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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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you'll you have be in scole field you know at this stage of you we will not be with you we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter just 0. al-jazeera. hello nor untainted this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. 75000 dead in the u.s. and more than 33000000 out of work since the coronavirus knockdowns began. meanwhile president trump celebrates the justice department withdrawing its case against former national security adviser michael flynn with another attack on the apollo administration. used to stick suggest that people in britain are 4 times
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more likely to die from coronavirus than white people. toxic gas leaks again from a factory in india where earlier leaks killed at least 11 and left hundreds in hospital. and the war on drugs has failed a global team of experts says hardline policies are actually fueling organized crime around the world. the devastating financial impact of the corona virus pandemic continues to unfold as governments across the world struggle to restart the whole to the economies in the u.s. where more than 75000 people have died of the virus a staggering 3200000 more people filed for unemployment that means 33500000 or one in 5 workers have lost their jobs since mid march when the corona
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virus outbreak forced many businesses to close their doors. here in the u.k. the bank of england warns the economy could shrink by 14 percent by the end of 2020 the worst slump in move 300 years is this is the economy could bounce back by 2021 if the pandemic is brought under control it's a slightly better picture in china though exports unexpectedly rose 3 and a half percent in april partly driven by sales of medical equipment but honest want a 14.2 percent fall in imports signals more trouble ahead as the global economy sinks into recession white house correspondent can be help it joins us live now it can be there's a staggering figures on their own joblessness yeah one in 5 americans filing for unemployment insurance since march what we have now 33000000 and climbing really this is a nation that is bracing for an historic unemployment rate because essentially all of the jobs that we saw really added to the u.s.
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economy in the last decade have now been wiped out simply a 20 percent unemployment rate and you have to remember that's astonishing given the fact that it was just weeks ago 3.5 percent previously which was a 50 year low and there's increasing criticism of president trump and his approach here is no. well yeah i have one of the other big headlines i wanted to talk about in all of this is the stunning reversal of donald trump's department of justice essentially a stunning reversal coming today something the u.s. president talked about in the oval office as he met with the governor of texas this is certainly interesting because you'll remember in the russia investigation that envelops this administration for quite some time in the early years that probe into whether or not there was collusion between trump's 2016 political campaign and
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russia in the midst of all of this the very short lived national security advisor michael flynn was caught lying to f.b.i. investigators about some conversations that he had with the russian ambassador well the u.s. president has always said that he thought this was a grossly unfair case against the general and in fact he commented about this in the oval office in just the last few hours it's never been anything like this in the history of our country what they did what the obama administration did is unprecedented has never happened never happened to things like this has never happened before the history of our country and i hope a lot of people are going to pay a big price because they're dishonest crooked people they're scum and i say it a lot this scum the human scum who should never have happened in this country. now what i should also tell you is the u.s. president had a conversation with vladimir putin the russian leader today what we understand and
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we know that russia of course has been very hard hit by kobe had 19 the united states now in a position that has an abundance of ventilators apparently the offer from the u.s. president to vladimir putin to provide some of those ventilators to russia an offer we understand the russian leader has accepted and community the trump administration has been criticized for its lack of screening at airports and early march this is the virus it appears to be moving closer to trump himself. yeah there have been a lot of criticisms about the u.s. president's handling of coronavirus but one of the other big headlines lauren that we're chasing right now that is as come down is the announcement of the uit united states to remove patriot missile batteries from saudi arabia what this is significant is the fact that it's removing these missiles marks the end of a recent military buildup to counter iran according to officials so what we're also
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understanding from all of this is that there is a reduction in other military capabilities that is being considered this really marks the end for now of this large scale military buildup to counter ron so that is one of the other headlines that we are chasing but certainly this is something that is just another of the issues that this is ministration is having to deal with given the fact that it is so focused right now on dealing with covert 19 not just at home but abroad can be how can i thank you very much indeed. black people could be 4 times as likely to die of corona virus than white people in the u.k. that's according to the country's national statistics agency which says people of bangladeshi pakistani and indian origin are also at significantly higher risk and the u.k. has the 2nd highest coronavirus death toll in the world with more than 30000 fatalities john howell reports from north west london food donations being prepared
