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where individual sacrifice makes way for the good of those who come after. i or purpose. this one is ours. the and the and the and. the rest seem hongkong as police stock step in to quell anti-government protests. they are watching al-jazeera live from our world headquarters in doha fully back t. ball also ahead a special tribute begins in spain for nearly 30000 people who've died from coronavirus tanzania's government is accused of sending out the wrong messages about covert 19 encountering up
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a crisis and he was one of the world's most wanted men a decision is due in france on where a top suspect in the one genocide should be tried. police in hong kong have fired tear gas and used pepper spray as demonstrations escalate in the heart of the city. protesters are angry at the legislative council which is debating a bill that could see people jailed for mocking china's national anthem and also rallying against a security law proposed by beijing activists insist it will mean the end of hong kong's freedom and rights but probation politicians say it's necessary to defend against what they call homegrown terrorists. i think people need to recognize that our separate systems is based on our ability to national sovereignty
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security and developmental interests if we become a threat to national security or a base for subversive activities the separate systems cannot be maintained so and harnessing national security protection is the best way to preserve our suppressors those and our support way of life we can see the c.c.p. is trying to suppress or affecting people in more serious so. we're trying to safeguard the human we're trying to see right now we want to be sure. al-jazeera is adrian brown has more now from the central business district of hong kong where the protests have been taking place. just after lunchtime there were skirmishes running skirmishes between police and protesters right here in the heart of the central business district it's where the upmarket
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boutiques 5 star hotels and fancy office blocks are the police used pepper spray as well as pepper balls to disperse the crowds after about an hour they managed to do that now there have been a large number of arrests i have to say i've just watched a long queue of police a scorching protesters down a flight of stairs and of course for those people who've been arrested if they're young it means that university prospects career prospects are now in jeopardy because according to the police people taking part in an assembly today taking part in what they deemed to be an illegal assembly and potentially potentially they face up to 5 years in jail if they are convicted now this skirmish here in the center of hong kong happened as the local legislature was about to begin a debate on a new national anthem law for hong kong this would in future if it's passed that it will be passed because the legislature has the arithmetic it would make it an
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offense to destroy a specter you know booed during the national anthem the march of the volunteers of course hong kong has the same national anthem as the mainland and mainland politicians have been incensed by recent events where the national anthem has been booed had sporting events but today's protests of course also comes ahead of another significant development on thursday when china's rebel scrubber stamp parliament the national people's congress is expected to pass draft a draft resolution which will allow a new security law to be imposed on hong kong and that security law could potentially restrict the sorts of protests that we've seen happening here in hong kong on wednesday afternoon. in other world news a 10 day mourning period is beginning in spain to pay tribute to the nearly $30000.00 people who have died sharing the coronavirus pandemic france will be
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lowered across the country and in the coming hours be a minute's silence to remember the dead spain is one of the hardest hit countries in europe with more than 236000 cases of the virus live to modern hero in madrid for a smarter they'd been a lot of criticism of the government from the opposition for not paying tribute to the victims of the pandemic and the spanish government not trying to correct this tell us about way you offer us and what's going to be happening. yes we are just in front of madrid towns whole this is the epicenter of the pandemic only in madrid 68000 off one of our people infected from corona virus has been reduced so as you mentioned fully spanish government has declared a 10 day of official mourning to pay tribute to the over. over sorry 30000 people of the 2 old all the people that have. 30000
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people that have died from in fact it's not 30027 over 27000 people that have died from 19 in spain so there during this 10 days of official mourning is the longest morning period in the history of spanish democracy and during this period of time all the official buildings the navy ships will fly the flags at half assed and after these figures of time one goes back to normal after all the looked on measures are east official ceremony will be held by the head of state the spanish king philip the 6th ok as he said march the death toll has been revised it's not over 30000 but some 27000 people have died which is still a very high number and also the toll on the health care workers in spain has been particularly high.
