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based on al jazeera. and al jazeera. well every minute. you know cross our. marriage. or are. kevin 1000 cases searched a new peak in russia with more than 60000 infections in just 6 days and moscow's mayor wants the situation is much worse than official figures show that as a pandemic pushes millions more into the unemployment lines americans writes for the worst month of job losses in history.
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richelle carey this is al jazeera life and oha also coming up scaling down the u.s. pulls its patriot missile system out of saudi arabia met a growing dispute over oil prices. and libyan war lyrically for half tars forces attacked tripoli with rockets landing close to the turkish and italian embassies. that began in russia which is rapidly becoming a new hotspot in the global fight against corona virus but more than 187000 cases russia now has the 5th highest number of infections in the world as accorded more than 1700 deaths and for 6 days in a row new cases of gone up by more than 10000 a day and moscow's mare's warning the number of infections is actually far was far higher than official figures charlie ellis has more.
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russian police and fire fighters patrolled the streets with instructions observes a korean teen take care of yourself and stay home as countries around the wound start to open up much of russia is closing down case numbers have to put it in the top 5 of the wu with more than 177000 cases but most lose me a few is and maybe even worse there's the body or for according to streaming studies the entire number of infections of moscow ranges from 252300000 that's 3 times. time's the official figure. at the table and now we have to toughen the requirements for traveling through the city and for the symmetry protection of people starting may 12th they will be strict measures for using public transport and masks and gloves will be compulsory and public places. moskos 11000000 residents move be allowed to leave home for essential services only with
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restrictions extended into the end of may the only exceptions affect trees and construction sites of which many will become medical facilities prefabricated clinics are being built next to 13 moscow hospitals lovers are getting urgent extensions moskos all russian exhibitions seem to is also being transformed into a field hospital but when they're here we will have patients of moderate severe itching we will not host seriously ill patients they will go to actual hospitals with more sophisticated and treats of care a quick matter. russia had avoided the exponential growth seen in other countries in the last week of march it had 1000 total cases is italy in the u.s. so past 100000 president putin sent troops to help initially now they needed at home. i think russia should be proud because when europe and the whole world was struck by the code 1000 pandemic you came to lend us a helping hand and not surprisingly russia has had similar problems and this is
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admirable it's all hands to the front line is russia's battle against coronavirus has well and truly arrived shallop ballasts. world's biggest economy has been battered by the pandemic april is said to be the worst month for job losses and u.s. history the latest monthly job figures are 2 and the coming hours they will include government workers and are now expected to show an unemployment rate of more than 15 percent the private sector laid off more than $20000000.00 workers last month and in the past week at least $3000000.00 more have filed for unemployment benefits if the projected 15 percent is correct it will be the highest jobless level since the great depression only 2 months ago unemployment stood at 3.5 percent a historic 50 year low face of those figures this year's university graduates are coming into the worst job market and a century many have large student debts and are leaving their courses with little hope of successfully starting careers robins reports. for the class of 2020
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there will be no caps and gowns no proud march to accept diplomas no celebration after years of study and hard work it's a distressing time for grads like james werner who attended vassar college in new york but is now with his parents in los angeles in terms of like you know graduating school and going into the workforce it's such a big change in general and kind of having the you know dark cloud of this pandemic over the. even more stress and intensity to that process back home in gorham maine after american university in washington closed its doors may have terri says she feels like she's in limbo i've been trying to take everything one day at a time to preserve my mental health for both of them and for millions of graduates in the u.s. and around the world job prospects are slim i've done some searching i mean doesn't
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have a lot of economic opportunities other than the tourist industry so that's entirely shot at the moment are you going to hire the kid who's like fresh out of school are you going to hire someone who's been on a desk for flight 5 years. and i don't know i just it makes me feel old it's it's tough young adults leaving college today could face a prolonged period of unemployment for many members of the class of 2020 the economic fallout could linger for years decades or even longer research shows that even if and when the economy picks up again the graduates of today may struggle i mean will be sessions is that they are going to and since i would say that it will also. be going to go so you see. income losses etc the baby might. be seeing that it was intended as
