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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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here should stay fine and try for the eastern r.'s but the rage towards the west will continue with more thundering down polls for many. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching news our line from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a passenger plane crashes in a densely packed residential area of kharaj around a 100 people were on board the plane an unknown number of injured on the ground.
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leaders in hong kong say they're ready to work with china but not everyone is happy about the proposal or to get b.g. control over security in. the mammoth clean up operation continues in bangladesh following the devastation of psych loan. also ahead shops close friend unpaid how the pandemic is shaking the real estate industry to its very foundations. and in sport costa rica become the 1st country in the americas to resume their professional football league. welcome to the program let's begin with our breaking news out of pakistan a passenger plane an airbus a $320.00 has crashed into a residential area near kharaj she was coming into land at the city's international airport there were almost 100 people on board live now to islam about and our
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correspondent who's following that story for us what do we think happened here. well interestingly we have what appears to be a. communication between the. and ground control and raised by lead toward him that there were technical issues that one of the engines was gone and within a split 2nd he also sent a mayday signal which were short that in deep trouble indeed and that perhaps board engines had. made its emergency approach for karachi and at national airport crashing just a few kilometers short of the runway over a populated area. betty danes residential areas in that area and as you mentioned maybe now casualties on the ground but may regulate we are
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toward that at least one of the senior bank awards on that egg crawford said why i even spoke from the hospital saying that he would go ok however the news about the . not so good because they. went in went against a concrete structure and then died of course we're sure headed by this must have been there was fire billowing out from the location rescue crews had difficulty reaching the bar because this is that congested area narrow streets and the efforts that retrieve the bodies from that crash site we're heading towards the end of ramadan and also a lot because of the pandemic coronavirus the in pakistan do we know what the death toll is like among people who were on the ground who will probably at home anyway.
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well you're absolutely right because of ramadan because of 19 many people would have been home this is also a time in the late afternoon when people get some rest before the breaking of the day in after sundown so that all of that day would be a number of days on the ground we're not yet sure all but we are waiting for an announcement as far as the civil aviation is concerned about the exact number of people and also the people killed on the ground of course they were called to be some rescue mission going on trying to remove their degre and try to retrieve the large sections of that huge knowledge from that. by mentioning the cruft the. the safety record like of this era plane when it's used by this carrier i mean the airbus a 320 is not a young it crawls to it goes back in its 1st iteration to the late eighty's early
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ninety's through but this is also a workhorse. and the 820 had fairly good record however it should be remembered. back into the named. a t 20 belonging to blue crash. near islamabad getting all of that bad and good on board but. attribute it to a pilot at asho although the aircraft is your dad a good safety record the airline has had some issued red safety but overall it's. not too bad. thanks very much wolf. another one of our headlining stories here on the news hour the government in hong kong says it will work with beijing to introduce a new national security law as soon as possible we are expecting more details later
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but it's believed to criminalize session foreign interference and subversion of beijing state power news of the plan has already been met with protests in hong kong and leading pro-democracy figures called at the end of one country 2 systems those the protests a little earlier today the chinese premier league announcing the bill at the opening of the annual national people's congress is meeting 3 months late because of coronavirus also coming out of that parliamentary meeting for the 1st time in decades china won't set a growth target mr lee said development will be set aside as beijing works to repair an economy badly hit by the pandemic let's take a closer look them at beijing's plan security laws and why it's considered controversial by many people in hong kong now the territory is governed under a one country 2 systems rule that defines its relationship with beijing up until 2047 guaranteeing rights and freedoms for the people of hong kong in 2003 an
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attempt by the government of hong kong to enact a national security law was met by widespread protests and the bill was later shelved now beijing has bypassed the territories legislature and proposed a national security bill directly to the national people's congress bill aims to prevent subversion foreign interference and was described as quote terrorism let's speak to roderick y. in london he's an associate fellow in the asia pacific program at chatham house roderick great to have you back here on the news hour on al-jazeera so the system of government in hong kong is in effect dead in the water or is there any semblance of what we've known since 97 still in place. and the show is still there. that are just now that the government was saying that they would be working to introduce such legislation as as quickly
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as possible and that is they're sort of it's i guess they're back at position. to prevent something worse which would be what we've heard from beijing the imposition of the national security we don't know how long it is battened under article $33.00 in the basic or to enact on its own and there is a decent git's addition in the trees look at including all those other things that you mention. now they. are government wants to try and push it through but as you said in the past they have been unable to and the chinese in introducing this new nanny state in their own. state that wrote. directly to problems caused by some of the talking and. obstruction. uncle meaning. both the demonstrators and those in the legislative council.
