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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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seasoned hero. when you see big groups of people walking through europe they're all individuals the children the lawyer you have to hear all of them and to treat them with something within respect. this is al-jazeera. hello you're watching the news hour with me can develop coming up one of just to survive business carried from the flaming wreckage of a passenger jet that crashed while trying to land pakistan. south america has become a new at the center for the disease 1st china then europe now that america the world health organization declares another new phase in the coronavirus pandemic.
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it is to protect that hard one progress and prevent a devastating resurgence in the 2nd wave of the virus in the u.k. announces a magic trick or untamed for anyone to rounding off to june 8th and punishments for those who don't comply. also hong kong leaders say they're ready to work with china on a new security law for critics including the usa it's the final blow to the territories autonomy. an airbus jet liner with almost 100 people on board has crashed into a crowded neighborhood near the airport in the coastal pakistani city of karachi there are 2 survivors but it's not known how many people were killed or injured on the ground there harding reports. the crash happened as the pakistan international airlines flight was attempting to land for. a 2nd time. initial
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reports say the airbus pilot sent a mayday message reporting problems with both engines and made a go around. a few minutes later the airliner came down in a highly populated residential area near karate international airport the horse that actually got a funny for just the last words we heard from the pilots was that there were technical problems he was told in the final approach the both wrong ways are ready and you can learn the pilot decided he wanted to go around for that reason the technical problem was well good to go and look at that. airplane parts were strewn among burning homes security forces were sent to help the rescue operation and managed to pull at least 2 passengers from the wreckage pakistan's prime minister imran khan tweeted saying that he was shocked and saddened by the crash offering prayers and condolences to the families of the dead. aviation apps identify the
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aircraft as a 15 year old airbus a $320.00 it was one of the 1st in p.i.a.'s fleet to restart flying this week after flights were grounded to stop the spread of the coronavirus. crash investigators are expected to arrive to begin the search for clues and find out what went wrong on the relatively short flight of an hour and 45 minutes from lahore to karachi the crash coincides with the end of ramadan normally a busy time for travelers returning home for the need holiday it's also 4 years since another air crash in pakistan during ramadan killed all $47.00 people on board the hardeen al-jazeera. well. and as. what more do we know of. when we now know that there were $99.00 people on board earlier it was said that there were $98.00 people on board and those 2 people being rescued and also by the 1st responders it was the
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locals in the. ways the rescue teams arrived but because this was a congested roads. leading to the site of the crash the military would then cordon read the heavy equipment or try and guard access enter that area now nightfall rescue and relief efforts are still underway many people are trapped under the rubble. and most of the people who have been turning up in oxford red serious injuries apparently other people who were on the ground at the time of that crash investigators obviously now will be looking out towards really happened in the final moments after that mayday signal but it appears that the plane was gliding which said get started engines are already gone and probably one of the reasons. to find out. there is indeed
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a tragedy does particular story is likely to remain for the next granted 13 hours because the rescue effort is going to be difficult it is nighttime it is ramadan and people will be working around the clock anybody departed under the rubble or destroyed home. thank you that come ahead of a live from some of the world health organization says south america has become a new at the center of the coronavirus pandemic following infections and deaths brazil is by far the worst hit with more than 20000 fatalities and more than 300000 recorded cases but with testing happening at such a low level those numbers could really be much higher. south america has become a new epicenter for the disease we've seen many shows american countries with. increasing numbers of cases. and clearly there's
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a concern across many of those school trips but certainly the most affected is that at this point in time homan is live for us and mexico city john so let america is the new epi center so says the world health organization with brazil really at the heart of this yeah that's completely right here in mexico as well we've been having our own situation here the government said that the peak of the pandemic was going to pass from the 2nd week of may and the numbers are still going up so all across latin america we're seeing that the numbers are going up and that this isn't something that's under control yet as it is in other parts of the world but as you mentioned brazil's really at the heart of it and at the heart of the controversy in brazil is the country's president joe abel sonando because this is a president really who said unless you're unless you're suffering from chronic illnesses or unless you're old you should be out you should be working and it's
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really said that the economy should be the principal objective here state governors in that country is specially those of the country's major cities like real degenerate oh and south polar who disagree with that said that their their hospital services are stretched to breaking point and they want to keep people off the street and there's various different municipalities amazin the country saying the same so the country's authorities sort of at loggerheads with each other and joe abramson out of being the figurehead that perhaps a lot of people in brazil would want to follow right now ok so that's the situation in brazil you also talked a little bit there about mexico one of the other really badly affected nations in the region. well it's a lot of eyes turning to peru at the moment and that's because in the last couple of weeks the coronavirus cases there have really showed up so it's a surprise many people big because peru was one of the countries that was sort of looted in latin america at the start of this they had quite
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a swift look down there it was quite aggressively pursued but a lot of people are saying that people in the country haven't really listened to those warnings haven't listened to the government and that's why the crisis has gone up in that country will see ecuador as well kill city we just seen some images throughout really this period in terms of bodies being left in houses the not enough space in the mood to be able to pick them up refrigerated containers being brought out by the government try and deal with that and then you go to the other side of the scale which is the country of course study that we've also reported on this month and that's a country which is had real success in keeping the coronavirus cases to a minimum it's done a lot of testing and that's meant that this week their football league has opened up again it's the only one in latin america that's opened up again during this time so there's a different power on the from different countries but definitely the eyes of the