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a system or something well they really hard it. might have been. despite these negatives workforce experts advise new graduates to remain optimistic no one thing is going to. you know. that advice can be hard for anxious young people to follow i want to go start my life i'm like really ready to do that and it's just like painful having to just sit for now the class of 2020 can only wait and hope for the best robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles and in the end 16 migrant workers have been killed in a train accident as they walked home after losing their jobs during the pandemic they were crushed by a freight train in the western maharastra state after they stopped to rest on the tracks and fell asleep laborers have been returning to their homes
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a neighboring state hundreds of kilometers away most public transport is shit. this is a moving its patriot anti-missile systems and other weapons from saudi arabia that is happening is it scales back and arms buildup that began when tensions with iran and craze last year saudi oil installations are among some of the facilities being affected in the us at lepanto and fighter jets after saudi aramco plants were attacked last september dozens of u.s. military personnel will be reassigned when asked about the report president trump would not give out specific answers well i don't want to talk about it but we're doing some things will make it a lot of moves in the middle east and elsewhere we're doing a lot of things all over the world militarily we've been taken advantage of all over the world our military and. in the sense that we are and this is nothing to do with saudi arabia this has to do with other countries frankly much more we have the most powerful military in the world here's
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a quick look at the recent news by the white house in the middle east trump reportedly warned that if saudi arabia did not cut oil supplies he would be able to stop the u.s. congress from withdrawing troops from the kingdom that followed the plunge in oil prices and riyadh's price war with russia before that trump warned iran it would pay a heavy price if it attacked u.s. troops stationed in iraq and marks the united states announced it was withdrawing hundreds of soldiers from 4 bases there of the ostroff is an assistant professor at the university of nottingham center for conflict security and terrorism and says the oil price plunge may have influenced trump's decision. because of the oil price $1.00 of the things that's happened is that anybody who wants to time whether it's us who it is or it's iranians and all refinery they're going to waste their time because it's not going to hurt and have the effect that he would have had many months ago i think also the point that saudi arabia has been with in a price war with russia now that it's impacted american produces tax and hope it
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uses a very hard go into prices going into negative territory you know president it case in in the u.s. and so there is a pressure on the regime the administration in washington to stop importing saudi and other oil and concentrate on domestically produced oil and i think finally that the the army is under stress with the missiles that they need to deploy and they have deployed additional missiles early this year to iraq to protect their bases after the the iranians fired several missiles at one of their bases and then the other thing we mustn't forget is that the coronavirus has hit the u.s. very hard economically and so what the president can't afford to do is cut back on the military but what he can do is cut back on military spending and having
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squadrons of aircraft fighter aircraft and that's part of this withdrawal as well as the patriot system based in saudi's costing additional money. top u.s. and chinese negotiators have agreed to begin the 1st phase of aid trade deal signed in january tension between the superpowers has been higher for the handling of the pandemic earlier this week president onil trump said he had in the agreement of china didn't stick to its terms of the u.s. trade representative says just because discussions have gone well and both sides are trying to ensure it works. forces loyal to libyan war khalifa haftar have again attacked the capital tripoli areas near the turkish and italian embassies and a hotel in the city center were shelled after has been trying to seize the capital for more than a year now in turkey on thursday against supporting the u.n. recognized government 6 people were killed in shelling or tripoli on wednesday and various countries support opposing sides in libya's conflict so let's break this
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down for you the government of national accord is based in tripoli and it's led by a prime minister of iraq his administration is backed by the u.n. with diplomatic support from qatar italy and other western nations turkey recently also sent military support to world war clifford power base is the government to brooke and eastern libya he is supported by saudi arabia the u.a.e. russia and egypt france tonight is providing military support and we don't know what head is in tripoli he reports people living there in fear of more attacks. the targeted area which is a very close to the city center it's called zoe demand the word civil diplomatic mission headquarters are located and also a courthouse and a public park 2 police officers were killed along with other civilian a passer by were killed by the explosions caused by. a grad rockets launch it by forces loyal to the warlord. and civil other civilians that one day now
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the people in the residential areas nearby are still living in a state of panic state of fear they cannot guarantee that more rockets were have to his forces won't be targeting their areas over night and the troops. and the recognized foreign minister mohammed say yellow contacted both the turkish and italian ambassadors to check on them he also stated that the targeting of that residential area which is very close to the headquarters of the diplomatic or the embassies is violation of the into the national and international humanitarian law now have those forces have been threatening to. target more areas and as you know that the government of national called is accusing forces of committing
