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tv   The Listening Post 2020 Ep 21  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2020 7:32am-8:01am +03

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as the health system is ill equipped to protect diagnose and treat people britain's prime minister boris johnson has backed his key advisor after it emerged that he preached lock down restrictions dominic cummings travelled from london to northeast england at the end of march while suffering from chronic virus sentence he said as says that he had to iraq arrange care for his young son a number of m.p.'s have now demanded that he resign or be fired venezuela's president nicolas maduro has thanked iran for delivering a tanker carrying more than a 1000000 barrels of fuel it's the 1st of 5 that iran sent to venezuela the u.s. has opposed the delivery but it did not stop the vessel both iran and venezuela face u.s. sanctions and israel is suffering from a shortage of refined fuel despite having the world's largest oil reserves so the headlines keep it here another bolton at the top of the hour listening post this next. the diverse range of stories from across the
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globe from the speak to about 20 journalists around the edges in. a slew of cultic 19 misinformation has been going by response plan that a conspiracy theory calling aspect of it actually. has created the kind of story. social media companies are to stop this running like alcoholic. hello i'm richard just been you're watching the listening post working from home here are the coronavirus stories the media elements that we're looking at this week the human to human transmission of conspiracy theories around 1000 why is it that so many americans actually believe the family behind fiat's automobiles now controls one of italy's largest newspapers and bloody public eye has taken a turn to the right home schooling in peru broadcasters are learning new skills they're teaching and a public service announcement that urgency emanates to keep their social distance.
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with the let's look at the middle. east. at a time that muslims traditionally come together what makes reporting this pandemic so challenging is that so much is still unknown often the way in which data is collected and interpreted is inherently flawed scientists are guiding politicians and journalists but there is no authority to of scientific consensus even the origin of the virus is still being investigated throw in all the economic pain caused by the lockdowns the heavy handed policies of governments and the result in the masses can be feelings of fear anxiety and powerlessness perfect conditions for misinformation to thrive and conspiracy theories to grow. the u.s. is ground 0 for most of those theories not just because the president and outlets like fox news have long trafficked in them there's a market there for conspiracy theories one that can turn and obscure
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a filmmaker and a discredited scientist into internet sensations our starting point this week is the place conspiracies go fire on the world wide web. where he. fires york. reactivating virus expressions i don't believe for far too many people already do if they handed out academy awards for best performance by a discredited scientist in a conspiracy theory video judy microfinance from plant demick would win hands down very career his family or my reasons or is. guaranteed to do it never mind that there's no actual evidence that the story that mike is it's we accusing members of so-called global elites like bill gates and dr anthony felch of conspiring to profit from an eventual vaccine has been viewed believed and repulsed
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by milk the film is the viral sensation of covert 19 conspiracy theory and now. has they already happened there back again 0. at 1st glance it looks like a network news broadcaster it slickly produced issues presented as sort of this brave troops own doctor for exposing their deadly secret that minions of big pharma waged war on dr michael that destroyed her good name career and personal life in reality she's going to this discredited doctor to research extract it but it was really embrace by various conspiracy theory groups that have strong networks on facebook they can use these videos like anti vaccine groups and these q. and i want conspiracy areas. they knew that their video was going to trip the terms of service on you tube and that you tube and other platforms were going to
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take it down for health miss and so what they did they created a website with a downloadable video on it and urged every day people to react load it to their own social media and this kind of networked amplification as a tack to the fire all ness of the video questions to test. neutral across platforms rather quickly for decades here in this country experts scientists and educators have been under attack for political and social purposes you know the planet renews itself and i guess doubtful the man is causing the warming and whenever you have that situation a lack of public faith that's when conspiracy theories fill that vacuum in this case we have a lot of different news outlets that have understood that there is an economic benefit to pushing conspiracy theories now i'm certainly fox news has sort of laid the groundwork for that. is getting some help in that respect specifically from 2
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online outlets talk time scientists communism. and one american news corp and i mean mounting evidence of a global of conspiracy it's which are even more right wing and pro donald trump than rupert murdoch's channelings on covert 19 they have outfoxed the competition now martin reported after further links between china. and the you asked fox takes a more measured approach to misinformation and alleged conspiracy during the day it sticks closer to the new sign and the prime time evening broadcasts are where the networks and columns are on display when opinion mongers like sean hannity and tucker carlson do their saying certain people would like to use this moment to elevate themselves and crush you that's where the ratings are and where them. for the past couple years box news has really sort of promoted these various conspiracy theories about the us government the democratic party the media mob that the state
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have been plotting their own bag that manifests itself really death count or think a fallacy is this sort of dylan undermining trounson is this the guy into whom you want to vast all of your cast. this is the guy you want to chart chart the future of the country so there's really this dialog between ridge groups on the internet and fox news uniforms news isn't coming out and saying you know something as outlandish as people on the internet it isn't just right leaning media that does it i mean there there are people believing conspiracy theories across the political spectrum but a lot of right leaning media have engaged in certain forms of coronavirus conspiracy theories or pushing the idea that the virus has had its effects country exaggerated you have been led to believe it every hospitals are overflowing their bodies there in body bags at refrigerated trucks every doctor i am i want to over.
