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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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al-jazeera selects. be the hero of the world needs. washing. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from london i'm telling you navigate are coming up in the next 60 minutes many outposts residents pick up the pieces after another night of violence the full minnesota national guard has been deployed and made warnings of the worst to come. let's be very clear the situation in minneapolis is no longer in any way about the murder of george floyd. a cry for help
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from doctors and nurses in peru who say hospitals can't cope with the rising number of coronavirus cases plus. if it. make it a space x. rocket blasts off from florida with 2 nasa astronauts on board launching a new era of commercial space travel. hello thanks for joining us minneapolis is gearing up for another night of violent protests after unrest over the death of a black man at the hands of police officers spread to more u.s. cities the governor of minnesota says he's fully mobilizing the national guard for the 1st time in the state's history but warns he still doesn't have enough troops
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president donald trump says the oath or is there a need to get tougher and offered to send in the national military this while it appearing to encourage a counter protest by his own supporters friday nights all classes at atlanta and houston in new york and other cities while a 19 year old man was killed in detroit when shots were fired from an s.u.v. into a crowd of protesters the continuing protests came despite derek show and that's a police officer who knelt on george floyd's neck being charged with murder so the u.s. attorney general has pledged that justice will be served in the floyd case but he said the violence has nothing to do with his death. the voices of peaceful protest are being hijacked by violent radical elements groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and file an agenda in many places it appears the violence is planned organized and
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driven by anarchic and left extremist groups far left extremist groups using anti for like tactics many of whom travel from outside the state to promote the violence we begin our coverage this hour in minneapolis where john hendren spent the night among the protesters. a curfew in a murder charge against a police officer failed to bring calm to minneapolis. the city's new curfew beginning 8 pm some protesters responded by setting buildings on fire hundreds of others continued to peacefully protest the death of a black man george floyd after his arrest by a white policeman who was. also severely
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children who was fired shortly after floyd's arrest on monday has now been charged with his murder but it's made little difference on the city's turbulent south sunne . demonstrators defied the curfew and a large deployment of the national guard some took out their anger on businesses such as the department store and occasionally journalists. others lined up to challenge police who answered with tear gas but failed to control the unrest these national guard troops have been blocking roads and they've been protecting firefighters as they been putting out the many fires you can see one of them back there but the governor says there are simply haven't been enough of them and that's why he's going to get more. i'm authorizing and talking to general johnson to fully mobilized the minnesota national guard an action that has never been taken in 164 year history of the minnesota national guard so let's be very clear the situation in minneapolis is no longer in any way about the murder of george floyd it is about
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attacking civil society instilling fear and disrupting our great cities from coast to coast protests and violence have spread to more u.s. cities in washington the white house was briefly on lockdown as crowds front with police in the capital. and in atlanta georgia this c.n.n. news channel's headquarters came under attack police cars were also targeted prompting a furious response from atlanta's mayor you are just praising our city you are disgracing the life of george lloyd in every other person who has been killed in this country crowds in los angeles chanted i can't breathe some of george floyd's final words as his neck was pinned to the ground. and back in minneapolis his excessive days in 1000 event go on john hendren al-jazeera
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minneapolis meanwhile the clear up has begun in minneapolis some residents have banded together to help clean up damaged banks and businesses across the city after the protests others have taken to the streets peacefully denouncing police violence and george floyd's death for the u.s. president donald trump spoke earlier about the protests and said he is prepared to deploy the national military. we get our military there very quickly they've got to be tough they got it wrong they got it back. but people keep it a lot of radical the people they've got to be told that it was going down to watch great blow. so that was the u.s. president speaking earlier about the protests let's cross over to our white house correspondent kimberly hallock and she's joining us now on the issue of the national army that trump was talking about doesn't have the authority to deploy the
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military in that way. the president does not in terms of the military cannot act as a policing force to enforce domestic policies is the posse comitatus act of $878.00 it's expressly limits federal military power and they can be deployed the president's correct about that but only for the purposes of support and only if requested those are very key phrases in there are words that really is the nuance of this argument so for example the military could be brought in to build barricades to potentially use heavy equipment to block a road even hand out water what they can't do is a rest somebody so this is a really important distinction so when the president says that he's sort of deploying the military it's not for the purposes of rounding up individuals and that is a real important distinction of the united states or having said all of that the attorney general bill barr has been talking about u.s.