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for the community at a pentecostal church in the london borough of brant the reverend desmond hall shows us around. this old really vulnerable disabled some have to some of the story told to brant is one of the areas of london worst affected by cope with 19 new research suggests that sea in part because of its high percentage of black asian and minority ethnic all. residents occupants are struggling. are committed as you may be aware this side of brant is within that double digit deprivation so in this is a separation we are double digit deprivation figures from the office of national statistics indicate that people from be a m.e. groups of 4 times more likely to die from covert 19 than their white ethnic counterparts b o n s points to social inequality as a major factor and health officials agree to any communities are more likely to
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live in deprived situations they're more likely to live another half of a crowded commuter and many of them are in front line work which is exposing them to the virus so it does show that they spar us rather than being a great leveler is excess space in the existing health inequalities that sadly are all to present in our society the latest numbers are in line with similar trends among ethnic minority groups elsewhere in the world at the reverend hall's church we meet jennifer green who does what she can to help those struggling in her community despite having underlying health conditions herself these people that b. c i'm not well. they're sick so some of it's hard for some of them as you mention that. some of them can't read so it's hard for them to pick up a phone they have a right they don't know who to turn to so people die in as we say in the biblical
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biblical terms people advance knowledge knowledge is power i want to conclude it doesn't have knowledge of the community its power is taken away in the end this looks like an issue of poverty and of race of minority ethnic groups less well connected to public services more likely to be doing low paid jobs that they can't afford to give up and very often directly exposed to the virus as nurses as bus drivers often on the front line of the fight against coronavirus. it's yet another way in which this virus is tearing into societies and communities turn a whole al-jazeera london one as we can speak now to dr sanja dishonor she works for the national health service here in the u.k. thanks very much for being with us so do the figures surprise you or was it your experience in hospital that suggested that that that was the picture. so these things are a sobering what we're seeing coming out today from their own ass about black and
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ethnic minorities dying at much higher rates and it if it didn't surprise me to be honest and that's the precursor to a virus we know that like an ethnic minorities in the u.k. and also the u.s. have poor health outcomes do you face great values accessing health care and also at greater risk of premature death and actually if you look at other areas of health care where they've broken down the data by ethnicity so if you look at the 10 to care for example in the u.k. a woman is 5 times at risk of dying in childbirth than a white woman so that you have known about these disparities in health between nation groups sitting in the u.k. for quite a long time what's your experience though in terms of growing of are specifically. do you think black and i think minorities are less likely to seek help and therefore don't don't get help soon enough and then more risk of dying is that could that be a factor. i am not sure i don't think that is the fact i think there is a problem of and lacking i think minorities more at risk of getting the virus in
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the 1st place and more at risk of suffering and more complications and more risk of dying from the virus because they're more likely to have underlying health problems and i think we need to be asking the question why that is why is it look like an ethnic minorities are more likely to have heart disease diabetes hypertension and with all the diseases your social circumstances that your diet you pose to exercise your stress levels or the impact you risk of getting these diseases but also there is the such a show coming from the us that people that experience every day acts of discrimination and that end in 10 increases your risk of course soul and this one that was intent again predispose you forgetting all of those 3 conditions and to today the government was asked at a news conference whether they would actually were planning any action as a result of these figures and they said that the public health england was looking at what interventions could be sensibly made a to protect frontline workers from from backgrounds what kind of measures would
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you think are important in that context. yes it's good to hear the government saying that they're going to take measures to protect but to be honest i think that this should have been done start the pandemic so start all frontline work is not just black and i think minorities or front line work that should have been assessed to see they were out there sc we know this but as for for becoming unwell and die from this disease and those workers should have been taken away from the front line and everyone should be given adequate protection and i think there's a real problem here where his in the u. n. the n.h.s. and also in the care sector and why do girls haven't been given adequate protection and that's why we're seeing you know quite shocking the highlights of of deaths among workers compared to other countries and there's a particular put my thinking the n.h.s. we know quite this bias and that back in i think minority doctors but felt felt that as much more difficult for them and were much more less likely to speak out about. play safety issues and their white counterparts and then we know over the
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past few weeks and i know that anecdotes leap is also been surveys being done and lucky that the minority because you have an adequate protection or have been has failed the 15 test the means of protection doesn't fit them properly and yet at the pressure to continue working in high risk situation that have not been able to speak out when they have done so have felt pressured to continue working and clean themselves up but it's so that's quite if you put them here that need to be addressed and around within the n.h.s. about raising issues but also about issues around discrimination within the n.h.s. itself and where it is not being able to speak out dr sonja starr thank you very much indeed for talking to us and moscow's mayor has extended the city's not down until the end of the month 11000000 residents can only leave their homes for central services and have to apply to use public transport some measures have been eased with construction sites and factories are allowed to reopen the mare says he believes the real number of cases in the russian capital is around 300003 times