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yes as spain has the largest number of health care workers in infected from coronavirus worldwide just to make a comparison to spain has a 20 percent of health care workers in faint infected out of the 236000 of people who have been infected from cover 19 and italy just has 10 percent the china has a 3.8 and the u.s. has. 8 percent so this is a very high number we have to remember that we've been running out of personal protective equipment and we didn't have enough test to to to reduce to all the people that have been infected that we're going back to work with no guarantees of the safety measures not knowing if they were infected so the spanish government yesterday in the cabinet meeting decided to concede dirt work accident all these people that have died of our are infected from cover 19 in the health care sector thank you very much for that much to have everyone live for us in madrid.
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now to tanzania where schools universities and sporting events are set to restart next week. opposition politicians accuse the government of covering up a crisis and the world health organization says there's been a lack of transparency in tanzania's handling of the outbreak. of the beaches in dar es salaam and getting busy again. tanzania didn't have strict lockdown measures like some of its neighbors and now it's lifting them. president john mica food we encourage people to gather and pray in churches and mosques to fight the coronavirus crowds came out for the eve alpharetta celebration on sunday . still exists and we need to protect ourselves washing our hands with soap and wearing masks although i haven't worn
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a mask now but corona exists the government hasn't released much data for the last month and says the numbers of new cases are going down 0 the opposition says the government can't be trusted activists to share videos like this one on social media showing burials at night they say the government's hiding coronavirus death the ministry of health has since said the night burials should stop we don't trust the government figures the news believe. in pandemic is not so the government response was their ability supported disappointing very underwhelming and we have so much warning that the times and years will be lost. this is one of the main hospitals for cope with 19 patients in dar es salaam nobody's allowed to film any of them the government denies reports the hospitals are overwhelmed with cases activists have been arrested for challenging the
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government's account. some prevention measures are in place but for the large part it's business as usual the u.s. embassy has said evidence suggests the pandemic is growing exponentially in the city president magath has consistently played it down. here. but of the night at the results of if you lock someone up in a house according to the literature we have read the day you let him out his immunity would have reduced by 30 percent so allowing continued interaction helped us build immunity and this will help us fight diseases. to freedoms to pray and trade a popular among many times a near. lock downs have been devastating for the poor neighboring countries but here it's still not clear what the cost of those freedoms will be malcolm webb al-jazeera. a decision is expected in the coming hours on whether iran then
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genocide suspects will be handed over to un custody if so form a businessman philip will go on trial at an international court is accused of helping finance the mass killings in 1994 and was arrested in paris after 26 years on the run reports london businessmen. in the capital kigali in 19931 year before the genocide he's accused of helping to finance could google is alleged to have funded the ethnic cuzzi militias the killed at least 800000 ethnic tutsis and moderate hutus in a 100 days could be legal was of knowledge for more than a quarter of a century is arrest in paris earlier this month has been welcomed by genocide survivors like sons in mana. it's a major arrest but of course one must respect the presumption of innocence he was one of the main figures of the old rhonda and he was wanted on several charges so
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it's a huge relief that he's been cote who was indicted by un courts and genocide charges in 1997 so decades he evaded investigators in africa and europe before he was finally caught in france. french investigators surveyed children online and discovered the one of them rented in the parliament in this building in the paris suburb of an e-mail source saying when police raided the home they found could be good now 84 years old it is believed that he was living here for at least 4 years with a false identity colonel eric m a whole led the investigation. during the lockdown our investigators were working from home so they had more time to focus on this case to truck phones and locations and we began to survey one location in we believe he was in the apartment but won't serve until we open the door we carried out a d.n.a. test to confirm it was him the paris school to decide whether to hand google to
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u.n. custody he could face a tradition to tanzania to face trial in an international court also likely he would be transferred to the hangar and then transferred to our shot to face trial but it is still possible that the valid ity of the r.s. warrant it would be a challenge and that the court will accept that argument it's unclear how one of the world's most wanted men was able to evade justice for so long if google does face trial it may provide some answers it might also shed light on the extent to which the who wanted genocide was planned and officer vive as a sense that after so many years justice is finally being served the trash about al-jazeera paris still ahead on al-jazeera league mornings about the coronavirus pandemic in latin america and predictions of a 5 fold increase in brazil. and
