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health insurance for their work i'll choose iraq as teens on the green to bring you mean real world meaning documentary school feeling in this poem and life nice it's a party that does do what it says on the tin and on line 'd. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good and this is that he is live from coming up in the next 60 minutes with more protests planned over the police killing of a black man minnesota's governor fully mobilizes the national guard. the e.u. urges the us president to reconsider his decision to stop funding the world health organization. dying on the frontline of a coronavirus pandemic doctors in peru mourn their colleagues struggle to cope with
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one of the world's highest infection rates. of destroying crops and livelihoods swarms of locusts in india and pakistan caused billions of dollars in damage. and in support of the afghan female athletes are being left behind due to a run of bahrain top level football in germany has just presumed that every other women fleet in europe has been cancelled. it's just after 10 am in the u.s. state of minnesota where the death of a black man who was pinned to the ground by a police officer a sparked anger not only there but across the country and the state's governor has just announced that he's fully mobilizing the national guard for the 1st time in the state's history. i'm authorizing and talking to general jensen to fully
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mobilize the minnesota national guard an action that has never been taken in 164 year history of the minnesota national guard we will pull in assets as we have been doing and for those minnesotans who are wondering where are the fire trucks where are the police that are out there the situation was so broad and the tactics were so bent on causing destruction that every single person we had mobilized again the largest in state history last evening was engaged in that. the police officer at the center of this has been charged with george floyd's mudda but it's done little to calm the situation as a serious john hendren reports. a curfew in a murder charge against a police officer failed to bring calm to minneapolis. the city's new curfew beginning 8 pm some protesters responded by setting buildings on
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fire hundreds of others continued to peacefully protest the death of a black man george floyd after his arrest by a white policeman. officer gary children who was fired shortly after floyd's arrest on monday has now been charged with his murder but it's made little difference on the city's turbulent south sunne . demonstrators defied the curfew and a large deployment of the national guard some took out their anger on businesses such as the department store and occasionally journalists. others lined up to challenge police who answered with tear gas that failed to control the unrest these national guard troops have been blocking roads and they've been protecting firefighters of i've been putting out the many fires you can see one of them back there but the governor says there are simply haven't been enough of them and that's why he's sending in more
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a 1000 more to join the 500 already in minneapolis in nearby st paul this is the largest civilian deployment in minnesota history that we have out there today and quite candidly right now we do not have the numbers we cannot arrest people when we're trying to hold ground because of the sheer size the dynamics and the one violence that's coming out there but as you see there's already shots being fired back at our people. these arson that is taking place puts many people at risk are firefighters are specifically and very. open target from coast to coast protests in violence have spread to more u.s. cities in washington the white house was briefly on lockdown as crowds front with police in the capital. and in atlanta georgia the c.n.n. news channel's headquarters came under attack police cars were also targeted prompting a furious response from atlanta's mayor you are just praising our city you are discoursing the life of george lloyd in every other person who has been killed in
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this country crowds in los angeles chanted i can't breathe some of george floyd's final words as his neck was pinned to the ground. and back in minneapolis his excessive days in 1000 ivanka go on john hendren al jazeera minneapolis. in a moment we'll speak to the committee how could his at the white house but 1st let's go to the trash in a good name who's in chicago and those protests taking place across the united states so minnesota officials being criticized for the whole response that's not sure what are they expecting today what preparations by all the states being made around the country. indeed the state of minnesota has been all week actually criticized for what former law enforcement officials and other post politicians have described as and in adequate
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response poor planning and frayed relations between the community and the minneapolis police department that were decades in the making but as you have seen over the last few nights and as the governor has described quote absolute chaos in minneapolis he said that they have been overrun by the protesters that it's a situation of being outnumbered so to rectify that the entire national guard in minnesota has been deployed this is a 1st in the history of the state and you know the hope is that when there are more protests today they're expecting very large crowds in fact the minnesota public department of public safety is saying they're expecting the largest crowds the state has ever seen also being quoted as saying they're expecting a quote international event so now there will be an additional $1000.00 national guard troops on the ground assisting the $700.00 that were already present in
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minneapolis in addition to the many minneapolis police departments the mayor in minneapolis is blaming outsiders for the violence and the looting that we've seen the last couple of nights the governor has said that what began earlier in the week as a peaceful expression of anger over the death of george floyd after being arrested by many out. police has devolved and he had said that these people are making a mockery pretending that this is about historical trauma the governor has vowed that they will be bets with the best security that they can muster and coordination something that we will see right after 2 nights of what people have said was again a complete breakdown in the city of minneapolis in about half of american states there were protests over floyd's death on friday evening and in another historic move for the 1st time since the 1992 l.a.