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to the truck pulls the combustible demonstrations that we've seen over the past few months in hong kong they they were a symptom of the reaction to another law in acted to create from beijing the extradition law from people covering people from hong kong being taken back to the mainland might the introduction of this decreed law lead to similar protests in your opinion. i am sure that it will i mean this is a extremely sensitive subject it does go to the heart of our own people see their relationship with a change and this is in effect a change dictating to what is being seen as aging dictating to. what brought their laws to say and of course under the basic law are only meant as an independent legal system and then secondly and relating to that next tradition
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behind is the proposal that the chinese proposal to that all branded organs of the chinese state should be allowed to work in hong kong 2 of the siege and the implementation of this new proposed law so that nothing huge step forward undermining ongoings ability to. govern itself and it is reminiscent of the way that one of the earliest animals in our was the way that booksellers and a number of other people had been secretly having moved to china roderick thank you so much thank you as you mentioned this year's national people's congress in china was all about the economy and how to rebuild its premier league of beijing had spared no effort in containing the corona virus outbreak but the fallout was immense katrina new reports from beijing. a minute's silence to honor thousands of
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chinese who lost their lives to the coronavirus set a somber tone for the opening of china's national people's congress delivering the annual government work report premier league a chant hailed the communist party's achievement in containing the outbreak and also acknowledged the heavy economic cost for the 1st time since 1988 no g.d.p. growth target was set change our success has come at a great price the economy posted negative growth in the 1st quarter of this year and a daily life in the work being greatly affected no mention either of any large scale economic stimulus the world's 2nd largest economy instead communist officials were told to tighten their belts and focus on stabilizing employment and eradicating poverty. the government plans to create $9000000.00 jobs and kept unemployment at
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the current rate of 6 percent but analysts say millions of daily wage workers are not included in the official tally the number one priority is the employment issue so. to create jobs and employment of those word is mentioned almost 40 times and other government is talking about different programs under from the government. defense spending is due to rise by 6.6 percent its lowest rate in 3 decades but enforcing national security in hong kong is being stepped up with the announcement of a proposed law banning treason session and subversion there activists say the draft law is an assault on the region's autonomy and democratic freedoms the duping that porn away the whole. $100.00 the system. so they are not answering to the world their own call is no longer under one country to assist them it is now one country
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one system hong kong's main hang seng index fell by more than 5 percent but investors fearing the loss of the financial center special economic status president donald trump says the u.s. will respond strongly to the proposed legislation the national people's congress will continue to meet over the next week but on friday its priority is clear reviving the economy and closing in on any threat to china's stability of the coronavirus or demands for democracy. al-jazeera. lots more ground still to cover for you here on the news including the unemployed stranded and drawing on handouts thailand's migrant workers face a precarious street. and in sports no fans no problem germany's top division continues with a massive showdown in the capital burning. india's
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prime minister narendra modi has gone to areas hardest hit by the region's most powerful cycle in decades at least $96.00 people died in india and neighboring bangladesh mr modi surveyed the damage for himself down by cycling from the year before announcing financial aid for the state your thirties are struggling to restore road links and electricity to millions of homes in kolkata streets were flooded and trees and power lines were torn there are concerns coronavirus could spread among people in the emergency shelters in bangladesh people have been unable to return to their villages after some were left underwater storm surges flooded low lying areas food parcels are being given to those who've been left homeless from rajaram has more now from kolkata on the visits of. it is a see the situation in brisbane drug which is happening on the credit $95.00 days and the looked on and off about across our court entendres has wrecked havoc across
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west bengal our chief minister a month about a jeep accompanied indian prime minister not into more the under governor are all across saw you know western great rock and also it was an ideal view of what the prime minister of god and what the devastation is like he announced an initial ground 0142000000 us dollars that the state of west bengal and for the family of the deceased and those injured he has he has given out about are 2000 $800.00 euros $1.70 us dollars respectively from the prime minister's would be fun but our trees fall down on the street which is causing a concern because essentially it's imus's is a problem but it comes to reaching certain areas and that is something that the city could parties have to do as quickly as possible. i'm so sure that people are not inconvenienced i suppose is going to be a challenge for the people as it is a civic authorities of the state administration is doing all that it can turn to child reason dot com where hundreds of homes have been destroyed leaving people
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with nowhere to go. that maybe the coast guard and the army has been deployed to take care of these people providing them relieve the big challenge and the question still remains what to do with all this people they don't have a home to go back and this isn't a situation when the country is going to economic challenges due to the shutdown people have to be provided relief has to be given 10000000 people are without electricity i mean all the mobile towers are gone dikes have been washed away hatcheries up 180000 had to restrain farming it's a big business in southwest abang of that is totally washed away farmlands and 46000 of farmland washed away so the government has to think in a long time rather we have believed a dis people because they don't have a god home to go back to and keeping them in the shelter also is a double edged sword because they it's a time a pandemic for coronavirus so a major challenge ahead for the country to deal with this fallout from the.