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higher than the official total. france will start easing its lockdown for monday but promised to a felipe has warned that some areas will continue to observe restrictions for some time or asians will have to show forms to use rush hour public transport and avoid parks but they'll be able to go shopping pronto introduced a strict national lockdown in march when 25000 people have died across the country . there are signs that closed borders across the european union could soon be reopened baltic states and austria are among those who say they will open up to countries they trust to have a virus under control the report symbolism matters at times like these in the size of one of madrid's most iconic restaurants beloved by locals and tourists alike getting ready to open its doors once again is bound to be a psychological boost for a city so badly damaged by the virus. tomorrow
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city hall gives us permission will install a one meter extension to guarantee the 2 meter distance between tables on monday we will be open although we don't know the shuttle b. will have yet but unless the deal is differently we will open from noon until 10 pm and while the european countries worst affected like italy are only tentatively dreaming of what the summer might hold if the new normal can be organized other european nations and now going further announcing similar taney asli that their cherished open borders close nervous several weeks of being restored. in vilnius the capital of. the prime minister said the 3 baltic states were reopening to each other and indicated that neighboring poland might follow. this would be quite a serious signal both to europe and to the world that in our region we properly handled the situation we applied similar methods we have similar epidemiological
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situations so we can do a regional opening. while in the austrian capital vienna so popular in both summer and winter with german tourists the chancellor said his country would reopen both to germany and to the czech republic it's in turn said it was reopening to croatia we also are in contact with our board of your we are in contact with these countries and we want the borders reopened because when it's possible to drive from salzburg to terrell and from terrell to solve without an increased infection risk and the same is true for salzburg to be very very to salzburg or vice versa it doesn't make any sense to uphold borders which hinder people but don't offer more protection should all countries like the u.k. are still battling the trip to the beach spain has their reopening as part of a staged return to normality undoubtedly with an eye on the summer as a way of desperately trying to recoup lost income and while so many major airlines
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are laying off thousands of staff below cost $1.00 darian carrier whizzer announced it was resuming flights from the u.k. to tourist destinations including lisbon in 10 arrays and even increasing them one airport abandoned by. the ns might have a summer holiday after all lawrence lee al-jazeera. hundreds of musicians actors and artists are staged a protest outside the greek parliament accusing the government of not doing enough to help them during the coronavirus crisis they're demanding more support during the lockdown which has left dozens of cultural sites and tourist attractions empty for 2 months greek government says ancient sites like the acropolis will open on may the 18th but museums will stay closed until mid june and open air performances won't resume until mid july after a few news for the government to expand income support schemes with greece expected to enter a deep recession you see it. coming up on this news hour from london. indigenous
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tribe it ecuador that's moving deeper into the rain forest to escape the corona virus. and why some politicians are being accused of hindering not helping efforts to stop the spread of covert 19 in africa. brazil reported a record increase in the number of virus cases and deaths on wednesday when 10000 infections and 615 deaths were confirmed it's prompted the country's new health minister to flag the possibility of strict lock downs in hard hit areas overall brazil has registered more than 8 and a half 1000 deaths and 125000 cases as enjoyable so narrow has repeatedly downplayed the danger of the virus and fired the previous health minister last month after tensions over the country's response. an indigenous tribe that lives in the wetlands of ecuador's amazon region is moving deep into the rain forest members
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say it's a last resort to escape certain death from a coronavirus a tribe originated in ecuador should find a region near the border with peru sea and human has more. than a few members of the sick or by nation in the shoes in the region of the ecuadorian amazon prepare to leave their village they decided to move down the river and deep into the rain forest to escape a disease they believe will wipe them out in a sort of demographic i mean we demographically are $700.00 inhabitants are risk of total extermination as a 2nd part nation and previous centuries our nationality has been the victim of these types of diseases today we don't want the same thing to happen. this new disease corona virus has already infected members of the tribe. down the river they begin clearing their new home the nation along the border between ecuador and peru
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has 15 confirmed cases of the virus to other leaders have already died in the last 2 weeks after showing symptoms of coded 19 other indigenous groups in the amazon have also become ill according to the indigenous organization can face. with at least $30000.00 ecuadorans already infected the government is struggling to contain the spread of coronavirus but indigenous leaders suggest the health ministry is leaving them from last putting them at risk of ethnocide through inaction and leaving them with no choice but to flee get a move we want to tell our communities that it is better to isolate ourselves but also to use our ancestral knowledge it seems the families who have already had this disease are using traditional medicine and we know what type of medicine should be used for the sake of this. few 100 members of this nation who are left it's hoped
