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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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down to 0. this is al jazeera. hello again i'm peter w. watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes for the 1st time since the coronavirus pandemic began china reports no new cases. new video emerges showing the moment a pakistani passenger plane went down in a packed karate neighborhood now the tough task of combing through the wreckage begins. the international monetary fund says it has trillions of dollars to help nations suffering during the covert 19 crisis but it may create more of a problem. a normally bustling time of year businesses in kenya though are
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suffering ahead of the eat holiday. and i'm santa how much now have all the sport including the german bundesliga continues its return the way it has claiming they're laying down the win over suu. kyi let's get going for the 1st time since the outbreak began late last year china is reporting no new cases of the coronavirus despite an increase in testing in areas including the former epicenter health authorities have warned there are still some suspected cases people are being told to continue wearing masks in crowded places such as supermarkets and shopping centers let's go live now to beijing and our correspondent katrina you katrina is this a milestone in china's efforts virus control.
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it's definitely a milestone we have to remember the 1st recorded cases of the coronavirus emerged here in china in january and that was 5 months ago and today is the 1st day we've had 0 reported cases in the past 24 hours now that includes not only local transmissions but also imported cases and asymptomatic cases but at the same time if you have to remember that china is not quite out of the woods yet when it comes to controlling covert 19 there are at least 2 active clusters of the krona virus here in china one in the s.b. send me in the originally regional epicenter of the virus there was a few cases about 5 or 6 identified earlier this month and that's the authorities there to start mass testing the entire city population of about $11000000.00 people and another perhaps more worrying cluster is in china's northeast in julian problems there are about $100.00 or so cases identified there and there are 2
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cities which have been put into lockdown just this month 2 are in very strict lockdown that is no public transport and travel in and out of those cities is severely restricted so even though we've had this milestone today 0 cases in the last 24 hours china's fight to contain the corona virus is by no means over but at the same time katrina some people are questioning the reliability of those numbers why is that. and i think we'll continue to have these questions as long as we have this outbreak because here in china we only have one source of figures and that is the government there is no independent organization that vets these figures and we know from the government that they've changed the methodology of counting corner virus cases several times over the past 5 months and also if you look at the numbers themselves those raised questions 83000 cases since the beginning of the outbreak and just under 5000 deaths now of
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course that number is significant but it's much lower than many other countries including smaller countries and we also have to remember that questions have been questions about the transparency of the chinese government because when this outbreak 1st began at the end of december early january there was an attempt by local leaders to cover up the seriousness of this outbreak china is an authoritarian regime the communist leaders do have a stake in controlling the narrative and we just had the national people's congress open the most important political event open on friday and leaders were touting the achievement of china's control of its when it comes to covert $900.00 so you can imagine that low level officials may be afraid to report numbers especially at a time when china is very keen to get its economy back up and running through not thank you very much. international condemnation is growing louder over china's plans to introduce sweeping new security laws in hong kong the last governor of the
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former british colony has spoken out calling it a betrayal and the court's new chinese dictatorship the proposed legislation would ban activity beijing considers subversive is being condemned by pro-democracy activists who say china is only interested in imposing its will on the semi autonomous territory activists are calling for demonstrations but it's not clear how many people will turn out because of social distancing laws here's a dream brown. on the day china announced it was bypassing hong kong's parliament to push through a new security law the city's leader was putting on a brave face surrounded by her cabinet kerry said hong kong people and foreign investors had nothing to fear as she offered support for the legislation there will be protests of all sorts in hong kong as we have seen but the important thing is for the people hong kong to realize that without protection of national
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security many of the things that we enjoy many of the things that we treasure. will be lost. when china regained sovereignty over hong kong from britain in 1997 it promised the city a high degree of autonomy for 50 years. but china's leadership now says those freedoms are being undermined by violent protests subversion cools for independence and foreign interference. and under the basic law hong kong's mini constitution they say they have the right to impose security legislation only on friday the vice chairman of china's national people's congress. confirmed that china's security agents will operate in hong kong when needed words that have unsettled many people here they all feel that the one country 2 systems is there and and now the reaction is general panic people would like you and me gray and making preparations to leave
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hong kong some people we spoke to said the law was long overdue others resigned to it and i think. it would have happened anyway like if the fear i think i've gotten past this stage about being afraid or not but it all makes sense a country needs laws to protect itself people only abuse freedom if there is too much. business groups here fear the proposed law will threaten hong kong staters as asia's leading financial center and put further pressure on its independent judicial system it is almost 2 years since protests began over another proposed law that would have allowed wanted people to be sent to the mainland that bill was eventually dropped but the prospect of more on rest this time is unlikely to deter china's government from pressing ahead with this security law adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. china has released its budget for next year including
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a 6.6 percent increase on defense spending that's the lowest annual increase in nearly 30 years only the u.s. spends more than the $180000000000.00 chinese budget with the world's largest army a growing navy and missile technology china's military aims are being questioned japan is urging china to explain what's new weaponry will be used for let's bring in james char out of singapore he's an associate fellow at nanyang technological university in singapore james char welcome to the news of the chinese military undoubtedly getting better at certain things but how does it compare to other armed forces around the region and around the world. well peter basically you know it's theory in a developing face and most estimates actually suggest that probably 20 to 30 years behind the u.s. military. so with the reduction in a group below your budget i don't see any. huge impact on the development because
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if you look at the announcement of the reforms by ceding beam sylviane to and be in we have come to an out of phase which is to reform the policies of the know so they may be so small tweaks to how the p.l.u. will. go from here but i don't see any. disruption it's ok to drive but modernization ok correct me if i've got the stats on this right but this is in effect the lowest rate of increase spending that we've seen absolutely it is actually the lowest in 32 years and very sincere reform and opening up despite the low level of spending in relation to the budget will this keep the military insulated from the effects of coronavirus. well if you look at a report that was announced in. the n.p.c.s.
