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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 23, 2020 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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a stamp of defiance on al-jazeera. the. families of plane crash victims in karachi wait for answers as the search through the wreckage continues. this is now just there live from doha also coming up for the 1st time since the coronavirus pandemic began china reports no new cases. protesters take to the roads in spain demanding an end to the country's long down. and it's normally a bustling time of year but businesses in kenya are suffering ahead of the holiday .
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investigators are searching the wreckage of a pakistan international airlines plane a day after it crashed into homes in karate at least 97 people were killed when the aircraft came down in a crowded neighborhood on friday 2 people survived crank up to reports perforated ever devised. many of those onboard a pakistan international airlines plane were flying home from the hold to celebrate the holiday but both engines failed and as the pilot tried to land the 2nd time the airbus a 220 crashed into homes in a crowded restaurant chain neighborhood. moving your body very very quickly he did bony fell on my car 3 doors of my car were locked the door on my side was open 1st
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i took my people out after that i saw a passenger outside the plane his legs are wounded he was empty all right he was alive he was speaking he asked me to save him i tried to pull him out but his legs were badly stuck in the emergency door. outside more trees and hospitals people look for the lost ones one man was shocked to discover his nephew could be among the dead but. last night i spoke to him and i asked are you coming to karate he said no my leave request is not approved so i am not expecting him on this flight my sister called me and he told me to check the crashed plane i said why and she said pollock was on there. only 2 people survived. is one of them on a clear plan they are doing here the minute there were cries of children adults and the elderly the cries were everywhere and everybody was trying to survive i undid my seat belt and i saw some light and tried to walk towards it then i jumped out 10
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feet onto the ground. child beyond recognition the families want to take them home to be buried 1st they have to be identified through the national database registration authority or the not. knowing is telling is the true picture i've identified my mother's body they will survive a fight with not right now they say a team will come in according to the government authorities instructions then we will start handing over all the bodies. at the crash site rescue workers and local people are working to clear the rubble pakistani international airlines of the p.r.a. says there will be an investigation. there will be a transparent inquiry of the incident and there will be no role of p.r.i. in it there will be no role of civil aviation in it this inquiry will be carried out according to international rules by the aviation ministry with the permission of the prime minister a summary of which is under approval. the commercial flight was one of the posters
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in this group after planes were grounded by the corner virus pandemic and after struggling with weeks of lockdown restrictions 1000000 pakistanis are now in mourning. joins us now live from islamabad understand the recovery effort is now a recovery operation is over what does that mean if they found the flight recorders . yes the flight recorder was found yesterday when q. and relief effort got underway and that of course really provide white. transpired in the last few moments before the crash but we have been able to piece together a picture that came in for a landing they had problems with the landing gear. and they're boarding that landing and going in for
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a 2nd round after. engine failure and send a mayday signal which would said that the engine. damage during the. game. or it was possibly a bird cage made its 2nd approach because there are a lot of garbage dumps on the outskirts of the airport and there have been some. game but now be focusing on that as to what really transpired out examining the data recorder. and to find out exactly why did they get distraught fake accident just a few 100 metres from the main runway at karachi airport plane crashes always trying to get this one particularly so as the plane came down into residential building just give us an idea of what the mood is amongst you know people going through and looking for their relatives. readies are
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indeed heartbreaking change regards most of the bodies have been burned beyond recognition which would make their thoughts even more tedious because d.n.a. testing is going to take time and then. educating the identities of the bodies will be handed over now to somebody else have already taken place today $97.00 bodies have been vic ward from the site of the crash and we also have reports that there was many casualties on the ground specially and how did that were damaged badly except for njt at least some good news day by day came down in a very populated area something that had become a problem all over what pakistan because these airports were very decades ago and now the days of our girl and therefore the airports are in the middle of the city so that already represents a threat never