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war crimes by targeting the residential areas. still ahead on al-jazeera indigenous tribe in ecuador that's moving deeper into the rain forest to escape the pandemic. we'll tell you why the livelihoods of colombia's cocoa farmers are on the line. how i think over the next couple of days you will see some very wet weather pushing towards the philippines a little clip just storms out into the open waters here because much of southeast asia it's business as usual plenty of showers but plenty of sunshine as well let me go with that wetter weather starting to ease towards southern parts of the philippines as we go on through sas take us a little closer as we go through sunday early part of next week that may well bring some very heavy downpours in across the region elsewhere is the usual seasonal
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rains not quite as wet someplace to say into smarter particulars northern parts as it has been recently she was there nevertheless you see some showers rain to moving across southern parts of australia little area cloud harrowing through the bite speckling your shower cloud to the south of that that's where the cold air is and that's going to squeeze in across the southeast and colder as we go through the next couple of days just around adelaide 16 celsius 15 celsius there for melbourne the showers rattle through somewhat to weather grassy making its way toward safety but still on the warm side here getting up to 26 celsius on saturday afternoon with some rain gradually making its way through as we go on through sunday then the heat breaks 19 celsius in sydney that wetter weather will gradually make its way to new zealand. but. thousands of nepalese children a truck become human lives and those to stay in a legal or financial. one a one
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a follows one girl's journey home to her remote village. on how to 0. be the hero the world needs right. washing. or you ought to. watching out is there and these are the top stories right now russia is becoming the new global hot spot for covert 19 for 6 straight day new cases have gone up by more than 10000 moscow's mayor as warning the figure could be 3 times that. the
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u.s. is removing its anti-missile systems and other weapons from saudi arabia and scaling back an arms buildup that began as tension with iran and greece last year after saudi aramco plants were attacked his capital is come under renewed attack from forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar shells landed near the turkish and italian embassies and a hotel in the city center. an indigenous tribe living in ecuador's amazon region is moving deeper into the rain forest members say they are going to avoid they're going there rather to avoid being infected by coronavirus the tribe came from the sion fendi region near the border with peru a latin america newman has more. members of this chicken nation in the shoeshine the region of the ecuadorian amazon prepare to leave their village they decided to move down the river and deep into the rain forest to escape a disease they believe will wipe them out of their more graphic i mean we
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demographically are $700.00 happy since our risk of total extermination as a 2nd part nation and previous centuries our nationality has been the victim of these types of diseases today we don't want the same thing to happen. this new disease corona virus has already infected members of the tribe. down the river they begin clearing their new home the nation along the border between ecuador and peru has 15 confirmed cases of the virus 2 other leaders have already died in the last 2 weeks after showing symptoms of cold it 19 other indigenous groups in the amazon have also become ill according to the indigenous organization. with at least $30000.00 ecuadorans already infected the government is struggling to contain the spread of coronavirus but indigenous leaders suggest the health
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ministry is leaving them from last putting them at risk of ethnocide through inaction and leaving them with no choice but to flee it in a move we want to tell our communities that it is better to isolate ourselves but also to use our ancestral knowledge and it seems the families who have already had this disease are using traditional medicine and we know what type of medicine should be used for the sake of the few 100 members of this nation who are left it's hoped that he's right you see in human al-jazeera. is this an actor as an artist are accusing the great government of failing to help them and say they need more support during the lockdown the government is allowing ancient sites like the acropolis to reopen on may 18th is the answer though they will remain shut until mid june and open air performances won't resume until mid july. u.k. government is preparing to lift some of its code 19 lockdown measures the next few
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days will be critical to see how people follow the social distancing rules during a public holiday or enslave travel to west a bore some are worried that tourists will disobey the rules. for terror which relies heavily on tourists with civil tells a story of totally changed priorities it's deserted many businesses are suffering. but they're adapting well says change his food and drink store to pick up and delivery only and is proud of how the community has responded what's been super positive is that. vast amounts of it have been coming on to the high street. but to support the small businesses sara has a business cleaning the houses of wealthy londoners who have 2nd homes here that has evaporated but she's managing with others as long as people keep their distance it will be a case of life on working down stays then they go into another room or maybe up stairs us while i've been with doing my customers often been able to go to you know