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today it is made very clear that the personnel through an appeal will be well taken care of and those who have been demobilized will likewise receive the retirement benefits they've been promised and and what we can infer from the. cut in troop numbers in 2015. a reduction of $3000.00 personnel to higher salaries or to improve benefits which come. later states rather the he only reforms should not. should not actually burden the reduction in the integral of the budget too much ok when mr lee talks about and i could innovative development of defense related science is that full turn to the known a cyber attacks on other countries well peter you may factor that in but thing is referring more broadly to what china has referred to as
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a civil military the region is hollow the civilian sector and the military sector can work and in hand in terms of pushing forward the reforms of the defense sector in the country itself and as you can see from. reporting about serious yes it is quite clear that cyber attacks probably originated with the p o a but been reported as being conducted by civilians so that's one that's what we do look at what you've just said peter ok and would it be safe to say that beijing is not taking his eyes off the ideological bulls here i mean the maneuvers around taiwan have been going on still ongoing despite this team. absolutely well the military have respin of taiwan it's something that is absolutely necessary on the perspectives of the committees body because there's one
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way for them to show what would it be about you end up. unifying the country and it's also useful in terms of the teaching thing especially in his current situation . he's still in a very dominant position although he's been weakened somewhat so by focusing on the military operations or exercises around taiwan and increasing the frequency is what people came to prove and demonstrate to is. that commitment to. national unity and of course the continued improvement of the. capabilities. there in singapore thank you so much good to talk to james. including positions washed away. getting back to basics in.
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pakistan international airlines jet the when yesterday new video shows how the 320 plunged into next to port after the pilot sent a mayday warning of engine failure. people on board survived many had been travelling for the eat holiday at the end of. the wreckage of the plane crashed. to try and identify family members. any closer to anyone speculating about the cause of the crash.
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that. land the aircraft and then stopped functioning after they made a signal to order to receive good said yesterday that the plane was indeed in deep trouble but we have been able to find that the area where it came down destroyed
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a number of how the day i've been speaking to a reporter would go and read that most of the people and or didn't have been accounted for day have been injured or dead but most of them have said why however they really going to be looking for any boxer by his old man being dead wrong place at the wrong time also the fact that the military mechanized units were now working . or trying to achieve the large segments of the food which broke up on landing after hitting go to break things and it was a floater difficult start also the fact that most of the bodies are burned beyond recognition and really need d.n.a. testing before that identities can be. showing good and ongoing procedure right now and karachi something that might take another day because of the complicated nature of the narrow alleys which have of course also hampered relieve
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and recovery effort has anyone the beginning to question the logic behind having such a densely populated area so close to the end of the approaching runway. well if you remember mean it is something that should be on. board was. a fall from that date but that he had grown. but the board enough got that remained that major to get your big dog. kick the new airport or did it. are heavily populated. joining a idea that going there in. baghdad. made structure and activity. being followed so that greater maine could be a major problem in get done given the fact that most of the airports that now come
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out in the middle of growing. rates for people living on the ground for many things. building in the indian city of kolkata over the response to a powerful sign clune which left millions without power and water. protesters gathered today frustration that essential services still haven't been restored days off. locals also blocked roads with big tree branches bringing traffic to a standstill overnights one truck was set on fire at least $96.00 people were killed across india and bangladesh as a result of the. let's bring in our correspondent who is live for us in all the necessary resources getting their toll let alone fast enough. they're not getting that frost enough when it comes to the ascension whole leg extension food service is reaching let us look at it these include got the district
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from a full is electricity involved that needs a major problem because of the fallen trees and the aftermath of psycho fun for them trees have also this tour of the stop that electricity because of the overhead cables that have now holding up the ground that just like there was no collide no can say in various areas across kolkata and the district is that there should be a swift response from the state administration site and from the officials in the electricity department in the area however what locals found is that when they went to these offices of the like the city department people thought was that it's the weekend and hence the offices shut this is not something that they expected especially when the city's grappling under the awesome mass of cyclists on what authorities are now doing is giving out headline numbers so that people in the areas can contact these numbers and they represent basis people are so desperate in the various localities that they are also reaching out to various people on social media some of them other people's representatives somebody is