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riots soldiers at 2 american bases have been told to be on notice to deploy within 4 hours so that gives you an understanding of how what has happened in minneapolis has trickled over the anger and frustration about relations between the communities of color and the police has reverberated throughout the united states there was hope that when former minneapolis police officer dare show been was arrested that this would quell the violence but here's the thing there was hope that he would be arrested and charged with 1st degree murder he has been charged with 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter the floyd family has said that though they welcome this that this is an overdue step toward justice they still had hoped that he would be charged with 1st degree murder they also mentioned there were 3 other police officers on scene the evening that floyd died and that they are hoping that
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he will be arrested one thing that's very important to mention despite the scenes of violence that we've seen according to the city that no one has been killed so far and officials there called it nothing short of a blessing. al-jazeera is a tasha game they're reporting live from chicago many thanks indeed that's a show where president donald trump was warned protesters that they'll be confronted with quote almost us weapons in a series of tweets a short time ago trump said that the protesters at the white house on friday were a big crowd professionally organized but nobody came close to breaching the fence if they had they would have been greeted with the most vicious dogs and most almost weapons i've ever seen that's when people would have really been badly hurt us at least but he secret service agents awaiting for actions who lived out of the white house a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat is there was the president up to which is which audience is he speaking to here is he goading protesters.
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yeah it's interesting you bring that up because one of the president's tweets is essentially a call to his supporters to come out saturday evening to the white house to stage a counter protest the u.s. president saying one of his tweets tonight i understand is maggie night at the white house maggie of course standing for make america great again a campaign slogan from 2016 that has persisted now here at the moment at the white house things are relatively calm quite a contrast to late in the evening and the early hours of this morning but the white house does remain well some might call it a partial lockdown really it is more a heightened state of security after those very tense protest it wasn't just the fact that there were protesters in the park across the street but the fact that they were able to breach a security barricade it revolves riot police and shields to push them back at 1
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point one of the buildings that is adjacent to the white house the treasury department was tagged with graffiti it certainly was significant in terms of the advancements that were made by protesters that are opposed to donald trump's presidency so astonishing now that instead of trying to restore calm u.s. president has instead called for the supporters on the conservative side to come out and stage a counter protest in the midst of all this there is other division with the u.s. president as well with the mayor of washington d.c. the city where the white house of course is located the president accusing the mayor of not allowing the d.c. city police or metro police to participate and support the secret service as they tried to quell the protesters that is something that mayor meriel bowzer has denied she says my police department will always protect d.c. at all who are in it whether i agree with them such as those exercising their 1st amendment rights or those i don't namely at real donald trump that was on her
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twitter feed. so we're watching very carefully for next steps the u.s. president expected to leave in the next hour he'll be headed to florida for another attempt at that space x. launch he did try to go earlier in the week of course it was canceled rescheduled for today we'll be watching very carefully the president made many in the united states furious when he appeared in the rose garden on friday and said nothing about the death of george floyd if you will wondering what he will say if you will speak to reporters at all as he departs for florida i was house correspondent kimberly how could reporting live from washington can be many thanks well it's been condemnation of police actions and the death of george floyd some of it from within the ranks just here escape on his own though those scenes of george floyd handcuffed being choked to death by a police officer has led to outrage within the insular tight ranks of the law enforcement community there was unusually quick condemnation on social media
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a new york police detective said the officer involved brought dishonor to the profession we take over to serve. only to see the officer. who speaks other police officers had equally pointed words it's time that we take these bad officers and speak out against and start holding them accountable and hold them to the same laws that we hope we expect systems to buy and i hope justice prevails and i hope those people are found to be guilty of murder because that's what i was. second i want to say. and we've got to change this we've got to break these barriers in these walls and we've got to do what we can as police officers the bigger picture is how the killing of food is going to complicate police work throughout america already many black communities are distrustful of law enforcement this is only going to make it worse when you see. what should be a routine apprehension become
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a de facto thanks secure should it is it is extremely unsettling to watch and former new york police detective keep taylor says there are systematic issues of race that need to be addressed makes it more difficult for officers interests simply trying to do their job every day. the fact that these. negative incidents that occur do get publicized really brings to the forefront how important it is to address the inequities that occur in our criminal justice system an incident that has left many police officers just as outraged as the people they're sworn to serve and protect many wanting answers and justice gabriel's on doe al-jazeera new york let's bring in brian mohammad who's a professor of history of race and public policy at harvard kennedy school good to
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have you with us. you had a white house correspondent a few moments ago what do you make of the president's latest tweets. well he is showing the same pattern stoking not only racist in america he was elected by percentage of people self identify as white supremacist the f.b.i. uncovered a significant number of white supremacist joining police ranks the president has signed off on other kinds of white nationalist organizing as part of what makes america great and yeah and if i heard correctly which i didn't know until you were reporting that he's calling on some of those same supporters to come out saturday nights now demonstrators so that the president is true to form in this instance and want to take on what has been happening in the united states since the death of george floyd. well what we're saying is that the black lives matter movement
