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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your own. increasing desperation across latin america protests by the poor and unemployed migrants sleeping on streets has coronavirus casualties mount. robot this and this is all it is it will live from doha also coming up russia is accuser sending fighter jets to help libyan war. on the after hundreds of mercenaries pull out. rights groups demand an investigation after
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a suspected arson attack and burned these $200.00 homes to the ground in me and ma . and he was the man and known as the king of galilee stanley home has died at the age of 98. is going on tour across latin america a government struggling to contain the coronavirus pandemic the poorest say they're the ones suffering the most not just from the disease but from lockdowns and spending cuts and it's leading to protests as alexey o'brien reports. in a quick door they marched in defiance of the lock down angry over government cuts to jobs and salaries brought in to tackle the pandemic. the mayor of the capital quito had asked the crowds to stay home because of the risk of infection but these protesters believe the stakes are too high. we have no fear of contagion on the
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contrary we were afraid of the hunger that our comrades and hundreds of family members who live jobless will go through. this anger in chile where demonstrations have played. did for help saying they don't have enough food. this is not legal but it's the only way to make them listen to us to protest and to create barricades chile's president sebastian pinera has warned the health system is reaching its limits there's been a rapid increase in infections in recent days with a new field hospital opened to help ease the strain on facilities. hospitals in brazil are also overwhelmed it's the 2nd worst affected country in the world with about 375000 cases and in this ward in rio de janeiro patients shared a room for hours with someone who died from the virus staff say they were too busy trying to save lives to move the body also users into the on board we have double
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the patients and half of the team and that happens in 90 percent of the health units and hospitals and clinics with that overload the quality of the service is inefficient and causes physical and psychological problems to the health care workers on monday the daily coronavirus death toll in brazil who exceeded that of the united states for the 1st time with 807 deaths recorded in 24 hours from a virus president diable so narrow has described as a little flu the pandemic is ravaging latin america's poorest and entire low income neighborhood on the outskirts of the argentinian capital one osiris is now in isolation after dozens of cases were confirmed to their aid parcels are being delivered but some residents say they're already going hungry and in the bolivian city of trinidad grave diggers are working overtime more evidence of this pandemics devastating impact on communities around the world. brian al-jazeera.
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well rights groups are warning the collapse of the health care system in venezuela could make the pandemic worse across the region human rights watch says the country's grossly unprepared for the virus years of economic and political turmoil have led millions of venezuelans to seek refuge elsewhere more than 5000000 have fled in the past 6 years hundreds of thousands have no legal documentation is latin america's largest refugee crisis in recent history most have traveled to to colombia peru chile ecuador and brazil some have headed to the caribbean in the coming hours european nations will host a pledging conference asking for money to help venezuelan refugees in the region so let's get more on this from our latin america editor of the sea and human is here once again it seems to be the poorest in society who are suffering the most. absolutely rob right now we are on the street that leads to the venezuelan crown
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slid his you can see there are tense behind me these people are venezuelan migrants who have lost their jobs in the pandemic they are amongst the most vulnerable and some would say doubly vulnerable because they are not citizens of this country many of them don't have documents they don't have family that they can rely on and this is the case of many of the migrants in this country from peru from colombia but certainly the largest number of them are from venezuela and they are here they've been camped out for 2 months hoping that to convince their government to send help to send a plane to bring them home. john kind of shows us where he's been camped for weeks with his wife in sydney in the little daughter outside of the colombian consulate in santiago along with dozens of other families they pass the time and the cold as best they can waiting for help from the government settlement that will break. this is precarious the way our politicians count on us for votes
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we need now to count on them to bring us home. but not far away peruvian migrants testart temperature before allowing us in to see their open air camp outside proves consulate they too want help to return home because the pandemic has less than jobless and destitute which is pretty and it's freezing there are no bathrooms and we sleep on cold cement but by far the largest number of foreigners who've lost their livelihoods are the venezuelans who make of chile's newest and largest migrant community. for 2 months hundreds of men women and children have been living like this outside of the consulate. when the pandemic started president nicolas maduro sent airplanes to repatriate those who wanted to leak but now the doors of the consulate are shocked right. we have nothing left anymore we're living from charity and getting desperate and not to be from our government