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world and the world health organization on latin america at the moment as this sort of coronavirus crisis swings round to think that john holliman their cause developments from mexico city. all travelers entering the u.k. will simply required to quarantine themselves for 2 weeks it will apply to everyone with just a handful of exceptions and people will have to provide an address and contact details of the government can't check on them the u.k. death toll has passed 36000 but other figures suggest it may be more than 40000. now we are past the peak of this virus we must take steps to guard against imported cases triggering a resurgence of this deadly disease and as the transmission rate across the united kingdom falls and the number of travelers arriving in the u.k. begins to increase imported cases could begin to pose a larger and increased threat this is because they could become a higher proportion of the overall number of infections in the u.k.
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and therefore increase the spread of the disease let's get more now from sunny gago who is in london for us on your what's the government's calculation or on the timing of coron taining for new arrivals. well kim in effect the government is trying to preempt another wave with what it sees as being the next threat which is contact from people from other people from other countries it is trying as it's saying to try and stabilize its own infection rate in the country as well which is very across different regions of the country but with this preemptive strike as it were it's also factoring in according to them you know the idea that you know the summer holidays are starting people are getting increasingly fatigued with lock down and also taking into consideration that there are different. variations of infections from different countries and
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with that in mind they put down june the 8th as the date with which they will start to put those restrictions into place as well where visitors will have to sign an in-form they can be turned away if they were thora t. is deemed that necessary as well and there will be spot checks carried out at the addresses provided by visitors who are not u.k. citizens or residents indeed now with that in mind there are course exemptions for this there are exemptions for medical star for freight and of course for those other essential workers agricultural laborers who are desperately in need of trying with which the u.k. is desperately needing to try and work on the farms where produce is needing to be collected and harvested now if the people who are in those addresses are caught be flouting any of those rules they could be given on the spot fines of up to $1200.00
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now that is just to ensure that there is some kind of compliance and also the government is still working on an app which visitors when it's rolled out nationally will be encouraged to download so they can try. are can trace which is an elemental part of trying to keep the transmission rate low now of course there are critics of this who are saying well this is in effect locking the gate after the horse has bolted that this is far too little too late and that the government of boris johnson has been far too slow to act upon this and even the world health organization is stated that quarantine restrictions like this should really be conducted at the start of an outbreak in order for it to be of fully possible to conduct and ensure that visitors can come safely as well certainly there are also opposition opposing voices within the government as well saying that the opposite thing that in effect that quarantine should be the last thing that would
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be put into place because of course that is going to damage an already hard hit economy as well have been plenty of voices including from the travel sect to say that this is going to be an absolute disaster for the sector as well and in fact that what britain needs to do right now is to actually extend and ensure that there will be some kind of liberty for visitors to be able to come to the u.k. in order for a business to be able to take place and also for visitors to be able to conduct those deals that they need to do their fairing that this health crisis in effect is turning into a really hard hit economic crisis kim thank you that's on the get go there live from london. the united nations says yemen's health system has essentially collapsed the war torn country has reported about 200 infections and 30 deaths but aid agencies say the real number will probably never be known kathy lopez hadia
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reports. for many life in yemen was already difficult before the coronavirus now the pandemic is making things even worse over the last 2 months more than 20000 families have tried to camps like lisa in the ma'ariv governorate their homes are now makeshift tents health care here is limited social distancing impossible the u.n. says yemen's health care system has essentially collapsed we hear from many of them that yemen is really on the brink right now the situation is extremely alarming they are talking about that the health system has in effect collapsed they are talking about having to train people away because they do not have an oxygen it will have a lot of the protective equipment doctors are getting ready for a rise in the number of patients they have little to offer them yemen is particularly vulnerable to the strain of the virus poverty and water shortages have
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left the war torn country highly susceptible to disease and money is running out we are heading towards a fiscal cliff if we do not get the money coming in the programs that are keeping people alive very much essential to fight back and gets cold it will have to close and then the wall could have to witness what happened in a country without a functional health system to cope with $98.00 agencies say infections are likely underreported because of scar's testing limited resources and government secrecy and calls to stop the fighting amid the pandemic have been ignored leaving even more people at risk what forced out of their homes by armed men conflict violence. this is a dominant that picked on international diplomacy on the room why lin's of the armed groups but also of the security council which has not in any way
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shape talked it the secretary general has called for a global coronavirus she's fighting 5 years of war between allies of yemen government and who the forces have destroyed or close more than half of the country's health facilities people are now left facing a disease that threatens to further cripple their country already devastated by war . of the young al-jazeera. but more still ahead in this news hour on the front line of the virus crisis in mexico the paramedics warn that hospitals are reaching break. and shops shouted the rent on pay $8.00 pandemic is shaking the real estate industry down to its foundations. the anti-malarial drug that u.s.
