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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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i.t.s. of cultures across the world. cinematic. al-jazeera bringing the news and current affairs that matter. how does the. with more protests planned over the police killing of a black man minnesota's governor fully mobilizes the national guard. oh i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up dying on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic doctors in peru more of their colleagues struggle to cope with one of the world's highest infection rates. iran all of those thousands of health care workers who risked their lives to protect others.
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destroying crops and livelihoods swarms of locusts in india pakistan cause billions of dollars in damage. we begin to the u.s. state of minnesota where the death of a black man in police custody has sparked anger not only the but across the country for the 1st time in its history minnesota's governor has announced that he's fully mobilizing the national guard. i'm authorizing and talking to general johnson to fully mobilize the minnesota national guard an action that has never been taken in 164 year history of the minnesota national guard we will pull in assets as we have been doing and for those minnesotans who are wondering where are the fire trucks where are the police that are out there the situation was so broad and the tactics were so bent on causing destruction that every single person we had mobilized again
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the largest in state history last evening was engaged in that the police officer at the center of this has been charged with george floyd's but up but it's done little to calm the situation as john hendren reports. a curfew in a murder charge against a police officer failed to bring calm to minneapolis. the city's new curfew beginning 8 pm some protesters responded by setting buildings on fire hundreds of others continued to peacefully protest the death of a black man george floyd after his arrest by a white policeman. officer gary children who was fired shortly after floyd's arrest on monday has now been charged with his murder but it's made little difference on the city's turbulent south sun.
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demonstrators defied the curfew and a large deployment of the national guard some took out their anger on businesses such as the department store and occasionally journalists. others lined up to challenge police who answered with tear gas that failed to control the unrest these national guard troops have been blocking roads and they've been protecting firefighters of i've been putting out the many fires you can see one of them back there but the governor says they're hungry and been enough of them and that's why he's sending in more. a 1000 more to join the 500 already in minneapolis in nearby st paul this is the largest civilian deployment in minnesota history that we have out there today and quite candidly right now we do not have the numbers we cannot arrest people when we're trying to hold ground because of the sheer size the dynamics and the want the violence that's coming out there but as you see there's already shots being fired back at our people. these arson that is taking place puts
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many people at risk are firefighters are specifically and very open target from coast to coast protests and violence have spread to more u.s. cities in washington the white house was briefly on lockdown as crowds front with police in the capital. and in atlanta georgia this c.n.n. news channel's headquarters came under attack police cars were also targeted prompting a furious response from atlanta as mayor you are disgracing our city you are disgracing the life of george lloyd in every other person who has been killed in this country crowds in los angeles chanted i can't breathe some of george floyd's final words as his neck was pinned to the ground. and back in minneapolis his excessive days in 1000 ivanka go on john hendren al jazeera minneapolis we have 2 correspondents on the story this hour in
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a moment we'll speak with a committee how good is at the white house but 1st let's go senator natasha can name who's in chicago some minnesota officials that sasha being criticized for paul response what are they expecting today and what preparations but other states are being made around the country. adrian the governor of minnesota and the mayor of minneapolis are hoping that today will be a turning point after what they described as absolute chaos on friday evening the governor says the last 72 hours these people have brought more destruction and more terror to minnesota than anybody in our history officials are blaming the destruction and the looting we've seen on the streets after dark in minneapolis the last few nights on outsiders they say that only 20 percent in their minds are locals that the rest are coming from outside of minneapolis coming from even