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a music star remember and what happened was on trade lives to america. allan the big european picture for weather is settled down the west east sort of idea in the east as more as a northerly brazen a lot of cloud keeping things relatively cool further west it's basically high pressure a lot of sunshine the result is fairly obvious temperatures are rising and the sun is out there are a few showers around but not many the disappointing ones are where you got temps in the teens and just reaching 20 all the way down to greece i mean this is not good really for late may and early june but it's not going to change the time soon the heat is extending the temperature lift in temperatures particularly in france both fall and also scotland will see temperatures in the twenty's is pretty good for may
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and example border on the warmest places in western europe 32 degrees the average is 23 we don't record rallies but we're not that far off that's for the next 3 or 4 days there's still a breeze coming out of the measure rainy in which could produce a few showers in the air as mountains in morocco and algeria even lower land towards tunisia and the onshore breeze binns temperature in the twenty's typically along the north coast as for proper wet weather what is forming in nigeria and further west in africa particularly in sierra leone freetown could be a very wet place for the next 2 days. as the world fights the corona pandemic we're learning more about this every day it's a new and your new join our global community it's up to us on how we come together to fight. your questions can i just recently directly that's coming on on you tube
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as you're saying i'm concerned about the front line phone that's a great question that keeping you up to date and we've seen countries and beating back the stream on 00. the in the. the in. welcome back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera hong kong police have fired tear gas as demonstrations escalate protesters are angry at a proposed law that could see people jailed for walking china's national anthem a 10 day mourning period is beginning in spain to pay tribute to the nearly $30000.00 people who've died during the coronavirus pandemic fried's will be know
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it across the country and in the coming hours they'll be a minutes of silence and in tanzania schools and universities are expected to resume next week as the country begins the next restrictions to slow the spread of covert 19 opposition politicians accuse the government of hiding the truth about the operating. now police in the u.s. have fired tear gas to disperse protesters calling for justice over the death of an unarmed black man while in custody in the city of minneapolis it was widespread outrage when a video emerged showing an officer pinning a man identified as george foyt to the ground using his knee the officers involved have been fired and the f.b.i. is now investigating that calls for them to face criminal charges john hendren has this report which contains images that some of you may find distressing. protesters gathered by the hundreds to mark the death of another unarmed black man in police
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custody it happened a day after an all too familiar american seen rebuffed by a black man pleads for help is he struggles to bring what you want i can read. these are the images on a minneapolis street the man cries out in pain a policeman's knee on his neck there are you know. i. never. even heard. george floyd accused of chick forgery is pressed down his face bloody my stomach but big or. anything or. bystanders plead with the officers was a body that was likely he later died in police custody it is the latest incident of a deadly confrontation between a white police officer and a black man captured on video yonder would really help them in these maybe you'll get me to both the city's police chief says he's been a sleepless night deciding what to do then fired the 4 officers at the scene i
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stand before you in the city of minneapolis here to say that our deepest condolences to the city's mayor calls the death unacceptable being black in america should not be a death sentence for stiva minutes we watched as a white officer. pressed his knee into the neck of a black man for 5 minutes the scene bears an eerie resemblance to a 2014 incident in new york city where another black man eric garner says his last words to the police officers restraining him i can't breathe after officers were cleared the guard case led to protests across the us police say george floyd had been resisting arrest bystanders said the force was clearly excessive and when it comes to excessive force in the us the pendulum has increasingly swung away from
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police into ward the alleged victim officer jason van dyke is now serving a 7 year prison term for this 2014 shooting in chicago with luke kwan mcdonald each week animals battle black lives once again demonstrators massed as they've done after similar incidents in new york chicago baltimore in ferguson missouri to demand justice for african-americans across the u.s. and for the police said whose hands george floyd died john hendren al-jazeera chicago now the u.s. president has run into trouble with his favorite form of mass communication twitter has labeled 2 tweets on donald trump's official account as misleading and refers uses to a fact check page says a social media company's new policy is stifling free speech and interfering with this u.s. presidential election in afraid is the chief technology correspondent at the news website axels and says it's taken the social media giant