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president donald trump says he's taking his links to heart failure and even death and patients with covert 19 this is according to a study of hydroxy clark wayne involving nearly 100000 hospitalized people on 6 continents researchers say they had significantly higher risks than patients who didn't take the drug the most common symptoms include an irregular heart the study published in britain's logs that medical journal is the largest analysis to date. we heard earlier from the world health organization that's also reiterating warnings about the unproven drug. the government of brazil has approved the use of hydroxy chloroquine for broader use we do point to the fact that our current clinical systematic review is carried out by an american health organization and the current claim that clinical evidence does not support the widespread use of hydroxycut oregon for the treatment with my team so it is the director of the
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elizabeth r. griffin program at georgetown university medical center she joins us live from washington d.c. via skype thank you for your time what was your reaction to the findings of the study that found people who received hydroxy clark when actually had a much higher risk of dying and those who did not. i think it confirmed what many people have been worried about in public health and in medicine that we have such hope as a society as a global society for a solution to this this terrible pandemic and the urge to find a magical cure a silver bullet is very high but from the beginning there have been serious doubts that hydroxy chloroquine would in fact be that magic bullet and this confirms not only is it not effective but it can do real harm and that raises some very serious questions i mean one of those questions for me is how did it even get to the point where medical professionals started using this drug for corona virus. there was
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some some older data that there might have been efficacy against this kind of virus using hydroxy quite alone and. sickle are quite in clinical and which are usually used in bulgaria and then some to treat some diseases like lupus in the twitter throat as there was some hope that they might work from all the evidence from the laboratory the 1st study that came out from france a very small study suggested that there was promise but in retrospect that study was very limited it was observational only it didn't compare outcomes of patients who had been treated against controls in a way that would be a good comparison and as we say an apples to apples comparison so that 1st initial hope had to be tested scientifically and this study has has been larger by far than all of the other studies combined and it gives kriti an ambiguous results that treatment with this drug with high proxy clerk when increase the chance of death it
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didn't help and yet the u.s. president says he's taking it what do you think this focus on hydroxy clark ryan has done what impact has it had in terms of the effort to find actual effective treatments and also what is it meant for people who who actually need the struck. well in terms of what it's meant it it's certainly taken resources to conduct these the many clinical trials and to to treat the patients and trials in these hospitals all over the world that were assessed in the study so the time the resources and the focus on testing patients with destroyed treating patients with this drug takes away time and resources that might be used for other treatments that might be used for testing other potential therapies beyond that it's really news to the available supplies for this drug which while it does have serious risks is needed for people with those are 2 immune diseases to help manage their conditions and in many
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countries they're simply such shortages they can't be treated effectively now with these treatments that for them would be an official. thanks for your time there julie fisher director of the elizabeth r. griffen program at georgetown university medical center thank you. and more coverage of the pandemic later for now some other news hong kong's latest says her government will cooperate with beijing's plan to introduce a new national security law as soon as possible carry lamb says the legislation will not affect the rights and freedoms of residents in outside has be condemned by pro-democracy activists who say beijing wants to impose its will on the semi autonomous territory. well here's why it's considered controversial by many in hong kong the territory is governed under a one country 2 systems rule that defines its relationship with beijing until 2047 guaranteeing rights and freedoms for hong kong as in 2003 an attempt by the hong kong government and that act in national security law was met by widespread
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protests and the bill was like the shelves now china has bypass the territories they just later and proposed a national security bill directly to the national people's congress that bill ends to prevent subversion foreign interference what's described as terrorism massive often violent protests hit hong kong for months last year the congress was also dominated by beijing's plans to repair the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic in a highly unusual move china's premier refrained from announcing a growth target this country your reports. a minute's silence to honor thousands of chinese who lost their lives to the coronavirus set a somber tone for the opening of china's national people's congress delivering the annual government work report premier league a chant hailed the communist party's achievement in containing the outbreak and also acknowledged the heavy economic cost for the 1st time since 1988 no g.d.p.
