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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the fever is real. passion. i. just. i am. 'd getting ready to fight back pro-democracy groups in hong kong react to a proposed new law that would give china control over security. outlines how its economy will make a comeback coronavirus. this is al jazeera live coming up the mammoth cleanup operation continues in bangladesh following the devastation of. lights camera back in action
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blockbusters put on hold due to coronavirus restrictions. china is moving to pass a national security law for hong kong but it could be the biggest blow to its autonomy since it was handed over by the british in 1907 premier league laid out the program for the next year and the opening address to the annual national people's congress it includes the law which is expected to ban sedition secession and subversion of the central government in beijing in the semi autonomous territory news of the plan there's already been met with protests in hong kong leading pro-democracy figures called the end of the one country 2 systems. brown is live for us in hong kong so what kind of reaction are we getting from the
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streets now. well there have been a few small protests sami during the past few hours and a clash inside hong kong's legislative assembly between pro-government lawmakers and their opponents but we are expecting to be honest in the coming weeks the protests to return one small at the moment we still have social distancing regulations and rules here in hong kong which means that it's impossible for people of more than in groups of more than 8 to gather on the streets now those social distancing rules have been extended until june 4th saw i think once that is over and if those social distancing rules aren't extended then i think you know expect the protesters to return to the streets but it's not in the same numbers as last year but certainly i think they will take to the streets there is a real anger here at the moment and
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a sense also months some of the protest groups that they have nothing to lose by returning to the streets now in the last few minutes the hong kong government has issued a statement saying that it will fully implement the decision of china's national people's congress to introduce a new security law and also stressing that the people of hong kong will continue to enjoy their freedoms well those words have rung very hollow to the pro-democracy camp here in hong kong one of their spokesman took part in a in a media conference on friday morning and he said it was clear that president xi jinping no longer cared about what the rest of the world thinks and that hong kong and china were now on the road to confrontation once more let's be clear that you know while you know it is a it has been reported that it's china's parliament that is proposing this legislation this is come from president xi jinping i think last year when he saw the central liaison office here in hong kong having it's it's it's sort of symbol
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on the door destroyer. when he saw the chinese flag being desecrated on in t.v. news report that for him i think was the final straw and this new law is is designed not so much to restrict protests but also to deal with these acts of secession and separatism when people take part in marches here in hong kong sami often often they do so holding posters calling for an independent hong kong an independent tibet if that happens in the future people doing that could find themselves facing a long jail sentence or a dream brown there from hong kong thanks for that now also coming from the national people's congress for the 1st time in decades china won't set a growth target the premier league told $3000.00 delegates promoting development would be set aside as beijing works to repair an economy badly hit by the
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coronavirus pandemic katrina you is in beijing with the details of that economic plan. the theme was that the chrono virus has had a huge impact on china they've managed to get that under control they're still fighting the war no measures no resources have been spared but because of this the economy has suffered heavy losses but in premier league the chinese words that was a price worth paying and because of this and because of the uncertainties due to the pandemic and trade no g.d.p. target has been set in china for the 1st time since 1988 he went on then to elaborate on a few measures that will be implemented to bolster the slowing economy the 1st being to stabilize employment that is key and he repeated that throughout the speech $9000000.00 urban jobs will be introduced and they will also invest in group projects and boost agricultural related jobs as well $140000000000.00 worth of government bonds will be issued to tackle card 19 and
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a defense budget was also raised 6.6 percent it will be by 6.6 percent this year that's actually the lowest growth rate we've had in recent years and the most telling instruction of all all communist party government officials all levels of government here in china will be told to tighten their belts there was some good news though the 2020 goal of eradicating extreme poverty will still stand and the government will continue to try to implement the phase one trade deal with washington but of course many economic difficulties in this speech setting a very different torrent a lot less flowery language a lot less triumphant language and it seems that leak achang here is really ushering in a new era of of stare she here in china. at least 96 people have been killed by the most powerful side clone to hit eastern india and bangladesh in more than a decade india bore the brunt of side clone ponds forces that may lie in 4 with