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that he's right you see in human al-jazeera. the cruise ship at the center of a criminal investigation into coronavirus deaths in australia has reached the philippines the ruby princess as around $214.00 filipino crew on board the ship reached manila bay on thursday and will be subject to testing before anyone can disembark a vessel's been linked to 21 deaths and 700 infections go straight in government is investigating how 2700 passengers were allowed to disembark in sydney in march despite some showing symptoms. when 2000 people are known to have died from code 19 in africa which now has more than 50000 confirmed cases with dangerous shortages of ventilators tests and intensive care beds health experts fear the continent's outbreak could get much worse and it's not being helped by the spread of misinformation including by some african leaders catherine sawyer reports from kenya's capital nairobi. victor evers job as
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a journalist to the facts checking agency is to verify information on the internet and examine the truth to what government and political leaders are saying he especially needs to be more diligent during the coronavirus pandemic never has just analyzed the social media video of the governor of kenya's capital nairobi mike's on call who recently included bottles of a brand of cognac in food relief packs and gave these explanations that is committee which has some but it. couldn't conduct business thoughts and it kills the person because the virus is something that it kills as the disease continues to spread across the continent so does misinformation about it a lot of false information a lot of misinformation and disinformation play on your emotions and when people are emotional the come to be become be critical of this would not be the right
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thing sounds in uganda presidential where it was 70 reason he endorsed the production of a sanitizing spray that a medical investor said could cure the disease but i gasped as president and roger lena also launched the distribution of a drink he said calicivirus and kenya some people are using home remedies they swear will protect them from getting sick while health organization has said there's no proven cure or vaccine give up on fusing time for everybody many people are now relying more on online content for their coronavirus some of those we talked to say they're overwhelmed by all the information on fossil me either way very lying on 4 cold who are at the peak they feed on line and most of the off information has been shared millions of times across the continent. for enochian use a volunteer with the kenyan red cross she distributes sanitizers soap and masks on
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the streets of. and office accurate information as opposed to the misinformation on line other bottling up that they're drinking a lot so it means they cannot contact the vedas and that people believe that covered 1000 is not for africans that think that is in fact this morning someone correct me and he told me government in it just for rich people he doesn't believe in that water. she says the only way to counter the online misinformation is doing what she's doing talking to people answering their questions and trying to calm their fears catherine soy al jazeera nairobi kenya. and ask us now exporting its purported havel cure for kevin 19 to several other african nations and the world health organization is urging it to put the covert organics drink through clinical testing to prove whether it actually works we are advising the. government of madagascar to take those products through a clinical trial and i'm prepared to collaborate with them we've also invited them
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to join the w.h.o. coordinated solidarity trial where are the therapeutics are being tested out so we would caution and advise against countries adopting a product which has not been taken through tests to see its efficacy against 1000. in other news a local official in southern india says a plastics factory has begun leaking toxic gas again hours after at least 11 people were killed by a previously people are now being evacuated from a 5 kilometer radius around the plant residents rushed out to a street in a panic and of 1000 were left struggling to breathe after the 1st leak in the city of chicago as a purana reports in the capital new delhi. panic and chaos in india's southern city of the shark apartment as people living in an industrial area began losing consciousness that's after a gas leak at
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a plastics factory owned by a south korean company l.g. chemicals the leak happened early on thursday morning when most people who were asleep at the national disaster response force a vacuum waited at least a 1000 people from a 3 kilometer radius around the factory there were some people who were unconscious also make launches there were people who were not able to move there were children there were women there were people who. all of them were helped. at least 800 were taken to hospital with breathing difficulties and irritated skin police said that styrene gas leaked out of 25000 ton tanks which had been left unattended as the factory was closed for 40 days during india's markdown. they said that heat produced inside the tanks was released soon after the factory reopened l.g. chemicals confirmed the plant wasn't operating because of the lockdown but said there were maintenance staff that the facility and the agency workers said the date was brought under control by midday so now the focus is not so much on the gas leak
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it has the effect of the gas leakage on the treatment of the of the people who have been affected. l.g. said it was investigating the cause the industry is minister of the state of said it looked as though proper procedures weren't followed when the plot reopened he also said they want the company to ensure the say. same level of responsibility is taken if the incident were to happen in the e.u. or united states. police in the eastern city of baghdad also revealed that there was a gas leak as a paper mill on wednesday they said the owner tried to hide the incident in which at least 7 workers were hospitalized in critical condition like the fact. that he said the paper mill had also been shot during india's lockdown and workers had been preparing to reopen it elizabeth al jazeera new delhi there's much more still to come this hour including the un's top officials gathered to deliver a stark warning as millions of people risk starvation and economic devastation. and
