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al-jazeera where every. brazilian say they feel abandoned by their government and made warnings the country's death toll could climb 5 fold by august. results are live from london i'm sure you navigate also ahead and as well and who fled their country's economic crisis say the pandemic has left them so desperate they want to return home. emanuel mccraw unveils an $8800000000.00 plan to revive the french auto industry by making it europe's top
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a clean car producer. for minneapolis police officers are fired over the death of a black man after video emerges of a white policeman dealing on his that. fellow concern is growing at the potential scale of the corona virus outbreak in latin america the continent is nearing 150000 deaths in the world health organization says the spread is still accelerating in brazil peru and chile brazil is of particular concern as it now has the 2nd highest number of infections in the world and the u.s. study is warning its total number of deaths could multiply 5 fold by early august terrorism go has this report. away from the sandy beaches of rio there's any we've got a national on fabiano the kind that are i trying to locate patients in they've 1115
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. we have just recovered from 1000 themselves and are now working on their day off to help those in need. of full most cases were not serious so this way we could help them to going to people where to go with visiting people and also to see their problems in their homes small houses with not a lot of airflow we could give an overall guidance on care and cleaning. as the amount of cases of coal with 1000 continues to rise in brazil these doctors believe that early detection is crucial to saving lives. that's why they have turned this somber school into a temporary office story coming to these people have been historically abandoned by society and politicians they have no access to public health care and cannot afford medicines that is why we are here for. people like that the end of the sources say they have been abandoned by the government than you and makes you scared very
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scared there are a lot of people who believe the virus is a lie from the politicians but it's not a lie we know what we're talking about my neighbor had it and recovered i have other friends infected a friend died it's very sad. the demographic density in the favelas increases the chances of catching covert 19. in the past few days human rights activists have denounced a change in the body removal protocols what once was a public service now depends on the relatives of the deceased where you reach such after 27 hours a body was removed from this house it is absurd what the state is doing with people who do not even have a chance to bury their dead. it's all happening as brazil is caught in a political crisis that has polarized the country between those who believe the way out is by imposing a lockdown and those like president. who want to open up the economy the
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fight has forced governors to clash with water. on tuesday the police raided the residence of rio's governor wilson read cell who is being investigated for corruption in the handling of covert 1000 vets has said on twitter also not o. is using the federal police to attack him. caught in the middle of the dispute are the victims of brazil's political system which is failing to protect those who are in need of help the most. well among those worst hit by line america's worsening corona virus outbreak are venezuelans who fled the economic and political breakdown in their country since 20145000000 people have left that's nearly as many as the total displayed displaced excuse me from syria at the height of the war and the venezuelans were escaping from a lack of basic supplies such as food and medicine under president nicolas maduro who's no longer recognized as the legitimate leader by some countries some of which
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have also imposed sanctions most refugees were welcomed by neighbors with peru and colombia taking the most but the pandemic has put a serious strain on resources and many are desperate to go back home and now at a video conference led by the european union and the u.n. more than 60 countries have pledged $3400000000.00 in emergency aid to help them we have given an example of solidarity with those who were marching in the tunnel of think get food minister we have. 2544000000 in contributions from participants nearly 600000000 in donations is fain has contributed 50000000 which will be dispersed over the next 3 years with an initial disbursement of 20000000 this year or line america to china sea and human reports from chile's capital on how the pandemic is making life worse
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for migrants in many countries. john kind of shows us where he's been camped for weeks with his wife in sydney in the little daughter outside of the colombian consulate in santiago along with dozens of other families they pass the time and the cold as best they can waiting for help from their government settlement that will break. this is precarious the way our politicians count on us for votes we need now to count on them to bring us home. but if not far away peruvian migrants testart temperature before allowing us in to see their open air camp outside proves consulate they too want help to return home because the pandemic has less than jobless and destitute much of freedom it's freezing there are no bathrooms for me sleep on cold cement but by far the largest number of foreigners who've lost their livelihoods other than his whalen's who make of chile's newest and largest migrant community. for 2 months hundreds of men women
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and children have been living like this outside of the consulate. in the pandemic started president nicolas maduro sent airplanes to repatriate those who wanted to leak but now the doors of the consulate are shocked right. we have nothing left anymore we're living from charity and getting desperate and not to be from our government we are undocumented and we can't ask chile for help. the u.n. special representative for venezuelan migrants and refugees system of government is laying out conditions for people to return one is a quarantine period at the border and the other is more of a long low lying. more. of the investigation of who is coming back. what would be the true motivations for that richard that you