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a proxy so this is what is a desperate attempt that they're trying to do to get back in activity and watch out because we must remember that the city's also grappling under the cold with one thing prices that are as are the people at home some have the houses which have been you know devastated because of the cycling for both problems are mounting for the people in the city and the surrounding districts back to thank you very much. ok turn your attention now to lebanon inflation that soaring and the economy close to collapse as the cost of bread and the basics climbs some people have started growing their own zana holder reports from beirut. lemon tree i know if it does this is. any and her husband about the are growing their own food they are among the estimated 40 percent unemployed as lebanon faces its worst economic crisis and decades international organizations say almost half of the nearly 5000000 people are struggling to put food on the table my husband and myself
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are jobless at the moment so we found that that might be like the best solution to the problem that we're facing not everyone has a balcony a rooftop garden or land to enable them to become food independent and where the government close to bankruptcy many say such initiatives will not be enough to deal with what prime minister has warns could be a major food crisis the world food program says prices of basic goods increased by at least 40 percent that's linked to the devaluation of the local currency the euro lebanon is heavily reliant on food imports they are at risk because of the scarcity of dollars to buy them our food security is in danger because of the financial crisis and because our agricultural sector has been shambles for the past 30 years successive governments blamed for mismanagement and corruption have been criticised for failing to support lebanese farmers campaigns have recently been launched to
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encourage agriculture and self-sufficiency as well as support food producers it's cost $3.00 to $4.00 times more. this year than it did last year and they don't have that. so it's kind of just to ensure that the supply chain throughout the season is insured for everyone for and for us a lot of these services more and more lebanese are falling into poverty non-governmental organizations and charities are stepping in and this supermarket everything is free many who need help are the elderly and retirees big. is it almost non existant social safety nets they work all their life and then starting the age of 65 they either earn a lump sum. retirement pension or and then the retirement pension unfortunately doesn't last a long time they all were taxpayers so if you're a taxpayer at the end of the day has no food no shelter no medical coverage the
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government is promising to subsidize basic commodities and reduce food prices but it's unclear how when the state is running out of the hard currency needed to do that senator there beirut. well as in i was reporting in lebanon just one of the countries appealing to the international monetary fund for money for many it 19 has added to already desperate situations the world bank says the crisis could push 60000000 people around the globe into extreme poverty the i.m.f. says global growth is projected to shrink by 3 percent this year that's far worse than during the 2009 financial crisis debt relief has been approved for $27.00 countries including afghanistan the democratic republic of congo and yemen and the world bank announced it will issue $160000000000.00 worth of emergency funds to $100.00 developing nations more than 90 countries have requested baylor's from the i.m.f. that's collected trillions of dollars from donors alan fischer looks at where the
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money is coming from and whether the borrowing countries will have the ability to repay it. across the globe as countries deal with the health impacts of coping $1000.00 but also dealing with the economic impacts the global economy has seized up supply and demand to be the most basic of economic drivers there was a huge economic problem during the financial crash of the 1930 s. but now the global economy is much more complicated interconnected into dependent on stoner are you sure are yes mr narayana car you're wonderful i'm sorry but that and that's what makes this whole thing sort of a soothing from his headquarters here in washington the international monetary fund has put together a 9 trillion dollar port to help countries deal with the covert crisis most of that money has come from the g 28 the world's richest nations and more than 100 countries have asked for help this is the i.m.f. map of where money has been distributed among those helped 2 point $7000000000.00
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to egypt $411000000.00 to ethiopia $361000000.00 to bosnia and why well take the caribbean islands or some vincent and granite jeans and a corner me built on today's them which is completely disappeared 16000000 helps until things get better. help comes through to sporting not cancelling debt payments $64.00 countries in the world spend more on debt relief than health that is temporarily halted. there are also additional direct loans and other instruments to ease the financial burden and now. the i.m.f. and some for a longer term plan and program is likely going to have to step in to help countries through that so that's probably what will see out here i think the i.m.f. has delivered the message that the recovery we have to hope for it has to be a green recovery that we have to do use this as an opportunity to do the things