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law and also about this case when it comes to george floyd he says look at the charges have been laid the process is under way justice will be served but he also has talked about the concerns that these peaceful protests are being hijacked by those that are not honoring the memory of george floyd and so he spoke to those protesters as well essentially saying look at when it comes to federal law if you cross a state line for the purposes of inciting a riot or participating in a riot you are breaking the law and protesters meanwhile are back in washington where you are kimberly what's the situation there. yeah so it's anticipated to be another very tense night i can tell you it's a heightened state here at the white house already there have been u.s. secret service in heavy sort of tactical gear that have been deployed to the 17th street entrance of the white house campus what the concern is than all of this is
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that the u.s. president earlier tweeted that it was magen night at the white house tonight what does that mean it's his 2016th slogan slogan make america great again and many are fearful that essentially the u.s. president sort of issued a rallying cry to his conservative supporters i can tell you our producer white house producer chris sheridan is in amongst the crowd right now he's not seeing any of those supporters who responded to the president's call however there are more than a 1000 and protesters that are outside the white house right now they have already called the 2nd line of tactical u.s. secret service to hold the crowd back we are reporting that in fact there is there are protests or standing on secret service vehicles right now and i can tell you the situation inside the gates of the white house is very tense there are dogs that are on standby heavy military type gear in terms of the weaponry and guns that
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could potentially be deployed there not playing around it looks as if they're preparing for a very tense night one that could go into the wee hours of sunday morning i can really we'll leave it there for now sank you very much. here with the news hour coming up in just a moment we'll have more on those protests that they spread to cities across the u.s. will cross over live to new york for an update and fears of food shortages and plagues of locusts swarm across india and pakistan devouring any crops in their pocket. but 1st chile has now registered more coronavirus cases than china at almost 95000 while in peru doctors and nurses say hospitals can't cope with the rising number of coronavirus infections and are demanding more government's help despite enduring one of the world's longest mandatory lock downs it's reported 141000 infections and
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more than $4000.00 deaths including doctors priyanka gupta reports. the stilton is we're on the frontline of the fight against the cone of silence into their call the. a black ribbon hangs on the facade of the medical college in lima a reminder of the price paid by these health workers battling the operate in the 2nd hardest hit country in latin america there are more there are 4 board behind me of the 36 doctors who have lost their lives until today and represent the most painful image right in front of this location we also have 1300 medical doctors who are ill and of which $23.00 a seriously ill in our intensive care units that is the reality for doctors in peru . they say hospitals are overwhelmed with the rising number of cases. many are dying at home. and
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crews large just have a tree limb are elements among freshly dug graves. and. have lost 2 brothers in a month but i'm glad they're not suffering any more because of the pain that they went through. for the survivors it's a different kind of struggle. anxious to end it is that a hospital and part 2 are struggling to get proper care for the infected family members he told me that my mother was entering critical care and there are no i.c.u. beds they see there are no beds groovy and 7 dueled one of the world's longest nationwide lockdown since march which is not due to be lifted until the end of next month. yet the virus continues to spread lockdowns and social distancing are difficult in a country where more than 20 percent live in poverty and 7 out of 10 workers depend
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on a daily wage millions still have access to water and i found that we don't even have enough water to wash our hands or our things and if we don't have water what are we going to wash ourselves with. doctors say the pandemic has exposed spruced many existing problems and pushed underfunded and understaffed hospitals to pretty can point and they warn that the battle against the virus will be lost unless they get more government. on to 0. well brazil has overtaken spain to become the country with the 5th highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world more than 27800 people have now died there after another 1124 deaths were reported on friday almost 27000 new infections were also recorded in 24 hours bringing the total to more than 465000 but experts
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say the real number of cases could be 15 times higher president or your boss an ira has pushed back against the kind of lockdown measures implemented elsewhere to slow the spread of the virus let's get an update on this without assad or a patsy he's monitoring developments from colombia's capital bogota so this is quite a grim milestone for results or reached the 5th deadliest country in the world. absolutely there in the corona virus there has left in its leaving a trail of death from the populous face of rio de janeiro and sao paolo in the southeast of the country all the way to the amazon where doctors are having a hard time reaching the affected communities deep inside the jungle and as you were saying now brazil is now the 5th country worst hit to anywhere in the world the death count there surpassing the one of spain one of the worst hit country in