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we've all been in different rooms and then it's a case of musical rooms so to thing you know but the control over the crisis is under threats with the summer here and the government promising easing of the lockdown and the rights of the water it's. because this is what things look like here at the end of march hundreds of londoners having a day out of the seaside risking which doubles health the town was furious people were were outraged by what we don't want is particularly london is because of the high degree of infection that see in london and therefore the perceived greater risk we don't want lots of londoners or visitors coming down potentially bring in their additional hoyer risk to the area the new normal after lockdown depends on people accepting social distancing this weekend in which civil could prove informative the best case scenario of course is that people have learned something over the last 6 weeks about what constitutes appropriate spare u.v.-a in the new
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normal the worst case scenario is in the coming days and weeks crowds begin to form again and that would surely mean that the lockdown rather than being eased might have to be extended the town's m.p. has some advice don't bother coming at all i really hope they don't come to us well it's not a holiday it's not business as normal and we have to get that mindset into our heads in our own families and just stay where we are having spoken to a dozen local businesses not a single one was in favor of easing the lock down if it meant endangering health if a town reliant on people and suffering so much economic damage things this the government should surely be taking things slowly lawrence leigh al-jazeera in which still. plays expected to ease social distancing restrictions any 3 step process the prime minister scott morrison says the aim is to remove all curbs by july so step one will include the reopening of schools restaurants and shopping malls measures such as physical distancing strict personal hygiene and ensuring people stay home
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if they don't feel well bat or remain in place a country has been in lockdown since march and is nearly 7000 cases. it is our aspiration is a great amongst premiers and chief ministers myself that in july we will have moved through these 3 steps across the country the price that i will totally be up to the states and territories that i will be responsible for setting their own timetable and communicating that to this innocence and residents in their own states and territories. people in argentina have been protesting from their balconies against the lockdown measures. they said the government restrictions are excessive the rules have been enforced for the past 7 weeks now argentina has more than 5000 kovan 1000 cases and 282 virus related to. its couples are broken out in hong kong's legislature in an argument over who should lead an important meeting ah tensions came to
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a head over who should be in charge at the legislative legislative council's house committee the panel scrutinize his bills before sending them for a vote of pro-democracy and probation politicians and accuse each other out of using power. this justice department has dropped a case against president hollande trump's 1st national security adviser former general michael flynn was fired in the early days of the chump administration after admitting he lied to the f.b.i. about contacts with russia alan fischer reports from washington. during the trump presidential campaign general michael flynn often led the chants of look around far end at the republicans opponent hillary clinton yes that's right. but he faced a very real prospect that would happen to him after he pled guilty of lying to the f.b.i. in recent weeks his new legal team insisted documents had been uncovered which suggested misconduct by f.b.i. investigators now the justice department wants all charges dropped i didn't know
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that was happening at this moment i felt it was going to happen just by watching and seeing like everybody else does he was an innocent man he is a great gentleman he was targeted by the obama administration and he was targeted in order to try and take down a president and what they've done is a disgrace and i hope a big price is going to be paid a big price should. good friends 24 days as national security adviser is the shortest of a reign in the important government post he resigned when confronted with evidence he lied about his contacts with the russian ambassador to the us that made him vulnerable to blackmail he also lied about his law being for the turkish government and the white house said he'd lied to the vice president his resignation was an issue of trust. when an initially what with the militant quality into russian
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collusion with the trump campaign to win a lighter sentence but last year he changed lawyers and took a more aggressive approach to court proceedings even though he'd already pled guilty the decision to drop the case has left many legal experts surprised it is appalling that somebody who actually pleaded guilty to 2 crimes is now walking away because the attorney general of the united states is deciding there isn't enough evidence to prosecute him i think that given the judge's. statements in this case all along judge emmett sullivan i think judge sullivan may have something to say about this sudden reversal don't trump has hinted he's open to bringing michael flynn back into the administration a federal judge now has the final decision but it seems the legal case may be coming to an end the political fallout of the justice department's decision is only just beginning alan fischer al-jazeera washington. home as a case u.s.
