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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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on al-jazeera if you want to help save the world. sneeze and euro. increasing desperation across latin america protests by the poor and unemployed migrants sleeping on the streets as current virus casualties mount. etna cloud business and 0 live from doha also coming up on the program our russia tells libyan warlord he for have to the most go back to an immediate cease fire and talks. why china's government is taking urgent action to fly citizens out of india
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within days. as people around the world are cute up at home because the pandemic we take you to a part of a where there's every birth of but. so the world health organization says now is not the time to ease restrictions across the americas as it says the region is the new at the center of covert 90 but is growing and he looked down protests across the region with poor people saying that they're the ones suffering the most and next year brown begins our coverage. and ecuador they marched in defiance of the lockdown angry of the government cuts to jobs and salaries brought in to tackle the pandemic. the mayor of the capital quito had asked the crowds to stay home because of the risk of infection. but these
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protesters believe the stakes are too high. we have no fear of contagion on the contrary we were afraid of the hunger that our comrades and hundreds of family members who live jobless will go through. this anger to intially where demonstrators have pleaded for help saying they don't have enough food. this is not legal but it's the only way to make them listen to us to protest and to create barricades chile's president sebastian pinera has warned the health system is reaching its limits there's been a rapid increase in infections in recent days with a new field hospital opened to help ease the strain on facilities. hospitals in brazil are also overwhelmed it's the 2nd worst affected country in the world with about 375000 cases and in this ward in rio de janeiro patients shared a room for hours with someone who died from the virus staff say they were too busy trying to save lives to move the body also users into
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a lot of we have double the patients and half of the team and that happens in 90 percent of the health units and hospitals and clinics with that overload the quality of the service is inefficient and causes physical and psychological problems to the health care workers on monday the daily coronavirus death toll in brazil who exceeded that of the united states for the 1st time with 807 deaths recorded in 24 hours from a virus president diable so narrow has described as a little flu the pandemic is ravaging latin america's poorest and entire low income neighborhood on the outskirts of the argentinian capital one osiris is now in isolation after dozens of cases were confirmed their aid parcels are being delivered but some residents say they're already going hungry. and in the bolivian city of trinidad grave data is a working overtime more evidence of this pandemics davis stating impact on
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communities around the world elixir brian al jazeera. where human rights watch is warning the collapse of the health care system in venezuela could make the pandemic worse across the region years of economic and political turmoil of late millions of venezuelans to seek refuge elsewhere more than 5000000 have fled in the past 6 years hundreds of thousands have no legal documentation it is latin america's largest refugee crisis in recent history most have traveled to colombia peru chile ecuador and to brazil and some have headed to the caribbean the european nations are hosting a pledging conference asking for money to help venezuelan refugees in the region well let's get more on this from our latin america editor lisa human and really see it really is a grim picture across the region. absolutely especially in venezuela that you just mentioned we've just heard some rather horrifying stories about the situation in the hospitals with 3rd of the hospitals
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don't even have running water and the other 2 thirds have into the water and patients who don't bring the water with them at times are being turned away these are the patients that are infected with cold and the government makes it mandatory for people to go be hospitalized they cannot. have their quarantine at home even if they do not have serious symptoms so it is a very serious situation indeed plus the fact that the economy has completely collapsed there's no petrol there's no food and the the same is true for many of the in venezuela and migrants who fled venezuela for a better life in other countries like here in chile you mentioned that donors conference and still going on some 60 countries are taking place as well as lending institutions but many of the countries that have taken venezuelans simply do not have the resources anymore to try to help them and that's why this is so important including here in chile where i am now is is the street that leads to the consulate
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the venezuelan consulate right behind me you can see tents this is where people have been living now for weeks and weeks venezuelans that have lost their jobs lost the apartments the places where they were living because they could no longer pay their rent and despite the dire situation back home they are here to try to pressure their government to somehow bring them home. john kind of shows us where he's been camped for weeks with his wife in sydney in the little daughter outside of the colombian consulate in santiago along with dozens of other families they pass the time and the cold as best they can waiting for help from their government settlement that will break. this is precarious the way our politicians count on us for votes we need now to count on them to bring us home. not far away peruvian migrants testart temperature before allowing us in to see their open air camp outside proves consulate they too want help to return home
