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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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it's hopes and dreams including the turbulence story of the struggle for palestinian p.l.o. history of a revolution on al-jazeera. the i will not write for them to my entire family just for fun or a friend of mine because i can't change someone from the security video released of brazil's president in a foul mouthed attack on police as he tries to protect his family. hello i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera live from joe also coming up rescue and recovery operations continue in pakistan after a passenger jet crashes in karachi. condemnation of china's proposed security rules
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for hong kong described as the death knell for the territories or ptolemy. of businesses in kenya suffer as coronavirus lockdowns hit the normally busy eagle feather holiday trail. to begin with serious accusations against brazil's president jaya balls and a tape released by brazil's supreme court appears to show him threatening to fire senior police officers and their bosses even a minister to protect his family the video of a cabinet meeting was released amid claims that also not it was meddling in a criminal investigation into his son the allegation was made by the former justice minister says your moral who resigned last month because of what he called political interference from the president also not a denies the accusations. no i will not white put him to my
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entire family just for fun or a friend of mine because i can't change someone from the security because it belongs to the structure it will change if i can't change term i would change his boss and if i can't change his boss oh change the minister a lesson america at its been reports. in that recording he speaks at length about his reasons for wanting to sack the chief of police and also the a top ranking policeman in rio de janeiro and he says something to the effect of if i can sack the rio de janeiro police when i tried to i couldn't i can't sack the the the federal he doesn't mention the word the federal police chief but he says his boss who it was the party will believe she. and if i can sack him his boss the minister the minister being himself because i won't allow anybody and then he uses a 4 letter word that i won't repeat to mess around with my family and he is clearly
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or seems to be alluding to his 2 sons who are under investigation in the state of rio de janeiro for all kinds of of illegal actions. in the case of his eldest son labial of being involved in criminal militia groups so the president says that this is not a damning tape at all that he wasn't referring to the investigations he was referring to the security detail of his sons but it's not a very convincing explanation for a lot of people the grim search for bodies is resuming after a passenger plane crashed among houses close to correct his main airport in pakistan 99 people were on board the bus a 320 flight from the whole place to press justify it records. the crash happened as the pakistan international airlines flight was attempting to land for a 2nd time never never never never. initial reports say the airbus pilot sent
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a mayday message reporting problems with both engines and made a go around. a few minutes later the airliner came down in a highly populated residential area near karate international airport the horse that actually got a funny word establish the last words we heard from the pilots was that there were technical problems he was told on the final approach to both runways are ready and you can learn the pilot decided he wanted to go around for that reason the technical problem was well good to go and look at that. airplane parts were strewn among burning homes security forces were sent to help the rescue operation and managed to pull at least 2 passengers from the wreckage pakistan's prime minister imran khan tweeted saying that he was shocked and saddened by the crash offering prayers and condolences to the families of the dead. aviation apps identify the aircraft as a 15 year old airbus
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a 320 it was one of the 1st in p.i.a.'s fleet to restart flying this week after flights were grounded to stop the spread of the coronavirus the crash coincides with the end of ramadan normally a busy time for travelers returning home for the need holiday it's also 4 years since another air crash in pakistan during ramadan killed all $47.00 people on board the harding al-jazeera life as one about a not a serious come out. come out 24 hours on what more details are emerging about the crash and what they have cost us. well dad did indeed the everybody wants your son obviously a very deadly crash so close to the airport of the by a large radio that made a signal as we have been able to see for days that there paired that didn't landing
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gear was not down and yet did a stock of engine failure so they didn't board or injured or dead right now what they oughta do they have done after care that their special unquiet is now being set up to try to investigate where what led to their fate the crash because the act off took off and got condition it was said to be and. shape so ended big question marks about the problem what compounded by the fact that they came down and they take lead densely populated area would not go adelaide then lanes destroying a number of buildings 2 to 3 storey buildings and somehow with and then the aircraft of course are breaking up far diffuse large and they're waiting to go on a barge landing in several locations close to that locality so that made the job even more difficult because it would nightfall by that time the c.d.'s rescue
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efforts go down that way including bringing in cranes enter door narrow a.d.r.'s to try to lift parts of their dead breo that particular feuds not many people have bought it down but that we're also towards. $97.00 bodies have so so far been good to see been an overnight operation that they likely to continue for several more hours and of course including making night units of the military that better military force in there that the district administration and day and we are all short order that all those people who were affected who lost their homes was last night didn't vote around the city so indeed it's an ongoing operation but one that looks more like a recovery rather than a rescue operation at this stage. come on many thanks indeed ours is kamau hi there reporting live from islamabad. this growing international condemnation of china's
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plans to introduce sweeping new security laws in hong kong the u.s. secretary of state by pump a 0 said that it would sound the death knell for hong kong's autonomy the proposed legislation would ban activity the beijing considers subversive it follows months of pro-democracy protests in hong kong the territories chief executive kerry lam says that her government will cooperate with beijing's proposal and that it will not affect the rights and freedoms of residents the important thing is for the people hong kong to realize that without protection of national security many of the things that we enjoy many of the things the precious. will be lost so this is really the time for us not to waste any more time and to get on with this imports and legislative safeguards live out of hong kong and i was there is adrian brown what's been the reaction. to this proposed security loitering.
