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tv   Bollywoods Stunt Performers  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2020 6:32am-7:01am +03

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the locked out in peru has been extended until the end of june after a surge of new infections there it began in mid march and is 1 of the longest in the world on friday peru reported nearly 3000 new cases former us vice president joe biden has apologized after telling a black radio host that african-americans who backed president donald trump quote a black he later said that he shouldn't have been so cavalier and is the presumptive democratic nominee in november as u.s. presidential election. libya's internationally recognized government says that it's retaking control of key areas south of the capital at least $21.00 faces of been killed by landmines left behind by warlord khalifa haftar his forces mercenaries after his forces been fighting for over a year to take control of tripoli. those the headless bodies fear of his era of so what are what east next. i want to impact world called it 19 on the drop in the oil price problem the race to the white house can go on will trump
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survive these his story setbacks and does the job only have what it takes to beat. special coverage i'll just. say rice at terrifying speeds leap off skyscrapers and jump through 5. stop before most of the unsung heroes of indian cinema for a meager wage they put their bodies on the line for the country's biggest star. not everyone can be a trump ruth stunt man all found driven to save not only his life i'm carrying them make him look good while doing so but accidents on film sets a comedy something even in didn't day. one i want east meets the indian stumping for its risking it all for the brought lots of balls.
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in. java gallery believes the danger from acrobatics to be leaks. in feet he was born on a bike the bollywood stuntman. the tricks of the try from the internet was given applies to. the mighty freedom and. for tonight's game when you take a stance give partner to give or do they give. me is up there think that the minute i get. a. job that grew up in some hot oven pool a small industrial town in rural kenya. there yet again that is maybe it's. and it all mentees guy had the sequel. like goldman family support.
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like many boys he did jump and chose to work as a mechanic because of his passion for most of the. bikes started. starting them like i think i'm going to big. that's too much he bites at anybody. that he feels like neither of us. today he practiced stunts in the forest and by this river. to give me another middle of the garden if i need to give him a starting gotta keep the bottom a standard to get started i'm out of those one that any idea to be going to give me . time to going. i'm looking outside of. our tiny minister and start to get a supplemental dig that is. chaotic biking why does
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a dead weight means that me and i'm in. the white same accord that i've got to go. after appearing on a television talent show he was scouted to work on big action films across india. along the way he smashed. 7 cars and he's. betting waiting to. do that to me or man hambali going to me a ball as a ball gets out it may be extradited to. india god will be stunned when my not going to go to school. to get the one minute segments invited to. childhood loves his job but says being a stunt double for big action stars swayze. will be action will be impeaching started when all day all stand men go down that is
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that. that i'm going to do with the past i mean that he. had me do that they are days to get him look here when they. don't give in java a pathway out of poverty that they would let me let down me as in they give me on is about as you said taking me. up with another. who said stand eagle very well. well. i work. with around 2000 films made in india every year there's no shortage of opportunities in the biggest film factory.
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on t.v. and in mumbai the maker of movies. when most big budget bollywood hits on my. head it's here that i find a town about one of the only woods most unlikely stuff stop ok i obviously. don't buy this you might think. that nice guys he. made us not going to get. more than 2000 stones artists working in india but just 3 percent of them are women. are gullible much don't know who wrote who. in this male dominated industry he says it's not easy getting kicked and punched for some of
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bollywood's biggest dr so how much does he know if you do end up bussin the kind of but that you care and it doesn't need telling you to not challenge it i mean how do you let a kid know you can't tell me that cliche is used to teaching the odds a lot story could easily be mistaken for a bollywood film script. her mother died when she was just a young girl and she grew up in poverty. in the with which in the owner so that on a beach or dam looks as if i'd like to. thank you to get me to it got i'm really going to the fuller main. the guy who kind of gave up on those idler to. support named. marriage was mobbed by her husband's alcohol you violence at the i.g. 20 with her 2 young children she fled the house and sought refuge in
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a temple. marilyn you have to tell him we're already development on. so many many other cases in the after working a series of low paid jobs. with an offer to stop them but she was just reading the basic exam and devote me to vanity value where they give you many. privileges gotoh most it is a examine do they like and whatever they. came in was. just the less i was selfish it was elected not. capable of a 1000 men there. at one of them within those aside for a visit was merely. she began teaching herself. and is now one of just a handful of women willing to drive cars a breakneck speed. fire for a shock. knows the dangers of the job only too well she's had
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a fair share of injured including fracturing her spine. her career. first in to do with them in the navy. sub bed as i made a conditional get. rid of the covering famine and. me of how many of us already covered we were running go there was only said but so he was this is a. hundreds of. career earnings helped by the apartment where she now lives with her 2 children. but to give kitchen. confidence and i'm with you now she dreams of becoming a stunt director. but.