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protests a broken up in the indian capital of the suspension of labor laws now the changes to working hours wages on health and safety standards aim to kick starting the economy after 2 months of qubit 19 locked up however the unions say it will lead to exploitation is our india correspondent elizabeth. protests here in the capital new delhi that was called to protest against changes to labor laws but broken up by police that is because you're actually. more than 4 people gathering remains in place to stop the spread of the going to was never the less people gathered here to protest against those changes and number of days and this was a populist up there where they had more than 220000000 people live on the job market for they have scrapped most labor laws for the next 3 years that is what these people here have gathered to protest against the number of the states have
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made other changes so it was my friends were doing working all the time and working out wages overtime occupational health and safety standards. the 1st thing the people who were protesting. was. that exploitation i would. say that the changes are necessary to get us out. to meet moms. oh i know that my good friend doesn't take a slave and states which i wrote my problem is a little bit about your body i just the problem you know b.j. i get was say that the government had a budget to let these dangers it was 1st elected or not it was a 100 as you think. you know you saw the process being broken up i believe you will of course and. next week. thailand's 4000000 migrant
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workers are more vulnerable. and the recent layoffs because of the covert 19 pandemic with most borders closed thousands of stranded and relying on handouts scott high in the reports from some one cycle. about an hour south of bangkok is somewhat stuck on the hub for thailand's seafood industry and home to the largest population of migrant workers in the country primarily from me and more right now because of the coded 1000 shutdown many are without jobs and are relying on food handouts to prevent the spread of the virus thailand sealed its borders with neighboring countries back in march stranding tens of thousands of migrant workers mostly without any assistance from the thai government. my momo had been a garment factory worker here for 9 years she lost her job when the shutdown started to take hold any day a combination am i don't know this crisis is probably the worst one that i've experienced there are no jobs in the market and i couldn't find work i haven't paid
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my rent for the past 2 months. she only has another few weeks to pay which she owes before she and her family are kicked out they want to go home to mandalay in myanmar but can't the average daily salary for my coworkers here and some of the con province is only $10.00 that goes for those who are working on fishing boats the factory workers now there's growing concern that jobs like this could become a few are once thailand fully reopened for business to tani gallic lies says thousands of workers have called her migrant worker rights network seeking help the organization has been providing food bags for families but 2 thoughts in each admits even if the migrants are able to get to their home countries they'll end up coming back to thailand once there's work she says they'll return even more vulnerable than before the pandemic as a single and worried that the workers will be forced to work for longer alice for a smaller wage they're quite vulnerable unlike thai workers who have more rights and more boggling power i think fewer workers will be employed but have to work
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aagot. the thai government has opened selected border checkpoints for a limited number of workers to return home each day but many don't have the money to travel. a few fortunate ones are able to get some work but most remain stuck on land facing mounting debt that will have to be paid back when they do finally find a job it's got harder al-jazeera summit's a condom thailand. in indonesia some muslims who are preparing for the eat holiday are ignoring restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the virus market trade as a disappearing police orders and risking their business licenses to stay open jessica washington reports in the capital jakarta. time now bang in the center of jakarta is southeast asia's biggest textile market the lead up to the muslim holiday themed is usually the busiest time of the trade is as customers come to buy new clothes before the celebration this year is different place have come to shop
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the market down to enforce virus restrictions by government they keep opening their shops and so the buyers keep coming it's not right we will continue to enforce the social restrictions and we will take actions it's really tiring. it's now a daily ritual there are thousands of traders here and forcing all of them to follow regulations aimed at curbing the spread of the virus is proving difficult and of the large amount of time if they keep breaking the law will have to revoke their business permit up until now we've been trying to persuade them the lead up to it is a test for into these and authorities the restrictions mean that many businesses have been forced to shut their doors at what would normally be their busiest time of year and some attempt to break the rules despite the risk. many here are daily wage and some say they haven't received any aid from the government that for that matter if we follow what the government is telling us to work from home what will
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we ate the virus might not kill me then but we can still die from hunger crowded you can't his main airport this week prompted criticism that the indonesian government relaxed restrictions far too soon only business travel is a permitted to fly and only those who can afford the increased emphasis can make the journey some feel low income earners are being disproportionately targeted. but i want to owning and i want justice if you want to close my store then close everything don't just keep allowing wealthy people to continue and force people like me to close they chase us like we're selling stolen goods. just hours after the police raid this is what the central market looks like sell is putting out the clothing racks again and returning to business as usual but that's because of the way i feel sorry for the small sellers that depend on their sales and what they give to their families it's hard and some are now bankrupt they know it's not