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well the problem is that here in hong kong people still don't know very much about this security law the details a few and far between for instance it's been confirmed that you know security agencies will now be free to operate in hong kong from the mainland but what will be their remit and what security agency will it be will it be the ministry of state security for instance which human rights groups say has a reputation for you know arbitrary detentions and torture so there's a lot of unknown things at the moment that the people here in hong kong want to now carry lamb as you saw in that video clip you played just a moment ago was putting on a display of unity on friday night standing with her cabinet members and other advisors to stress that actually hong kong remains very open for business and that it's autonomy is being protected and in fact this new security law she stresses is going to be
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a further protection for foreign investors here in hong kong but of course on friday as we saw adrian the stock market didn't like the news very much it fell more than 5 percent that is the largest for we've seen on the hang seng stock market in 5 years other sort of anecdotal reaction i can bring you is there's been a surge in internet interest in v.p.n. zen owners virtual proxy networks and basically this is a device very popular among foreigners in the mainland that helps you get round the the censorship algorithms and so that is becoming very popular in hong kong also there has been a a big spike in people visiting and consulting migration officials people are looking for perhaps a new life overseas and the other concern that is being expressed by financial analysts is the fact we could start to see currency flight from hong kong as people become unsettled about what this new law could mean now there. it's jude to be
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a protest happening this weekend but again this will be a major test of social distancing rules because at the moment people cannot gather in groups of more than 8 so it'll be interesting to see how these activities protesters manage to get round that regulation i was there as adrian brown reporting live from hong kong adrian many thanks indeed a lot out in peru has been extended until the end of june after a surge in new corona virus infections the lockdown began admit knowledge that as one of the longest in the world on friday peru reported nearly $3000.00 new cases well that decision comes as the world health organization says the lesson america has become the new epicenter of the pandemic the number of new cases on the continent has now surpassed the u.s. and europe john holeman reports in latin america's biggest graveyard the bodies are being put into the earth quickly without ceremony and some are saying 2 months
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think they call those 5 by 5 to meet 5 funerals in a row we can't have a week we can't do anything alina can say goodbye to her father if she'd like while he was alive he's being denied that he had to thank you kimmy place the paper the evidence what i miss is not being able to kiss him because i work in the health sector i was afraid of catching something in passing it on to him so i didn't kiss him anymore we didn't touch each other we kept our distance. this is brazil where the virus has killed more than 20000 is the worst hit country in latin america the region fast becoming the center of the pandemic. and the government that should be taking care of things is in turmoil president joy ableson noddles lost 2 health ministers in a matter of weeks and he's also involved in a separate political scandal in town with his family there's a lot of instability and we get so much information from people who should be
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taking care of the situation and who are being a place and i'm very worried the president's repeatedly told people to go out to the not ill or old putting him at loggerheads with local authorities who is seeing the health systems overrun across the whole region things are getting worse south america has become a new at the center for the disease we've seen many south american countries with the. increasing numbers of cases in peru infections of almost doubled over the last couple of weeks mexico should have reached them past its peak but numbers keep climbing chile's health system is buckling and in argentina the cases have spiked to. a mall in other parts of the world the streets are beginning to fill up again here it's the cemetery's john home and al jazeera. a weather update next here on al-jazeera there we'll have the latest on the facing around libya's capital where the government says that it is making progress and. i'm
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joined now on the love wind with a national health services contact tracing appius being trialled i mean it concerns the government's cash price and isolate system would be ready to meet prime minister boris johnson's deadline of june the 1st. hello we've had some flooding recently around the midwest michigan in particular we've got some more heavy rain potential flooding hits the central parts just around kansas oklahoma the system making its way further east where it's through the remainder of sas day going on into sunday actually said the next couple of days seeing some live storms streaking across the central and southern plains heading over to ward siesta seaboard 19 celsius in new york 26 in d.c.