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the internet provides conspiracy theories with the means to spread largely unchecked levon was a false flag operation intended to authorize the doctrines and funds needed for a new level of imperial mobilization such theories offer what are known as self-sealing narratives tell a believer their theory is unproven they'll say the real truth is being here. present documented evidence contrary to their beliefs and they will come back with the authorities cannot be trusted to tell the truth but there was the covert 900 story which bridges the worlds of politics and medical science institutions many americans already fused with suspicion and as a foreign chinese angle has all the basic elements may. any conspiracy theorists are looking for in an increasingly complex world. conspiracy theories arise whenever a complicated issue is replaced by
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a simplified and you know it's are just about gaining control over the human race and limiting population. listen to the terrorists that was created in the lab and so in this case we have a lot of problems economically politically socially the idea of globalism is being a problem around the world these are really really complicated things as a matter of conspiracy fact and a conspiracy theory comes in and just very simply replaces all of that complexity and says there are people who are against you and there are people who are plotting against you the mental processes for many conspiracy theories are not that different than the processes for everyone else trying to make sense of a chaotic world it's just the problem is that they have a worldview in which conspiracies are likely explanations or events and circumstances in which the mainstream media is often lying or covering things up and they often turn to bring out lots of information getting exposed to ideas that are largely conspiratorial but by and large the way in which people start to
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encounter that health misinformation in speakon someone in one of their networks is shared it or you'll be watching a news video on you tube in an algorithm that you're interested in what's very contemporary about that 19 then it gives you something that's from a popular conspiracy type channel. donald trump is america's conspiracists in chief he pushed dubious theories about barack obama long before trump became president what a solution. and he has been preaching about the dangers of the deep state ever since in that respect trump is a leader for these times donald trump uses conspiracy theories. strategically and what we found when we polled people during the 2016 presidential primaries was that he was attracting a different kind of republican than were other more mainstream candidates people
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who already are disposed to conspiratorial thinking and he keeps them in his coalition by constantly feeding them conspiracy theories and constantly acting as if he and them are under threat by powerful forces. it's when the conspiratorially minded come up against the rest of society that the issues arise the confrontations between the right to work crowd and front line workers conflict judy my kids describes accurately in planned damage if not intentionally beyond. our. own. types or. where they're just driving us through. and to disbelieve each other to the extent that if and when a vaccine is finally available a lot of people will turn it down there's a real risk here we have
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a large swath of americans who will not take this vaccine you see this not only among the anti-vaccination people but of course among people who believe things like obama gate and the new world order conspiracy and play endemic and unfortunately it's going to hinder the fight against the pandemic and it's going to cause real damage. that would be the message to any conspiracy theorist who happens to be tuning in that your unproven beliefs could cost you your life and cost others their say but then you're watching this on the mainstream news media and we would say that wouldn't we. were discussing other coronavirus related media stories now with one of our producers nick muirhead neck you've been looking at italy where the buyout of a major media conglomerate company called jedi which is proving controversy at one of the newspapers they don't in what way. the paper we talk about which it is a lot of public which is one of the leading davies in italy its parent company j.d. was recently purchased by x.