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elsewhere in the region to create havoc and they're saying that these people on the streets are not calling them protesters have this is no longer about george floyd in fact they're saying that it the protests have devolved they began peaceful at the beginning of the week and have now deteriorated to again a situation where police have been outnumbered by the number of protesters the law enforcement there has not been able to stop the burning of businesses and that is why the entire national guard of minnesota is being deployed this is the 1st time that has happened in the history of minnesota it's 164 year history there is another protest expected this afternoon the governor will be present as will civil rights leaders it's expected to be quite a large gathering but come 8 pm when a curfew goes into effect for
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a 3rd night officials are warning that if you are on the street you are quote helping and abating there was a real hope that when former minneapolis police officer dare show that was arrested on friday that that would tamp down the rage it has been building not only in minneapolis but across the country as we've seen protests in almost. out of american states but that did not happen children was charged with 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter the hope was that he would be charged with 1st degree murder at least that is what his family had hoped we now know a little bit about the circumstances were hurting his death according to a politically autopsy report floyd did not die of a 60 a sin stick the ace in or suffocation remember for almost 9 minutes former officer cho then had kneeled on his neck while he was face down on the ground and handcuffed but apparently according to this autopsy report foy's had 2 kinds of
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heart disease was possibly intoxicated witnesses say that he appeared to be drunk but the prosecutor is saying that it's that confluence of events in addition to the way that police restrained floyd that appear to have contributed to his death the floyd family is saying that although they welcome the arrest of former officer children they are saying it's long overdue and that the 3 other officers who were present on the moral day evening also need to be arrested on a serious note session get a life in chicago special many thanks indeed president donald trump has warned that protesters will be confronted by quote ohman us weapons in a series of tweets trump says the demonstrators of the white house on friday a big crowd professionally organized but nobody came close to breaching the fence if they had they would have been greeted with the most vicious dogs and most almost
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weapons i've ever seen that's when people would have been really badly hurt at least many secret service agents just waiting for action let's go live now to the white house our correspondent kimberly hell could is the who's the president talking to here is he goading protesters. well in a subsequent tweet the u.s. president seemed to be at least is showing a rally rallying cry he in one of his tweets said tonight i understand this magen night at the white house that stands for make america great again this is a 2016 campaign slogan essentially it appears the u.s. president is calling his supporters to the white house for a counter protest saturday evening so in the evening from now the u.s. president has also reacted to the violence more broadly in just the last few moments issuing another tweet saying that it's empty for the radical left don't lay
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the blame on others speaking about the fact that many of these protests seem to have spiraled beyond some of these civil rights causes to as we've heard from a number of public officials. bent on destruction at least that is the assumption of the u.s. president now we should point out in all of this the u.s. president has had the opportunity to use his words to restore calm but we've not seen that so far in fact when the u.s. president spoke in the rose garden on friday evening he didn't take any questions from reporters and that seemed to outrage many and perhaps contribute to what we saw on friday evening in the united states so now a jury were watching very carefully to see what the u.s. president has to say there's another opportunity for him to speak to the media and to the broader american public he set to depart for florida for a nother launch attempt at that space x. launch that was canceled earlier in the week the u.s. president again set to leave in the next few moments i can hear the helicopters on
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the south lawn they've just landed so it's just a matter of time before the u.s. president walks out we'll watch carefully to see if he'll use this very critical moment to try and bring the country together or if you will use this opportunity potentially to divide americans. white house correspondent kelly holcomb live in washington committee many thanks indeed coming given mohamad is a professor of history and race and public paul policy at harvard kennedy school he says what we're witnessing is systematic racism the black lives matter movement and broader racial justice movements that had been unfolding since about 2012 and picked up another notch moved into another year in 2014 after the deaths of michael brown and ferguson the zuri and eric garner in staten island new york is unfinished business that work was was never result and in fact we had an attorney general jeff sessions donald trump's 1st u.s.