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and broader racial justice movements that had been unfolding since about 2012 and picked up another notch moved into another year in 2014 after the deaths of michael brown and ferguson is eerie and eric garner in staten island new york is unfinished business that work was was never resolved and in fact when an attorney general jeff sessions donald trump's 1st u.s. attorney general came into office he canceled a couple of consent decrees that have been worked out to try to fix police agencies in the united states of america and sent a powerful signal that whatever had happened before was no longer going to happen under donald trump's watch and so now we're seeing the continued challenge of structural racism in american policing and people have run out of options when it comes to how to weigh their voices how to communicate but one thing that i think is
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really important in this moment is to remember when george floyd was dying on the street with shoguns knee and his neck everyone who stood there in that same community asked politely there was no violence there were no no molotov cocktails they spoke to those place officers very clearly and say it stop what you're doing you're killing him and so we have to really think about what does it mean to try to do something the right way the lawful way the respectable way and it doesn't work so you had a couple of months ago police officers on video calling for the structural change that you say is is necessary and then on in the minority those police officers surely i would say so whereas to block you know what's stopping this the structural change coming about. well i would i would disagree i think they are in the minority i'm a historian i've been studying police thing over for 20 years and i know what it looks
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like 400 years going back to the 1st massive blue ribbon commission going back to chicago in the 1920 s. and the vast majority of police officers are not willing to accept the kind of changes that are required which would include losing their protections to use force almost under any circumstances so i don't want to run down the list in the time that we have but i would just challenge the assertion that there are enough police officers who are willing to make the fundamental changes required professor richard good to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us you're very welcome thank you. this is the news from our sara still to come on the program find out how a new security law could mean for hong kong's economy. a border battle ethiopia and sudan face off after a sudanese army captain is killed. at a school football returns in austria but the players fighting themselves in plenty
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of space. the european union is calling on the u.s. president to reconsider his decision to cut ties with the world health organization over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic donald trump is accusing it of being overly influenced by beijing the president also confirmed an end to washington special treatment of hong kong to china approved a new security law for the territory officer as alan fischer reports. unusually for a news conference at the white house president will trump opted to use a teleprompter and stuck to the script but in the week where the number of 1000 deaths in the u.s. went through the 100000 mark the president used the occasion to cut ties with the world health organization and returned to calling it the virus china has total
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control over the world health organization we have detailed the reforms that it must make and engage with them directly but they have refused to act the president has been angry about china's trade practices since before he took office the protests this week in hong kong although beatings decision to extend security powers there has added to that anger on kong has had a special relationship with the u.s. the president wants to punish china and says hong kong special status is no more my announcement today will affect the full range of agreements we have with hong kong from our extradition treaty to our export controls on dual use technologies and more with few exceptions. we will be revising the state department's travel advisory for hong kong to reflect the increased danger of surveillance and punishment by the chinese state security apparatus president also announced he was
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imposing sanctions on chinese and hong kong officials but i think this is the the amount of actions that he and house as well as the severity of actions that he did announce depending on the implementation of these actions this is probably the nuclear option that this is an initiation of do you think china will react and respond i think china has to respond in this case there are so many actions that the trump emission and notes today that if they don't respond then domestically the leadership risks looking weak to their domestic audience president trump gave a long list of grievances about china's economic actions there's nothing new there he's done it before what was interesting in his 10 minutes in front of the cameras he made no mention of chinese president xi a man he regards a strong a man he's praised in the past even for his handling of the coronavirus brick alan fischer al-jazeera at the chinese embassy in washington dear to pile on more now on
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trump's to session on how it could be disastrous for hong kong's economy. hong kong and mainland chinese officials say any u.s. action will not derail the end of the national security law but the u.s. says once the law is in place hong kong is no longer sufficiently autonomy's from mainland china which means they can take away the special status which includes policies on trade travel and extradition and analysts say it will be a huge blow to hong kong standing as an international financial center we don't really know what the national security law is going to say and how much will be left in hong kong we don't really know what president trump is going to do you know is he going to be false agents or is it going to be limitations on the margin i think what we do know is that this is the end of an era where hong kong has really been seen as very much an independent global financial center and now it's going to
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be an international center part of china going to have its own seats on many of these international organizations so it will lose its identity to city state in the eyes of the world along with removing the preferential policies from hong kong the u.s. president says chinese companies operating in the united states could come under more scrutiny and there could be travel bans and sanctions against hong kong and chinese officials who are seen as a danger in the city's autonomy and this is where beijing could head back to her top measures raising the already high tensions between the world's 2 biggest economies. sudan's foreign ministry has summoned ethiopia's following the death of a sudanese army captain he died in an attack near the border between the 2 countries sudan says that both sides have been fighting over the past 3 days let's go live to a cop through much a serious habit morgan can tell us more him a about this attack and why the 2 sides are fighting.
