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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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local doctor. football rebels concludes with a celebration of the life and legacy of socrates corinthians democracy movement on al-jazeera. the usa is always open for the people all right the world people pay attention to what gets on here and i just hear is very good at bringing the news to the world from here. this is al-jazeera. a work of this news are on convene on the dark coming up in the next 60 minutes the trial of an anti malaria drug uncovered 9000 patients is suspended by the world health organization because of safety concerns. i'm not surprised that
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a lot of people very angry. top u.k. government adviser dominic cummings denies breaking lockdown rules and the curious is the media of whipping up the political storm around him. india's domestic flights take off again but infections are still on the rise with the biggest day be increase yes. and israel's prime minister says he won't miss an opportunity to annex more of the occupied west bank calling it one of his government's top tasks. we are going straight now to a press conference which is being held in london boris johnson there the british prime minister about to speak it's the daily coronavirus briefing we also expect now to talk about dominic cummings let's listen in 2634 tests for creative arts have not been carried out in the u.k. including simply 3726 tests carried out yesterday.
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261184 people have tested positive and that's an increase of 1625 cases since yesterday 8834 people are in hospital with coded 19 in the u.k. that's down to 0 percent from 10092 this time last week and sadly of those who tested positive for create a virus across all settings 36914 have now died that's an increase of $121.00 fatalities since yesterday in this new figure includes deaths in all settings not just in hospitals and once again my deepest condolences go out to all those who have lost their loved ones before their time and we must and we will not forget them
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2 weeks ago i set out our roadmap for the next phase in our fight against covert 1000 and it's a cautious plan informed by the evidence about what is safe and it's conditional upon our continual progress against the virus and we are making progress thanks to this country's collective efforts the key indicators are heading in the right direction the daily number of deaths is done and the number of new cases is down our survey evidence suggests the infection rate is falling and the r. has not risen above one so. just over 2 weeks ago we moved to step one of our plan encouraging those who are unable to work from home to go back to work with new guidelines sitting out how workplaces can be made coded secure.
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at the same time we allowed people to spend more time outdoors and to meet one member of another household outside provided they remain 2 metres apart i also said we would be able to move to step 2 of our plan no earlier than monday the 1st of june a week today we will set out our formal assessment of the 5 tests that we set for adjusting the lock down later this week as part of the 3 weekly review we are legally required to undertake by thursday but because of the progress we are making i can with confidence put the british people on notice of the changes we intend to introduce as we move into step 2 and i think it's important to give that notice so that people have sufficient time to adjust and get ready before those changes come into effect yesterday i set out our intention to begin reopening nurseries and
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particular years in primary schools reception year one year 6 from the 1st of june followed by some contact with those secondary school pupils with exams next year from the 15th of june some contact for year years 10 and 12 from the 15th of june with that with their teachers this announcement has given schools teachers and parents clarity about our intentions enabling them to prepare in earnest the department for education is now engaging with teaching unions councils and school leaders to help schools get ready. today i want to give the retail sector notice of our intentions to reopen shops so they too can get rich so i can minutes that it is our intention to allow our outdoor markets to reopen from june the 1st subject to promise is being made keep it secure as well as car
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show rooms which often had significant outdoor space and where it is gen generally easier to apply social distancing we know that the transmission of the virus is lower outdoors and that he easier to follow could be secure guidelines in open spaces that means we can allow we can also allow outdoor markets to reopen in a safe way that does not risk causing a 2nd wave of the virus. then from the 15th of june we intend to allow. as a private a citrus to get the focus back on his covered 900 strategy his closest adviser dominic coming says defied calls to quit or apologize of accusations that he broke coronavirus lockdown rules addressing a political storm that has engulfed boris johnson's government cummings also said he doesn't regret his actions he said he acted reasonably and within the law when
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he drove 400 kilometers with his son and wife who had covered 900 symptoms coming as they explained he went to his parents' property to ensure his 4 year old would be cared for if he fell ill no i don't i don't regret what i did and so as i said i think reasonable people may well disagree about how i thought about what to do in the in the in the in the circumstances but i think that i think what i did was actually reasonable in these. in these circumstances the rules make clear that if you're dealing with small children then that could be. there can be exceptional circumstances and i think the situation that i was in was exceptional circumstances a vaca is following the story from london for us navy cummings confirmed he did make this journey he gave some more detail around exactly what happened but will this be the end of it do you think. i