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quite humid and sticky $26.00 here down towards the southwest well the fire risk continues it stays bone dry for the time being that dry weather stretching up across much of that western side of the u.s. a little we'll see what it says showers into washington state and maybe into b.c. central areas seeing some lively showers those showers running down across parts of texas some will see some light showers too into the caribbean big area cloud here but using a fair bit of wet weather into cuba southern parts of mexico yucatan peninsula policing some levies showers see some wet weather there to nicaragua and costa rica you might catch a shower with syria to jamaica and also into hispaniola not too bad for the eastern islands johnny fine dry and sunny. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands
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increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these demands we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations the breastpin pioneering future energy. well again this is of concern the 2nd moment for much of the main news this hour a tape released by presumed supreme court appears to show president jaya both of threatening to fire senior police officers to protect his family it's released as
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possible investigation into allegations that also not it was meddling in a criminal investigation into his son. the grim task of such into bodies is resuming after a plane crashed in pakistan at least $97.00 people were killed when the plane went down in a crowded table hood in the city of karachi on friday 2 presages are reported to have survived. this but international condemnation of china's plans to introduce a new security law in hong kong the u.s. says that it would sound the death knell for the tariff result ptolemy the proposed legislation would ban activity that beijing consider this subversive. u.s. president total trump a search say to cover those to reopen churches synagogues and mosques trump declared that churches and other places of worship were essential and so they should be opened as soon as possible some governors have deemed a liquor stores an abortion clinics is essential but have left out churches and other houses of worship it's not right so i'm correcting this injustice and calling
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houses of worship essential. i call upon governors to allow our churches in places of worship to open right now if they don't do it i will override the governors in america we need more prayer not less. the anti malarial drug that u.s. president donald trump says that he's taking as links to heart failure and even death in patients with covert 19 that's according to a study of hydroxy chloroquine involving nearly 100000 hospital patients on 6 continents researchers say they had significantly higher risks than patients who didn't take the drug the study has been published in britain's lancet medical journal or the world health organization is once again issued warnings about the unproven drug especially in latin america the new epicenter the government of brazil has approved the use of hydroxy chloroquine for
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a broader you spoke we do point to the fact that our current clinical systematic review is carried out by an american health organization in the currently get clinical evidence does not support the widespread use of hydroxy curriculum for the treatment with 90 jellyfish as director of the elizabeth r. griffin program at georgetown university medical center she says the finding raises some very serious questions i think it confirmed what many people have been worried about in public health and in medicine that we have such hopes as a society as a global society for a solution to this this terrible pandemic and the urge to find a magical cure a silver bullet is very high but from the beginning there have been serious doubts that hydroxy chloroquine would impact you that magic bullet and this confirms not only is it not effective but it can do real harm and that raises some they are
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serious questions for us vice president joe biden has apologized after telling a black radio host that african-americans who backed president donald trump quote ain't black. said he shouldn't have been so cavalier by phone is the presumptive democratic nominee in november as u.s. presidential election. listen you got to come see it when you come to new york b.p. by god well it's a long way it's an old mill but we got more questions you got more questions i'd tell him if you have a problem figuring out where you're from ear drum and you ain't black it don't have none to do it shout it has to do with the fact i want something for my community i would love to make you look at my record man i extended the voting rights 25 years i have a record that is 2nd to none then double a c.p.s. endorsed me every time i've run the war i mean come on take a look at the record libya's internationally recognized government says that it's retaken control of kerry is south of the capital at least 21 faces been killed by
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land planes left behind by warlord khalifa haftar his forces and mercenaries the u.n. secretary general has repeatedly condemned the transfer and use of land mines because of the danger to civilians after us forces have been fighting for over a year to take control of tripoli. put up the warhead is in something tripoli and says that have to us forces have been pushed several kilometers away from the capital. this is one of the areas controlled by forces loyal to the internationally recognized the government and solvent tripoli here between salaheddine neighborhood and al sadr area the government forces say that they have gained ground and they have taken control of several locations including a military camp called a tic barely a military camp and also the headquarters of the migration authority the government sources here say that they have been targeted by half the forces who are 7