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well peter it looks like at the moment the situation has turned from being a military confrontation on the ground between sudanese anything and forces to a diplomatic path being taken by the sudanese government we've seen the sudanese from ministry of foreign affairs some in the shower if you're in charge a to to convey to condemn the violence that happened on may 26th and may 28th now we've heard from the military spokesperson yesterday that one army officer was killed and several others were wounded and that civilians were also wounded in the clashes between ethiopian militias which they say were backed by the if you pay in the military and that they basically crossed into sudanese soil into sudanese territories and attacked stations that were manned by the sudanese military so it looks like at the moment the situation is turning from a military confrontation to a diplomatic conference confrontation but this is not the 1st time that such clashes are happening peter we've seen this happening in february and in march and
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in april we've seen the 2 sides meeting we've seen the head of the chief of staff of the future military and the chief of staff of sudanese military meeting here in her tomb to talk about the issue of border security now the ministry of foreign affairs is saying that they're trying to organize a 2nd meeting to make sure that these borders are demarcated to avoid such kind of violent confrontation between the 2 sides why why are these border attacks happening why the need to to cross into an attack on the other side. what most of the border between sudan and if you have is not clearly marked so let's give you an idea of what the border looks like in most parts where the 2 countries need there is no clear definition of which far belongs to which country there's no clear point where you can say that this is that is that if you have the and so and this is the sudanese soil so there has been confrontations over which part of the territory belongs to which country the area specifically where the clashes happen is called a shadow which lies in in the good in the dire state in sudan now sudan says that
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this area belongs to them but has been historically occupied by if you peon farmers and this comes at a time where the cultural season is just is just coming up and farmers from both sides want to take advantage of the of the rainy season to start farming so these clashes are likely to continue if the 2 sides don't clearly demarcated their borders and then clearly define which land belongs to which country but he thinks the series has been moved in the live in concert gunmen of killed at least 15 people in the 1st so others wounded or missing in the room province following an attack on a convoy that was transporting traders groups linked to al qaida and i sort of been blamed for similar previous attacks 2 days of heavy rain of course flooding in southern oman usually dry cliffs inland have become waterfalls and many low lying areas around the regional capital sala are submerged. a weather update on how
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to say that unveiling a body image to iran's health care heroes that's the latest from tehran. we have had people that have eaten danny. volunteers at filling the gaps in britain's welfare system. and in schools we'll hear what middle course manager has to say about the prospects of his team being allowed to play at their own stadium. and. pretty well across much of the middle east on the arabian peninsula but the one area watching very closely is this now this is a child already being sitting very close to the portion of oman for over 24 hours
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and this is already some of the results of that even though the heavy rain really has yet to come on shore this is a river that's basically bust its banks you seen pictures of flooding in the streets there the winds and this is not yet defined as a tropical storm but what we will see is very heavy rain throughout sunday and the system then could well take a turn as you can see tools the west and that means it will push the heavy rain across into yemen but it will continue to be very heavy amounts of rain we could see another $400.00 millimeters of rain to the north of there we have got to play conditions a little bit breezy cool typically in the mid forty's 45 in baghdad and very hot 47 celsius in the save a system to the south working its way through monday into those eastern areas of yemen and then down into southern africa we've seen some fairly mixed conditions into south africa over the last few days it's been a bit kara in the last few hours and hugh see. stormy seas the dishes say fine and dry sunday and warming up in port elizabeth with the high the of 25.