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think dominic cummings hopes it will be the end of it most certainly boris johnson and the rest of the government will hope this will be the end of it there are still some questions to be on said as to why it took quite so long for dominic cummings to come forward and give this statement given that there's been a whirlwind of scandal over the past few days that is really dainty not only cummings's reputation that was already quite divisive anyway but also the reputation of his boss the prime minister not to mention the government at large is as well why did he remain in the background when he could have cleared up some of the most pressing questions much earlier than than he has done also questions as to why he cummings didn't let the prime minister know that he intended to travel hundreds of kilometers to the northeast of england when he did just before hand. that was not especially clarified coming said that he could have made that
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a bit clearer to the prime minister but given that the prime minister's time was so precious in the midst of this crisis and as we know boris johnson was suffering from symptoms of kovi 19 as well cummings implied that he had to make that decision on his own there of course some questions about whether or not this was the moral and ethical thing to do given that cummings was behind the main message that given that was given to the country to stay at home and save lives cummings appears to have interpreted some wiggle room in the rules and the regulations and perhaps in the past few days some of already started to question whether or not they indeed should be following the rules and regulations set by the government so most certainly this is dented reputations it's most certainly undermined the government's main message and its instructions going forward. thank you that leaves barker across developments from london to talk
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a little bit more about all of this when bennett is the political journalist in the u.k. he is also there in london thank you time owen what do you make of what dominic cummings had to say today. i think that don't come in charge today was appeal to the public's emotions talk about himself being a concerned father and husband the reputation these go in in the u.k. months electra's of being a bit bruised a divisive figure as your correspondent just said and so when he you know prefers of swear words to use our own people i think he tried to show a different side of himself today i do try to appeal to people who perhaps have been in situations he has found himself in but by doing that well i say he found himself in exceptional circumstances there'll be many people who found themselves in exactly the same circumstances or very similar who did not do what he did because they didn't feel they were able to undo the lot dharm was already marked down actually is just further highlighted the what he did was so different to what
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many other people did do you think he will have convinced his critics i was also interested to see some of the journalist sort of jumping on the fact that he has this property available to him that has 3 houses on it that he's able to go for a walk in the woods you know without leaving that property and that was kind of highlighted is the fact that you know not a lot of people do have that available to them. absolutely i think the reason it is so interesting is because the one of the ways the conservatives won the election late last year was because they got a lot of people who are very conservative and full to vote for them because they tried to they pitch themselves saying look we can represent you know we can represent you old labor voters we're not like the tories although even though you know of course you know it's an educated guy they tried to tap into that kind of optimism that we saw around the brics and what these stars this just highlights to a lot of people or may make some people feel rather that actually is one rule for them and them being people who go to eton and then being people who have 3 coaches
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you know states in the country laws that they can to stay in a state so you see it may just help reinforce some of those stereotypes which they actually tried quite hard to to minimalize in the election last year we are waiting for barr stance and to address the issue again he's getting a briefing right now about the situation with coronavirus i'm interested what if any damage do you think this is done to us johnson. i think this is done a large amount of damage to boris johnson because also he's the one is sort of all saying is he going to resign is he going to step down is he going to stay the guy that can make the decision for him is boris johnson abortions and sticking by him and now is stopped part of him to the point in even if you want a 2nd now which was he's not going to do even if tom cummings was to resign today tomorrow or in a couple of days' time which aren't you going to do the damage has been done the
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narrative has already been set in the minds of many people now don't cummings will say that you know this is just the media saying this and actually real people don't think what the media thinks and look at the brics that results look at the result of 2019 general elections to see that but i think the difference now is that with a lot of the stuff you do the e.u. that was kind of quite arbitrary that was kind of quite an arm's length this lockdown has been which the whole country has by and large a did they have experience of it and to see someone break it i think that actually will manifest a has manifested in anger amongst the populace which cummings. i believe is wrong to dismiss is constructed by the media. thank you very much for your time there owen bennett political journalist based in the u.k. . and other news the world health organization has suspended a clinical trial of the anti malaria drug hydroxy chloroquine as
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a covered $900.00 treatment it cited safety concerns us president donald trump said recently he was taking the drug but has since stopped the w.h.o. and health authorities around the world have warned of the drugs potentially dangerous side effects there's also no definitive proof that it is effective against the coronavirus the executive group has implemented a temporary. pause of the hydroxyl hydroxy clock in our we's in the solidarity trial why did the safety data is that i viewed by the data safety monitoring board the other arms of the continuing let's go live out of the white house and our correspondent kelly help at who is there kimberly the president will be glad he publicly announce that he stopped taking this drug given how much of a proponent he's been of it all along. yeah the u.s. president though is unlikely to say that he made