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allowed and unsafe but they say they have no choice but to stay open and in a living jessica washington al-jazeera. forces loyal to libya's u.n. recognize government to move the tons of tar 100 kilometers southeast of tripoli this comes a day after the seize control of the strategic turn of. its own an important supply route for troops loyal to the warlord after he's been waging a year long campaign to seize the capital and to mark. who's standing by for us in southern tripoli tell us where you are and what's been going on today. well peter are now standing in al said the neighborhood in southern turkey that's beyond the dean neighborhood and this area has just been captured by the government forces have to the forces there controlled this area for the past few months and
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also the clashes or there were clashes here in this area and also beyond that insula had the neighborhoods also as you know peter that many civilians were impacted by the random rockets during the past few months rockets launched what have the force of from that they were namely from a year or more military camp now the government forces today have gained ground and day as he as you can see here behind me the clashes have left remains here behind me as you can see here there is this is the wreckage of a damaged meditative vehicle. and as i was just saying get there government forces have that he captured several locations today including the. barely military care but also the headquarters of their passport and migration authorities that's beyond a sit there and beyond salaheddine neighborhoods in southern tripoli now military
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sources here tell us that the clashes are going going now end of the city of military camp here morcombe military camp has. controlled by have taught us forces for the past 7 months and in fact it's very symbolic for both sites have to us forces have been running the buttons from that military camp which is about a few only a few kilometers from where i missed handing now not only because half the us forces had missionaries russian most news from the bagnall group in that camp running the battles from that camp but also many many military sources have been confirming that the random rockets did the attacks on the residential areas in tripoli it came from that military camp their military camp that's beyond the neighborhood and other front lines namely in a neighborhood the government military says have been gaining ground driving have
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to those forces out and pushing them back a few kilometers in the vicinity of. city the major stronghold of have those forces about 80 kilometers in the east and south of the capital tripoli the government forces say that they have halted their move on tripoli to on on to who not improperly but meanwhile they have been wanting civilians inside to who are actually flowing leaflets from the air on this of on civilians warning them. placing them to stay away from any military units not to lead tough to his forces or have to units get between in their houses but meanwhile we can say that they're besiege that typically witnessed over the past year is libya and now as the government forces are gaining ground and half of those are being pushed back beyond their minutes as administrative borders of tripoli but meanwhile every teenage daughter who are after the major stronghold is being tightened right now peter
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thank you very much. to iran where the supreme leader has called for a continuation of the fight to liberate palestine in a t.v. address on could soar jerusalem day i told ari how many described israel as quote a cancerous tumor in the middle east and he said the occupation of palestine was a crime against humanity iran's held the annual could stay since 1979 show support for the palestinian struggle. the family of the murdered somebody journalist jamal shuji so they've forgiven those behind his killing in a post on twitter his son said justice had been by the death sentences given to 5 people by a court in saudi arabia in december in response to shoot his fiance tweeted that no one had the right to pardon his killers last year the un special rapporteur accused saudi arabia of allowing the masterminds of the shooters murder to go free time whether it's evident by space ever got floods and fires in the us not enough
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rain in the southwest but too much rain a little further east you can see 2 little areas of cloud here into central parts and over towards the east coast we had flooding in kentuckian with same flooding all the way up into the midwest as well this is michigan yesterday where we have seen to dance have burst their banks to to the torrential rainfall that we've seen here over the past couple of days more than 10000 people have been displaced been evacuated from their homes as a result of the very heavy rain and the flooding situation here says state of emergency has been declared then. further east this is where we have seen some very heavy rain as well this is into janus same cook of cloud as you can see 68 millimeters of rain coming through here these 2 areas they stay in places you see the cloud just sitting there around the mid atlantic states this next area cloud that's going to be the next one to watch out for this is a very active system which is developed over kansas like a as tornado alley expect see some tornadoes here over the next 24 to 48 hours some
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really heavy rain pushing towards oklahoma arkansas easing a little further race with say some big downpours for those central areas running back across tennessee back towards kentucky back towards the genius further west we got some wet weather just around the mountain states and as i said still no sign of any rain for the southwest peter ellerton thanks very much still to come here on the news our lights camera back in action blockbusters that were put on hold because of the coronavirus restrictions hit the restart button. and the sports news we'll tell you about the nascar driver who want to race just a day after suffering a personal tragedy. refugees heading for a better night in australia. and sent to remote island indefinite detention in her condition get