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a long time to act on these types of tweets. there are 2 areas where twitter has said specifically they would be more aggressive one of those is misinformation around the virus so we've seen them take action against the brazilian president over that and then also on election misinformation so this is one of the 2 areas where they said they'd be more aggressive that said they have never taken action in 3 and a half years of presidential tweets and there have been plenty that have been misleading this is the 1st time that they've labeled it so it's still a major moment i think there's been a lot of pressure but initially if you remember in 201617188 lot of the focus was on needed in authentic behavior so outside of the u.s. influences on election so whether it was russia or china or whomever it was other countries using bots attempting to interfere the more recent issue has to do with misinformation but intentional by individuals so it's not you know authentic
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behavior it's actually president term it's just that the information itself it's false and the platforms have been much less able to deal with this it's much easier for them to take a look at you know a 1000 bots that are repeating the same thing and saying ok that's definitely not allowed where it gets harder is when you have the actual president whether it's brazil's president tweeting misinformation 'd about the coronavirus or president trump tweeting false information about the election that is much harder. returning now to the coronavirus crisis in the world health organization is warning of a surge in call the 19 infections in brazil peru and chile as a region becomes a new global at the center of the pandemic brazil as america's worst affected country with nearly 400000 confirmed cases and a study is warning its death toll could climb 5 fold by august testable reports.
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away from the sandy beaches of rio we rational and that are trying to locate covert patients in the of 1110 favela. we have just recovered from 1000 them selves and are now working on their day off to help those in need. hospitals are full most cases were not serious so this way we could help them to going to people where to go with visiting people and also to see their problems in their homes small houses with not a lot of air flow we could give an overall guidance ok and cleaning. as the amount of cases of calls with $1000.00 continues to rise in brazil these doctors believe that early detection is crucial to saving lives. that's why they have turned this somebody school into a temporary office story coming to phone these people have been historically abandoned by society and politicians they have no access to public health care a cannot afford medicines that is why we are here. people like that the end of the
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sources say they have been abandoned by the government than you and makes you scared very scared there are a lot of people who believe the virus is a lie from the politicians but it's not a lie we know what we're talking about my neighbor had it and recovered i have other friends infected a friend died it's very sad. the demographic density in the last increases the chances of catching covert 19. in the past few days human rights activists have to know. a change in the body removal protocols what once was a public service now depends on the relatives of the deceased where you reach such after 27 hours a body was removed from this house it is absurd what the state is doing with people who do not even have a chance to bury their dead. it's all happening as brazil is caught in a political crisis that has polarized the country between those who believe the way
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out is by imposing a lockdown and those like president who want to open up the economy the fight has forced governors to clash with water. on tuesday the police raided the residence of rio's governor wilson reed cell who is being investigated for corruption in the handling of covert 1000 vets has said on twitter also not o. is using the federal police to attack him. caught in the middle of the dispute are the victims of brazil's political system which is failing to protect those who are in need of help the most. or the brazilian state of has the highest number of cases nationwide speaking to my colleague barry navigator the state governor said a complaint is not necessary. look down is a very hard position and we cannot use look down for this some
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polish state we have the protocol the protocol is ready but we are concerning and taking care of that but not to analyse this moment we are asking the people in some polish state and in the city of some ball of the cup though of the state to state home and use mosques is not necessary at this moment. to have a lockdown in your state alone this week has registered more than 80000 cases confirmed and you've had more than 6000 deaths out paulo is one of the worst hit regions in brazil why do you think that is well but we saved until now 50000 lives using this so show. is all asian here in some polish state we decide what the medicine what this science to recommend to us not my decision is not a political decision is the science decision to science this is st right now is
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not the moment to have a look dow but please to have the quarantine we are inviting tina does want we will have a new current in in 5 days ahead for 2 weeks more. hungary has begun the process of ending controversial imagines the powers granted to the prime minister at the start of the pandemic to all band was accused of making a power grab when parliament was given permission to rule by decree on calls in 1000 matters with no end date the government has admitted new legislation to lift the state of emergency and special powers next month. funeral services have been held for the singer songwriter who helped bring west african music to the world in the 1980 s. guinea's mori conti died at the age of 77 looks back at his life and career.