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health experts warn that not towns around the world are leading to a surge in drug and alcohol abuse. hello that's a nice warm sunny weather across central and western areas of europe it's not being quite so fine across the east without plenty of rain and we've also got some cold air across the east as well in fact some of that rain up into the mountains has turned to snow look at this in the mountains in southern poland enough snow to actually make a snowman very different say there across into southern germany clear sunny skies aside the time watches have been on at the high side now that's about to change across the west and then also not just yet but by the end of the weekend but for now through friday quite a bit of damage is in the low to mid twenty's paris in zurich by the $24.00 the
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some rain showers pushing into western areas of france heaviest rain into northern areas of spain and in fact the timing is here not as holes as they have been but you can see elsewhere we've got most to clear conditions still some showers to work their way through eastern areas of russia now as we go through saturday more the way of rain across northern sections of the u.k. across into areas of norway as well and then that rain becoming a bit heavy a more winds. thread across areas of france but when it comes the time which is sunday by sunday into london open to all slow time it is all going to dip by about 9 or 10 degrees meanwhile across northern africa sunny skies drought the met means little sunshine across northern africa warming up again in tripoli today with a high of 36. thousands of nepalese children a truck become human life and forced to stay in a legal financial. one i want to follow as one girl's journey hired to her remote village. on al jazeera. played an
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important role in checking in with. each face. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own column and that call means a lot to the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that have not been a change in the world we live in again breaks it down not was a slogan that whatever the problem is of course jokes and counting the cost on al-jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they are going through and hear it as you see it or we believe everyone has a story worth hearing.
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i'm one of the top stories here not just iraq as the number of deaths in the u.s. passes 75000 new figures show more 33000000 americans have lost their jobs since the coronavirus knockdowns began that's one in 5 of the workforce. meanwhile the house of representatives committee has criticized the white house for failing to make sure people arriving from virus hotspots such as south korea and italy screamed and early march president himself is now being tested daily after one of the staff caught the virus. and black people in britain are more are for times more likely to die from corona virus than white people countries statistics agency says people of almost all ethnic minorities are more likely to be killed by the virus. as the world economies suffer from the global pandemic
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a universal appeal is being made to fund the response united nations is asking for billions of dollars from rich in nations to help millions living in the planet's poorest countries and to pick much better james based reports an appeal for the most vulnerable countries on earth he's taking part in a virtual event the un's top humanitarian officials have identified 63 countries that need help both to fight the virus and to withstand the effects of the economic downturn here as to what we're facing now is the global pandemic truly famines that could impact the biblical course there's no question mega famines are all on our break literally right now. before koby hit the scene we already had 130000000 people as i say marching on the brink of starvation the u.n. emergency relief coordinator who also spoke at the event told me why the rich
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countries of the world need to act to tell us the benefits of acting early it's always cheaper and better to act early and take me with this kind of problem what we're going to see if there is growing instability and growing migrates repressions and more space created for terrorist and other extremist groups is well as currently a one year problem potentially being turned into a 10 year problem and that's not in anybody's interests the problem we're dealing with has the potential to settle back all around the world know what we say everybody safe so even in the midst of dating with this huge domestic challenge and all the rich countries the smartest strategy is to spend one percent of your effort and he about why the world is well the problem for this appeal is even the richest countries on earth are currently facing major economic problems the 1st version of this appeal was some 2000000000 dollars and the u.n. only managed to raise hol fact some now they're asking for $6700000000.00
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james but out as era at the united nations afghanistan's public health minister has tested positive for 19 it's believed that fares are didn't pharaoh's has been under quarantine for several days the country has around 3 and a half 1000 confirmed infections and just over $100.00 deaths. i guess times prime minister says the country will ease its lock down from saturday despite the number of cases they're still accelerating imran khan says the decision has been made because millions of people can't afford to live under knockdown any longer markets will be allowed to reopen 5 days a week but all shops must close by 5 pm public transport remains suspended as well as into city travel. as the time of year when many university students finish their final exams prepared to graduate and get a job but with campus is closed and economic life largely shut down this year's