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or which is the investment arm of the in any family the in any to have multiple business interests but they probably best known for founding fit automobiles now with the change of ownership as a shift in the coverage at lot of public and what coverage specifically on the coronavirus are we talking about so when x. short of the analogies company took over j.d. the editor at letter public col over to delhi who recently interviewed he was replaced he was fired and all of a sudden the paper along with the new editor started pushing an editorial line in favor of state aid for italian carmakers basically arguing that the automobile industry is crucial for a few to get out of the economic downturn caused by coronavirus now of course that's very much in the interests of fear and therefore the navy family that the public is a center left publication so how has the takeover and all of this gone down with
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journalists there as you can imagine not very well last month they went on strike to protest against the firing of the delhi and then on monday they released a statement saying we believe topics linked to the owners economic interests should be treated with care we will monitor that the newspapers independence is preserved and then just last week gab learned he's a leading columnist at letter public he resigned saying that he doesn't recognise the paper anymore but i think that the port issue here richard is media diversity in including the bulk of news outlets already lean to the right and now with the nearly takeover of a lot of public the concern is that that imbalances and are going to be exacerbated ok thanks nick. in many countries it's still far too early to send children back to school take more than 100000 confirmed cases among latin american countries only
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brazil has more one area where peru seems to a fared better than other countries struck by covert 19 is education within 3 weeks of declaring a national lockdown the peruvian government commandeered public and private broadcasters television and radio to broadcast a planned though and casa or i were at home 6 hours a day every weekday the goal to make the entirety of both the primary and secondary school curricula available to all students including the millions who are without television and internet access the listening posts may not she ravi now on a parental and castle the t.v. and radio platform that school peruvian kids through the one. i mean i don't feel them last about any february in the beginning of march i'm putting months for us at the ministry of education it's the time when we ensure
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conditions are optimal for school isn't going to reopen this year the reopening date was set for march 16th. eliminated. glad i listened though the americans unless you're not. as it turned out that was around the same time the coronavirus national emergency was declared i. guess the main the main one. at that time i was the present on t.v. morning news program of focus was to communicate the magnitude of the pandemic. and i think it was in a family and then one day i got a call from the chairman of the net one he told me schools were being shot and so the education ministry had asked t.v. to produce a dead. catered education from home program put in don't pass and then class and. then he said i'm calling you because you're going to be one of the presenters while
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since i'm a woman who likes a challenge i said let's do it. i can't recall a situation before this in which private in public media have come together for the shared cause of education but i was going to get you a place you know most media outlets have a sense of public service if they don't then they're making poor use of their broadcasting license that are going to show. these days school days in who are deficient from 8 30 am until noon and then again from 2 pm to 6 classes are taught to be in the state broadcaster and radio t.v. piru private media outlets have been brought in on the lock down winning campaign as well they air some of the classes on their channels the coordinated approach has been key to getting the widest reach across the country. thus the program up in the one casa or i learned home has suddenly become the centerpiece in what is
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a technology dependent system of home schooling the kids who do for most of what our beliefs are most in books will do is almost if this one must juden some night we use what's up in books zoom e-mail and of course up lingering cancer which is the basis for everything. every day i tell my students to watch the daily episode on t.v. and then to read the material associated with that. after the post assignments on facebook as well as on our what's up group the children can ask me questions via email or sometimes they'll just call me on whatsapp or zoom and we can drill down into the details your ability to know your theobald also we'll be up out of the gaza and i receive audio clips of the prendergast and which is the language we speak here in this area i have audio clips sent to me because many of my students can't receive the radio signal in their homes and get the clips that i listen to
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them and then i share the information with my students over phone calls text messages what's up for those who have it and i also film some short videos of lessons for my students that it. has been hit hard by the called 900 pandemic the countries locked down misplaced and strict but case numbers have soared amidst all the bad news up in the end looks like a broadcasting experiment gone right. what do you know you may need us to be in many of those but in knowing what it is that you only need very real need to buy the ministry of education the program doesn't seem to replicate the classic school day that would be impossible instead why don't topics and issues are chosen to stimulate discussion reflection and to build knowledge in core subjects like language i want to see but i'm of the view they also apec still sleeping is a better mathematics in the end they let me see. you then they were not going to