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growth target was set change we judge our success has come at a great price the economy posted negative growth in the 1st quarter of this year and a daily life in the work has been greatly affected no mention either of any large scale economic stimulus for the world's 2nd largest economy instead communist officials were told to tighten their belts and focus on stabilizing employment and eradicating poverty. the government plans to create $9000000.00 jobs and kept unemployment at the current rate of 6 percent but analysts say millions of daily wage workers are not included in the official tally the number one priority is the employment issue so. to create jobs and employment of those word is mentioned almost 40 times and the government is talking about different programs under from la rosa government. defense spending is due to rise by 6.6 percent
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its lowest rate in 3 decades but enforcing national security in hong kong is being stepped up with the announcement of a proposed law banning treason session and subversion there activists say the draft law is an assault on the region's autonomy and democratic freedoms sitting playing at porn away the whole pretense of $102.00 system so they are not answering to the world their own call no longer under one country 2 system it is now one country. one system hong kong's main 100 index fell by more than 5 percent with investors fearing the loss of the financial center special economic status president trump says the u.s. will respond strongly to the proposed legislation the national people's congress will continue to meet over the next week but on friday its priorities were made clear reviving the economy and closing in on any threat to china's stability at the
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coronavirus or demands for democracy katrina al-jazeera bating. the u.s. has joined those condemning china's proposed security law for hong kong secretary of state my compost says its disastrous statement the decision to bypass hong kong's well established legislative processes and ignore the will of the people of hong kong would be a death knell for the high degree of autonomy beijing promised for hong kong under the sign of british joint declaration a un filed agreement not a white house correspondent complete hell kit kimberly how does this all play into the already simmering tensions between the u.s. and china. it doesn't help that's for sure i mean this is a very strongly worded statement a condemnation from the trumpet ministration the just sort of piles on to the tensions that have been simmering as the relations continue to spiral downward
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given the coronavirus and the fact that the u.s. president has repeatedly pointed the finger at china blaming it for the economy that has been devastated in the united states accusing it of not being transparent not doing enough to stop the spread so the u.s. president has been very angry at china but this is something that he has been very angry about really since he took office i mean you have to remember that there is that 2 year tit for tat trade war that has been going on or had been going on as collating really not resolved where the united states continuing to say that china has taken advantage of the united states that he was hoping to try and level the playing field if you will in terms of the trade relationship and then there is the public opinion that exists in the united states one poll recently put it at only 66 percent or rather 66 percent of americans have an unfavorable view of china believe
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that technology being used to sort of conduct backdoor espionage so when you put this all together this really is a problem and the statements from the u.s. president while he has been very big up to this point he was asked about the national security law pertaining to hong kong twice on thursday he didn't really offer any specifics only saying that if the united states were forced to address this that it would do so very strongly. and really new guidelines have been announced for the churches of ning in the u.s. what can you tell us on that front. yeah especially what the u.s. president has done is set up a battle once again between his white house and the 50 governors across the united states many who are still in force in very strict stay at home orders particularly when it pertains to houses of worship so this would be churches mosques synagogues
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essentially the concern being that when you have large groups get gathering and congregating that this could allow for an asymptomatic person to spread unknowingly to other members of the congregation but at the same time many churches particularly in california where more than 1200 are threatening to open up this weekend the u.s. president has just made an announcement new c.d.c. guidelines that the centers for disease control that essentially gives them the ammunition to defy their local orders to stay at home the u.s. president saying that he's calling on governors to open these houses of worship right away and most interestingly he said if they don't override the governor is now very quickly the u.s. president doesn't have the power to do that under the u.s. constitution there are very strong states' rights but what he seems to be implying is that his department of justice may challenge this under the 1st amendment or the right to freedom of religion peaceful assembly but that would take
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a long time to dry out what's really clear in all of this is in an election year where we know that so many who attend church regularly have voted for the u.s. president he's trying to deliver for his constituency he hopes will help him win reelection in november i think that white house correspondent that can be helpless . among the stories coming up here on al-jazeera a massive cleanup operation in india and bangladesh after a cycle on important sweeps through the region. and risky business in indonesia why markets trade is it going to desperate lengths to stay open. but. how low will hearts and quiet sums up the weather across to the middle east at the moment lossy clear skies lots of hazy sun the shot around to we have got