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my disease down must have been a great ever long enough. to go down. to the precinct not far away from here is gives me a stuntman ready to fill the fight so. i just 35 has risen quickly through the ranks to become one of hollywood's most popular stunt directors we just . do what the critic of the new jersey. tell you what it's going to be chilly but we just. we just really it's ok i think this is just. before he started choreographing and directing action scenes. was a stockman himself. have done the buy. done.
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that. did the fire so every kind of stunt i've done. i knowing all the studies by yourself then you can direct all the stunts a little you should feed all the stunts before going to that in action there was a paper cut for the. oh yeah. i. got it. and. today i was chasing evolved from a great heart and slippery trying. for dramatic effect the film director also wants to i drank. says film sets always throw up unique challenges for the stunt director . you should have the ball for homework offered rehearsal and all for safety's.
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movies have been passive recruits live since he was just a boy. his father was a veteran stuntman and vic room often accompanied him to film sets. just . watching him and sometimes he comes at home but injuring the shoulder and when i used to say man i used to cry hey what happened to dad is the only source of money for us in this town men used to get paid very little. over the dinner to cram tells me that supervisors like him must now have at least a easy experience as a stuntman. do you sometimes get worried or very concerned when you're getting stung and ready for a shoot every time when i go to the set and for my each and every star in which i
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was risky i'm always scared. biology raga says he's brother today was scared to before performing his final least hint. at this lake outside bangalore the stuntman jumped to his death in an instant which shocked india. in the boat i think it was a month or. even. more than one door across to go buy a ticket again the woman live on. the money. but there are. a lot of the good in the war are not about. in november 26th date the movie must be good it was being filmed on these com
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waters where the director insisted on wide action stunts instead of the usual effects in a pivotal scene today and another stockman annele had to jump 60 feet from a helicopter into the like with the main actor. out of a state of the on the on the video time and soon one of the last. i recorded the letter to the press so standard live to get in a car going along the way you would expect. a loon they live whatever gets amount of good either. you know by. one of them. there were no safety precautions no rescue
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divers jet skis ropes cornets instead of a spectacular action saying the camera recorded the 2 men tranny the star of the film who was wearing a life jacket survived. the miller what is it so. growth on the fall of black goose body. while the film was reportedly a box office he's days family receive just $30000.00. to today no one has been held responsible for the deaths. and then amalek i'm burned out on one of the only law. i'm going to do that.
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mission or live on the amount of that on the dollar ticket money that i did i guess that is going to. lose. your loved. one of the not. that i'm in love you know a problem other than the above. such accidents and a lack of support for the stunt hottest prompted bollywood's biggest action star to step in. akshay kumar is one of the country's highest paid actors he often performs dangerous stunts giving him the nickname is jackie chan. i do perform my own stunts and because of that it gives me a lot of understanding what they go. i get paid a lot of far more luck than not of people in the industry so we read then these people are doing the same thing but only thing is they're not actors they're just
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stuntman and they don't get paid a truly puts me. in 27 takes akshay kumar along with the surgeon launched in the is a big insurance game the bali blitz stunt. performers a cupboard for up to $9000.00 of medical treatment for injuries they sustained while working. but if they break the knee or if anything happens to the shin or they get burnt marks they are people who look after them they get very very looked after in a lot of hospitals this year 2 people got hurt and one person got burnt so it is very essential. that they don't get the burden of paying money for the herd which to get. loose all stunt performers have someone looking out for them in southern india where filmmakers don't have big hollywood budgets produces often cut
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corners it's leaving stan tarsus to bear the risk and the costs. are just like jolie dustier and so a stunt director and professional car raced with more than 850 films to his name. here for les for the many of them because every day you're not doing the same thing every day or lose something new new new so a problem is in your list clearly very early. in the famous t. plantations of carol really charlie is working on a soon featuring a cheaper stay aware gallants a love affair and bad guys lending a hand putting it in the murder. when i think about football i think i don't have anybody there but somebody's bundled up a little bit more to move them around the world. today this filming the main chasing on winding public rugs the old thor she's had been
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a lucid but no one is here to monitor the safety. of her you know coming out of the body of our neighbor's daughter they're under do they do this or control you're doing it knowing that. he does not like hollywood delivered or didn't studios look . into that invented a movie dude that is cool. oh. thanks. we'll.