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get the specific up and sign and they brought up and they must keep all their wealth and i thought about a problem of going to us here 3 point out that i want to have back for my book any c. or we have certain advantages in delivering education through t.v. we have a whole team behind us could. uses directors lighting experts it's their job to make things appealing to keep children stimulated through the music images and background. they last for we work very closely with a teaching coach he instructs me about how to communicate with children. and be. loved by my little. mark while it also can assume i'm not techniques a crucial and it helps me to work with the teaching expert don't they were. watching the t.v. broadcasts i'm struck by how dynamic the presenters are or if it is what is their
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problem go into it as much as better not just in with it is the focus on all of. us less criticism. t.v. has lots of resources and they're making the most of them a teacher in a classroom does not have such resources of course if i had them use them glad you got going for them and of england though. not all the students are getting the same learning opportunities the social and economic inequalities in our vast nearly 21 percent of the population lives in poverty mostly outside the cities in rural people read internet access is spotty there are mountainous villages and towns that even radio interdistrict t.v. signals cannot reach and those aren't the only considerations out of the long term concept nowadays there are
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a lot of discussions about the phenomenon of education poverty. our task was to provide educational material for spanish speaking students non spanish speakers and students with disabilities the other issue we had to consider is that we have gaps gaps in digital connectivity gaps in access to resources this is why we designed a printer in gaza across different types of media although the internet can probably provide a more complete experience we wanted to serve the largest number of students and decided must include television and radio and think we are all you know. when the children i teach have nowhere near the same resources that children and cities have for example when it rains or there are changes in the weather the t.v. radio and internet signals which are already very weak just stop working altogether the children send me images of their screens this is what's coming up i can't connect what do i do i feel powerless because i don't know what to do i call them
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try to explain the lesson through phone calls or messages but there's always a void left. as the country looks to ease its lockdown. use of a back to school date officials are being cautious it could be june they see or september but even when that day comes schools are unlikely to turn to their people endemic ways. like the countless numbers of employees around the world who know the allies they can work from home who views now know that they can do a great extent learn from home. and though in casa aspects of it at least is probably here to stay. you could have a lot less. look i think that the public and private broadcasters are a powerful resource in an emergency situation like this one but my personal opinion is that the education in peru is an embarrassment as you know in
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a way families that don't have the resources for private education or who. aren't lucky enough to live in a region with good public education are denied opportunities the media are great in times of a global pandemic but they cannot be seen as the solution by our government. not the whole we have to seek it all our doubt. and i think now with the present on costs we're at the start of a new process we have an opportunity to take a fresh look at education what should children really be learning at school what about what we teach them through socialization how much should they be learning from the internet we have a great chance to create the kind of society we aspire to but to get that we need to work from the ground up. and society's foundations are its children. and finally this weekend is outfit marking the end of the muslim holy month ramadan
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it hasn't been easy this year since ramadan is normally a time for families to come together and not isolate and the challenges in yemen a country with a humanitarian crisis are that much greater the number of coronavirus cases there is mercifully low for now at least and the yemenis would like to keep it that way so a money transfer a company there called aqua exchange came up with a public service announcement bringing together a group of singers and actors to encourage social distancing the song is called we won't visit you you won't visit us it's an attempt to inject a little fun into an ied celebration that will be far from ideal we'll see you next time you're at the listening. to.
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say. you know. what. the fuck. did you. look like.
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one of the last remaining ancient forests in southeast asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumber jacks and drive as. we follow that treacherous journey as they walk through extreme conditions. together and
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transport this dangerous but precious cargo risking it all. on al-jazeera. russian a trade foreign fighters battling libya's government pull back from the front lines in tripoli. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming out surrounded by scandal and seeking support president abbas in our own remains defiant as the u.s. bans travelers from brazil. which is very very rich. people go to a right old most of all reach.


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