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europe in a press conference earlier today the minister of health said that the situation is probably much worse than what the government really knows given the fact that there hasn't been the possibility in brazil of doing widespread testing the real numbers could be up to 15 times higher than the confirmed cases so far which is obviously very warring for a very very large number of brazilians but the president of brazil jail here both and i remain faced by this unprecedented crisis and again on saturday he was gathering the crowd at this time at a roadside restaurant outside the capital brasilia even have a mask on and again he was taking selfies selfies and embracing hugging
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supporters and calling once again for the country to reopen despite the fact that the numbers of infections keep going higher and higher in brazil at the end of all this will probably be the worst affected country anywhere in the world after the united states and there are other countries as well in the region that are reopening like colombia and mexico despite rising numbers there. yes here in colombia we had one of the earliest in strictest law lockdowns anywhere in latin america which has helped according to experts to slow down the spread of the virus control the the curve of infections but these numbers of been going up as the country as reopened in past weeks and now the president here seems to be extremely worried by the effects that the lockdown has had on the
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economy in particular on unemployment to that is now past 20 percent april as being the worst month on record. when you look at the loss of formal jobs in this country and so the president has announced for further easing of these restrictions starting next monday which means that malls and. commerce could reopen however local authorities have responded that at least in cases like here in the capital bogota that is still seeing an increase in infections that can't happen yet and the mayor is expected to announce new restrictions later today for now they say that everything remains as it is in the capital bogota and least until june 15th also the mayor of cali colombia stirred city and the coast city of quetta to get their hand i say say it's too early to ease those
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restriction to mexico is also bracing for a reopening at the beginning next week even if all the states in the country except for one are still at the maximum level of risk of infections and again on saturday doctors and nurses of public hospitals took to the streets of the capital there to protest of the easing of restrictions the lack of supplies and the deaths that they think is too high of many of their colleagues all right sanjay thank you for that update. for the 1st time a privately owned rocket has successfully sent 2 nasa astronauts into orbit. it looks. good thank god. so bob bankhead and doug hurley are now on their way to the international space
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station aboard the dragon craft which launched the talk a rocket owned by space x. a pair of the 1st people to blast off into space from american soil in nearly 8 decades they're due to arrive at the space station for a 4 month stay on sunday spring and mrs j. gray he's joining us live from the kennedy space center that's in cape canaveral florida hi there so describe to us the moment it's a cough and what people's reaction there was like. really amazing an amazing to see for the 1st time in almost a decade as you talk about an american made ship leaving american soil with american astronauts inside the trip to the international space station will take about 19 hours they'll get a nap though i can't imagine sleeping after a lift up here and it was a picture perfect launch everything seemed to go exactly as planned and continues to go very well as they now are in orbit and working through the different checks
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that they should this is a test flight obviously it also comes at a time when this nation needs something to bring it together you've got to grow a virus which is affected so many here and then the unrest in several major u.s. cities going on right now because of the virus not as many people as you would imagine here on the grounds of kennedy space center in fact all of the public viewing areas were closed down people were not allowed to come on to the space center property to watch this launch they did however line the beaches the roadways leading in the community space and so a lot of people there watching what is happening and then more millions watching online on television this launch as you would expect there were cheers from those who were here at liftoff and a lot of people just in all of what they've seen here is america gets back into the space race but in a very different way now rates and particularly on that difference jay i mean how significant is it that this is a privately owned rocket. it
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was pretty amazing when you think that they abandon the shuttle program after ouf was well past its prime and went longer than they ever expected almost 9 years ago and now have a private industry that is building these rockets that have at this point now lifted humans into outer space it's pretty amazing that they made that leap and that change in that small amount of time what does nasa think it will do they think it will open up space travel they believe that they'll be able to take many more trips now to the international space station there's obviously a target of the moon to get to and they hope to do that within the next several years and then it opens up massive scientists man engineers to really focus their work on deep space and ultimately getting to mars a lot here think that you'll have a stop off point at the moon and then head to mars and so they'll focus on that
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wall space x. 0 works the process of these most space trips it also could open up corporate space travel it could mean that people who aren't nasa astronauts will actually be able to take a ride in space that's the ultimate goal and when you talk to space x. when you talk to the administrators here at nasa they don't think they're that far away from that happening all right it's interesting jake thank you very much for that update from cape canaveral let's take this on with charles f. bolden jr who's a former nasa administrator and astronaut as well he's joining us from merritt island in florida that's near the kennedy space center thanks very much for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour so what will you be looking out for over the next 19 hours as they reach the i assess and beyond. doreen and thanks very much for letting me be with you and i'm ray i'm probably right inside of where jay just talk to you because i'm here at the kennedy space center in the next 19 hours the crew will be going through a number of orbits and evolutions in catching up with the international space