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winds speeds of 170 kilometers per hour and called streets were flooded trees and power lines were torn down millions of people were left without power the raw concerns about the spread of coronavirus and emergency shelters. well as the science moves into neighboring bangladesh entire villages were left on the water a storm surges flooded low lying areas thousands of homes have been destroyed food parcels are being provided to those affected the mass evacuation. of a child who joins us now live from dhaka in bangladesh what are people doing who are merging from some of the shelters and finding their entire villages gone absolutely i'm in the right now the relief operation and rescue operation has started many of these people actually want to have a home to go back to i mean the entire southwestern coast a lot of these are mud houses tin houses they've all destroyed it out through
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a tidal surge out through wayne and many of the places not submerge would sell and water you may give them food for right now but this people need to be sheltered and kept in the shelter for a while because they don't have a place to go back having said that also a lot of people who live in the scattered islands they don't have shelter these people asked to be rescued and be accounted for hundreds of fisherman never to return before the cycle and then have to be accounted for now we know that 10000000 people are out of power 60 percent of the mobile telephone towers are destroyed in those areas there's no communication the army and the rescue teams are doing their best out there we also know that literally 176000 hectares all farm lands are destroyed 180000 shrimp farm which is an export oriented industry in that belt those are totally washed away many of these people are subsistence farmers they want to have anything to go back to their might get immediate relief but it takes
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years for them to get back into their livelihoods unless they get help and financial out from the government the country itself is grappling through coronavirus they kaname is slowed down the export industry industry. export industry industries are also suffering so it's a very challenging time for bangladesh right now. thanks so much time the child read there now the u.s. has announced it's pulling out of a major international arms accord the open skies treaty allows $35.00 countries to conduct an armed surveillance flights over each of this territory but president trump says russia has routinely violated the deal rob brown's explains. the open skies treaty ratified by $34.00 countries allows an armed military surveillance flights over each country's territory it was primarily intended to promote openness and transparency between nuclear superpowers the u.s. and russia allowing both nations to gather information about each other's military
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forces and activities now president donald trump is withdrawing from the agreement saying russia took unfair advantage of it russia didn't adhere to the treaty so until they are here we will pull out but there's a very good chance we'll make a new agreement or do something to put that agreement back together among other things u.s. officials say russia barred u.s. flights over certain heavily militarized territories use the treaty to attempt to normalize its forced annexation of crimea and tried to gather nonmilitary information about critical u.s. infrastructure with a possible view toward disabling it during a conflict in moscow a senior foreign ministry official said the us was not behaving as a reliable partner and that abandoning the treaty will force russia to employ what he called a plan b. without elaborating another official called the u.s.
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action unjustified meanwhile the troop administration wants to begin a new 3 way arms control dialogue including china along with russia trump is optimistic we're probably going to make a deal with russia our arms treaty and china will be maybe included in that we'll see what happens u.s. officials say both countries are aggressively expanding their nuclear arsenals regarding russia a white house official says they've adopted a highly provocative nuclear doctrine that embraces early ask lation and use of nuclear weapons what the russian military is calling escalate to when the u.s. and china have not. arms negotiations and there are no signs that beijing is interested in 3 way party armstrongs beijing like moscow is intent on building up its nuclear forces and using us forces to try to intimidate united states and our friends are out u.s.
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officials say they will strongly press russia to help bring the chinese to the negotiating table robert oulds al-jazeera. the family of murdered saudi journalists say they figure of in those behind this killing twitter post his son said justice had been served by the death sentences given to 5 people by a saudi court in december in response g.'s fiance tweeted no one had the right to pardon these killers last year the un special rapporteur accused saudi arabia of allowing the masterminds of which of g.'s murder to go free still ahead on al-jazeera and lifting of long downs in england raises questions about how united the u.k. really is. as many countries continue to open up it's a different story out at sea where thousands are still stuck on cruise ships.