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bri want a care bring your people back to life i'm sorry i walked out on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in living close to the fullest and know all you like and the others through the green one continues with kosovo and your fear and hope this was my return to kosovo and the little village of book one decade on i've come back to find out what happened to those hopes and dreams we want on al-jazeera examining the impact of today's headlines extraordinary times require extraordinary measures but these should not be at the expense of our privacy setting the agenda for tomorrow's discuss truths are nodal life that was in these walls and now there is no live in the wall global experts in discussion in this democracy why are people
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not voting international filmmakers and world class journalists. on how to sarah. well again this is al jazeera live from doha adrian filling in here with the news out of the headlines the governor of the u.s. state of minnesota has announced that he's fully mobilizing the national guard for the 1st time in the state's history the death of a black man who was pinned to the ground by a police officer has sparked anger not only there but across the country. sudan's foreign ministry has summoned ethiopia's charge d'affaires following the death of a sudanese army captain who died in an attack near the border between the 2
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countries sudan says that both sides in the fighting over the past 3 days and the european union is calling on the u.s. president donald trump to reconsider his decision to cut ties with the world health organization over its handling of the corona virus and that. iran's health ministry believes that around 10000 doctors nurses and other health workers have been infected with the coronavirus while caring for others now the government has unveiled a statue and they're on the same bus one of the reports from to one. behind every patient with cope with 1000 fighting for their life there was a team of doctors and nurses nutritionists lab technicians and cleaners men and women who risked their lives to keep overloaded hospitals running during the pandemic now a statue named angel of kindness has been unveiled in tehran. all honoring those characters veterans and those who have lost their lives in the conflict with the
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coronavirus military leaders say they're ready for any future outbreak mom whether . we are 100 percent prepaid despite you saying it took everybody by surprise i think we fought with the bar as quickly and we are differently ready for the 2nd wave and our preparedness is far greater than the 1st wave because we've gained the experience. hospital has been at the forefront of iran's pandemic response at the height of the outbreak in teheran this hospital would have been one of the main treatment centers for sick patients inside people are still being treated for covert 19 outside a ceremony to honor the health care workers who continue to be on the front line of fighting this disease. as the worst of the disease in iran seems to be over this was a chance to take a break and take stock not everyone who was in the fight is still alive to celebrate what the government calls a victory. this is
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a very dangerous disease and we shouldn't downplay or look at it as an artillery sickness we shouldn't think it's over i personally fell ill my husband fell ill we saw patients in hospitals nobody really imagines they will contract it the medical teams are really worried but the 2nd wave of this disease we have to remain vigilant. this woman's husband did not survive the virus such ceremonies are perhaps little comfort to doctors and nurses who were foot soldiers in this fight some told us the government mishandled the response many said they contract it covert 19 in the line of duty many lost family and friends. died in the outbreak a little more than a month ago his wife warns the disease is still a formidable enemy but if someone at the b.b.c. might find with that he was in i.c.u. man most of his time was spent in the intensive care unit he contracts it is easy while he was inserting a cheap into the mouth of a korean
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a patient of the pacing the cheaper a young go he told his colleagues i think i was infected you know he was very close contact with patients a distance of 5 to 10 centimeters. despite the risks he never said no one called and for years offered medical services to charities free of charge something his wife discovered only after his death the last thing they talked about was what might happen if he got sick you might died she said it's ok he replied i will die a hero but heroes have families people who get left behind. wives who grieve for their husbands daughters who want their fathers back survivors of the pandemic but also victims who are uncounted when tallies are taken of the sick and the dead. zain busser aviel jazeera to her own.
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doctors nurses in peru say that hospitals there can't cope with the rising number of corona virus infections of the modern war government help 141000 infections have been reported of more than 4000 deaths including among doctors priyanka gupta reports. these doctors were on the frontline of the fight against the cornell virus into their colleagues are now mourning their deaths. a black ribbon hugs on the facade of the medical college in lima a reminder of the price paid by these health workers battling in the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america there are more there are 4 door behind me of the 36 doctors who have lost their lives until today and represent the most painful image right in front of this location we have 1300 medical doctors who are ill and of which 23 are seriously ill and are in intensive care units that is the reality for
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doctors in peru. they say hospitals are overwhelmed with the rising number of cases. many are dying at home. in crews largest have a tree limb are. among freshly dug graves. in the. last 2 brothers in a month but i'm glad they're not suffering any more because of the pain that they went through. for the survivors it's a different kind of struggle. anxious to end it is that a hospital and. are struggling to get proper care for the infected family members and they told me that my mother was entering critical care and there are no i.c.u. beds they see there are no beds groovy and 71 of the world's longest nationwide lockdown since march which is not due to be lifted until the end of next month. yet
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the virus continues to spread lockdowns and social distancing are difficult in a country where more than 20 percent live in poverty and 7 out of 10 workers depend on a daily wage millions still have access to water my friend that what we don't even have enough water to wash our hands or our things and if we don't have water what are we going to wash ourselves with the. doctors say the pandemic has exposed produced many existing problems and pushed underfunded and understaffed hospitals to put a key point and they warn that the battle against the virus will be lost unless they get more government help. on to 0. as we have been reporting the u.s. decision to cut ties with the world health organization is causing widespread concern over the future of tackling global health problems washington is consistently the largest contributor to the w.h.o.