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attorney general came into office he canceled a couple of consent decrees that have been worked out to try to fix police agencies in the united states of america and sent a powerful signal that whatever it happened before was no longer going to happen under donald trump's watch and so now we're seeing the continued challenge of structural racism in american policing and people have run out of options when it comes to how to weigh their voices how to communicate the one thing that i think is really important in this moment is to remember when george clooney was dying on the street with a show opens in his neck everyone who stood there in that same community asked politely there was no violence there were no no molotov cocktails they spoke to those close officers very clearly and say it's stop what you're doing you're killing him and so we have to really think about what does it mean to try to do something the right way the lawful way the respectable way and it doesn't work. a
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weather update next year i was in syria then breaking the blue wall of silence what some police are saying about the actions of the forces involved in georgia for its fate. and there were a lot of rain showers and thunderstorms across northern areas of china and also plenty of activity further to the south as a cloud to the last year as most of that staying to the east over japan you want to show the to came to more southern areas of honshu but the rain to northern china that should stay clear of most of the korean peninsula may want to show us just pushing further southwards as i say that the bulk of the rain will be again 3 we central and southern areas of china so another what couple days in hong kong $32.00 degrees celsius are feeling pretty humid but it should be mostly fine enjoy in shanghai with a high of 30 celsius on monday bunch of rain showers and thunder much of indonesia
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but also you can see more of the way of heavy rain through much of combo to vietnam certainly throughout sunday the rains heavy again across much of borneo and it's a similar story on monday and also those rains becoming faily widespread and heavy at times throughout much of the money peninsula and also some arches say it's got to funnel solace for a singapore and also across into k.l. i was seeing quite a change of weather conditions particularly into northern india and it will stay like this and this is some good news because with this widespread rain these thunderstorms bringing the temperatures across much lower plenty of areas a cloud as well further to the south and heavy rain pushing into coastal as a carrot that will stay in the for monday and again those rain showers back again so unsettled a new delhi at 38. a community decimated by cancer fights for the troops to lose as a cancer or knows someone that lives here that has cancer line 6. basie says he
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still has cancer cluster these are the 110 properties that have grown contamination in need they look dated is a public community it just safely get them down no least we received little clip for lines on al-jazeera. but again this is al-jazeera that's roger of the made news this hour the governor of the u.s. state of minnesota has announced that he's fully mobilizing the national guard for the 1st time in the state's history death of a black man pinned to the ground by a police officer sparked anger not only there but across the country. the officer
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at the center of a controversy during each of us has been arrested and charged with murder video captured him pressing his mean george floyd's. with his pen condemnation of police actions in florida's death some of it from within their own ranks as gabler's all the reports. the scenes of george floyd handcuffed being choked to death by a police officer has led to outrage within the insular tight ranks of the law enforcement community there was unusually quick condemnation on social media a new york police detective said the officer involved brought dishonor to the profession we take over to serve and protect and like to see that that was the. own things other police officers had equally pointed words it's time that we take these bad also as a speak out against and start holding them accountable and hold them to the same
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laws that we expect systems to abide by and i hope justice prevails and i hope those people are found to be guilty of murder because that's what i was. second i want to say and we've got to change this we've got to break these barriers in these walls and we've got to do what we can as police officers the bigger picture is how the killing of freud is going to complicate police work throughout america already many black communities are distrustful of law enforcement this is only going to make it worse when you see. what should be a routine apprehension become a. defacto execution it is it is extremely unsettling to watch and former new york police detective keep taylor says there are systematic issues of race that need to be addressed makes it more difficult for officers interests simply trying to do their job every day. the fact
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that these. negative incidents that occur do get publicized really brings to the forefront how important it is to address the inequities that occur in our criminal justice system an incident that has left many police officers just as outraged as the people they are sworn to serve and protect many wanting answers and justice gabriels on doe al jazeera new york doctors and nurses in peru say that hospitals that conde cope with the rising number of corona virus infections are demanding more government help lessen america's 2nd hardest hit country as enjoyed one of the world's longest mandatory lock downs 141000 infections have been reported and more than 4000 deaths including a long doctor sprang up to reports. these doctors were on the frontline of the