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a conscience in order understand how to do this to smuggle for each and i witness accounts the main thing you're doing for paper asking them to kill the witness chasing a sign. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story builds when people need to be heard and the story told this pandemic is revealing the weakness of governments in the face of health crisis none of them receive health insurance for their work al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more rewards winning documentary score the real work and life means it's a party that dulls do what it says on the turn on air and online.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour live from doha your top stories in pakistan there are reports a mayday call was made after a passenger plane made multiple failed approaches towards kharaj as airport before it crashed around 100 people were on board. the pro-democracy activists in hong kong have condemned new national security legislation planned by china beijing is aiming to pass a law that could be the biggest limitation to hong kong's autonomy since it was handed over by britain in 1970. india's prime minister narendra modi has claimed $218000000.00 in a journey because it's the region's worst hit by cycle in omaha and at least $96.00 people have been killed in india and neighboring bangladesh. the pandemic is causing a crisis in real estate markets worldwide as recessions bite fewer people are able
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to even think about buying a home analysts say the asia pacific region is hardest hit investments down 5 percent this year compared to this time last year in the u.k. house sales are down by 70 percent since the government implemented lockdown measures and in new york the number of new leases signed last month plummeted by a similar amount to the lowest level in 10 years. well as millions of shops remain closed possibly for good commercial rent is going on paid 19 barber reports from london on what the pandemic means for real estate. the. mark wells is hoping things are beginning to get back to something approaching normal he runs an estate agency in london since physical house viewings restarted last week after a long lockdown marks arranged to steady stream of visits to this property and he says business is surprisingly brisk we opened our doors less than a week ago and you know the flat we have 10 viewings multiple it's on it's just
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going under awfully close the asking price another property just. like it's going to wander off the asking price just under a $1000000.00 pounds but that optimism is far from universal between march and april applications for home loans fell by more than 50 percent and there's still huge uncertainty about the economy and job losses now the center for economics and business is predicting u.k. house prices will fall by as much as 13 percent this year a lot of people are very worried about their jobs and they don't want to take on big commitments when they're worried about jobs they think that if they lose their job and get a job job they may be paid less and the combination of these things means that the amount of money people prepared to spend on we think going out in the future is now just less than it was previously. the pandemic is also having a huge effect on commercial property one company into which owns huge malls like this in britain has suffered
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a slump in rental payments as many shops shut down now it wants extra time to pay back its own debts while in the us $1.00 survey said that in april shopping malls collected only 28 percent of rents and then there's a question of office space social media giant twitter base in this building have told their employees they can return to work once offices reopen but if they choose to they can stay working. from home forever and google and facebook have told various staff they can stay working at home until the end of the year so what does this all tell us about the demand for office space in future you should look at the whole planets isn't your impression i'm going is that chap named chance and also your space density east africa space that the ask and most important part in any shape is our average of hog science average your homes as potentially very small and whether you have the internet and your senate seat to support or working from home i get is a big question mark so nobody's predicting the end of the office but with millions
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of people working remotely and with more people relying on shopping online than ever before these are uncertain times for everyone including real estate investors . how does even london. ok let's bring in liam bailey in london he's the global head of research at night frank a global real estate agency and property consultancy liam bailey good to talk to you here on the news hour is it just the super rich you can afford to buy or rent at the moment. your report was accurate in the fact that it's been a significant slowdown in not yet to vertical support whether it's at the top end of the market or in a mainstream market you know here in the u.k. or. i think you know the thing to remember is we've had the biggest shock to the system that we've ever experienced across all property markets which has been a complete lockdown of activity in. as your report said. sales volumes
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activity is ground to a whole in many locations i think the interesting point really is as markets begin to eat. we get just getting out an insight really into how values and prices are shifting in the butt. a lot of people have in the past 1520 years or so gone down the buy to rent road particularly people who got enough money from someplace to have a portfolio of properties so they they swoop into a city like london or vancouver they literally stock up on condominium apartment block buildings and then they they sweep out again has that market gone away because the curse me the people they would be renting to can't rent because of uncertainty or literally because their jobs have disappeared and those jobs are not coming back. all you believe are states that little bit i mean there's no doubt that short term rental market which you know in london and other east it's around the world is a big feature you know it's people coming in and out to cities they want short term