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this is the song the mahdi can safely use it on to don't schools and his name into charts across the world. ok ok hates in 1987 was africa's 1st singles a solo vermin copy and was a best seller across europe it was also a source of musical inspiration in bollywood films. you can say was one of west africa's most successful musical coin thousands defied coronavirus restrictions in peace capital to pay tribute. on the measurement religion of a doris legend like maury county is applauded know the way he's always been applauded and cheered. can't say pasta way on friday age 70 he's had ongoing health issues because the current virus restrictions on able to
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travel to france for regular treatments his family and the culture minister quashed rumors that he has caved at 19 or known to put it down a little. on behalf of president and his government were informing you that more to come tell you did not die from covered 19 this is important to note even if you are . one of 38 children laurie can say i was born to a famous skinny family of musicians and storytellers known as grio and me. he was sent to mali aged just 7 lengths of the came a distinguished call home player nicknamed electronic rio he makes traditional instruments with unique more than sounds he. he created and took inspiration from his mandich a culture muslim faith and even cuban music. in the 1970s he joined molly's legendary group the rail bands of bamako it launched his career
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and that of another musical giants a lift into morrie can tell you was also a goodwill ambassador for several humanitarian projects helping refugees in co-creating the 2014 african stop ebola song during the epidemic that killed more than 11000 people. to their caves murray can say was a source of inspiration to many and will be remembered for building a global audience for music rooted in west africa so i don't hate it al jazeera. again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera hong kong police are fired tear gas as demonstrations escalate protesters are angry at a proposed law that could see people jailed for mocking china's national anthem adrian brown has more from the central business district where the protests are taking place there have been
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a large number of arrests have to say i've just watched a long queue of police scoring protesters down a flight of stairs and of course for those people who've been arrested if they're young it means that university prospects career prospects are now in jeopardy because according to the police people taking part in an assembly today were taking part in what they deemed to be an illegal assembly and potentially potentially they face up to 5 years in jail if they are convicted. a 10 day mourning period is beginning in spain to pay tribute 227000 people who died during the coronavirus pandemic flags being lowered across the country and they'll be a minute's silence in tanzania schools and universities are due to restart activities next week as the country begins to lives restrictions put in place to store the spread of call the 19 but opposition politicians accuse the government of hiding the scale of the outbreak the world health organization is warning of
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a surge in infections in brazil peru and chile as the region becomes a global at the center of the corner virus pandemic brazil is latin america's worst affected country with nearly 400000 cases. one genocide suspect. will find out so only 3 will face a trial in an international court accord is due to rule whether it will be handed over to u.n. custody the former businessman is accused of helping to fund the 994 mass killings police in the united states have fired tear gas at protesters calling for justice over the death of an unarmed black man in the city of minnesota while he was in police custody there was widespread outrage when a video emerged showing an officer pinning a man identified as george for it to the ground using his name and those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's a stream. one day i might be covering politics mitterrand the next time i get up micro tossing from serbia the hungry what's most important to me is talking to
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people understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here at al-jazeera we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. any and you are in the stream home edition welcome to my diet in britain table now today we are talking about people with disabilities and the impact that the coronavirus is having on them i have an excellent lineup of guests so i am going to get them to introduce themselves that. i am sometimes director of disability rights at human rights watch. good to have you in the stream . all right. and disability rights on the. campaign.


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