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now it's just been very nice and warm in western europe to the u.k. friends back to change in fact is changing now as you can see that's the 1st frontal system thunderstorm activity on that and the next one is coming in an obvious wind up a storm in the atlantic at the same time we've had some significant thunderstorms running through northern greece they're on their way side so forecast was for friday that are to be of a turkey not to the same extent of the same depths except maybe as far east as georgia now that change of weather type well got 22 degrees in increasingly windy forecast on friday think will be the starting temperate up the fishing temperature still not a mormon parish on notice but let me run it through a bit further and the whole thing expands the cooler air runs through the window make it feel rather less because and you might with significant rain not snow the
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sin if it rains like the over the alps dark blue indicates some good down pools the same time things with quiet and than cleared up in most of turkey anchors 18 degrees and who crosses warmed up to about 22 nowheres very hot there's been something of a heat wave in egypt recently extending to levant the temperatures in the us wants to 43 and even the norm show breeze car was at 38 down to 32 by saturday. easily test street and trace frank assessments why is italy struggling to cope with the number of coronavirus which failure to take really aggressive action really them behind her informed opinion it's going to be much more challenging in a place like haiti that is one dance away here very relieved to go in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines india done enough to admit the spread of the
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out of hours and the inside story on al-jazeera. you lose. you. come back you're watching out 0 time to recap our headlines now pro-democracy activists in hong kong with condemned new national security legislation planned by china beijing is moving to pass them over could be the biggest blow to hong kong's autonomy since it was handed over by the british for the 1st time in decades china was set a growth target as beijing works to repair an economy badly hit by the front of virus pandemic premier league kitchen told the annual national people's congress
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the outbreak was not over development wasn't a priority. at least 96 people have been killed by the most powerful psych one to hit eastern india and bangladesh and over the decades. made landfall on wednesday operating fountains of trees destroying power lines. more than 2 weeks after britain's prime minister barak's johnson announced an easing of lockdown restrictions nicholas sturgeon has unveiled her plan for scotland's 1st minister is implementing different measures at a slower pace raising questions about how united the u.k. really is how the more heavy reports from by the. after 2 months of living under locked in the scottish 1st minister announced the end is in sight i can confirm that the government intends to move from locked on to phase one and thereby lift some restrictions from the 20 of me the plan comes more than 2 weeks after the
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prime minister in one soliciting of the lock turned in the u.k. but the devolved administrations refused to follow suit it may seem fragments or even confuse but this is the reality of devolution in the u.k. the u.k. government just does not control health policy already cation policy in wales northern ireland or here in scotland what a pandemic has done is laid bare the way different administrations react in very different ways the more cautious scottish approach is being broadly welcomed by residents and contrasts sharply with the speeds people in england were urged back to work thank you duckie about the long term like health statistics much better than borat has. compared. their issue comes across the 1st minister's plan for lifting scotland's locked down is similar to much of what was announced by boris johnson the wool schoolchildren will stay on for longer in scotland the main
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difference appears to be the way she has communicated with the public she has been admirably clear and forthright and candid through a lot this emergency and you know even some of the people who vote conservative or labor in scotland are prepared to concede that. but in terms of actual policy you know there's been very little difference between scotland and politics as usual has been suspended temporarily at the seat of power but this unity is unlikely to hold and while the coronaviruses encourage the 4 nations of the u.k. to work together the next phase could hold more friction. i think as we move to the next phase as we. exit the locked and as we move to responding to the places and rebuilding the economy i think that's when we will start to see more tensions more difficulties of managing and perhaps more ideological distinctions in the approaches that it is despite losing new wind 20 food scene scotland is currently
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split $5050.00 on independence and remains deeply divided scotland is set to head to the pools next year intellectually could prove consequential for the future of the u.k. we have no he didn't i'll just cyril. well if you've run out of things to watch from home as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns his some potentially really good news a number of film and television shows have resumed for adoption in some places we should say but with strict new safety protocols in place there were us new zealand's government has already given the green light to domestic production international ones will follow once the government reviews border restrictions hollywood sequels for avatar amazon's lord of the rings series were among those stopped working in march but in hollywood itself television movie and news that production have to wait a bit longer they'll reopen when los angeles county moves to stage 3 of its