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a day that emergency landing are dangerous approach to the airport that's something that the government really after look after but at the same time it would be important to know what kind of report comes from that then why are they after their team was going to get you to lead by and they called more dough to find out exactly what happened and those large few moments before the crash come on hi there thanks so much now for the 1st time since the outbreak began late last year china has reported no new coronavirus cases that's despite an increase in testing in areas including the former he sent to woo han health authorities a warning there are still some suspected cases people are being told to continue wearing masks in crowded places like supermarkets and shopping centers country in the e.u. has more from beijing. amal's store in today no new cases that means no imported cases no asymptomatic cases according to official figures but china is not out of
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the woods yet we do know that there are at least 2 active clusters of the corinna virus 5 or 6 cases were identified some weeks ago in rouhani at the center of the outbreak and that's a citywide testing schemes are millions have been tested in the last few weeks and perhaps more worrying for authorities is a cluster in jilin province which is in china's north east and there have been more than 100 cases identified there recently and actually 2 small cities have been put into lockdown. lockdown with some residential compound sealed off and travel restricted in and out of those cities are definitely while it is a good very good news for today we still have those suspected cases and still china's fight against the coronaviruses is far from over. spanish protests driven the cars around madrid demanding an end to the long down the mobile rally in the capital was organized by the far right vox party it's part of growing opposition to
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the state of emergency which parliament recently extended for another 2 weeks. mike that joins us now live from madrid so is the long down giving political parties some opportunity to exploit the situation. yes of course since the beginning of the current virus outbreak we've seen it scenes in spanish well the man using this crisis in order to gain future votes in case there are you actions the speeches have been really tough on that has given fuel to the citizens to get really angry what we're seeing today is this caravan of protests many people into cars these kind of on is taking place in 50 c.d.'s of a spanish provinces and all these people are this is the way for them to protest this has been called by their heart heart right. party and we've seen all these
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people wearing our holding their spanish flags we've seen 2 or 3 people even 2 or 3 people in their cars. right now it's completely collapse they cannot see the other the whole the whole situation now it's quite quite strange because they cannot move they've been stuck here so the situation in spain these really tense and this has been fueled from the political parties and he says going down to go to the citizenship we've seen that these people began protesting with pots and pans few weeks ago when every wealthy neighborhood that will come out to the streets because of the distance you measures they have to avoid or stop doing that because they were supported by these books leaders so now this is why they call for these kind of on off protest you know whether to keep all of these safety distancing measures we have to remember that spain us have one of the strictest lockdown in europe it's been since march and till and it's been extended until the 7th we have to also say
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that all these people are asking spanish prime minister minister to resign and to get back their liberty because they're saying he's using this state of emergency lockdown dictatorship to take away the freedom martha there from madrid. still the common al-jazeera shows america has become a new at the center for the disease. first china then europe now latin america the world health organization declares another new phase in the current virus pandemic and trillions of dollars are being handed out but do coronavirus loans help or hurt countries in the long run. we got some slightly dry weather into southern parts of china now our seasonal
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rains have nots a little further southward so with this system just making its way off into the open waters you could still see want to share was into taiwan and us a good deal dry sticky side there in hong kong temperatures at around 31 celsius still some showers but not as intense as they have been recently had some other weather to moving across north korea pushing into the far east of russia japan stace life on it was because for sunday temperatures in tokyo would around 24 celsius the tat warmers to go on into monday by that stage you could see what to show us all such a stretch in the way across flooded to much of northern china $27.00 celsius there in beijing just notice how the rain returns into southern parts of china so we will see more rather heavy and thundery downpours coming through the risk of some localized flooding still a chance of some localized flooding into the far north east of india little area class still in place here we are going to see showers maybe another 100 millimeters
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of rain or so just towards the father with east of in the a much of india will be dry hot and sunny with temperatures in that court $45.00 celsius this is a few showers to the south. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than 480000000 dollars your company is now bankrupt our economy is in the state of crisis i have a very basic question for you this is where millions lost their homes in the u.s. alone who's held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will pay and price for it thank you lord the man who stole the wood on al-jazeera.