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we are undocumented and we can't ask chile for help the u.n. special representative for the news whaling migrants and refugees system of government is laying out conditions for people to return one is a quarantine period at the border and the other is more of a long low lying. more. of. what. the true. richard that you believe is knowing now be a number of people that they're allowing back in yes with us. every day more people arrive at the camp trying to find comfort in numbers around the corner the venezuelans are beginning to be tested now for corona virus either way a group of them we understand will be placed in quarantine so that they will be ready if and when venezuela's government sends an airplane to get them but the real question is what will happen to them once they get home. they tell us they know
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that the economic insanity situation in venezuela is worse than in chile but to argue that if they have to die of coronavirus or hunger rather it be in their country of birth close to their families in not in a faraway strange land. and a short time ago we just a short while ago rather we confirmed that a 2 month old baby that was born near this camp has been confirmed positive for colvin 19 presumably the mother as well and a few others so this is becoming more and more dire the situation here in santiago which is the epicenter of the pandemic in this country it's mandatory to wear face masks as you can see i'm doing that but but these people have really nothing else to count on except for the charity of people and some organizations that number of all of that at this hour in this donor's conference in staking place there are at
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least 3 south american presidents also taking place are participating in that in that conference from ecuador colombia and from peru and it's hoped that they will get pledges for at least $2000000000.00 to help with these the situation of these migrants that are stuck in a limbo in this in this pandemic period they can't go forward because the bill the borders are closed and they can't live where they are so it's a very difficult situation indeed yes and elizabeth thank you very much indeed. the u.s. military says russia has deployed more fighter jets to help libyan amol of huffed are in its attempts to topple the un recognized government in tripoli that's after a major withdrawal of mercenaries from southern chirpily many of whom were russian hundreds of eastern europeans have been airlifted from libya after they left the front lines the tripoli based government says they found large amounts of ammunition left behind by the mouse and raise have been fighting on behalf of
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coming from mahmud out there has joining us now from tripoli mahmud russia has always been rather cautious when it comes to admitting whether or not it's actually involved in the fighting in libya what more do we know about these jets. seems that the american concern over the russian denied involvement in the libyan conflict in favor of the warlord 24 have to is now being cleared of fide specially after this massive from the africa command commander that brings out to that the russian involvement in the libyan conflict it is being embodied recently in the fighter jets especially the force of generation russian fighter jets being sent from russia to libya via syria in fact the message. indicates that the fighter jets will be painted in syria as a kind of calm
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a flash to hide their identity and their planned to be iran by russian mercenaries from the vaga no group russian pilots from the bag group now the message also indicates that their russian involvement in the libyan conflict has exacerbated the human suffering especially human casualties on both sides also the message it also indicates that the russian along with the russians along with have that have been all those denying that i should involvement in the libyan conflict but the question now is whether or not the russian most of these would be able to fly these fighter jets in libya especially with the u.s. sort of valence over the skies especially in the western libya marker about the war
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her giving us that update from tripoli mark word thank you very much indeed. human rights watch is calling for an investigation into the burning of 200 homes and buildings in minn mastracchio and states new satellite imagery shows evidence of the fires which advocates say was probably an awesome attack fighting between the 1000000 mom military and the ethnic i'm out of army has resulted in a number of civilian deaths and destroyed homes phil robertson is the deputy asia director of human rights watch and he says the chances of justice being served for the fire are slim what we can say is the burning have let car village you know it has all the hallmarks of myanmar military arson that we saw done against the rohingya several years ago in 2017 and that's why we're calling for a credible and impartial investigation to find out what happened and punish those responsible well that's what we would like to see but i think the likelihood is extremely slim. i would say that really almost no chance whatsoever you know on the
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our economy of course is accusing the military the military is accusing our con army without any sort of independent investigation it's just going to be 2 fingers pointing at each other and at the end of the day it's the civilians who are caught in the middle you know who are facing the rights abuses who are losing their property in this case you know well over 70 percent of the houses in that village were burnt down still had an al-jazeera a cautionary call from home calms leaders to protest his plans musical to loans get closer to coming into effect. and starting to make ends meet some workers in the philippines have been getting by ger in the cove on the virus lot done.