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that are necessary it real with the effects of climate change the crisis we've all seen the pictures of. nature reassert itself in various areas and i think people of begun to understand the impact we've had so perhaps that will encourage domestic support for actions countries will still have to figure out how to pay back a lot of the assistance they're getting right now and when they'll finally be in a position to do that alan fischer al-jazeera washington ok let's talk now to dennis novi he's an economist at the university of warrick in the u.k. denis no he could talk to you again why is the i.m.f. support necessary as of now. call it 19 it's essentially a massive economic disaster on the human costs and therefore you need some disaster really the obvious issue here is that lots of people and entire industries 'd as
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we've just heard in your report allat a commission at the moment people can go to work business as a shop and you can just let those parts of the economy go on the entirely 'd once and when the economies are coming back you need those industries at least some of them to come back and that's why you need money to come in and support those trees in very rich countries europe north america hands south korea you don't need the involvement of the i.m.f. because those economies have not this hours themselves but for a lot of who are countries you do need an outside source of funding and that's why the i.m.f. is stepping in ok in the wealthy countries we've seen it today with the news of the car rental company i'm thinking about boeing i'm thinking you know you've got the the macro economic picture but you've also got the micro economic picture you've got small privately run businesses bars restaurants cafes tourism related
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industries and companies that will or have already gone under and how does the money get from say the i.m.f. to a government to those people who are on the tipping point of losing everything their turnout doesn't equate to a boeing or an airbus or a rental company but it's still their livelihood. yes the i.m.f. would give out a loan government say jamaica is one of those countries that has received about $5000000.00 us dollars and then the jamaican government would distribute the funds so a lot of that could actually be direct help in kinds of used food deliveries to communities it could be support of health facilities for example funding for hospitals but it could also be business support to keep vital parts of the economy functioning so you're absolutely right there on the micro economic conditions to be considered how do we help individual companies especially those companies that are really crucial
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such as health care companies and also how do we keep the macro economy in check but ultimately that responsibility lies with the member states and then i'll admit it once you are in charge and those countries that have asked for and are just about to get a big traunch of i.m.f. money they're already in effect in debt to themselves i mean the bank of the country that you want to talk about is say overdrawn it's in the red and now they're going more into debt with the i.m.f. because unless they get some sort of debt relief or the debt is written off at some point further down the line that money has to be repaid that's the deal the i.m.f. makes money out of it would be doing otherwise. it's true that the money went out to be repaid at some point but if you look at the history in the cost specially some really poor economies have received a lot of debt relief so in practice that not all the money has been
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a lot but of course these countries can only pay back once these economies stop recovery and stock growing again but this notion of debt is actually a kind of a tricky one they have forget about the i.m.f. for a moment just think about huge economy like the british economy the british state has a lot of debt has accumulated debt over centuries now most of that debts has never been back for example the debt for world war 2 has never been paid back and probably never will be paid back and december reason is the economy grows over time so that the whole of the debt burden shrinks because it's has to be compared to a bigger and bigger pie the economy keeps growing and that's really what you hope for also for these emerging economies once they grow once the crisis although it will be much easier for them to pay back or at least keep that level of that staying so growth opposite the crisis is absolutely key ok we must leave our
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conversation the dentist not be thanks for coming on good salt you. well whether his evidence thanks peter is looking very windy down on the lots going on in australia at the moment from an icy blast to some tropical downpours the tropical rains will come from this massive cloud just off the west coast of australia that's going to be sunday's rainfall w. way down towards the other side of the country we've got this tasman low swirling away in the tasman sea the spring is some very big surf off the the coast of sydney there great weather for surface of course we've also seen some rather wintry weather a little further inland opera cross the blue mountains good little dusting of snow great weather for ski is here very cold across many parts of australia northern territory parts of queensland been breaking records through the course of the past couple of days break from friday afternoon 17.9 celsius that makes it coldest may day in around 40 years so some particular cold weather will gradually improve as we
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go through the next couple days so temperatures will gradually notch up it stays very windy across the southeastern corner and it's going to turn very windy across the west coast as well as we go on through sunday that is tropical cyclone manga making its way along the west coast a 1000 kilometers of coastline being affected this is been billed peter as a once in a decade event something to watch out ok and we will do that evident thanks you so much still to come for you here on the news hour. shows america has become and you will be center for the disease 1st china then europe latin america the world health organization declares another new phase in the coronavirus pandemic. a different kind of road rage in spain find out what these protesters are angry about. and the german champions are looking to create some breathing space at the top of the table the latest from the bundesliga comeback in the sports news in about 20 minutes.