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recovery which could happen in the next few weeks if cases that don't increase productions won't resume in the big apple though until the stage for a stay at home order remains in force in new york city disney's theatrical production of frozen won't resume at all the 1st musical victim of the pandemic let's bring in david conley in wellington new zealand is the executive graphic effects producer and it's with a digital and effects company that has worked on lord of the rings planners of the apes and avatar so you must be celebrating right now right. yes we are indeed celebrating and we just heard the news this morning that every day our has been approved to resume shooting here in wellington june 15th so is this the industry getting back on its faith or are there still some hurdles to cross well we're working closely with the government to help open up
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the borders or work within the restrictions and guidelines for bringing movies back into new zealand and this is a positive and encouraging so we look we're looking at other opportunities for more movies to come into news in that very soon we've heard in some countries like new zealand production is resuming but how easy is it going to be for example to shoot a movie with some of the restrictions which remain in place like social distancing and so on. so what we're doing is we're looking at variety of new different techniques that employ both drawbacks post production techniques and shooting techniques that elevate the standards of hygenic practice is unset so will be the test case if you will for those types of movies but we do have practices in place now that encourage social distancing among crew persons among the actors and we're hoping that there will be a variety of digital solutions that we can employ to help finish films so no no
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kissing and hugging scenes fact is i mean more or right now that i don't know yet. what we can make monsters or the law be graphic with it on the lawn that i want and the real hog. what kind of impact has it had on the industry i mean read about obviously some productions being complete i was going to say frozen no pun intended and sold but yes also other aspects of the industry when it comes to digital consumption picking up. well that's exactly the. entire economic. impact won't be known for at least another year but yes across the world we've had a number of productions that have shut down and we have been fortunate that we've been able to finish a few movies while they coronavirus and shut. production down but what we're
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hoping is with the resumption of filmmaking we will be able to start making movies again the true impact will not be known for at least another year on i will leave it that it's been many good getting your thoughts on this thanks so much for joining us david conley thank you very much appreciate them. tens of thousands of cruise ship stuff from maine trapped at sea 2 months after the pandemic crippled the industry they say they've been abandoned many are being paid while some have even held a hunger strike and the gallacher reports from miami. sailing the open seas dancing on deck and seeing the world from the comfort of a floating hotel that's what the cruise line industry is supposed to be about since the outbreak of the coronavirus that image has been tarnished outbreaks of covert 19 claimed lives passengers were eventually allowed to go home but crew members many of the migrants from poorer countries like the philippines of all but been
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abandoned crewmember caio saldana heart centers these videos from onboard celebrity cruises he's been moved from one vessel to another told he was going home only for plans to be canceled all of which he tells us is taking a huge mental toll there are still people there you can see there. but they are there they are hanging. out why didn't think so much you know trying to do some things to get it there are some people like me in their eyes you know they are in a way this situation and have something to say and once to do so not only for me it works for everybody it's thought that at least 7 crew members of died from covert 19 well over 500 have been infected by the coronavirus cruise line companies say they're steadily repatriating staff but the process is slow and complicated in
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april the c.d.c. ban cruise ships from u.s. waters and to the police late july other nations are insisting on strict testing and the cruise company should pay for a land based quarantine while some crew members have returned home tens of thousands remain in cramped conditions with no pay on one vessel there was a food strike while several suicides have been reported. lawsuits are now being filed on behalf of crew members in what some legal experts say is bordering on a humanitarian crisis by use the term who is your partner in sweatshops for years not only the situation that there are thousands of miles we don't know what's going on don't know when they're going to not necessarily but they're being threatened. i mean you're really couldn't think of a worse situation. caio here in happier days as a crew shit d.j. told us he never wants to work in the industry again for now he simply wants to speak out for others you knew you were lying through their you don't
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have a new value as a human being you are just a number right now we. know our psychological. getting crew members of the ships is being complicated by nations closing ports strict restrictions and lack of coordination but many say the industry could and should do more for loyal staff facing an increasingly desperate and dangerous future and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida latin america is fast becoming the new at the center of the pandemic has infections rise peru was among the 1st to impose a lockdown but that hasn't stopped the surge in new cases understand that i'm here to reports body collectors carry a victim of covert 19 down the dusty hills of this working class neighborhood on the outskirts of lemur. it's dangerous work few peruvians are willing to do as the