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something of a change further north that extensive hate that we saw across the levant recently that has now abated temperatures starting to fall away as showers start to phil's rain and quite a stiff wind coming in across that east the side of the mediterranean beirut and jerusalem at around $24.00 celsius that on saturday a little cool still as we go into sunday is a blustery showers rattle across the region will be some showers and eastern parts of turkey at this stage as well all the time because you haven't finished that generally find a dry stiff wind picking up at time so some lifted dust and sand to watch out for here in the process all the parts of africa generally dry and settles well the hate there still continuing into egypt 33 celsius in cardiff 43 there and as well the showers continue across the central belt of africa all the way into the gulf of guinea pig down pools still a chosen one of 2 showers into uganda into kenya they should become fewer and
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further between as we go through saturday and on into sunday some dry weather also pushing up into somalia but to the south of that is fine dry and sunny. but. on counting the cost brazil's health of economic crisis may be one. why it's president no longer recession proof more than $1000000.00 health care jobs have been lost to the u.s. but engler of course $500000000000.00 euro plan to save the european union. charge of a cost on al-jazeera. with no guaranteed paid sick leave millions of americans are forced to choose between work and health i don't use my leave to get my mammogram and use my leave to care for my mother as the coronavirus brings employment laws into focus fold lines examines the human cost of losing business before. united states has fallen behind people get sick the impossible choice america's paid leave
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crisis on al-jazeera. play an important role protecting it would be. ringback courting al-jazeera remind of our top stories this hour to play with almost 100 people on board has crashed in a residential area near karate at least 2 people survived pilot had reportedly sent out a mayday signal. denies a kingdom will now quarantine all incoming travelers for 2 weeks the government is
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hoping to prevent a 2nd wave of infections u.k.'s reported some 255000 cases hunt is working on a smartphone app to help track and trace the virus. the world health organization says that south america has become a new epi center of the corona virus pandemic following a surge in infections and deaths brazil is by far the worst hit with more than 20000 feet. and more than $300.00 a 1000 recorded cases. paramedics in mexico city say hospitals are reaching breaking point in treating virus patients and an independent survey suggests the infection rate maybe 3 times higher than what the government says it is. from the capital and what are the 3 waiting for their next dispatch to red cross workers on standby at this office in a cow to pick mexico i think. here half of the ambulance units have been refitted to specifically deal with coated 19 patients but the paramedics say they're worried
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the region's hospitals are nearing capacity. was that i think we should be worried about the level of saturation at hospitals because we've arrived in an ambulance and found there is no space for our patients we have to wait 123 and had to wait for up to 4 hours. in independent analysis more than 4500 death certificates is adding concern the region's health system could soon become overwhelmed the findings suggest the death toll in mexico city is actually 3 times higher than what the government is reporting that me and i act as if you're on the face i mean there are death certificates of people who either did not know they had the illness or died in quarantine or without being tested this thing is certainly a factor also they are not adequately reporting the deaths of people under the suspicion of coronavirus. the mexican health officials are not denying the findings of the new report but mexico's deputy health minister google hope is get there is questioning the methodology he says that
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a majority of the death certificates in question are part of the subset that will eventually be included in an official code $900.00 death to. mexico city and its surrounding municipalities have become the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in the country people seeking medical treatment are finding it increasingly difficult to find hospitals that are still accepting patients as hospitals in mexico city continue to fill up people are turning to a mobile phone application wants but the city government that indicates which hospitals have reached capacity as of this week all but 5 of the region's medical centers appeared either completely full or nearing capacity. paramedics say calls related to covert 19 are still on the rise making the workload constant they're also worried that oversaturation of hospitals could lead to patients dying while waiting in the back of ambulances. up in mexico city. argentina has extended fridays deadline to have more talks with international
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creditors to try to avoid another devastating dest day falls another 10 days of being given to restructure $65000000000.00 of foreign debt but 500000000 dollars an unpaid interest remains due by the end of the day in america's 3rd largest economy is facing a 9th default following years of recession spiraling inflation now coronavirus. qatar has confirmed almost another 900 new cases of corona virus in the past 24 hours and 2 more people have died the gulf state has recorded more than 40000 cases overall and 19 deaths most businesses remain closed and the government has introduced a tracing app that's compulsory for citizens and residents to install on their smartphones. protests have broken out in the indian capital over the suspension of . labor goals the changes to working hours wages and health and safety standards are a big kick starting the economy after 2 months of covert 19 lockdown but unions say that will lead to exploitation india correspondent elizabeth cohen has more. or
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less protest here in the capital tally that was called a protest against changes to labor laws but broken up by police that is because of your actions and on more than 4 people gathering remains in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus nevertheless people gathered here to protest against those changes and member states and it is most populous up there where they are more than 220000000 people live on the job market for they have scrapped most labor laws for the next 3 years that is what these people here have gathered to protest against the number of other states have made other changes so it was rights including working hours that stand and working hours wages overtime occupational health and safety stand out the cursing the people who are protesting.