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graduates are entering the world of uncertainty and anxiety up reynolds reports. for the class of 2020 there will be no caps and gowns no proud march to accept diplomas no celebration after years of study and hard work it's a distressing time for grads like james warner who attended vassar college in new york but is now with his parents in los angeles in terms of like you know graduating school and going into the workforce it's such a big change in general and kind of having the you know dark cloud of this pandemic over the. even more stress and intensity to that process back home in gorham maine after american university in washington closed its doors may have terri says she feels like she's in limbo i've been trying to take everything one day at a time to preserve my mental health for both of them and for millions of graduates
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in the u.s. and around the world job prospects are slim i've done some searching i mean doesn't have a lot of economic opportunities other than the tourist industry that's entirely shot at the moment are you going to hire the kid who's like fresh out of school or are you going to hire someone who's been on a desk for flight 5 years. and i don't know i just it makes me feel old it's it's tough young adults leaving college today could face a prolonged period of unemployment for many members of the class of 2020 the economic fallout could linger for years decades or even longer research shows that even if and when the economy picks up again the graduates of today may struggle i mean no recession this is going to and i would say that it will open to begin to go. for income losses that are they
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going to. be seeing that in kind of as a says well they really are good. that might not be. despite these negatives workforce experts advise new graduates to remain optimistic no one thinks that it is going to be. new career. you know. that advice can be hard for anxious young people to follow i want to go start my life i'm like really ready to do that and it's just like painful having to just sit for now the class of 2020 can only wait and hope for the best rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles and with many people stuck on to knock down health experts are warning about a surge in truck and alcohol abuse a u.s. imagine see hotline reported a 1000 percent increase in cost last month on
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a poll is found nearly half of americans believe the crisis is affecting their mental health john hendren reports from chicago. it 13 jennifer jimenez became the face on a 1000 fashion magazines my life literally went from growing up and went outside us argentina where there is dirt roads and donkeys run around all over to becoming a supermodel overnight just like that then after ending years of cocaine and alcohol addiction she went from the youngest model to grace the cover of elle to the front of recovery today now she says she fears a pandemic of drug addiction within the coronavirus pandemic there isn't it and. it's and. it's issues but i think it's so. i think that there are people coming. by that sounds seriously. her husband tim ryan is
12:39 am
a former heroin addict turned interventionist so what people are doing. well all i know it's. a lot of. the couple is now fielding more than $100.00 calls a day on their own helpline. experts say addiction is a disease of isolation and quarantine zone social distancing increase the risk of a relapse it seems clear people are self medicating whether out of fear we're just boredom in the 3rd week of march when much of the u.s. went on lockdown the research firm nielsen found alcohol sales rose 55 percent even though most bars and restaurants had closed online sales rose a staggering 243 percent. for addicts suffering in isolation jennifer jimenez has a message. her child gets china for him so. if you realize your so your work and your life. are.
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one thing. knowing that you. it's a road that these days millions of that akes are walking along john hendren 0 chicago of the war on drugs is simply not working and is actually empowering organized crime across the globe that's the warning from former heads of state diplomats and crime experts who released a report telling government that drug laws must be reformed a study from the global commission on drug policy says a hardline approach to drug users and petty offenders has led to human rights violations overwhelmed courts and overcrowded prisons it also says young people and poor communities are suffering disproportionately hit easier for a criminal gangs to recruit members of the commission says governments should instead focus on combating the most dangerous gangs drug traffickers are often
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linked to other crimes such as people trafficking money laundering and arms smuggling the commission says regulating the multi-billion dollar illegal drugs trade will make organized criminals less powerful the former colombian president juan manuel santos is a member of the global commission on drug policy he joins us via skype from bogota tell me initially do you recommend anything in specifically linked with the outbreak of the corona virus outbreak other specific measures that you think should be put into place now. well i think there's an demick office or some of the opportunities to get more intelligence about how real the drug market and the drug dealers and specially the criminal organizations work so there's a specific target there another thing that i think is would be very important is that discipline and demick should convince us to be much
12:42 am
more conscious of giving these facts and the scientific world and the evidence more importance if you do that then you can be much more effective for example in the war against drugs or in the fight against climate change evidence based same to base decisions to time to one of the things you recommend is trying to track track the the financial networks of the of the criminals involved in this short of governments are doing that anyway are they but they're not doing net enough i had the experience because i've been by the no guns are being mothers there are my professional life and there is has been an improvement but not enough you still have i will give you the specific example you still have. that drug lords using the sale of