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because the pandemic has less than jobless and destitute what you feel it's freezing there are no bathrooms we sleep on cots cement but by far the largest number of foreigners who've lost their livelihoods are the venezuelans who make of chile's newest and largest migrant community. for 2 months hundreds of men women and children have been living like this outside of the consulate. when the pandemic started president nicolas maduro sent airplanes to repatriate those who wanted to leak but now the doors of the consulate are shocked right. we have nothing left anymore we're living from charity and getting desperate and not to be from our government we are undocumented and we can't ask chile for help. the u.n. special representative for venezuelan migrants and refugees system of government is laying out conditions for people to return one is a quarantine period at the border and the other is more of
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a long the lines of. more. of. what. the true nations richard that you believe is going down be a number of people that they're allowing back in yes with us. every day more people arrive at the camp trying to find comfort in numbers around the corner the venezuelans are beginning to be tested now for coronavirus either way a group of them we understand will be placed in quarantine so that they will be ready if and when venezuela's government sends an airplane to get them but the real question is what will happen to them once they get home. they tell us they know that the economic insanity situation in venezuela is worse than in chile but they argue that if they have to die of coronavirus or hunger rather it be in their country of birth close to their families in not in
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a faraway strange land and nic we've confirmed that at least 4 of the venezuelans who were tested have tested positive including a 2 month old baby very serious indeed and not too surprising unfortunately because of the very very large numbers of infections here in chile where there is a total lockdown here in santiago everyone it's mandatory to wear face masks outdoors anywhere in the country and yet the number of cases came thriving and the death toll remains fairly low for now until or hopefully. will rather hopefully the hospitals will not be completely at capacity because if that does happen that death toll is expected to rise as it is already doing in brazil you mentioned earlier the situation there has turned chaotic the number of cases in sao paolo in rio de janeiro on the east coast is enormous the cemeteries are filling up the hospitals
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have filled up in most cases and the same distro on the other side of the country in the amazon region as well where the. indigenous population is also being doubly hit because they have less antibodies to these sorts of of illnesses than even the rest of the population so it is a very serious situation and the government only asks that everybody be turned to work he is that the president table for now is at odds with at most health officials with the w t o and is insisting that people just go out there and get back to work and ignore what he had once described as a mild cold yeah big problems in brazil thanks very much indeed let's cross over to our white house christmas can we hope he joins us live now so you can be in the united states you go to 100000 that are nearing approaching that and that is a milestone that donald trump will not want to focus on and yet there is this new testing initiative what about the. yeah well what i can tell you with
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regard to that milestone is that is fast approaching you have to remember that the u.s. president at one point was saying that the number of deaths in the united states would likely not exceed 60000 but now approaching that 100000 mark and the u.s. president getting a lot of attention press attention for the fact that as this milestone is approaching he has over the weekend been playing golf he's also been on twitter talking about some have his political foes particularly the former president barack obama hillary clinton the former presidential nominee for the democratic party and also the presumptive nominee for the 2020 election joe biden but what people are really focusing on it is some of the tweeting that has been taking place over the last few days and particularly today where the u.s. president has been talking about joe scarborough he is a former republican congressman who is now an anchor on m s n b c in the u.s. president has been suggesting that or intimating that he may have something to do
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with a death that occurred well he was a congress will men a woman in his office a congressional staffer the death was ruled as accidental but the u.s. president has resurrected this suggesting or intimating that joe scarborough may have had something to do with this death now we can tell you that the widowers or the waiter or the out of this victim has written an open letter to essentially request that the u.s. president's tweets be removed from twitter that he not be allowed to use this platform twitter has responded by saying that it will not be doing that but again there are questions about why the u.s. president so focused on this one particular death that occurred back in 2001 when he was presiding over soon to be 100000 dead americans from cope with 19 can returns from washington can we talk about the white house. now russia says it backs an immediate cease fire and talks to form
