as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across latin america the country with the highest death toll is brazil they are the number of dead stands at more than 7000. in sao paolo authorities have begun blocking main avenues in an effort to reduce contagion. only an estimated half of the city's residents are obeying social isolation guidelines some say they have little choice but. it is going to help a lot because the number of deaths had just getting higher and we need to do our best so this is all over soon i think this is very important to be isolated just leave home those who really need to leave i left because i have to work but i avoid leaving the most i can. brazil isn't the only country bracing for the worst of the code 900 pandemic. in peru's capital lima health care workers have held street
1:44 pm
demonstrations over a lack of resources and protective equipment. or. medical personnel also protested over the mismanagement of 20 bodies of coronavirus patients left on attended over the weekend in the hospital courtyard of the if not because video has come out of the hospital with bodies 2 days ago it began to write on all the bodies in the open air. fears over kobe 1000 contagion have sparked unrest across many latin american countries in honduras hundreds took to the streets of the capital take up on sunday to prevent the bodies of corona virus victims from being transported for burial protesters blocked roads fearing becoming infected by the bodies of the deceased. we don't want them to send people to be buried in the cemetery because those people are infected and there are a lot of families here. one of the strictest approaches to containment has been for
1:45 pm
. from el salvador to some policies like the forced long term detention of people accused of violating stay at home orders every said in alarm over human rights abuse and i was brought in by you india you know we have been confined for 41 days in this containment center we only asked the government authorities to give us the results of the cafe 1000 tests carried out in order to discharge us. according to the pan american health organization latin america is experiencing what europe did 6 weeks ago meaning the region is only now entering the peak of the coronavirus pain demick monument up a little al-jazeera. covered 19 a struct particularly hot of the largest native american reservations in the u.s. small lives have been lost of navajo nation but in the rest of new mexico the state has one of the highest infection rates nationwide rob reynolds explains why.
1:46 pm
in late march a navajo tribal member learned she had been exposed to corona virus and such testing at an indian health service or i.h.s. hospital they earned me away and told me that i didn't have any. that nightmare around me and i started running. and the next day the body started they were so excruciating like every bone in my body was hurting all the way down to my. anger with very very bad headaches or a big a return to the i just hospital but they refused to admit her or her 66 year old mother who was also ill they turned us to wait until was coming back until it gets worse and you know that quite yet like what is worst mean what's worse than this is
1:47 pm
going to get worse the i h s. is run by the federal government in washington it is notoriously underfunded understaffed and under equipped we asked the i guess repeatedly over several weeks for an interview but got nowhere we don't have the best healthcare system on the national news should we have been hit hard by this virus that has snuck into our communities here on the navajo nation navajo lands are impoverished rural and arid basic infrastructure is shockingly bad you know you've got the c.d.c. saying well it's your hands with soap and water everybody but you know what 30 percent of our navajo people do not have running water he says native american communities aren't getting the emergency money they need for testing and equipment we're just getting just a little bit of funding to our nation's nests all the girl all the tribes
1:48 pm
throughout the country it just seems like the 1st citizens of this country have been ignored once again on her 4th visit to the i.h.s. barely able to breathe begin a pleated desperate plea for help where already feeling. fear so when the worst going to be worse we're dead she and her mother were finally taken to better equipped hospitals in arizona after weeks they have now recovered but many navajo have not i've known people personally i mean any that were turned away like that went home. and died in their own homes the 1st americans once again last in line for help rob reynolds al-jazeera. just ahead here on the news in sports there was
1:49 pm
a bizarre stop to the south korean baseball season son of a. here study what happened. from.