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how i was still got some other lively showers into southern parts of china at the moment the fed a cloud around here that will come and go over the next couple of days of course and that's to save the right the my youth front still a fair amount of plant into japan is still a few showers here is to go on through wettest day to match and in fact as we go on into thursday it's largely fine android as a woman sunshine coming through pleasant 26 degrees celsius to the twenty's there into the korean peninsula so a 23 wanted to shout to the north that 32 full. hours they are extending into southern parts of china at this day's usual showers across much of southeast asia still some lively ones into java saying some a wetter weather for a time every showers that soon to borneo and we can follow those showers right up into thailand and across the andaman sea when they are starting to see the 1st signs of the summer rains the southwest the monsoon starts to push in through here those showers will ease their way up toward some myanmar as we go through the next
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couple of days still squeezing out so the last few drops a very heavy rain from troubles pome still rather wet into bangladesh the fall northeast in the northern and western parts of india it's hot and dry. after more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge in sierra leone. full of the citizens of this war torn nation as they push their limits. also ploy. risking using sierra leone. on al-jazeera.
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we want to know is it a reminder of our top stories this hour there is growing anger across latin america which is struggling to cope with the scale of the coronavirus pandemic poor people say they're the ones suffering the most from lockdowns and spending cuts. the u.s. military says russia has deployed more fighter jets to help libya and more logically for soft are is struggling to topple the u.n. recognize government in tripoli after a major withdrawal of mercenaries many of whom were russian. human rights watch is calling for an investigation into the burning of 200 homes and buildings in me and mastracchio in state satellite imagery shows evidence of the blaze which advocates say was likely to be an awesome attack. on kong's leader is trying to ease
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fears about beijing's planned new security law carry lamb has appealed for people to wait for the details and promises the legislation won't pull in hong kong's rights and freedoms but protesters say the proposals will spend the end of the current one country 2 systems arrangement of governing. we are very free society is sort of all the time being people have this freedom to say whatever they want to say but ultimately what is to be provided in this piece of legislation is for all of us to see in order to be assured that hong kong's freedoms will be perceived and hong kong vibrancy and our core values in terms of the rule of law the independence of a tradition the rare various rights and freedoms enjoyed by people will continue to be there columbia mo as a pro-democracy member of hong kong's and legislative council she says young people
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will keep fighting for their future it's the very heart breaking trend in hong kong technically we can say no to anything because if you say oh this new low in search economically unconstitutional that's what some of our legal experts here are saying but then it's a genius so this is the constitution so what are you challenging men who are you trying to challenge right and we knew taking to the streets and seeing the young getting getting all beaten up and and arrested and that sort of protests just may not be very sustainable but then the young a flight into their future and their future and people in my generation and engage in. what we could we should at truth at least and show some i'm a standing and so we're going to have a very unsettling. china is preparing to repatriate its citizens in india as
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corona virus infections their increase its embassy in new delhi told people of the plan on monday they have until weapons state to register to leave those suspected or diagnosed with the virus won't be able to go back to trying to you has more from beijing. according to the chinese government they're concerned about the safety of their people in india because of the spread of the pandemic they have about 5000 chinese citizens in india at the moment who are tourists or they're the business and they're concerned about them and so they want to repatriate them but this $5000.00 it's significant but it's just a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of chinese currently stuck abroad because of the pandemic china currently has a very strict limitations on travel into the country only one airline per country per week is allowed to fly into china and those tickets are extremely rare and expensive so this move has relieved many chinese in india but it's provoked anger
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in others saying well why of those in charge in india been prioritised and i think that brings us to the 2nd reason why the government is moving so quickly on this there are currently rising tensions between china and india because of a spat on the border chinese troops and indian troops have disagreed over the line of control and that they've been engaging in scuffles on the border and this is the last of 3 years that these skirmishes have been taking place with more intensity and more frequency in recent weeks and really analysts say there could be a real fear that these skirmishes so far no bullets have been fired. just fistfights but they could descend further into all out conflict at some point in the near future. more than 2 and a half 1000000 filipinos of lost their jobs during the 2 months locked down the hardest hit of being low paid workers who are now forced to beg for food jim ellis island organ reports from manila. julius have on the lease a used to earn around $300.00 a month as