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station and during that period of time after they get a good natured rest doug hurley their commander and i think bob being can also we'll have an opportunity to do some manual maneuvers with the vehicle using the touch screen that's a lot different from spacecraft that we've flown in the past and then on the final approach to the international space station tomorrow they'll do a few manual maneuvers before the stable as the vehicle and then the vehicle will fly itself an autonomous lead for the final docking so how significant is the slants for you and what does that mean to you. it's awesome if i can put it that way it's it's the culmination of you know it's the culmination of here in the united states that the it's the culmination of the dreams and plans of a number of it ministrations people like to focus on the present administration but this here started several presidents ago president obama picked it up you know after the bush administration had talked about doing it and actually put
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money against it and we were able to entice several american companies to put in bids or proposals in the 2 companies that ended up with human spaceflight were boeing in space x. but when people talk about looking at more opportunities in the future we have another american company sierra nevada that has now been accepted and has a contract with nasa to fly cargo but space x. has another human variant that has wings it looks like a miniature shuttle so my my whole being is that they're you know if they keep progressing the way they are now we'll have a 3rd american spacecraft to carry humans to orbit within the next 5 years or so there are so does this hurt than regular people a step closer to potentially going to space if you have the money of course that's very expensive. and daryn is still you're absolutely right it's still expensive but
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today he puts regular people regular people. much much closer than we ever thought possible before so this a friend of mine mike massa mino another astronaut in talking to someone this morning i think on c.b.s. on the c.b.s. network said this draws a line in the sand of the new era of human space flight and i agree with him because from here on out the prices will come down gradually over the next decade or so and so the concept of normal human beings who are not career astronauts will become quite realistic in fact if it all goes well you're going to see a non-career astronaut or more more than one fly to space to the international space station within the next 2 to 3 years. just a quick question for you and a final question though is this all going to call into question sort of as a frank elation when you have companies now competing for space.
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it's commerce and so you know people have been thinking about this day for a long long time. right now through what we here in america call the national space council it has almost every cabinet member on it the department of commerce here in the united states has been charged with coming up with the types of regulations between the department of commerce and the f.a.a. and nasa the types of of relations and guidelines that will keep people safe when they fly to space and will also regulate access who can go how often and what orbits they can go to because the international space station very soon will not be the only lower its orbit destination what we're trying to do now and what we hope to do in the next 3 to 4 years is actually have our 1st commercial space station where there will be more than one destination for crude missions to go alright
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we'll have to leave it there charles bolden joining our great to talk to you thanks so much. and good luck to your audience too thanks very much. narrower than is our knowledge and there are there is much more ahead including. some of us some scientists warn the government against lifting lockdown restrictions too soon. and us that is unveiled in iran it's the on of those who fought and died in the battle with coronavirus. hello you say goodbye to the heatwave that's been in portugal recently is cloud invading and that's true for no means by eastern europe is still covered and had some of it quite dense has been some heavy rain recently moving through poland
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sunday it gets to austria very 15 degrees in that rain probably sundry and much of eastern europe is not very woman so even ankara really picking up to 22 eastern turkey has been warmer will cool down in this cloud this is the warm bit from france up to the british isles to some degree i think jim is going to be involved thames is rising in switzerland too but this is the heart of the subsistence on continuing warms the showers even here the getting into the south suborder those sundry paris represents the warmth bestival 27 degrees on monday 30 on tuesday it's not a wreck old but what about the average of 21 cools down little bit the rain come when savor equant until wednesday for africa the north coast is a bit windy from the point of view of the rocker sort about 25 degrees it may well be showery there's been a cloud elsewhere but the breeze through egypt isn't a strong one there's a little bit dusty the heavy showers have been of course further south from nigeria
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across to ghana has been flooding. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from other dungey and this and that this is a plus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims a vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is 0 on al-jazeera. nowhere in the world is growing reforest disappearing faster then it is instead of. only finding the will fly we have been told. i find it totally is in traitors i was a delicious knowledge that china was falling into the 1st flowing river into not