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a mistake in taking this drug the us president rarely admits fault and he's been one of the biggest proponents of this drug in fact he said that he is discounting the drug the studies coming out of the food and drug administration his own food and drug administration essentially said that this is not safe that it can cause heart rhythm problems instead he's touted as studies that have come out of froude sort of italy and also the testimonies of lend letters from people that he says he has received that have said this drug saved their lives so the u.s. president for his part has really touted what he believes that is a successful drug that people well he's stopped short of recommending people take it he said is certainly something to be discussed with a person's own personal physician but he has repeatedly touted the benefits of this drug this anti-malarial drug as being a possible treatment for covert 19 it is interesting because the u.s. president for his part took this drug he's just wrapped up
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a 2 week course he took at following outbreak here on the white house campus not only out of his personal valet testing positive for covert 19 but also the vice president's press secretary as well as many secret service members now the u.s. president it's a holiday here in the united states he has just returned to the white house from les reeves in honor of fallen soldiers he did not have anything to say about this nor did he have anything to say about the fact that the united states has passed the 100000 mark in terms of the number of people that have died as a result of corona virus still the president has repeatedly said that he believes there may be benefits to this drug one that he says is something that should be done in consultation with physicians even as we're now learning that the world health organization has halted its study citing safety concerns thank you that white house correspondent complete help there. long stories we have coming up
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leaving the front lines to be discovered says another flight carrying russian mercenaries who support war. has left tripoli. and crops burn of the nicest seawater bought by assad one on one devastated thousands of farms in one of the world's largest mangrove forests. and it has resumed domestic flights with the government eager to get asia's 3rd largest economy moving again on the same day though it announced its biggest jump yet near corona virus infections almost 7000 are india correspondent elizabeth prana reports from new delhi. it is the new normal that indian airports start sanitized passengers bags before they enter the terminal. the disinfectants praised just one of a number of new measures as domestic flights resumed passengers temperature's a check before and off to flying mosques
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a compulsory throughout the journey and some which taking extra precautions are not really dangerous we have accepted and we have an all day with them and get off the. passengers with symptoms will be tested or quarantined upon arrival but many states have set their own voles the civil aviation minister tweeted india and saw in the skies again but not everything went to plan 82 flights in and out of delhi were cancelled with little notice leaving pass and just frustrated according to airport officials that's because several states said they wouldn't be able to accept flights which that earlier agreed to. what the number of coronavirus cases rising the worst hit states of try and have agreed to only allow 25 arrivals a day after initially refusing to accept flights. the state of west bengal. said flights can't land for another 3 days as. we just heard.
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i just heard airport so. i'm heading for. about a 3rd of their domestic flights as the government tries to restart the world's 5th largest economy. but the industry faces challenges the supreme court has ordered social distancing must be observed in airports and on flights forcing in lines to keep middle seats vacant and it said the government should be more worried about the health of citizens rather the health of airlines elizabeth pride of al-jazeera you daddy. then where british prime minister vice chancellor faces more questions about has battled adviser dominic coming out in the arrangements in advance what i think did happen was while i was. ill and about to get a lot sicker we had a brief conversation in which i think. dolly cummings mentioned where he was but i
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have to tell you at that particular stage i had a lot on my plate and really didn't focus on the matter until the story started to emerge in the last in the last few days so. my answer to your question is you know do i do i regret what is what has happened and yes of course i i i i i do regret the confusion and the anger and the pain that people feel because as yvonne has just been saying this is a country that's been going through the most tremendous difficulties and suffering and. in the course of the last 10 weeks and that's why i really did want people to understand exactly what had happened and that's why you know you mention openness and transparency i thought it was important that. i tried yesterday to to explain my version of what i heard from from dominic cummings but you know
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obs i couldn't go into it in all the detail that i know that you all want to hear and i think that the public actually needed to hear and so that's why we had the the statement and the very extensive questions that we did today thank you very much laura can we go to robert peston of the of i.t.v. news. i'll get up to new you heard yesterday the long account of dominic cummings gave us today his reasons for driving to 60 miles to darwin inevitably it leaves some questions unanswered so his main reason he said for driving to darwin was because of protests outside his house but of course in full lockdown the risk of those protests is reduced perhaps to nil it seems at a slightly odd reason i wondered if you'd asked him about that and secondly his excursion to barnard castle 30 miles again seemingly breaking the rules was to test