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positioned a few kilometers back beyond salaheddine neighborhood and other front lines namely in ends of the neighborhood the government forces say that they have prepared half of his forces that attack in fact they say that they have driven half of us forces out back a few kilometers in other front lines in the vicinity of this strategic city of the who know which is the stronghold of have to those forces the government forces say that they have halted the battle for temporarily but meanwhile the have been sending leaflets inside to who are now wanting civilians of coming closer to any military units because the government forces are planning to move on the city of thought who now to be captured it which is their stronghold of have to his forces in the west of libya the un special rapporteur who investigated the murder of the saudi journalist she says that the fight for justice isn't over that's come about
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it's calling on the u.s. to publish secret findings on the saudi crown prince's involvement in the crime earlier the son said that he forgave his father's killers clearing the way for them to be spared the death penalty but the journalist fiance says that no one has the right to pardon is killing us. all travelers entering the u.k. will soon be required to quarantine for 2 weeks the move has rekindled the debate about why ministers didn't restrict travel earlier in their break but the home secretary pretty patel as defended the position now we are past the peak of this virus we must take steps to guard against imported cases triggering a resurgence of this deadly disease and as the transmission rate across the united kingdom falls and the number of travelers arriving in the u.k. begins to increase imported cases could begin to pose a larger and increased threat this is because they could become
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a high proportion of the overall number of infections in the u.k. and therefore increase the spread of the disease the u.k.'s health minister says that are sort of coronavirus track and trace system will be operating by the end of the month but it's emerged that the smartphone app that it's a part of won't be ready until jenna hole reports. the isle of wight off england's south coast the setting for a trial of the contact tracing apps that it's hoped will be part of this country's path out of covert 19 lock down and back to economic health. provided enough people download and use the app it can be effective in tracing contacts that virus sufferers don't actually know but may have passed in a shop or sat next to on the bus if you're facing life will find. it. i don't think it will make them think the way they think go away says he said
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any way to stop it spreading quickly i guess but it's emerged the isle of wight app won't be ready to meet prime minister boris johnson's june the 1st deadline when he's promised to have a world beating test trace and isolate system in place so that the schools can start going back and other parts of the economy can reopen and there are signs the other elements of the system may be subdermal as well test results that are still taking too long to come back and an army of up to 25000 human call center trackers with minimal training and little to no epidemiological knowledge to enable them to ask the right questions the island's member of parliament from the governing conservative party says the system will work despite past mistakes in dealing with cope at 19 has everything going right with this no absolutely not it's quite clear not and that is going to come out in the washing future i'll be getting a lot of things an increasing number of things right now absolutely and they have no doubt would be part of that 3 pronged approach the tracing system supported by
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the up and the manual tracing and then the virology the testing with it and that is the way that we're going to suppress the virus public health experts have concerns what you may end up with this idea particularly if you have a. system. you may end up with almost all security maybe. and. horizon control again a campsite and adventure park that would otherwise be looking forward to a busy holiday weekend lies empty businesses are desperate for the lockdown to be lifted but not so desperate that they're prepared to take risks with a defense system that may not be properly ready it needs to be right really. go ahead with anything else yes 2nd wife would be a terrible thing i think people from. the government is pushing
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a tight deadline it's not clear the public is in such a hurry jonah how al-jazeera on the isle of wight some foreign athletes will be exempt from the coronavirus rated ban on travel to the u.s. as part of the plan to reopen the economy professional baseball basketball golf ice hockey and tennis players will be allowed into the country to compete most training at all competitions have been shut down for weeks and the sports leagues are working towards was using this season's by. the coronavirus pandemic is limiting aid holiday festivities around the world muslims in the east the neighborhood of the capital nairobi will be among the millions celebrating on the lockdown but business is suffering due to the restrictions as reports. sleazeball the business hub on the residential area the end of the muslim fasting month of ramadan is usually busy for traders pitfalls of muslims flocking to buy clothes and food and readiness for the eve festivities and of this year the government imposed