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seen. one man's fight for the rights of indigenous heritage a time to swim a witness documentary on al-jazeera. following on the top stories of the al jazeera news hour another night of violent protests is expected in minneapolis over the death of an unarmed black man the governor of minnesota says he is fully mobilizing the national guard for the 1st time in the state's history. health workers in peru are struggling as the scale of the current country's coronavirus outbreak grows more than 141000 factions have now been recorded and 4000 deaths. for the 1st time. make commercial rocket is
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taking american astronauts into space. early and bob and ken are currently heading towards the international space station after successfully blasting off from cape canaveral on a space x. crafts. well there's been a major backlash to president trump's decision to cut ties with the world health organization over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic european union leaders have released a statement urging him to reconsider saying the global threat is an opportunity for enhanced cooperation and common solutions the u.s. has consistently been the w.h.o. as largest contributor donating more than 400000000 dollars last year that's about 15 percent of the u.n. organizations total budgets several senior a scientific advisor to the u.k. government has spoken publicly to say it's too soon to lift the country's lockdown
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that's even though the next states to ease restrictions starts on monday they say the decision is political and reports from london. a socially distance demonstration organized by the activist group extinction rebellion calling on the british government to get to grips with the crisis not covered 19 but climate change paul stevens a former detective sergeant in london's police force was among those calling for a citizens' assembly on how to rebuild the economy before carving 19 we were investing billions in fossil fuels we were subsidizing aviation all of that was killing the planet is going in the opposite direction now that stopped that paul's right now is the time to change direction it's much easier without that momentum going in the opposite way the weekends brought new warnings of another kind on monday some primary schools in england are reopening and people can visit outdoor markets and car show rooms but several scientists on the government's advisory
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group known as sage say things are changing too soon they pointed out the government's test trace and isolate program so crucial if another peak in infections is to be avoided it won't be fully functional until the end of june. our level you know it can quench 7.9 so it's only a bit below one so we've got radial and dream actually and it's really important. we use the editing very wisely and we don't lose control again you know i can understand the desire is for the relaxation of the social measures but we really can't go back to a situation where we've got the numbers of cases industry out in the past some scientists have also said the number of new covered 19 cases still are to around 8000 per day is too high to move to a new phase of relaxing restrictions for a monday people in england can meet in parks or gardens in groups of 6 not the current limit of 2 but the sunny weather has raised the prospect of people
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preempting that of course what's important with these changes is that the guidelines still say keep 2 metres away from people you don't live with by and large that is being observed but it's for. from universal if people start to lose the distancing habit that could be a real problem as more of society opens up the government's trying to balance restoring personal freedoms against preventing the virus from getting out of control but critics say look down measures being lifted too quickly the al-jazeera . thousands of protesters have gathered in bosnia's capital over allegations of government corruption opposition groups joined the demonstrators in seri a vote protesters marched towards parliament they're angry over a defective ventilator as which were imported from china for coronavirus patients are raspberry processing firm with ties to the government for a cure at a 100 ventilators despite not having a license to import medical equipment 3 men have been arrested over the incidents
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including a regional prime minister italy's foreign minister says the e.u. will collapse if governments treat italy like a leper colony during the tourist season this summer in a scathing facebook post in the weegee demaio warned against european governments blacklisting travel to italy while also preventing italians from visiting other e.u. member states on friday greece announced it was open to citizens of 29 countries but excluded italian spaniards and british people italy is continuing to emerge from one of the strictest lockdowns on the continent with the famous leaning tower of pisa reopening after 3 months the i me so what do. you got if you know we finally managed to beat a power p.c. again mean to me it's almost impossible because there's always a big crowd and we didn't want to wait in line for our ways we shall assume overtone for you that we are regional tourist america looking to move around with
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a calm proviron for this reason we feel a little bit safer than others in the situation. let's return to want to for a top stories that is the protests going on across the united states a suspicious afic lee in minneapolis following the death of george floyd and we'll speak to reverend jesse jackson he's an american civil rights activist is joining us from chicago thanks for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour what is your reaction to what is unfolding right now in minneapolis well full results sure you bronzed really is the police who killed your lord and they deemed it was your work. they won't do willingly and they were not charged in. real dollars is legal in livestream alone in florida or does. georgia with joyce laws in minneapolis and cement mounds are going to let you back police. reverend jackson how do you explain why this continues to happen again and