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rentals that has disappeared at the moment so all the landlords now are focusing on the long term rental market which is a kind of domestic base market from what i can see at the moment occupancy levels in rental pretty strong and the reason for that is there are lots of people who would normally be planning on buying a property right now so people striking out of share. new couples looking to kind of move into properties together and those plans are being put on hold because of that situation and it means that a lot more people out think it rents into the long term so i think even if you look at occupancy in london as just one market actually it's very strong and there is very little in so so lucky quite property. i think you're point is correct in terms of actually what is the long. rooted question as to how quickly the lock down this is not quickly economies come but. clearly people will still buy properties because they've seen the property they want to buy maybe it's there forever home say for
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example but if you look at say the property market where you are since the 1970 s. in my experience when i used to live in the u.k. there was always this assumption that if you bought the right property in the right area you could clean up you could make an awful lot of money in the following 15 or 20 years sell on and downsize to people have to re-evaluate that basic calculation now i think you know i think it's assumption you're not going to see the same level of growth over the next 8 years you see the last 20 years i mean and this is the same across the across the seas because you're seeing you're a lower inflation environment lower interest rates you've got to expect that property inflation will be much lower in the future i think for that reason investors are focused much more on the ability of copper to their calling so be it well occupied actually. and actually deliver a strong rental return because ultimately that's going to be increasingly all in
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the living the the long term returns ok we'll have to leave it there liam good to talk to you thank you very much thank you latin america is fast becoming the new epicenter of the pandemic infections their rise peru was among the 1st to impose a lockdown but that hasn't stopped the surge in new cases and the sundra. body collectors carry a victim of covert 19 down the dusty hill of this working class neighborhood on the outskirts of lemur. it's dangerous work few peruvians are willing to do as the corona virus spreads with alarming speed through the country many of those who do dare to take the job or poor venezuelan migrants now thrust to the front line of the pandemic. i'm always afraid afraid to infect my family when i go home my children but it's something i have to face to continue working and to be able to put food on the table on march 16th became one of the 1st countries in latin
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america to impose a strict lockdown but now more than 2 months later it's one of the region's worst affected by coronavirus with more than 100000 cases. experts say people's behavior is to blame in a country where more than 70 percent of the population lives hand to mouth president. says the government has done everything it can to flatten the curve of contagion we have always acted looking at what was best for the people and we will continue doing so even more considering how delicate a context we are. with the number of confirmed cases having doubled in just 2 weeks hospitals are under increasing strain from the capital lima all the way to the amazon leading to shortages of medicine emergency oxygen supplies in critical care beds. medical staff at this hospital in lima protested the lack of protective equipment they say substandard hospital conditions have laid bare the gaping holes
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in peru's underfunded health care system. it's like a horror movie inside looks like a graveyard of dead bodies patients die in their chairs in wheelchairs or regular chairs. and in the last few days basic medicines have become scarse across the country with authorities shutting down some pharmacies accused of raising prices it's krises upon a crisis in a country that moved in time to stop the virus only to find itself hit with deadly force allison that i'm. the united states has an unstated pulling out of an international arms control treaty the us president accuses the russians of routinely violating the terms of the deal the kremlin denies that with moscow saying the withdrawal undermines international surety we will get your report on that from our correspondent rob reynolds. the open
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skies treaty ratified by $34.00 countries allows an armed military surveillance flights over each country's territory it was primarily intended to promote openness and transparency between nuclear superpowers the u.s. and russia allowing both nations to gather information about each other's military forces and activities now president donald trump is withdrawing from the agreement saying russia took unfair advantage of it russia didn't adhere to the treaty so until they are here we will pull out but there's a very good chance we'll make a new agreement or do something to put that agreement back together among other things u.s. officials say russia barred u.s. flights over certain heavily militarized territories use the treaty to attempt to normalize its forced annexation of crimea and tried to gather nonmilitary information about critical u.s.
4:44 pm
infrastructure with a possible view toward disabling it during a conflict in moscow a senior foreign ministry official said the us was not behaving as a reliable partner and that abandoning the treaty will force russia to employ what he called a plan b. without elaborating another official called the u.s. action unjustified meanwhile the troop administration wants to begin a new 3 way arms control dialogue including china along with russia trump is optimistic we're probably going to make a deal with russia our arms treaty and china will be maybe included in that we'll see what happens u.s. officials say both countries are aggressively expanding their nuclear arsenals regarding russia a white house official says they've adopted a highly provocative nuclear doctrine that embraces early ask lation and use of nuclear weapons what the russian military is calling escalate to when the u.s.