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believe is slowing down the number of people that they're allowing back in yes but yes. every day more people arrive at the camp trying to find comfort in numbers around the corner the venezuelans are beginning to be tested now for coronavirus either way a group of them we understand will be placed in quarantine so that they will be ready if and when venezuela's government sends an airplane to get them but the real question is what will happen to them once they get oh. they tell us they know that the economic insanity situation in venezuela is worse than in chile but they argue that if they have to die of coronavirus or hunger they'd rather it be in their country of birth close to their families and not in a faraway stranger that. you see in human al-jazeera sente out. of the pandemic has now killed more than 1000 people across the united states by far the worst affected nation in the world the country has seen 1600000 confirmed
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coronavirus cases the u.s. government has clamping down on travel from the 2nd worst country brazil any foreigners who have been there in the previous 14 days will now be denied entry bring in mike hanna he's joining us from washington d.c. so as the u.s. approaches that grim milestone of 100000 deaths mike what's the president saying. well the situation at the moment is that there is a general play turk ross united states but of great concern is the fact that in at least 12 states there has been an uptick in cases of coronavirus now half of the states are in fact one sect were part of the early opening wave states such as florida tennessee and certainly this is a cause for huge concern seeing the. states which has had early opening compared to the other states within south africa within the united states
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now also one must remember that here in washington d.c. itself there has been also an uptake in the number of cases this despite the fact that some of the mitigating measures are going to be eased on friday and earlier in the day the president's press secretary announced that the president really wanted to push ahead with holding the g. 7 summit here in d.c. face to face at the end of next month certainly once again president trump insisting that he wants to go ahead with the summit in person his press secretary saying that nothing would symbolize the united states opening up more than hosting the g. 7 summit within washington d.c. itself this though as i say at a time when a number of states have opened early are showing an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus and meanwhile mike the president himself has been busy on twitter and he was giving a press conference a short time ago what do you have to say. well what's very interesting with
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a trip to situation is that for the 1st time twitter itself has put a fact check warning on a number of the president's tweets now these treats deal with mail in voting the president has been on a campaign in recent days and weeks to completely stop any form of mail order voting he has described this as completely fraudulent twitter has now put up a label on his tweets saying that these facts need to be checked. directing readers to the new sites which explain why these claims by the president are incorrect now this follows as well earlier in the day a particular target of the president in recent weeks has been a local morning show host who started died when he was a congressperson a number of years ago now president trump put out a tweet saying alleging that he had been responsible of murder now the wife of that
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staffer has sent a letter to twitter to the c.e.o. asking that these tweets be taken down as it's extremely depressing for the family to read this about a case that was closed years ago so certainly president trump and his twitter world is facing a lot of pushback from the forum itself ok mike thank you very much for that update you're watching are just there are coming up in just a moment pressure continues to mount on the u.k. prime minister boris johnson to sack his top adviser for defying government lockdown rules russia as a bank to cease fire and after it's accused of sending more fighter jets to support warlords many of the. how i was still got more blustery was pushing through the great australian bite
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this is what remains of what was trouble side. a few showers just rolling across south australia pushing towards victoria towards poor ferry as we go on through why just a chance to want to show shall is just around that is decide in the south wales was sydney up towards byron bay much of australia's looking fine and dry notice we still got some lively showers up towards the pilbara up towards kimberley still got some showers just making their way into southern parts of the way for a time that'll make its way a little further races 20 celsius in perth not too bad by day but as we go into the weekend watch out the temperatures overnight will be falling into single figures say so chilly nice to watch out for not. a bit of cloud showers now moving away from the north and that will brighten up quite nicely over the next couple of days and we've got showers moving away from japan so again brightening up nicely here as well will be a few showers imply across northern parts of honshu up towards the car there was a go on through wednesday for the seasonal rains down into the fosse out of china
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a single little further south which as we go through thursday more in the way of sunshine coming through one of 2 showers around the korean peninsula but fine and dry for japan. for. the 1st glimpse of the challenges faced by journalists in the donald trump we are fighting the fake fake phony the enemy of the people through the eyes of a veteran white house correspondent what do you base your facts on the press is not after trump is after. we're not the enemy of the people we are the people u.s.a. the current battle ground truth is it anyways. the. the.