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a united governing body in libya that some of the u.s. accused russia of deploying more fighter jets to help the libyan war he for have to in his attempt to topple the un recognized government in tripoli there's been a major withdrawal of mysteries from southern tripoli many of whom were russian the government says its forces found large amounts of ammunition left behind by the mysteries you have been fighting on behalf of after all months is a professor of political science at the university of texas at san antonio he says neither russia nor turkey have any real interest in pulling out of libya. last week the russians and so spoke together and they said then once you now want to draw on libya but then they won't do that they have to much just say it's it's a 0 sum game they were they needed the russians nor the turks a willing to give up their gains in libya nor the egyptians either and so and so and i and i surely you that if if those forces loses a lot
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a lot more in tripoli you wouldn't want egypt intervening in that will it's a catastrophe talk is cheap but ultimately what what is what is what is the reality on the ground that they might withdraw their forces but then there are the military moves you had were still going to get come to have to one way or another direct the old through or through or through egypt also some of the other other source doesn't doesn't doesn't really matter a lot of talk but there is jewish and the round is going to be all out on the run between libyans and that's it what you will see the vision of libya is then with but then you would have another problem and the problem is the west is no good and out he's got to hold hold on to the oil and the oil is not in the in the center libya is in the east it's part is part of the take they don't want to give it up and so this was war is going to end is going to continue for another look at g 20 is. as i had here on answer a bailout for france's car industry aims to put it back on track but the rescue
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plan comes with one condition plus. no i don't i don't recollect. what i did. or fall out of the u.k. of the prime minister's chief advisor refused to resign every trip he made during a strict lockdown. hello we've got some early heats into the middle east at the moment i know this is supposed to be hot but it's hot even by middle east in the stand as we've got some showers just around the towards the caspian sea for most of us here through event pushing down across the red and potentially dry and sunny some sit ups we could be up to 40 celsius here in doha on the hot side of 43 in kuwait 44 am baghdad is that hot sunshine hotter still as we go on into thursday 47 in kuwait of 46 in fact that
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we shouldn't see the they sort of temperatures until around july or august so it very much on the hot side want to see showers into the far south of the region just around the gulf of aden and of course usual showers there across the heart of africa pushing right across the central belt some big downpours there for cameroon pushing into work in parts of nigeria now the wettest weather has to be over towards liberia towards yeah we could see some flash flooding as a result of these storms still mess not too far away from kenya the kenya coast just around tanzania still a few showers in play here but a bit of wet weather started to push its way into the mozambique channel we've had some rain to southern parts of africa recently walsh i was this weekend. to scarcity has become a major issue the demand is going great up and the supply is going straight down
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turning in essential natural resources into a commodity traded for profit just because it's life doesn't mean it cannot be priced what about the guy that can afford it guys tell me it's water in a new series al-jazeera examines the social financial and environmental impact of food to privatized loads of food coming soon. again welcome back to what is there a reminder of our top stories this hour and the world health organization says now is not the time to ease restrictions across the americas says the region is
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a new center of country night but it's growing protests across the region with poor people saying they're the ones suffering the most. and there's a warning the collapse of the health care system in venezuela could make the pandemic worse across latin america public health experts say if people are forced to seek treatment in other countries it could increase the spread of the virus. russia says it backs an immediate cease fire and talks to form a united governing body in libya that's after the u.s. accused russia of deploying more fighter jets to help the libyan warlord who for have to in his attempt to topple the u.n. recognize government in tripoli. hong kong as leader is trying to ease fears about beijing's planned new security law carrie lamb has appealed for people to wait for the details and promises the legislation will not trample on hong kong's rights and freedoms protesters say the proposals will spend spell the end of the current one country 2 systems arrangement of governing. china is preparing to repatriate its citizens in india as corona virus infections increase its embassy in
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new delhi told people of the plan on monday and they have until wednesday to register to leave those suspected all diagnosed with covert 900 will not be able to go back to you has more from beijing. according to the chinese government they're concerned about the safety of their people in india because of the spread of the pandemic they have about 5000 chinese citizens in india at the moment who are tourists or they're the business and they're concerned about them and so they want to repatriate them but this $5000.00 it's significant but it's just a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of chinese currently stuck abroad because of the pandemic china currently has a very strict limitations on travel into the country only one eline per country per week is allowed to fly into china and those tickets are extremely rare and expensive so this move has relieved many chinese in india but it's provoked anger in others saying well why of those in charge in india been prioritised and i think