4:45 pm
and china have not. arms negotiations and there are no signs that beijing is interested in 3 way party arms talks beijing like moscow is intent on building up its nuclear forces and using us forces to try to intimidate united states and our friends and our allies u.s. officials say they will strongly press russia to help bring the chinese to the negotiating table robert oulds al jazeera. now health officials in the u.k. a warning a contact trace and track system needs to be rolled out quickly to avoid seconds in cases but the app isn't working and the u.k. government isn't saying why the n.h.s. confederation says lockdown measures should not be eased until a clear plan is in place john hall is on the isle of wight and explains now the push to get the tracing up up and running. the app is not going to be ready for a full national rollout by the prime minister's deadline of the 1st of july by which time he wants to see
4:46 pm
a full trace test and isolate system in place in order of course to begin to further lift the lockdown and get the economy going again the economy in this country absolutely pummeled by covert 1000 we're not being told why the app isn't going to be ready the government only saying that issues with it's still being worked out it's part of a broadly speaking 3 prong system there's the app and the apps job is to test to trace rather remote contacts as a contact that a virus carrier doesn't necessarily know that they've come into contact with that operates in conjunction with the human tracking element an army of coal center workers bashing the phones to known contacts getting hold of them and making sure they get tested and then testing of course is the 3rd arm of this now without the app it seems the government is intent on pressing ahead with that 1st of june deadline with the human tracking and the testing elements going out alone with the app to follow there are frankly issues with those as well with the training of the thousands up to 25000 tracking recruits that needs to happen in the next 10 days
4:47 pm
are also problems with the length of time it still taking for test results to be returned which undermines the overall speed of the system. if you run out of things to watch from home as a result of virus lockdowns there is some good news the number of film and t.v. shows have resumed production in some places but with strict new safety protocols in place new zealand has given the green light to domestic production international ones will follow once the government reviews border restrictions hollywood sequels for avatar amazon's lord of the rings series were among those that stopped working in march in hollywood itself t.v. movie and music productions may reopen in the next few weeks if cases in los angeles don't increase productions won't resume in the big apple though until it opens up some more a stay at home order remains in force in new york city one production such as disney's frozen on broadway has been canceled and canceled completely david condit is the executive graphic effects producer at w.e.t.a.
4:48 pm
digital effects company that's worked on lord of the rings plant the apes and avatar he says plans to resume major productions are an encouraging sign. well we're working closely with the government to help open up the borders or work within the restrictions and guidelines for the bringing movies back into new zealand and this is a positive and encouraging sign we look we're looking at other opportunities for more movies to come into news in the very soon so what we're doing is we're looking at the variety of new different techniques that employ both to affect post production techniques and shooting techniques that elevate the standards of hygenic practices on set so will be the test case if you will for those types of movies but we do have practices in place now that encourage social distancing among crew persons among the actors and we're hoping that there will be a
4:49 pm
a variety of digital solutions that we can employ to help finish films the. entire economic. impact won't be known for at least another year but yes across the world we've had a number of productions that have shut down and we have been fortunate that we've been able to finish a few movies while they coronavirus shut. the production down but we're hoping is with the resumption of filmmaking that we will be able to start making movies again the true impact will not be known for at least another year. the french resort of can should be rolling out the red carpet to celebrate some of the biggest names in film but with the annual festival perspire people to be making the most of a drive in cinema on the beach steven spielberg's classic was one of the main features with a space kept giving cars to strict lock down the worst. still to come on the news of the sports news manchester united reveal how much money they've lost
4:50 pm
because all the coronavirus that story when we come back. business leaders just want to buy no brass paul.
4:51 pm
business waiters resort to buy no bras paul. warhorse was. ok time for sports news costa rica becoming the 1st country in the americas to resume professional football matches the central american nation credited with having one of the best coronavirus strategies in the region to the relief of football fans his monologue for apollo. this week marked the return of 1st division football in costa rica after the country suspended matches on march 17th this.