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his eyesight to see if he could drive back to london but why didn't his wife mary wakefield who was better than he was drive back to london or why didn't you just lay over the government lay on or a car given his importance while the coming robber your of formidable journalists and and those are very good questions but i have to tell you that to the best of my knowledge mr cummings has just subjected him self to to your interrogation for quite a long time now about these very detailed matters and does produce quite a substantial chunk of autobiography about what happened in the period from the 27th of march to the 14th of april i really feel that it would be wrong of me to try to comment further on you know what he said i think people will have to make their minds up i think he spoke at great length to me and he came across as somebody who cared very much about his family and who's doing the best for his for his family i think as he said himself reasonable people may disagree about some of
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the decisions that he took but i don't think reasonable people can disagree about what was going through his head at the time and the motivations for those for those decisions and as i say my my conclusion is that i think he acted reasonably legally and as i said yesterday with integrity and with care for his family and. and for others so i think you both those other questions you should direct with respect to mr cummins and you had quite a quite a go at that today can we get a bit rigby from. prince going use yes thank you prime minister many people who will say really love their families made huge sacrifices that you asked them to make in this national effort and for many people mr cummins account of why he appeared to break down rules simply won't be good enough your own scientific advisors have said buy back in here in your own to mining your
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government's cheap public health message at a time of crisis or you compromise in the government's response to this pandemic because you can't cope in number 10 without mr cummins i did both thank you for for that but i just want to i mean the most important thing in all this is to repeat our message and you know you're absolutely right to do well on that and we'll only reason we can make progress as a country the only reason that we're able to get this disease under control the only reason that we've got the numbers of deaths down and the numbers of infections down and so that we're actually in a position with our track and trace an isolate operation really to to to do with it is because people have abated the guidelines you had an extensive opportunity to talk to here earlier on about a member of my staff try to be the guidelines and i think you've you've you know i
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heard your questions and i thought they were they were good and happy that i really can't add anything to those people will have to make up their own minds what i will say is it's absolutely vitamins absolutely vital message that people continue to observe the government public health message and continue to observe the guidelines and and i do think one thing that is in danger of getting. lost in much of this and people think it but no but it's so repeating the single best thing you can do to stop transmission of this virus and to prevent yourself being infected by it is to is to wash your hands and wash your hands repeatedly and that i'm afraid is one message that i we are going to keep repeating throughout this crisis thank you very much beth can we go to lucy fisher of the tories please. that is british prime minister barak johnson their questions are regarding his
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aides dominic cummings and a journey that he made while the country was in lockdown are starts and they're saying he regrets the pain confusion and anger that people have felt as a result of all of this coming out really he didn't want to talk any further about the details of dominick cummings journey he said that dominic cummings received a grilling today when he appeared before the media to answer questions and that people have to make up their own minds about whether wants dominic cummings did was breaching the guidelines or not. and other news the indian government has deployed soldiers to help with the rescue and relief efforts after a powerful storm hit last week cycle and open destroyed homes uprooted trees and flooded hundreds of villages in west bengal and odisha states or than 20 rivers have breached their banks and sea water is seeping into farmlands in these funded bands mangroves region of the unesco world heritage site branca gupta reports.
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the last green fields a west bengal halftone a gentle wasteland 5 days off to soccer on a farm made landfall in the eastern state of india the scale of destruction it had left in its path it's now becoming more clear. this 2 more to community of charcoal and in the sun their guns mom groove region was caught in the eye of the storm a. 60 year old on how old are lost all his harvest. salty water from the building gold seen nearby has so much to do with spotty on potato fields the soil is contaminated and he says it will take years or more and some grain to wash away the sold. on to them starvation looms over his family a full yet my god that i'm 60 years old what can i do
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now i have nothing left i have no option but to die. publish in the morning do a scraping for pieces that you can still salvage from this destroyed home the greens that took a monster harvest are all gone the fish in this pond died. overnight this fall and fisherman has lost all his income and i'm going to i was taking refuge with my family in a shelter after returning to see that everything's gone i really hope the government can help us tide over the crisis. the sunderbans region is a cluster of more than 100 islands and one of the world's largest mangrove forests stretching across west bank gold and bonaduce it's home to the endangered quarry big old tiger and his mescal want her to its side. more than 40 percent of people