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that brings us to the 2nd reason why the government is moving so quickly on this there are currently rising tensions between china and india because of a spat on the border chinese troops and indian troops have disagreed over the line of control and that they've been engaging in scuffles on the border and this is the last of 3 years but these skirmishes have been taking place with more intensity and more frequency in recent weeks and really analysts say there could be a real fear that these skirmishes so far no bullets have been fired so far just fistfights but they could descend further into all out conflict at some point in the near future the afghan government has released several 100 more taliban prisoners for the drawee pledge to free around 2000 prisoners in total in response to the taliban's offer of a 3 day true save the muslim holiday of aid could they has urged the group to extend the ceasefire which is due to end midnight on shoes day. human rights watch
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is calling for an investigation into the burning of 200 homes and buildings in maine miles west and reckoning state new satellite imagery shows evidence of this which have because it was probably an arson attack fighting between the minimum military in ethnic iraq pain out economy has resulted in a number of civilian deaths and has destroyed homes phil robertson is the deputy asia director of human rights watch and he says the chances of justice being served for the a slim what we can say is the burning have let car village you know it has all the hallmarks myanmar military arson that we saw done against the rohingya several years ago in 2017 and that's why we're calling for a credible and impartial investigation to find out what happened and punish those responsible well that's what we would like to see but i think the likelihood is extremely slim. i would say that really almost no chance whatsoever you know on the our economy of course is accusing the military the military is accusing our con
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army without any sort of independent investigation it's just going to be 2 fingers pointing at each other and at the end of the day it's the civilians who are caught in the middle you know who are facing the rights abuses who are losing their property in this case you know well over 70 percent of the houses in that village were burnt down french president a man will micro has announced an investment fund worth more than $8000000000.00 to support his country's auto industry sector employees hundreds of thousands of people in france roughly 30 vehicle impulse factories dotted around the country micron says autonomous and electric cars will be the focus off of the coronavirus crisis has more on the story from past. this is one of the latest rescue plans has been lowered by the french government various sectors we've seen the tourism culture business and now the car industry present saying that the car industry is in a deep crisis not just because of the current virus pandemic but also because it
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faces the challenges of the transition to more environmentally friendly vehicles macro has said the car industry is one of france's main economic sectors that's why the government is stepping in to try to help revive it in april and a sales fell by nearly 90 percent so what he wants to do is try and encourage people to buy cars so he revealed a certain amount of measures he revealed that people will have access to financial incentives or bonuses if you like you to buy electric or hybrid vehicles also to change their old calls for less polluting new cars that also be hundreds of millions of dollars invested into car makers to upgrade to modernize their production lines to also make them more ecological if you like so that they can produce more electric cars and more money invested in research for electric and hybrid vehicles. spain has declared a 10 day mourning period to remember nearly 30000 people during the pandemic flags
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will be across the country from wednesday in honor of the dead period will end with an official memorial ceremony spain has confirmed more than $235000.00 cases of coronavirus so far. in the u.k. a junior government minister has quit over the controversy surrounding top advisor dominic cummings cross-country trip during the coronavirus lock down the prime minister bros johnson has defended cummings to find calls to quit or to apologize he travelled with his family from london to northeast england that was in march well his wife who had 19 symptoms barca has more from london. it's been a really untimely distraction for the government when it's trying to set its sights on easing restrictions something that it's hoping to do on the 1st of june on the words but there's a tremendous amount of anger still directed towards dominic cummings despite his lengthy explanation in the garden of number 10 downing street on monday many feel
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that he he spotted a detail in the small print of regulations that justified his several 100 kilometer mile a kilometer trip to the north east of england at the height of restrictions in march and many feel that there is a rule for the political elite and there's a role for other people and as results there's been a tremendous fallout not just for opposition m.p.'s but also from m.p.'s within the ruling conservative party who continue to pile the pressure on the prime minister to force a resignation from dominic cummings or to sack him and we've seen already in protests one junior conservative minister resign that minister is a conservative m.p. in scotland we have a clearly seeing m.p. some across the political divide talking to each other because dominic cummings is a divisive figure going back several years he was the chief architect of the vote leave campaign he polarizes opinions when it comes to his style and his politics