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again as you're saying from a model our brain to fight a greater area gardner now of course storage for the list goes on. why is the premises. disguised themselves as policeman of ramallah tile and they're protected by the trailers and police and by the unions so they kill and here is some of the indicted. think about the true nature in that if we did 4000 blessed to live. without one. without one then. she'll know and. drug drug dealing. with those who matter the governor of course is appealing for calm he's calling out people who say he says are hurting the memory of george floyd what do you make of the protests specifically. didn't they will not
12:38 am
engage in violence to really one balance distracts from your genuine ginette there were police oppressive behavior. princes at lower burning cars and they had these is a my you got to this to death mission you have rona you have called for. a code blue blue blue blue blue blue blue blue green of ox frame and then we'll march in they'll have a mass. since the disease and there could be this spike in corona next week so hold those do martial have at this moment to protest the abuse of police also set the structure and ignore and officials also. officials have also said that they're fully mobilizing the national guard is that
12:39 am
necessary at this point or do you make of. it problem is that my concern again is that. policeman 18 citations still a policeman chokes them under their hitch abilities was a long time long time ago 800 citations. they have said they and we know what they are so this was his reaction to stress about. the mint out live and sit there for the day that they just people the name was being emitted arrested and charged and jail rather quickly. and let me just while i have you with us reverend jackson let me turn your attention to washington and the president donald trump on saturday he's claiming that many secret service agents were just quote waiting for action and ready to unleash the most vicious dogs of the most ominous weapons he has ever seen on
12:40 am
protesters who were outside of the white house if they breached the security fence that was the the threat from the u.s. president what do you make of the language that the president has been using in his tweets when it comes to the protests in minneapolis as well as the protests we're seeing outside of the white house. should people. reaction is the. good. all right we'll leave it there reverend jesse jackson thank you very much for speaking to us on the al-jazeera news hour. now let's bring in gabriel these songs offer an update on the situation over in new york because just 24 hours ago gabriel there were protests in new york over the death of george floyd what's happening right now. there are more protests all over new york city right as i
12:41 am
speak of thousands of protesters where i'm at on 5th avenue just moved from here there are literally more than 10 different locations in new york city where there are protests happening right now people are on the move marching from one area of the city to another area we're seeing protests on the west side highway the west side of new york city in brooklyn we saw thousands of more people that are protesting at this hour in new york city here harlem there was a protest as well that right now at this very hour. tens of thousands of people easily throughout new york city protesting wanting their voices heard i want to bring in one person that was nice enough to talk to us paige porter a 16 year old you're here part of the protests tell me why page only 16 why are you here today i'm here for george floyd i'm here for all of those who have lost their lives these taliban i'm here for black america i'm here for me i'm here for my
12:42 am
family i'm here for all america and i'm here for those who can't be here today what did. george floyd incident with his death how did it make you feel what did it do to you it makes me feel angry it makes me feel hate because i can be anyone i can be my father my brother my uncle my friends if it's hurtful truly it is the 1st time you've ever protested yes it is and why this time did you feel you need to come out i mean you're very young what what do you feel that you want out of this protest i want change how to get even for the next and the reason for those who follow i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of the country you live in. do you feel that the police protect you now i don't know i feel very unsafe in this country why because as we've seen as enjoyed floyd sandman many many people feel that the police do not care about black people easy that we are being gunned down her imprisoned everything for was. because of the color of our skin what do
12:43 am
you hope you say you want change which a lot of protesters out here say they want what do you hope for your future moving forward as you become an adult you're an adult now as you become more of an adult in the future i want to feel safe i want my children's children's if they fall much and i want this country to be equal i want live people to come out of this very rare and is unfair and i'm sick and tired of it. i think i'm fine thank you very much we appreciate you talking to us on al-jazeera thank you thank you thank well that was one perspective from us you could hear a very articulate 16 year old new yorker there really echoing the sentiments that we've heard from thousands of others that are on the streets are saying they want change and they're sick of it and that's why they're out on the streets we're expecting more protests this evening not only here in new york city but also in neighboring philadelphia in new jersey neighboring states as well as the protest
12:44 am
throughout america seems like it will be going on another evening deborah is on the thank you very much for that update from new york. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour so don summons the if you're ok envoy over a deadly border attack us tensions over that spirited frontiere continue. in the headlines according to the algorithm microsoft does away with humans in the u.k. to get pro bots to choose the news. information indicates that you have or associated to it is going to crash at least to our data has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many are for sure easy for the computer to get a call who's just in those offices who commit those they took entries is wrong to be saying that your son that you my his road to was my detail you kill of becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative
12:45 am
policing pre-crime on al-jazeera.