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presidential hopeful joe biden of sexually assaulting her says he should drop out of the race terror meet alleges biden assaulted her in 1903 when he was a senator and she was an aide in his office biden says the incident never happened . a father and son in the u.s. state of georgia have been arrested and charged with murdering an unarmed black man the family of a moderate says he was out jogging when he was confronted by the 2 white men who say they thought he was a burglar the charges follow a public outcry over a lack of action more than 2 months after aubrey was killed. human rights organizations in colombia have criticized the government for stepping up its efforts to eradicate coca plants and during the pandemic is the main ingredient for cocaine and is produced in remote areas by growers who depend on it for their livelihoods. and he reports in the capital bogota. well most colombians are locked at home a battle keeps raging in the country's remote countryside as military and civilian
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eradicator step up efforts to read colombia of coca plants the meaning greed and for cocaine. growers who depend even more on the crop to survive during the pandemic have confronted security forces in different parts of the country since the start of the lockdown at least 3 growers have died in clashes with police in the north eastern region of the border with venezuela farmers have blocked one of the main roads in protest the representatives in an international coalition of human rights organizations are demanding a stop to the operations for health reasons. we already have the 1st cases of called in 1000 and cut to 20 these are people who come from the interior of the country and can be potential carriers in this remote area we are asking the president for an act of common sense. colombia's defense ministry sent a written response to our questions about the ongoing eradication saying that they
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will not and their operations and that they have implemented strict health controls and even quarantines for their soldiers and the civilians sent to the areas. but critics say the government is taking advantage of the lockdown too and failing substitution programs promoted by the previous government of one man will santos and the peace deal he signed with park rebels. the current government is under pressure by the united states to do more to reduce rising rates of coca-cola deviation and restart aerial fumigations which were suspended for health reasons. former government advisors say the current administration has given up on the substitution programs abandoning promises made to the farmers and forcing many to return to the crop. volunteer ie
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substitution created great expectations among the communities because they believe it was the opportunity to leave the troika and get into legal products today they feel discouraged and confused given that the government is again putting greater interest is on forced to read a cation. it's their return in full force of the old methods to fight what critics call an unwinnable war that leaves the most vulnerable the risk while the drug keeps being produced at growing record rates i listen to them just. take out the headlines right now on al jazeera russia's becoming the new global hotspot for coping 1000 for a 6th straight day new cases of gone up by more than 10000 and moscow's mayor is warning the figure could be 3 times that and india 16 migrant workers have been killed in
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a train accident as they walked home after losing their jobs in the pandemic or crushed by a freight train amar rushed or after they stopped to rest on the tracks and fell asleep laborers had been arrested returning rather to many a protest that's hundreds of kilometers away most public transport is shut. australia is expected to essential distancing restrictions and at 3 step process the prime minister scott morrison says the aim is to remove all curbs by july step one and close reopening schools restaurants and shopping malls it is our aspiration is agreed amongst premiums and chief ministers muscle that in july we will have moved through these 3 steps across the country the price no i would totally be up to the states and territories but i will be responsible for sitting their own timetable and communicating that to this is and and residents in their own states and tear trees and the says removing its anti-missile systems and other weapons
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from saudi arabia its kalen back an arms buildup that began as tension with iran increased last year after saudi aramco plants were attacked dozens of military personnel are also being redeployed and when asked about the report president onil trump would not give specifics i don't want to talk about it but we're doing some things will make it a lot of moves in the middle east and elsewhere we're doing a lot of things all over the world militarily we've been taken advantage of all over the world our military and. in the sense that we're and this is nothing to do with saudi arabia this has to do with other countries frankly much more we have the most powerful military in the world libya's capital has come under renewed attack from forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar shells landed near the turkish and italian embassies and a hotel in the city center after war in turkey on thursday against supporting the u.n. recognized government for the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more news
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to come when i went east as that next. when a prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own column and that coal means a lot to the country's fortunes we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in get a break if it does not was a slogan that whatever the problem is of course jobs and counting the cost on al-jazeera. from the impoverished communities became alliance the polls children attracting in the south. separated from their families boys and girls forced to pose as opens to attract foreign donations. now finally hitting hard but will their parents except the one i want to east follows the journey of the children
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caught up in the polls illegal all.


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