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other guy on the top stories on al-jazeera a study is warning that brazil's total death toll from the corona virus could climb 5 fold by early august it comes as the world health organization says the pandemic is still accelerating across much of latin america. many venezuelan migrants stranded in neighboring countries are now desperate to return to say they're struggling to survive as car virus infections rise rapidly in their host countries . the death toll for the pandemic in the u.s. now stands at more than 98000 with over 1600000 confirmed cases. we're turning to our top story the pandemic outbreak in brazil earlier i spoke to the governor of south palo states joe doria i started by asking him how he's
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enforcing virus restrictions while the country's presidential you're both so narrow sense the conflicting message. here in some paulo we we have a social he's a lation we are 2 months and a half into social he's relation and asking people to stay home and use mosques that's still all to use mosques and now so asking people to stay at home but unfortunately the position of presidents both on audio is completely different is us going to the people to go to the streets. making very bad example leaving us in brazil that without a mask and asking people to use chloroquine so we are very concerned about that is not just my road but also we have other 26 governors in brazil all these recalled mandamus so show us all asian
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against the position of the president of brazil is a very sad moment to us because we have to come back to a virus the current a virus and unfortunately the bo'sun out of virus so does this not all really complicate the fight against the virus if there isn't a coordinated government program and you don't have the support of the president's became more difficult you're right of course could be much better if we could have in brazil just one way the right way to protect lives to save lives and to follow their health the world health organization as we are doing here in sao paulo unfortunately that's not the position of president of brazil and how is this filtering to people on the ground because as you're saying and the president himself is urging people to go to work some state governors including yourself yourself are telling people not to go to work so clearly there's
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a conflicting message. yes conflict in masses. very sad and difficult moment that we are fighting against here in sao paulo brazil but fortunately here the population of some polish state we have here 46000000 people living here in some paulo almost 55 percent of the people are following their rights. and they are you staying at home using mosques following the orientation of the right orientation of the state government but then for a cli when they watch television at night they see the president of brazil without a mask asking people to go to the streets asking people to go to war. in opposition of their correct orientation that is stay at home and protect themselves and protect lives so that was the governor of south paulo
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speaking to me earlier on well as fears grow that the corona virus is spreading almost unchecked in war torn yemen the u.n. is warning that its aid efforts are close to breaking point even before the virus struck around 80 percent of the population relied on humanitarian assistance now the u.n. refugee agency says desperate families are turning to begging child labor and under age marriage to try to survive. we're reaching a potential breaking point in our programs where if we don't receive funding soon many of our programs and security are. to internally displaced young and human use may have to stop and that could have a severe impact on. some 1000000 people who many of whom rely on these programs to meet them most basic needs including shelter and from food food
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and medicines across europe many countries are continuing to ease their virus restrictions as new infections decline but in the u.k. the political storm over a top government advisors cross-country trip during the lockdown shows he signs of dying down new bark or reports from london. just coming in for you trying to find out should he stay or should he go dominic cummings may have shared his side of the story for the anger surrounding his trip from london to the northeast of england defying the government's own lockdown rules isn't going away newspapers on the right and left of politics a saying the same thing no apology no regrets reads one no regrets no apology the other meanwhile politicians from the governing conservatives and opposition parties are piling pressure on the prime minister to sack his chief advisor one junior government minister resigned in protest there are aspects of cummings explanation
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that i have trouble with he tweeted the government is now desperately trying to refocus attention on what it's achieved including the announcement that britain would provide the antiviral drug does appear to some covert 19 sufferers welcome this is probably. the biggest step forward in the treatment of corona virus since the crisis began these are very early steps but we determined to support the science and back the projects that show promise the governments expended an awful lot of political capital defending dominic cummings only 2 weeks ago the prime minister's approval rating according to one poll was 25 percent after supporting his chief advisor it's now in negative figures at a time when the government's trying to inspire public confidence in other parts of europe people are adjusting to a relaxing of restrictions but it goes the next year but the russian president vladimir putin says his nation's past the peak of inspections despite recording his