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hello again a statue has been unveiled in iran's capital to honor medical staff who died while trying to save patients infected with the coronavirus the government says the country has emerged from the disease victorious but for bereaved families this statue is nothing more than a kind gesture by a government accused of mishandling the outbreak samus ravi reports from. behind every patient with copd 19 fighting for their life there is a team of doctors and nurses nutritionists lab technicians and cleaners men and women who risk their lives to keep overloaded hospitals rolling during the pandemic now a statue named angel of kindness has been unveiled in tehran. all honoring those characters veterans and those who have lost their lives in the conflict with the coronavirus military leaders say they're ready for any future outbreak mom whether. we are 100
12:47 am
percent prepaid despite you saying it took everybody by surprise i think we fought with the bar as quickly and we are different be ready for the 2nd wave and our preparedness is far greater than the 1st wave because we've gained the experience. hospital has been at the forefront of iran's pandemic response at the height of the outbreak in tehran this hospital would have been one of the main treatment centers for sick patients inside people are still being treated for covert 19 outside a ceremony to honor the health care workers who continue to be on the front line of fighting this disease. as the worst of the disease in iran seems to be over this was a chance to take a break and take stock not everyone who was in the fight is still alive to celebrate what the government calls a victory. and humility this is a very dangerous disease and we shouldn't downplay or look at it as an origin or a sickness we shouldn't think it's over i personally fell ill my husband fell ill
12:48 am
we saw patients in hospitals nobody really imagines they will contract it the medical teams are really worried but the 2nd wave of this disease we have to remain vigilant. this woman's husband did not survive the virus such ceremonies are perhaps little comfort to doctors and nurses who were foot soldiers in this fight some told us the government mishandled the response many said they contract it covert 19 in the line of duty many lost family and friends. died in the outbreak a little more than a month ago his wife warns the disease is still a formidable enemy but it's unlikely that would be easy but i find that he was an i.c.u. man and most of his time was spent in the intensive care unit he contract a disease while he was inserting a cheap into the mouth of a korean a patient of the pacing that cheap for a young go he told his colleagues i think i was infected you know he was very close
12:49 am
contact with patients a distance of 5 to 10 centimeters despite the risks he never said no one called and for years offered medical services to charities free of charge something his wife discovered only after his death the last thing they talked about was what might happen if he got sick you might died she said it's ok he replied i will die a hero but heroes have families people who get left behind. wives who grieve for their husbands daughters who want their fathers back. survivors of the pandemic but also victims who are only counted when tallies are taken of the sick and the dead. zain. to her on. india's total number off coronavirus cases have surged process 170000 with another record daily jump of nearly 8000 infections despite this spike prime minister narendra modi's
12:50 am
government has announced a major easing of coronavirus restrictions from the 8th of june restaurants shopping centers and places of worship will be allowed to reopen but in some areas with a high infection rate locked on measures have been extended. billions of locusts crops in india and pakistan threatening food supplies it's india's worst locust plague and 25 years while the u.n. estimates that pakistan will lose more than $4000000000.00 worth of crops scientists say they are getting worse because of climate change elizabeth purana reports. across thousands of kilometers and flying through the air billions of locusts have swarms large swathes of agricultural land in pakistan and india devouring any vegetation in their path i have lost fruits one thousands of dollars spent all my life growing these trees but
12:51 am
all these swarms have destroyed and. the u.n. has pakistan bellew's more than $4000000000.00 worth of winter and summer crops. pakistan's government is using planes to spray pesticide we have now in one year graph we are looking for 6 more and i'm sure we'll be able to pick. the locus which would be coming from iran as well as from moscow and in turn is coming from africa while locust plague is not news scientists say climate change is making them worse they say this infestation is driven by unusually warm weather and heavy rains a bit of a b. and potentially last year creating the ideal breeding ground. locusts move in swarms of up to $50000000.00 each swarm can travel 200 kilometers a day each as much food as $35000.00 people and lay $1000.00 eggs per square metre . in india have blanketed western and central states during
12:52 am
a heatwave higher temperatures help the insects spread more rapidly as well as spraying pesticide local councils in the state of madhya pradesh a playing loud music from speakers mounted on vehicles in an effort to drive the locusts away i do think that if they stay. here for more than 8 days they'll start laying eggs and if they start laying eggs it would be very dangerous for us we arrange for bands to play in the villages to make noise to try and scare the locusts away. experts warned that india's food supplies are also at risk if the invasion isn't controlled before the end of june that's when the monsoon is due to arrive in northern india and locusts mature and breed a little bit broader al-jazeera new delhi. 6 people have been killed and 5 injured after a suspected explosion at a hydroelectric power station in southwest china workers were cleaning a ventilation tunnel in the incidents happened at these showing john plants in your non-problems on friday the last debris scattered newer vehicles outside the total
12:53 am