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in this part of india live in poverty. thanks to the surge of the sea water in this etymologically sensitive region could be devastating for its pool farming and fishing communities across hundreds of villages. have been blocked i want to get to the actual. they're no better doubles up than the trees and plants have all died because of the salt water and the way the fish are dying it will be really difficult macam least here to put food on the table the coronavirus has already had an impact on their incomes we need to start government appointed scam so you know. the corner virus pandemic i'm up down also making it harder for families from diesel engines to go to cities for work so people like me how long gone are the future remains uncertain unless help arrives soon priyanka could go to 0. a sudden rise in the number of burials in yemen suggest the spread of
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growing of ours is much greater than authorities are reporting the medical charity doctors without borders says it shows a wider catastrophe is unfolding there with a health system that's effectively collapsed shelob reports. these freshly dug grave sin to the scale of the corona virus outbreak in humans largest southern city of aid in humans health ministry says the disease has killed 39 people here the number of graves suggests that number is much higher and. it's strange he says never happened before the symmetry in all the years past to have these numbers of the dead. humans health minister announced the 1st virus death on april 29th 2 weeks later that grew to soutane but charity save the children disputed the death toll they recorded nearly 400 patients who died of corona virus like symptoms in just a week nobody knows the true numbers because human is only testing $31.00 people
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per 1000000 which is very very rare ranges we. are right most dead already dead and sewerage a market. very very high. the u.n. announced last week that humans health system had effectively collapsed it was already on life support after 5 years of civil war and calls to stop fighting amid depend dimmick were ignored the residents in the south of yemen and all over the country honestly have been following the coverage 90 crisis emerging all over the world and rightly concerned because agencies the government agencies have really not done much to protect the. doctors without borders runs the only did occasional cover 1000 seem to in southern yemen but even it is turning away the sick they don't have enough oxygen or personal protective equipment it suspects foresee that start also infected but there's no tests to check her or her
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red and we were to reach was because we didn't. stop. to be able to treat a patient so it's very hard the organization believes that in and aden about 70 people are dying of corona virus in the whole rooms every day. a lot of people have brought their dead to us from the pandemic the rains in a disease from the schedule that has come to us we don't even know what a tease and why it's killed so many of these mean trying to pray in peace. it's impossible with the symmetry sorry busy day digging 5 times as many graves as normal even children help will humans government has not reported the true scale of coronavirus it's obvious for those on the ground charlotte dallas. let's go back now to our breaking news story the world health organizations
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suspension of a clinical trial for the anti-malaria drug a drug seeker a crime as a cover 19 treatment oncet gholston is a global health law professor at georgetown university and he joins us now from washington d.c. thank you for your time given everything that president trump has said about this drug hydroxy chloroquine does this put him in an awkward situation do you think well you know unfortunately the president has never been daunted by clinical evidence or scientific trials. it should give him pause of course but remember the. president truman's own regulatory agency the u.s. food and drug administration had earlier issued a warning about using hydroxy chloroquine outside of carefully controlled hospital conditions or clinical trials or any of nor do his own public
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health agency he has a very well known. still into the world health organization so i wouldn't think this would change his mind iraq but it should. what impact has all this focus on the crane had and terms of the push to find an actual killer you know there's been so much attention on this one drug and also you know for the people who actually need this drug hydroxy chloroquine well you know it's it's a huge distraction it's a political distraction american scientists understand that that the evidence is not there for this particular jerome so they're looking at other medications but you know if the president keeps telling it and says he's taking it and you run a lot of risks one of them is is that people will. you know hoard the drug and it
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won't be available for people who really need it like those who through joy don't have arthritis or who are trying to control malaria. the other risk of course is that. patients may take it you know thinking that somehow they're protected even when there is 0 evidence that this is a prophylactic or could prevent covert infections well none the less they might you know just side well i'm taking the drug so i can just you know go out be with people and that's very dangerous and so. it's just unacceptable for the president to model his behavior in such an empty scientific way do you anticipate that we'll see more agencies come out and say they're no longer going to be using this drug in studies in any way. well you know i mean so far they are all new there are
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studies ongoing world health organization at the moment is just horrid as that arm of the study and while the data safety monitoring board looks to see whether or not the evidence suggests that there is undue risks clinical trials. always should and most do get reviewed by these kinds of safety boards but which are independent they're not part of the study itself and they can pull the trial if there are are red signs warnings that that that clinical subjects or are subject to risk and that may well happen if it does. scientists around the world are going to have to think well maybe we shouldn't be investigating this drug for this particular purpose thanks for your time as always