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donating 419000000 dollars last year that's about 22 percent of the u.n. organizations total budget its director general said this week that the impact of the loss of funds is being reviewed and that other partners are being asked to fill any funding gaps to ensure the work continues uninterrupted. china's president xi jinping has already pledged $2000000000.00 over the next 2 years to help other countries respond to the impact of the pandemic wafa is a director at columbia university columbia university's melbourne school of public health good to have you with us once again what impact will the loss of u.s. funding have on the world health organization and the loss of u.s. funding will potentially have catastrophic effects on chile itself and on its function and stroll in many countries around the world down i can tell you that
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through i care the global center that i direct here as cumbia university i can see in a very palpable way that impact and the role of the day in day out in working together with many of the poorest countries around the world. and its role is not just not just now when we have a pandemic but that we try has a consistent role in helping countries to contain other infectious diseases like tumour closes a chain e-mail area call you as well as in helping these countries have in place the systems to prevent a resurgence of of many of the infectious diseases that are very prominent in parts of the world so how does that the world health organization fill the funding gap especially now in the middle of a pandemic. this is about the worst time that this could have happened because obviously there's a need to fill that gap it's almost one 5th of the funding of the child and the
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time is now for other countries that have the resources to be able to attempt to fill this gap but of course we know that many of the countries european countries or even countries or latin american countries that are capable of increasing their contributions them your child are at this moment in time tackling their own covered 1000 epidemics and so the timing is is is very difficult i think that we need to go to these countries and highlight the importance of getting more funding at this point in time as well as also probably the future will also need to go to foundations and philanthropists and try to garner as much support as it can but what does this decision say about u.s. global leadership well unfortunately it will be am i can i can hear already what leaders in many of the countries who are work are will be saying which is so which is
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a unfortunately this is jeopardizes the image of the u.s. as a globally their own public health they see the future as an important conduit of the support of the u.s. and of the u.s. is global leadership hopefully they will see other manifestations of global support by the u.s. through support to the centers for disease control the c.d.c. support of the global fund and other mechanisms that are in place to support many of the neediest countries around the world but the timing is just terrible right in the midst of a pandemic or was could still too many thanks indeed wafa thank you in washington. climate change activists have rallied in london and in other british cities the group called extinction rebellion wants to keep environmental issues in the spotlight despite the pandemic came to maintain social distancing activists also denounced what they say is the government's incompetent response to the emergency
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coronavirus cases in the u.k. may be trending downwards but charities say they're seeing a sharp rise in people needing their services some parents can't afford nappies for their babies and people are going days without food officer as lawrence lee reports now from stoke on trent thank you grant me of the size 3 nothing more than that if you want to know what the sharp end of the coronavirus crisis looks like now then take a look in here it isn't a health care issue stoke on trent hasn't seen as many cases as other parts of the u.k. it's what weeks of isolation has done up to so many people mark is a barrister by profession but with the law courts closed he's given his time over to taking supplies to people who have no means of getting their hands on anything he's been asked to deliver to emma and her children she suffers from anxiety and can't leave the house the facts contained enough to keep them going for a fortnight and how they need it it would be very difficult yeah. maybe case what
6:43 pm
the software has been to probably go without food to make sure the kids have got. the aftermath the full. next stop is heartrending claire has 2 boys aged 2 and 4 they both have chronic lung conditions if they left the house and her husband could kill their sons. i mean it is no exaggeration to say that you could be instance over the whole of the year and. a fate about that period in patients that got through manias whole vaccine it could go into next year if they get paid for it it would kill them. it would kill them. these are just 2 of the 130 drops the volunteers would do the day we met them we have had people that have not eaten in days because they cannot get the food they simply can't get the food they don't have the wealth but it's all very well for the government to say well we have a welfare system like universal credit that depends upon the bureaucracy to be able
6:44 pm
to kick him straight away and hope that it's not there the good news part of all this is the level of donations is astounding castles of essentials for mothers and babies are arriving all day some from the public others from supermarkets there's a push on for the u.k. to be more positive with the summer here and virus cases falling but for many people there's far less cause for optimism the thing is really jarring about all this all the newspaper headlines this say that britain is about to go back to work and things are going back to normal well that may be true for many people but clearly there is now a whole section of the community in this country which could barely cope before coronavirus and now is genuinely in suffering so i had or actually hayley who set this place up well before the virus changed everything is now running at least 700 delivers a week and every week it increases she's worried about what happens when the government announces things have gone back to normal the local businesses the small