investigators are still looking into the exact cause of the accident it's a t.v. journalist on technician have been killed after their minibus was bonded in the afghan capital kabul 7 others were injured when the private bus belonging to the state run television shadow course she had t.v. was hits the taliban says it wasn't responsible for the attack it comes during an overall reduction in the level of violence following a 3 day cease fire a week ago. around 150 protesters have gathered in jerusalem after an unarmed palestinian man was shot dead by israeli police the man who suffered from autism was killed in jerusalem's old city a police spokesman said officers suspected the man was carrying a gun and fired at him after he ran away when ordered to stop tensions in the region are running high with israel ending to start an exciting 30 percent of the occupied west bank as of july under us president donald trump's middle east. at
12:54 am
least 15 people have been killed and several injured in an attack on a convoy of traders in burkina faso many more people are missing after the attack in the northern province of little room the country on wider region have seen an increase in violence from armed groups linked to eisele and al-qaeda over the last few years claiming thousands of lives sudan has summoned the ethiopian voyage to the country over across the border attack the incident near the eastern city of guitar if killed an officer and child leaving several other people dead these sudanese military is blamed the offensive an armed group supported by ethiopia sudan's governments was preparing for a meeting on border issues when that attack happened if you open government has yet to respond morgan is in sudan's capital hard soon and says the incident is escalating. it looks like at the moment the situation has turned from being a military confrontation on the ground between sudanese any theory and forces to
12:55 am
a diplomatic path being taken by the sudanese government we've seen the sudanese from ministry of foreign affairs time in the shower if you're in charge a to to condemn the violence that happened on may 26th and may 28th now we've heard from the military spokesperson yesterday that one army officer was killed and several others were wounded and that civilians were also wounded in the clashes between ethiopian militias which they say were backed by the if you play in the military and that they basically crossed into sudanese soil into sudanese territories and attacked stations that were manned by the sudanese military so it looks like at the moment the situation is turning from a military confrontation to a diplomatic conference confrontation but this is not the 1st time that such clashes are happening we've seen this happening in february and in march and in april we've seen the 2 sides meeting we've seen the head of the chief of staff of the military and the chief of staff of sudanese military meeting here in the tomb
12:56 am
to talk about the issue of border security now the ministry of foreign affairs is saying that they're trying to organize a 2nd meeting to make sure that these borders are demarcated to avoid such kind of violent confrontation between the 2 sides. 15 protesters have been arrested in moscow after violating coronavirus for structures that banned mass public events they gathered against the detention of a prominent russian journalist who was sentenced to 15 days in jail on friday journalist ilya as our heads held a one man protest after fellow activists was jailed on extortion charges amnesty international has condemned the crackdown after $25.00 people were also detained in moscow as well as st petersburg on friday. microsoft has fired around 15 journalists and is replacing them with artificial intelligence software thanks to cost cutting measures new stories will soon be selected by automated systems for its m.s.n. sites mira silva is
12:57 am
a director at the reuters institute for the study of journalism at the university of oxford she says microsoft's decision raises important questions if story what microsoft is doing is related to use curation not the production so it's who the stories are still reproduced by journalists but how they're put on the front page and the number they put on the front page of their websites by humans and if they miss it to be automated. it just raises issues and humans can look at a cultural context over you michel is that. their idea of us represented on only we're paid they make sure there's no particular bias towards one particular opinion about the hobbit and they understand the cultural nuances of already and it gives face that they're less likely not something that are overly offensive to some one point the community for example. thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we're back in just a moment we'll have much more of the day's news and all the latest updates from
12:58 am
those protests taking place right now in minneapolis and across other u.s. states and a moment say that. june on on to 3 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis in part on life and called the people in power is back with more investigative documentaries and in-depth stories as the world battles the cologne upon the next al-jazeera brings you the latest from around the world and new to
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cart investigation asks whether water should be a free natural resource or commodity traded for profit and how well the u.s. elections shaping up as the country buckle scalded 19 we'll look into whether donald trump can survive this historic set. to announce his era. 1.3000000000 indians are in lockdown in the code 19 pandemic with millions unable to feed their families one o one east investigates the unfolding humanitarian crisis on al-jazeera. coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation. children died for. our defines our way we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas we live here we make the rules people and our
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investigates exposes and questions the use and abuse of power around the globe. on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. needs enduro. many awful us residents pick up the pieces after another night of violence the full minnesota national guard has been deployed amid warnings of worse to come let's be very clear the situation in minneapolis is no longer in any way about the murder of george floyd. walking out of there alive from london i'm dating an alligator also a heads
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a cry for help from doctors and nurses in peru who say hospital.


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