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a jeep need driver that was barely enough to feed his family but he says somehow they were able to get by but life became much worse 2 months ago when the lockdown was imposed by the government to stop the spread of coronavirus he's unable to work and pay for the house rent in manila so they live like this now in a jeepney begging in the street just to feed his family. yeah i die and i gave up but this is really tragic i can see all my children suffers there from our situation here and we don't know in our next meeting with. christian going to see also says the pandemic brought more suffering for his family he used to be a professional photographer but when the lockdown of the entire region of luzon happened workers stopped coming in to. he found a job as a delivery driver earning less than half of what he used to image an
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a and i love god more profession i lend you my jeans and years and years of professional experience i swallowed the pray and roll up my sleeves yes so i can earn thanks are heard but we simply don't have a choice anymore it is some other absurd. the philippine government implemented one of the world's a strictest and longest quarantines a 2 month lock down for more than $50000000.00 filipinos the region of luzon accounts for at least 75 percent of the entire economy quarantine restrictions were recently eased in an attempt to restore some normalcy and limit the economic damage after 2 decades of uninterrupted growth. but at least 2 and a half 1000000 filipinos have already lost their jobs since the lockdown began and the government says millions more are expected to be unemployed this year the impact of this health crisis is causing quite secular suffering to those who have
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very little to begin with. the government is giving cash aid to millions of impoverished families but leaders admit resources are already stretched and much of the government's so-called calamity fund has been used up those like julius of always lived on the fringes say they feel left out if the virus doesn't kill them they say hunger most likely will. duggan on just 0 manila bethlehem's church of the nativity has reopened after being closed for nearly 3 months to stop the spread of coronavirus in the occupied west bank the church is reopening as part of an easing of restrictions announced by the palestinian authority according to christian tradition jesus was born at the site it was shot in early march just weeks before easter one thousands of pilgrims normally visit or religious sites may be reopening in palestine but leaders say the economy will take some time to recover it is broken as more from the occupied west bank. the
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over the the call to prayer is missing a sentence that has been present for the past 2 months the cradle in your heart starting on tuesday more than 1600 more putting the doors in front of your sure are asking them to abide by social distancing am bringing their own firearms many palestinians have urged the government already opened most specifically during that islamic fees to of aid and footed and they were saying that there would have the numbers of people affected the way the director. general we were hoping would be allowed to pray in the most during the holy month of ramadan but the situation was difficult and we're happy with it back now in here john. churches have also been allowed to reopen including the church of the nativity which is considered the traditional birthplace of jesus the tourism industry has already taken the hits
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here and it's not clear when tourists from all around the world will be flocking back to the church. of. the whole economy has offered me my wife and son him lost our income for the past 90 days life is slowly returning back to normal markets and shops are open again but it's far from being business as usual the palestinian government is saying that it has controlled the spread of the virus but the economy will take months to recover. spain has declared a 10 day mourning period to remember nearly 30000 people who died there during the pandemic flags are lowered across the country from why the stay in order of the dead period will end with an official memorial ceremony spain has confirmed more than 235000 cases of coronavirus so far. a junior u.k. government minister has quit over the controversy surrounding top adviser dominic
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cummings cross-country trip during coronavirus lockdown prime minister boris johnson has defended cummings who's defied calls to quit or apologize he travelled with his family from london to northeast england in march when his wife had covered 19 symptoms of barker has more from london. it's been a really untimely distraction for the government when it's trying to set its sights on easing restrictions something that was hoping to do on the 1st of june on the words but there's a tremendous amount of anger still directed towards dominic cummings despite his lengthy explanation in the garden of number 10 downing street on monday many feel that he he spotted it a detail in the small print of regulations that justified his several 100 kilometer mile a kilometer trip to the north east of england at the height of restrictions in march and many feel that there is a rule for the political elite and there's a role for other people earn as results there's been