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that exploitation i would. say that the changes are necessary to just out. to be true moms well look out for the biggest strength does not take things slow and states which are ruled by problem is a little blow to your body i just the probably all b.j. i get right was say that the government had a budget to let these changes since it was 1st elected don't know what it was that has using the opportunity to do so the process is being broken up by police world process i was told that next week. india's prime minister narendra modi has visited regions devastated by one of the most powerful soccer fans in decades at least 96 people died in india and neighboring bangladesh reports. there is nothing left to save. on his family. poor souls of psycho mom found
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destroyed her home built over a lifetime and brought spangled state. to storm came the day before yesterday and tore through our roof i was at home at the time and i had to rush outside for safety. for farmers such as from preserve marco a lot of calls to peek harvest season is devastating. they are trying to salvage whatever they can to survive what looks like a daunting summer ahead with their income on food gone. ok we're going. we've lost all our crops farmers are lost their grains and their livestock the situation is very bad. india's prime minister nuri interim or the new into the provincial capital kolkata a city of 14000000 people where repair crews are racing to clear the wreckage of fallen trees untangled pollens to switch electricity supplies back on more these
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under pressure to declare a national disaster which would allow more thought of funds and support for the damaged states or by spangle on neighboring auditioner i think that. we're still allocating $131000000.00 to the state of west bengal at the moment so they don't face any troubles in restoring normalcy it's a similar picture of devastation in neighboring bangladesh where coastal areas and districts were also battered by sideline on fun. social distancing is difficult here with the need for survival more pressing under threat of corner virus. $26.00 areas have been affected and all $26.00 areas have reported destruction it's still hard to assess exactly how much damage has been caused by the cycle and officials will lead us now in about 7 days and there are many remote areas including the ecological. region of india. which the main.
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experts are trying to sense just how much damage. has left behind. answers here. iran's supreme leader has called for a continuation of the fight to liberate palestine and a t.v. address on could soar jerusalem day ayatollah ali khamenei described israel as in his words a cancerous tumor in the middle east and he said the occupation of palestine is a crime against humanity iran has held the annual could stay since 979 in a show of support for palestinians c.-o. said oh these. normalizing the presence of the zionist regime in the region is one of the major policies pursued by the united states a number of arab governments in the region also act as the minions and cronies of the us they have been setting the grounds for normalization by establishing economic ties. the u.n. special repertoire who investigated the murder murder of saudi journalist mark shop
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she says the fight for justice isn't of a mess kalamata is calling on the u.s. to publish secret findings on saudi prince mohammed bin some months involvement in the crime one of casualties sons says he's forgiven those responsible for the crime but because fiance says no one has the right to pardon his killers. forces loyal to libya's u.n. recognized government are mobilizing around the town of tahoma 100 kilometers southeast of tripoli this comes a day after they seize control of the strategic town of. it's on an important supply route for troops and lied to war heavy from after after has been waging a year long campaign to seize the capital for move the other way ahead is in southern tripoli where he says government forces have quickly retaken much of the area. i'm now standing in al sadr a neighborhood in southern turkey that's beyond the dean neighborhood and this area has just been captured by the government forces have to the forces had controlled
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this area for the past few months and also the clashes there were clashes here in this area and also beyond that insula had been able hordes many civilians were impacted by the random rockets during the past few months rockets launched by have the force of from that they were namely from a year or more military can now the government forces today have gained ground and day as the as you can see here behind me the clashes have left remains here behind me as you can see here that is this is the wreckage of a damaged military vehicle. and there's a just saying that their government forces have that he captured several locations today including the. barely military can but also the headquarters of their passport and migration authorities that's beyond and beyond salaheddine neighborhoods in southern tripoli now military sources here tell us that the
9:44 pm
clashes are going going now in division ity of military camp and military camp has been controlled by have to us forces for the past 7 months and in fact it's very symbolic for both sides have to those forces have been running the battles from that military camp which is about a few only a few kilometers from where mr ending now. u.k. retail sales plummeted by more than 18 percent in april clothes shop shops were worst hit by 50 percent which was worse than the previous month online shopping the surge now accounting for nearly one 3rd of all money sent spent by shoppers lock down restrictions are beginning to ease the u.k. economy is expected to contract by 14 percent this year with shops and other businesses closed some possibly for good commercial rent has gone unpaid the prospect of more job losses is putting people off buying a home from london the debugger reports the pandemics impact on real estate. the.