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global health law professor their lawyer lawrence augusta thank you thank you take care. israel's prime minister says his government will seize what he's described as an historic opportunity to annex more palestinian land in the occupied west bank and jordan valley but when netanyahu made the comments to members of his right wing they could party in the israeli knesset is currently on trial for corruption charges herefore that has more from west or some on netanyahu is calling. well it certainly means that the message from netanyahu remains very staunchly in that direction despite what's been happening since you negotiated the coalition deal with his former rival now benny gantz in which he assured that there would be no veto on that side of the government to netanyahu has plans to continue with the move towards an extension and from any time from july the 1st on would have the ability to bring it to vote in the israeli parliament the knesset the complicating
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factor him at least when there are a few one is the fact the united states seems to have been dampening down such expectations since the president might compare here about 10 days ago the u.s. secretary of state they've been talking about the need for there to be negotiations ongoing with the palestinians. under which process israel would be allowed to annex parts of the occupied west bank as far as the u.s. is concerned so that was interpreted as a pretty obvious slowdown message coming from the u.s. we've also had the palestinian president mahmoud abbas declaring an end to all forms of cooperation with the israelis as a result of what has already been announced on an exception nonetheless to his diehard new could party supporters today he was saying that this was an opt in opportunity that hadn't existed since the creation of the state of israel in 1948
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that he wasn't going to miss it for and he's governing party candidate has been declared the winner of last week's presidential election with an offensive percent of the vote everest india shimmy air will replace longtime president here and couldn't see that stepping down after 15 years and how they election with maud by allegations of fraud and harassment. so who is everest india he is a 52 year old army general who was handpicked to succeed president here in currencies are a long time party member and secretary general of burundi's governing party the army general has held several posts including minister of the interior and in 2015 he was made chief of staff to the presidency he's also a former rebel commander who fought alongside joining the civil war which ended in 2003 and webb is following the story from nairobi. the many in the opposition leader agathon writer had promised his supporters a victory he drawn very large crowds there during rallies over the last few weeks
9:40 pm
following the polling which was on wednesday last week his party official said there were massive problems with the vote they say that $200.00 of their agents were arrested and detained it's the they'd found ballot stuffing going on in polling stations and when they raised objections they were forcibly evicted from those polling stations and they say that the ruling parties militia there's the in bonner akureyri in many cases brought the opposition supporters from accessing polling stations or took their voting cards in place to vote instead of them or using voting cards of dead people or prisoners all of these allegations they say of affected the result which they say was rightfully dess but the electoral commission chairman when announcing those provisional rolls the results he said the poll went well everything had gone to plan it was peaceful and that the election had been free and fair but this is happening in
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a context where there were almost no international observers some weren't invited others were told that they'd have to quarantine for 2 weeks on arrival not was just 11 days before the poll so if actively excluded them from observing these elections and this all happened in a context where ever since the last election there have been widespread reports of rights abuses of cracking down on dissent so certainly no surprises for many observers rights activists journalists many of whom are in exile because they're not free to work in burundi from their point of view no surprises that this poll has been very much disputed. afghanistan has begun freeing taliban prisoners some want a president bush afghani is calling a goodwill gesture these are images of the 1st 100 men to be released from bagram prison on monday the president gunny chose to free around 2000 prisoners in response to the taliban's offer of a 3 day truce over the e told
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a day that is due to end at midnight on tuesday there be more departures of russian mercenaries from the front lines of the battlefield in the libyan capital tripoli that's according to the u.n. backed government the russians have been fighting on behalf of warlord who for half the against forces who backed the government with support from turkey after has been trying to capture the capital for 13 months the mayor of bani walid confirms the russians flew the 1st group out from an air base in the town on sunday 7 military planes were sent to retrieve them or does there is a hold of the well head is in tripoli and says details are still sketchy about exactly where the mess and raise are going. then he would leave the city there was a city of the whole net the made of bin he will lead told that civil flights have been landing in airport to carry the russian mercenaries there is no clear information on where that believing in libya or out of libya
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but what we know for certain is that some of the russian mostly is that left the front lies have been carried by land transportation from benny will lead also to a job for military bases in central libya in all cases the russian medicine reserve in beni would lead now the mayor told her that the elderly council in binny will lead is protesting the presence of the russian mercenaries in ben you will lead because as they say they have taken part in attacking libyan cities and also attacking and killing and one innocent civilians there they say that the concern of the that some of the russian mercenaries might stay longer in beni will lead to returning to the coronavirus can the european countries creeping out of locked up among them as spain our business owners are happy to see
9:44 pm