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corona virus spreads with alarming speed through the country many of those who do dare to take the job or poor venezuelan migrants now thrust to the front line of the pandemic. i'm always afraid afraid to infect my family when i go home my children but it's something i have to face to continue working and to be able to put food on the table on march 16th became one of the 1st countries in latin america to impose a strict lockdown but now more than 2 months later it's one of the region's worst affected by coronavirus with more than 100000 cases. experts say people's behavior is to blame in a country where more than 70 percent of the population lives hand to mouth president. says the government has done everything it can to flatten the curve of contagion we have always acted looking at what was best for the people and we will continue doing so even more considering how delicate
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a context we are. with the number of confirmed cases having doubled in just 2 weeks hospitals are under increasing strain from the capital lima all the way to the amazon leading to shortages of medicine emergency oxygen supplies in critical care beds. medical staff at this hospital in lima protested the lack of protective equipment they say substandard hospital conditions have laid bare the gaping holes in peru's underfunded health care system. it's like a horror movie inside looks like a graveyard of dead bodies patients die in their chairs in wheelchairs or regular chairs. in the last few days basic medicines have become scarce across the country with authorities shutting down some pharmacies accused of raising prices it's krises upon a crisis in a country that moved in time to stop the virus only to find itself hit with deadly
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force alison. libya's un recognized government has seized control of another town in western libya forces allied towards khalifa haftar last 9 finder's before surrendering the town of a last it's being seen as a major blow for half the town is an important supply route for his troops who have been waging a yearlong campaign to seize the capital tripoli government has made significant gains in the past week. i had reports from the town of the last hour. forces loyal to libya's recognized government of national accord are now in full control of the town of about 120 kilometers south of the capital tripoli after heavy fighting with forces loyal to the world have to by taken control of the town of alice about they can now secure the back line of the city the mountainous strategic city of their yan that half the us forces lost
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months ago and they tried several times to recapture it but they failed have those forces have been losing momentum recently especially after they lost the strategic air base of i would say any of the tunisian border only a few days ago and also similar strategic cities and towns along the western coast in mid april. come back let's recap the headlines pro-democracy activists in hong kong of condemned new national security legislation planned by china beijing is moving to pass a law that could be the biggest blow to hong kong's autonomy since it was handed over by the british adrian brown has reaction from hong kong. the hong kong government has issued a statement saying that it will fully implement the decision of china's national
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people's congress to introduce a new security law and also stressing that the people of hong kong will continue to enjoy their freedoms well those words have rung very hollow to the pro-democracy camp here in hong kong one of their spokesman took part in a media conference on friday morning and he said it was clear the president xi jinping no longer cared about what the rest of the world thinks and that hong kong and china were now on the road to confrontation once more. for the 1st time in decades china won't set a growth target as beijing works to repair a colony badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic premier league told the annual national people's congress the outbreak was not over and development was not a priority at least 96 people have been killed by the most powerful eastern india and bangladesh in more than a decade india bore the brunt of puns force it made landfall with wind speeds of
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170 kilometers per hour as the cycle moved into neighboring bangladesh entire villages were left underwater as storm surges flooded low lying areas thousands of homes have been destroyed the u.s. says it will pull out of the open skies treaty the agreement was set up decades ago permits more than 30 nations to conduct surveillance on each other's territories the family of murdered saudi journalist say they've forgiven those behind this killing in a twitter post his son's justice had been served by the death sentences given to 5 people by a saudi court in december. the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story. when the prime minister takes a lump of coal into his own parliament back home means
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a lot of the country's fortunes we bring you the stories in developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in given breaks it was a slogan that one of the prime minister boris jokes in counting the cost on al-jazeera. what's going to happen to higher education in the middle of a pandemic the universities are scrambling to get their lectures online as coronavirus lockdowns lock out students but what will dot do to the quality of education this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm bernard. but coronavirus pandemic is disrupting higher education worldwide lockdowns of closed university and college.


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