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you're watching our desert time to recap our headlines. recovery efforts of ended in karachi after a passenger plane crashed into a residential area on friday the pilots and sent a mayday warning of engine failure only 2 of $99.00 people on board survived around few reports of casualties on the ground. china has reported no new coronavirus cases for the 1st time since the start of the outbreak but health authorities warn there are still some suspected cases and people should continue wearing masks in crowded places. spanish protests is driving their cars around the capital madrid demanding an end to the long town the mobile rallies part of growing opposition to the state of emergency which parliament extended for another 2 weeks. hong kong's
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authorities are braced for protests this weekend after china announced plans to impose a new security law on the city activists say it's the end of autonomy and called for demonstrations from hong kong adrian brown reports. on the day china announced it was bypassing hong kong's parliament to push through a new security law the city's leader was putting on a brave face surrounded by her cabinet kerry said hong kong people and foreign investors had nothing to fear and she offered support for the legislation there will be trotters of all sorts in hong kong as we have seen but the important thing is for the people hong kong to realize that without protection of national security many of the things that we enjoy many of the things that we treasure. will be lost. when china regained sovereignty over hong kong from britain in
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1997 it. promised the city a high degree of autonomy for 50 years. but china's leadership now says those freedoms are being undermined by violent protests subversion cools for independence and foreign interference. and under the basic law hong kong's mini constitution they say they have the right to impose security legislation only on friday the vice chairman of china's national people's congress. confirmed that china's security agents will operate in hong kong when needed words that have unsettled many people here they all feel that the one country 2 systems is dead and and now the reaction is general penny people would like you and me grey and making preparations to leave hong kong some people we spoke to said the law was long overdue others resigned to it and i think. it would have happened anyway like if the fear i think i've gotten
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past this stage about being afraid or got it all makes sense a country needs laws to protect itself people only abuse freedom if there is too much. business groups here fear the proposed law will threaten hong kong staters as asia's leading financial center and put further pressure on its independent judicial system it is almost 2 years since protests began over another proposed law that would have allowed wanted people to be sent to the mainland that bill was eventually dropped but the prospect of more on risk this time is unlikely to deter china's government from pressing ahead with this security law adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. anger is building in the indian city of call carter over the response to a powerful cycling which is left millions without power and water. protesters
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gathered on saturday frustrated that essential services still had not been restored days after cycling paan hit. locals also blocked roads with large tree branches bringing traffic to a standstill overnight a truck was set on fire these 96 people were killed across india and bangladesh as a result of the site. from rajaram has more from kolkata. they're not getting there fast enough when it comes to the essential holes like essential food services reaching various localities in court and the grounding district apart from that of course electricity and water is a major problem because of the fallen trees and the aftermath of cycling on fun all these fallen trees have also the struggle to stop that electricity because of the overhead cables that have now fallen on the ground and just like there was localised locals say in various areas across focus and the district is that there should be a swift response from the state and ministration side and from the or the officials
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in the electricity department in the area however what locals found is that when they went to these offices of the like the city department they were told that it's a weekend and hence the office is shut up this is not something that they expected especially when the city's grappling under the aftermath of the cycle on what authorities are now doing is giving out headline numbers so that people in the areas can contact these numbers and they represent the people are so desperate in the various localities that they are also reaching out to various people on social media some of them other people's representatives from various parties so this is what is a desperate attempt that they're trying to do to get back in activity and water because we must remember that the cities also grappling under the cold night in prices that are elderly people at home some have the houses which have been you know devastated because the cycle for both problems are mounting for the people in the city and the surrounding districts in lebanon inflation is soaring on the economy is close to collapse as the cost of bread another basics continue to climb
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some people had to start growing their own food their whole that explains from beirut. lemon tree i know if it does this is. standing and her husband a bass busy are growing their own food they are among the estimated 40 percent unemployed as lebanon faces its worst economic crisis and decades international organizations say almost half of the nearly 5000000 people are struggling to put food on the table my husband and myself are jobless at the moment so we found that that might be like the best solution to the problem that we're facing not everyone has a balcony a rooftop garden or land to enable them to become food independent and where the government close to bankruptcy many say such initiatives will not be enough to deal with what prime minister has warns could be a major food crisis the world food program says prices of basic goods increased by