1:50 pm
elegant trouble sport here's our thank you very much adrian while it's crunch a day for germany's top football division they're expected to learn whether they've got the green lighted to resume at their season this month but as league clubs are back in training in the spy action of being suspended since march 8th because of the covert 19 outbreak but according to reports german chancellor angela merkel
1:51 pm
a will allow the leave to resume behind closed doors the move is set to follow the easing of a number of restrictions in the country on monday museums hair salons and churches were given clearance to open on the tight restrictions well we spoke to football writer chris williams who covers the boones league extensively he says it's crucial for the finances of clubs to get play under way as soon as possible. and there isn't you know football is exceptionally important in germany financially the bundesliga clubs could lose out in the region of 750000000 euros should these games not be played that is through corporate sponsorship deals and also payment of television rights from the 2 main broadcasters. so financially it could really impact some clothes should it not come back though you know there would be a lot of clips that would go to the wall financially about couldn't cope without the television money corporate sponsorship deals and eventually gate receipts money
1:52 pm
as well there of course are all concerns about the resumption of football. opening not now shops are open non-essential shops are open schools are going back some schools have already come back on the majority school should go back towards the end of may well there still is concerns those concerns obviously because the players are in close contact to each other social distancing still needs to be happening in training and there's also concerns about the players themselves those been 10 positive tests so far across the league across the across the 2 divisions that the d.f.l. look after his legal one impetus leading to the d.f.l. themselves on the clips the medical side of the collapse of said that this is what the test is that for identifies key issues immediately and those players are then isolate it's a concern from quite a majority of the fine groups is that they came to be played behind closed doors but well fortunately if fans want to see that clubs again at some point these games will have to take place because of the large finances involved in it the free to
1:53 pm
air television debate is something that has been taken very seriously in germany they would like it free to at both the state government and the federal government would like to free to air so people can watch it well they don't want to situation where it's behind a paywall pay subscription and only certain people are able to if you've up and therefore that be more chance of people congregating together in friends' houses or in the locations to watch the football. arsenal boss says that restarting football in england should not be a washed by had himself successfully recovered from the corner bar as he was the 1st reported positive case in english by midweek and while e.p.l. players that recently started training again individually on team training grounds . a caution about resuming matters any time soon during an online chat with gunners legend right. now do you know how this thing is going to get to a date the players and everybody involved at the training ground base that you know
1:54 pm
you have to be very samey the protocol coming statement dictate where we can go next is there on the day. we can on the russian you know we have a major player we need to play we have we mentioned playing for time for us on the side for me coming and we have that responsibility so we just have to be ready whatever they said go ahead. and he gets. barcelona manager he says says that he does not want to win the league title unless all the remaining games can be played out in full he made the comments during an internet chat with his technical team on tuesday boss atop the table with 2 points before play was suspended in march there's a lot league are set to resume training this week but not before being tested for the corner biased with hopes that play can restart in june we're. going to be an hour of course i would like to finish it i would not like to win the championship
1:55 pm
in another way it is true that if we cannot reach this season it would have to end as it is now but in reality we would like to play until the end of the field and win the championship the right way all the games we have lived the dream go through a few champions league. teams in brazil including in tennis and back in training despite growing numbers of koran a virus cases in the country and nearly 80000 deaths flares arrived wearing their training kits and went straight to attend to undertake a covert 19 testing president both made no secret of his wish for the game to return sooner rather than later arguing that players are less likely to die from the virus because of their fitness no date has been finalized yet for the resumption of matches. australia's top women's football
1:56 pm
assam care says the covert 19 crisis has impacted the player's ability to potentially start a family with the olympics being to spawn to next year the matilda's team will now have to play consecutive major tournaments every year until 2024 and says that has a consequence is on and off the field she says next is a lympics than asian cup then world cup then olympics again the next off year for matilda's is a 5 years away now instead of one there's no room for injury now which is stressful there's no room for time off and there's no room for girls in our team getting pregnant now because that's a thing in women's football. australian rugby league team and the melbourne storm i have been banned from training in the town of albury plays the travelling to new south wales because of tight restrictions in their home state of victoria
1:57 pm
but all very officials block them from using the public facilities saying it would be unfair on residents and they didn't trust them to follow social distance rules however the storm have moved to a private venue in the town to prepare for the restart of the season later this month. and the baseball season has finally got underway in south korea but with a difference. this was the ceremonial its 1st pope chad one of the games and 9 year old boy you will find the handed out to the ball was enclosed in the goal it was called a socially distant 1st pitch all games will be played behind closed doors until the restrictions are lifted. and the hazardous wolf we will have more for you later on. so many thanks indeed battle
1:58 pm
just about to form the news out of it was 21 years and i website i'll just talk congress shall here to update you get it just a few minutes. by foot. well fine for time to turn up the volume on the untold story smelled way you don't know 6 examine the u.s. and its role in the wild we're going to bomb the taliban in submission and bomb them to the peace table so we're in gunfire coming from that direction we're going to go i mean holding the powerful to account you know in this room has cancer the
1:59 pm
nose of someone that lives here that has cancer. folk lines coming soon on al-jazeera. as a celebration of tradition life. and love. al-jazeera was a gateway insights into the diverse culture of somalia. police 2 different couples embarking on their lives together the wedding the money style an antecedent. culturally i believe god the muslims had a far greater effect all europe than europe on the middle east a part of the grocery that is fought for old christmas because they failed to recognize the moment to leave but there was not hanukkah it was in the the list campaign of goldeneye that exploded religion in the name of the cross of the
2:00 pm
crusades an arab perspective the final episode liberation on a jersey or. save humanity i really really not getting anywhere near it. 'd another step towards opening back up some students in china's coronavirus at the center go back to school. for show kerry this is al jazeera life and doha also coming up south korea further eases restrictions as it reports no new local infections for a 3rd consecutive day. spain's prime minister's takes a 4th extension of the lockdown but
2:01 pm
a divided parliament may block his attempt. and activists in the philippines very.


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