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but the focus now is very much on what the country should do next however the prime minister's own ratings have been dented significantly over the past few days only 2 weeks ago according to one poll his popularity rating was in the early twenty's according to the same poll now after defending dominic cummings it stands minus 2 are now part of the national well the flourishing during coronavirus lockdowns here in qatar it's having a positive effect on wildlife from welsh odds to turtles and hundreds of species of birds stephanie decker has a story. every sunset off the coast of cats are a little bit of magic happens. thousands of course return to this island where they spend their nights. these beautiful images were taken by dr mussen. a qatari marine environmentalist we joined him on one of his recent
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trips he shows us the different species of birds we were these are herons like me when i fix the camera on the new so. it's there for me. so i can do something you know how to protect them from from the future. if you seem to know just how rich catarrh is in wildlife there are at least 200 species of birds and as we get closer to this little eyelet. they keep circling above us. and this is incredibly beautiful what they're actually doing because defensive behavior because of a little island that they are that they are resting on for they're going to get off . to move and this northern part of cattle really not many people come here and so really nature left to itself. huge restrictions on movement due to the coronavirus
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there are hardly any boats on the water anymore and it's having an impact have you observed a change in nature due to corona and less people on the water less people out. anybody with even the vision you can see a clear sky everywhere the water to become more clear more fierce coming close to the area and. tell us one thing where does. the. captain ahmed navigate the waters for us he works for the wildlife protection unit in the ministry of the environment he tells. since the pandemic started nature has blossomed. we spot flamingos casually strolling the shallow waters for food. but the sun is starting to set and we have to go on. we don't want to miss the main event. it is quite
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a spectacle. thousands of cormorants have been feeding all around cataract out the day and now is as the sun is setting coming back to where they spend the night. and it's incredible to see they're just flying over our heads thousands and thousands of them. it continues until the sun disappears and in the dark we stumble across one last treat do you want to up here oh yeah then back on the 3rd of the north with we've been if this will come again to us tonight oh well yeah but maybe he will come out on by with the high 30 that in total egg hatching season starts now and all these areas are protected we're told to walk and a lot of support has been given by the ministry of municipality and environment people are now aware of the importance of wildlife so the result has been great and the numbers of birds and turtles have increased. as many of us are forced to stay
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home there are less cars less airplanes less boats less pollution and it seems at least here in this part of catch our the natural world is thankful stephanie decker al-jazeera of the qatari coast. plenty more web site of course odds are dot com is the address all the news we covering is right there. so this is out there these are the top stories and there is the world health organization says now is not the time to restrictions across the americas as it says the region is the new epi center of covert 19 but it's growing into lockdown protests across the region with poor people saying that they are the ones suffering the most. a warning the collapse of the health care system in venezuela could make the pandemic worse across latin america public health experts say if people are
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forced to seek treatment in other countries it could increase the spread of the virus a latin america editor lucien human has more from chile's capital of santiago. at this hour the donors conference that you just mentioned is still under way with european nations and international lending institutions taking part as well as the presidents of peru ecuador and colombia the countries that have the largest number of venezuelan migrants we understand that up to $2000000000.00 is the aim and that they're getting pretty close to that now and they're going to need every single penny russia says it backs an immediate cease fire and told to form a united governing body in libya as the u.s. accuse russia of deploying more fighter jets to help the libyan war would he for have to in his attempt to topple the un recognized government tripoli has been a major withdrawal of must varies from southern tripoli many of whom were russian government says his forces found large amounts of ammunition left behind by the
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ministries to be fighting on behalf of. hong kong as the leader is trying to ease fears about beijing's plan to security low its appeal for people to wait for the details and promises the legislation will not trample on home cones rights and freedoms the protesters say the proposals will spell the end of the current one country 2 systems arrangement of governing. china is preparing to repatriate its citizens in as corona virus infections that increase its embassy in new delhi told people of the plan on monday and they have until wednesday to register to leave those suspected or diagnoses with coronavirus will not be able to go back. with headlines here and one news coming up right after inside story.
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2 major powers one disputed himalayan border india and china blaming each other for confrontations over the past month but why is this happening now and could the tension trigger a military conflict this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm bernard smith trouble is brewing up the roof of the world india and china both claim territory along the him a liar.


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