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gold of eagle gold as a way to launder their money and when you ask many countries to regulate to control where this gold comes from they're not very comparative so there is still a long way to go but what about the the lawyers who protect some of the kind of elites in the in the in the drug well do you suggest going after them how practical is that. well there are many lawyers that. take advantage of the loopholes in the law in the law and on so have tremendous influence with the people who protect the big fish you know the big drug lords and they know that they're defending. people who are creating criminal does damage to the world so try to go after them would also be
12:44 am
to close one of the loopholes that we have in the war on drugs what about people in prison at the moment i understand that your suggestion is that enough to be in prison are the kind of the low level people and the drugs and weld and you're suggesting that perhaps they should be released how receptive are governments generally to that idea. not very receptive because it's very popular in comedy acts and i'm a politician to be a hard liner and repression is very popular politically and to have an approach of be more lenient with the consumers who are drunks and it has the drug dealers is not a very popular idea but when regime for example in colombia or almost in every country today in the world is that the prisons are overcrowded the
12:45 am
and demick is a set in the prisons more than any other ways and. what you see is that between 20 and 25 percent of the prisoners of the world are in jail for crimes related to drugs but nonviolent crimes these people should not be in jail these people who should be outside jail tell me on the public health side of things what do you think needs to be done to to try to discourage people from taking drugs i mean in the past perhaps advertising campaigns haven't necessarily what times they've backfilled what's your advice now on the public health side of this. well the drug business today is worth around $625000000000.00 if governments take control and take away from the mafia us control of this trade they can invest part of that
12:46 am
money in more effective campaigns to convince people not to use drugs as it has been done with the cigarettes and the and in other cases so what we think is much more effective and practical is to take away this huge amount of money that is going to the other nice crime and is used by the governments to to try to convince people not to take drugs among other countries unless i'm to say from a common president and member of the global commission on top i say thank you very much indeed for talking to us and i'm sure there. still ahead this news hour anger in israel as benjamin netanyahu prepares to meet a new government despite his indictment on corruption charges. and a twitch a tiff between the man in charge of the world's largest economy and one of the planet's most famous rock stars.
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flash floods caused by heavy rains have killed at least 65 people in iran and 5 bridges were washed away and dozens of homes destroyed travelling across eastern africa has led to more than 260 deaths in recent days uganda has also been badly affected and on with kenya where 100000 people have been displaced. embattled prime minister of researchers says he's retiring at the end of july thomas to bonnie has been implicated in the murder of assist ranged wife 3 years ago in
12:49 am
a scandal that's rocked the small mountain kingdom but the 80 year old says he's leaving because of his age not because of the growing political pressure on him his new wife has also been charged on his lawyers argued he's immune from prosecution. the decision to retire from there is voluntarily despite the fact that my post you should know the term is due to end in 2022 years i did indicate in january the job of prime minister quite as sensory perception as well as reputable physical strength. due to a. as energetic as i used to be as it is added to voluntarily right killed off is and over the reins of government no accordance with the laws of lawsuit. the u.s. senate has failed to override a president veto of a resolution that would have restricted him from waging war on iran 67 votes were
12:50 am
needed to back the resolution but only 49 voted in favor the president has called a resolution very insulting dismissing it as a political ploy by the democrats tensions between the u.s. and iran rose following assassination of military commander house in a sunni money in january. dozens of israelis have protested against a court ruling that allows prime minister benjamin netanyahu to form a new government despite being under indictment for corruption some demonstrators chained themselves to metal barriers outside the prime minister's office on wednesday israel supreme court ruled that netanyahu can form a coalition with his rival benny gantz and israel's president has now given him the mandate to form the government which is expected to be sworn in next week a force it is in west to east them as more gadgets and netanyahu is unlikely coalition. these men don't trust each other indeed benny gantz had made his entire political career
12:51 am
a short one that is about removing from office someone that he said was corrupt and had poisoned israeli democracy and so when you think of just how benjamin netanyahu has come back from where he was under indictment which he still is of course the trial is due to start at the end of this month losing or at least failing to win 3 inconclusive elections a court a high court consideration of the legality of his being able to stand as prime minister in waiting to form a new government one by one each of those impediments have fallen but yes what is remaining is now this very strange beast of a government in terms of israeli political history where both men will be sworn in as alternate prime minister at the same time netanyahu going 1st for 18 months then dance they've had to change fundamental laws in order to allow this to happen and
12:52 am
into and to ensure that netanyahu retains his prime ministerial status throughout the 3 year term potentially extending to a 4 year term of this government so he'll be able to fight his 3 corruption cases from a position of strength and power and to try to ensure that dance is handed over power in 18 months time. the half of humanity under lockdown there are many things the world can collectively enjoy but thursday off is one of those rare moments and people only have to look up to the sky it's the final super moon of the year the celestial event where the moon is in its closest orbit to earth appearing around 6 percent bigger and brighter than usual is also known as a flower moon signifying a spring time in the northern hemisphere the next chance to see a super moon won't be until april next year and mexico is the largest bear exporter in the world but it's been a loving citizens are missing out