6:45 pm
businesses those at them fail at all of such ups for them it isn't going to be back to normal so for us to demand is going to stay like this for a lot longer well to try and fix $33.00 or 4 of them take many months ago policy advisers in london identified a swathe of society they called jams short for people just about managing since the virus hits those people plainly cannot manage at all what the future would hold for them without the intervention the violence is hard it is thinking about largely al-jazeera in stoke on trent. a journalist has been killed in a bubble attack in afghanistan's capital the interior ministry says that the target was a minivan carrying employees from a private television channel based in kabul the driver was also killed several others nearby were injured. israeli forces have shot and killed a palestinian man with special needs police in occupied east jerusalem say that he was carrying a suspicious object that looked like a pistol but no gun was found israeli soldiers killed another palestinian in the
6:46 pm
occupied west bank on friday. plagues of locusts a devastating large parts of india and pakistan billions of dollars worth of crops have been damaged prompting fears of food shortages elizabeth for autumn reports from new delhi. crawling across thousands of kilometers and flying through the air billions of locusts have swarmed large swathes of agricultural land in pakistan and india devouring any vegetation in their path i've lost fruits one thousands of dollars spent all my life growing these trees but all these swarms have destroyed and. the u.n. has part of blues more than $4000000000.00 worth of winter and summer crops. the government is using planes to spray pesticides we have now in one year graph we are looking for 6 more and i'm sure we'll be able to pick. the locus which would be
6:47 pm
coming from iran as well as from moscow and in turn is coming from africa while locust plague is not news scientists say climate change is making them worse they say this infestation is driven by unusually warm weather and heavy rain from the arabian peninsula last year creating the ideal breeding ground of locusts moving swarms of up to 50000000 each swarm can travel 200 kilometers a day each as much food as 30. $5000.00 people and a $1000.00 eggs per square metre. in india the blanketed western and central states during the heatwave higher temperatures help the insects spread more rapidly as well as plain pesticide local councils from the state of a playing loud music from speakers mounted on vehicles in an effort to drive away i do think. if they stay here for more than 8 days they'll start laying eggs and if they start laying eggs it would be very dangerous for us we've arranged for bands
6:48 pm
to play in the villages to make noise to try and scare the locusts away. experts warned that india's food supplies are also at risk if the invasion isn't controlled before the end of june that's when the monsoon is due to arrive in northern india and locusts mature and breed elizabeth broad and al-jazeera new delhi. side of things to come which will. or journalists dozens of news producers who oversee websites from microsoft are being replaced by machines managers of the software company have decided to switch to artificial intelligence to select and edit news media reports in seattle where the company is based say that around 15 years produces in both the u.s. and britain weren't contracts renewed microsoft says the decision isn't related to the pandemic here a cell that is a director at the reuters is cheers for the study of journalism at oxford university and she joins us live good to have you with us this situation i have to
6:49 pm
say that is not unique to microsoft as it. you know more media organizations have been looking at or to mention ai and different ways to see they can use each trailer then use towards their audiences or readers or to kind of curated from 8 or 10 great products so it's not new and for certain not new that jobs are being cut across the industry sadly very difficult time and there are many of us in several terror organizations but can news stories be written curated and or a gated affectively by artificial intelligence. who know not to worry about actual intelligence he'll is need journalists and giving people a story of what microsoft is doing is related to news curation not nice production so it's who the stories are still reproduced by journalists how they're put on the front page and the number they're put on the front page of their websites by humans 'd and this is the thing that's basically automated. it does raise issues with
6:50 pm
humans can you look at a cultural context that both of you make sure there's a problem there i give you is represented on an on a web page they mention there's no 'd particular bias towards one particular opinion rather not that and they understand the cultural nuances of already and it gives face that they're less likely to commit something they're only offensive to some one particular if for example in other words you're saying that this has the potential to help the spread of fake news and mrs misinformation or dissent from asian. misinformation it is a danger that depending on who writes the code and what's written and what new story what's what sources that uses a lot news stories so there is a danger that news that has been deliberately created to be false and misses makes not that news appears on the page because it hasn't been caught by human eyes and we've seen with them companies like facebook and twitter tend that when they
6:51 pm