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fight against the cornell pharmacy into their colleagues are now mourning dogs. a black ribbon hung's on the facade of the medical college in lima a reminder of the price paid by these health workers battling the operate in the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america there are more there are 4 ball behind me all the 36 doctors who have lost their lives until today and represent the most painful image right in front of this location we have 1300 medical doctors who are ill and of which $23.00 are seriously ill and are in intensive care units that is the reality for doctors in peru. they say hospitals are overwhelmed with the rising number of cases. many. increased law just have a tree limb are elements among freshly dark graves you
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never lost 2 brothers in a month but i'm glad they're not suffering any more because of the pain that they went through. for the survivors it's a different kind of struggle. anxious trial it is that a hospital and part though are struggling to get proper care for the infected family members and they told me that my mother was entering critical care and there are no i.c.u. beds they see there are no beds curvy and $71.00 of the world's longest nationwide locked down since march which is not due to be lifted until the end of next month. yet the virus continues to spread lockdowns and social distancing are difficult in a country where more than 20 percent live in poverty and 7 out of 10 workers depend on a daily wage millions still have access to water my friend there but we don't even have enough water to wash our hands or our things and if we don't have water what
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are we going to wash ourselves with the. doctors say the pandemic has exposed produced many existing problems and pushed underfunded and understaffed hospitals to critiquing point and they warn that the battle against the virus will be lost unless they get more government help. on to 0. climate change activists have rallied in london and in other british cities the group called extinction rebellion wants to keep environmental issues in the spotlight despite the pandemic came to maintain social distancing activists also denounced what they say is the government's incompetent response to the emergency katsav has reported its biggest daily increase in corona virus infections a further $2355.00 confirmed cases takes the total now to more than $55000.00
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migrant workers a been the focus of more testing that has reported number of deaths though remains low of 36. iran's health ministry believes that around 10000 doctors nurses and other health workers have been infected with the corona virus while caring for others now the government has unveiled a statue in the same reports from to one. behind every patient with cope with 1000 fighting for their life there is a team of doctors and nurses nutritionists lab technicians and cleaners men and women who risked their lives to keep overloaded hospitals running during the pandemic now a statue named angel of kindness has been unveiled in tehran. honoring those characters veterans and those who have lost their lives in the conflict with the coronavirus military leaders say they're ready for any future outbreak and. we are 100 percent prepaid despite you saying it took everybody by surprise i think
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we fought with the virus quickly and we are different be ready for the 2nd wave and our preparedness is fog greater than the 1st wave because we've gained the experience. hospital has been at the forefront of iran's pandemic response at the height of the outbreak in teheran this hospital would have been one of the main treatment centers for sick patients inside people are still being treated for covert 19 outside a ceremony to honor the health care workers who continue to be on the front line of fighting this disease. as the worst of the disease in iran seems to be over this was a chance to take a break and take stock not everyone who was in the fight is still alive to celebrate what the government calls a victory. this is a very dangerous disease and we shouldn't downplay or look at it as an artillery sickness we shouldn't think it's over i personally fell ill my husband fell ill we saw patients in hospitals nobody really imagines they will contract it the medical
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teams are really worried by the 2nd wave of this disease we have to remain vigilant . this woman's husband did not survive the virus such ceremonies are perhaps little comfort to doctors and nurses who were foot soldiers in this fight some told us the government mishandled the response many said they contract it covert 19 in the line of duty many lost family and friends. died in the outbreak a little more than a month ago his wife warns the disease is still a formidable enemy but it's on my mind to be using my mind that he was an i.c.u. man. most of his time was spent in the intensive care unit he contract a disease while he was inserting a cheap into the mouth of a korean a patient of the pacing the cheaper a young go he told his colleagues i think i was infected you know he was very close contact with patients
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a distance of 5 to 10 centimeters. despite the risks he never said no one called and for years offered medical services to charities free of charge something his wife discovered only after his death the last thing they talked about was what might happen if he got sick you might died she said it's ok he replied i will die a hero but heroes have families people who get left behind. wives who grieve for their husbands daughters who want their fathers back. survivors of the pandemic but also victims who are counted when tallies are taken of the sick and the dead. run. iran has dismissed a move by the us to end sanctions waivers for countries that remain in the nuclear deal as desperate as it says that the decision is in response to oil shipments to venezuela as well as significant advancements in iran's nuclear industry the