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today like so many times before joey relies on his instincts and good fortune to finish the stunt on a high. but he hasn't always been so lucky this lord knows where my. 11. but i've already injured there to the bombast to blast off the bike but he had to be fully in front of the lake so i could see anything i learned there on the go on strike so i was there mentored a little quick all of the way a little bit of. one month they will speculate you don't tell anybody to become a star and when it's not worth the. risk your life once you get to enjoy the new but i'm going to be in the same room over there in that.
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there are no statistics to accidents on indian film sets but what's clear is performances given little training time to practice dance. outside bangalore lies one of the country's done school that is devoted to preparing the next generation of daredevils. qassam rocket is a guru and founder of this a kind of. a word of it i must or i can make it start again i am the father make that i'm really important. made that so many. students are toward everything they need to perform dangerous.
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we thank them for all doing this they dims. are part of a group for the diode rules so most of next and most so a lot of them don't know all the domestic merchants from. the day minimum 2 to 3 years to become a stern demand 3 years 10 men and their 2 years they have to work that out this year then you become a martyr. for 30 years past and work as a stump director and since boom directors need to take safety issues more seriously they have a plan and the how to make busy now to take your darkest ricard be the same thing mainland sardonically imported their. probably. some of india's leading drama schools invite haasan to take their aspiring actors by 6 stunt skills plus a 10 day but. he is equally demanding exercises to keep the students
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on their time yes. come on i'm coming up. i have got one last 110000 do you feel not done properly when i watch your icon of so you drill sergeant putting these people through their paces. squatting i think quite frankly. it's no surprise to discover that he was once an army officer and jim instructed to. do this i want to. say. oh ok yes i'm. also runs workshops underprivileged children at the academy so they can learn the basics of stunt work but with all the other people leaves india still meet the street can offer them a better life. brain one and also ingredient of the military because of the.
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shape the body shape. in his 1st week here at your old morally he's quite literally the right. lieutenant general no good to general you're going to get him as a king he will let that he would. not be seen what is this stunt you train to be the only question. what is your favorite activity on school. oh yeah. well i need. is it the wished. for a thing and i wish i woke up i been in a light it will fade. and the new 7 hours no one. before we got to
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stop master haasan wants to show us the key to a good fight things are featuring some of his best graduates i was shocked but i doubt it but good ol scenario where one man is cornered. the to. cut was cut by putting the new cinema is wildly popular thanks to such high often action scenes but the guru nods the stockmen behind such artistry are often forgotten we are known people we had a behind the feet beyond the screen. in a film industry shorts or safeguards putting their lives on the line he's all in a day's work for these dead if it was with a train. 1.3000000000
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indians are in lockdown in the coverage 19 pandemic with millions unable to feed their families one o one east investigates the unfolding humanitarian crisis on al-jazeera. there could be physiognomy work. on the rubber and the. model and going clear and also are there more broke out on deck and not always but often than most other than bubba bar none of the.
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latest news as it breaks the mind sits within a valley surrounded by bush and most of its operations have been about $500.00 maces but the surface with details covering the malaysian navy recently prevented the boats carrying around 200 working of refugees from landing from around the world. are accusing the opponents of trying to topple the regime with financial stability. refugees heading for a better life in australia in 2 sentences and sent to remote island indefinite detention in conditions of conscience understand who can do this to smuggle and eyewitness accounts the main thing you're doing for people or even asking them not to harm themselves not to kill them witness. assigned them. on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world.
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sneeze into your elbow. the i will not want for them to my entire family just for fun or a friend of mine because i can't change someone from the security video is released of brazil's president in a foul mouthed attack on police as he tries to protect his family. well i'm a very unfit this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up rescue and recovery operations continue in pakistan after a passenger jet crashes.


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