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a look down here theresa go up to dozens of residents because the positive phone call that 1100 little brought this either is just buying and we have nothing to celebrate only a handful of customers are coming to buy clothes to celebrate even the textile vendors this market is famous for saying that feeling the pinch of the wholesale business is down by more than 60 percent remember it's not just the look down the eastley but the order stopping people from entering the city of nairobi that's also keeping shop as a way. the lockdown has been extended for another 2 weeks police checkpoints all entry points into the suburbs allowing only medical personnel in essential subway stop government officials assist the lockdown is necessary given the high number of coral bite us cases found in this neighborhood tens of thousands of people come here they need for business and there are fears of
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a spike in public 1000 cases if strict measures are not take. that says and always been a busy period for livestock trade is the muslim faith will buy goods and ship to celebrate the end of the fostering with friends and relatives with a pandemic such gatherings are out of the question people are not happy there's no joys. in this not only coronavirus from demi but doesn't exacerbated by the fact that this really is sort of a true don't know when it's going to be known as going out the litter of their love and that's what happened so people are not buying goods at critically that challenge and deficit. and so on. day of the markets with no meaningful sales life to free those hot they'll fly back to the sheds they too are slowly realizing that these season is like none they've seen before. they will be can.
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memorabilia belonging to the late basketball legend kobe bryant has been sold at auction among the items the number 8 jersey he wore in the n.b.a. finals 20 years ago and bryant's handprints from hollywood boulevard the action was already being prepared before bryant died along with his daughter and 7 other people in a helicopter crash 4 months ago. it's good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines of al-jazeera a tape released by brazil's supreme court appears to show president jaya both sonando threatening to fire senior police officers to protect his family it was raised as part of an investigation into allegations that also that it was meddling in a criminal investigation into his son allegation was made by the former justice minister sergio morrow who resigned last month because of what he called political interference from the president's also not out tonight as the accusations.
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i will not white for them to my entire family just for fun or friend of mine because i can't change someone from the security because it belongs to the structure it will change if i can't change i would change his boss and if i can't change his boss out change the minister the grim task of searching for bodies is resuming after a plane crashed in pakistan at least 97 people were killed when the plane went down in a crowded neighborhood in the city of karachi on friday 2 person just reported to have survived it's not yet known how many people on the ground were killed or injured. there's been international condemnation of china's plans to introduce a new security law in hong kong the u.s. says that it would sound the death knell for the territories autonomy the proposed legislation would panic to vittie that beijing considers to be subversive the
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locked out in peru has been extended until the end of june after a surge of new infections there it began in mid march and is 1 of the longest in the world on friday peru reported nearly 3000 new cases former us vice president joe biden has apologized after telling a black radio host that african-americans who backed president donald trump quote a black he later said that he shouldn't have been so cavalier lightness the presumptive democratic nominee in november as u.s. presidential election. libya's internationally recognized government says that it's retaking control of key areas south of the capital at least $21.00 faces have been killed by land mines left behind by warlord khalifa haftar his forces mercenaries after his forces been fighting for over a year to take control of tripoli. those the headless bodies fear of his era of so what are what east next. wanton parents were called it 19 of the drop in the oil price problem the race to the white house can go on will
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trump survive these his story setbacks and does the job only have what it takes to beat. special coverage out just to. see the. rice that terrifying speeds leap off sky scrapers and jump through 5. stop before most of the unsung heroes of indian cinema for a meager wage they put their bodies on the line for the country's biggest dogs. not everyone can be a trunk ruth stunt man lost on river and saved his life. they made him go board. but accidents on film sets a comedy something even and didn't do. what i want east meets the indian stumped for us risking it all for the brought lots of balls.


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