haven't had the original in the factory i don't want to mention they weren't in trouble with this so i'll still be reading stories that are written by by human beings by journalists. but they'll be in the order in which they appear on the page will be selected by by ai that's right yes that seems to be their idea and the thing to remember here is that. if not and it's not a neutral platform it's an aries invented by code and the code is written by human beings so whoever is writing the codes has their own biases and their own prejudices so what what does the ai decide is the important new story is it something there are only appeal to the kind of person who rules or the code always a broad enough to be more sophisticated than that really good store to mirror many thanks indeed mirasol other oxford thank you. still to come on the sport after rumors of a comeback mike tyson does make a unexpected return to the links so far ahead of the sas and the rest of the
6:52 pm
inspectors. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such tomatoes as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these demands we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for a future generation the breast pioneering future energy short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. will. the forward or the old. color get to the sport is for adrian thank you so much a leading voice in women's sport fears a generation of athletes could be left by the wayside due to coronavirus rachel froggatt of the women in sport group says female athletes are being forgotten women's bundle flieger has just resumed in germany but its return is a rarity the top women's divisions in england france and spain i've already been canceled forget told al jazeera men sport is receiving better treatment. we're
6:54 pm
definitely seeing evil and surround the world all nice and decent and well that's what its money is paid to the recovery of means what we starting to see the restriction of means a late coach instance but not often not hearing an equal focus on the women so it competitions and these are real rest women school in the momentum that we've shared sooner the last 5 years will go by the way i saw it we only need to look at the interest of examples of how much has progressed in the last you know for example 54 women look to your front over a 1000000000 viewers worldwide just in march this year the my c.c. women's teach when i smell. a nice. ground 0 is your strong even a woman who pushes on you are huge opportunities to burn wood he says and to drive
6:55 pm
commercial revenue into schools and we're going to isolation miri freefall and. the wife and. we'll see you know what mission or lost. the formula one season has been given the green light to start in austria and july the country's government has set race this can take place with no fans in attendance at one is playing to kick off the season with 2 races in austria the 1st will be on july 5th a spanish league says full team training sessions can resume on monday until now players had been limited to individual training before progressing to small groups the league which is been on hold since mid march will restart on june 11th when c.b.s. faces real betis all games will be played behind closed doors. liverpool manager your gun club says he's still hopeful his team will be given the chance to secure the title at their home stadium u.k.
6:56 pm
police have request that some high profile games are played at neutral values when the league resumes on june 17th no found will be allowed to attend games but police fear supporters will gather outside stadiums liverpool are $25.00 points clear at the top of the table and inside of the 1st how to win in 3 decades we want to become germans on the pitch that looks like that we can do that wherever it will be we don't know behold it will be then 3 but we don't know and that's not important most of the people on this planet have never the chance to live to become the premier league be for i said looks like that we have a chance so we take it and then there will be a moment in our lives when we have time and opportunity and it's allowed again to celebrate together then be able to have a moment then to been celebrated in the right manner when as well that would be. well football is back in australia with strict social distancing rules in every place for every aspect of the game.
6:57 pm
this is how the lawyers lined up for the national anthem ahead of the austrian cup final rb salford went on to win the match 5 nil the team were allowed to celebrate the trophy when bought the group hugs will have to wait for another day. and finally mike tyson has been talking about the possibility of a boxing comeback and on friday he was seen fighting in a ring but this time out the 53 year old was of in danger of getting hurt as he sparred with wrestling legend chris jericho in a made for t.v. late tyson is back in boxing training but says it's likely he'll only take part and exhibition votes for charity. ok and that is all your sport for now back to major in germany thanks david that's where the promise to
6:58 pm
hope of course is that the stocks will be back in just a moment with more of the day's news see the. point 3000000000 indians are in lockdown in the cove 19 pandemic with millions unable to feed their families one o one east investigates the unfolding humanitarian crisis on al-jazeera. jean on and on to see a 3 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis in part on life and culture of people in power is back with more
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matter where you call. al-jazeera bringing you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. with more protests planned over the police killing of a black man minnesota's governor fully mobilizes the national guard. but i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up dying on the frontline of a coronavirus pandemic doctors in peru more of their colleagues struggle to cope with one of the world's highest infection it's. ironic on those thousands of health care workers who risked their lives to protect others.


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