9:45 pm
mark wells is hoping things are beginning to get back to something approaching normal he runs an estate agency in london since physical house viewings restarted last week after a long lockdown marks arranged to steady stream of visits to this property and he says business is surprisingly brisk we opened our doors less than a week ago and you know the flat we have 10 viewings multiple it's on it's just going under awfully close the asking price and other property just just looks like it's going to wander off the asking price just under a $1000000.00 pounds but that optimism is far from universal between march and april applications for home loans fell by more than 50 percent and there's still huge uncertainty about the economy and job losses now the center for economics and business is predicting u.k. house prices will fall by as much as 13 percent this year
9:46 pm
a lot of people are very worried about their jobs and they don't want to take on big commitments when they're worried about jobs they think that if they lose their job and get a job job they may be paid less and the combination of these things means that the amount of money people prepared to spend on we think going out in the future is now just less than it was previously. the pandemic is also having a huge effect on commercial property one company into which owns huge malls like this in britain has suffered a slump in rental payments as many shops shut down now it wants extra time to pay back its own debts while in the us $1.00 survey said that in april shopping malls collected only 28 percent of rents and then there's a question of office space social media giant twitter base in this building have told their employees they can return to work once offices reopen but if they choose to they can stay working from home forever and google and facebook are told very stuff they can stay working at home until the end of the year so what does this all
9:47 pm
tell us about the demand for office space in future. you should look at that how pilots are your employee and i'm going to chop nature and also your space density averages space desk the most important part in asia is our average of all sites which are potentially very small and whether you have the internet or you at seti suck or the walking from hope i guess is the big question mark so nobody's predicting the end of the office but with millions of people working remotely and with more people relying on shopping online than ever before these are really certain times for everyone including real estate investors the al-jazeera london. was a more suppose have gathered together for friday prayers in nigeria's northwest and state despite rising infections their research and were relaxed after pressure from religious leaders millions of nigerians are preparing to celebrate the holiday marking the end of the fasting month of ramadan the government's reported more than
9:48 pm
$7000.00 cases and $211.00 deaths and some indonesians preparing for the holiday are ignoring restrictions market traders a disobeying police orders and risking their business licenses to stay open jessica washington reports from the capital jakarta. turner bang in the center of jakarta is southeast asia's biggest textile market the lead up to the muslim holiday of eden is usually the busiest time for traders as customers come to buy new clothes before the celebration this year is different place have come to shop the market down to one 4th virus restrictions by the men they keep opening the shops and so the buyers keep coming it's not right we will continue to enforce the social restrictions and we will take actions it's really tiring. it's now a daily ritual there are thousands of traders here and forcing all of them to
9:49 pm
follow regulations aimed at curbing the spread of the virus is proving difficult and of the large amount of time if they keep breaking the law will have to revoke their business permit up until now we've been trying to persuade them the lead up to it is a test for into these and authorities the restrictions mean that many businesses have been forced to shut their doors at what would normally be their busiest time of year and some attempt to break the rules despite the risk. many here are daily wage and some say they haven't received any aid from the government. for that matter if we follow what the government is telling us to work from home what will we ate the virus might not kill me then but we can still die from hunger crowded you can't his main airport this week prompted criticism that the indonesian government relaxed restrictions far too soon only business travel is a permitted to fly and only those who can afford the increased emphasis can make the journey some feel low income earners are being disproportionately targeted.
9:50 pm
when i want to own meaning i want justice if you want to close my store then close everything don't just keep allowing wealthy people to continue and force people like me to close they chase us like we're selling stolen goods. just hours after the police raid this is what the central market looks like sellers putting out their clothing racks again and returning to business as usual but that's because of the way i feel sorry for the small sellers that depend on their sales and what that they give to their families it's hard and some are now bankrupt. i know what. they say they have no choice but. still ahead on.