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highest daily death toll. flags in the spanish capital madrid were lowered ahead of 10 days of mourning for the victims of covert 19 as the pandemic appears to be winding down people are left counting the economic cost. a group of restaurant chefs gathered outside of a spanish parliament demanding more financial aid for a sector hardest hit by the lock down in germany the government agreed to extend social distancing restrictions until june the 29th after a round between federal and state authorities over how fast to ease the lock down the government also agreed to a $9800000000.00 bailout for its national carrier. officials there want to lift a travel warning for 31 european countries for mid june the major travel slumps left even the strongest airline struggling. in the u.k. is restrictions ease life returning to london's parks and tennis courts with
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a few more rules on how many people can play in the absence of a vaccine life after lockdowns likely to be governed by far more regulations rules meant for everyone leave barca al-jazeera london. french president emmanuel my car has announced an $8800000000.00 investment fund to support his country's auto industry sector employees hundreds of thousands of people in france with roughly 30 vehicle and parts factories around the country that are so butler and paris has more. well over the past few weeks the french government is known to series of rescue plans for various economic sectors in france with a tourism culture business and now the car industry the french president tomorrow might call so as the car industry is in crisis not just because of the current virus pandemic but also because it faces the challenge of transitioning to more
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ecologically friendly physicals elemental my call and i was to series of a multi-billion dollar measures to try and revive the industry he said that people customers would be given financial incentives to buy electric or hybrid calls and billions of dollars will be spent on car makers production lines to make them more modern and to favor electric vehicles the french president wants to make france a leader when it comes to clean a calls is that they don't interest you to live in the next phase of the car industry is a world of electric motors the next phase is driverless calls whole country music becomes incarnation of the technology. made it very clear that this kind of government aid doesn't come without any strings attached he has also french carmakers to give a certain amount of guarantees and commitments he's looking that car makers treat their supplies more thoroughly that they focus on building more electric vehicles
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in the they keep as much production as possible in france rather than moving it to low cost countries in particular when it comes to high tech research says that when it comes to the car industry he wants a lot more made in france. hundreds of protesters are out on the streets in the u.s. city of minneapolis expressing their anger at the death of a black man in police custody 4 police officers have been sacked over his death a video posted on social media showed an officer kneeling on the man's neck before he eventually stopped breathing it's the latest example of police brutality against african-americans here's john hendren with more. it has happened again in america a black man in police custody pleads for help as he struggles to bree what he wants to bring. these are the images on a minneapolis street the man cries out in pain
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a policeman's knee on his neck. i. haven't. even heard. george floyd accused of check forgery is pressed down his face bloody splinter groups but the for. him to enter. the bystanders plead with the officer he was lucky that he later dies in police custody it is the latest incident of a deadly confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video they would at least kill them you just really feel damn near broke and the police spokesman describes the death in sterile language family get the suspect in the here. and realize that the suspect was suffering a medical distress the city's mayor calls the death unacceptable being black in america should not be
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a death sentence for survive minutes we watched as a white officer pressed his knee into the neck of a black man for 5 minutes the scene bears an eerie resemblance to a 2014 incident in new york city where another black man eric garner says his last words to the police officers restraining him i can't breathe after officers were cleared the guard case led to protests across the u.s. police say george floyd had been resisting arrest bystanders said the force was clearly excessive and when it comes to excessive force in the u.s. the pendulum has increasingly swung away from police in toward the alleged victim. officer jason van dyke is now serving a 7 year prison term for this 2014 shooting in chicago with luke kwan mcdonald.