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more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than $480000000.00 your company is now bankrupt our economy is of a state of crisis but a very interesting question this is where millions lost their homes in the u.s. alone who's held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not be in christ for thank the lord the men who still live with. just their. coveted beyond well see. taken without hesitation. told them died for. our defines our well we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas we live here we make the rules people and car investigates exposes and question sentence they use and abuse of power around the
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globe on al-jazeera. we're watching al-jazeera quick reminder of our top stories for you so far this hour china reporting no new cases of corona virus for the 1st time since the beginning of the outbreak but the health authorities warn there are still some suspected cases some people should continue wearing masks in crowded places. investigators are searching the wreckage of a pakistan international airlines jets new video shows how the plane plunged into homes by kharaj airport after its pilot sent out a mayday talking of engine failure only 2 of 99 people on board survived.
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residents of the indian city of kolkata are demanding electricity and water be restored to their homes 2 days after being hit by the powerful cyclon on pon protesters blocked roads with tree branches to disrupt the traffic. the global pandemic is affecting how many muslims are celebrating eat this year a rise of infections has led to a lockdown in the east the neighborhood of the kenyan capital nairobi mohammed atta reports now on how that is affecting businesses. sleazeball the business hub on the residential area the end of the muslim fasting month of ramadan is usually busy for traders pitfalls of muslims flocking to buy clothes and food and readiness for the eve festivities and of this here the government imposed on looked on here to rick's ago off the dozens of residents because the positive phone call that 1100 little brought this either is just buying and we have nothing to celebrate only
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a handful of customers are coming to buy clothes to celebrate even the textile vendors this market is famous for saying that feeling the pinch of the wholesale business is down by more than 60 percent remember it's not just a look down the eastley but the order stopping people from entering the city of nairobi that's also keeping shop as a way. the lockdown has been extended for another 2 weeks police checkpoints all entry points into the suburbs allowing in only medical personnel an essential service style government official says system of the lockdown is necessary given the high number of coral but us cases found in this neighborhood tens of thousands of people come here they need for business and there are fears of a spike in public 1000 cases if strict measures are not take. that says and always been a busy period for livestock trade is the muslim faith will buy goods and ship to celebrate the end of the fostering with friends and relatives with
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a pandemic such gatherings are out of the question people are not happy there's no joys. in this not only coronavirus from them but that doesn't exacerbated by the fact that this really is sort of a true don't know when it's going to be known is going up the literally their love and that's what happened so people are not buying goods at critically that challenge and they're frustrated. and so on. long day of the markets with momentum from the sales livestock freighters hard their flock back to the sheds they too are slowly realizing that this season is like none they've seen before how about the well just a little bit can. turkey has implemented its broadest lock down yet for the holiday it led to a last minute shopping rush on friday as many stocked up ahead of the break people in 81 says he's a ban from leaving home from saturday until tuesday elderly people are allowed out
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for 6 hours on sunday. brazil's supreme court has released a video apparently showing the president. threatening to fire senior police officers their bosses and a minister to protect his family the footage was released amid claims that mr paulson r.-o. has meddled in a criminal investigation focusing on his son and as a last in america it is a see in human. this videotape is what those accusing president jade bolsa not all of interference in brazil's justice system considerate this mocking done a cabinet meeting in which the president explains his motives for wanting to sack rio de janeiro's police commissioner and the federal police chief. i tried to change the security official in rio and i couldn't that's it i'm not going to stand by and let them my family or my friends because i can't change someone in charge of security who was part of the structure i'm going to change him and if i can change
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him i'll change his boss and if i can change his boss i'll change the minister full stop the minister sitting at the meeting was none other than sergio morell brazil's most popular and corruptions are who resigned shortly thereafter refusing to fire the country's top policeman who is now leading the charge against bullets or not all through an impeachable offense the president dismissed the recording saying he was talking about his son's personal security detail not about getting rid of top police officials in charge of sensitive investigation. yes but it's no secret that also national has long wanted to control police in real when members of his family are under investigation but you know. for those who don't know rio has militias made up of the violent former security forces who control the slums protection money and operate like the mafia they're also interested in obtaining political power and the bolton are a family especially eldest son flavio has very close ties to them we've presented