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at least 40 percent that's linked to the devaluation of the local currency the euro lebannon is heavily reliant on food imports they are at risk because of the scarcity of dollars to buy them our food security is in danger because of the financial crisis and because our agricultural sector has been in shambles for the past 30 years successive governments blamed for mismanagement and corruption have been criticised for failing to support lebanese farmers campaigns have recently been launched to encourage agriculture and self-sufficiency as well as support food producers it's cost $3.00 to $4.00 times more. this year than it did last year and they don't have. so it's kind of just to ensure that the supply chain throughout the season is insured for everyone for it and for us a lot of these sort of more and more lebanese are falling into poverty non-governmental organizations and charities are stepping in and this supermarket
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everything is free many who need help are the elderly and retirees because of almost non existant social safety nets they work all their life and then starting the age of 65 they either earn a lump sum retirement pension or and then the retirement pension unfortunately doesn't last a long time they all were taxpayers so if you're a taxpayer at the end of the day has no food no shelter no medical coverage the government is promising to subsidize basic commodities and reduce food prices but it's unclear how when the state is running out of the hard currency needed to do that. beirut or the global pandemic is affecting how many muslims are celebrating eve this year a rise in infections as led to a lockdown in the neighborhood of kenya's capital nairobi. is seeing how business is a coping. this leaves both a business hub on
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a residential area the end of the muslim fasting month of ramadan is usually busy for traders pitfalls of muslims flocking to buy clothes and food and readiness for the eve festivities and of this year the government imposed a look down here theresa go up to dozens of residents because the positive phone call that 1100 little brought this either is just buying we have nothing to celebrate only a handful of customers are coming to buy clothes to celebrate even the textile vendors this market is famous for saying that feeling the pinch of the wholesale business is down by more than 60 percent remember it's not just the look down the eastley but the order stopping people from entering the city of nairobi that's also keeping shop as a way. the lockdown has been extended for another 2 weeks police checkpoints all entry points into the suburbs allowing only medical personnel in essential subway stop government officials assist the lockdown is necessary given the high
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number of cases found in this neighborhood tens of thousands of people come here they need for business and there are fears of a spike in the 1000 cases if strict measures are not take. that says an always been a busy period for livestock trade is the muslim faith will buy goods and ship to celebrate the end of the fostering with friends and relatives with a pandemic such gatherings are out of the question people are not happy there's no joys. in this not only coronavirus from them but that doesn't exacerbated by the fact that this really is sort of a true don't know when it's going to be known as going out the litter of their love and that's what happened so people are not buying goods that critical of the challenge and different threats that. i'm soft on. long day of the markets with no
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meaningful sales live stock traders hot they'll fly back to the sheds they too are slowly realizing that this season is like none they've seen before how about the well just it will be ken. the world health organization says south america is a new epicenter of the pandemic brazil is surpassed russia to record the 2nd highest number of cases in the world behind the u.s. and peru behind the us rather and peru has extended its lockdown until the end of june john heilemann reports. in latin america's biggest graveyard the bodies are being put into the earth quickly without ceremony in the summer months think the callers 5 by 5 to make 5 funerals in a row we can't have a week we can't do anything alina can say goodbye to her father if she'd like while he was alive she's being denied that he had to ask you keep me face out paper the evidence what i miss is not being able to kiss him because i work in the health
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sector i was afraid of catching something in passing it on to him so i didn't kiss him anymore we didn't touch each other we kept our distance. this is brazil where the virus has killed more than 20000 is the worst hit country in latin america the region fast becoming the center of the pandemic and the government should be taking care of things is in turmoil president joy ableson noddles lost 2 health ministers in a matter of weeks and he's also involved in a separate political scandal he's gotten with his family there's a lot of instability we get so much information from people who should be taking care of the situation and who are being a place and i'm very worried. the president's repeatedly told people to go out to the not. putting him at loggerheads with local authorities who are seeing their health systems overrun across the whole region things are getting worse so as america has become a new at the center for the disease we've seen many shows american countries with.