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now protesters have printed new signs with the same familiar words i can't breathe john hendren al jazeera chicago russia says it backs an immediate cease fire and talks to form a united governing body in libya after the u.s. accuse moscow deploying more fighter jets to help libya warlords and if i have to add in his attempt to topple the un recognized government in tripoli there's been a major withdrawal of mercenaries from southern tripoli many of whom were russian or that there had in tripoli says it appears russia is still feeling the conflict. on the libyan side if the speaker of the to build bridges to burn the parliament that's the poor have to the parliament is calling for a political solution but on the ground there are waging fears about against the internationally recognized government and you know that the death toll is huge including civilians women and children on the russian level it's also concern that
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is some kind of irony sergey lavrov told i get us on the speaker of the libyan parliament today that there is no military solution to the libyan crisis but meanwhile russia is fueling the conflict on the ground according to the u.s. africa command russia has recently introduced advanced a 4th generation fighter jets to be fighting get in favor of the world have to again as the internationally recognized government. hong kong's leader is trying to ease fears about china's new security laws kerry law has appealed for people to wait for details and promise the legislation won't trample on hong kong's rights and freedoms but protesters say the proposals would spell the end of the one country 2 systems approach china says the law is expected to ban what it sees as treason secessionists addition and subversion which campaigners fear will include protests. and the u.k.'s guardian newspaper says
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a planned $300000000.00 saudi funded takeover of english football club newcastle united appears to be in serious doubts it comes after the world trade organization ruled that saudi arabia is behind a pirate t.v. service that offers illegal access to sporting events including the premier league which newcastle plays in it could mean the concerts him aiming to take over the club fails the league's test of who can buy into a club. time for a check on the headlines on al jazeera there is growing resistance to lockdowns across latin america where the w.h.o. says the pandemic is still accelerating protesters in chile in ecuador say poor people are receiving little government supports many venezuelan migrants stranded in neighboring countries or are desperate to return they say they're struggling to survive as corona virus infections rise rapidly in their host countries.
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and the death toll for the pandemic in the u.s. now stands at more than 98000 with over 1600000 confirmed cases. as fears grow that the corona virus is spreading almost unchecked in war torn yemen the un is warning that its aid efforts are close to breaking point even before the virus struck around 80 percent of the population relied on humanitarian assistance now the un refugee agency says desperate families are turning to begging child labor and underage marriage to try to survive. we're reaching a potential breaking point in our programs where if we don't receive that funding soon many of our crow grounds and particularly our trash is just. too internally displaced young and human use may have to stop and that could have a severe impact on the. some 1000000 people who many of whom rely on
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these programs to meet their most basic needs including shelter from food food and medicine. the french president a man who had my car has announced an 8800000000 dollar investment fund to support his country's auto industry the sector employees hundreds of thousands of people in france with roughly 30 vehicle and parts factories around the country like ross says autonomous and electric cars will be the focus after the coronavirus crisis. russia says it backs an immediate cease fire and talks to form a united governing body in libya that's after the u.s. accused moscow deploying more fighter jets to help libyan warlords fight if i have to in his attempt to topple the un recognized government in tripoli those of headlines whose truth is anyway the usa the current battleground coming up next to the old use their own. let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in
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hostilities in yemen we listen this is the moment you stop all the 30 action this is the moment to concentrate on fighting we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories the soldiers 0. and i want you all to know that we are fighting the fake. phony the enemy of the people and this president has undermined us from the very beginning he's called this enemies of the people he has told us that we are fake media and he is trying to undermine and drive a wedge between the electorate and the fake news is creating. if the media can't be trusted to report the news then that's a dangerous place for america what you just did.


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