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waivers allowed companies to work on converse in iran's iraq heavy water reactor to provide enriched uranium for teheran research reactor and transfer a used fuel abroad. a journalist has been killed in a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital interior ministry says the target was a minivan carrying employees one of private television channel based in kabul the driver was also killed at least 15 people nearby were injured. israeli forces shot and killed a palestinian man with special needs police in occupied east jerusalem say that he was carrying a suspicious object that looked like a pistol but no gun was found israeli soldiers killed another palestinian in the occupied west bank on friday. plagues of locusts a devastating large parts of india and pakistan billions of dollars worth of crops have been damaged fronting fears of food shortages elizabeth for all of reports now
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from new delhi. crawling across thousands of kilometers and flying through the air billions of locusts have swarmed large swathes of agricultural land in pakistan and india devouring any vegetation in their path i have lost fruits one thousands of dollars spent all my life but all these swarms have destroyed and. the u.n. has part of blues more than $4000000000.00 worth of winter and summer crops. element is using planes to spray pesticide we have now. we're looking for 6 more and i'm sure we'll be able to pick. the locust which will be coming from iran as well as from moscow and in turn is coming from africa while locust plague is not news scientists say climate change is making them worse they say this infestation is driven by unusually warm weather and heavy rains in the arabian peninsula last
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year creating the ideal breeding ground. locusts move in swarms of up to $50000000.00 each swarm can travel 200 kilometers a day eat as much food as $35000.00 people and lay $1000.00 eggs per square metre in india the blanketed western and central states during a heatwave higher temperatures help the insects spread more rapidly as well as spraying pesticide local councils in the state of madhya pradesh a playing loud music from speakers mounted on vehicles in an effort to drive the locusts away. if they stay here for more than 8 days they'll start laying eggs and if they start laying eggs it would be very dangerous for us with the range for bands to play in the villages to make noise to try and scare the locusts away. experts warn that india's food supplies are also at risk if the invasion isn't controlled before the end of june that's when the monsoon is due to arrive in
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northern india and locusts mature and breed elizabeth broad an al-jazeera new delhi gunman has killed at least 15 people and. others wounded or missing in the room province following the attack on a convoy that was transporting traders armed groups linked to al qaida i sort of been blamed for previous attacks. 2 days of heavy rain of course flooding in southern among usually dry cliffs in lot of become waterfalls and many low lying areas around the regional capital salalah. thousands of people have turned out in the french town of birth to protest against job cuts by also make a run. the plant has been shut down since friday after rent of announced that it was slashing $15000.00 jobs worldwide the company has been facing a slump in demand made worse by the coronavirus pandemic
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a popular landmark is reopening and it's only the leaning tower of pisa with its stunning views of tuscany is among one even some p.c.'s back in business some for 3 months of lockdown the reopening coincides with a national holiday weekend it's hopes to boost morale after italians suffered one of the worst outbreaks of the virus. it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the governor of the u.s. state of minnesota has announced that he's fully mobilizing the national guard for the 1st time in the state's history the death of a black man who was pinned to the ground by a police officer response and not only that but across the country i'm authorizing and talking to general johnson to fully mobilize the minnesota national guard an action that has never been taken in 164 year history of the minnesota national
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guard we will pull in assets as we have been doing and for those minnesotans who are wondering where are the fire trucks where are the police that are out there the situation was so broad and the tactics were so bent on causing destruction that every single person we had mobilized again the largest in state history last evening was engaged in that. the officer at the center of the controversy derek chauvin has been arrested and charged with murder a video captured him pressing his knee on george floyd's neck doctors nurses in peru say that hospitals that can't cope with the rising number of corona virus infections and need more government help 141000 cases have been reported as with more than 4000 deaths. iran has dismissed a move by the u.s. to end sanction waivers for countries that were made in the nuclear deal as desperate as it says the decision is in response to oil shipments to venezuela as
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well as significant advancements in iran's nuclear industry the waivers allowed companies to work on conversing iran's iraq heavy water reactor provide enrich uranium for attack iran research reactor and to transfer used fuel. the journalist has been killed in a pub attack in afghanistan's capital the interior ministry says the target was a minivan carrying employees from a private television channel based in kabul the driver was killed at least 15 other people were injured. gunmen have killed at least 15 people advocate a fossil others are wounded or missing in loon province following the attack on a convoy that was transporting trade has groups linked to al qaida and eisel have been blamed for the similar previous attacks and those headlines more news fear here on al-jazeera off the fault lines next.
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everybody with family and now everybody. day it. that i grew up with. their families their parents i day it. is heartbreaking because i know now in life that was in these walls you know and now there's no live in the wall under the west grew up in this house in the 5th ward historically black neighborhood in east houston. for years residents here suspected that the number of cancer cases was unusually high. is sad this is deb that they too mean.


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