local customers coming back they say it's tourists will make the real difference kathy lopez reports. for the 1st time in 2 months madrid restaurants and coffee shops are back in business for now this is the new normal only outside seating is permitted chairs cleaned after every customer and city employees are on the square disinfecting the area during the time of this pandemic some customers say they are willing to adapt i must get a month ago i spent the entire look down period to learn this finally off as a bit of social life it is a bit odd with the social distancing and everything but i've really missed it. and spain's canary islands locals are out enjoying the warm weather but notably missing are turks tourism accounts for more than 12 per cent of spain's economy businesses are eagerly waiting for july when the country is scheduled to reopen its borders to international visitors because it's essential to have tourists back in our
9:45 pm
businesses during the lockdown we worked fairly well with local clients so far we're happy with things including the easing of restrictions. greece is also trying to salvage his tourism industry reopen coffee shops in athens are mostly empty with tourists denied entry until mid june visitors spend more than $19000000000.00 in greece last year but times have changed after. last year at around this time we had tourists and we were crowded now we live a different reality the economic crisis is going to be global but in greece we spent the last decade dealing with the bailout that the crisis is going to be far worse for us. in italy one of the hardest hit countries in europe james reopened on monday only customers who book in advance are allowed into this gym in rome but many people have got used to doing their exercises online this business like other industries may have to change its precursor own
9:46 pm
a business plans. in berlin reopens forming poor. must follow rules of hygiene and social distancing be able to start it was pleasant above all i was surprised that it was a dispute as i feared only certain number of people could get in you have to basically swim in circles to ease restrictions may be a relief for thousands of europeans but for entrepreneurs' it's yet another test of whether their business will survive this lockdown part of the young college 0. germany's top court has ruled volkswagen must partially pay about car owners affected by its emissions cheating scandal with an 11000000 cars worldwide are implicated let's take a look at what happened in 2014 u.s. researchers discovered volkswagen was using software to cheat on a mission to test its diesel engines were missing up to 40 times higher than the legal limit a year later the german company admitted to the scheme its c.e.o. steps down and shares dropped by nearly half and today's tens of thousands of
9:47 pm
drivers have sued volkswagen one case has reached germany's highest court but it could have implications for others the scandal has already cost the company more than 33000000000 dollars just last week its 2 top executives paid $10000000.00 to avoid criminal charges ferdinand didn't fire is director of the center for automotive research explains how the ruling means drivers will be compensated based on their cars mileage. you see the regular low here the owners drive a lot of kilometers with their car which they bought sometimes you go through you for 5 years ago and then lucas said ok we have to take in the coward and that the value of the car is immunity due to the use it of the car and therefore we will find a solution which says ok you can get back the car. then
9:48 pm
price you pay the terms years ago for the car however you have to pay into account the kilometers the uses of the car which you did in the past and therefore i thing it was expected that the seller currying a terminal you will go into that direction and so that on the one hand we don't need you. to pay compensation for customers because they've cheated the customers on the other hand customers have to be accepted that the use edge of the car has to be into taking into account or making the channel so lucian or the problem. and the news ahead. just having a bit of an it's quite kieron quieted quite a decent shy kid. shaken but not stirred prime minister proves the show must always
9:49 pm
go wrong. in.
9:50 pm
the war room. or. welcome back many people living with disabilities are facing even greater difficulties during a pandemic charities in the u.k. are pressing the government for more help they say the lockdown has added to people's fare of isolation and many a war and they won't get the correct treatment if they fall into what reports from lincolnshire. elsa has been self isolating since the beginning of march so makes the most of being in the garden she has said there rheumatoid arthritis and is in
9:51 pm
constant pain the drugs she takes suppress our immune system so she was told to stay home for 12 weeks to shield herself and waiting to go back on to a drug that i've been on before. but if i had been. if covert had been around i would have been dealing with this at an earlier stage but i know that my consultant has been on the cambridge front line so i didn't want to bother him disability groups say worries about health and accessing services are being felt more acutely during the town and many people are struggling behind closed doors according to the charity scope just over a quarter of disabled people feel forgotten or ignored by the government some disabled people considered clinically extremely vulnerable to corona virus have been asked to shield in theory being on the bone local list can provide people with extra support such as ours were sent to. the trial to state the system is flawed
9:52 pm
because it doesn't include groups such as the point i wanted to point shopping with the social distancing rules very difficult. yeah again has always loved socializing and last year he went blind after a brain tumor and he lives alone i do it is you i am perfectly healthy other than that. but i am also incredibly vulnerable and when all the services were drawn from my social. worker to not being able to get. all of those things i was relying or i don't even have the option of. going for a walk or even you know these are one in the park. records your we have. a government spokesperson told us it is determined to ensure the most vulnerable are supported during this pandemic but campaigners say more needs to be done in that speed have to sit and forces come in very quickly and
9:53 pm