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the evidence. in the videotape also speaks at length repeatedly using foul language of the need to arm brazilians suggesting that governors and mayors who defy his handling of coronavirus pose a threat to brazil. why do i want brazilians to be armed because i don't want a dictatorship we can't hold back any more whoever doesn't accept my creed family god brazil rep and freedom of expression and free market is in the wrong government . all this may be music to the ears of the president followers but for the growing number of brazilians who see him as increasingly of the tarion the video is proof that brazil's biggest threat maybe balls will not allow himself to see in human al-jazeera. well the world health organization says south america is an epicenter for the pandemic brazil has a past russia to record the 2nd highest number of cases in the world behind the
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united states also peru has extended its lockdown until the end of june here's john holmes. in latin america's biggest graveyard the bodies are being put into the earth quickly without ceremony and so marchant you don't think the call is 5 by 5 to make 5 funerals in a row we can't have a week we can't do anything alina can say goodbye to her father if she'd like while he was alive she's being denied that he had to ask you keep me face out paper the evidence when i misses not being able to kiss him because i work in the health sector i was afraid of catching something in passing it on to him so i didn't kiss him anymore we didn't touch each other we kept our distance. this is brazil where the virus has killed more than 20000 is the worst hit country in latin america the region fast becoming the center of the pandemic and the government should be taking care of things is in turmoil president joy abel sonata has lost 2 health ministers
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in a matter of weeks and he's also involved in a separate political scandal when some of the family there's a lot of instability we get so much information from people who should be taking care of the situation and who are being a place and i'm very worried the president's repeatedly told people to go out to the not ill or old putting him at loggerheads with local authorities who are seeing the health systems overrun across the whole region things are getting worse south america has become a new epicenter for the disease we've seen many south american countries with the. increasing numbers of cases in peru infections of almost doubled over the last couple of weeks mexico should have reached them past its peak but numbers keep climbing chile's health system is buckling and in argentina the cases of spike 2. and while in other parts of the world the streets are beginning to fill up again here it's the cemetery's john home and al jazeera. let's go back to europe
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protesters in spain did not cause a run madrid demanding an end to the long. running in the capital was organized by the far right vox party it's part of a growing opposition to the state of emergency which the parliament recently extended for another 2 weeks spain's one of the worst affected countries in europe with 28 dead and 235000 infections mater joins us live here on the news from madrid give us a sense of those protests makes good television but to what degree do they reflect spaniards feel about the extension to the long term. well peter they started being just an isolated movement in a very wealthy. neighborhood here in madrid people banging pots and pans at 9 o 12 and it became big because all these people are really angry over mishandling
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of the spanish government of the coronavirus crisis they're saying that they're use in the state of emergency at lock down to gain power and take away their liberties so it's not only the sentiment of obese people today joining these kind of on off protests that you've been it's been taking place in 50 provinces across spain it's also the left wing voters are very very disappointed with their mismanagement of the whole coronavirus crisis these people here today box supporters that's the hard right heart right political party is leading all of these protests caravans they're all taking the safety measures were in the mast inside the car this fight was saying people right now take getting out of the cars i'm not keeping those safety distance. was the only way for them to demonstrate but to be honest this has been fuelled by political parties we've seen every plan every session politicians racing this speech isn't getting really aggressive and giving giving these people this
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kind of. boy it's an anger so we have to see what happens next but there are also left wing protests today taking place things are getting really really delicate in spain ok martha thanks very much we'll talk to later i suspect in the meantime thank you. england slowly easing out of its long turn but for some it's not coming fast enough businesses dependent on the tourism business are at risk of visitors stay away during the normally busy summer months the challenge facing the government is protecting public health as well as companies from bankruptcy lawrence lee has more from the the county of cumbria. this is what the british government wants to see mass testing barrow in furness on the northwestern coast has proved a model and surprisingly it's demonstrated a higher infection rate than other places which aren't testing yet it's also lets a barrow somehow being accused of poor hygiene standards not only do they think