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increasing numbers of cases improve infections have almost doubled over the last couple of weeks mexico should have reached them past its peak but numbers keep climbing chile's health system is buckling and in argentina the cases of spike too . and while in other parts of the world the streets are beginning to fill up again here it's the cemetery's john home and how does it or are for many countries covered 9000 has added to already desperate situations more than 90 countries have asked for bailouts from the i.m.f. which is collected trillions of dollars from donors alan fischer looks at where the money is coming from and whether the countries will have the ability to repay it. across the globe as countries deal with the health impacts of coping $1000.00 but also dealing with the economic impacts the global economy has seized up supply and demand to be the most basic of economic drivers there was
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a huge economic problem during the financial crash of the 1930 s. but now the global economy is much more complicated interconnected into dependent on stoner are you sure are a semester not to buy a car even if i'm sorry but that and that's what makes this whole thing sort of a soothing promise headquarters here in washington the international monetary fund has put together a 9 trillion dollar port to help countries deal with the covert crisis most of that money has come from the g. 28 the world's richest nations and more than 100 countries have asked for help this is the i.m.f. map of where money has been distributed among those helped $2700000000.00 to egypt $411000000.00 to ethiopia $361000000.00 to bosnia and why well take the caribbean islands or some vincent and granite jeans and a corner me built on today's them which is completely disappeared 16000000 helps until things get better. help comes through to sporting not cancelling debt
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payments $64.00 countries in the world spend more on debt relief than health that is temporarily halted. there are also additional direct loans and other instruments to ease the financial burden. from the i.m.f. and some for a longer term plan and program is likely going to have to step in to help countries through that so that's probably what will see out here i think the i.m.f. has delivered the message that the recovery we have to hope for has to be a green recovery that we have to do use this as an opportunity to do the things that are necessary it real with the effects of climate change the crisis we've all seen the pictures of. nature reasserting itself in various areas and i think people have begun to understand. so perhaps it will encourage.
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or for actions countries will still have to figure out how to people back a lot of these right now when they'll finally be in a position to do that alan fischer washington. let's take you through some of the headlines now recovery efforts have ended in karachi after a passenger plane crash into a residential area on friday only 2 of $99.00 people on board survived there are a few reports of casualties on the ground to the command high there has more from islamabad are indeed heartbreaking scenes because most of the bodies have been burned beyond recognition which would make that dark even more because d.n.a. testing is going to take time and then. be identities the bodies will be
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handed over now to somebody or they have already taken place today $97.00 bodies have been recovered from they site of the crash and we also have reports that there were many casualties on the ground no new corona virus infections have been reported in china for the 1st day since the outbreak was 1st reported in december but health authorities warn there are still some suspected cases and everyone should continue wearing masks in crowded places spanish protesters have driven their cars around the capital madrid demanding an end to the lockdown the mobile rallies part of growing opposition to the state of emergency which parliament extended for another 2 weeks. international condemnation is growing louder against china's plans for a new security law in hong kong the last governor of the british colony chris patten says it's a betrayal by a new chinese dictatorship the proposed legislation that would ban activity china's
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communist party considers subversive residence in the indian city of call cuts are demanding electricity and water to be restored to their homes 2 days after being hit by the powerful. protesters blocked roads with large branches to disrupt traffic. british government is defending the prime minister's chief advisor saying a trip he took during the long didn't break guidelines dominic cummings drove to his parents' home in northern england when he was supposed to be self isolating after showing symptoms of the virus. i have lines it's inside story now.
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23 years he was returned to china and hong kong is facing the biggest threat yet to its prized autonomy china now plans to get directly involved in the territories affairs through a new national security law so is this an assault on hong kong's democracy this inside story. but everyone on come out santa maria one country 2 systems don't be so sure about that because with china moving to pass a national.


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