not being moved very quickly we believe that the needs of disabled people and specifically in these a partially blind partially sighted people from our perspective have not been taken account of has not been thought about and we really think that needs to happen much has been made of the result shown by people during this crisis some have had to demonstrate real fortitude and i would al-jazeera lincolnshire. scandal surrounding doris johnson's closest adviser dominic cummings is just the latest slip up for the u.k. government the prime minister has come under particular scrutiny initially his team had implied the u.k. would adopt a strategy of herd immunity that slowing the virus run its course to build up resistance within society the plan was quickly abandoned this led to critics blaming johnson for the number of deaths in the u.k. at the height of the pandemic more than a 1000 people were dying every day in april overall nearly 37000 lives have been
9:54 pm
lost and the public's frustrations have only been made worse by what many have seen as johnson's i'm clare and conflicting advice. ever look at some of those mixed messages i shaking hands can decide that i was at a hospital the other night where i think there are a few there are actually if you create a virus patients and i shook hands with everybody this is not the time simply did in the lockdown this week you must stay at home things like closing school and stopping big gatherings don't work as well paps as those people think you should not be meeting friends if your friends ask you to meet you should say no people of you can make up their own mind matt has said that people must make up their own minds but i think the scientific evidence is head over to the experts but it was hard times our judgement is wash work from home if you can but you should go to work if you can't you should avoid public transport that doesn't mean public
9:55 pm
transport can't operate you want to have go to running more more capacity more tubes more trains if we possibly can alistair campbell was former british prime minister tony blair's director of communications he says on top of his other errors in judgment farce johnson has set a dangerous precedent by supporting his advisor. you have the other day when this story 1st appeared about cummings and what he did or didn't mirror in the guardian broke the story within hours you had johnson city in number 10 at a time of national crisis and what was you doing all day funny or begging cabinet ministers to put out tweets and the like a bunch of nodding dogs they did they cut the cut and paste the tweets and it went out and said oh this is a father actually in the interest of his son and that's in part i think what is fueling this raging anger and you know the only reason i think what this lockdown might still hold me i think it's pretty close to cracking the reason it might still
9:56 pm
hold is because actually the public us the way more decent in these people so they understand there is actually a risk of going out and doing things that we maybe we want want to do you know us we're still staying there today we're going to once a day to exercise people are still following the rules but when for example they try to open schools then you know parents are entitled it's just a boris johnson who introduced a new in a new defense breaking rules and that's your parental instinct is instinct as a parent was that he should go to durham but what if your instinct as a parent to the you know i won't go to work with the kids my instinct as a parent you know with teachers i won't go to teach other kids or stay home look after my oh and what happens when you establish that there's one rule for the government and another rule for those who are governing you have a breakdown of society. new zealand has for that eased its restrictions on public gatherings as of friday groups of up to 100 people can gather the current limit is 12 and has only reported one new case of
9:57 pm
a past week. bob scalabrine slike concert it's obviously still have those restrictions imply applied in terms of size but the shift to 100 person makes my mains many more gatherings will be able to work from now on. these changes are good news for business and for those looking to plan logic gatherings it's another step and renormalizing of wife as we continue to stamp out the virus and not long before making that announcement prime minister was speaking live to a local morning television show when an earthquake struck this is how she responded just having a bit of an it's quite kieron quieted quite a decent shake here if you see things moving behind me has stopped pretty high so it's a little more than most that stop trying to store is it still going you know it's just stops and you're feeling so small to continue the interview you know are we find. any hanging lights i look like i'm in
9:58 pm
a structurally sound. place. because i'm much more on our website they're dressed for that is al does they're a dot com. to send out the classic kiwi stay with us when you come here in just a few minutes time on how does now. as the world fights the corona pandemic we're learning more about this every day it's a new planet you're joining our global community it's up to us on how we come to be able to fight i'm sorry your questions and i just honestly think this is me
9:59 pm
directly that's coming on on you tube as you were saying i'm concerned about the fund like oh nothing or a quiet and not keeping you up to date i mean i think country. and beating back the street all know because iraq. a story of blackmail. scarcity. and. the like has killed i have strength i have a story of courage a what i feel is real. passion. and the very same just. what was described as the world's largest long down because the largest exodus and the creation of and depended india and 947. experts believe india is still at an early stage of infection but the long down has already created
10:00 pm
a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate up for 6 to 23 percent and it's also highlighted an equality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following week school child of the peace and mass movement of people will accelerate the spread of the corner wires from india cities to its rule hot. you're. nor did i don't regrets what i do to these senior aide to the british prime minister a choose their breaching lockdown rule says he has no regrets and behaved worse reasonably. watching all jazeera live from london i'm sorry navigator also ahead the world
10:01 pm
health organization has suspended testing the malaria drugs hydroxy chloroquine and covered 1000 page.


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