4:52 pm
it may not be a return to the pact stadiums of the past but the sport is back at least on screen the 1st matches are being held in empty stadiums but in easing of restrictions given the relatively low coronavirus contagion rate in the country means people can watch from other public spaces in the mall in the crowds on a study of people come to restaurants to share and celebrate the same us in the stadium reopening the full tournament means a light at the end of the tunnel a light that gives us hope players have been able to resume regular training and complete the remaining 7 rounds of the regular season albeit under strict new rules though many footballers just seem glad to be back on the pitch so i mustn't warm the person we were trying before but it was without contact and it was in the sorry today we were afraid to let the 1st day of school come in again to trying in having contact having some time on the pitch these things we used to do thank god we're back. it will still be some time before fans can return to watch live games and
4:53 pm
authorities say that while the coronavirus remains a threat extreme sanitation measures will remain in place if but i hastily again say to one lad. to draft a manual for procedures to meet the sanitary guidelines set by the health ministry this includes disinfecting stadiums right games a plague the need for spectators to wear masks and social distancing inside the stadium football is considered as national pastime and the government's decision to reopen the regular season has been widely applauded for thousands of families make a living directly or indirectly from football and in costa rica football is a feeling a passion it's a joy that the country has been without for 2 months and we as a federation should try stabilize its economy. was the 1st country in central america to report the arrival of corporate 90 widespread here it's by the general public to containment rules and guidelines appear to have paid on the
4:54 pm
al-jazeera well most european countries are still yet to get their football seasons back underway in england premier league players are training in isolated groups under strict health and safety guidelines manchester united say they've already lost $35000000.00 because of $1000.00 prices and they expect that figure to rise premier league bosses are aiming for a restart in the middle of june but no date has yet been confirmed however top level football in germany is back later on friday the 2nd week of matches in the bundesliga kicks off with a darby and berlin. how to bear lean squad is put through its paces in preparation for the local darby a game fans of waited 2 months for with no football during the lockdown and after a season of managerial comings and goings how to finds itself in the bottom half of the bundesliga with opponents who might once have seemed easy to beat now closing in especially local rivals f.c. who knew one of those top off through the us this is not the derby would have been
4:55 pm
much and there is absolutely no question about that but we don't want to think about it anymore we've had enough of that over the past few months now our focus has to be on what we can influence as we did off and high but we want to build on our performance there and take the situation as it is the fans won't be here on friday evening but the expectations will be because for both clubs they have quite a bit riding on this the how to the home team it's about continuing recent good form and for the opponents in your own it's not just about beating the big city rivals it's also about staving off relegation worries. who knew in beach how to at home in november now the manager wants a repeat performance that i mean it was explained extols the scenes that i don't to getting 6 points in total an additional 3 would help us achieve our main goal of being in the league for me that is the 1st priority staying in the league not being
4:56 pm
the best in the city both would be nice but our priority is to move 3 points closer to the target in some ways the empty stadiums hurt clubs like more than helped because it's loyal fan base is renowned throughout the blunders league as being like a 12th man in games and i think that when you go back to present to the start of the board when you're not with your own people not your own members not your own fans when you hear the game on the radio you hear them cough hear them sneeze play here play there it's not football so for me no i have to accept it but i don't think it's nice definitely not like it was by the punters legal authorities say games behind closed doors are the best way to finish the season while minimizing the economic damage to the clubs but it also means fans like jack and all of a calm play any part where it really matters dominic kane al-jazeera berlin.
4:57 pm
nascar is one of the only major sports to return to the united states after 2 months out there packing the shuttle to make up for lost time of course all with no fans in the stands on thursday the 2nd it's fantasy series return to in south carolina and there was an emotional win for chase briscoe he crossed the line 1st just days after his wife received it suffered a miscarriage. here this is from my wife you know this is ours we have ever had to deal with than. he wanted to lead with 50 to go and i was crying inside the race car and. you know just emotionally i wasn't there at all and this is more than a race when this is you know that the biggest day in my life you know after the toughest day of my life. the major league baseball season is yet to get started but that's not stop one major bit of business getting done this autographed card of angel star bike trouts was snapped up in the auction for my number 2000 dollars the sales ties the record for a sporting cod i'll have more news from
4:58 pm
a come back in about 3 minutes also with. the latest news as it breaks the mind sits within a valley surrounded by bush land and most of its operations have been about 500 majors but the surface with detailed coverage the malaysian navy recently prevented a boat carrying around 200 rating of refugees from landing from the around the world summit leaders are accusing their opponents of trying to topple that by tempering with financial stability. with no guaranteed paid sick leave millions of americans are forced to choose between work and health i don't use my leave my mammograms i use my leave to care for my mother as the coronavirus brings employment laws into stock focus fold lines examines the human cost of
4:59 pm
losing business before. united states has fallen behind people get sick the impossible choice america's paid leave crisis on al-jazeera. particular bodies on the arm to india's biggest star but the industry's stunt performers are unknown and under 101 ace mates the name and women risking it all for the bright lights of bali on al-jazeera. june on and on to seeing students in india's carola state will be heading back to school despite confirmed cases of covert 19 and risk warnings people in power is back with more investigative documentaries from around the world as. the world battles the only virus pandemic global health leaders meet remotely to discuss effective solutions for the development of a cold with 19 vaccines and need to part investigation asks whether water should be a free natural resource or a commodity traded for profit and how well the u.s.
5:00 pm
elections shaping up as the country battles calls it 19 we'll look into whether donald trump can survive these historic setbacks june announces era. a passenger plane crashes in a busy neighborhood in karachi with reports of at least 2 survivors. hello again i'm peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up. conquering leaders say they're ready to work with china but not everyone is happy about a proposed law to give beijing control over security. the mammoth cleanup operation .


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