12:53 am
a surprise run dry be a production in mexico it was stopped over a month ago and health officials declared brewing a non-essential activity some produces including the company that makes corona beer of continued their operations for export but the country's stockpile has dwindled this fueled ripostes black market. for months because can see it doesn't matter how badly you want to be there it's not possible to buy 100 people in various states and he's just not possible but it's a very different story in germany where one brewery is giving away beer for free and filling a brewery in the state of hesse has a surplus of all the 2 and a half 1000 liters due to restrictions on hotels and restaurants rather than throwing it away customers have been allowed to line up and fill buckets and the brewery wants to empty its tanks so they can be refilled with fresh beer in bars or an after reopen has been confirmed that germany's top flight football league will restart next saturday making it the 1st european league to resume during the
12:54 am
pandemic the games will still be subject to heavy restrictions as dominic kane explains from berlin. sport resumes the blenders legal resumes the fight for the title resumes but also the fight to stave off relegation will resume but no fans will be able to watch it physically in the stadium so here i am now germany's the lympics stadium the home of help so barely know fans will be able to come here likewise when the german cup final was supposed to be held at the end of this month but it won't be held at the end of this month no date yet set for that but when the chief executive officer of the bundesliga christie enciphered gave a news conference earlier on it was very clear he was cautiously optimistic about the decision to go back to playing saying it was something that happened to be done . is. this competition is not normal we will continue to monitor the developments of the current virus and everyone in the league must be aware of this we are playing on probation and every match day is a chance to prove that we deserve the next one the 1st and very important step is
12:55 am
not to become infected by the coronavirus and it is the responsibility of each individual in the case of the clubs and everyone is responsible the players the coaches and the technical staff there are many football fans who really want to see some form of elite sport back on their screens if possible but then there's equally a lot of people in this country who look at how serious the pandemic is and they really wonder whether now is really the right time to be playing elite sports again when people are still dying under the people dying and many hundreds of people being infected they wonder whether now is the right time but what's clear is that the part the politicians and the sports administrators of all talk to each other and work that they think this is the right thing to do they want the bundesliga back up and running they wanted to complete by the end of june. 3 pairs from brazil's champion from anger football club have contracted the virus there among 38
12:56 am
people connected to the club who tested positive but i'm not. in any symptoms on monday for makers longtime masseurs died at the age of 68 after being diagnosed with cove 19 brazilian football has been suspended since mid march but for my go was planning to resume training this week after i got the go ahead from the rio de janeiro football federation but as you know i want to do good. for the decision to restart football in brazil is a controversial one this video put out by the athletes union features 16 players from 12 top clubs including a fermenter player they all say they're worried about safe working conditions if they go back on the pitch too soon. the boxer mike tyson says he wants to return to the ring to raise money for charity he's been retired for 15 years but still has some moves. he put out this 5 2nd clip earlier this week and it's already been viewed $10000000.00 times
12:57 am
as the 53 year old former heavyweight champion has already been offered as much as $3000000.00 for an exhibition fight in australia tyson retired in 2005 after losing to kevin mcbride. an aspiring much of a different kind of guns n roses front man axl rose has got into a twitter spat with the u.s. treasury secretary steve it began with a rock star insult a nation of america's response to the pandemic the treasury secretary hit back but mistakenly used the flag of liberia which is visually very similar to the u.s. flag but only has one star finish in quickly amended the tweet but not fast enough to duck another online attack this 2 days after president trump toward a mosque factory while the guns n roses cover of live and let die played in the background. plenty more on our website any time. and that's it for me and our intent of his
12:58 am
news out of the back more and more in a minute. choices and sacrifices made in the name of mother's love to provide the high children a woman in thailand must deprive them of the love they crave and focus this compassion and kindness on how well with alzheimer's patients from the west. while this was by many travel hoth way around the world to leave that own mother in her cat. witness kissing mother goodbye on al-jazeera.
12:59 am
a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the can only project that's what we refuse it was one of the sound of self a settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. rewind continues to appear bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya i was told that below 0 like any other student rewind continues with scheckter around my neighborhood i was like screaming it is still closed we won't leave. my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the police in your case we want on al
1:00 am
jazeera every generation has a higher purpose. ours. 75000 dead in the u.s. and more than 33000000 out of work since the coronavirus lockdowns began. meanwhile president trump celebrates the justice department withdrawing its case against former national security adviser michael flynn with another attack on the obama administration. and our intake of 00 live from london also coming up. used to stick suggest black people in britain a for.


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