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a tremendous fall out not just for opposition m.p.'s but also from m.p.'s within the ruling conservative party who continue to pile the pressure on the prime minister to force a resignation from dominic cummings or to sack him and we've seen already in protests one junior conservative minister resigned that minister is a conservative m.p. in scotland we have a clearly seeing m.p.'s from across the political divide talking to each other because so many coming this is a divisive figure going back several years he was the chief architect of the vote leave campaign he polarizes opinions when it comes to his style and his politics but the focus now is very much on what the country should do next however the prime minister's own ratings have been dented significantly over the past few days only 2 weeks ago according to one poll his popularity rating was in the early twenty's according to the same poll now after defending dominic cummings it stands minus 2
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the man known as the king of gambling has died at the age of $98.00 stanley hold transformed macau into the world's largest gambling hub overtaking las vegas the tory would get looks back at his life. this is stanley hope carrying the olympic torch through macau on its way to beijing for the 2008 summit games he was one of a group of v.i.p.'s chosen to represent the city but his legacy stands out from all the others he built a gaming empire in macau a former portuguese colony that went on to surpass last vegas is the world's gambling capital in the process he became one of asia's wealthiest men with an estimated personal fortune of more than $6000000000.00. was married 4 times and had 17 children some of them announced his death age 98 in hong kong.
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i. bring. back my. wife. karen. who was born in 1921 into one of hong kong's most powerful families but they left for macau when japan invaded during world war 2 homemade money smuggling food and luxury goods into china bought he made his fortune through gambling he held my cows only gaming license before decades until the chinese government did reduced foreign investors in 2002 u.s. regulators said whoa was linked to triads or criminal gangs allegations hoed denied casino results account behalf of macau total revenue each year but despite or
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perhaps because of making his fortune through the gaming industry always advised his family and friends against gambling. this is all just these are the top stories there is growing anger across latin america which is struggling to cope with the scale of the pandemic poor people say they're the ones suffering the most from lock downs and spending cuts and coronaviruses making things worse for those who have left their home countries but they're still in the region in america additive to see a new woman has more from chinese capital in santiago. this is becoming more and more dire the situation here in santiago which is the epicenter of the pandemic in this country it's mandatory to wear face masks as you can see i'm doing that but but these people have really nothing else to count on except for the charity of
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people and some organizations and the proposal of that at this hour this donor's conference is taking place there are at least 3 south american presidents also taking place are participating in that in that conference from ecuador colombia and from peru and it's hope that they will get pledges for at least $2000000000.00 to help with these the situation of these migrants that are stuck in a limbo in this in this pandemic period the u.s. military says russia has deployed more fighter jets to help libyan warlock khalifa haftar who's struggling to talk all the u.n. recognize government in tripoli itself to remade to withdraw all of mercenaries from southern tripoli many of whom are russian the government says they found large amounts of ammunition left behind by the most of those who've been fighting on behalf of hostile. human rights watch is calling for an investigation into the burning of 200 homes and buildings in me in mars rock and in state satellite imagery shows evidence of the blaze which advocates say was likely to be an awesome
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attack. hong kong's leaders trying to ease fears about beijing's planned new security law gary lamb has appealed for people to wait for the details and promises the legislation won't trample on hong kong's rights and freedoms but protesters say the proposals will spell the end of the one country 2 systems arrangement china is prepared to repatriated citizens in india as corona virus infections their increase those suspected of diagnosed with a virus won't be able to go back a junior u.k. government minister has quit over the controversy surrounding top advisor dominic cummins cross country trip during the lock down by mr bowers johnson's defended cummings who's defied calls to resign or to apologize and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream good bye. to the old is there a sort of let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in
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yemen we listen this is the moment you stop already 30 action this is the moment it also trades on fighting every night we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the edge is there a. time for me i came welcome to this john hopkins university keeping track of the global numbers for co the 19 yes have a look here on my laptop it is difficult to get accurate figures but this is what they are seeing round about now is 5000002 firm cases look at the number of deaths here and we're going to be talking not about deaths but about remarkable survive as a survivor has come from the u.s. from the u.k. at all sent from south africa i am going to get them to introduce themselves and i don't know.


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