1:45 pm
that's deeply unfair they also worry that the government doesn't really understand what's happening so there's a worry so that's why we want this considered russian approach to moving forward in which we have all said but also that we do. we don't penalize businesses in the following to make matters worse the high infection rate in the north west has come a time when it's famous beauty spots should be full of families bus the message from the authorities so far has been to stay away in towns like kendall the effects of that has been this unemployment has risen by over 300 percent this part of england is now in the unique position as having had the highest code infection rate in the country but also now the highest rise in the unemployment rates the local health authority is seen as having done a very good job in the hospitals here are not overwhelmed but businesses are starting to really suffer and that's leading many people to start asking what's actually worse the disease or the cure every single person we spoke to said that
1:46 pm
they wanted restrictions eased as a matter of urgency and it seems to me they were run by people who do not understand statistics and they've managed to somebody frighten enough people i mean you know members of my family still genuinely think we should cower indoors and i thank you we need to start living again there's a lot of businesses here. you know bits that might not be able to carry and sad to see here actually my appear on the high street at the end of all this you know he might reopen and he won't the sign saying stay away or go home have disappeared. though it's still impossible to book a hotel room the totally opposing demands to protect public health while keeping the economy from collapsing have led to the tourism authorities and politicians trying to suggest that people should start to come but slowly we know that all part of tourism hospitality won't get back to normal until the autumn probably not until
1:47 pm
next year and that's a reminder that given that this is a seasonal business if we let people stand on their own 2 feet in the autumn that all of bill is perspiring business collapsing on employment from march to this autumn the great fear the worst case scenario is the closure of all this until the end of summer there would then be no way back for thousands of businesses which wouldn't survive the winter the view from here is that protecting livelihoods is becoming every bit as urgent as protecting lives lawrence leigh al-jazeera in northwestern england well staying in the u.k. the british government is still defending the prime minister's chief advisor saying a trip he took during lock down did not break the guidelines he's dominic cummings he drove more than 400 kilometers from london to his parents' home in the north of england when he was supposed to be self isolating after showing symptoms of corona virus in a statement the government so the trip was to arrange care for his child opposition
1:48 pm
m.p.'s are calling on boris johnson the prime minister to act or for mr cummings to resign as others have done for breaking the law down rules. car until giant hearses filed for bankruptcy protection in the united states with travelers grounded the pandemics all but wiped out demand for its cars and vehicles hertz was already struggling before the outbreak with around $20000000000.00 in debt not included in the bankruptcy proceedings up in europe australia and new zealand patel from claremont graduate university in california says the business model made it vulnerable during a major economic crisis. if you think about the history of hertz they've been around since 1918 and so it's one of those legacy companies big names to actually go down this route and it's pretty big news because they did have $18000000000.00 in debt and if you think about the $1814000000000.00 of it was tied to cards in the last year they lost close to $56000000.00 and part of what they were trying to do
1:49 pm
was sell all of its inventory because of all that high debt so they i think they sold around 40000 cars in march but as you know because a coven 19 there's no auction houses there's no people buying used cars anymore and so they now are sitting on all this debt without getting itself out and that's kind of part of the reason why you saw why they were going to file bankruptcy one of the main things that hurts is stating to everybody is that the reason they filed is that they have no i mean i don't see a clue but all this uncertainty they don't know when revenues are going to come back and so part of that is you know we've seen other companies come out of bankruptcy like g.m. where you know they have been a become profitable but you know they are hoping that there is going to be an on switch that everyone kind of starts coming back goes to the airport starts traveling but without that in the near future this is probably a path that they're going to go to protect itself. still to come here on the news hour the sports news with some other world number one is set to get tennis players back on course so i will explain all in
1:50 pm
a moment when we come back. frank assessment why is it really struggling to cope with the number of coronavirus failure to take really aggressive action with them behind her and in depth analysis of the day global headlines inside story on al-jazeera june on auntie's in students in india's carola state will be heading back to school despite confirmed cases of covert 19 and risk warnings people in power is back with more investigative documentaries from around the wound as the world battles with the role of virus pandemic global health leaders meet remotely to discuss effective solutions for the development of a cold with 19 vaccine and the 2 party investigation asks whether water should be a free natural resource or a commodity traded for profit and how well the u.s.