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
oh. welcome back tens of thousands of cruise ship stuff a track to sea to bounce off the pandemic from the industry to a halt they say have been abandoned many without pay and the gallacher reports from miami. sailing the open seas dancing on deck and seeing the world from the comfort of a floating hotel that's what the cruise line industry is supposed to be about since the outbreak of the coronavirus that image has been tarnished outbreaks of covert 19 claimed lives passengers were eventually allowed to go home but crew members
9:53 pm
many of the migrants from poor countries like the philippines have all but been abandoned crewmember caio saldana hot center is these videos from onboard celebrity cruises he's been moved from one vessel to another told he was going home only for plans to be canceled all of which he tells us is taking a huge mental toll there are still people there you can see there. but they are there they are hanging. they are outlining to think so much they're trying to do some things to forget it there are some people like me in their eyes you know they are away the situation and have something to say and once to to do something not only for me but for everybody and it's thought that at least 7 crew members have died from covert 19 well over 500 have been infected by the corona virus cruise line companies say they're steadily repatriating staff but the
9:54 pm
process is slow and complicated in april this. c.d.c. ban cruise ships from u.s. waters until the police late july other nations are insisting on strict testing and the cruise company should pay for a land based quarantine while some crew members have returned home tens of thousands remain in cramped conditions with no pay on one vessel there was a food strike while several suicides have been reported lawsuits are now being filed on behalf of crew members in what some legal experts say is bordering on a humanitarian crisis by use the term hoosier promoting sweatshops for years not only is the situation that there are ringback thousands of miles we don't know what's going on don't know when they're going to get there not necessarily but they're being threatened. i mean you're really couldn't think of a worse situation. caio here in happier days as a crew shit d.j. told us he never wants to work in the industry again for now he simply wants to
9:55 pm
speak out for others. you were lying through their you don't have 3 new value as a human being you are just a number right now we need to. know our psychological. health getting crew members off the ships as being complicated by nations closing ports strict restrictions and lack of coordination but many say the industry could and should do more for loyal staff facing an increasingly desperate and dangerous future and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. and thailand's 4000000 migrant workers are more vulnerable than ever to recent layoffs with borders closed thousands of stranded and relying on handouts scott harlow reports from some what so called. about an hour south of bangkok is somewhat stuck on the hub for thailand's seafood industry and home to the largest population of migrant
9:56 pm
workers in the country primarily from me and more right now because of the coded 1000 shutdown many are without jobs and are relying on food handouts to prevent the spread of the virus thailand sealed its borders with neighboring countries back in march stranding tens of thousands of migrant workers mostly without any assistance from the thai government. my momo had been a garment factory worker here for 9 years she lost her job when the shutdown started to take hold any day a come a sham i don't know this crisis is probably the worst one that i've experienced there are no jobs in the market and i couldn't find work i haven't paid my rent for the past 2 months. she only has another few weeks to pay which she owes before she and her family are kicked out they want to go home to mandalay in myanmar but can't the average daily salary for my coworkers here and some of the con province is only $10.00 that goes for those who are working on fishing boats the factory workers now there's growing concern that jobs like this could become
9:57 pm
a few are once thailand fully reopened for business to tani gallic lies says thousands of workers have called her migrant worker rights network seeking help the organization has been providing food bags for families but 2 thoughts in each admits even if the migrants are able to get to their home countries they'll end up coming back to thailand once there's work she says they'll return even more vulnerable than before the pandemic as a single and worried that the workers will be forced to work for a longer hours for a smaller wage they're quite vulnerable unlike thai workers who have more rights and more boggling power i think fewer workers will be employed but have to work aagot. the thai government has opened selected border checkpoints for a limited number of workers to return home each day but many don't have the money to travel. a few fortunate ones are able to get some work but most remain stuck on land facing mounting debt they'll have to be paid back when they do finally find a job it's got harder al-jazeera summit's akong thailand. that's it for me i'm team
9:58 pm
here and a half of the next time i. drew out history humankind has come together in our darkest moments this is a moment to for pretty much the opposite where retreat from the world could actually save every generation has its moment this one is ours. one of the last remaining ancient forests in southeast asia is
9:59 pm
a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drive as. we follow that treacherous journey as they walk through extreme conditions. together and transport this dangerous but precious cargo risking it all. on al-jazeera. june i don't anticipate students in india's carola state will be heading back to school despite confirmed cases of covert 19 and risk warning people in power is back with more investigative documentaries from around the wound as the world battles the if i respond demick global health leaders meet remotely to discuss effective solutions for the development of a cold with 19 facts in a new tea party investigation asks whether water should be a free natural resource or a commodity traded for profit and how well the u.s.
10:00 pm
elections shaping up as the country battles calls it 19 we'll look into whether donald trump can survive these historic setbacks june announces era. a passenger jet crashes into a crowded neighborhood of karate killing all but 2 of the 99 people on board. the watching i was there a live from london i'm dead navigate also ahead the world health organization says latin america has become the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic as brazil's death toll passes 20000. with as few as $31.00 people tested per 1000000 warnings war torn.


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