1:51 pm
elections are shaping up as the country battles calls with 19 we'll look into whether donald trump can survive these historic setbacks june announces era. the in. time for sports news thank you very much as well the 2nd round of matches since the bruins leaguers come back kicked off on friday. city rivals as union it was a pretty one sided affair christian to a 4 nil when all the goals come in the 2nd half the victory moved them to 10th in the table like all matches in germany's top division no fans were in attendance will be 5 more matches on saturday. the pick of them being leaders by munich
1:52 pm
hosting enter from quarter by and will be looking for the 2nd win in iraq since the resumption of play victory would move them 7 points ahead of 2nd place dortmund who would they face next week in revenge for some circuit so we will try to show a great performance under these circumstances without any spectators in the stadium and we want to win the match this should be our benchmark i don't wish bringing foreign forth this is the match against dortmund next weekend doesn't play a role here and now we play against frankfurt that's the next step we want to make . in the family's chief executive richard moss is it says he's confident to ask can be about competition being resumed in june matches have been on hold since mid march however in the last week it teams have started training again in small groups on the project to restart players coaches and club staff are being tested folk over 19 in the 1st round of tests 6 positive cases were found. mexico's top
1:53 pm
division is ending its season early next said that it would be impossible to continue playing without putting people at risk there has been suspended since mid march is the 1st season ever in which a new mexican champion will not be crowned. and cricket has finally made the return in one of the games a major hub say 10 a competition ago underway in sentence and in the west indies on a friday even to premier league it will run for 10 days and feet as several players that have represented the windy city because of the pandemic fans aren't people are from games and players aren't allowed to use a saliva to sign the ball there's been no competition cricket is in any other test playing nation since mid march. lloyd joins
1:54 pm
us now in london is nick. of e.s.p.n. cricket and folks 1st of all how much of a boost to cricket fans is it that this competition is happening. thanksgiving meal so it is a big boost it's baby steps coming back to cricket as you said that cricket has won its draw to hold mid march and no international or domestic cricket have been paid since then and this is the 1st it's sort of a testing ground for cricket and it's come out of nowhere to be honest it was announced just around the last 10 days and took everyone by surprise but there's a lot of back and there's a lot of. what you said people are very thirsty and hungry for some life content and especially in india and this torment is actually backed by dream 11 on. technology company kind of gaming companies so they have invested quite
1:55 pm
a bit of money to me is. coming because in your opinion how close are we to seeing a major international series happen. from where we were 2 months back and where we are now we're very pretty close pretty close i would say that you would expect in the 1st week of july international cricket returning and i would see this because. england are on the words of hosting lesson for treat as much as starting july 8th followed by a treat as much as against pakistan once again which would be in august and his 6 test matches will be played back to back with him in a matter of 2 months and there's also a likelihood of australia travelling to england to play a limited always see reason it's a tempo based on what happens again you know under matters involving west indies and by his own so it seems a new rule that no saliva has been used on the ball in the ongoing tournaments is
1:56 pm
there talk of that being implemented more widely oh no it is monitoring it has been made about injury by the game's governing body the international cricket council this week the international a conference cricket committee which comprises prominent former best players and captains an empire has committed man played out saliva cannot be applied on the ball because corona wires are called the 19 a zone rest for a tree disease and what you can one bullet can and players can use it and use the square to shine the ball the reason saliva or speed is used is to shine the ball in the shine allows the bond to more than the air and to allow the bono's some sort of purchase or have a say in the game and to balance out the game so yes so it's a lie or strictly not going to be allowed in any form of the game even a quick regional drive when a guy is going up what if yes then cricket for thank you very much that. well that
1:57 pm
number one novak djokovic just said to organize a tournament next month in the balkans with some of the world's best players all tennis to as it were suspended in early march and will not return before august due to the pandemic toppled joke of its world number 3 dominates austria and bulgaria's the god to me tolls have confirmed participation in the 8 man event the start of the major league baseball in north america season that may have been halted by the global pandemic well there's plenty of action happening in south korea's baseball championship early on saturday a some league history was made the matter all became just the 2nd player to hit a home run outs on both sides of the plate in consecutive at bats is effort to help in the katie ways to beat the l.g. $26.00 to a massive only peter thank you son of that's it we're done sammy's next season.
1:58 pm
one of the last remaining ancient forests in southeast asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drive as. we follow the treacherous journey as they walk through extreme conditions. together and transport this dangerous but precious cargo risking it all. on al-jazeera. this underwater treasure is a risk of disappearing juice
1:59 pm
a coral bleaching caused by rising temperatures when we think about the great. strain the area that cultural heritage. and the tourism industry baseband says we will lose instantly if we have another bleaching event of these magnitude if this continues they just will not be the opportunity for the corals to recover in between those. 2 sides are supporting for stronger climate policy from the government to reduce emissions without us the situation on the get worse. form of protest by a palestinian artist using a symbol of national identity to create postage and passport stamps. well as for some burglaries in others lead on a new life that can fly anywhere sending a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict and also to foster come to palestine. palestine sunbird
2:00 pm
a stamp of defiance on al-jazeera. her war. the in. her. lips with the. families of plane crash victims in karachi wait for answers as the search through the wreckage continues. i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up for the 1st time since the coronavirus pandemic began china reports no new cases. protesters take to the roads in spain demanding and.


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